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14th Edition / August 2018
2 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

What will become your legacy?

Why did you open the their financial goals. Some- needs. However, many of viding discounts on prod- goals or meet their needs.
doors to your business? To- times, the jobs our members our members find ways to ucts or services, or simply As the Chamber of Com-
day’s business owners often offer can provide new op- contribute on their own. give their knowledge. They merce, we’re proud of the
say it’s because they want portunities not otherwise They may help to support a work to support charities, business’s efforts to take
to make a difference, fill present in the community. sports team by contributing children’s activities, and these steps. We encourage
a need, solve a problem, financially or purchasing seniors. They listen, learn, every member to take an-
or support their communi- uniforms. They may help and act to help others in our other look inside to find out
ty. There’s little doubt that
Empowering Employees to sponsor an event taking community to achieve their they can build a legacy.
Our members also em-
business ownership isn’t place to raise money for a
power their employees.
just about making money; charity. Though some do
it’s about making a differ-
Imagine the opportunities to
learn, grow, and expand.
so through well-recognized Advertisers’ INDEX
ence. What role will your events, festivals, and pro-
Some help to support the
business play in supporting, grams, others do so behind Abbey of the Genesee ................................ 8
educational goals of their
molding, and developing the scenes. They contrib-
our community? That’s left
employees by supporting
ute because they believe American Rock Salt .................................. 15
flexible scheduling, tuition
up to your goals. in supporting the efforts of Avon Floral World .................................... 18
reimbursement, or continu-
the organization, residents,
ing education access. This Center for Dispute Settlement ....................... 5
employees, or just the com-
Our Members Make can change the future path
munity as a whole.
of an individual, allowing Clark Patterson Lee ................................... 12
a Difference Daily that individual to achieve
Our members make a Coast Professional, Inc. ............................. 17
difference in many ways.
his or her goals. Many Are You Building
times, they come back to Cruise Planners ........................................ 20
There are countless ways
the community to use those
a Legacy?
and opportunities to sup- Some entrepreneurs build Eurocafé ................................................... 4
new skills to better it as
port our community, give their businesses themselves Finders Keepers/Hilltop Bottle & Can ......... 20
well. It’s comprehensively
back, or open doors for as their legacy. They work
worth the investment from
those living here. We’ve hard to grow and scale. Geneseo Collision Service Inc. .................. 22
all sides.
seen members take on in- Others view their greatest Geneseo Computers ................................. 17
credible challenges or offer impact as what they leave
simply support. Contributing to the behind within the communi- Gullo’s Kitchen & Bath .............................. 10
ty. It is the steps they take to
Positive Culture of make the community better
Hager Engineering ................................... 21
Creating Important Jobs the Community than they found it. Do you Judien M. Cooper, Mary Kay ...................... 6
Your business is already
Our members also con- hope to leave an imprint?
doing so. For example,
Do you plan to achieve in- Letchworth State Park................................ 24
tribute to the positive culture
you’re creating jobs for the
of the community in many credible goals? Linwood Turf Equipment, LLC ..................... 19
community, which ensures
ways. As an independent Many of our members
that people can find a way Livonia-Lakeville Pharmacy ........................ 10
local association, we help look to find the good and
to support their families and
facilitate opportunities to praise it. They volunteer, Long Agency Inc. ..................................... 22
to work towards reaching
do this by communicating give away their time, pro-
Noyes Health .......................................... 11
O’Brien’s Septic ....................................... 22
Events IN Livingston Sick Brothers ........................................... 13
Smith Lumber ............................................. 7
The Livingston County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism wel-
Sweeteners Plus ......................................... 3
comes your event submission for our calendar. The Chamber
hosts a Community Event Calendar on both of their websites Tony’s Pizzeria ......................................... 18
[www.LivingstonCountyChamber.com / www.FingerLake-
sWest.com]. Our Event Calendars are available to the
Turnbull Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. .... 13
businesses, organizations and residents of Livingston Warren’s Commercial Cleaning ................. 22
County. Once approved, your event will appear on the
The Livingston County Chamber of Commerce, The Livingston County
Event Calendars as well as on our Facebook pages [Living- News and their representatives, employees, and agents are held harm-
ston County Chamber / Livingston County Events], allowing less from any claim, demand, liability, or action on account of or in any
you to reach an even greater audience, free of charge! way arising out of the client’s advertising, products, and services or its
participating in ©The Chamber Factor 2018.
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 3

Designing the first 15 feet of your store

They say that you only get If prospective customers see Window Displays should show off some of customers who matter most
one chance to make a first dust and dirt when they first Your store’s front windows your most desirable items, when it comes to making de-
impression, and nowhere is walk into your store, they’ll are your most powerful tools but you don’t want the best cisions about purchasing
that more important than in likely turn around and walk for drawing in prospective things to be up front. Aim for your products. Listen to what
the retail industry. You’ll back out again. From their customers. Aim to display a mix of popular items and they are telling you.
need to draw customers into perspective, how can they your best offerings right at those that don’t sell as fre- Of course, none of this
your store from the moment expect you to offer quality the front so that customers quently. By dispersing your matters if you don’t offer the
they step foot inside, and wares when you can’t even will want to come in to see best products throughout the products your customers are
this requires care and atten- care for your store? Dust the more. When placing those store, you can guide cus- looking to buy, so take care
tion to detail when planning shelves and sweep or vacu- products inside your store, tomers through the aisles so in choosing the products
the entrance to your shop. um the floors daily, and though, you’ll want to place that they’ll see as much as you offer. Look to strike a
Here’s what you’ll need to clean any permanent fix- them near the back so that possible. balance between quality
consider. tures, like lighting and on- customers have to walk by and affordability. If you no-
going displays, at least tice that the quality of the
weekly. Depending on your
all your other wares to find Be Prepared to products from a particular
Cleanliness location and the local
what they are looking for.
Make Changes supplier seems to be dimin-
Of course, you want to This encourages impulse
weather conditions, you purchases, making it more Over time, you’ll likely dis- ishing over time, it may be
keep your entire store clean,
may need to clean more of- likely that customers will buy cover that some products do time to find a new supplier.
but you should pay particu-
ten. more than just the single better in particular areas of Design your store to draw in
lar attention to the entrance.
item they originally sought. your store. Try to identify customers in the first place,
any patterns that emerge so and keep up the quality of

Sweeteners Plus receives Fleet Product Placement

You’ll need to carefully
that you can make adjust-
ments to your displays as
your products to keep those
customers coming back
again and again.
needed. Take note of cus-
Safety Grand Champion Award consider the placement of
the rest of your products as
tomer feedback in this area
as well. After all, it is your (Continued on next page.)
Livingston County Cham- company, which includes well. The front of your store
ber member Sweeteners their performance over the
Plus received the Trucking past three years, out of
Association of New York service rates, safety pro-
Safety Management Coun- grams, and maintenance
cil Grand Champion Fleet programs. Prud Membr of the Chambr of Cmmrce
Safety Award. Located in Lakeville, Liv-
The Fleet Safety Awards ingston County, Sweeteners
are presented to carriers Plus is a manufacturer and
who have had one or no distributor of all types of
accidents for every two mil- liquid and dry sweeteners.
lion miles traveled in New Founded in 1983 by pres-
York. There are six divi-
ident and CEO Carlton E.
sions: Small, medium and
Myers as a food process-
large in both the pickup
ing plant, the company has
and delivery and long haul
evolved as more and more
truckload operation types.
food companies consolidat-
Applicants for the latest
Fleet Safety Awards logged ed and moved their opera-
12,513,082 accident free tions our of New York State.
miles. Sweeteners Plus product
The six first-place win- lines and facilities have di-
ners, as well as carriers versified to meet changes. Distributor and Manufacturer of
who have received a Fleet The company is also a ma- Liquid and Dry Sweeteners
Safety Award for at least 5 jor employer and communi-
consecutive years, are eligi- ty oriented. “We continue
to grow and always have Lakeville, New York
ble to apply for the Grand
Champion Award. new employment opportu-
They must submit addition- nities, there are several job
al information about their opening’s available”.
4 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

coming in to the area, business to those in need of
please be sure to stop in any your services. If you are a
time to pick up information member and not yet sent us
(Continued from previous page.) about all there is to see and your business cards, please
do in the area. pop a stack in the mail
Your business info Our Main Lobby has been ASAP or stop by the office
updated to include an ex- with them. We love to get
up front in Chamber pansive business card dis- your info in the hands of cus-
lobby redesign play to help connect your tomers!
Early this summer, before
the onset of the busy tourism
season, the Chamber com-
pleted a redesign of the in-
A taste of Europe can
be found in Geneseo
side lobby. This completes
the 2-phase update of our
Visitor Center and Main
Lobby. GENESEO – EuroCafe and our famous cakes.
Our Visitor Center is open is an ethnic restaurant that We continuously work on
24/7 and features tourism was opened more than four new recipes that often are
related business and attrac- years ago in Geneseo, N.Y. combined with traditional
tion information on Living- Somebody could ask: Polish cuisine. The results
ston County and the Finger Why in Geneseo? Our an- are delicious! Chicken a’la
Lakes Region. If you have swer is: Why not? Varsovie, or Polish Style
family members or visitors Krystyna and I (Margaret) Country Ribs.
we love what we do: Cook- EuroCafe is open four
ing and baking and we days a week, Wednesday
must be doing something through Saturday from 11
good if for the fourth year a.m. to 8 p.m.
in a row we are ranking We also serve Polish
No. 1 in Trip Advisor and beer, wine and variety of
Yelp. Polish vodkas.
At EuroCafe, located at Come and check for your-
82 Main St., Geneseo, we self the taste and the atmo-
serve mostly Polish home sphere of EuroCafe.
made food like pierogi, kiel- You can also follow us on
basa, stuffed cabbage, po- social media at facebook.
tato pancakes, dumplings, com/Euro-Café-Real-Food-
a variety of delicious soups Deli-439504192862979/.

Selection of Polish Beers, Vodka’s and Wine

Variety of Polish and Ukrainian Gifts

Experience the Old World with the
Taste of Authentic Polish Cuisine
Euro Delicious
Homemade Polish,
and European Food

Café Homemade Cakes
82 Main Street , Geneseo
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 5


Ayers-Christiano Properties, Inc. The Barn Restaurant

Little Lakes Community Association, Inc Dansville Media Inc.
Electronic Merchant Systems Geek Chic Floral Boutique
K’s Canine Training Services Dansville Festival of Balloons, LTD
Cricket Wireless Scientific Perspectives, LLC
Geneseo’s Healthy Campus and Com-
munity Coalition New Individual Members /
Redmond House Friends of the Chamber
Carl Myers Enterprises, Inc. Nanette Teifke
Sweeteners Plus Inc. Holly DAngelo
Canadice Press - Owl Light News Lawrence Dangelo
Spectrum Business Mickey McGuire
Farmer’s Creekside Tavern & Inn Carlos Hernandez
Evening Star Coffee Roasters, LLC Jack Morgan
Trinity Church of Nunda Kevin Simpson
Swain Resort Susan Conklin
Jeannie D. Michalski, Esq. Kevin P Conklin

Center settles many disputes Shout out to our

Conference Room Sponsor,
Center for Dispute Settle- can refer two employees him at the center to try
ment , founded in 1973 by or a whole work group. and build a civil rela- Gert & Bert Creations!
the American Arbitration A parent and teen who tionship.
Association, is a private can’t discuss their anger • Siblings who dis-
non-profit 501c3 organiza- or hurt or the stress they agree with how an ag-
tion. Many of its programs each feel in the home ing parent should be
are mainly funded through can explore solutions at cared for can partici-
the Unified Court System. our office. Is Conflict affecting your life ?
pate with their parent in
The Livingston County of- • Parents who dis- elder mediation.
fice, located in the Living- agree with services pro- • Married couples
ston County Government vided for their child’s
facing divorce can work
Center, Suite 103, has special needs, can meet
through their issues in a With Co-workers….Work-groups…
been resolving disputes with a school rep in me-
kinder process than a
here for 35 years. diation to discuss the Neighbors and Family Members.
court battle.
Our referrals come from child’s IEP.
agencies and individuals • Parents who have Our Livingston office op- Call 243-7178
across the county and from decided to live apart erates with assistance of
Allowing conflict to continue can be very costly!
the courts. If parties are can create a personal 18 professional volunteers
willing to come to the table, parenting plan that al- from the community. More
we can help anyone with lows them to success- than half of whom have
an interpersonal dispute re- fully co-parent their chil- been volunteering for more
solve their issues. dren. than 15 years.
• An employer who • A neighbor who You haven’t heard of Cen- Most programs partially funded through the Unified Court System
sees that his staff’s bick- has spent far too much ter for Dispute Settlement?
ering and backstabbing time battling with the Ahhh yes, that’s because
is affecting productivity guy next door can meet they do their job so well!
6 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

Aircraft museums and attractions collaborate

On Friday, June 29th, the devoted to aviation history.
National Warplane Muse- These sites have collaborat-
um, Geneseo, hosted the ed to showcase and honor
launch of the newly-created the history of manned flight
Historical Aviation Trail of and will create feelings of
New York. This statewide both discovery and nostal-
trail, linking related sites in gia as visitors are reminded
different regions, is unique of the sacrifice of the many
in the aviation community thousands of men and wom-
and the first of its kind in en who gave their lives in
the nation. New York State wartime.
was actually at the center of 1929 and as such, has nu- Tourists and visitors to The
aviation pioneering in the merous interesting museums Empire State tend to travel
years between 1908 and and aeronautic collections thematically based on indi- Submitted Photo
Empire State Aerosciences Museum

Independent beauty consultant’s ‘Golden vidual tastes ranging from

craft beverage tours, to
outdoor adventures, to fam-
agara Aerospace Museum
in Buffalo to the Cradle of
Aviation Museum on Long

Rule’ business - 22 years in Lima ily friendly getaways. The

Historical Aviation Trail has
Island with many stops
in between. Visitors can
I represent products from Try the products at sev- er known anyone like you, I the potential to bring more choose to follow it either on
a company founded on eral venues: one-on-one am proud to know you.” tourism dollars to New York day trips or weeklong va-
the basic principles of “Do complimentary facial ap- Not only is my business as aircraft enthusiasts trav- cations, spreading the eco-
Unto Others As You Would pointments; facial classes skin care, its a business of el from one site to the next. nomic benefit from local to
Have Them Do Unto You” or in-home parties with two making people look good, The trail is a self-guided tour regional to statewide.
and “God First, Family Sec- or more people; and annu- feel good, and do good. of selected aviation-related
ond, Career Third.” What a al Holiday Open House. sites ranging from The Ni- (Continued on next page.)
journey it has been! Venues are complimentary
My business offers an ar- – no charge, no fees, no
ray of products: Facial Skin minimum purchase.
Care including Customized Enjoy many conveniences
Skin Care for Eyes, Lips & of my business, including:
Face; Men’s Skin Care; Col- “try before you buy”; 100
or Cosmetics for Cheeks, percent money-back guar- TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D™
Eyes & Lips; Body & Sun antee satisfaction; free de- Your three-dimensional
Care; Flawless Face prod- livery to your doorstep; free
ucts; Beauty Tools/Brushes; shipping and handling, 24-
approach to skin aging
Fragrances for Women; hour turn-around; order at
and Men’s Cologne. my website or by phone.
This antioxidant powerhouse, featuring the exc
One of my favorites is the Cash, check or credit cards
acne-prone skin care line. are accepted. patent-pending Age Minimize 3D™ Complex, he
Teens love it because it actu- To quote a customer, interrupt the triggers that can cause your skin to look
ally results in acne free skin. caretaker 24/7 of a severe- older before its time.
The skin care products are ly challenged young family
non-comedogenic and spe- member: “Thank you for Contact me to defy aging.
cially formulated for Dry/ keeping me cared for from
Normal & Combination/ the neck up! First thing ev-
Oily skin, teens/20’s skin, ery morning, I take care of
30’s-40’s skin and 50-plus myself by using your prod-
skin. ucts. I could not do without
A natural ingredient bo- clean skin and makeup…
tanical line is also available as you have taught me. It
for those with sensitive skin. is so important to me, and
My up-to-date inventory sure helps me face my day!
serves customers with state- Thank you for your service
of-the-art products. and inspiration. I have nev-
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 7

Orville and Wilbur um, located in Glenville, the trail came from a col-
Wright secured a place in near Schenectady, focuses laboration between The
the history books when, on on rocket and jet research National Warplane Mu-
Dec. 17, 1903, the broth- and development because seum and the Livingston
ers made four brief flights of the long relationship be- County Chamber of Com-
at Kitty Hawk,N.C., with tween the city and the Gen- merce and Tourism. Muse-
their first powered aircraft. eral Electric Flight Test Fa- um volunteers Kevin House,
Less than a year later, New cility and the Malta Rocket Jamieson Steele, and Don-
York’s Glenn Hammond Test Station which began to- nalee Walker dealt with vis-
Curtiss began manufactur- ward the end of World War itors on a daily basis who
ing engines for airships, II. The museum includes the wanted more. Once their
and eventually formed state’s largest aviation re- curiosity was piqued by
Curtiss Aeroplane and Mo- search library, interpretive the story of early flight in
tor Company, now part of exhibits, restored aircraft, America, tourists asked for
Curtiss-Wright Corpora- and educational programs. recommendations on where
tion. His company built air- Other featured locations to visit next. From making
craft for the U.S. Army and include the National Soar- informal recommendations Larry Tetamore
Navy during World Wars ing Museum, dedicated to to travelers, the idea of The Movie Memphis Belle
I and II, and his advances motorless flight, the Intrepid creating a statewide trail
with seaplanes led to naval Sea, Air and Space Muse- was born. Other warbird torical Aviation Trail web- to preserve and promote
aviation. The Curtiss Muse- um, Wings of Eagles Dis- museums and aviation cen- site and create promotional New York’s unique avia-
um is located in the town of covery Center, the Ithaca ters were contacted and the materials. After almost two tion heritage. Visit Histori-
Hammondsport in the Fin- Aviation Heritage Founda- excitement grew. Livingston years in the making, the calAviationTrail.com to find
ger Lakes. tion, the American Airpow- County Chamber & Tourism trail is now ready for visi- suggested itineraries by re-
At the other end of the er Museum, and the Old professionals joined forces tors! gion, special event listings,
aviation timeline the Empire Rhinebeck Aerodrome. and brought the marketing The intention of the His- and links to participating
State Aerosciences Muse- The concept for creating expertise to design the His- torical Aviation Trail is trail members.

“Ser ving the Community Since 1954”

5833 Big Tree Road • Lakeville

Looking to build a house? www.smithlumber.us

We have everything you need to make your dream
a reality! We provide free estimates on blueprints
and will help you every step of the way to make
the overwhelming task of building a house Gift M-F, 7:30-5:30;
Sat., 8-3; Sun., 10-1
a little nicer and easier!
Stop in to see what we can
do for you! Available
8 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

Monk’s Bread is on an (artisan) roll

By John Anderson major in history and geog- a lot from Brother Paul and
JAnderson@BataviaNews.com raphy. He worked on his Randy. I’ve helped him with
family farm after school but the artisan bread,” Kenne-
The monks at the Abbey of remembered the Abbey and dy continued. “(Operations
the Genesee have been well- the monastery from college Manager) Adam Barrett
known since 1953 for some- when he was part of the and the monks decided
thing outside of religious Neuman Catholic Campus they wanted someone with
services. The Monks’ Bread Ministry. formal training, someone
bakery which produces sev- “The campus minister took with more experience and
en different loafs of bread, us out here and I had discus- knowledge to approach this
two flavors of hand-baked sions with the Abbey,” said with more confidence and
biscotti, fruit and nut bars Kennedy. “After a few years expand what we offer with
John Anderson
and English muffin bread. working for my parents on a the artisan products.”
Brother Benedict is all smiles loading loaves in the oven.
In the bakery, Brother Paul dairy farm, there was a posi- While at the San Fransis-
He’s 78 and has been a Monk at the Abbey of the Gene-
started making artisan bread tion open here and I thought co Baking Institute, Kennedy
see for almost 60 years.
and it was so well-received, I would take a chance on it.” took courses on a systematic
sales started in the store at He started as a bakery as- approach to bread and sour- I have more tools in my tool dy. “We’ve invested in new
3258 River Rd. in Piffard. sistant manager and now is dough. belt.” equipment. We really don’t
The restaurant Yard of Ale responsible for all purchas- ‘It was quite an experi- He said he has more con- know what the demand
then put in orders for white, ing, inventory, shipping and ence. I’ve never been to fidence and is familiar with will be, but there is not too
wheat and ciabatta. production planning. San Fransisco. It was a cool the entire baking process. many people you can get
“It takes a little more time “We like to develop new trip and the instruction was He had to make five differ- artisan bread from in Liv-
to make, there’s air in it and product for the store,” said top-notch,” said Kennedy. “I ent types of loaves each day. ingston County. We make
it’s not sliced, so you notice Kennedy. “Brother Paul is a learned a lot and I also real- “We are going to have a small batches and it’s very
the different taste,” said very talented baker with a ized I have only just begun few products we can make high-quality. And it’s a novel-
Brother Paul while bagging ton of experience. He may to learn. The intent was nev- confidently with potential ty. We’ve only had positive
finished product in the bak- not have formal training, but er to be a master baker, but to increase,” said Kenne- feedback.”
ery. “The response we are he has taken classes online
getting is so much that we and he started making arti-
could not keep up with the
demands. So we sent Paul
san bread and it was very
popular in the store, so we
wanted to expand this in the
Artisan Breads & More
Kennedy out to San Francis-
co so we could have another new store (which is being
trained guy to help out with constructed). Monk’s Specialty Bakery
the project.” “So I shadowed Randy produces a wide array of
Kennedy, a Cooperstown Colvin, the production man- homestyle breads including the
High graduate, attended ager, who had 30 years
SUNY Geneseo and gradu- of experience and knew a newest addiion Monks’ English
ated in 2014 with a double lot about bread. I learned Muffin Bread, as well as
delicious biscoi, cheese crisps
and fruit and nut bars.

You may purchase at our Gatehouse

Store at the Abbey of the Genesee,
Abbey of the Genesee or online at
John Anderson 3258 River Rd., Piffard, NY
Brother Paul bags dinner rolls that will go to the Yard of Ale. 585.243.0660 MONKSBREAD.COM
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 9

K’s Canine Training Service Dinky Doo Petting Zoo

138 Main Street, Dansville 1864 State Rt. 63, Wayland
Date: April 25, 2018 Date: May 5, 2018

Battle Street Brewery Geek Chic Floral Boutique

4 Battle Street, Dansville 57 Genesee Street, Avon
Date: May 18, 2018 Date: August 3, 2018


CORE - The Learning Center Little Lakes Community Center
22 Chapel Street, Mt Morris 4705 Main Street, Hemlock
Thursday, August 23 – 3 pm Thursday, September 22 – 4 pm
10 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

Members in the News

American Rock Salt at 45 Maple St. in Dansville and Pony Rides Too spent nament, Empire Reality Therapy & Sports Rehabil-
The mine rescue team and will provide individuals the winter and early spring presented Noyes CEO Amy itation Organization this
from American Rock Salt with a higher level of care season working on an ex- Pollard a check for $8,500 year. Lattimore Physical
won a second-place award for substance abuse needs. pansion, resulting in their for the Ann and Carl Myers Therapy has locations in
at the National Mine Res- The individuals living at the grand reopening in May to Cancer Center on July 12. Dansville, Geneseo, and
cue Competition in Lexing- center, receive stabiliza- celebrate. The expansion Avon as well as additional
ton, Kentucky, this past July. tion, and ongoing support included greater accessibil- locations in Monroe, Yates,
such as medical care and ity and a party room which and Ontario Counties.
The team placed second in
counseling. will allow for educational
Lattimore Physical
the “Novice” category, [for
teams that participated in and school field trips along Therapy Lee Chiropractic &
with birthday parties and Readers of the Rochester
the national competition for Deer Run Winery other celebrations. Business Journal recently Athletic Training, PLLC
the first time] and had an This summer, Deer Run
overall finish of 32nd out voted Lattimore Physical Congratulations, Dr. Lee,
Winery introduced Conesus
Therapy as Best Physical
of 42 teams. Congratula- White, their second wine Empire Realty (Continued on next page.)
tions, American Rock Salt! inspired by Conesus Lake.
Conesus White has been
Camp Stella Maris
Congratulations to Camp
described as a refreshing
blend with notes of green
apple and honey. The Your Hometown, Independent Full Service Pharmacy
Stella Maris on being named
Best Kids Summer Camp wine launch June 30 was 5975 Big Tree Road • Lakeville
from Rochester ROCS! a carnival-style event that
included old-style games Gifts • Fingerlake Coffees • Candies • Jewelry
for children, food, music, Time & Again Shea • Village Candles • Robert Rothchild Dips
CASA – Trinity tethered balloon rides and As a result of the success
CASA-Trinity Inc. broke wine tastings. of the Empire Strikes Back
ground earlier this month Against Cancer Golf Tour- 346-5615
on Livingston County’s first
residential substance abuse Dinky Doo Petting Zoo
& Pony Rides Too
treatment program. The 25-
bed program will be based Dinky Doo Petting Zoo
Kitchen & Bath
Design Center
Laura Lane, President & CEO ext.229 20-20 KITCHENTM (3D CAD SOFTWARE)
Elissa Leuer, Director of Tourism & Marketing ext.226
Melissa Savino, Member Services Coordinator ext.224
Ellen Herlihy, Tourism Marketing Coordinator ext. 225
Beth Doty, Marketing & Program Coordinator ext. 221

Location: 4635 Millennium Dr., Geneseo, NY 14454
Don & Tammy Gullo
PHONE • 585-243-4260 FAX • 585-243-4263
www.fingerlakeswest.com www.gulloskitchenandbath.com
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 11

on attaining the designa- gratulations, Livingston the Long Agency is a part. that Tom Wahl’s has been tion for every jug of water
tion of “Internationally Cer- County News. ranked a must-visit summer- sold during “World Water
tified Chiropractic Sports time destination for both its
Physician.” This designa- Tom Wahl’s ice cream and home-made Month” in March, Wa-
tion qualifies him to work in Sweeteners Plus Tom Wahl’s in Avon has root beer. ter Treatment by Culligan
the Olympics or any inter- made a list of the Finger was able to raise $1,283
national games and recog- Lakes top spots for ice
nizes him internationally as cream, according to the Fin-
Water Treatment through its bottled water
an expert in the evaluation ger Lakes Regional Tourism by Culligan sales for the Finger Lakes
of management and reha- Council. The Council noted Through a $1 dona- Land Trust.
bilitation of sports related

Noyes Health

Sweeteners Plus recent-

ly received the Trucking
Association of New York
Safety Management Coun-
cil Grand Champion Fleet
Safety Award. The Fleet
Safety Awards are present-
ed to carriers who have
had one or no accidents for
every two million miles trav-
eled in New York. Only the
six first-place winners, and
carriers who have received
a Fleet Safety Award for
at least five consecutive
years, are eligible to apply
Congratulations to Dan- for the Grand Champion
ielle Mullen, mammogra- Award. Congratulations,
phy technologist and su- Sweeteners Plus, on your
pervisor of mammography outstanding safety record
at Noyes Health, for being and achievement.
recognized with the ICARE
values award, as voted on
by her peers. Danielle re- SUNY Geneseo
ceived the award at the UR In the June 3, 2018, issue
Medicine Imaging Sciences of the Chronicle of Higher
retreat, held at the Roches- Education, SUNY Geneseo
ter Riverside Convention was recognized as the top
Center on April 14. SUNY institution for four-
year public college gradu-
ation rates. Additionally,
Livingston County News they ranked No. 10 in the
The Livingston County nation.
News is now ranked among
New York state’s top five
newspapers after winning The Long Agency
seven awards, including Suzanne Betette, a 17-
three first-place honors, in year employee of the Long
the New York Press Associ- Agency in Mount Morris,
ation’s “Better Newspapers was named the Erie Insur-
Contest.” ance Quality Customer Ser-
They also received two vice Agent of the Year. The
second-place awards, a award is given annually to
third and an honorable recognize a customer ser-
mention for stories pub- vice agent in each branch
lished during 2017. Con- of Erie Insurance, of which
12 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

Shop IN Livingston Trip Planner

The Shop IN Livingston their products, services, business information when- deal is and any limitations
Trip Planner was introduced promotions, specials, cou- ever they want, using their or exclusions.
during the 2017 holiday pons and events. As a phone, tablet or computer. 3. The valid dates of your
season by the Livingston Chamber member, you are Businesses are also en- promotion.
County Chamber of Com- able to access, modify and couraged to include links to 4. Your company logo.
merce & Tourism as an in- add to your promotions at their website or social me- 5. You can also include
novative means of assisting any time. dia platforms. a jpeg or an ad, coupon
local businesses in reach- Potential customers will or other image you might
ing current and potential be visiting the Chamber want included
customers with their sales, website and can easily click What Do You Need To *Please note if you want
promotions and events. on the sales and services Do To Be a Part of This a link to your website and /
The Trip Planner provides they are interested in, add- or Facebook page included
a “one-stop” digital plat- ing them to their Trip Plan- Marketing Opportunity? Once your information
form for local and visiting ner. Customers can return Simply visit the Chamber is received, we will set up
customers to access local mographics. at any time and add more website at www.Livingston- your business’ personalized
retailers, service providers, Due to the success of the destinations to their trip. CountyChamber.com and Trip Planner page on our
eateries and businesses to Trip Planner, it has since Then, when they’re ready, register your business for website.
host their current offerings, become a member benefit, all the sales and shop local this incredible opportunity. For additional informa-
with weekly emails sent to allowing free, ongoing ac- opportunities are awaiting Once on our website, be tion and assistance, please
potential customers. Addi- cess for members to utilize them, at their finger-tips! prepared to share with us contact Beth Doty, market-
tionally, your promotions as another means of cost Customers will be able the following information: ing and program coordi-
will be published across the effective digital marketing. to easily access your sales, 1. Your name, business nator via email to Beth@
Chamber’s social media Businesses can register to Google maps to help them name and contact informa- LivingstonCountyChamber.
platforms, further increas- participate in the Shop Lo- navigate to your business tion com or phone to (585)
ing the reach of various de- cal Trip Planner and share location and see all your 2. What your special or 243-2222.


The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 13

Optional Backhoe
TYM T254: Rear For all your digging needs.
Front-End Loader w/50” Bucket
Load, haul, scrape and more.
PTO and
Your Complete Lawncare Machine 3-Point Foldable ROPS
Low Overhead? Mechanical Gear or
No problem!
Riding mowers and zero-turns are great for cutting Hitch Hydrostatic Transmission
grass, but sometimes you need more than just a For all Drive the way you want.
lawnmower. Sometimes you need a machine that
can dig in the dirt, move things around, push, pull the
or whatever you need to do to take care of your other
property. You don’t just need a lawncare machine. tools. 24.5HP
You need a landcare machine.
The T254 from TYM is the machine for people Optional Diesel
who need to keep their lawns looking great, but
also need to keep their land, their gardens, and Mid-Mount Start your
whatever else they have looking great. With the engine.
features of a tractor in a smaller package, the T254 Mower
empowers landowners to take care of one of their
biggest investments. Don’t just take care of your
Don’t forget 4WD Drivetrain
lawn. Take care of your land.
about Keep moving no matter 6 Year Limited Warranty
the grass. the terrain. Peace of Mind for a long time.

Visit your local TYM dealer to let them take care of you... and your tractor.

TRACTORS 9094 Dansville Mount Morris Rd., Dansville • (585) 335-7992

14 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 15

Tourism industry shows continued growth

Tourism has reached an- trip. Across the state, tour- Livingston County and
other high in 2017 infusing ism generated almost $68 Letchworth State Park and
$84.3 million into the Liv- billion of which $84.3 mil- then published articles de-
ingston County economy. lion stayed in Livingston scribing their experiences
For the fifth straight year County in 2017. Were it here. Leuer also attended
the number of people vis- not for tourism-generated the Ontario Motor Coach
iting Livingston County for state and local taxes, the Association Marketplace to
leisure has increased. average household in the showcase Livingston Coun-
Travel and tourism is a region would have to pay ty as a vacation destination
Larry Tetamore
substantial and growing an additional $260 to for our neighbors to the
Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park.
component of the New maintain the same level of north.
York State economy and as government revenue. According to Tourism Eco- spending. Higher fuel pric- wages, and taxes.
travelers choose the Empire Livingston County Tour- nomics, a division of Ox- es contributed to an in- The benefit to the local
State as a destination they ism Director Elissa Leuer ford Economics Company, crease in service spending. economy is threefold. Trav-
are often including Living- attributed the increase in between 2016 and 2017, Travelers positively im- elers spend money in the
ston County and the Finger the number of tourists to the Livingston County saw in- pact the local economy as entertainment, retail, and
Lakes Region as part of the long-standing collabora- creases in spending in all they stay in local accom-
recreation industries, en-
tions with the Finger Lakes six of the areas the division modations, eat at local
abling the businesses to
Regional Tourism Council tracks – lodging, transpor- restaurants, enjoy local rec-
and the state promotion tation, food and dining, reation, and gas up their hire more people to service
agency, I Love NY, in which retail and service stations, vehicles on the way in and tourists, and finally the em-
13 different travel writers recreation and seasonal out of town. In 2017, visi- ployees whose incomes are
and media groups from second homes. The largest tors spent 2.6 percent more generated directly by tour-
Larry Tetamore Canada, the United King- increase was in recreation than in 2016. This trans- ism spend that income in
Caledonia Village Inn dom, and Australia toured and food and beverage lates to an uptick of jobs, Livingston County.


Mined and SOURCE
Manufactured with
NY State Labor
16 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

It’s not too

early to begin
preparing for the
holiday season!
Did you know that you
can get materials to help at-
tract customers
to your busi-
ness and
show off
your Shop
Small® pride?
Visit the American E x -
press website at american-
ness/shop-small/ where
you can download custom
posters, email templates,
and social posts to promote
your business during the up-
coming holiday season.
You can also register as
a business, organization or
individual to be a Neigh-
borhood Champion and
access free marketing mate-
rials and promotional items
for your business and com-
munity. Event Kits with Shop
Small® tote bags, flyers, bal-
loons and more, will be sent
directly to you, in time for
Small Business Saturday.
While on the website, ac-
cess resources such as Small
Business Saturday® 101 to
help attract more customers
all year long with expert
advice, how-to-videos, and
creative inspiration for your
Interested in Find It IN
Livingston branded promo-
tional items? The Livingston
County Chamber of Com-
merce & Tourism provides
Livingston County retail and
service-based businesses
with Find It IN Livingston
and Eat IN Livingston brand-
ed items, free of charge, for
the holiday season. Be sure
to like and follow the Cham-
ber’s Facebook page or vis-
it its website at www.Living-
stonCountyChamber.com to
sign up for the newsletter to
be notified when orders are
being accepted.
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 17

It’s open enrollment for health insurance

What does that
even mean?
You hear the term “open
enrollment” so often this
time of year. What does it
mean and how does it im-
pact you?
Quite simply, open en-
rollment is the time of year
when a health insurance can purchase health insur-
plan gives its members the ance directly from a carrier
opportunity to review plan (i.e., Excellus, MVP, Fidel-
offerings and change plans. is, United). An individual
For businesses providing can also access health in-
health insurance, the plan surance through the New
review period is underway. York State of Health Market-
Employers are typically re- place, where, depending
viewing any plan change
on income guidelines, a tax
options to pass along to
credit and/or subsidy may
their employees; if cover-
be available to offset the
age through the employer is
costs of the coverage. The
an option. Businesses with
fewer than 50 employees open enrollment period for
are not mandated to pro- these options runs through
vide health insurance. Plan Dec. 15, 2018, for cover-
changes should be complet- age effective Jan. 1, 2019.
ed by Dec. 15, 2018, for The Chamber is avail-
coverage effective Jan. 1, able to help both business-
2019. es and individuals access
For individuals who do health insurance. To learn
not have access to health more about the options
insurance through their em- available or to schedule an
ployer, there are options appointment, please call
available. An individual 243-2222.

Chamber welcomes
Melissa Savino
Member Services Coordinator
Melissa Savino joined the Livingston County Chamber
of Commerce in July as the member services coordinator.
Her primary focus is recruiting and retaining members
and facilitating the Livingston Leadership program. Her
goal is to work with businesses to promote their growth
and create opportunity; to offer support with practical,
inspiring programs, resources and events.
Melissa worked as the secretary to the county admin-
istrator and county attorney for the past five years and
previously at St. Agnes School in Avon for 15 years.
Melissa is also the owner of The Cake Place.
Melissa lives in Avon with her husband Mark. She en-
joys making cakes, camping and spending time with her
family – especially her new grandson.
18 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

Marketing: You’ll lose customers the same way you gain them
Marketing and adver- The Importance what is lost? an unsatisfied customer can customer with something of
tising are only part of the Is the business “user wreak havoc on the reputa- value is important too. A
equation when attracting of Appearance friendly”? Potential custom- tion of your business. paint store could send out
new clients. Service is per- Consider the appearance ers are typically courted Customer service is a an email showing the five
haps the single most import- of the company. When mar- during the sales process, of- valuable tool that should most popular colors for the
ant aspect of any business. keting your business, do fered deals and presented be implemented. Take time coming season. A garden-
If your business provides you advertise low prices or with a can-do attitude. This to foster a relationship with ing store could send out
good service, but you are a fast turn-around? Are you can create a two-fold prob- your regular customers and a monthly what to-do list,
still losing clients, it is im- focused on creating an im- lem. First, are you actually learn what you can do to in- while an HVAC business
portant to identify the rea- age of luxury and comfort, able to provide what has crease their satisfaction with could send out reminders to
sons. We have identified or are you targeting teens? been promised once the cli- your products or services. change filters.
some of the problems local Take a hard, realistic look ent is retained? Secondly, You will gain valuable in- We recommend taking a
businesses encounter when at what your marketing and are you putting this much sight that will increase your hard look at your existing
marketing to potential and ads say about the business, effort into retaining current businesses’ bottom line. customer base and the im-
existing clients. and how this influences a clients? Is any effort put into age and reputation of your
Many entrepreneurs and potential or current custom- retaining current clients? business. There are many
small businesses in the ser- er’s perception. Marketing Consistency ways to increase business
vice industry have difficulty Consider whether your
Build Customer and Value by adding new custom-
determining value. Wheth- image has changed recent- It is important to consis- ers, but the general rule of
er you want to be at the ly. For instance, consider a Relationships tently contact customers to thumb has always been that
top or bottom of the price clothing store that has pro- Creating a relationship show them you value their it is less expensive to retain
range, or somewhere in-be- vided family clothing in the with customers makes it business. Depending on the an existing customer than
tween, you need a starting past and has now chosen easier to not only retain type of store you own, you obtain a new one.
point. Research what other to focus on teens, neglect- them, but to obtain new might send them a month- Please feel free to stop by
companies in similar mar- ing their current customers. customers as well. Word ly coupon or notice of a the Chamber to chat with
kets are charging for their This example illustrates an of mouth is the best adver- special that is operating. our experienced staff to
services. Setting your price obvious change that may tising. A satisfied customer Not all contact should be brainstorm ideas for your
too low at first can make or may not be in the busi- will sing your praises, while marketing, providing the business.
it difficult to retain clients nesses’ best interest, but
once you have to raise is one that will lead to the
them. loss of existing customers.
Let’s look at some of the Will these changes bring
factors that influence client in enough new customers,
retention: and revenue, to replace
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 19

5 Reasons you should

consider a stand-up desk
If you’re like many profes- to your spine, reducing pain
sionals, you spend a signifi- through your back, neck and
cant portion of your day sit- head.
ting at a desk. According to
research, that’s a problem.
Multiple studies have linked
Boosts Energy
Standing burns more cal-
a sedentary lifestyle with an
ories and requires that the
increased risk of diabetes, body put forth more energy.
cardiovascular disease and But that doesn’t mean that
even cancer. Not surprising- your energy levels will take
ly, sitting all day is associat- a hit. Because standing pro-
ed with an increased risk of motes better circulation and
weight gain and obesity. allows your body to take in
Fortunately, even if you more oxygen, you feel better
have a desk job, you may for longer. Simply standing
not be desk-bound. Stand- while you work can give you
ing desks are becoming an the energy boost equal to
increasingly popular choice a cup of coffee, without the
among office workers, offer- crash that comes later.
ing a host of benefits.
Improves Productivity desks provide for office work- of standing in place can result that you or your employees
Reduces Lower Back Pain Unsurprisingly, that energy ers. While there are special in foot and joint problems) spend sitting is a simple way
Sitting for hours puts a lot boost leads to greater pro- considerations that need to making this transition and re- to boost morale and promote
of stress on the body. If you ductivity. A study conducted be made (for example, hours ducing the number of hours a healthy lifestyle.
suffer from back and leg by the Texas A&M Health Sci-
pain, then you’ve likely no- ence Center School of Public
ticed that the longer you sit, Health showed that just by
the more uncomfortable you standing rather than sitting,
feel. According to a 2011 office workers can improve
study by the U.S. Centers for their productivity by as much
Disease Control, standing as 46 percent.
can reduce back pain by 54
percent. Standing also pro- It’s Part of a Robust
motes better circulation, help-
ing to prevent leg pain. Wellness Program
Many employers have
recognized that implement-
Prevents Neck Strain, ing a wellness program that
support workers’ physical
Decreases Headaches and mental health not only
If you’re sitting in front
creates a better work envi-
of a computer monitor all ronment, but can help reduce
day, then you probably find healthcare costs, employee
yourself straining your neck absenteeism, and diminished
towards your monitor. This productivity.
causes your spine to curve Transitioning to standing
into a “C” shape, which has desks can drastically cut
both short-term and long-term down on the number of hours
problems such as disc dam- that employees spend sitting,
age, shoulder pain, pain in helping to prevent serious
your neck, and headaches. health problems.
When you stand, you re- These are just a few of the
store a healthy “S” shape many benefits that standing
20 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

The Get in on the next publication of

The Chamber Factor!
CHAMBER Call The Livingston County News

FACTOR at 243-0296 or
email ads@livingstonnews.com
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 21

Member Information Center

(MIC) Quick Start Guide
Optimize your online
business listing and
take advantage of
exclusive member op-
portunities to promote
your business.

To Get Started:
Go to www.Livingston-
CountyChamber.com and
click the “Member Login”
button on the botton of the
Log in to the MIC with
your username and
password. If you haven’t
created an account, create
one using the link in your
New Member Welcome
If you do not have your
credentials, click “Forgot
username/password” and
enter the email address as-
sociated with your member
account. if you need assis-
tance at any time, contact
Melissa in our office at 243-
2222, or email Melissa@

Your MIC Dashboard

There’s a lot happening
on your dashboard, but
it’s easy to find your way
around with a few tips.
Select a button on the nav-
igation bar to see the cor-
responding options on the sonal and Company Info
side menu. as well as post and man-
The more information and age Job Listings, News
media you add to your list- Releases and Shop In
ing, the more dynamic your Livingston Sales and
listing will be in the online Promotions.
directory. Start by selecting Com-
Help potential clients and pany Information from the
customers connect with you Home menu. This menu
by completing your Compa- allows you to check and
ny Information page. update your company infor-
mation. This is also where
you add your logo, photos,
Home videos, social media links,
From the Home menu, link to a Google map of
you can update your Per- your location and more.
22 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

Investing in advertising: CPM and the value of print ads

By Manuel Karam
Sales manager,
quarter page ad to a color ad,
the open rate is $162.90, and This formula can be applied The Bottom Line meets your business needs.
Remember, the most effec-
no matter what the promo- Although cost alone won’t
Genesee Valley Pennysaver the calculation would be the tive, advertising campaign is
tional vehicle. Therefore, this give you the whole picture,
following: created by figuring out a bud-
formula allows you to com- using the methodology above
Many business owners $162.90 (investment) ÷ pare the true cost of different will empower you to calculate get that you’re comfortable
wonder, “Is advertising worth 12,985 (readership) = .0125 types of promotional vehicles the CPM of many different with, then aligning that cost
the investment?” .0125 x 1,000 (M) = $12.50 by the same standard. promotional vehicles as you with your marketing cam-
There are many things to CPM determine which option best paign goals.
consider when answering this
Generally speaking, yes,
it can be very effective when Some things
done well and in accordance
with your overall marketing just belong
Assuming you are willing to together
communicate with your au-
dience by advertising, how do
you choose the right vehicle
(print, television, digital, etc.)
and make sure you’re getting
Save when you insure your Geneseo Collision
the most bang for your buck?
It is common in our indus- home and auto with ERIE. Service, Inc.
try to evaluate marketing costs 4565 Morgan View Rd., P.O. Box 154
by looking at what is called See what you might save. Call today.
Geneseo, NY 14454-0154
the “CPM.” “CPM” stands for Long Agency Inc.
Cost per Thousand, in which Autobody Repair Specialists
6 Chapel St, Mount Morris
the “M” represents the Roman
numeral for “1,000.” In other
Fax: 585-658-2097 24-Hour Towing
words, CPM is the amount of 585-658-3342
dollars it takes to reach 1,000 (585) 243-0400
people in your target area. (585) 259-8545 (nights)
Andrew K. Long Richard L. Wilkins II
How do I Calculate Discounts, rates and coverages vary by state and are subject to eligibility and applicable rates and rules.
Go to erieinsurance.com for company licensure and territory information. S1693 10/15
SINCE 1960
First, find the investment
cost for your desired message
in your desired media.
Next, take this investment
amount and divide it by the
Septic & Portable Toilets
number of people you are Trailers Available
Finally, multiply this num- • Weddings • Campsites
ber by 1,000 to get your CPM. • Big or Small Events • Weekend Outings
As an example, one of our • Construction • Ball Fields
editions has a circulation of • Golf Courses • Farm
12,985 homes. A quarter-page
ad in black and white at our Vacuum Pumping
open rate is $130.90.
of Septics
$130.90 (investment) ÷ •
12,985 (readership) = .0100
.0100 x 1,000 (M) = $10.00 Repair/Installation
In other words, for every
1,000 homes where our paper
is delivered, the investment
will be around $10.
Now, if we upgrade the Proud to be a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise
The Chamber Factor Thursday, August 23, 2018 • 23
24 • Thursday, August 23, 2018 The Chamber Factor

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