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Chief Executive Officer

The Arc Minnesota

Ballinger | Leafblad is proud to present the following information on behalf of our

client, The Arc Minnesota, in its search for a Chief Executive Officer.
presenting our client
The Arc Minnesota
In 1950, a small group of parents and other concerned individuals came together to act as a
voice for change. At the time, little was known about the condition of intellectual disability or
its causes. There were virtually no programs and activities in communities to assist in the
support of children and adults with intellectual disability or to support families. It was
common at that time for doctors to tell parents that the best place for their child was in an
institution. Emboldened by their collective desire to raise their children in the home and their
stubborn refusal to accept that institutionalization was the only option, The Arc’s founders
fought even harder. Like every parent of any child, they wanted more for their children. They
wanted their children to lead fulfilling lives out in the community and not shuttered away in
dark institutions. It was in that spirit that The Arc was born.

At the outset, the organization was committed to altering

perceptions of children with intellectual and
developmental disabilities and to educate parents and
others regarding the potential of people with intellectual
and developmental disabilities. The Arc also worked to
procure services for children and adults who were denied
an education, the right to attend day care and preschools,
and the right to work.

The Arc has grown and adapted to the changes that people with disabilities face across their
life span. Through the decades, The Arc has seen several name changes, advocated for the
passage of state and federal legislation on behalf of people with Intellectual and
developmental disabilities and established a broad network of state and local chapters that
range from small voluntary groups to large, professional organizations. The Arc's rich history
leading to successful outcomes would not be possible without a significant number of
dedicated parents, family members, volunteers, staff and other advocates from all over
Minnesota who share the vision.

Today, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families trust The Arc
for information, assistance, education and training. Disabilities may include autism, cerebral
palsy, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, fragile X, Williams syndrome, and
other disabilities. For a full description of The Arc’s programs and services visit
presenting our client
The Arc Minnesota


Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores and

Donation Centers, started in 1982, are
a means of funding programs and
services. The stores and donation centers accept donated items from
individuals and businesses which are sorted and sold in the stores.
Volunteers are critical to store operations, helping keep costs low to
generate maximum return and funding for The Arc’s programs.

In 2017, chapters of The Arc from across the state of Minnesota concluded that a merger into
one organization was the best way to provide access to high-quality programs and services for
people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and families across the state.
By January of 2018, these chapters came together as one organization of approximately 120
staff members to help more people with intellectual and development disabilities and their
families. The goal, moving forward, is to leverage the impact of a larger and more focused
statewide organization while retaining a local presence and a deep commitment to grassroots

The organization is now better positioned for growth and allows the agency to better
leverage resources at a time when many core community services and supports for people
with disabilities and their families are at risk. The Arc Minnesota, serving the majority of
Minnesota, is the only membership organization providing an array of services across the
lifespan. The Arc Minnesota is an affiliate of The Arc of the United States.
presenting our client
The Arc Minnesota
The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and
developmental disabilities, actively supporting them and their families in a lifetime
of full inclusion and participation in their communities.

To pursue lasting community change and connections that support people with intellectual
and developmental disabilities and their families in creating a good life.

We value each person.
• Every person has unique strengths and deserves a chance to use them.
• We welcome each person.
• We treat each person with fairness and respect.
• We believe trust is freely given, not earned.

We are connectors.
• We serve as ambassadors and change the world through our collaboration.
• We unite people to build relationships and generate opportunities.
• Our work and advocacy is life changing and we move communities forward.
• We believe in and practice teamwork.

We are courageous.
• Our work requires that we always speak the truth to protect human rights.
• Our beliefs inspire us to go above what is accepted.
• We welcome change as progress and opportunity.
• Fear of failure doesn’t stop us.
• We are tenacious and overcome obstacles.

We are accountable.
• Integrity, discipline, and quality define our work.
• We are personally responsible for our goals, actions and to deliver results.
• We are resilient and will stay the course in the face of obstacles and setbacks.
• We are consistent active, and engaged contributors.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer
The Arc Minnesota has a rich history and an exciting future. The organization is searching for
a new Chief Executive Officer to take a long-term view and lead the organization in its work of
advancing opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Chief Executive Officer reports directly to the Board of Directors and will provide overall
vision, leadership, strategic direction and be a communication conduit for board, staff and
broader community for The Arc Minnesota. This leader will ensure human and financial
resources are effectively managed and strengthened to meet the dynamic, long-term needs of
the organization. The CEO serves as a key spokesperson in the community and develops and
maintains external relationships that foster progress toward The Arc’s mission.

1. Strategic Positioning
• Provide the vision, leadership and information needed to facilitate Board/staff strategic
positioning on an ongoing basis.
• Lead an open process for communication, planning and evaluation that includes
representatives from all of The Arc’s stakeholders and the broader community.
• Lead implementation of the strategic plan.

2. Board/Volunteer Leadership
• Provide the leadership and support needed to attract, train and retain volunteers for
the Board of Directors, Honorary Board, Regional Advisory Councils and committees,
ensuring The Arc has the capacity to achieve its strategic outcomes.
• Ensure opportunities are available for volunteer leadership development, creating
varied paths that result in expanded responsibilities and leadership roles.

3. Resource Development
• Provide the leadership and support needed to establish and maintain an effective
Resource Development Team of staff and volunteers.
• Cultivate, secure and maintain major donor gifts.
• Cultivate and retain positive connections with targeted foundations, corporations, and
United Ways. Ensure grant projects are identified and proposals are submitted in a
timely manner; participate in site visits and follow-up as needed.
• Maintain strong visibility with Greater Twin Cities United Way and seek new funding
when opportunities are made available.
• Provide strategic leadership and support to Arc’s Value Village thrift businesses.
presenting our client
The Arc Minnesota

• Identify new options for financial support, business ventures and partnerships that are
aligned with the mission to create new revenue streams.

4. Community Connections/Public Relations

• Develop and maintain a strong, influential presence and seek leadership roles, as
appropriate, in community forums that address the broad areas of The Arc’s strategic
plan, both programmatically and in organizational development; delegate participation
in community forums strategically ensuring The Arc and its staff/volunteers’ optimal
levels of exposure, learning and leadership development.
• Serve as a key spokesperson for The Arc Minnesota with funders, public and private
sector allies and new partners, culturally specific organizations, professional
associations and industry contacts to provide ongoing communication and education
regarding constituent needs/issues, building broad support from the community over
• Seek opportunities to collaborate and partner with adjacent organizations and key
community and corporate contacts to facilitate the development of initiatives
identified in the strategic plan and to explore new initiatives that align with emerging
needs and opportunities.
• Ensure a crisis communication plan is current, has been distributed to all key staff and
volunteers and that annual training is implemented.

5. Human Resources
• Hire, develop, supervise and evaluate senior leadership team of the organization and
support the retention and recruitment of staff.
• Ensure all management team members adhere to the personnel policies and
procedures outlined in both the employee manual and in the Board Governance
Policies/Executive Limitations.
• Ensure there is an adequate level of staffing, budget, training, compensation, benefits
and other matters related to human resource management that ensures effective

6. Program and Services

• Provide leadership and support to ensure programs are comprehensive, effective and
valuable to The Arc’s constituents.
• Ensure there are methods in place to evaluate existing programs, develop new
initiatives and recommend expansion and/or termination of programs/services as
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer
• Stays current and informed on state and national disability legislation and trends and
ensures advocacy is strategic and comprehensive in terms of issues that The Arc is
committed to addressing; are aligned with national position statements and policy
agendas; and that the primary focus is engagement with decision-making bodies at the
local levels of community life and the policymakers.

7. Professional Development
• Maintain knowledge of key issues/trends and new developments in the field at the
local, state and national level.
• Continually improve technology skills for increased productivity internally and
• Seek to gain new executive skills in the areas of leadership, resource development,
cultural diversity and mentorship.

Roles reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer are: Chief Financial Officer, Chief
Development Officer, Chief Advocacy & Program Officer, Chief Planning and Program Officer,
Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, five Regional Directors and Executive
presenting our client
The Arc Minnesota

Essential Qualifications
• 10-15 years prior experience in a senior leadership capacity.
• Demonstrated leadership, management abilities and business acumen in fiscal
management, program development, community relations/collaborations and public
policy/systems change desired.
• Proven abilities in recruitment, training and working effectively with volunteers at the
Board, committee and individual levels.
• Demonstrated success in cultivating, securing and retaining major donor support.
• Prior experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
and their families preferred.
• Experience in fostering relationships across diverse communities or the passion and drive
to do so.
• BA/BS in a relevant field required, Master’s Degree and/or MBA preferred.

Other Characteristics, Skills, and Abilities

• Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
• Strong interpersonal skills with people at all levels and in all settings relevant to the
organization’s mission.
• Strong public speaking and networking abilities.
• Excellent executive coaching and motivational abilities that encourage and support others.
• High emotional intelligence, self-awareness and authenticity.
• Impeccable ethics and the highest integrity.


The compensation package for this position is competitive and includes participation in the
organization’s benefits plan.
presenting our client
The Arc Minnesota

For additional information and to apply for the position, please contact:

Bob Schoenbaum Lars Leafblad, MBA

Partner Of Counsel Co-Founder/Principal
612-280-1368 612-598-7547


The Arc Minnesota is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer