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I GATE - 1998

SECTION A 6. The variation o'f thermal conducnvny of a
metal with temJ)erature ls often 」ッイセャ。 エ ・、@
ONE MARKS QUESTIONS (1-25) using an expression of the form
Write. in the boxes provided ln your Mswer k = ku + aT
(boxes I to 2,5) the most appropriate ans\1 ar to the Where k is U1e thermal conductivity and T
followtng 111ultlple choice questions by wri ting the is the temperature (io K). TI1e units of a· ln

letters - A B, C or 0 - agmnsl セ Q ・@ subquestion the Sl system wfl l be
Jtumber. (25 x i : 25 tlJMks) a. W/ m K
b W/ m
I. '11\e エNL 。ーャ 。 」セ N@ transform of セ Q・@ Function e "' c. W/mK1
has the form· d, None: a is JUSt a number

I 7 /\ liquid mixture contain$ 30% o-xyleoe,
W'lo p-);ylene and I0% m-.xylene (all
percentages in w/w), Which of the
followmg statements would be true in

respect of this mixture 1
(I a. The. mix ture-exhibits an aze01rope. 31
c. 10t.3kPa.
d. .f +<I b. tィセ@
mmpOStltQil of the llllX ture, ln
The unilnomml to tbc plano 2x + y 1 11.=
fi can be expressed 1n the 1 ector form
percent by volume is · o-xylenc 30, p·
xylene 60 and m-xylene 10.
a. i3+.(2tk2 c. The composilion of the ュゥクエキᄋセ@ in
mole percent is o-xylene 30. p-ll)'lene
'1 I 2
b. 1 3- [ Sセォ@ 60 and m-xylene 10.
d. The mi xture conl'dins optical isomers
I 1 i s Pure ethanol vapour is fed to a reactor
(1, 1--t-;- -,. k-

3 2 2 packed wtth AILtmina catalyst, at the late

of I00 l.mollh The reactor products
d. -1 -l + J-I - 11=-
3 3 3 comprise Ed1ylene 95 kmolth, water
x - sin2x vapour · 97,5 kmollh and diethyt ether
3. lim has the vaiLLe

• ""'-\'+sin3x セ@ 2.5 kmol/h.

a. I The reactions occurring can be イ ー ・ イ・ウセョ エ ・、@
b, - l/4 by I
c 0 C: H, 0 1-1 -> C,H4 + 1-110

<L r.o 2C:J+,- OH -+C,Ih- O- C;J'I; - l hO

4, The preferred ma1ennl of coエ ャ セ{ヲucエ ゥ oj@ for The percent conversion of ethanol in the
イ・セ」エッ@ ゥウ セ@

stomge tlU1ks {or 98%.sulphunc actd is

a .Aiununmm a. I 00.0
b Leaa b 97.5
c. 5,0

c. Strunless steel 316

d. Mild steel d. 2.5
In d1e oontext of the cbetntcal process 9 Boundary layer ウ・ーセュ ョ ッ@ tS characterised
industries. the term BOD ts normally by one of the conditions {,oiven below,
associated with セ ィ ・イ@ Re is the Reynold's number for d1e
a. Characterization of solid wastes llow Select the Qーセッ ーイゥ 。 エ ・@ con eli nons.
b. The orgauics concentration in gaseous a. rセ \@ I. acceleratmg tlow
effluents b. Re >> I, accelel'\lti'ng flow
c. Characterlzatton of liquid emuents c. Re<< l , deceJcraclng flow
d Charactem..aticm ofboiler feed water d. Re >> I. decelerating I] ow
"J ur9
I() A globe voh'c is most セ オ ゥ エ セ「 ャ・@ fQr volume Df quiesocnt l iquid, in キィゥセ ィ@ D l•
llpplieahon;; In wh1<h the dif1'us1vity of the solute, is
11. the voll'e i! rcquirc<llll be either Iiiii •· D1o
Oll<'ll(ll lisU} oiOl!Cd. • b. Dl b.
b flr>w ャ\^セ エ イッャ@ is requU:ecl, c.. proportii>nallQ .JD
c, the nllid conlnin• 、ヲセイエョ [セ 、@ ャ ャ^ イエゥ 」ャセN@ d, 、 セQ・ ョ、 ・ ョQ@ on the Reynold 's number
d. {)tl:!-\1 uy nuw is roq,llircd. 17. In n interphase ma.-. lr.tnsfer prqce... the
U The hydraulic イッ、ゥセu@ l(lr now in o lesser U1e solubility of • gwen solute in a
rectansula• lhoct of 」イッセ エ M ウ・」 エゥ ッョ。j@ liquid. Uo e high,.. are the ohnnces tl1n1 !be
、 イ ュエョ ウ ゥ ッ セ@ II. w o$ translc r process " itll>c

a. liquod phase resosL1nce-con1rolled
b. ァ 。セ@ phase tesistatu:e CUI11tOited
HW c. ゥューッ セウ ゥ「ャ 」@
h d. driv"" by o non lin oar driving force
l(ll •W) In distillation column des 1gn. Ul« Mol 'obe-

!Hll')' 11tie11.: jll'Ocedute is itt.'ldcqUllte nnd a
0. Ponchon-Savnrit procodutc JS nooilcd
4(1-1 • W)' when
u rn- a. Jtotnrated teed Ill not used

(ff +W) b. an JJ:<eutrope forlllli
.:.. 11u; lalllnl heals nl' vapn uti.olion of Uul
1'2. ln e work in de:< in Bond·, l•w for crushing
of <nlid§ has the following 、ゥョャ・ セゥッ ョウ@
more and ,less volotJie components ""'
gte3lly ditT.:renl
" · No units H 、ゥキoiャA ッ ョャセウI@
b. k.Wb u:on
., kW ton l9.
d. J luta[ cvntlensco ill u.<cu
for I'C4CltOn p I Q • R s, molar rutc or
セ@ kWh m1r-/loo con>llmption e>l'l' ゥセ@
a. doublcofthol oro
13. Th" od1 anlrlgo b£ l"<ing o 1-1 sholl and
tubo hoot """hnnQcr u 1-1 l hcll nnd '"-er b. .arne n> that oi'Q
tube bent exchong-;,r t1 c. haU' ofthat of O
;t. L<m « tube side pt'essurc drop d. 213 of lh•t uf Q

b. .Lower shoU side pressure drop 20. Molecul;n:ity nl';on e1emcnl1U)' l"'ff"l ion P -
-.:, }ligber lube side' lwol ャイセエオゥヲ@ Q -> R • Sis
co<rfl1cienl •. 1
,l. Hlgh<ll' $hell silk b..at lronsfer b. 2

14. A multiple elfect evopornwr ;os romporecl d. ,j
to • •i.I!SI" elfect evupnrotnr vi' the same 21. A change in Jtlate involVing a d4"Jeruasc in
c•p•ocity hus entro py con be • ponbtneous only if

LセN@ Lower hcot transfer area a. it is e.•otherrnic

b. l-ower ' tcnm t:COn OITII' b. ilis uenthalpic
"' Higher Steam ccono,;l': c. itlnltcs plncc isothornwlly

iL lliglu:r solute \ZサヲョNcセャイゥッ
セ@ in UH>

Po• .t ti., ed numher nt' ideal stnges in •

d. it takes

,o,, C'U111ol 」Nセ
セLN L@
セャ。 」・@
ャ @・
ol con$t.'llll •·olnme
consists tlf the li1lluwing

doaillatum <!fl iUJt\!1, .._, tloe rctt1u!t ratio i! a. lwo ゥ ウッ エ「 」ュ ャ セ@ セョ、@ two ゥセ」Z ョャ エセャ^ゥ」@
ゥョセイ・jッウlM、L@ lhe dil.tercnL't m comtiO•itiou h. two isnt>anell :ontllwo ゥ セ ュィセッ エ [@
t>etwcett 1he top >nd bottow ーQッ、オ セ エ@ c. two lセエI」ャ|ッゥ・Aj ョ、@ two is\AI。イゥNセ@
セエイ・ SQゥu@
d. tWO isoUu:rmo Q セ@ •ttd IW(l ゥjAッ・ 「 アイゥセ@
it. 0IIO<CtJ$1:1; 23. l.ocus pl()l of the rO<>Is ofthe 」ャエッイ。 ィセ Zイエ\ ゥ ャ@
b. dccreAscM equation of • 」 ャ ッセ\Aエ ャ@ loop having the:. Open
セ N@ remain.\ オョセヲZ 」NBc ャ・、@ luop lrnnsli:r function
d. passes lhr11ugh a mo:"imum
16. l'b.: mass trnnsf.:r ooeflicienl for a solid
'!pbere of ralliu• •u·, dissolving in a l argo:
3 ur9
(Jl) Purified TcrcphOtalie Aeid
K(s · l) will hove a dofina
8(28 - l}(:!s i 1) (A) o・ エセイ ァ・ ョエウ@
(B) Soaps
nnmbor v ariation of K fmm 0 In <.t: rhe. (C) Painlll ond Pigmerus
b. 3
,,r loci Q セ@
(0) sIGャィ・エゥセ@
(S) :-<uclt:ar Puels

(F) S)'110tctie Rubber

c. 4 30. Each or the b)'prodtwlll I c:opr<!duc"'
d. 2 mentioned in t he let! h•nd column is
24, dur svs lcm with n limo constant ofl min Is linked to r'111c: of the: main products

snbj;cted In fNquency analystS. AI an rnorrtianL<l in the l'iglrt hand column.
input frequency of I radian; min. the phnse. Molc b lbo byproducl\ I coproduclJi with
セ ャイゥサN@ ib the 」ッセ ーッョ、ゥ ァ@ main produc!J<.
Gセ@ ·SOQ 1Wriie both answers ゥョエィ \セ@ box provided -
h, -9o11 Bt1X 'No. 301
c. · lll011 (I) Glycerine

tl. -4511 (Ill Ammonium Chlorid<>
25. For n eylindrienl intr:nrall)• pressurized (A) Rnclret l'r'Of.ellnnl
カセウ・ ャ L@
which セヲ@ the fnllowing clr1!;rrre (B) Sodo Ash

i y i xNセ@
would "IO!'I:rnd highos! pressure if (C) Baltr:ry grode Mn01
セT」ィ@ closure i:; of Ute same m•lcrlnl llud (0) Antibiotics
thicknCSJJ 1 (E) Soap
a. Hi:mi•ph•-rio:31 (F) Sugar
lr. Ellipsoi<Lll ( l. I) or
ra c. Coni""l
rl, f71#1plate
31. l:.:rch tho tochoiqucs I processes I
uperahons mentJOned in the left lc1nd
calunm is eJosdl) rel• tcd to a specific
tndu•lr)' mantioned in the ·riglrt hontl
column. tvfatch ench technique I process t
operation wiUtlhe appr!lpriate industry.
26. JWritc buih 。ッゥャキ」イセ@ in the btlx pmvidcd -

21. rho diOe:,-.,tidl セ\ i uオエャョ@ Box No. 2.6)

(I) o イセョオャエゥ ッョ@
d l.-.:
MイャNQ 1 M
d:c M R N セ ]@
0 'Ill
rave 4 so I u,.rem ,,.
111 (II ) Fluid Col.;! I) li" Cr•ck.ing
t./1 Jt (A) C<·uu:nL
tho loon (B) ャG ・ エ イッ ャセエオョ@ Refming

,1, C1ell cQ・セ@

(C') Ammorrium ャGQ ッセ IゥィN Q エ 」セ@
b. c ,e·: r +C'2c ..
,._ -JI C-;:c · ll (D) U,eo
\!, \.. I'"
(F) ャGィッ セ ーィ ッ イゥ B@ .\dd

,L C1c -'6t

(F') (>Jo.o
where C1 irnd C: are coMr•nt. セ ャN@ nr
A sample: well !Y3t<:r contain• 1411 J!lm·'
28. "lbo int•gnl fa; ;.cqnvergenl ror en" toos ond 345 (lim' n ッ セ@ iutts. Tire

• .t ィ。 イ 、ョ セ@ of ャ「セ@ u mple of 11 ᄋセ ᄋ@ "-"PI'eS$od

11 no vnhre of p in term, of equlvn lent c.cn) in glmj
b. p > 1 [a;sllmmg atumic: m:1sses uf \"' · 40. 1'1• ·

.:. p"' l 23. C : I hod 0: J6] is

.1. #lll·alues ofp •. 350
29. Fセ ィ@ of ャイセ@ choutic:1 b mO!II.IiOJieU in Ulo b. 485
lell hind colurutJ is wry doscly linked c. 140
with one $pecific lomrstry mentioned in II. 3-15
tlte right ィセイオ ャ@ cc,lrunn. Mutch each 33. Air, ini.tiolly at 101.3 kPa and 40"C. and
cbcmic.oJ with th\1 l:<ltn:spondiug iuc.lustry. with a Relative Humiditv or SU'l•. i;
[\\'<ite boUt :mswcm in Ute box pro\oidcd cuoled at coustant P'"""",; to JO''C'. '!1re·
Box No. 2<>1 」ッャセ、@ •ir bu
(I) 'l'itonium di<>lliclc a. . \ htglrer d"w point
I ul' '>
b 1\ h•Qh'T 。「セッャオエ」@ Hウ ー ・セゥjャ@ humldity 38 For the .\It-W•ter >ISI•'Tlt under •mbic:nt
セ N@ A hiQher イ」ャセエゥカ@ humidity conditio•ns. the セ、ゥッ ィョエゥ 」@ "ituralion
d. A hi!lh'1' 1\cl hulb lcrnpc:rntwc lcmll<"""tur-e nnd the 11 エャᄋ「オ ᄋ エ」ュセ Gャッ ャオイ ・@
34. AI IOI\ r」セ ョャ、 G@ numiK.""' the powc1 (P) are nc.arl) c:qu.;L 「」ZNセオ@
rc:q111red fi1r ョァオウエセ@ n fluill in • >tirred • woter i セ^@ セ@ ィゥセQ@ lotenl he.t nf
エZュセ@ he'XllnC$ indepcnd<:11 t ol mcrli.•l "'>poralum
for.:cs. In llus hmil. tndlc•tc "luth of !be b. Lc11 ゥセ@ number ゥセ@ セjqL・@ Ill unit)
f'ollo11 ing relat.on• i•l•tilfted c. エィ・セ@ arc 3)\\a}s equal uodcr all
n l'onlk t O 、イ」オNョ ャ セ@
b. J>ua Rc41.• d. $llluhilit) of the c.omp;tncnt; or oiT on

c. r. .. Rc..., w•trris \Cf'\ a moll.
d P0 u Rc 1 " 311. If the Pr.mdtJ セオュ「・イ@ Ill grcat.:r llton the

P, P tiN'D' QGセL@ nuntll<.-r Schmidt number,

Re LNセュ Q@ • R..}nold's uumb.r a. the th=l bouncbn· '"'"" lo.!> on.ode
N it tl1c ゥュー セャ」イ@ rotation•! •peed, •nd l) i• エィ セ@ 」ッセ ャイNエゥcAi@ 「ッセョ ᄋ@ L'l) cr.
b. the concentrotion boond:uy Ioyer hcs

the 1mpell.:r di•m•1er
35 Ou: dcp<ndo:n.:c of the volumetric flo" inside the tho:rmal boundan• 13\,.-
rotc: (Q) t>n the prL"-'""' drop IS gi"cn b} c. tbe thennal •ml セョ」ャイッ エ ゥオョ@
boundar)• layers = of cqunl エィゥ 」 セョ」 オ@ •
•\1' a. <t.

d the hydrodynomic (o.e •• mo•pentuno l
fnr clifTttt:nt flow regime$ 1\. lau:h th<
bou11dary t..yer ,. thtcl.:er than the other
""Jl<l!lcnt n tr1 ッセ ィ@ nf the llow rcgitnc•
gi1 en ャ^」セG@
40. So:.ood orc:kr consecutive irn::vc:rslblc
[\\' rite both ッョウキ」セ@
ra in the bo'< provided:
l'li•S No. 2. 10 I
(I ) Lnmmar It1m 1 --. 8 - . C
(rf) T urbulent llow were セ・、@ out In n con•tant volume
lsothermol batch r.mctor with cliflcn:nt
(J\) n ' tl,S
!H) n = \LS lnitU..I fucd \ャッ ュ ーッLゥエョセ N@ Roactot
1.0 lcmpernluro wa.• Jome in all tho 」ョセN N@ ln
((') II
experinoeul;; wheoe Uoe イセ ャ ゥQ@ of
(0) 1\ 1.0

36 A Ions tron rod mtltofly lit 3 イ」ューセャGッlオ@ C<ln.,.,tttration of B lu lllllt of A in initial

イ セ・ 、@ 1\ ._. less tluu 0 5, tllo conccnlrntion ur
llf 20"C ィ。セ@ one end セ ィーH ャc 、@ '" boiling
114K"!' ( IOO"C) 111 tunc 1 0. 1l1c l!urvea B m cre.oed ftrst, reocbed • maximum and
-unoeo of the rod i.• ゥョセオャエᄋ、@ "' \hot hen! then declined 11 ilh time; llull C\.CI', fior all
セMイゥZュエョs@ \\ltcrc thi; conccntrolion rodu

」ッョ、オセ ャゥ ョ@ is ャセcM\ iゥュ 」ョウ ッ ョ ョッャ@ io the nxi•!

\\'M 0.5 or Jbove. eonc.cntratiun or B
u ii\.'CIIOil. tィセ@ IC'"JlcrDllll'<! セᄋ@ • 、ッウャョ」セ@
100 mm fro;n l11o dippod end becomlll deerc:&'lcd munCJiilnicolly \11111 lime right
1o•c at t 200 •· l h" .. mo tc:mponrturc i; fum• the heginnmg. What " the rat10 nr

ochiC\-ed ot • diStance 200 mm from the lbc 111 >J ralc goAswuセ@ !1-t k1l セ@
o. iセ@
1hpp<d end at lund
"- I 283> b. 112

b t -J56o c. 2
セ@ I - .llkls d. セ@
d. Ill)(); セ i@ A セ「・ョC@ I porouo cal.ll}'ll ponocle of

3 7, !he rJdi.tion hc;n Ou>t from a bcalinJ! rado"" It os ruhJCCiod to react•nt ..\ "h1ch
clement al n temperature of ァHIセ cN@ on • atact.• 1J) form B b) • Lcro order オイエ^セ・@
iuョセ@ moonloined ot 300"1' is 8 k\\' m' R!>ction A -> B . Film m;m, tnnsfa"
n.e Du>. \\ b.n UIO 、」Z ュ セGャ ャ@ tcmp.:ralurc iJ n:sisuru:e ;. negligible nod porC! diiTmion
inc:rcJScd to 1OI)U"C for t!oc umc funucc of A os rate conlrolhng The eflectivcnes•
tcmpcrotUI'(! « イ。セエッ・@ of Ute catllyst i5 rc:portcd 3, 7 8
• 11 .21:\\'n\ 1 \\'hicb of llic following .stah:mcnb ts trud •!
b. 120 1.. \\' m 1 a. Inner caUI)'51 con: of rod in• R 8 doe.
a. 14.6 セ@ \\' rn' not partidp>te 111 reaction.
d. lfi.S I:Wim'
5 or9
b. Inner セ エ ッャケ エ@ oore vf rndius lt 2 doe1 1>. T inc:t'¢:1ses trt a linear rate of I
not participate fn reaction mlvmin.
c. Inner cA エ G\セ ャ ケ ウ エ@ c.ore llf radius 1R'8 l.l(>cs C. I Jumps to 18 m.-\ llncl Urcn l'a lb
nut pnrtic_.ipatc in エセj セ」 ャゥ ッ ョ N@ <Xp<!ueuti• lly • t the r•tc ・ セ Q@
cl F.llectivene.• foctur t<w • zero Qrder d. 1 jumps ゥm「ョ セAャ エZo|ャ セ ャ ケ@ to 11 mA und
l'tl:tction cnnnc1t he 71!1 >S it mlll\1 then inureases ャ ュ ・Nセ イャ ケ@ M the r•ie of 1
lllwavl! be I, mi\Jmin.
42 ft セ@ dC!I ゥ セエ 、@ Q セ@ bring about u amain ehans.: -16. The frequency response 111' a clynomic
in the l!bte <•f a セケ ウ エ ・Zュ@ by p erforming d cmcul shows :t const;Jn& ruagJtillHic rntir,
IHJrk lin t.h.: >}'j;te.m omiCI' adiab:ttie at all lrequencie$, ll)e e lement 」 M、ャゥ「ッエ セ@ •

l!undilinut-. 11egntive plt>.'!c shtft at all ャ エ」[\ エu セ ヲャ BAセ N@ 'lice
:.. 'rhe! :1lllOUnl o f work ョ ッ 、 セ 、@ is palh- オ セッ ャオゥ 」@ w luc u( .!lre ー ィN 。セ」M slu n
derendent. ゥョセ・ウ@ linearly witlt frcquen.:y. Th•
h Work alone .:.>nll!ll bring ab11ui such. a eltmenl hmo she ャイ。ョ セ・@ lhnclion
clutnge nf ' lat.,, a. e '"
c. 'lbc nmo uot or " 'ork needed i•

r ts• I
independent of poth. b.
d. mッ エ セ^@ uuouuatluu is nooded to
r,. - 1
\xセ ョ \^ ャオ、 B@ anything Jboul tho path c. _£_

、 ・ー ョ、 ッ ョ セ@ o r O!berwise of the wo rt< r,.r+ I
lf U1e beat of 1olulion of• n id<lal gas in 11 d. &:..:..'.
liquid is nogaliw . then its solubility ol u
-17. Titc second order system 11lth lllc tran•fer
giYen partial pressure vnnes with the
temperature os
a. w htbility ""' ''cases as エ ・ュエ ^\Z イョエオ イセ@
fu ncto
2s , It itS n dnmpmg
. •
inctc38CS.. of
h. solubility decre.s<S as t.ernpernhJre a. 2.0
increases b. tt,S
セ M •ulubillty ゥセ@ in& pendeolt of c. tO
d. 4.0

11. onluhility ゥ ョ セヲojr・\@ llr 、セャNG・@ with IJJ u dosed loop syslem. lbe process lo be
temperature dqlt:ndirtg ml the Hj ゥ セエ^ Gウ@ (;()ntroUcd i• :ut ゥ ョ エ ・ァイ。エゥ ョ セ@ process with
free eroef!\Y ch;mgd Of$O[ution. n lC
エイ ョョ エセ@ I.er "4u.nctmn-
· . I . エZ | セ Q イQ^@ II l.!r'
lh 4n ゥ ョエ ・イーィ セ セ・@ ィ・Nセ エ@ transfer prO<IC>I<. the 2.$

eqo1hllli llm •tnte corresponds t\1 t.tuality tJrvtlose<l to セ@ u n セ、@ " (to mt.,gral
o\f エ」セィj ャ\イ 。ャ セ@ in the tii'O phaocs. wltilc
the condition lot uqullib•·ium in •u c\セ ョエイ ャ エイ@ with エイ
ッ セs iG・イ@
fuijcliop - - , When

intoov luTNc ュ セ@ trnnsfer ptOe""• ゥセ@

a step clranllc rn s et point Is •pplicd to s uch
.o, c<junlity ョヲ セ Mョ ョ 」・ ョエイ ャ エゥ Hャ ョキ@
b. CtJunl ity Qfchemi.:a l tJIIlqru•ls a do.sed loop ;-ystem, the controlled
vatiable with exlciliil

1l.. etlu• li ty of :cctivity coo.fficio11ts

d. ・ Gャセ ャゥ エケ@ of mru;s tt• n•f.,- セ ッ・ ヲャ |」ゥ ・ョ ャD@
a. 6vcrdaJnped r""pnnse
45. ,' \ rroportiunaJ phi>! intcgr.1l e<mlrollerwith b. Llnd<;rdamped response
c. l!n<bmped respoose

pi'Opoc,tlonnJ sensitivity K, l (ll}VmA

nnd mtegral tUuu T , I miu is initially at
d. Llns labJe I'CSJ)OOSO
steady •toto with 01TOr SlgPOI It = II and ol!l. A ccrb ln pressure vessel m:cnufacturor
avoids doing remtb rcement .calculations
controller outpull at 10 mA.. AI time I = tt.
a step change of I rnA is giv(ll co the error for opeoin@S by always providin3 a
,..,infotcing pad extending up lo double tltt
" 'gn• L Tho conlro lloc output will sbow one
of the rollowrng respons.,.., Ident ifY lhe !lilomuter of U1• or enin!l !llld of the ウ セイョ 」@
ュ セ エ ・イゥ 。 ャ@ and エィ ゥ」ォョセ@ 。セ@ titat of the shell
corred oue.
IL 1 j umps inslllutaueously Lo II mA :end "all. ll' orca 」ッ ュ ー」 ョ セ エ ゥッ ョ@ "' accepteil セ@ a
l'l>mains otlhnl \'aluo lhoro::cflcr. code guideline. ィ ゥセ@ Qllt@•ch ャ ・ョ セ@ Ill safe
() ur9
11 only if UlC r.pening is on lite セ ーィ・イゥ ・N ッャ@ oonstant セョj@ V is Ute セカ」イ。ウ・@ velocit} in
ves>el. the pipe. 'llle pump he3d (H) vcn;us tlr'"
b. unly ir the ィー\ ョ ゥ ョ セ@ i" 11n セ@ ve.tiCill mtc IQ) ィ 」 。イS」ャゥセエ^・@ is given bV
.,yliudric;,l vcssul. II Ct. I3Q
c, only if lite opening is on • ィ ョャGセ」ュエイ@ "ltcrc a JtJJd p att eotuiAnt>.
cylin(lric3l \1\:sij¢\. a. Ohu in an expression for U1e pres•ure
tL irrc:sp<H!lrvo of the shaJJi! gf the vessel. drop on the pipe ( \P} In lenns of the
SO. For a セケャゥョ、イ・^j@ v」Z「セ ャ@ of moderAte 1 ulurue llow rnte I()}.
helghl. the weld joint セエヲイ」・ョケ@ t'or joiniS b. Obtain an exprc'fisioo Jb r the sh:ody
ーセュャ・@ to the cylinder 。クゥ セ@ is si"e" as 1.0 opcratlng now rote in tbe sy•t"111,

"hilc li"' joinl• nloug tloc !!irth llSsumin9 thnt the only pressure h•ss ln
H」ゥイ オュヲ セZイ・ョ」I@ it is given liS 0.8. lli lltcsyst<:m iNセ@ due to the ptp<: Oow.
calculating the shell wall セQ ゥ」ォョ・ウ@ u.<ing 53. fl1 U1c lowcJ' JlOition of J • pray tower. or®
ll<lde ヲ ゥュョ オャセ N@ ヲッイセ@ intemaUy pressurU.ed pelletx H 、 ゥZセュ・エ」 イ@ D = 2 mm) are CXl<lle<lby
cylindriCAl ' 'tss<IL wbat valu<1 of キセャ、@ joint •lr ·at a tem perururd T, = 20 " C". 111e
dlicicncy should be used? j ^c ャ ・ャセ@ ore tollins. Ill theiJ' lerm.inal volocity

セ N@ 0.11 セ L@ =- 6.9 rn/$. Tllll to.mpc:roture willtin the
h. (),9 ttellcl$ is unifrmn at oil time$, and the
c.. LO initiul エ 」ュー・イ。オセ@ of the pclltts as so•c.

d, ッNウIBセ@エ 11\c hc•t エイ。ョセヲ」@ c:ocllieicnt fot • pellet
f•lling in nit is h = 208 \V1m: K,
PIYIIIAJDC:I Q_._llt & I I) 11. o 「ゥNセ@ in an. \Zセーゥョ ッ@ for t.he chnnge of
ra t"'npcnil.un: ()f 3 ー・ャセエ@ with tin"' rqt)].
5L Ethyl•ne Oxide ;., pt•oduccd by U1<! b. C11hmlotc the height of the tower Gヲセイ@ 4
uxidalion of EU•yleuo o\u a CJJb lysL pellet l'l "'JOI to 60° C.
::iafaty co 0sidemtipns dicbti! tlmt the 54. IIKI ュッ ャ ・セ@ of on Acetonitrile
gaseous mixture e111ering the イ ・セエZッイ@ nitro>ll<>thane ュゥNセエ]@ i• dinen:utially
セィッエ 、@ contttin 10 mol alt- pa mol di•liUcd in • batch セエゥャ@ ut • pressure of 71)
eA エィ ケ ャ セ ョ 」 N@ The conversion per pasS t:s 22fJo, kPo, Tho food rontaioJI Wセ@ mole •.
rhe l::thylene oxide fonned is completely acetonitrile. DistillatiQn ls .:ontlnued tlll

condensed out ·and the: remninlng gases lhe liquid let bdlind in tbd slllt セッオエ。ゥイ[@ 32
I'I."Cvcled mole •o acetonilril<!. Tho vapour-liquid
ll lnie up oxygen U. oddod to mainbm the equilibria for the S)'Jitcm at thi• Jl"""'""'
l'eqUL$J!c oxygen levels. for n p lant are 」ッイ・ ャセエ ・、@ セᄋ@ lollo"'s :
ーイッ、オ」ャョセ@ 440 ki h of eエャQケ・ョMッセゥ、」N@ y+ I.OSx - 0.13 for 0.3 セ@ x s O.S2

(i1 Ollcu!nte the> I(Unntit)' uf J)urc ntllk<.rull y' - fl.71x. 0.2S l6r 0.52 セ@ x セ@ 0,8,
o>.'YS"" to he オj^ャNゥ・\セ@ in kglh, in stcody whert X セョ、@ y• refer to エィセ@ mole ヲイオセエNャッョ ャ@
Slate Qp erill inn. of acetonitrile in tho liquid and tquilibrium

(iii Draw • t!Coat blocl.. diaJ!,r•m NQ ィッキゥョセエ@ varour. rtsp<:eltvely.

tho- t!llljor units, iltJW& and 」ッュ ー ッセゥエョウN@ Find the average c<HUJiusitinn uf lhc
nnd jndicote the ・ョカ ャ セ」@ bO\Indary di•tillate c(>llected.

セエイッオ ョ、@ which the ,quisitc mollS balnncc:(s) 55, i\ liquid phose. tin;t order. reversible
ゥ セ@ I arc bcinS mode. rcac(1on A 1:. B i• curried flU! in a
·n,erelevant rooctlun il rcptC.1entcd by coot.iouo"-' セ|ゥt」 Gエャ@ セッャN@ >vu.:tor (CSTR).

K':..t t.; • a, • 2c,u..o Mol>• dt.t3ilicy of A and B rue ;ome.

(g) (g) (g) 0 01.:t thins• (Auch as space lime, 11ow rntc,
IAl>swnc atmtLic m•sses os: C - 12,0 セ@ J<i. lcnJ]l<:nlturo) remaining Ihe セ。@ me, a f.;cd of
(! lj. pllfc A tv U!c red<"hlr イッャ|セ@ in .J0°o
52, A nuid is セオュー・、@ through セ@ long convenoion ur 1\. while J Iced of ·pure B
ィッイゥコョセQ@ piJlC' of di>meter I) ond lengUt ョZセ オャ エク@ in ウッセN@ cunvcnoiQn of R Estimate
L. u!tng o centrifuga l pump. tィセ@ flow in tlte rc:acticm ・アオゥhセイ ゥ オュ@ cQnsllit•l. aャセオ ュ 」Z@
tho pipo is L'tininar with Utd J'nnning S(o;td} & told Ut1"'alion UL both セャ c@ Cll$0$.
friction factor given by f = >VKe wh= Re
= 1:>1 ーNャセエ@ tS- th"' Reynold"s number. A >S Q
I ol'9
81!CTIOH IS ( I) Urea
FJvw Marila au..u- (55 t. T1) (IJ) Phenol
Answor any TEN questions fix>m tltis aeclirut. (A)Atr
(B) Toluene
Write all your SllSWilts in the ans\veJ' book. Ali
<Jllesti ons t'lll:ly eqlllll. marks. (C) Carb.on dioxide
(D) Nihit oxidfr
( I 0 セ@ セ ] UP@ Mad>s)
(E) m・エヲ L セュッ ャ@
(F) Ammonia
56. The Wd$• lmlartce ・アャゥッョセ@ of セ@ blender
(G) Pn>pylcnc

0.21'1 + 0,8 F) = 0.5 F
60. Wluah of ·the following gaseoos ftJels is
F,+ F2= F
likely fu have the lrighest Gross cnlorili.c
Express the equation set given above m a
value ?
matrix furu1 AX= b where
a. Sewage Gas
ク セ ャヲ y ゥ@ セ P' jイ@ b. LPG
c. Protlu!X'l' Oas

rina clte inverse of the malll:X A. オセ・@ d. NaturJl Gas
61. LOOO Kg/IL of 1111 aqueous solUiion of 20%
F; and
N'a1C0 3 js cooled graduilly ro t °C, tu

cryst:illize uill nセ P SN ャo ᄋ ィ oN@ 11Je
!:L セッ ャ オィゥャケ@ o[111<•2C0 1 al f C IS セ M i@ o/o.
F' Calcula.t e the percentage of Na2C03
57. セQュA@ the dlmenl!ion• ,,f n, hollow ll}1inder recovered ci11 the fom1 "r erystals.
wifh hoih ends d ose<l 1vhich C"'J hold
ra 4
- m1 o f water aud. has .nunlmonl
-27Tt . . outer
(Assnme. no loss of N<J,C03 ャ ャセイッオァィ@
mor.lter Uqoor adhering to the crystals and
110 •'llrl)' OVet or ciIGsu

セ ウ@ wi!l1 LhelTJOlhe;
surface area. Uquo(). Draw u ョ・ セエ@ btock diagram
58, Eacl1 item of equ.lpmen.t mentipned in セエ・@ •lmwing tile inlet and exit cnmpo•itiollS
left hand column ls identified witl1 U1c 。ョセ@ flow rates.
manufucturing process for one of lite [Molooulllr wc1ght of Nu2CO:;- can be
produci:s mentioned in me. tigllic hand

assumed to be J 06 and Utat of water to be

-oolumn. Match the equipment with. tlte t8j,
」ッイ・セーュ、u j ァ@ product 6'2. 1000 kg.lll of a thcnuicfhtid. ta be osetl as,
(I) l"emtenior a :heat transfer medinm, Nゥ セ@ 「セゥョァ@ wdU·ectly
(U) Membnute Cell heated in a heater, from 380 K to 550 K.

( Ill) w。ウエセ@ heat boiler Calculate ill<'' hoot Jollil. on Ute Jtcat<.'r, w
( IV) Rollil)' l:i ln k.W. A'lso &sfin·,atl! !lie.mean ILeat cャー。」ゥセ@
(V) Prl Ulng Tower of U•e tnemrlt' l111fd over the telil]letalltre.

(A) Ammonium nitrate range oflntor((s!.

(13) セ M ィ。ョ ャ@ エ from mt1lusses 1-'he l1eal Cllpacity equaticnt ftJr 'the thennic
(C) C::aUlitic soda ヲエオNゥ セ@ i•
C.= 1"43<1 + 0,002 I8 T,

(D) Di A.mmonium phosphate

(E) Sulphunc. acid. wl1ere <; is in ォjヲセ@ K, ru1d Tis in K,
(F) cement 63. A mum! fhliJ jel imping.S on u ·nat ph11e

(G) YeUow p.ho;;phoru.s ami A|ーイ・。、セ@ out radiall:y tQ fOTJll a film of

(H) Sodium ュセ エ ャSQN@ decrea;;ing thickness as shown below,
59, Al••wer thtl following ! I
a. Each C>f dte products m<'I!tioneii in dte -. セ N@

left ltand .c olumn requites one or more

oftlte raw materials I starting omterials
ュ セ ャエゥ ッ ョ・、@ in lJteiig)Ji ィキエセ@ coltlllllL
Match tlte products wilh tile
appropriate .:aw ma!erial{s) f !!lartlng
11 o(' ')
64. The rndin• of the jet far from the a. o「セ ゥョ@ nn expre<sion for the l<:ngth of
セャ。ァョエゥ ッョ@ j)Otnl (0) is 11. :md the |」ャ HI セゥエケ@ the heat exChanger re<tulred t\! CUrt)'
is u. aウNセオ ュ ・@ Ute lluw Ill be GB G G ゥ セ、 、@ find uul the hc•li!li illltt.Jtitm. aセキ ュ 」@ IJ,;t
ャセゥウケョオッエ N イォL@ and ncijlccl g ravity. Also ur
the uutcr diumclct the ittnat• pipe ᄋセ@
BセGQ@ tluu the w looity prqfiles •1" Ant nc.1rly •><tun I to i!JI i11Ki!le !li:t1neter. 11•e
(iotirom the _ エ セァ ョオエゥ\ j ョ@ ーセゥョl@ fhe presl!Uttt specific heat 」 ッー セ、 エ Lケョヲ@ tho 11uid ゥセ@ C.,
llulSi(lt> the ,icl iR :iUitoSphCJic UIIU tlle •ud its 、 ・ッ セッ ャ ケ@ is p.
d<'llilily of lllec11u[d tl') is cmllllrutl b. Obt3iu an ""pression for the optitnum
;.. Obl.'lin the velodlv of tho fluid in IJI., diamelllr al whkh Lbe heal o:<clmnger
film (-v(r)) nnd the ャゥオ、ョ・Aセ@ or film length is minimum asnm1iog h1=t 'I) 11

(t(r)) at • ny t'ildial 、 ゥウ ャ [ ュ セN・@ t for from wher.; C ;, • oorulanL
th\,.' セエャ。ァョ[ゥッ@ point 68. A plU'c gas is bubbling througb o c<>lllnm
b. o セエッゥョ@ the norm• I mrce act.ing on tllo of llcjuid ol o セ オヲャQ」 ゥ」ョエ ャ ケ@ slow r>l'll thntthe
plate, bubhles OI'C well separated rrom each
I>S. A oon".:oltah:d suspension of spl\crlcul other. T he bubbl<:l! are spl•e•ical ru·e 3 •ncu
<1u:u1z pru•ticl'"' in \Vole< •cllk'S wtdc;r in 、ゥ。イオ N 」 ャ セイ@ .. and rise '' ltb consto.nt velocity

ァ イセカ ゥエケ L@ 1'he particle din.meter los 0 0= Ui"'m of 0 U .mls, A! •ny given time. len bubble$
:tnd lh.: '(l)l1icle den•ity is エ^ セ@ = 265() \Zセョ@ be seen in Ihe liquid. Ute ll<1uld volume
kg/Jlt' . l,'he iniltltl voiWig" in tl1c being 3.14 HJ- 1 n11 11t" li•1uid conlJiin.•

セ usAi・ョャゥHI@ is Q Aセ@ O.R. 110 dissolvocl !\M 19 -•t.-11 will1. nnd n1ay be
n. Ohl• in the 」Nセーイ・ウ N \ ゥッョ@ tor tho te.minnl 。N セ オュ・、@ to be well mixed at ッ ャエゥュ ・Nセ@ The
velc)<lily (u,) of n セゥ ョ ァI・@ p:trlicle ュ セ@ transfer ooenidenl tor this siruatocm
Assuming Stoke's law tel he カセ ャゥ\l@ is セy ・ョ@ by hゥ セ 「ゥ ・@ 's PcnctratiOrl tliCOI)' It$

k-r D
1:1. 'Fmd the initfzil setting velocity (u.) of
the partlcle in the セu ゥヲpエョ ッゥョ@ gi\'en I- .T/•
u, = ul s-Hi
.:. HZ ョォオャエ the オーキセイ、@ セ@
velodty uf "ater
D : dtlfcsivil) ofthcga.• in セ 」@ li4uid.
ia the •tl!;p.:nsion l<:>ulting from tho: セ@ 2 Qサ セ@ m 1l4. und
setting of the particles for c; 0.8.
f' セ@ time of conuoc.t hetw""" ll(tllld
l'lte キセ ャ@ of • cold •forage ·unrl contpn•"'' a olcm<11tS セ ョ、@ the gas. s.

bri"k l:oyet ャィ」ォョ・\ セ@ /Ia = tl.l m. thermal Odcnninc ll•c tirno il takes for the liquid
conductivity k.o "' 1:4 W'•t•K) l!Jtd no inn.,. In nllo in 50'!, Of lh<> a ョィZセエゥッ@
lAyct nf (lOlyul'CIIUniC l<>3nc H エ ィ」ォセ・ウN@ Pセ@ ・ッョ」エイセ ャ ゥ \ュ@
0,05 nt, Uu:nnul conductivit) k11 = 0,015 The 」セイ 「ョ@
diox.tdc Qウセョゥァ@ c)ul of' •

\V/111K) aNセウ Qオョ ・@ \Inc lli.men.<ion>l hent F'crm<;nllrr con!Jli.tt 0.01 mol l't•ction <>f
U'ilnster by conduction Utrough the 」エィョオセ@ whiol; has to l•c 1\lduced to 0.011{) I
」エN ューッウ ゥエ セ@ w•ll •nd tbnl thd [ru,.,,. Jurfncd mole fhtction by •crobbing with waoer in a
of Ute ーッャケョイ」uセ・@ layer is •ltnnp=tutc counteJ'Cuoreot packed to" er. .l11e gas

·r. ond the nuter surfnce or the brick l•yer D()wralc ;,. 227.3 ォイオッlセャ@ and UIO)' be
ゥ セ@ nl エセーッZイオ・@ '!'.,. 。ウセキョ」、@ constJtol lhroughouo the tower
!4 Derive 011 I:XJll'es•ioo fru· Utu h dOl nux 'fl1e t;qnillbrium mol• G-.ction of eth>nol

per unit area Utrough the w•lL

b r nleu late the イッエ・セ@ he• I ァ[セゥ ョ@ whil11 1',
in llte gos pltase()
llc1uid (lt) ns
related tO that in U1e

- w•c anti Th - セッ ᄋ」NZ@ Tho surfuco y • = L(l7 X


ahm for heat ltansfer 0.260 m:. Determine the minunum li<1uid mle
67. A fluid ᄋセ@ ィ・Zセエッ、@ fmm セ@ tompcr.ttun> '1'1 to
r. in • dmthle pipe heat exchnnger with needed. •••II
lh• number of ovcnoll gas-side:
ttonsfcr tutil!l nuodcd nl 1.5 timl!!l the
sterun condeu•ing in the outet• pif><: ol a minimum liquid rote. 'l1te entering liquid
tcmpcnturc r,. l'ho flow rnlc of fluid UL may b;: asRumad 1<1 IJU free of et11anol,
Ute mner 11ipe (inside di;tmeler I}) i• (,!. 70. s エセ[。、 ケ@ s tate ーャオセ@ Do\\ Nnetor (PFR) dallt
nnd tltd heal transfer c:oeffietenl ls b,. -rhe for i..otherjm I irrvvcrsiblc ,..,.ction
1:i1m 「」エセャ@ tr:uufer cocfl'ieMtt fo1 tho A B
co•!dcn•ing $leone iii h(l. und U1o 1\ •U
セ」Zウエャ ョ 」・@ and fouling :rre negJigiltle.
9 o t<l
,. os •hnwn m the ャN「セ@ rセエッイ@ fJlllCC mole "• Olcyf!<"n. 77 mole "• nitrogen end
tnne •• as I0 •CC<Jnd• m both the C35e-. Ihe rest inerls 11te "andanl Gibl> ·s f'm:
O Uter Uoin11• su.:lt a. IC.:d and produ.:t eョ\セXy@ 、エョセBG@ for the rc:.diun '' 11.'.8.l
dcn>tty. rcaetm ll:nopc:tatuoc ct". ore-"'"'" IJ mol< ut litis lcntllCNturc. As•uming
in h<Jih the CA>;CA ideal gos hehnviuur, col<ul•tc the ーセイゥ。ャ@
('olnrcn trnllfolt of ,\(11 mollm-1 JlfCM$Un:s Of oil Kp<.'\:ies lll C<lllillflrium.
In fo'erd In Product 74. ·nu: cbnr;o.otcri•lic l.'lluutiou of セ@ セ セ セウ ・、@
CtlSc: 1 I 05 loot! ooturol セケウエ・ュ@ i•
Cuc U 2 o.sss 11.25 s' • (1.8 セG M S.6ll I O..'S 1\ = 0.
f the イ」Zセエゥッョ@ i• blown lo be of noo-zem l' ind lite lim il mg \IIIIUc vf 1\ - " - · ahU\ e

mteger order. lind the rcocbon order and "hicb the clu•ed luvp >)slern ,.ill be
!be UIC IXlllSI.lnt ucuublc
71. .\ P"l1icuLu- ュセエッャ@ rcacl> \lith セ@ ccrtJWJ 75 A photoele<:tric pyromdl!r u u.•e.d to
loquid •nd the product p,...,, into solution. m..asure the lemp<nlurc of bot billru
I hree nnn ·porous solon セー「・イウ@ nr same ha' ing • tcmpcr.tluN of!XIo• C and pLte<:d
on • moving grnte. lnQ pyrometer b.1s a

ュセエ。ャ@ ond of diomotc-rs I0. 20 onu 30 tnllL
r-."'pc:ctivoly were ptoc,d in • very l!rgo li,..t llffier '"'Jlonse wilh • time <:onslnnl of
セ エゥイ ・、@ pool of n:acbve liquid ot the ••me I s. hacl, billet is lu the lield or voew o(
time. Aller an houo , it was lbund !hat the pyrcnn"'"'' for 2s. Tho bill.rts a.re so pbccd

pool bad only two ウー ィセイ」ウ@ of di:unctcr 10 on tile ur11te Lhnl thC'I'C' 1.1 a one second
and 2ll mm, rcsplldl\cl) . .\llcr onnther loterv•l between the exit of ッ・MセQャエ@ from
hour. the 1)1101 hod oonl) nne •ph= nf lhc field of VIC\\ of p) イッュセエNL@ onJ entry
lliamch:r Ill mm. 11tb Jphtrc >l<o
ra of the: next bilk:t in line. The ambient
ャゥセー・N^イ」、@ aOcr iftolht> hour. lcmpaoiUre is 50"C A11.•umc lh•t !he
E."pl.o in tho:<c nb•CT\ •lion• through •yslem is 1n operaltott ft>r • fe\\ hours.
•ppl'l)pri:ate エャ」イゥカ。 セッョ@ ll!tn.s > mOre セォBャI@ Write: tqualio!b for llo rumg :r.nd Collins
rate cuntrollin11 llcp uul ill' the lillluwing portit>IIJ of the pyromctor rOSJIOOSc.
7!•. fJor a O•oged jQinl, ;, prop011cd co ,,.. bolts
(i) Film m•s• trnnorli:r o n a !lange with bolt 1'001 doumeter of 12. 5
(it) Surfocen:JJeticm nun. Titc AIIOWahlc •tr"-!1• fm lite 1>1111
m>Lc:riAI セ@ 150 セin@ 'ml , 11to ャセ@

72. .-\ mixture of A and U l:{ottlomu 」ャッセス@ L<J I bllll kl•d

AoッオャエBセ@ Llw The pure oompon,,ll. 'apour i< I .6 \11\ Rt:l!nmonc:nd • minimum
pn!'>Sun>. PA.. •nd I'D.. m IJ>a trc gj\.cn numher ofbnlt• thot<hould be pro• rdcd.
h) (tin セ 」I@ n. Copiul cOSt ofa pi reline of c:.'(I)Lic m•LL-rial
i> セ ャエュ」、@ ., 3 o•>Rs on. "here 1) ;,
Ill P4"'" ャセ N@ 21 -

pipe diameter m mm The 。ョセ@ I
rnaintcnan"" lGャIセ@ "' t:!>lintotod .., IO• .. uf
Itt ー セᄋ@ t 4. 2()
セ@ the 111111 COfliiJI I I!IISI. 1\rtttiUII IIIIC'I:Ilutg
it 2()9
"'"t nfthe>pipc i• pi,·cn n• lirllnw• ,

rf lite bubble point of·' \lCr'lnm nti.xlure of

. ' iHセG@ 10
A 1111d B'" 76 I' •• a tola l pressure of 80 Annusl opcratmg c:u•t - -::-i'. _....;.;:___
kl'a. rend t.he conoroslhon or
the litsl D 111 l>t<ll

,,.pour tbot form•. Eslim;ste the mosl eoonunuc: PII.C di.:unctc.."'l

73. J'h\1 roction セL@ 0: 2)':0 lakes plAt<! m ll••ed on the le..l セョュオャ[HA@ "Prnuch to
the gas pha<e at :now c and 2025 ld'a. lhc ncoftl;l mulltplc nf lllmm [O.<timated

l11e ""'ction ュゥNL[エオイセ@ onito•lly .:ompris.::s 15 omOo1JZ3tion セMイゥッ、@ '' I 0 yeor>