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Project's title: It was only a picnic - Docudrama

Duration of the project: 12 months

Place: Serbia - 10 towns
Project's objective: Main scope of this project is to heighten awareness toward Holocaust
and Jewish and non-Jewish victims; to educate young people: emphasize the importance of
combating racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia, contribute developing of tolerance and
democracy, promote human rights and multicultural society, and spread the culture of
Target groups: young people; activists of the civil rights and peace movements; professional
audience and theatre critics; general audience and local communities.


As known, every Jewish community in occupied Europe suffered losses during the Holocaust.
Unfortunately, horrors and atrocities of Nazism did not bypass Jewish community in occupied
Yugoslavia. Over 80% Yugoslav citizents of Jewish ancestry were murderd. There are many
historical testimonies of those dark times: documentary and feature films, novels, diaries,
biographies, and authentic audio and video recordings, photos. All this represents an
inexhaustible material for artists to create works in memory of the victims of Holocaust. One of
the most fameous testimonies is The Diary of Anne Frank, a well-known work that have been a
source for historians, as well as inspiration for artists and activists for decades.
Belgrade also had its Anne Frank about whome little is known. Her name is Rally Pardo. During
the period from 1942 to 1945 Rally was hiding in the secret room of her uncles apartment.
Relly has been called Serbia's Anne Frank but, in the Serbian context, this book is more than the
viewing of unspeakable events through the eyes of a trusting child. It is a unique historical
document filled with remarkable details of the petty nature of Nazi brutality. Take the vivid
description of the 'round-up' of refrigerators belonging to Jews. Relly asks the obvious question,
with her kind of special humour seen in the book's title - 'How was one supposed to carry a
refrigerator, even a small one, across town?'
Book is decicated to Relly`s brother and parents, who were murdered in camps. Rally modestly
explains that the book arose from a desire to leave a trace of herself and her family to
descendants. The title of the book by chance. She met a lady in Tel Aviv and when they talked
about the war, Rally mentioned Belgrade pantry, where she was hiding. The woman replied: "Oh,
it was just a picnic, I was in Auschwitz."

Author describes colourful, tragic and emotional events from the streets of Belgrade in a very
convincing way. Events that have been described represent the potent material, that can produce a
strong theatrical play based on real events.

Performances are to be followed by public forums, lectures and discussions on Holocaust, anti-
Seminitsm, racism and any kind of discrimination, but with strong review of humanity,
compassion and hope in dark times.

Nina Dzuver, script writer

Vladan Djurkovic, director
Milica Stefanovic, actress
Students from Youth theatre Dadov, 3 actors
Magdalena Vlajic, scenographer and costume designer
Svetlana Milutinovic, organizer
Dragan Stevovic, assistent