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Course code CHIN 23033

Course title General Skills of Comprehension and Expression

Prerequisites Completion of CHIN 11012, CHIN 13022, CHIN 13032 and CHIN 12042 at
Level 1
Learning outcomes At the completion of the course unit the students should be able to demonstrate the
ability to understand syntactic structures of Chinese, interpret authentic texts and
advanced oral and written communication skills.
Course contents Training in selective reading of authentic texts on magazines and newspapers,
conversations on audio and video material.
Method of teaching Lectures, exercises, tutorials and group activities.
and learning
Assessment Assignments, class tests, Written examination at the end of the course
Recommended Reading 张丽娜,(2000),汉语系列阅读-第一册,北京语言文化大学出版社,ISBN
Sinolingua,(1997) Elementary Chinese Readers-Revised Edition-Book-2,Foreign
Languages Press, Beijing,ISBN 7-80052-135-4, ISBN 0-8351-2501-7
戴桂芙,(2001),初级汉语口语-下册,北京大学出版社,ISBN 7-301-
Material supplied by the Department of Modern Languages