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ROE Beware the Chace Micon, Bewere che Eeligee, W and Bewase These whe Scheme fa Darkness ey DYING OF THE LIGHT By Several Distinguished Authors Being 2 Faithful and Complete Description of the Search for 1 Most Unholy Artefact by Several Parties through the Wastelinds & to the Great City of Maricaburg itself and of the many Trials, Straits & Ditticulties encountered on their Journey. Containing within its Pages many Insights into the Customs of the Wastelanders & Comments on the Foul Monsters & Mutants of Chaos that Dwell in those Places, together with Essays by Learned Scholars on the Blasphemous ways of Demons & their Kind, and a Full & Accurate Description of the Calimitous Events that occurred during the Receat Eclipse of the Sua by Morrslieb the Chaos Moon, With many Diverting & Original Descriptions & Ulustrations of the Locations, Events and Protagonists, Executed in 1 Most Skilful & Pleasing Fishion Published at London by the Limited Company of Hogshesd Publishing Printed in the Americas by Messrs McNaughton 6 Guan, Incorporated. MCMXcY Readers are advised that this book is published supplementary to the existing text “Warhammer Fintasy Roleplay’ avilble fom the same publisher, and thei enjoyment of the stirring tle herein will be greatly eahaaced by reference to the pueat work