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 Relate the following types of figurative language with the applicable passages from chapter 4 of the
A- Personification
B- Simile
C- Metaphor
D- Hyperbole
1. “It began not as the gorgeous fanfare I had expected, but as a strange gray thing, like sunshine seen
through a burlap.” ___________________
2. “The ocean looked dead too…” _________________
3. “I sensed it like the sweat of relief when nausea passes away.” _____________
4. "There was a swift chain of explosions in my brain, one certainty after another blasted—up like a
detonation went the idea of any best friend, up went affection and partnership and sticking by
someone and relying on someone absolutely in the jungle of a boys’ school, up went the hope that
there was anyone in this school—in this world—whom I could trust." C- METAPHOR
5. “Your brain will explode if you keep this up.” ____________ (4)
 Answer the following questions
1. When the doctor says “Sports are finished for Phineas..”, what if Gene’s reaction? Why does he
react that way? Do you think his feelings are sincere? Justify.
2. Gene admits that if anyone had been suspicious of what he had done to Finny he might have
developed some defense of himself. What does Gene mean? Why would have being accused
have been easier to deal with?
3. Who is Cliff Quakenbush and what happens between him and Gene? Why does it happen?
4. How does the first sentence of chapter 6 contrast with Gene’s description of Devon during the
summer session? “Peace had deserted Devon.” Why do you think the author chose to include that
sentence at the beginning of the chapter?
5. Gene says, “Although it was something to have this year’s dominant student [Brinker] across
from the way. Ordinarily he should have been a magnet for me, the center of all the excitement
and influences in the class. [. . .] Now Brinker [. . .] had nothing to offer.” Why does Gene not
have an interest in Brinker?
6. Why does Gene go to the Crew House? How does this show that he has somehow changed since
the accident? Justify.
Choose one of the following activities
1. Imagine you are Finny. Write a letter to Gene after his visit and confession. Consider the type of
letter Phineas would write to Gene taking into account the personality traits he has shown so far
in the novel and the way he reacted when Gene “confessed” he was guilty. Write about 200
2. Imagine you are Gene. Write a diary entry reflecting on: a- your friendship with Finny, b- your
jealousy towards Finny and the troubles this has caused, c- your fears for the near future. Write
about 200 words.
3. Analyse the incident of the fall. Did Gene provoke the fall intentionally or not? Justify your
answer making reference to the events in the novel. Write about 200 words.
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Structure, voice & style (4)
Sentence structure and punctuation (4)
Vocabulary and spelling (4)