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Microteaching Lesson Simulation

[Year 5 Metro School]
Rationale: The building of relationships is one of the fundamental tenets of good teaching
pedagogy. How do teachers build relationships with students they do not know? This simulation
exercise is to assist you as pre-service teacher to give you confidence and to assist you in thinking
about how you will begin to form relationships with your students.

1. Purpose:
Getting to know the students, their interests in and out of school, and monitor their oral
language capabilities focusing on descriptive language [WA Syllabus Yr. 5 Language + Social

2. Evidence:
Engagement and summary of interaction noted at end of session and during if possible
[language use]

3. Introduction:
Introduce yourself and your special interests in and out of school [model the type of
responses you want - descriptive].

4. Sequence:
- Begin by asking and explaining what qualities are.
- Write 5 different qualities that describes yourself with on the board, to demonstrate to
the students what you expect.
- Ask the students to think about their 5 words they would use to describe themselves and
give the students time to think about their response.
- Ask questions to draw out students interests and to gauge the level of their language
o What is an example of you being “…” (confident, caring etc.)
o Are you happy with the person you are right now? If not what other qualities
would you want to work towards?
o What kind of person do you want to be as you grow older?
o Can you tell me what ‘…’ qualities are?
Conclude the lesson by drawing on the commonalities and differences – the importance of
Commonalities rather than difference – what was the relatedness you found with these

- The personalities of the students in the virtual simulation felt very real and each student
was different from the next, which allowed me to build on my abilities more appropriately.
The students included Savannah, Ethan, Ava, Dev and Jasmin. I felt that Ethan and Jasmin
were very outgoing and well-spoken during our session and answered my questions with
enthusiasm. On the other hand, I felt that Ava was shy to begin with but once I
demonstrated interest in what she was speaking about she become more forthcoming and
not as shy. Dev and savannah were quiet but once I spoke to them they were happy to
answer my questions and give me an insight into their personalities.
- The relationship building went well as the students were more than happy to discuss their
interests and hobbies which allowed me to ask explicit questions and allowed us to build
some rapport in the time I had with them.
- I was aware of the fact that they were not real students as I felt they were to compliant
and very stiff in the way they interacted with me.
- I need to work on not saying ‘awesome’ every time a student does something good, I
need to be more specific in my praise and to use less casual language.
- I believe I asked the right types of questions as I was clear in what I was expecting from
- My tone of voice was clear, and I used positive language. I did struggle with the time relay
of the simulation as it seemed I talked over the students at certain points during the
session. This could have also been contributed to my nerves, which I will need to work on.