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Ibn Arabi [Sufi mystic] - Poetry and Esoteric Works (17 books)

MUHYIDDIN IBN AL-ARABI (1165-1240) was a celebrated Sufi mystic, poet and
philosopher who became known within the Islamic world simply as Sheikh al-Akbar
("the Greatest Master"). He gave the esoteric, mystical dimension of Islamic
thought its first full-fledged philosophic expression.

He wrote over 350 works including the Fusus al-Hikam ("Bezels of Wisdom"), an
exposition of the inner meaning of the wisdom of the prophets in the Judaic/
Christian/ Islamic line, and the Futuhat al-Makkiyya ("The Meccan Revelations"), a
vast encyclopaedia of spiritual knowledge which unites and distinguishes the three
strands of tradition, reason and mystical insight. In his Diwan and Tarjuman al-
Ashwaq he also composed some of the finest poetry in the Arabic language.

Firmly rooted in the Quran, Ibn Arabi's work is universal, accepting that each
person has a unique path to the truth, which unites all paths in itself. He has
profoundly influenced the development of Islam since his time and can be seen in
countries as far apart as Spain and Indonesia, as well as significant aspects of
the philosophy and literature of the West. His wisdom has much to offer the modern
world in terms of understanding what it means to be human.

The following books are in PDF format unless otherwise noted:

* Bezels of Wisdom (Paulist, 1980). Classics of Western Spirituality series.

Translated by R. W. J. Austin.

* Book of the Quintessence (2007). Translated by J. W. Morris.

* Chapter Headings of the Fusus (Journal of Ibn Arabi Society, 1984). Translated by
William Chittick.

* Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries (Anqa, 2008). Translated by Cecilia Twinch

and Pablo Beneito.

* Divine Sayings: 100 Hadith Qudsi (Anqa, 2008). Translated by Stephen Hirtenstein
and Martin Notcutt.

* Four Pillars of Spiritual Transformation (Anqa, 2008). Translated by Stephen

Hirtenstein. -- ePUB

* Four Texts of Ibn Arabi (Journal of Ibn Arabi Society, 2001). Translated by
Gerald Elmore.

* Journey to the Lord of Power: A Sufi Manual on Retreat (Inner Traditions, 1989).
Translated by Rabia Terri Harris.

* On Majesty and Beauty (Journal of Ibn Arabi Society, 1989). Translated by Rabia
Terri Harris.

* Prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection (Anqa, 2006). Translated by Suha

* Seals of Wisdom: Fusus al-Hikam (Concord Grove, 1983). Translated by Aisha

* Seven Days of the Heart (Anqa, 2008). Translated by Stephen Hirtenstein and Pablo

* Spiritual Practice and Other Translations (n.d.). Translated by James W. Morris.

* Summary of the Bezels of Wisdom (Sophia Perennis, 1975-76). Translated by William


* Tarjuman al-Ashwaq: A Collection of Mystical Odes (Royal Asiatic Society, 1911).

Translated by Reynold Nicholson.

* Testament on the Mantle of Initiation (Journal of Ibn Arabi Society, 1999).

Translated by Gerald Elmore.

* Universal Tree and the Four Birds: Treatise on Unification (Anqa, 2006).
Translated by Angela Jaffray. -- PDF + ePUB


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