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1.1. The Background of the Study

Language is system of communication by sound through the organ of

speech and hearing, among human being of certain group of community, using

social symbol processing arbitrary conventional meaning. Language can not be

separated from human life, because it is the most important tool to communicate

in the world.

There are many languages in this world, some them are german, indonesia,

and english. English is an international language. English is used in various

domains of the society such as communication, business, media and education.

Therefore, english is taught in many countries, one of them is Indonesia.

Teaching english in Indonesia has begun english becomes an international

language. Teaching english is started from primary school, junior high school,

senior high school and university level. The english is also support by languages

components is speaking.

Speaking is one of the skills in learning english in addition to reading,

writing, and listening are taught formally in indonesian education curiculum from

primary school to university level. Many students think that speaking is the most



skills this is because they have some problems when speaking. In learning

speaking skills, students often encounter some problems. The first problem that is

often found is their native language causes them difficult to use a foreign

language. The second is because there is no motivation to practice a second

language in everyday conversation. Students are often confused by what they will

say, because they are embarrassed and afraid to use english in the conversation.

They need a lot of reference material to help them. “Success is measured in term

of ability to carry out a conversation in the (target) language. In addition,oral

communication is unique and learned rhetorical skill that requires understanding

what to say and how to say it.”1 It means that the teacher needs to facilitate their

students to be active in practice speaking English as much as possible in the class

and it must be useful for them because it might be hard for students to practice in

speaking English outside the English class. Based on the results of observations

and interviews conducted by researchers in XI IPA 1 SMA Negeri 1 Selesai,

many students experience some difficulties when having conversations in English.

This is because they are embarrassed and afraid to make mistakes In addition,

teachers rarely use certain media in the teaching process. This then makes the

students bored easily in speaking practice because of the monotonous way of

teaching English. There are so many popular technique to make Englis h teaching

more interesting and effective. These techniques are expected to be meaningful to

improve students speaking skills. To motivate students to learn English, the

Mustaqim, Agus Toriqul. 2015 Improving Speaking Skill,

researcher would like to propose a scientific model called Autonomous Learner


The Autonomous Learner Model was developed by Dr. George Betts and

Ms. Jolene Kercher to give students more power. Autonomous Learner Model

(ALM) is a students who solves problems or develop new ideas through a

combination of divergent and convergent thinking and function with minimal

external guidance in selected areas of endeavor.” Autonomous learners perceive

living and learning as main components for continuous development of potential

in the cognitive, emotional, social and physical domains. Motivation comes from

within, skills are internalized, and passions are the paths of the journeys.”2

Autonomous Learner Model is helpful students to speak. The purpose of this

model is to take the power to learn away from the teacher as a "dispenser of

knowledge" and give that power to the students. Autonomous Learner Model

attempts to teach students how to discover information on their own. Autonomous

Learner Model provides students with a variety of skills needed to navigate the

increasingly complex world of learning. Through, Autonomous Learner Model

students will develop responsibility, positive self-esteem, decision-making and

problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, critical and creative thinking skills,

and a passion for areas of learning that interest them. Based on the background

above the research interested to conduct a research entitle, “The Effect of

Autonomous Learner Model on students’ speaking skill of 2018/2019 eleventh

(Betts, Betts, Kapushion, & Carey, 2013)

year students’ of SMA Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan Bangsa Kuala Kabupaten


1.2. The Identification of the Problem

The identification of the problem is essential case to show of relationship

between one elements to another elements that will be analyzes the problem clear

if there are some statement which can bring the readers to the limitation of the

problem. In this case the problem as :

1. Students find it difficult to use foreign languages because of their native


2. There is no motivation to practice a second language in everyday


3. Students have no experience.

1.3. The Problem of the Study

The problem is formulated in the form of a question as follows : “Does the

model of Autonomous Learner Model significantly improve the students’

achievement in speaking skill?”

1.4. The Objective of the study

Based on the problem formulation above, the objective of the study is to

investigate whether the use of Autonomous Learner Model significantly improves

the students’ achievement in speaking skill.


1.5. The Scope of the Study

There are many model that teachers can suggest to students for enhancing

the quality and strength of their speaking. In this case, the writer limits this study

on applying Autonomous Learner Model to improve students’ achievement in

speaking skills.

1.6. The Significanses of the Study

Findings of the study are expected to be useful and relevant theoretically

and practically :

1.6.1. Theoretically :

1. As the alternative of teaching speaking.

2. As information to do further related study.

1.6.2. Practically :

1. Teacher can improve student speaking skills.

2. The research can be a escort for teacher in teaching speaking to


3. Helping further researchers for their resource

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