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TIME CONTEXT July 24, 2018

This case is about after year she resigned and work as a product specialist of a diagnostic company.


This case was own by Mary who worked as a medical technologist.


1. Was Mary doing medical technology works during her hospital employment? Support your answer.

Yes,Mary doing medical technology works during her hospital employment because being medical

technology a health profession concerned with performing laboratory determination and analyses in view

of obtaining information necessary in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as in the maintenance

of good health.

2. Was Mary considered as a medical technologist when she transferred work as a product specialist? Support your

Yes,she is considered as a medical technologist according RA5527 or the Philippine Medical Technology which deals
with examinations using various chemical,microscopic,bacteriologic, and other medical laboratory procedures or
techniques that will aid the physician in diagnoses,study,and treatment of disease.

3. How will you differentiate if the work of a medical technologist is considered within the definition or scope of
medical technology or not?

The differentiate of medical technology and medical technologist.Medical technology it refers to a well trained person
using the clinical laboratory instrument.While the medical technology refers to the clinical laboratory instrument being
used by medical technologist.Within the scope and the work of medical technologist. Is within the definition or scope of
medical technology because to become a medical technologist you need to have a degree of medical technology in
order to have a proper knowledge how to use the clinical laboratory instrument.

Statement of conclusion

In the feild of medical technology, it involves performing, advising on or supervising clinical laboratory testing. For
instance, testing of human blood, urine and other body fluids or tissues using manual automated techniques,
conforming test results and developing data that may be use by the physician for diagnosing a specific cause of a
disease and providing appropriate treatment for it. In order to perform this responsibilities in this section. Therefore, a
medical technologist must be highly competent and profissionally knowledgeable. And this characteristics can be
attained through accomplishing a degree. In medical technology and passing the licensure board examination of
medical technology or becoming a RMT.


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