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Twenty four public schools all over the region have been marked with red balloons
to denote that they have the potential sites for dengue transmission, the Bicol Inte-
grated Dengue Vector Management Program said in an advisory.
It said that this tag is have high population density in Camarines Norte; Tinam- gallanes Elementary School
meant to alert local officials of mosquitos. bac South Central School in Masbate.
to act to prevent and control The schools identified and Ragay Central School in The advisory urged
dengue because these places Vinzons Pilot High School Camarines Sur; Pangpang El- schools to search and destroy
ementary School, Sorsogon dengue mosquito breeding

Luistro’s Suspension, Pilot Elementary School,

Donsol East Central School,
sites, protect oneself from
dengue, including seeing a

“Unfair”: Councilor
F. Magallanes Elementary doctor if one experiences
School, Jose Alindogan El- fever for two days, and to
ementary School, and Gu- support spraying activities
TABACO CITY – A bat National High School as possible actions that can
member of the city council in Sorsogon; Ponso North be undertaken by the house-
here deplored as “quite un- Central School, Cabraran El- holds, schools and the baran-
fair” the suspension order ementary School, Malilipot gays.
of the Ombudsman of May- Central School, Mayon Insti- It also urged local health
or Krisel Lagman-Luistro. tute of Science and Technol- authorities to continue their
for her failure to close the ogy, Tabaco South Central monthly entomological sur-
open dumpsite of the city. Elementary School, Albay vey, intensify their disease
“It is quite unfair as we South Central School, and surveillance, scout for more
have already closed the Oas South Central School in areas with high density mos-
dumpsite but admittedly be- Albay; and, Monreal Central quito population, mobilize
yond the time provided by School, Andres Clemente Jr. community participation
law,” city councilor Raul Mayor LUISTRO High School, Palanas North and initiatives like clean-up
Borejon said. Central School, San Jacin- drives, and conduct informa-
Luistro was meted with a It particularly prohibits the to National High School, tion drives on dengue preven-
one-year suspension for vio- operation of an open dump- Jose Zurbito Sr. Elementary tion and control.
lation of Sec.37 of Republic site within a year after 2001 School, Claveria North Cen-
Act 9003 or the Solid Waste
Management Act of 2001.
when the law was enacted,
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tral School, Mobo National
High School, and F. Ma-
Preparations in full swing for
Legazpi’s 27th Ibalong Festival
By CONNIE CALIPAY only resiliency in times of ca- tage of this of promoting the
AND EMMANUEL SOLIS, lamities but also showcases city not only in regional level
PNA the best talents of Bicolanos. but national and international
“We want to take advan- (Turn to page 9)
arations are now in full
swing with a fiesta atmo-
sphere prevailing in the city
as locals anticipate the open-
ing of this year’s Ibalong
The celebration, which is
now on its 27th year, is set to
kick off on August 10 and cul-
minate on the 19th.
On the opening day is the
most awaited street dancing
and float parade that would
showcase the epic of Ibalong. IBALONG FESTIVAL 2018
BARANGAY VISITATION JMTS/RBMJR/MMEC with photos from fb_GovMigzVillafuerte
Mayor Noel Rosal, in a Mayor Noel Rosal (center) tells newsmen the lined up activities
Camarines Sur Gov. Migz Villafuerte visited Ragay Central School and brought with him press conference on Tuesday, for Ibalong Festival 2018 during a press conference on
Educational Assistance Program to 1,120 student-beneficiaries as well as a Medical and Dental Tuesday, August 7. With him are heads of event committees.
Mission and Libreng Gupit to the enjoyment of the huge crowd of residents and students.
said Ibalong symbolizes not
(PNA photo by Connie Calipay)


Public Information in Investment Scams Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN

the Age of Photoshop (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,

CPAs-DFK International – is past chair
its own crypto currency at P3,999.00
through their website. SEC also
next year to coincide with the dead-
line of filing income tax returns. As
and YouTube of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA
past president and Hall-of-Famer,
warned that certain individuals or group
of persons representing Yeheey iTraf-
for the capital income and financial
intermediary tax reform proposed by
and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement fic were enticing the public to invest the DOF under package IV, a single
If a publicity blooper happens once or Awardee). through the internet, asking members rate of withholding taxes will be ad-
committed by different persons or entities, CRYPTO MONEY: The Securities to pay P1,000 in exchange for bonus opted. Interests, dividends as well
that is forgivable. and Exchange Commission has warned points. Yeheey is not SEC-registered. as capital gains will be levied with a
investing public against five companies TAX ON CAPITAL INCOME: The unified rate of 15%.
We all commit mistakes. that mostly ride on the cryptocurrency government plans to impose unified BICOL TOURISM: The Bicol re-
and online investing hype to promote rates on motor vehicle user’s charge as gion is seeking more promotions
Yet when it is made more than once by their anomalous investment schemes. well as the taxes levied on capital in- funding from the DOT as it targets to
These companies are: Crypto Expert come and financial instruments under attract more tourists from overseas
the same person and agency taking care
Inc., Paysbook E-Commerce System two separate tax reform packages – as markets. Bicol registered tourist ar-
of the government’s public information Co. Ltd., Freedom Traders Club, Pure- part of the TRAIN LAW. The reform rivals of about six million last year,
mandate, then that is already a bad habit, an wealth EBC Corp. and Yeheey iTraffic proposed by DOF will slap a single This is expected to grow by 10 to
irresponsible act indicative of incompetence. System Inc. They operate schemes based rate of P2.50 per kilo of gross 15% this year Apart from attracting
(thru internet) but are not authorized by vehicle weight (GVW) on all types of foreign tourists to visit the Bicol re-
Precisely, this is what Communications SEC to solicit investments. motor vehicles whether for hire, private gion, DOT also want to attract Fili-
Official Mocha Uson and PTV 4 recently did. According to SEC, Crypto Expert has or government use. pinos abroad to come and invest in
individuals or group of persons offering Vehicles with sidecars will be Bicol’s tourism sector, particularly for
online investments falsely claiming they slapped P300; those without a sidecar, its emerging tourist destinations.
The former uploaded a video of a blogger are SEC-registered. Group of persons P240. At present, the varying rates Bicol Regional Tourism Director
friend making fun and pun of a female genital representing Paysbook E-Commerce being applied for motor vehicle user’s disclosed that foreign investors are
to drumbeat the government’s federalism (thru founder Arjay Gallenero) were of- charge depended on the types of ve- already taking notice of the region,
pitch. fering online investments and its own hicles as well as the GVW. An offshoot with one Chinese investor acquiring
cryptocurrency (“Indigen coins”). Free- of the TRAIN Act, package 1B included an unidentified island in Masbate.
She later said it was meant to let people talk dom Traders Club, founded by Mark a general tax amnesty, estate tax am- Indeed – the growth of tourism in Bi-
Freeman, is not a registered entity but nesty, bank secrecy relaxation and col is a welcome development. Our
about federalism. conducting orientation seminars na- automatic exchange of information. LGUs however, must bear in mind
tionwide to promote “ploutos” coin as These measures were removed by the the lesson of the Boracay Island
The latter showed a footage of a Chinese investment medium. Senate from the version of the Lower closure bringing administrative and
frigate photoshopped to make it appear as a Purewealth EBC which was offering House. criminal charges against certain na-
Philippine ship that will help rescue abducted a cryptocurrency called “purepound” is DOF Secretary Carlos G. Domin- tional and local officials.
Filipinos in Libya. SEC-registered to do wholesale ac- guez III earlier said that the govern- PROVERB: The law of the worldly
tivities but is NOT authorized to solicit ment was planning to implement the wise is a fountain of life, to depart
investments. Its people are promoting much-awaited tax amnesty by April from the evil snares of death.
It later issued an apology.

Of Chickens, Crabs,
Yet, isn’t this becoming a bad habit for
the PCOO, the same agency that also called FROM
a Senator by a wrong name and the Nordic PLANET
country as a Kingdom of Norwegia?
Souvenirs and toxic Friends KRYPTON
Isn’t a mere apology too little for such a big
responsibility or issue as national security or Live chicken pendant: In a far flung Advice in buying endangered that one crab can feed the whole
discussion on Charter change? village in Papua New Guinea I was souvenir items: There are definitely barangay for three days. I was about
awarded with a garland of beetle nuts many souvenir items from exotic and to tell them that it was a joke when
R.A. 6713 or the law establishing a code with a live chicken as a pendant by endangered species in Africa that you one villager, with wonder in his eyes,
the ecstatic villagers! The tradition is would like to have. While they are asked me how big was the cooking
of conduct and ethical standards for public that the honoree must not remove the prohibited there is a way to acquire pot to accommodate the crab!
officials and employees provide that they garland while speaking and also during them legally. For fangs of lions, tigers, -------------------------------
“shall at all times be accountable to the people the meeting. I have to deal with the leopards and others, make them as Five “Es” how to deal with Enemies
and shall discharge their duties with utmost chicken smell, and since the fowl was pendants and you can bring them out or Toxic People (Instruction: Do it
responsibility, integrity, competence, and facing down I have to constantly deal of the country as fashion jewelries. step by step; start from No. 1 – not
with the continuous badmouthing of its But you need local friends to help you from No. 5))
loyalty, act with patriotism and justice, lead behind. My only consolation was, the look for legal source - and they could 1. Estimate – their power and
modest lives, and uphold public interest over fowl did not do something foul, and that be rare. I was lucky to buy some; strength
personal interest.” PNG was free from bird flu! unfortunately, they are not for re- 2. Ensure – that they commit more
----------------------------- selling, only to be given as gifts – to mistakes
Yet, what is the Civil Service Commission, Trainees and screw drivers: When I exotic and endangered friends! 3. Envelope – them separately
the Constitutional body tasked to implement was teaching automotive in then NMYC ------------------------- from your major concerns
(now TESDA) I asked the class what A Crab story: We had two village 4. Eliminate – them from your list
the provisions of the same Act doing about all is the difference between a standard projects in Mindanao on Crab Fattening. when their power diminishes
these? screw driver and a Philip screw driver. I told one group to work well on their 5. Exterminate – them if they come
One trainee answered proudly: "Sir, project because their competitor is able to persist and continue to pose big
It looks like the Commission is so fast on the difference is that a standard screw to raise their crab so big that one arm, if threat to you and your constituents,
small fries of the government but too slow on driver is used to DRIVE IN the screw, split into two, the other half can be used clients, friends, partners and allies
the powers-that-be. while the Philip screwdriver is used to as a boat that can accommodate two --------------------------------
DRIVE OUT the screw." I drove him out people. In the other group I told them to Survey says; most people feel old
of the class! raise their crabs bigger because their when they start to walk with their legs
---------------------------- competitor can raise their crabs so big in open and close parenthesis!

Iriga City is 50 MELL

Come September 3. 2018 Iriga City There is no way traffic problem with be cially capable.
is celebrating its 50th Foundation Anni- solved. Road widening is impossible. People are asking when will KFC
versary. In fifty years, much water has The city has become an educational at Gaisano Central opening? And
crossed the bridge. The city has under- hub with the two big universities com- Colonial Restaurant? We are dying
gone a lot of changes. It has metamor- peting each other. It is a good thing that to taste its chili ice cream. It is too
phosed from a small municipality to a there is a Catholic school that balances bad that there is not even a single
fast progressing city. There seems to the situation. The school has become cinema at Gaisano. Years back there
be no stopping the city from progress- the best school to send one’s children were several theatres in Iriga. I re-
ing. Today, an Irigueno can take pride to and give parents the assurance that member frequenting them with my
in the city’s new image. Its business their children would get the best edu- late father who encouraged me to
center is teeming with business estab- cation. Enrolment is limited only after watch English movies so I can learn
lishments ranging from fast food joints passing an entrance examination. Not how to speak English well and with a
and banks. It is not surprising that traf- in the universities where students can twang after having been introduced
fic has become a perennial problem. be enrolled as long as they are finan- (Turn to page 4)

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KANTONG Mati ni Matti

PUTIKON! Kun gusto nindong mahiling an na- tulo kan pelikula, may nagsabi na du-

Kan makaluwas man nanggad

si Maniga sa Casa Maria asin mag-
Mga Tambay sa
papairarom sa giyera kan administras- man, baka dai na sinda makaluwas. Ta
yon ni Duterte laban sa droga, itinatao saro man nanggad ining labirinto nin taram na “nanlaban an suspect,”
ini kan “Buybust” ni Erik Matti. mga iskenita asin barong barong na kan siya hinapot pakatapos niyang
Kantong Putikon Magpoon sa eksena kun sain pigpa-
pakanta (terminong boot sabihon imb-
may mga nakapalibot na kudal. Dai mo
maaraman kun sain palaog o paluwas.
badilon an superior niyang si Alva-
rez; nagbutong an bista kan kamera
Y fb? Facebuk coz human faces, woman esp, r 4 d buks. estigasyon) an sarong runner (termino An pagluwas man nangggad an na- paitaas asin pinahiling an hiwas kan
Not 4 d luks! para sa middle-man sa drug dealing), gin konplikto asin nagpahiro kan peliku- Casa asin an kadakul na mga nag-
Mga tambay sa kantong putikon: emil saavedra (on abot sa pagtatapos kaini, magkakaigwa la, katabang na an musika, an disenyo kagaradan sa sarong bangging buy-
sick leave), joe grageda, coco pasilaban, ernie imperial, kan nin kabilugan na paghiling sa kam- kan produksyon asin an mga actor na bust mantang nagrereport sa tv na 13
charles honorio (on biz trip), jun sia (acting chair), felix 'gen' panyang ini ni Presidente Duterte. haros nakakabilib an mga performance. lang an nagkagaradan. Nagpadagos
repuyan, cho roco, ben oyales, lari basmayor, oca laureta, Ta matibay magpahiling sa biswal na Dawa garo masyadong binutong pa an kamera dangan itiningag pasir-
ernie abragan, louie zamudio, lrv (bisita kn negosyo), paagi si Direktor Matti nin sumaryo kan na palaba an mga eksena nin ralaban, ing sa direksyon kan mga skyscraper
problema sa droga. Sa pelikulang ini, suntukan asin badilan, nagluwas ining sa Makati, na nagpahiling kan boot
maylo van, mani gallardo (daily), don amador, andres
ginamit o itinampad niya an problemang biswal na eksaherasyon kan problema. sabihon ni Matti manongod sa drug
bonifacio, ricky roces, jenhs nidea, roger macayam, frank
ini sa sarong labirinto, an istrukturang Asin sabi ngani kayan, nagibo ining lu- war: kinapobrehan an target kaini ta
penones, ben babar (rip), ompong baldemor, ben medroso,
ginibo ni Daedalus sa mitong Griyego sutan asin makumbensi kita na kaipu- safe na safe an big business sa sain-
elmer medhnilla, joel abante, boy aguilar, dakul pang iba
nganing lauman kan minotaur, an mai- han an siring na istilo. dang mga opisina.
sa masunod. Duwang klasa an tambay, nagkakape ska Asin siisay responsable kaini?
sog asin paragadan na baka. Dawa ngani sinabi ni Manigan
nagpapakape. Nagpapasyopaw ska ice cream pa! Mismong si Daedalus sinasabing (Anne Curtis, na digdi nagbago bilang Mantang pinapahiling an mga cred-
Iba pang tambay sa kanto: udax plops, bert loqui, sami nasakitang magluwas sa labirintong pasweet-sweet na tv host pasiring sa its kan pelikula, may para kantang
garcia, enteng barbosa, melvin del puerto, ben cea, joe saiyang ginibo. sarong palaban na pulis) na an lamang Bisaya na nagkakanta manongog
caguimbal, aboy dy, edmund santiago, jim arejola, dave Kan maglaog an sarong grupo nin buybust garo man lang kidnap, sa hiling sa droga. Pasabong ni Matti kun sii-
severo, doc lacuesta, mani disuanco, dani disuanco. . . mga pulis na kabali sa PDEA, sa Casa ko an huring mga eksena kan pelikula say man nanggad an nasa likod kan
Traditional politics/politicians o trapo/yamit maation, Maria, sarong squatter area siguro sa an nagtaong sumaryo kan programa ni problema sa droga sa nasyon? Matia
nakakahilo, nakakagadan pa, sbi sa bareta kasoodma. Manila para sa sarong buybust na ti- Duterte sa droga. na lang nindo pagkadalan.
Mag 'PEACE' na manang liezl & manang sarah asap.

Dual Role: Teacher-In-Charge and Classroom Teacher

Forgive & forget for God's sake. Spmk!
An mlaor talagang villafuerte country. Lhabas, andre ska
flores gabos pugol n V !
Good evening Padi. Kindly relay to Ateneans that Danilo Providing equitable edu- By CRISTINA M. CAÑOS - Teacher I implementation, there are
cational opportunities for Del Rosario Elementary School only so many initiatives that
S. Ursua, Hi School '60, passed away yesterday. His wake
children in the vast rural ar- Bato District, Bato, Camarines Sur a small teaching staff is able
starts tomorrow Aug 12 (Sun) til Aug 14 (Tues) from 10am to to handle within a given
eas in the Philippines has
10pm at the Capilla de la Virgen in Santuario de San Antonio. timeframe. Factors restrict-
been and remains a chal- deavour jealously to guard nificantly impacted on their
Masses at 630pm. Thank you. And good night. lenge for education provid- the classroom environment ability to support the school. ing the ability to teach and
* Public svc: An lubong kn bangkay ni Raul Villar, ateneo d ers. Consequently, small while ‘on class’. The in- However, it would appear school head to participate
naga hs 66, kn sta salud, hinulid, calabanga camsur, ngonian elementary schools have crease of management and that the intensification of in professional develop-
nang aldaw viernes agusto 10, 2018 ala una nin hapon. played a significant role in accountability responsibili- the teaching and Teacher- ment and support activities
Misa sa la porteria parish church sa calabanga. Pkamisa community life across the ties associated with devolu- in-Charge workload, due to at their disposal include
dadarahon, iva viaje pa naga para sa lubong sa penafrancia Philippines.Teaching learn- tion has detracted from the the growing range of man- limited professional devel-
catholic cemetery. Dios mabalos po. Nagpapaisi: ateneo d ers and Teacher-in- charge time and energy that teach- agement and accountability opment funds, lack of time
or School Head-in-Charge ing able to give their class. responsibilities, has nega- due to class responsibilities
naga hs class '66 c/o jaime obon dumalasa./e and distance from profes-
Danilo ursua: The "Great thinker & humble member of at the same time of a small This is a source of consider- tively impacted their ability
schools was a big challenge able frustration and concern. to function as instructional sional development. Higher
Hi-School '60 together w/ Romy Dihiansan ~ always carrying authorities should address
on time management on In terms of educational man- leaders. Factors such as,
books to read ~ a CPA. Classmate of Jun Bichara in La Salle, limited out of class time, the disproportionate amount
handling an administrative agement, these included:
President of UCPB after Danding flew to Hawaii w/ no executive staff, a small of time spent by teaching
function on school opera- insufficient time to manage
Marcos. Most importantly, returned to PCGG - thru Chair teaching team, isolation and classrooom instruction and
tions and teaching a class. their dual roles, meeting ac-
Ramon A. Diaz - all shares of stocks entrusted to him but thinly spread advisory staff, as a Teacher-in-Charge or
There is limited recognition countability requirements,
belongs to the gov't & the coconut planters. Fyi. make it difficult to keep up School Head in charge and
of the unique challenges of policy development and pa-
with curriculum implemen- provide increased levels of

Nagueño studs
teaching who have the dual perwork, and student welfare
tation and documentation, administration release time
roles of school management and behaviour management and clerical assistance and
and classroom teaching re- issues. Additional concerns let alone new educational
initiatives. While it is gener- greater flexibility to arrange
sponsibilities in devolving related to school system

shine in acad
ally easier to gain consensus the role in a manner that
school systems. Teaching appreciation and support suits the leadership style
a learners and Teacher-in- included: a sense that they and ownership of new initia-
tives leading to their smooth and classroom teacher.
Charge as well is a difficult were being given more work
By ARMIE B. GUNAY, CEPPIO task to balance the demands but no additional time allo-
of teaching and manage- cation, feeling undervalued SUNDAY GOSPEL
ment responsibilities, espe- in terms of remuneration,
cially since the introduction rarely seeing District Office Gospel: Jn 6:41-51
of school based manage- leaders or support staff and The Jews murmured because Jesus had said, “I am the
ment and associated ac- at times not feeling valued bread which comes from heaven.” And they said, “This man is
countability requirements. by their school system. the son of Joseph, isn’t he? We know his father and mother.
On one hand, they feel a Given the heavy work- How can he say that he has come from heaven?” Jesus
strong sense of responsibil- loads of teaching, the sup- answered them, “Do not murmur among yourselves. No one
ity to their class of students’ port of an experienced cleri- can come to me unless he is drawn by the Father who sent
and their learning needs, cal assistant was greatly me; and I will raise him up on the last day. It has been written
knowing that the parent appreciated. When present in the Prophets: They shall all be taught by God. So whoever
community will judge them in the school, they were listens and learns from the Father comes to me. For no one
according to student well- able to reduce the number has seen the Father except the One who comes from God;
being and progress. At the of interruptions faced by the he has seen the Father. Truly, I say to you, whoever believes
same time, they are attempt- teachers handling a full load has eternal
ing to meet the growing list of classroom instruction and life. I am the bread of life. Though your ancestors ate the
accountability requirements doing school data and re- manna in the desert, they died. But here you have the bread
With the number of award- coach, Dr. Christopher Abe- from heaven, so that you may eat of it, and not die. I am the
required by system authori- ports as wellas a wide range
ees being recognized and linde, Dean of ADNU - College living bread from heaven; whoever eats of this bread will live
ties who tend to view them of ‘administrative function’
honored by the City Govern- of Business and Accountancy, as managers rather than as that would normally distract forever. The bread I shall give is my flesh, and I will give it for
ment of Naga every year for for being hailed as champion teachers. It is a difficult and the Teacher-in-Charge posi- the life of the world.”
continuously bringing honor in the 7th ASEAN Accounting neverending juggling act. tion from classroom teach- Lectio Divina
to the city through their win- Education Workgroup (AAEW) Teaching and school ing responsibilities. The Read: Elijah, who is depressed and suicidal, feeds on the
nings in the various interna- Contest on Capsim (Simula- management issues into the amount of time allocated food of the angels and recovers. Anything that separates us
tional academic competition tion Game) held on June 28-29, classroom realm and en- for a clerical assistant sig- from God saddens the Holy Spirit and we must avoid them. His
and in getting the top places listeners have a hard time taking in his “strange” teachings, but
2018 in Singapore Institute of
Christ insists that they take him seriously, for their own good.
in the national examinations, Technology, Singapore. PELL MELL . . . Reflect: “They shall all be taught by God.” It looks like
Nagueño students continue to The competition is a busi- a great honor to be taught by God Himself, but when God
prove that Naga City is indeed ness simulation contest wherein to reading which has become hobby that I have passed on
does so, people tend to shy away in disbelief. This is what
the center of education in the the competitors acted as top lev- to my children and grandchildren.
we find in the reactions of the people to Jesus’ teachings.
Bicol Region by being the In 1968, Iriga was a dead town after six in the evening.
el management of a company Such reluctance to be taught by God is presumably because
Stores were closed early. There was nary a night spot.
home of the achievers. with the goal to increase their what God teaches goes against our sinful inclinations and
Streets were dark. Today, it is unfortunate some have been
Last Monday, the City sales, contribution and profit. inconveniences us. But such reluctance is to our own peril
victimized by budol-bodul, pickpockets and con-artists. and saddens the Holy Spirit whose passion it is to help us
Government once again com- The team from Ateneo de But Iriga is generally a peaceful place. Come to Iriga and
mended a group of Business Naga University—with their understand Jesus’ teachings. What we need is an openness
enjoy the festivities on September 3. A long military parade to the Spirit so that he can drive home what God wants us to
and Accountancy college stu- hardwork in learning various with some 50 schools or more in participation. The parade learn, do and be.
dents— Camilla Talagtag, An- business concepts and soft- could last for hours, might even end at night even if it has to Pray: Say a little prayer to the Holy Spirit.
gelique Abellada, Charles Ar- wares—successfully achieved start early morning. Reminiscent of the yearly Penafrancia A c t : D o t h e E u c h a r i s t t o d a y. – C L A R E T I A N
endaing and Edward Lorence the target and obtained the high- parade in Naga. But this parade, I bet,, will be more inter- COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.
Tejada—together with their (Turn to page 8) esting. .Welcome to Iriga! Come and taste Iriga hospitality.
Barangay officials, SK, to learn Challenges of Multi-
on legislation, gov’t policies Grade Teaching
By JASON NEOLA, CEPPIO with plans that are not only Del Rosario Elementary School
limited to sports and entertain- Bato District, Bato, Camarines Sur
NAGA CITY—The ment as what was happening
Sangguniang Kabataan in before. Maybe, we can create Multigrade teaching occurs in primary education when
a teacher has to teach two or more primary school stu-
the city has lauded the city programs that would allow us
dent grades in the same class. More general term and
government and gratefully to provide educational assis-
probably more accurate is that multigrade teaching re-
acknowledged its effort for tance, conduct seminars and fers to the teaching of students of different ages, grades
launching the Empower- organize trainings that will and abilities in the same group. The multigrade class
ment and Advancement of allow the youth in the baran- structure is known by various names in different regions
Barangays on Local Legis- gays to improve their skills,” here in the Philippines; these include "composite" or
lation (ENABL²E) program he says. "combination" classes, "double" classes, "split" classes,
that aims to capacitate fur- Vice Mayor Nelson Lega- "mixed-age" classes, "vertically grouped" classes, "mul-
ther the barangay officials cion, who introduced the tiple classes", "family classes" or "multilevel classes". In
to become effective public ENABL²E ordinance said the multigrade schools a relatively small number of teachers
servants. program aims to: try to be effective in their educational work while dealing
This was the gist of the 1. Enhance the awareness simultaneously with a number of pupils of different ages,
statement given by Sangguni- of barangay officials on their educational levels and needs. It follows that for children
ang Kabataan chairman Rey functions, duties and obliga- to learn effectively in multigrade environments; teachers
John Saniel of Barangay Sta. tions as local legislators; need to be well trained, well resourced, and able to meet
Cruz regarding the ENABL²E 2. Educate barangay offi- highly demanding teaching tasks, sub-divide and man-
program which was launched cials on the various legislative age time in the coordinatorship in acdemic and ancilliary
on August 3, this year. procedures needed in crafting services, doing and submitting reports and to hold posi-
The youth leader said he responsive legislation and ra- tive attitudes to multigrade teaching.
understands that the program, tional regulatory policies; Multigrade classrooms ought to be taken seriously
which was created thru Ordi- 3. Engage the barangay into account since such schools are considered to play
important role on providing access to education for all
nance 2014-008 to promote officials in promoting trans-
in remote, isolated and underdeveloped rural areas.
good governance and best parency, accountability and
Such schools are more than a reality in primary educa-
practices in the city’s 27 ba- people-participation in gover- tion in the Philippines and the rest of the world consti-
rangays, will encourage and nance processes; and, tuting a very common educational form in problematic
motivate barangay councils 4. Strengthen the partner- lation and rational regulatory that greatly contribute to the rural areas, sparsely inhabited regions and urban areas
to come up with certain ap- ship between and among the policies, and to become advo- achievement of sustainable with adverse social conditions. In such areas multigrade
proaches to be able to deliver officials of the city govern- cates of good governance. and inclusive socio-economic schools not only aim to give enrolment and continuous
the needed services of their ment and of the 27 barangay The ultimate goal of the development in their respec- attendance in school environments, but also to provide
constituents. governments of Naga City. ENABL²E Program is to tive communities. knowledge and pedagogy of good standards and in ad-
The ordinance was spon- The ENABL²E program is establish more responsive The Outstanding Sanggu- dition to play a wider role in social development.
sored by City Councilors an initiative of the Sangguni- and more dynamic barangay niang Barangay Award shall Mostly the multigrade school is the only viable school
Vidal P. Castillo, Elmer S. ang Panlungsod of Naga that councils. With this, the City also serve as the monitoring formation in rural environment and the effort should be fo-
Baldemoro, and Esteban Greg seeks to capacitate the newly- Government of Naga shall and evaluation mechanism of cused on improving the teaching and learning conditions
R. Abonal III. elected officials of the 27 ba- recognize barangay councils the ENABL²E program. in this school formation. Multigrade teaching is presented
“For us, as youth officials, rangay of Naga City to better which have demonstrated Recipient of the Outstand- as a powerful pedagogical tool for promoting indepen-
the ENABL²E program will participate in legislative ses- exemplary performance in ing Sangguniang Barangay dent and individualized learning. This kinds of teaching
serve as avenue to come up sions, craft responsive legis- enacting legislative measures (Turn to page 8) (Turn to page 9)

An Artist who Stares at Goats IN CAMSUR

Almost every day, one
will find him at his farm
Duterte graces youth’s
watching or seemingly
staring at his goats. No, Roy
environmental summit
Layosa, a former civil society
community organizer, is not PILI, Camarines Sur ter creek that passes through
into a psychic experiment to --- Davao City Mayor Sara the barangays of Cadlan, Pal-
goad goats into becoming Duterte was wamly wel- estina, San Antonio and May-
a war weapon as in the comed by more than 4,000 catmon, all from the munici-
2009 parody, The Men Who youth members, members pality of Pili.
of the media, provincial of- A Bantay Marapong Team
Stare at Goats. He believes
ficials and Camarines Sur was specially organized to help
instead that raising goats is constituents as she graced execute the implementation of
a potent weapon to improve the induction ceremony of the program’s other strategies;
the protein requirements the El Verde Youth for Cli- namely, frequent clean-up,
of children, help alleviate mate Action (EVYCA) yes- pollution-management, riv-
rural poverty, and ensure terday (August 9) at the erbank stabilization and the
food security. His farm, a Kaogma grounds, Capitol institutionalization of manage-
1.8 hectare inheritance from Complex, here. ment bodies in the 4 barangays
Mayor Inday Sara, as she is covered by the creek.
his parents in Iriga City
fondly called, said she won’t Before talking to thousands
is tucked in a lot teeming miss this very important occa- of young environmentalists,
with various fruit trees sion as environmental issues Mayor Sara shared a brief
along the road in barangay are concerns that are also close moment with CamSur me-
Santiago, a riverine village to her heart. dia where she answered some
where the first Philippine She led the ceremonial queries , basically her tips on
Tarzan movie was filmed. tree planting at the Kaogma how to conquer criticisms,
His goat house, made grounds as a show of support time management as a woman-
to El Verde’s Marapong Creek leader, wife and a mother, how
from coconut lumber and rehabilitation program. Davao reached its current eco-
thatched nipa shingles, Camarines Sur Governor nomic state, among others.
shelters a dozen Anglo- Miguel “Migz” Vilafuerte who She also thanked the pro-
Nubian and Lamancha led the group of LGU and pro- vincial government for mak-
which individually he calls vincial officials during Mayor ing her an adopted daughter of
by name. Alpha is the very Sarah’s visit, consistently nur- Camarines Sur through Sang-
first goat he bought when tures and empowers the EVY- guniang Panlalawigan (SP)
he realized he had been CA members to serve as sec- resolution 214, series of 2017.
ond liners and advocates of the This is one of the highest rec-
promoting goat raising environment while inculcating ognitions given by the SP.
among farmers in a coastal the value of stewardship of be- The lady mayor gratefully
town in Camarines Sur, ing nature’s caretakers. shared to Cam Sur media men
and yet he himself was not The Marapong Creek rehab that last year, Davao City broke
practicing what he was Roy with Agot and Kid. Roy teaching the Agta tribespeople the use of forage plants as program aims to improve the the 2 million mark for tourist
preaching. At the yard, water quality of the 16-kilome- arrivals in the durian city.
goat feeds. His other passion, painting.
Agot and Kid, prance
about, going up and down advocate of goat raising in the integrity, stability, and beauty After the day’s training,
the staircase of the goat country. of the biotic community. Roy descends the hilly home
house, showing the energy “One of the advantages It is wrong when it tends of the Agta back to his own
of newly-born kids, twin of raising goats is the otherwise,” Leopold wrote in farm. There, he thought of
offspring of a Lamancha, availability of their food. A Sand County Almanac. the Agta and hoped that the
distinguishable by its very They feed on madre cacao, “A goat’s meat is the lesson he taught will help spell
short pinnae, and a native madre de agua, mulberry and healthiest meat, it has almost a a difference in the economic
goat. Most of the time, the indigo ferra which are rich zero cholesterol; and its milk lives of the San Ramon Agta,
pair lay in front of Roy’s protein source and which is closest to a human mother’s one of the most impoverished
rustic cottage. you can just plant as fences,” milk. So let’s all help to make and marginalized sector in the
The walls of his farm he told members of the San this project work,” he urged region. He looks towards the
house are adorned with his Ramon Agta community in the Agta participants whom Santiago Elementary School,
paintings, an old passion Buhi, Camarines Sur. Roy, he called ngod or brothers, the site of a Spanish-time
which he exchanged for a who is the president of the a personal communication reduccion or hamlet which
course in B.S. in Agriculture Goat Raisers Association of style which he has learned was drawn on paper by the Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte led the ceremonial
which he earned from the Camarines Sur(GRACS), was from his previous work personal bodyguard of the planting of the El Verde's Marapong Creek Rehabilitation
Central Bicol State University chosen by the Department with the Philippine Rural national hero, Lt. Jose Taviel Program at the Kaogma Grounds, Pili, Camarines Sur on
of Agriculture where he of Agriculture(DA) and Reconstruction Movement, de Andrade. Roy takes his Thursday, Aug. 9. On her left is Camarines Sur 2nd District
majored in animal husbandry. Agricultural Technical own drawing pad, stared at his Congressman LRay Villafuerte and on her right is Cam
the oldest NGO in the country
Sur Governor Migz Villafuerte. (Photo grab from CamSur
One shows a still-life of an Institute(ATI) in Bicol to founded in 1952. goats and started sketching. Governor Miguel "MIgz" Villafuerte's FB post)
Ifugao backpack, a pair of help train the Agta in goat

Over 2,000 aspiring entrepreneurs

sandals, straw hat and a scarf, raising under its Integrated
the usual accoutrements Livestock-based Farming
of a community organizer. System for Indigenous

participate in the 5th RYEC

Roy once worked as one Peoples project, a four-
for CARE Philippines and month farmer’s course. The
Tanggol Kalikasan where he project is a joint undertaking
was involved in biodiversity of the DA, ATI, the National
monitoring. Commission on Indigenous By KYNA DE CASTRO from different schools across of the Provincial Govern- influential entrepreneurs and
“I guess my concern for Peoples, the Ateneo de Naga the region and Local Gov- ment of Camarines Sur ex- co-founder of Machine Ven-
the environment stems from H.S. Batch ’74, the GRACS, “Not all graduates of ernment Units gathered for posed the youth to a wide tures; and Pococholo Gonza-
my love for the arts, that’s the Municipal Agricultural business related courses the biggest youth entrepre- range of entrepreneurial les, famous author and moti-
why most of my subjects are Office of the town of Buhi, and end up as successful entre- neurship congress in South opportunities and business vational speaker.
found in nature, like trees and the Provincial Veterinarian preneurs. Many of them Luzon, the 5th Regional skills essential for success- “If you feel insecure
birds,” he said. While he was Office of Camarines Sur. become employees. This Youth Entrepreneurial Con- ful entrepreneurship. Highly sometimes, it’s okay. Life
not able to pursue his dream “The manure of the event aims to show them gress (RYEC) last July 27- successful speakers were in- is a cycle: you fail, then you
to take up Fine Arts, his three goat can be gathered for the limitless opportuni- 28, 2018 at the Convention vited in the summit: Natasha pick yourself up. Simply be-
children inherited his artistic vermicomposting which you ties offered in the world of Center, Capitol Complex, Bautista, head of GrabCar: cause you have to keep on
bent and all finished digital can use to fertilize your plants entrepreneurship and in- Pili, Camarines Sur. Southeast Asia’s leading learning, always.” Said Mr.
animation from the Ateneo thus eliminating the necessity spire them to follow their “This event will bring transportation technology; Jan Alec Figuracion during
de Naga University. When of commercial fertilizer and passion,” said Rico Evan- global perspectives from Jan Alec Figuracion, direc- his talk on Following Your
his youngest son finished preserving a natural cycle gelista, Camarines Sur highly successful speakers. tor and writer of the multi- Life’s Passion.
college, he went full-time and beauty of a community,” Chamber of Commerce Learn from them, listen, and awarded film “Eternity Celebrity and beauty
into goat raising, infusing he said, echoing the famous and Industry (CCCI) Pres- be empowered. Remember Between Seconds,”; Juan queen Kisses Delavin and
at least PhP80 thousand in comment of American ident. that the provincial govern- Miguel Alvarez, founder Miss Millennial Philippines
the venture and securing the environmentalist and With the theme “The ment will always support the and web developer of Pota- and Miss Kaogma2017 Ju-
initial breed from the Naga ecologist Aldo Leopold.on Power of Millennial Entre- youth,” said Gov. Migz Vil- tocodes Website Develop- lia Gonowon also enter-
Goat Farm owned by Dr. land ethic. “A thing is right preneurship,” over 2,000 lafuerte. ment and Designs; Shahab- tained and motivated the
Rufo Llorin Jr., a staunch when it tends to preserve the young aspiring businessmen CCCI with the support Shabibi, one of Asia’s most (Turn to page 8)
MNWD Water Conservation and WASH Caravan 2018 kicks off
By AURIA S. GONZALES, members and school heads. pils maintain proper hygiene
MNWD Primarily set to provide in school.
a solution to the global and Present at the kick-off
NAGA CITY --- Man- domestic challenges on Wa- event were the members of
dated to protect our water ter Conservation and WASH the MNWD Board of Direc-
resources, the Metropoli- through education, the pro- tors Monina Lily A. Claveria
tan Naga Water District gram is composed of two who gave a sound introduc-
(MNWD) in partnership parts. tion about WASH and Mike
with the Rotary Club of The first part entailed a R. Pauig, Rotary Club of Naga
Naga spearhead the Water discourse about MNWD as WASH Project Chairperson.
Conservation and Water, an organization, importance Moreover, the event will
Sanitation and Hygiene of watershed and water con- run for the remainder of 2018
(WASH) Caravan 2018. servation including practical in 14 public schools within
The first stop of the cara- ways to save water. the MNWD’s service area.
van was at Calauag Elemen- The caravan is a continu-
Meanwhile, the second
ation of the initial program
tary School, here last Wednes- part demonstrated the pre-
of MNWD which started in
day, August 1, followed by the ventive interventions such
2017. This year’s partnership
elementary schools of Balatas as proper hand washing with of the Rotary Club of Naga
and Teodora Mosco on Au- soap and brushing of the in the program envisions a
gust 3 and 7, respectively. teeth with fluoride toothpaste promising direction and more
Suffice to say, the MNWD which the pupils excitedly enabling results towards the PROPER HANDWASHING
caravan team received the volunteered to do. A Naga City pupil is taught proper handwashing, part of the Metro Naga Water District project
attainment of a sustainable en- and WASH Caravan 2018.
warmest welcome from the The team distributed bath vironment and an empowered
pupils as well as, sincere soaps, toothpastes, and tooth- community. tion Agency-Camarines Sur tapped as MNWD’s informa- other media outlets in Naga
greetings from the faculty brushes to ensure that the pu- The Philippine Informa- Provincial Office was also tion drive partner, along with City.

Innovations in infrastructure industry, use of renewable energy

resources introduced at CSur Construct and Renewable Energy Summit
The Camarines Sur struct is anchored in the Chapter), United Architects negative concerns in using construction companies were mit were among the events
Chamber of Commerce government's ‘Build Build, of the Philippines (Cama- renewable energy. Further- also invited for the booth ex- held part of the month-long
and Industry, Inc., in part- Build, Program’ in pursuit rines Sur Chapter), Geodetic more, financial institutions hibition which bridges the celebration of CamSur Busi-
nership with the Provincial to bring down the cost of Engineers of the Philippines were also invited to advise gap between suppliers and- ness Expo which both aims
Government of Camarines production, improve rural (Camarines Sur Chapter) and potential market with regards businessmen market looking to encourage the infrastruc-
Sur spearheaded the 1st incomes, encourage invest- other related organizations. to financial assistance and in- for sustainable solutions to ture industry in continuously
CamSur Construct and 2nd ments and create more jobs. The topics emphasized in vesting with theinstallation power outages, direct con- innovating and setting con-
Renewable Energy Summit Along with its goals, serves the event include Civic Mer- of renewable energy at home tact to construction suppliers struction standards as well as
held last August 3-5, 2018 at our tangible promise becom- chandising Company Prod- and business establishments. including commercial trucks promote the positive impacts
Capitol Convention Center ing catalyst and instrument ucts, Latest Construction and Different suppliers of solar and construction equipment. in using of renewable energy
wherein the three-day event in sustaining improvements Energy Statistics, Builders energy, power homes, com- The CamSur Construct to help in building an eco-
introduced innovations in excellence and quality ser- Lending Program of Land mercial establishments and and Renewable Energy Sum- friendly CamSur. - CV
the infrastructure industry, vice in the infrastructure in- Bank of The Philippines, De-
construction standards and
promotion of using renew-
dustry," said Ms. Abegail Sy
Soriano, Project Chairperson
sign Context, Latest Survey-
ing Instrument, Savings for DOST Sec Dela Peña leads
ManFabLab launch in Naga City
able energy resources (such of 1st CamSur Construct Using Solar Panels, Glass
as solar energy) through its which is a collaborative Thin Fil and Wood. The re-
featured technical seminars project of CSCCI with the source speakers provided
and forums. Philippine Institute of Civil knowledge and better under-
"The 1st CamSur Con- By ANA-LIZA S. MACATANGAY
Engineers (PICE-Naga City standing in addressing the
NAGA CITY --- No less

Honest Nagueño employee than Department of Science

and Technology (DOST)

returns ‘lost-and-found’ bag,

Secretary Fortunato T. Dela
Peña graced the launch-
ing of the first ever Manu-

cash, despite financial need facturing and Fabrication

Laboratory (ManFabLab)
right at the Bicol State Col-
By Armie B. Gunay, CEPPIO Sanchez, the owner of the Caramoan last July 22, 2018. lege of Applied Sciences
property who is from Para- The clutch bag contains
and Technology (BISCAST)
In spite of personal fi- ñaque City, to inform her that her personal belongings that
includes wallet with money, grounds, last August 8, here.
nancial needs of her family she (Dela Cruz) is in posses-
at present, an employee of sion of her (Sanchez) clutch credit cards and identifica- Dela Peña said that the
the Metro Naga Chamber bag which she accidentally tion cards, documents and construction of the Man-
of Commerce and Industry, found. an envelope containing cash FabLab here is aligned with
Ms. Peachy Dy Liacco-De la Afterwhich, they met near amounting to Sixty Thousand the vision of President Ro-
Cruz, honestly returned a at a chapel near the Naga pesos (P60, 000.00). drigo Dutete to speed up
lost bag which she found— City People’s Mall for Ms. Despite dire need for the progress of the regions, DOST Sec. DELA PEÑA BISCAST Pres. CORDIAL
an act highly commended Sanchez to retrieve the bag money with her (Ms. Dela complement with the growth
by the City Government of which she accidentally left in Cruz) son needing medica- and presence of various infra- and will elevate the level of Cordial explained that the
Naga, August 6. a store at the Naga City Peo- tion due to leukemia, Ms. structures in the metropolitan project conceptualization to facility is expected to produce
Accordingly, Ms. Dela ple’s Mall sometime in July Dela Cruz honestly returned centers and ensure that no another height. patents, licenses and provide
Cruz immediately phone- after passing by during their the properties she found to area is left behind in his quest The project will also work other commercialization sup-
called Ms. Monique Torres travel back to Manila from the rightful owner. for development. closely with the region’s port to BISCAST faculty and
“Our mission is, as what Small Medium Industries students’ innovation.
President Duterte wants, is to (SMIs) to design and develop “The facility should be a
ensure that those areas in the customized solutions suited multi-disciplinary hub and
countryside will also benefit to their needs. should serve as launch pad
from the ‘Build, Build, Build’ “This project bears multi for business and industrial
program of the government. faceted benefits- it can be collaboration and Research
He is also encouraging us to used not only by the students, and Development (R&D)
create opportunities since this but also of the teachers as projects. It is also expected
is one way to expand growth, well, even by our local busi- to act as an incubation zone
teach our students to become nessmen here operating their for creative ideas generated
entrepreneurs and come up businesses and by those who and conceptualized by the
with ideas and products than want to improve their crafts students, faculty and indus-
can compete in the global and designs. Our students trial collaborators,” Cordial
market,” the secretary added. have good concepts but if expounded.
BISCAST President Rich- they don’t have access to City Mayor John Bongat
ard Cordial said that the Man- proper equipment, the result also expressed his usual sup-
FabLab is another milestone may not be competitive. With port to the said endeavour
in the history of the university these facilities, we can give and lauded BISCAST for
Ms. Peachy Dy Liacco-De la Cruz and her son (fifth and sixth respectively from left) received a as it will change the landscape the output that ordinary shops being one of the rising state
resolution of commendation from the Sangguniang Panlungsod for her act of honesty. of the usual academic routine can’t deliver,” Cordial stated. (Turn to page 8)

BARANGAY . . . OVER 2,000 ASPIRING . . .

Award shall be given the fol- participants. “Life can be Investment Opportunities.
lowing rewards: overwhelming for all of us, “We should try to par-
1. First Place – A plaque but stay motivated for your ticipate in eventslike this
and One Million Pesos dreams because all challeng- for success in our course,”
(P1,000,000) worth of baran- es will pass,” shared Kisses. shared Kent Charles Notar-
gay project to be funded by The topics emphasized in io, 4th Year BS Management
the City Government of Naga the event include Enterprise student from Bicol Univer-
2. Second Place – A plaque
Development, Creating En- sity. “Entrepreneurship cre-
and Seven Hundred and Fifty
Thousand Pesos (P750,000) trepreneurial Mindset, Busi- ates more opportunities not
worth of barangay project to ness with a Purpose, Build- just for yourself but also for
be funded by the City Govern- ing Your Brand, Embracing other people by providing
ment of Naga the Millennial Generation, employment and livelihood.
3. Third Place – A plaque Identifying and Following This event equips uswith
and Five Hundred Thousand Your Passion, How to Make the necessary knowledge
Pesos (P500,000) worth of Money through Networking and skills needed to become
barangay project to be funded Sites, Benefits of E-Com- businessmen with a pur-
Only priority projects of the merce, and Financing and pose,” he added.
barangays, as stated in their
ALL SMILES! Barangay Development Plan,
The microfinance clients of CARD Bank, Inc. in Tagum City, Davao del Norte were all delighted
as Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip (center), the founder and chairman emeritus of CARD Mutually shall be funded by the city PDEA, NBI NET P24.3M . . .
Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI), visited them during their organized weekly center meeting government subject to strict
together with his CMDI-Tagum College students. At the center meeting, Dr. Alip encouraged the observance of existing ac- against those involved. arrested on Tuesday a couple
clients to maintain their performance in terms of Repayment, Attendance, Project, and Attitude counting and auditing laws, For its part, NBI-Naga suspected of selling illegal
(RAPA). He also emphasized the importance of attending weekly meetings. The center meeting rules and regulations. City District Officer Atty. drugs.
is the time where clients gather together and discuss various agenda to further advance their Dante B. Bonoan also report- They were identified as
group and respective businesses. A credit with education (CwE) is also facilitated at the center DSWD STEPS . . . ed that during their one time - Manuelito Jacobe, 48, and his
by CARD’s Account Officer (AO). These module-type CwE sessions cover topics on business
development, financial literacy, health protection, and disaster management, among others.
ery and reintegration services big time joint drug operation wife Gloria, 47, of Barangay
for those who have been vic- with PDEA-Bicol, they were Puro.
This year, Dr. Alip is expected to visit more centers in Mindanao because he also seats as the
tims of human trafficking. It
dean of the college of business and management of CARD-MRI Development Institute (CMDI)
includes case management, also able to put behind bars Seized from them was
in Tagum City. CARD Bank and CMDI are member institutions of CARD MRI, a group of 21 13 drug personalities. PHP150,000 worth of sus-
where the problems and needs
institutions that aims to eradicate poverty in the country. The drug operation in Ba- pected “shabu” or crystal
of the victims are analyzed, to
implement appropriate inter- rangay San Juan, Baao, Ca- meth, which was kept inside
DOST SEC DELA PEÑA LEADS . . . setting like BISCAST and I ventions. marines Sur was also done their room.
believe that the most quali- Garcia added that the ser-
universities in the country in close coordination with The couple is now de-
business commercialization, fied higher education to host vices provided by the DSWD
for its focus on Science and among others. for trafficked persons under the the Camarines Sur Police tained at the PDEA regional
a lab of this kind is BISCAST,
Technology (S&T) and how “Again another pioneer- program include livelihood, Provincial Office (CSPPO)- detention facility, facing
alongside with its vision to
it can connect to the outside educational, medical and aux- Intelligence Office and the charges of illegal drug pos-
ing program on how manu- develop young scientists. iliary assistance, aside from
world, particularly to entre- facturing and fabrication can This is a step to the right di- Philippine Army. session. - (with reports from
temporary shelter. -with reports
preneurship, productivity and be enhanced in an academic rection,” Bongat said. from PNA In a related story, the PIA/Camarines Sur and
PDEA in Legazpi City also PNA)
Republic of the Philippines PRESIDENT DUTERTE SIGNS . . .
Naga City, Camarines Sur He also expressed his where our people’s concern AUCTION SALE/SUBASTA
gratitude to the members of will no longer be centered on
CFN-041-2018 the Bangsamoro Transition their safety and security, but All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE
Commission, the Moro Is- on charting a future they can PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga
CCE City, pawned from MARCH 1-31, 2018 whose terms have
lamic Liberation Front, and proudly bequeath to succeed- expired will be sold to public auction sale on SEPTEMBER 1,
In compliance with the publication requirement and the Moro National Liberation ing generations,” he said. 2018 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 Front for the passage of the “Together, let us shatter the Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-
mentioned date will be honored until AUGUST 30, 2018 only.
Guidelines in the implementation of the Administrative BOL. dark clouds that once loomed
Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172). Notice is “In closing, I ask everyone over our nation for genera- THE MANAGEMENT
hereby served that MARIA LUNINGNING B. ALBONG has to join me as we decisively tions, and welcome the dawn BIKOL REPORTER
filed with this Office, a petition for change of first name from Published: AUGUST 12, 2018
implement measures that of a brighter future not only
“DOMINGA” to “DELIA” in the Certificate of live birth of will create an environment for the Bangsamoro people,
DOMINGA CUSTODIO MOTOS at Naga City, Camarines but for all peace-loving Filipi- NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
Sur, and whose parents are CIPRIANO L. MOTOS and
Any person adversely affected by said petition may file est stars ahead of the 11 other 7th with the rating of 86% in the All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER
his written opposition with this Office not later than August teams coming from different 2018 Nursing Board Examina- PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St.,
19, 2018. countries. Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from MARCH 1-31, 2018 whose
tions out of the more than 4000
terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on
Meanwhile, Ms. Nikki Ma- examinees. SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
rie Rubio of the same school, The city Sangguniang Pan- Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-
the Ateneo De Naga University lungsod conferred a resolution mentioned date will be honored until AUGUST 30, 2018 only.
Naga City, Camarines Sur
and a former City Youth Sec- congratulating and commend-
BIKOL REPORTER retary of the Sangguniang Pan- ing the awardees for their exem- BIKOL REPORTER
Published: August 5 and 12, 2018 lungsod last 2014, was also rec- plary performance and achieve- Published: AUGUST 12, 2018
ognized and honored for placing ment.



of the celebration, will be on
level. We have maintained all two-loop, five kilometer run ternational Triathlon Union August 18, starting at 2:30 and learning seem to have ful and applicable in all kind
the activities especially those on the boulevard. (ITU), and was first held as great advantages since the of schools and classrooms.
p.m. in front of the city hall
with an impact on our tour- On August 12, the Mount Paralympic event at the 2016 teaching programme is ad- The unfortunate reality is
ism,” he said. Mayon Triathlon Asian Cup Summer Paralympics in Rio justed to the specific needs though that these schools
Ibalong festival is a yearly of the individual student and form the most neglected part
Some of the highlights race will start with a 1.5-kilo- de Janeiro, Brazil. non-religious fiesta depicting thus contributes to better of the education system.
of this year's festival are the meter swim at the Albay Gulf, On August 13, there will be Bicol’s early beginnings based learning outcomes. Multi- National educational author-
Asian Paratriathlon champi- to be followed by a 40-kilo- a medical and dental mission on the Ibalong Epic written by grade school provide the ities of education and peda-
onship and the Mount Mayon meter bike race going to the for all the registered senior cit- the late Professor Merito Espi- best test bench for research gogical institutions most of
Triathlon. northern area of this city and izens as well as lecture series nas. It tells of mythical super and investigation of the the times do not take into
Some 33 persons with dis- parts of the Municipalities of regarding Epikong Bikolnon heroes, villains, monsters and usefulness of individualised account or recognize or con-
abilities (PWD) from seven Sto. Domingo and Bacacay, to be held at the Ibalong Cen- wild animals in the ancient teaching since personalised sider important the differen-
countries including the Phil- and a 10-kilometer run back trum for Recreation (ICR). times. education is a basis that tiation on the teaching and
ippines are expected to join to the Legazpi landmark at the The Mutya ng Ibalong is Rosal said Ibalong is the gives solutions at the mul- learning conditions in the
the Paratriathlon while 600 city boulevard. slated on the same day at the longest running tourism pro- tigrade setting and thus is multigrade environment. As
triathletes from different parts These events are clear Pacific Mall. Coronation night motion-related festival in the widely adopted. far as this is the main goal
of the world are expected to manifestations that Legazpi will be at the Ibalong Centrum Multigrade schools have of the is Education For All,
entire Bicol region that ex-
arrive for the Mount Mayon City is considered as one of for Recreation on August 17. potential and play important to fulfil an obligation, then
presses warmth and goodwill role as educational units in much less attention is paid
Triathlon. the safest and beautiful places Meanwhile, there will be a to all people.
On August 10, the Paratri- underserved rural areas. In to provide quality education
for any kind of sporting event, fashion show on August 14 at He invited everyone to addition multigrade schools or to support the specialised
athlon race will start with a contributing to the increasing the Ayala Malls. come to Legazpi to celebrate could present good teaching needs of the teachers work-
75-meter swim at the Albay number of tourist arrivals, Ro- On August 16, the Epikong and witness all the festivities. and learning practises use- ing multigrade schools.
Gulf in front of the city bou- sal said. Ibalong Cultural Night, anoth-
levard. It will be followed by The Paratriathlon is a vari- er highlight of the festival, will
a 20-kilometer, four-loop bike ant of the triathlon for athletes be held at the Legazpi City
along the Embarcadero de with physical disabilities. This Convention Center.
Legazpi and boulevard and a sport is governed by the In- The Ibalong Street Dance


and mandates local govern- more other LGUs,” he said. ments of RA 9003, particular-
ment units to convert the Luistro said she will ask ly the operation of a sanitary
same into controlled dump- the Ombudsman to take into landfill.
sites which will be totally consideration her efforts to In a related development,
closed by 2006, or five years finally close the dumpsite in personnel of the DENR-
after the enactment of the law. March 2017 as she is given Environmental Management
The city, however, only ten days within which to file a Bureau in Bicol recently
closed its open dumpsite last motion with the Office of the conducted a training for se-
year although Borejon said Ombudsman. lected LGUs in updating their
they have already bought a In July, the Ombudsman respective Ten-Year Solid
new site for the sanitary land- also suspended two Albay Waste Management Plan and
fill for which they have allo- town mayors and several lo- Safe Closure and Rehabilita-
cated PhP50-million. cal officials for the same vio- tion Plan which will be sub-
“It takes from three to five lations. mitted to the National Solid
years to establish a sanitary In Bicol, only Legazpi Waste Management Commis- "E-POWER MO" IN ALBAY
landfill and it is really dif- City has fully complied with sion for its approval. -with re- The Department of Energy (DOE) held its “E-Power Mo” campaign forum in Albay to inform
ficult financially, how much the provision of the require- port from PNA consumers about using less energy and employing technology to save energy as they relate
to the current administration’s energy policy. (PNA photo by Connie Calipay)



For : Interested Bidder

Subject : Disposal Sale of Vehicle
Date : August 3, 2018

Ateneo de Naga University is soliciting sealed bid proposal for the sale of the below-listed vehicle
on “as is, where is” basis:


One (1) unit – 2004 Kia Green Picanto Hatchback Php 80,000.00
Plate No. : XRW 332
Motor Serial No. : G4HG4872183
Chassis Serial No. : KNABA24335T077027


1. Interested bidder may inspect and check the vehicle. Inspection of vehicle may be arranged
with the PPA OFFICE and to be assisted by LORENZO TOLEDANA at the Ateneo de Naga
University, Main Campus, Bagumbayan Sur, Naga City. Guidelines and Forms are likewise
available at the PPA OFFICE.
2. Interested bidder is required to submit sealed bids to the OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE
SERVICES and BID DEPOSIT amounting to TEN PERCENT (10%) of the starting bid price
for the vehicle on or before AUGUST 23, 2018 at the TREASURER’S OFFICE. BID FORM is
3. The BID DEPOSIT shall be treated as a partial payment for the winning bidder and deductible
to the bid price. Relatedly, all other BID DEPOSIT by the non-winning bidders will be returned,
less Five Hundred Pesos (PhP 500.00) to cover the administrative charges.
4. The opening of bids and awarding shall be conducted on AUGUST 24, 2018 at 3:00 PM at
the MULTIPURPOSE HALL, 5F, ALINGAL HALL in the presence of the representatives from
announcement of the decision for the bids is final.
5. The winning bidder must make full payment of the bid taking into account the bid price to the
UNIVERSITY CASHIER within ONE (1) DAY after receipt of the Notice of Award.
6. Should the winning bidder decide not to pursue the bid, the BID DEPOSIT shall be FORFEITED
in favor of the University. Consequently, the next best offer of bid shall be considered.
Withdrawal after being declared winner will also disqualify the bidder from participating in any
other bidding offers in the future.
7. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any bid offers.
8. Pull-out of the vehicle from the site shall be the sole responsibility of the bidder. All
UNIVERSITY markings (seal, logo, and name) shall be removed from the vehicle prior to
9. The DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE shall be prepared by the OFFICE OF THE
ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES. The notarization, transfer of ownership as required by the
LAND TRANSPORTATION OFFICE (LTO) and other incidentals shall be for the ACCOUNT
10. For control purposes, the bidder or representative must present one copy of the NOTICE OF
AWARD TO THE SECURITY PERSONNEL at the gate to serve as GATE-PASS to take out
the vehicle.

For the information and guidance of everyone.

Br. RAYMUND E. BELLEZA, SJ Bikol Reporter

Director of Administrative Services Published: August 5 and 12, 2018
DSWD steps up Drive vs. Human Trafficking
LEGAZPI CITY - Twen- from other regions; while 17 The latest case docu- Office 1 in Pangasinan.
ty-three cases of human of these were cases of illegal mented by the DSWD hap- “They were recruited to
trafficking were recorded recruitment; four were on pened on July 25, when seven work in a fishpond with the
in Bicol from January to child trafficking; four mail- victim-survivors of illegal re- promise of PHP5,000 per
July this year, the regional order bride and forced labor, cruitment from Oas town in month with free food and
director of the Depart- with one case each. Albay were rescued by Field accommodation. However,
ment of Social Welfare when they arrived at the place,
and Development(DSWD) they stayed in a congested
bared. room and were only allowed
"The fight to end human to eat when they were done
trafficking is an action that working,” Garcia narrated.
must be taken by everybody Last July 25, the victim-
so we need the policy mak- survivors were discharged by
PAGE 10 AUGUST 12 - 18, 2018 ers, inter-agencies, the people, the Recovery and Reintegra-
law enforcement that should tion Program for Trafficked

PDEA, NBI net P24.3M be mobilized to address the

concerns, DSWD Regional
Persons (RRPTP) social
workers while aftercare assis-

worth of drugs
Director Arnel Garcia said. tance from DSWD-5 was pro-
He said that Camarines cessed and endorsed to their
Norte had nine cases; Albay, respective families.
NAGA CITY. The to carry on the drug war
two; Catanduanes, five; Ca- Dir. Arnel Garcia shares an inspirational message during the
combined forces of the are working hard to ensure marines Sur, four; Masbate hensive program of DSWD
Albay Youth Summit on Human Trafficking. He emphasized
Philippine Drug Enforce- there’s no let up campaign and Sorsogon, one each; and that we should strengthen family values to protect any
that ensures adequate recov-
ment Agency(PDEA) and (Turn to page 8) one case from referrals to/ member of the family from trafficking. (DSWD Region V) (Turn to page 8)
the National Bureau of

President Duterte signs Philippine Identification System Act

Investigation(NBI) in Ca-
marines Sur has hailed the
success of their campaign
against illegal drugs in the President Rodrigo Roa for different government the Bangsamoro Region in participate in constructive dis- autonomy, while preserving
province. Duterte on Monday signed transactions. Muslim Mindanao, which I cussions about the law in their our bond as a single nation
PDEA-Camarines Sur into law the Philippine Iden- “This will not only en- hope will finally end the de- homes and communities. and affirming the sovereignty
Provincial Office Agent Raul tification System Act, which hance administrative gov- cades-old conflict that is root- He also encouraged them of the indivisible Republic of
Noel L. Natividad reported aims to make public service ernance, reduce corruption, ed in the Bangsamoro’s fight to take part in the upcoming the Philippines,” he said.
that from the first semes- delivery more efficient. curtail bureaucratic red tape, for self-determination and the plebiscite to express their sov- The President likewise
ter of the current year, their “Today, I also signed the and promote the ease of doing recognition of their unique ereign will through the ballot. thanked the members of Con-
operations have arrested 43 Philippine Identification Sys- business, but also avert fraud- identity,” he said. “Let us work together as gress as well as its leadership
suspect, in the 16 buy-bust tem Act, a measure that will ulent transactions, strengthen Duterte asked the Moro we continue the healing and for supporting the administra-
operations they conducted establish a single national financial inclusion, and create people, as well as the indig- reconciliation process. Let us tion’s legislative agenda par-
which resulted in the confis- identification system that will a more secure environment for enous communities and Chris- give this law a chance to ad- ticularly in passing the BOL
cation of 3,577.4185 grams promote good governance, en- our people,” he added. tian settlers living within the dress the Bangsamoro peo- and the new ID system.
hance governmental transac- Duterte allayed public fears Bangsamoro areas, to actively ple’s aspiration for genuine (Turn to page 8)
of illegal drugs amounting to
tions, and create a more con- regarding privacy and securi-
ducive environment for trade ty, noting that the information
“These accomplishments included in the Phil-ID will
and commerce to thrive,”
are part of our successful be similar to the information
President Duterte said during
campaign to curb drug-relat- a ceremony in Malacañan Pal- already in the possession of
ed activities in Naga City and ace. the Philippine Statistics Au-
in most part of Camarines The signing coincided thority, Government Service
Sur for the past six months, with the presentation of the Insurance System, PhilHealth,
covering the month of Janu- President of the newly signed Pag-IBIG Fund, and the Com-
ary to June,” he said during Bangsamoro Organic Law mission on Elections.
the regular Naga City Peace (BOL) to the leadership of the He added that the Philip-
and Order Council (NCPOC) various Moro front groups and pine Statistics Authority will
meeting held at the Public key Mindanao stakeholders. work closely with the National
Safety Office conference The Chief Executive asked Privacy Commission, the De-
room here. for public support for the new partment of Information and
led to the arrest of 43 sus- measure, saying the ID sys- Communications Technology,
pects in the, Aug. 7 (PIA) tem will promote the efficient and the multi-agency PhilSys-
– Following the marching delivery of services through a tem Policy and Coordination
order of President Rodrigo single ID that will be issued to Council to address all con-
all citizens and resident aliens. cerns pertaining to privacy and
Roa-Duterte to clear the drug
menace in the country, all The ID, called the “Phil- President Rodrigo Roa Duterte shows a copy of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys)
ID,” will dispense with the “There is therefore no ba- Act after signing it during a ceremony at Malacañang Palace on August 6, 2018. RICHARD
enforcement agencies tasked sis at all for the apprehensions
need to present multiple IDs MADELO/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO
about the Phil-ID, unless of
course that fear is based on
anything that borders to ille-
gal. If at all, the Phil-ID will
Lightning as Energy Source eyed
even aid in our drive against LEGAZPI CITY - A tap lightning as a renewable The RSTW, which was at-
the social menaces of pov- Japanese university is con- energy source. tended by Department of Sci-
erty, corruption, and criminal ducting the potential of tap- Dalida also announced ence and Technology Secre-
issues, as well as terrorism ping lightning as a source during the 2018 Regional tary Fortunato de La Pena as
and violent extremism,” he
of electricity for the region, Science and Technology Guest of Honor, featured the
an official of the Philippine Week(RSTW) held at the awarding of recognitions to
Presentation of the
Bangsamoro Organic Law Atmospheric, Geophysical Bicol University College of graduates of the DOST SET
On the presentation of the and Astronomical Services Engineering gym here that UP program, exhibits, docu-
BOL, the President again ex- Administration (PAGASA) the Doppler Radar in Cat- mentaries on the Research
pressed his optimism that the said. anduanes is now operational and Development agenda
new law would finally put an Dr. Landrio U. Dalida Jr., and will greatly help the of the region, orientation on
RENEWABLE ENERGY SUMMIT Deputy Administrator of the agency in monitoring the vol- the Balik-Scientist program,
Naga College Foundation President Mario C. Villanueva end to the decades-old conflict
answers queries from the media during the press conference in Mindanao. PAGASA said that Hokkaido ume of rainfall as well as in food summit and presenta-
for the launching of the 2nd Renewable Energy Summit which “Ten days ago, I signed University has proposed to upcoming storms that may hit tion on robotic investions and
he chairs. (JRM-PIA5/Camarines Sur) into law the Organic Law for conduct research in Bicol to the region. innovations.

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