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Master Hypnosis:

The Essentials

The art of suggestion,
the power of captivation
and the practice of enchantment

Created by David Lion


In this short essay, I’d like to share a different perspective on Hypnosis. One
that will help to demystify its mysteries and lend to a clearer understanding of
how hypnosis really works.

For the sake of simplicity,

let’s replace the word Hypnosis with ​Truth​.

It is my belief, that all hypnosis is actually de-hypnosis,

whereas what you’re doing when you are “hypnotizing” someone is that you
are actually reconnecting them with their original and authentic state of being.

The child-like state.

That state where we have no inhibitions,

and the world of our imagination is seamless with our reality.

Don’t you remember?

Don’t you remember, how when we were kids,

we never had to be induced into some sort of trance-like state in order to
experience magical worlds. ​We simply willed it and it was so.

Whether you were playing “monsters” or imagining

that the floor was lava and that you couldn’t touch the ground.

That world was real for you.

It was only through conditioning of the adult-mind

did we begin to lose our connection, and begin to doubt in magic.

However, regardless of our doubts and conditioning, the beauty is that that
magic IS us, and so no matter how much we doubt or may have forgotten
about our worlds, ​it is simply a matter of remembering.

That is, ​reconnecting with the parts of our mind
that we have long forgotten about.

This is the magic of Hypnosis.

When we are hypnotizing someone, we are returning them

to that child-like state of wonder and imagination.

Giving them the gift of magic,

If I may be so bold so as to use that term.

And so, when you are “hypnotizing” someone,

You are really de-hypnotizing them

As what you are doing is bringing them into a state of

belief and captivation,​ that is synonymous with the child-like state.

And in that light, it is my belief that ​the true purpose of Hypnosis

is to ​help others more deeply understand themselves,
and who they forgot they truly were.

It is with this in mind,

that I say it is a gift and honour to be able to
offer someone the experience of hypnosis

As what you are gifting them with,

is ​the magic ​of ​who they truly are​.

That said,
Let us begin down the rabbit hole of the mysterious
and magical art that is best known to us,

as Hypnosis.

Enjoy the ride!

- David Lion