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Holistic Gallery and Blog Post Rubric/Scale:

Website Checklist/Self Assessment


 Automatic Drawing - Document

 Automatic Drawing - Digitally Altered
 TouchStone

 Create an artist's journal page that is a design of how you could
transform your assigned Eisner readings into a hallway display
 Complete and post your micro studio on your website blog
 South Carolina Visual Arts Standards - SQ3R
 National Core Visual Arts Standards – Four questions
 Postmodern Principles Thinking/Visual Art Journal page

In Class:
 Teach from your SCVAS SQ3R
 Participate in Discussions
 Work collaboratively in group work
 Allow others to speak
 Participate in VTS Sessions
Holistic Gallery and Blog Post Rubric/Scale:


What Meets HOW its Beyond

Improvements are
Content and Creativity Postings provide
_____/30 comprehensive insight,
understanding, and
reflective thought about
the topic by
...building a focused
argument around a
specific issue or
...asking a new related
question or
...making an
oppositional statement
supported by personal
experience or related

Voice/Authenticity Postings reflect the

_____/30 author’s unique
personality through
expressive and carefully
selected word choices
that bring the topic to
life… and make the
topics relevant to
elementary art

Layout/Graphics/Multimedia Postings demonstrate a

_____/10 command of visual
literacy in conjunction
with content
Holistic Gallery and Blog Post Rubric/Scale:

…use of appropriate
blog/website functions
to support intention of
Timeliness Updates blog when
_____/10 required; most posts
are date-stamped with
the most current
posting listed at the

Citations All images, media and

_____/10 text created by others
display appropriate
copyright permissions
and accurate citations
for personal work

Self – Generated Criteria

for Website: