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Hotel Pallavi
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Hotel Pallavi, New Delhi Check-in: 15/10/2018 (dd / mm /yyyy)

Address: Arakashan Road, Behind Shiela Cinema, Pahar Ganj, New Check-out: 22/10/2018 (dd / mm /yyyy)
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Original Rate (per day) Rs. 1,000.00
Total Room Rent (1 Room x 7 Days) Rs. 7,000.00
Total Extra occupancy Rs. 2,100.00 Special Online
Special rates for online booking only
(1 Persons x 7 days @ Rs. 300.00 per extra person / Rates

Total Cost Before Tax (7 day(s)) Rs. 9,100.00

Tax ( 23.70 %) Rs. 2,156.70
Total Cost (7 day(s)) Rs. 11,256.70
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