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15 Km, Away from Bahawalpur on Karachi Road

Sir Asim Mirza

Submitted By:
Abdul Wahab

Submission Date:
December 21, 2015.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

COMSATS Road off GT Road, Sahiwal

I thank to Allah Almighty for his direction and support this report is at long last finish
as a consequence of consistent and hard-working effort.
I additionally need to express gratitude for my on location boss, Mr. Javed Akhter,
Accountant in ASIA GHEE MILL, who helps me to make this report. Right now, I
can't forget my instructor and my internship advisor Mr. Asim Mirza. Thanks to All!
Executive Summary
An internship program is an exercise to apply the theoretical concepts to practical
work. As a student of BS (BA), it is a part of my study program for six week
internship at some good reputed organization. I got the opportunity to complete my
project at a medium level organization named “ASIA GHEE MILL”. It is my to
prepare project report at the end of the internship period but the main objective of the
internship is to get the proactive experience of the real world organization.
Asia Ghee Mill is located 15km far from Bahawalpur at Karachi Road. This Ghee and
Oil fabricating unit was built up in 1994 and begin business in ninth June 1997. Asia
Ghee Mill has a limit of 150 tons for each day yet right now they are utilizing half of
their aggregate limit.
This internship report is containing three sections first is about organization
presentation and its mission and vision statement. Second portion of this report is
containing Business operations like advertising and business analysis. Toward the
end, my obligations and achievements are written in this report.
I did my internship in given departments
1) Administration Department
2) Finance/Account office
3) Sales Department
Asia ghee factory is average size association that working with solid authoritative
society. I saw numerous branch operations that build my insight. I saw deals
procedure, merchant and retailer administration that help my useful involvement in
this field. I saw numerous issues and methodology to handle these issues. Toward
the end I propose a few suggestions and methodologies to enhance their
Table of content

Topic Names Page Numbers

Chapter 1 1
1. Background of the Asia Ghee Mill 1

1.1 History of edible ghee industry in Pakistan 1

Major businesses 1
1.2 Introduction of Asia Ghee Mills 2
1.2.1 Non-Production Area 2
1.2.2 Production Area 2
1.3 Vision 3
1.4 Proposed Mission Statement 4
Products and brands of ASIA GHEE MILL 4
1.5 Goals of Asia Ghee Mill 5
1.6 Objectives of Asia Ghee Mill 5
Chapter 2 6
2. Business Operations 6
2.1 Organization Structure 6
Processes Analysis 6

2.2 Organization Value Chain 6

i. Suppliers 7
ii. Organization 7
iii. Channel Members 7

2.3 Structural analysis 8

2.4.1 Strengths of Asia Ghee Mills
i. Professional Leadership 10

ii. Skilled Labor with High Morale 10

iii. Backward Linkages 10

2.4.2 W-Weaknesses of Asia Ghee Mills 11
i. Lack of Awareness 11
ii. Limited Distribution Network 11
iii. Deale rship Marketing 11
2.4.3 O-Opportunities 12
2.4.4 T-Threats 12
i. Low Production of Cottonseed 12
ii. Decrease in Consumption 12
2.5 PEST Analysis 12
2.5.1 Political and legal factors 13
2.5.2 Economic factors 14
2.5.3 Technological factors 14
2.5.4 Socio-cultural factors 15
2.6 Marketing Strategies 16
2.6.1 PR Marketing 16
2.6.2 Event Marketing 16
2.6.3 Word of Mouth Marketing 16
2.6.4 Transactional Marketing 16
2.6.5 Reverse Marketing 16
2.6.6 Free sample Marketing 16
2.6.7 Segmentation 17
2.6.8 Positioning 17
2.6.9 Product Development 17
2.6.10 Dealership Marketing 17
2.7 Competitors Strategy 17
2.7.1 Cost Leadership 18
Chapter 3 19
3. Learning as internee 19
i. Personal Learning 19
Proactive Approach 19
Accomplishment 19
ii. Self-Motivation: 19
Accomplishment 19
iii. Professional Antiquates 19
1. Do not give tension to employees

2. Express gratitude 19
Accomplishment: 19
3. Don’t say no to any work 19
4. Don’t interpret: 20
Accomplishment: 20
5. Don’t cross arms and legs: 20
Accomplishment: 20
3.1 Description of the operation assign to me 21
3.1.1 Administrator Office 21
3.1.2 Finance Department 21 Ledger Accounts 22
3.1.3 Sales Department 22 Dealing with wholesalers 23 Marketing research on Bonus and Excel 23
Conclusion 24
Appendix A: Weekly Reports 26
Appendix B: Evaluation Letter 33
Appendix C: Internship Letter 34
Chapter 1
1. Background of the ASIA GHEE MILL
1.1 History of edible ghee industry in Pakistan

Edible oils and fats are a vital piece of the everyday needs of a Pakistani people. It is
likewise an important piece of family use of a normal family - right around 6% of the
family unit spending plan is spent on it. Branded and also non-branded items
contend in the business sector. Branded items are for the most part at the high end
of the business sector and non-branded towards the lower end of the business
sector and for the market.
At present the limit use of ghee or edible oil is around 55 percent. A likely purpose
behind this underutilization is the presence of unregistered ghee and cooking oil-
preparing units in the nation
Pakistan spends about $1.0 billion for each annum on the import of edible oil. At
present the limit use of ghee or palatable oil is around 55 percent. A reasonable
explanation behind this underutilization is the presence of unregistered ghee and
cooking oil-handling units in the nation. Edible oils business sector is an
exceptionally divided business sector with numerous brands and non-branded
Majeed group of industries

Mr. Chuadry Abdul Majeed is the chairman of Asia group of industries, who is one of
the best businessmen in Bahawalpur region.
Majeed Group of Industries involved in the following businesses:

Asia Ghee Mills

Asia Flour Mills

Bismillah Cotton Industries

Rohi Cotton Mills

Rasool Model Industry Pvt. Ltd (Oil & Cotton)

Majeed Brothers Pvt. Ltd.

(Akhter, 2015)

1.2 Introduction of Asia Ghee Mills
Asia Ghee Mill is far away 15km far from Bahawalpur at Karachi Road. This Ghee
and Oil fabricating unit was set up in 1994 and begin generation in ninth June 1997.
Asia Ghee Mill occupied an area range of roughly 2 areas.
The region of Asia Ghee Mill is isolated in two heads:
a. production Area
b. Non Production Area

1.2.1 Non-Production Area

Non-production range consists of workplaces, stopping office, and a major yard. In
non-production zone they have their own particular nursery. Asia Ghee Mill has an
extremely alluring standpoint on the grounds that they have variety of plants and
blooms in the yard and nursery. The workplace inside of Asia Ghee Mill is great in
light of the fact that the workplaces are completely air condition and cooled and
warmers are additionally accessible.

(tqm strategy-apply-on-assia-ghee-mill-bwp)

1.2.2 Production Area

Production diverse areas identified with offices, stores, parking areas, and bundling
of Ghee and Oil in distinctive sizes.
Asia Ghee Mill is not register in Stock Exchange. Asia Ghee Mill has a limit of 150
tons for every day except right now they are utilizing half of their aggregate limit.

(tqm strategy-apply-on-assia-ghee-mill-bwp)

1.3 Vision of Asia Ghee Mill:

“Superior quality products at affordable price for our customers, is our commitment.”

1.4 Proposed Mission Statement

Asia Ghee Mill doesn’t have any written mission statement but through our
discussion we came at, and the mission of the Asia Ghee Mill should be:

“We care the health of our customers by providing them, wherever they live, the
superlative purity and best quality oil & ghee at comparable prices and continually
improve our products to meet their needs which help us to maximize the wealth of
owners who in turn, create more employment opportunities and provide maximum
benefits to employees”

Products o Asia Ghee Mills

Major Brands Weights Packs Prices

16 KG Tin Pack 1920

10 KG Tin Pack 1200

5 KG Tin Pack 600


2.5 KG Tin Pack 300

12 KG 1 Carton(12 pack 1440

of 1 KG)

12 KG 1 Carton(24 pack 1440

of 0.5 KG)

12 KG 1 Carton(48 pack 1440

of 0.25KG)

1 KG Plastic Pack 120

16 KG Tin Pack 1920

10 KG Tin Pack 1200

5 KG Tin Pack 600

2.5 KG Tin Pack 300

12 KG 1 Carton(12 pack 1440

of 1 KG)

12 KG 1 Carton(24 pack 1440

of 0.5 KG)

12 KG 1 Carton(48 pack 1440

of 0.25 KG)

1 KG Plastic Pack 120

1.5 Objectives of Asia Ghee Mill
 They have financed the entire capital through own investment and no any
obligation. They have 10 crore authorized capital and 7 crore paid up capital.
 To expand creation of ghee and oil from 27000 tons a year ago to 35000 tons
this year.
 Installation of Levi bond Tento Meter Model to check the shade of oil and
Spector Photo Meter to guarantee zero rate of Nickel in ghee.
 Give two rewards to each worker in a year and 25% of fundamental pay as
execution prize. What's more, to give least 10% augmentation on their
fundamental pays every year to every representative.
 To offer 8000 tons of ghee and oil in coming year in Multan division,
particularly in Malsey, Vehari, Khanewal, and Mia channoo.
 To offer rewards to merchants Rs. 5/16kg past the business focus of 200 tons
for every month.
 To fabricate the clothing cleanser from the wastage of ghee and oil and reuse
the water for reuses purposes.

Chapter 2

2. Business Operations

2.1 Organization Structure

Raw Material
Production IT Supervisor
General Manager HR Supervisor

Sales Manager Dealers

Account Manager

2.2 Processes Analysis

2.2.1 Organization Value Chain

Every one of these exercises are extensively sorted into two fundamental heads,
which are Primary exercises and Support exercises.


All the quality creation does not happen in the association itself somewhat quite a bit
of it can be happen in the supply and appropriation chains. So the entire process

should be broke down. For this reason we can separate it into three regions:
suppliers, association and channel individuals. Suppliers

Suppliers assume an extremely key part altogether esteem creation. The entire of
the productivity relies on the nature of crude material, if supplier does not give the
great nature of oil then the sought level of nature of ghee/oil can't be accomplished.
The value structure of the nation de-inspires the producer to create better nature of
cottonseed. In any case, great association with the suppliers and reasonable and
brief installment can authorize the cultivator to develop better assortment. Organization

Inside of the association the quality expansion action is engaged just on ghee/oil
creation, which is their center skill. With a specific end goal to give the predominant
nature of ghee/oil to clients, Asia Ghee Mills pass the crude material from two
distinct machines for oil and ghee i.e. Post-Neutralizer and Post-Bleacher, Which are
not performed by different plants. In any case, they don't do anything for by-results of
ghee/oil. The carbon dioxide has straightforwardly discharged noticeable all around
and the clothing cleanser has been stuffed and sold under the brand name of "Asia
Laundry Soap". Presently the further expansion in ghee/oil is unrealistic because of
the economic situations yet there is a great deal of space to enhance in by-items
with a little exertion and venture. Channel Members

There is a distinction of 1-2 rupees for each Kilogram in the Ex-factory value and
market cost and the mediators make this distinction. As appeared in the
appropriation system graph, the ghee/oil is not specifically sold to a definitive buyer
rather it experiences a long process. Also, everybody includes in this procedure take
its offer as far as commission. Here the worth expansion happens regarding cost
increment.Asia Ghee factory conveyance Channel is:

Factory Distributor Wholesaler

Retailer Customer (Javed, 2015)

7 Forward integration

"Picking up proprietorship or expanded control over wholesalers or retailers".

The firm ought to utilize their own appropriation system in light of the fact that the
intention behind that when they have their own particular circulation framework the
extra cost will be maintained a strategic distance from which had been kept by
merchants as their own particular edge. In this dynamic and focused environment
the firm needs to keep up its present position of expense initiative to be aggressive.
(Javed, 2015)
2.3 Structural analysis
The PEST investigation worried with wide parts of the earth while there is
dependably an arrangement of outer impacts, which are more prompt, and
straightforwardly influencing the association. The auxiliary examination draws on
Five Forces methodology arranged by Porter. It is an organized mean of evaluating
the aggressive environment.
2.3.1 Threat of new entrance
Danger of section relies on the degree to which there are boundaries to passage.
Ghee factories require a major assembling unit which requires a tremendous capital
speculation, similar to Asia Ghee Mills has 10 crore approved capital and 7 crore
paid up capital. So we can say that ghee-fabricating unit is exceedingly capital
serious and as a result of high capital speculation it has high hazard for new to go
into generation.
2.3.2 Suppliers' power
All associations need to get assets and give merchandise or administrations. The
suppliers can consequences for key opportunity of an association and can impact
the edges of that association. In Asia Ghee Mills, there are two sorts of suppliers.
One is a neighborhood supplier, and others are outside suppliers. In view of
numerous reasons the suppliers of oil have no forces. The reasons are:
 As well as the remote suppliers are concerned they have force of deal on the
grounds that the material is not accessible locally and the purchaser don't
have any alternative other than import, so the purchaser charge the high
costs and exchange is done through banks by opening letter of credit and
purchaser likewise needs to hold up under high transportation cost and
import obligations.

 As well as the nearby suppliers are concerned they have little oil plants,
which separate oil from seed. Ghee factories are profoundly capital escalated
so they don't have any force in light of the fact that they can't do forward mix.
 There are vast quantities of oil suppliers in Bahawalpur and in different urban
communities so the purchaser checks the nature of suppliers' oil and make
contract with any one which meet their .fundamentals in regards to quality or
2.3.3 Buyers' power
The purchasers don't have any force, on the grounds that the costs of the items are
fix, however high rivalry among ghee/oil plants drives the organization to minimize
the costs.
2.3.4 Competitive rivalry
Associations will likewise be worried with the degree of contention in the middle of
themselves and contenders. The degree of focused contention relies on the way of
four powers depicted before. It could be closed from past exchange that the ghee
business sector is profoundly focused.
2.3.5 Decentralization:
Asia Ghee Mill restricted takes after the example of decentralization with the
exception of the situations where centralization is required. Top administration plans
a general arrangement for the organization, and afterward the offices and divisions
from their own techniques as indicated by that strategy and the methodologies are
conveyed to customers and administration, they are allowed to utilize systems to
accomplish that objective subject to the parameters of different laws administering
the matter of organization (Akhter, 2015)


2.4.1 Strengths of Asia Ghee Mills Professional Leadership

More often than not in such sort of traditional leadership is insufficient. Individuals
are typically guided through indicated tenets and regulations. Likewise the polished
methodology is inadequate in the vast majority of the cases. In any case, Asia Ghee
Mills is obviously diverse in this viewpoint from different associations. In the wake of
assuming responsibility of numerous obligations Mr. Ch. Abdul Majeed has worked
hard for the accomplishment of the plant. Because of his expert capacities and

authority qualities he has additionally accomplished a significant number of his goals.
What's more, now this is the byproduct of his activities that the organization is
indicating great execution and working on expert statement. Skilled Labor with High Morale

In the greater part of the plants gifted and semi-talented work alongside untalented
work is contracted from outside. There is dependably a danger connected with them
that whether they work legitimately or not. Above all else Asia Ghee Mills
dependably contract the informed individuals; you can take the sample that they
require at any rate Matric pass possibility for the post of aide. Asia Ghee Mills has
put its new workers with the senior representatives and prepared them before they
really set on employment. They have the vocation chance to move upward to wind
up an administrator on the grounds that assistant has known every one of the
obligations of the administrator. So this will make the most faithful workers with high
assurance, which are more beneficial Backward Linkages

There are no firm principles in ghee/oil industry with respect to the innovation or
procedure suggested. Indeed, even in a few processing plants fifty years of age
apparatus is likewise utilized. Such kind of apparatus influences the nature of
oil/ghee. Asia Ghee Mills has the most recent apparatus and plant. As it is one of the
most recent ghee/oil plants construct in Pakistan whose hardware is locally
accessible from Multan and Lahore, so it is utilizing the most present day innovation
accessible in Pakistan. This hardware likewise gives an edge to the association over
its rivals, on the grounds that all the ghee/oil commercial ventures working in
Pakistan are utilizing "By Pass" operations implies that the same apparatus is
utilized for the creation of ghee and oil. The main Asia Ghee Mills has separate
procedures for both ghee and oil to guarantee the great nature of items.

2.4.2 Weaknesses of Asia Ghee Mills Lack of Awareness

The significant shortcoming of the Asia Ghee Mills is the absence of mind making
among the shoppers, in light of the fact that the Asia Ghee Mills don't go for a
promoting project. Asia Ghee Mills use print media one time in a month, where as

they had utilized electronic media as a part of begin yet now they don't have any ad
for their items, so that is the reason larger part of the general population even don't
listen the name of organization. Limited Distribution Network

.Alternate shortcoming of the Asia Ghee Mills is of having constrained distribution

system. As we have as of now informed that Asia Ghee Mills is conveying their items
just in Bahawalpur, where they are appropriating their items at mass level and
having a piece of the pie of 70-80%, yet in Multan division the firm has begun its
dissemination. As a result of this restricted conveyance arrange the organization
can't use its full limit in light of the fact that as of now Mill is using half of its full limit
which is sufficient to address the issue of purchasers in Bahawalpur, and other than
Bahawalpur the organization don't have so much request as a result of no promotion,
and nonattendance of dissemination system which constrained the organization to
work half limit Dealership Marketing

Asia Ghee Mills send its items through outside merchants which cause increment in
cost of the items which the purchasers get, in light of the fact that the merchants and
retailers take their edge which causes a 1-2 rupees distinction in the Ex-plant value
and Retail cost.

2.4.3 Opportunities Generic Opportunities

The ghee/oil has such a variety of chances because of its item nature. It is a need
and nobody can evade it. In Pakistan, the utilization rate of ghee/oil is high on the
planet, and as the populace development rate is likewise high so the organization
has a chance to take care of the demand of neighborhood business sector.
Additionally the item has no substitute, so individuals need to purchase it regardless.
These are the common open doors, which the organization is getting a charge out of.

2.4.4 Threats Low Production of Cottonseed

The cotton is not delivered adequately in the nation. It is because of the low
profitability of the assortments and because of the less zone development. Because
of this low creation the plant confronts a deficiency of crude oil, which is dependably
an issue for the organization. Decrease in Consumption

Because of the increment in mindfulness level of the general population the

utilization rate is diminished. The lessening in discretionary cash flow is likewise a
reason for abatement utilization of ghee. The high rate of coronary illness in the
nation is another reason, which confine the general population to utilize ghee. As a
result of every one of these components the utilization rate of ghee is diminishing in
Pakistan. This is a wellspring of consistent risk for the organization.

2.5 PEST Analysis

PEST analysis is used to assess what environmental factors are affecting the
organization, which of them are most important and how they will effect in next
years. It is an indicator of political, economic, social and technological influences on
organization. The analysis of Asia Ghee Mills is as under:


Modern laws with respect to unions has no effect upon the Asia Ghee Mills on the
grounds that no union way out in the association, yet in the event that in future it turn
out to be in this way, then the organization needs to consider these laws in their
choice making concerning pay rates, rewards, and advantages of the workers. Foreign Trade

This matter will be of a key sympathy toward Asia Ghee Mills. Since the Asia Ghee
Mills is importing four distinct sorts of oil from Singapore and Malaysia, which are not
accessible locally, but rather the Government don't give any backing to import these
crude materials and don't give any unwinding in import obligation upon the foreign
made crude materials. So if Government get any change its outside strategy, then it
will be all that much vital to adapt to that.

2.5.2 Environmental Protection Laws
In spite of the fact that the laws in regards to environment are not exceptionally
advanced in Pakistan but rather regardless of the possibility that they turn out to be
along these lines, they won't be hampering for Asia Ghee Mills, on the grounds that
in Asia Ghee Mills every one of the squanders are considered as by items and
utilized or sold. The water is additionally reused for reuses purposes. The main
discharge is of the carbon dioxide, which is inside of the recommended scope of

2.5.3 Taxation Policy

The Asia Ghee Mills is paying expense every year. In a year ago the Asia Ghee Mills
paid pay charge 43% of net benefit to the Government. In any case, in this year Asia
Ghee Mills needs to pay salary duty of 45% of net benefit, which is equivalent for all
the privately owned businesses. Employment and Government Stability

Business is not a matter of high sympathy toward the association on the grounds
that it is as of now taking after all the work laws. Be that as it may, as of late the
Government expands the wages of the workers however Asia Ghee Mills has not
influenced by that, on the grounds that this is a privately owned business. In any
case, they are paying more than the Government declared.
Among the large portions of monetary variables some are more essential for Asia
Ghee Mills, the point of interest of these components is in taking after: Interest Rates

Financing costs build and diminishing has no effect upon the monetary execution of
the Asia Ghee Mills, in light of the fact that the organization has no advance of any
bank. Be that as it may, it in future the organization need to take the advance then it
must needs to consider this issue. Inflation
Right now expansion rate does not appear to be all that much related matter, on the
grounds that any increment in oil costs will be off set by the increment in cost of
Ghee and cooking oil. Since there is no nearby substitute of Ghee and cooking oil,
so the deals won't be influenced. Be that as it may, on the off chance that we take it
in longer point of view the expansion in the nation will build the expense of creation,

which will expand the deal cost. Also, at high deal value the item will get to be in-
focused in the worldwide business sector if the organization will include in the fare.
So the dish of fare will be unfavorably influenced by the swelling. Disposable Income

Inside of the nation the interest will be influenced if the extra cash will be diminished.
Ghee and Cooking oil is an essential nourishment fixing and its essential interest
can't be disposed of. In any case, other than its immediate use, it is additionally
utilized as a part of pastry kitchen and dessert shop things thus numerous different
nourishments whose interest is reliant on dispensable. So any lessening in
discretionary cash flow of the customers will likewise be influencing Asia Ghee Mills


Innovation in ghee industry can be partitioned into two segments. To begin with is
cotton seed and second are ghee factories. The mechanical elements, which are
more worried with Asia Ghee Mills, are as under
Government Spending on Research
More often than not with a specific end goal to bolster some industry and enhance
economy, government allots some asset to R and D. Tragically our administration
doesn't have any cash for R and D. Because of this non-genuine conduct of
government this part alongside others, is enduring all that much. No single plant
proprietor can bolster R and D particularly in the field of Cottonseed assortments.
The assortments which are presently being developed are of sub-standard qualities.
It gives not so much recuperation but rather more wastage. There is a need to figure
out the seeds, which can give better recuperation.

New Discoveries and Developments

New disclosures in the field of crude material will be all that much useful for the
organization, as it will decrease the expense of creation. However, in the event that
there will be any adjustment in the innovation of ghee factories or procedure
advancement than it will be exceptionally troublesome for the organization to upset
with that change. Truth is told the organization has made much interest in most
recent plant and hardware in 1994, and very nearly 80% of its aggregate repaired
expense is stuck here. So embracing any change implies lost every one of these
advantages. This is verging on horrendous for the organization.

Socio social elements like demographics; pay dissemination, way of life and so on
can likewise influence the organization in distinctive ways. How about we see which
of them are more worried to Asia Ghee Mills. Life Style Changes

The utilization of ghee is all that much related with the ways of life of individuals.
Presently individuals, all around the globe, are turning out to be more wellbeing
cognizant. They are very much aware that a high utilization of ghee will expand the
cholesterol, which prompts coronary illness. That is the reason, a huge change in the
utilization of ghee is being seen in last numerous months. Despite the fact that the
utilization of ghee can't be completely dispensed with however in the event that this
way of life develops at same rate it will without a doubt decline the interest of ghee
yet then again the interest of the cooking oil is steadily increment in last numerous
months because of the same reason. Level of Education

Level of instruction is straightforwardly related with mindfulness and wellbeing
cognizance. In nations where instruction rate is high the ghee utilization rate is low.
In Pakistan, and in addition in outside business sectors the rate of artistic is
expanding which will influence the association adversely. Abnormal state of
education will prompt low level of ghee utilization and individuals began switch
towards cooking oil.
2.6 Marketing Strategies

2.6.1 PR Marketing
A standout amongst the most vital promoting techniques is advertising. Numerous
viable advertisers work with the media to convey attention to their items and the
advantages their items offer. Because of political PR, Asia Ghee Mill is utilizing PR
promoting. Generally, merchant are voters of SAUD MAJEED.(Senator) (Akhter,

2.6.2 Event Marketing

Making occasions is an extraordinary approach to drive deals. Clients regularly
require motivation to shop and occasions can frequently offer. Asia Ghee Mill have
own football group. So that, players always take an interest in football associations in

everywhere throughout the Pakistan and advertising their organization (Akhter,
2.6.3 Word of Mouth Marketing
Verbal Marketing is the death of data from individual to individual by oral
correspondence. Asia Ghee clients are extremely eager to impart brand data to the
companions. Asia Ghee is most established ghee in Bahawalpur area. This reasons
solid brand dedication of clients.
2.6.4 Reverse Marketing
In converse showcasing, the thought is to get the client to search out the business as
opposed to advertisers looking for the client. Because of better brand situating, and
less supply, client looks for Asia office in their districts. (Akhter, 2015)
2.6.5 Free sample Marketing
It comprises of giving without end a free specimen of the item to impact the customer
to make the buy. At race time, Senator Give free specimens for double reason, first
is for voting and second to market.
2.6.6 Segmentation
Asia Ghee Mill select South Punjab zones like Bahawalpur, Ahmedpur, Yazman,
Fortabbas are principle zones.
2.6.7 Positioning
Asia Ghee Mill position their ghee as "PAKANY KA KHALIS GHEE"
"Improving as look for expanded deals or altering present items or administrations".
Presently Asia Ghee Mills is taking after the item improvement methodology, on the
grounds that the Asia Ghee Mills is persistently enhancing the nature of the ghee/oil
for the buyers. Asia Ghee Mills has a decent picture in the Bahawalpur, and they
attempt to build up the same great picture in everywhere throughout the nation, so
that is the reason they are enhancing their items through TQM.
2.6.9 Dealership Marketing
Asia Ghee Mills disseminate its items through outside merchants which cause
increment in cost of the items which the purchasers get, on the grounds that the
merchants and retailers take their edge which causes a 50 rupees contrast in the Ex-
production line value and Retail cost.

2.7 Competitors Strategy

Firms contend specifically with each other at what is known as the business level of
vital administration, so we will concentrate on making fruitful focused techniques.

Since rivalry happens at the business level, vital administration at this level is critical
to the general achievement of the firm.

2.7.1 Cost Leadership

In assembling and particularly in commercial ventures where the item separation is

unrealistic the main system the association is left with is "Minimal effort Production"
or expense authority. Truth be told fetched diminishment is the best way to stay in
the business. Asia Ghee Mills has taken a toll authority methodology.

Asia Ghee Mills is taking after expense administration on the grounds that the
contenders particularly Sultan Banaspati has an extremely old name in the ghee
business so Asia Ghee Mills needs to charge the low costs to rival the contenders.

Here from the above table we can see that the cost of the Shehbaz Banaspati is
equivalent to the costs of the Asia Banaspati. Be that as it may, in Bahawalpur the
offer of Asia Banaspati is more than Shehbaz Banaspati, yet in Multan division the
offer of Sultan Banaspati and Shehbaz Banaspati has a larger number of offers than
Asia Banaspati.

Asia Ghee Mills has the following two major competitors:

Sultan Banaspati 1kg 48 16 kg 740

Shehbaz Banaspati 1kg 47 16 kg 736

As indicated by the content, the minimal effort technique is great when, item can't be
separated, industry is creating institutionalized item, item has same use and
exchanging expense is low. Every one of the attributes are completely connected in
ghee industry. So organization is utilizing right technique.

(Akhter, 2015)

Chapter 3
3. Learning as internee

3.1 Personal Learning:

I learn lot of professional practices during my internship. Some of these are given
Proactive Approach:
I learn proactive approach in every situation. It means if I observe that I will nearly
face problem than it’s my responsibility to start working on it to tackle before its
Accomplishment: A dealer comes in office and sales manager says to me to refuse
deal with him. I was surprised and come in mind that it is poor customer service but
manager tells me that he is a defaulter and its company policy if someone not clears
their pending dues than deal will not continue without clearance.
In professional environment every one work for own development. Even if he/she
working in a team he works for own development.
Accomplishment: At the first day, account manager tells me in my interview that
our help is with you but you should do your own work. It’s your responsibility to
analyze processes and practices.
Professional Antiquates:
1. Do not give tension to employees but give them tasks
I observe when G.M and CEO comes employee continue their working. I
embarrassed this culture. My supervisor tells me that these practices come from
pervious General Manager. He strictly prohibited standing culture.
2. Express gratitude
I observe when Sales manager or General Manager talk with external officials they
use gratitude words frequently.
Accomplishment: I observe it in meeting with Pakistan Football Officials. Meeting
was on scheduling football team of Asia Ghee Mill in next upcoming All Punjab
3. Don’t say no to any work
One day, account manager call a meeting. I was also invited in it. I was in tension
because I don’t know even subject of meeting. When meeting start account manager
give surprise that todays is our enjoyment day and have a cricket match today

between Nasir Ghee Mill officials and our officials. I see whole match one or two are
player otherwise other are just acting to play. They don’t say no to any work. I
observe these practices in Asia Ghee Mill Officials.
4. Don’t interpret:
“This is not a professional approach to interpret while other talking”
Accomplishment: It was company policy to sit together of all officials at lunch time
on kitchen that is attached with every department. All are talking about new target
marketing suddenly I interpret that you should make strategy to send your product to
rural areas. They listen my talk in sophisticated manner. When I finish my talk my
supervisor tells that this is not a professional approach to interpret while other
talking. Listen them if you have suggestion than tells us but after finish of one person
5. Don’t cross arms and legs:
Do not cross your arms or put your hands on your hips during professional meeting,
as it is considered as rude and you may be perceived as a very snobbish person.
Accomplishment: I was dealing with client and tell him that I am internee here. He
says oh that’s good you are learner and I am giving you a professional antiquates
knowledge that cross the leg tells that you are in hesitation. Don’t show off these bad
practices to your opponent.
To begin with, I worked in Administration office. This is the length of time of just
about 20 days. I oversee participation of laborer, made week by week examination; I
controlled workers' issues, vehicles and send report to the HR Admin division.
At last, I worked in fund and bookkeeping division. This is the term of very nearly 15
days. . In this office I arranged money Receipt, Cash Payment and diary Vouchers
and after that sustain in the PC programming.
This temporary position was an enlightening and fascinating occupation for me. I
adapted all that much by this temporary job. I got an opportunity to watch the
distinctions forms.
3.2 Description of the operation assign to me:
3.2.1 Administrator Office
In the Admin division I was doled out to do every day work that included watching
and checking of participation and timings of the staff. I was dole out to check the
working of time keeping office and record everyday participation of the
representative's approaching and active timing. I used to keep record of execution of
every worker. It was my obligation to check and control the representative and takes

round after some of the time and checked the working of each worker and reports
the Production supervisor about their issues. Office work
I was my appoint to control vehicles for office work and report the Account
administrator about the support. I was relegate to check the day by day
compensation laborers (security protect, sweeper and so forth.) are performing their
work appropriately. I used to visit all divisions and check the execution of the
specialist, if any contention were raised inside of the office; I needed to illuminate the
Account Manager about it. I am appreciative to Mr. Arshad the chief of Admin office
who assisted me with performing every one of these employments. Dealing with distinctive area's merchants/truck drivers
I met numerous merchants in my temporary position from diverse areas.
Organization authorities’ offer focuses to these merchants that ought to be met with
in one month. I clear the merchants Account on the spot on the grounds that it was
organization approach.
I additionally gather market information about diverse result of organization and
report to my entry level position administrator.
I additionally met professionally with drivers that supply Asia ghee to diverse urban
areas. Human Resource exercises oversea

 I check and control of workers is obligation of this division. Maybe a couple

chief takes round after in some cases and check the working of each
 I additionally check the working of time keeping division. The everyday
participation of the worker's approaching and active timing of every
representative is likewise recorded.
 I plan report after one powerless about the general execution of the directors
and send it to generation supervisor, who guides them where it is expected to
steam line their work.
 The control of vehicles for office work and their support is likewise obligation
of this division was additionally in my obligation amid temporary position. Quotations
Account division take citation from diverse organizations and send to Head Office.
Then, top administration select thing that they need to buy.

3.13 Finance Department
3.13.1 Fill the worker check:

It was organization approach to give pay rates in initial 3 days. Organization not
straightforwardly moves the pay rates into worker's records. Representative fill check
and administrator chief sign on check than check will satisfactory in organization
bank else it reward back to worker. At some point organization slice 100 to 500
rupees from worker records and gives addition of 10% after at regular intervals.
3.13.2 Accounts keeping

Accounts authorities make separate records of merchants and representatives. They

make asset report following 6 month end and them additionally shutting toward the
end of consistently. Ledger Accounts

I prepare some ledger account of customer’s dealers and retailers format is given

Debit Credit

Relater A/c Cash

Cash Supplier A/c Name

3.14 Sales Department

3.14.1 Dealing with wholesalers:
Wholesalers are directly collect ghee packs from company store that are manage by
admin department and company also send their product to target cities like Yazman,
Bahawalpur, Ahmadpur and fortabbas
Company strictly does not allow dealing with those retailers that are not clear
pervious account. I take sign from dealers after payments and send copy to finance
3.14.2 Marketing research of Bonus and surf excel:
My supervisor give a question paper that include a lot of question about marketing
survey of surf excel and its competitors. I was fully shocked to see this because it is
not related to my internship. My supervisor says that collect data about market mix,
branding, positioning and so many other marketing strategies that bonus surf adopt

and their competitor strategy. If you collect this data than you easily can marketing
survey about our company product.

3.14.3 Marketing research of Asia Ghee:

I collect different marketing data about Asia ghee from Yazman that is Asia ghee
target market. Data is about branding, market mix, positioning that I discuss it in
marketing strategies

Critical Analysis
There is no proper leave (holiday) system for managers in the industry.
Departmental communication is also not through well-established system.
This examination is mentioned on my own objective fact and discourse with staff
amid my temporary job. As indicated by my study program, I have learnt that Human
Resource and Administration division assumes a key part in an association. This
division set objectives and goals of the association and set up criteria, routines,
strategies to accomplish these objectives. Be that as it may, the Asia ghee factory is
absence of this division in its legitimate structure. Its administration considers the HR
exercises as administrator and HR division and HR primary center is on enlistment,
determination, pay, and assessment. That is the reason there is no qualified,
proficient administrator supervisor. The HR director is additionally given additional
obligation of organization and HR chief because of its great working notoriety. That
administrator for the most part centers his consideration representative's
remuneration, enrollment choice and assessment. He is likewise exceptionally
touchy for staff promptness and stays on round after some an opportunity to check
the working of representatives.
Then again in light of absence of this division, representatives are very little fulfilled
by the business. Amid my stay there, I saw that there were three divisions (HR office,
Administration office and showcasing and deals office) controlled by single chief Mr.
Arshad Account. Be that as it may, because of unemployment they need to do work.


In my point of view, the internal setup and working pattern is not enough well
developed regarding to the management. There is lack of some management
functions like planning, organizing, leading and controlling. This sort of thing comes
in strategic planning. So, as a whole company should focus on strategic planning in
which all these things come. But to the external environment, the company has well
reputed image in the public. It seems to be working well according to the market
situation. It had captured a large volume of market share. One good thing is that they
know how to make and retain customers according to market trend. So, they listen
customers complains and solved them on priority basis. They believe in quality not
quantity. Company is very much conscious about the satisfaction of the customers
and their quality product. All the staff of the company is also very cooperative to the
customer and work with coordination for better quality.

Akhter, M. (2015). Accountant. (Abdulwahab, Interviewer)
Ismael, U. (n.d.). TQM analysis of Asia ghee mill. Retrieved 2015, from Slideshare:
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Appendix A: Internship Weekly Reports

\1st Weekly Internship Report/

8 hours: 22 July, 2015 –Wednesday-

Introduction of company

8 hours: 23 July, 2015 –Thursday-

HR Department: Employee cheque filled. Analysis of employee pay

8 hours: 24 July, 2015 –Friday-

Work with supervisor to make questionnaire for two candidates and check their

8 hours: 25 July, 2015 –Saturday-

Account files exchange and in second half there was a cricket match

\2nd Week Internship Report/

4 hours: 27 July, 2015 –Monday-

Factory visit ghee plant (Production)

4 hours: 28 July, 2015 -Tuesday-

Factory Visit

4 hours: 29 July, 2015 –Wednesday-

Solvent plant visit

4 hours: 30 July, 2015 –Thursday-

8 hours: 31 July, 2015 –Friday-

Phone operating all over the factory

8 hours: 01 August, 2015 –Saturday-

Phone operating all over the factory

\3rd Week Internship Report/

8 hours: 3 August, 2015 –Monday-

PEST Analysis
8 hours: 4 August, 2015 -Tuesday-
Market Mix
8 hours: 5 August, 2015 –Wednesday-
Observe the value creation activities
8 hours: 6 August, 2015 –Thursday-
Observe Value chain of Company
8 hours: 7 August, 2015 –Friday-
Business strategies
8 hours: 8 August, 2015 –Saturday-
Celebrate party of flood light tournament of ASIA football team

\4th Weekly Internship Report/

There is no marketing department but officials still doing effort on marketing

8 hours: 10 August, 2015 –Monday-
Internet research on Surf Excel Brand (Marketing Practices)
8 hours: 11 August, 2015 -Tuesday-
8 hours: 12 August, 2015 –Wednesday-
Internet research on Surf Excel Competitor Ariel (Marketing Practices)
8 hours: 13 August, 2015 –Thursday-
8 hours: 14 August, 2015 –Friday-
(Employee + internet) Research on Asia Ghee Mill (Marketing Practices)
8 hours: 15 August, 2015 –Saturday-

\5th Week Internship Report/

8 hours: 17 August, 2015 –Monday-

Work under sales man
8 hours: 18 August, 2015 -Tuesday-
Market visit Bahawalpur
8 hours: 19 August, 2015 –Wednesday-
Visit Yazman
8 hours: 20 August, 2015 –Thursday-
Work under store officer (recording in and out of finish goods)
8 hours: 21 August, 2015 –Friday-
Meeting with dealers
8 hours: 22 August, 2015 –Saturday-
Not go to mill due to death of relative

\6th Week Internship Report/

8 hours: 31 August, 2015 –Monday-

Financial Analysis
8 hours: 1 September, 2015 -Tuesday-
SWOT analysis
8 hours: 2 September, 2015 –Wednesday-
Overall Strategies observation (Business level, corporate level, operational level)
8 hours: 3 September, 2015 –Thursday-
Promotion Strategies
8 hours: 4 September, 2015 –Friday-
Spend time with recovery officer
8 hours: 5 September, 2015 –Saturday-
Spend time with recovery officer

Appendix B: Evaluation Form

Appendix C: Internship Letter