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Class 2018 Name:

Routines What might this look like? How can we teach this/reinforce this?

Entry to class

Initiate and maintain student focus

Changes in class activities

Mark roll, check attendance, read bulletin

Diary out
Non negotiable

Check uniform

Check materials

Independent Reading .

Homework written in diary

Tidy the classroom before leaving

Students out of class (misbehavior)

+3 Routines of your own
Management Plan

Explicitly Teaching Expectations

Explain how you plan to explicitly teach students positive behaviours

Acknowledging Expected Behaviour

Explain how you plan to acknowledge/reward students who meet expectations

Staged response to misbehavior including follow-up

Explain the staged response for students not meeting expectations

Whole School Common Processes

Teacher steps for Attendance Teacher steps for Lateness Teacher steps for Uniform

Teachers mark the roll at the start of each class and • Be on time for class • Check uniform at the start of each class and
inform students of their attendance ask for uniform passes.
• Mark the roll at the start of each class
• If students are out of uniform, ask to see their
Below 90% attendance • Welcome late student to class and get them
started on the set task.
• Teachers require students to attend • If they have no pass then send them to the
homework club or WAR and book them in • Mark late student with as ‘Late to Class’ on
coordinators office with a note.
If students don’t attend HWC or WAR
• Have a conversation with the student after
• Teacher notifies YLC the class to discuss strategies that will help
them to get to class on time
• Log conversation on Xuno
• With repeated lateness to class call home and
notify YLC

Students out of class Electronic devices Detentions

Generally students should not be out of class. Mobile phones should not be used in classes. Lunch Detentions;

Routines should be set up to stop them from getting a If a student’s phone is visible and is being used; • If you issue a detention, you must supervise
drink or going to the toilet during your classes. students within your classroom (detentions
• Confiscate the item run for half of lunch only)
If students must be let out, ensure the following
• Hand the phone to the relevant YLC
• Record the confiscation in Xuno • If you need support with running a detention,
• Only one student out at a time please speak with a SOT member

• Sessions 2,4 & 6 only Devices use; After School Detentions;

• Must have a teacher signed diary • Students are not permitted to use their • Detentions can be given to students with 24
• Teacher must monitor the amount of time the phones to listen to music. hours’ notice given to parents.
student is away for and investigate if they take
too long • Students are not permitted to use their
phones for research purposes. • Detention forms can be printed from Xuno
• If student doesn’t return, notify the SOT team • Students cannot be kept after school (for any
amount of time) without prior permission