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Stephanie Mora
EDU 280
(Mexican) Catholic
I am

Part of a family (my

parents’ daughter
There are certain customs and
occasions we celebrate
December 12th Posadas and novena for
Celebration of our Lady of Guadalupe Baby Jesus
There’s always lots of food and music in our
celebrations or get together
Tend to be very family oriented
My Siblings
My Parents and Niece

❖ Both born in Los Remedios , Michoacán,

❖ Moved to U.S. after they got married.
❖ I am the second oldest out of five children.
❖ I am the oldest daughter, so I was expected to set a
good example for my younger sisters.
◦ My parents beliefs on school and
religion have influenced me
◦ My parents disapproval of
certain habits affected how
I feel about these things
My parents actions and the way they lived
helped shaped the kind of person I want to be
The beliefs, values, and rules of the Catholic
Church guide my decisions and actions.

1. Even though some may be the unpopular belief or may seem antiquated to

2. I believe that they also helped me choose my career.

Because instead of choosing a career that could make me lot of money, I
choose teaching which may be difficult, and I may not make as much money,
but a career in which I will continuously be serving and helping children.
Mexican American
1. Role Models: Our parents who work hard in order to give us a better life than they had.
2. Learning Style: Visual and Hands-on
3. Beliefs system: Shaped by our parents religion (for the most part Catholic) and beliefs
as well as our own experiences and attitudes.
4. Contributions to US:
• The decision in Mendez v. Westminster helped pave the way for the decision in
Brown v. Board of Education and the desegregation of schools
• The ideology of commitment for justice for all of Dr. Hector P. Garcia, a civil right
leader of Hispanics, became the basis for Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Right
• Also brought new cuisine and music
5. History of the Group: Come to the U.S. looking for better jobs and a better life for their
6. Holiday from the group: Dia de Los Muertos
7. Literature you could recommend: En Mi Familia/In My Family by Carmen Lomas Garza