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For the Concepts & Skills Learning Outcomes Instructional Tools Pedagogy Activity/Assignme Assessment Formative /

Month & nt/ Summative

References Projects/ Assessment
Research Syllabus

March to April
Topic: My body
Classes reqd
Duration of 1.Identification of 1.Can identify and 1.Audio/Visual Aid 1.Explaination Activity Assessment Formative
period = external body parts. understand body Method 1.Labeling external through Assessment
40minutes parts and their 2.Action body 2.Practical body parts identification , E1 Part A-
2. Importance and importance. game Demonstration (students label oral presentation Activity
3 periods for uses of external body 3.Concept body parts in the and drawing , worksheet
Concepts parts.( Hands, Feet, 2.Importance 3. Rhyme Formation given picture) labeling of No.1
and mouth). of personnel recitation 4.Rhyme external body ( Students
1 period for hygiene and recitation Assignment parts, and class label and
P.P.T and 3. Draw and write healthy body. 4. Drawing 5.In -text assignment colour the
game about external body Questions Activity based on topic. external body
parts. 3. Can draw and write 5. Picture of human based worksheet parts in the
1 period for about external body body (Students draw and given
theme based 4.Rhyme recitation parts. write two functions picture).
activity on “ My of hands. feet, and
body” (Two little ears to hear 4. Can recite a poem mouth)
on My body( This is E2 Part A-
1 period for Mother call) my body) Drawing
poem, and ( Students
assignment draw and
Skills colour any
1 period for five external
drawing and 1.Identification body parts)
writing related
to topic 2. Conceptual
Total periods =7
3. Drawing
E3- Oral
( Students
4. Writing recite a poem
Two Little
ears )

E4 Part A-
Fill in the
letter, Name
the body
Topic: Inside my

5 periods for Concepts

1.Identify and 1.Can identify and 1.Audio/Visual Aid Explanation Activity Assessment Formative
1 period for understand understand Method Labeling internal through Assessment
P.P.T Internal body Internal body 2. Integrated body parts identification,
parts and their uses parts and their uses approach with Learning ( Students label drawing, E1 Part B-
1 period for and importance. and importance. games by doing Brain, Lungs puzzles, labeling Activity
theme based Heart and of internal body worksheet
activity on 2.Draw and write 2.Can draw and write Practical Stomach on the parts, and class No. 2
“Inside my about internal body about internal body 3. Drawing Demonstration cut-on of the assignment ( Students
body” parts and their parts and their body on chart). based on topic. Label the
functions. functions. Concept internal body
1 period for 4. Chart Formation Parts in the
poem, and 3.Importance of food, 3.Importance of food, Assignment given
assignment water, cleanliness water, cleanliness 5. Game Rhyme Name and draw the picture).
and exercise to stay and exercise to stay recitation part of the body
fit and healthy. fit and healthy. that Pumps blood, E2 Part B-
1 period for In -text control other Puzzles
drawing and Questions body parts, and ( Students
writing related Help you to digest solve the
to topic . food. Puzzles in
Skills the Puzzle
Total periods = 9 1.Conceptual

2. Identification

3. Drawing

4. Writing
E4 Part B-
No. 2
read the
sentences on
organs and
answer the


questions of
FA’S will be
asked in