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Sectional boys golf, p7

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Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869

50¢ daily Friday, OctOber 1, 2010 Delphos, Ohio

Upfront Teen dangers ‘hidden in plain sight’

Library offers networking sites, Stratton if you find the Sports
‘super’ program says it may be smart to
join them if you can’t beat
Illustrated swimsuit issue
in your son’s bedroom. He
A “super”fun program them. may enjoy looking at things
has been scheduled at the “I’m not trying to bring like that but you should let
Delphos Public Library you into the 21st century him know that in real life
for boys, age 4-8. or anything but it might be he shouldn’t respect girls
“It’s a Bird, It’s a a good idea for you to set any less than he would his
Plane, It’s Superman” will up your own Facebook or mother or sister.”
begin at 4 p.m. Oct. 12. Myspace account to become On the subject of drug
Activities and a short your child’s friend. Your abuse, Stratton says the evi-
video with the Justice League kid may come home from dence may not be obvious
of America will be subject of school upset and not want to the casual observer.
the “super” fun hour. Those to talk about it when you “If you see something like
attending are welcome to ask what’s wrong but then a water bottle with a hole in
wear superhero costumes. go upstairs and put it on it, a funnel, aluminum foil
Sign-up is required and Facebook,” she said. “You’ll or anything else that seems
begins toiday. Attendance is also be able to tell if your unusual for a child’s bed-
limited to 25. Call the library kid is blocking things from room, that should be a red
at 419-695-4015 to register. you on Facebook or if your flag,” she said. “I’m not
kid won’t even add you as saying you should go in and
St. John’s to a friend; then you know
there’s something they don’t
snoop in your kid’s bed-
room but if you have reason
host memory want you to see.”
Another problematic
to believe there’s an issue,
then who cares? If you see
and aging talk issue brought up during the
workshop was “sexting.”
something strange, talk to
them about it. Chances are
St. John the Evangelist “If you see any explicit if you can think of some-
Church will present the Stacy Taff photo
texts or pictures on your thing to do with an object,
program “Memory &
Aging: what’s normal and Parents investigate a replica of a teen’s bedroom full of indicators of high-risk behavior child’s phone, you should they can too.”
during “Hidden in Plain Sight,” a workshop given by The Community Partnership. call the police immedi- While there is no formula
what’s not?” at 6:30 p.m. ately and report it because or cheat sheet for parenting
on Monday at St. John’s BY STACY TAFF tured a life-size replica the search capabilities,” you don’t want them to a child, Stratton says the
High School in the gym. staff@delphosherald.com of a teenager’s bedroom she said. “Kids can learn end up being associated most important thing is to
Speaker will be Cheryl full of clues pointing to anything on the Internet, with child pornogra- find what works for your
Conley, MA, LSW, of the OTTAWA — high-risk behavior. Parents like how to get high with- phy,” Stratton said. “You child individually.
Alzheimer’s Association, Technological tools like and others were invited to out actually using drugs should also talk to your “You know your own
Northwest Ohio Chapter. texting, instant messag- go through the room and or how to make bombs. kids about it and let them child, so if you notice
The program is free. Call ing and social networking investigate before speak- You may not even notice know they can tell you they’re acting strangely or
419-695-4040 to register. sites have made it easier er Danielle Stratton shed they’re doing it because if they receive something that they get nervous when
Vendor space for young people to find light on the indicators these things can be made like that because if you
trouble — and for trouble to and less-obvious signs to using household objects. don’t talk to them about
you bring up certain things
or go near certain areas in
available for find them.
The Community
watch for. If you go into your kid’s it, they may be too embar-
“The Internet is awe- room and you see some- rassed to mention it if it
their bedroom, find a way
to bring it up,” she said. “If
gift, craft show Partnership presented a some as far as sharing thing that doesn’t make does happen because that
“Hidden in Plain Sight” information goes but sense, don’t be afraid to is embarrassing.”
you’re thinking they aren’t
old enough to get their
Vendor spaces are workshop Thursday it can also be the devil ask them about it.” “It’s also important to hands on certain things, just
available for The Delphos at the Putnam County because it doesn’t dis- With the younger gen- talk to your kids about know they can find ways to
Ladies Club annual gift and Educational Service criminate unless you place eration broadcasting every respecting the opposite get everything they need to
craft show always held the Center in Ottawa. It fea- some kind of control over detail of their lives on social sex,” she continued. “Like do what they want.”
Saturday after Thanksgiving
at Jefferson High School.
For booth reservation 5 dead as drenching rains
take aim at New England
or information, call Karen
Hohenbrink at 491-692-2951.
Spaces are limited.
By TOM BREEN and Meteorologist Tim


The Associated Press
Armstrong with
National Weather Service
in Wilmington declared the

TODAY RALEIGH, N.C. — 22.54 inches to be the raini-

Football Torrential downpours from a est five-day period there that
NWC: Jefferson faded tropical storm marched he could find on record since
at Crestview; LCC at into New England after claim- 1871. It easily beat Hurricane
Spencerville; Columbus ing five lives, washing out Floyd’s 19.06 inches in
Grove at Col. Bishop Hartley roads and dousing some East 1999.
(non-league); Paulding at Coast cities with more rain in “We’ve measured the last
Ada; Bluffton at Allen East. hours than they normally get drop of rain in our bucket for
MAC: Versailles at in months. this event,” Armstrong said.
St. John’s; Parkway at The massive rainstorm “I went through Floyd also
Coldwater; Minster at drove up the Eastern Seaboard and I thought I knew what
Fort Recovery; Anna at from the Carolinas to Maine rain was. Then I went through
New Bremen; St. Henry on Thursday, the worst of this.”
at Marion Local. it falling in North Carolina He marveled at how a wet
WBL: Elida at Ottawa- where Jacksonville took on week changed everything:
Glandorf; Kenton at 12 inches in six hours — “We were praying for rain
Bath; Shawnee at Celina; nearly a quarter of its typical and we slipped into a moder-
Defiance at Van Wert; annual rainfall. ate drought last week. It all
Mike Ford photo
Wapakoneta at St. Marys. Four people, including two turned around in a hurry.”
BVC: Hardin Northern children, were killed when As skies cleared over Rustic owners Mike and Lorrie Metzger serve customer Pat Gerken after a recent
at Pandora-Gilboa; their sport utility vehicle Wilmington, heavy rain lunch-day rush. The bar celebrates its 70-year history as part of the Lause Family on

Rustic celebrates 70 years

Leipsic at Arlington. skidded off a rain-slicked pushed through the Mid-
NWCC: Perry at Marion highway about 145 miles east Atlantic, New York City,
Catholic (non-league); of Raleigh and plunged into eastern Pennsylvania and
Riverside at Ridgemont; USV a water-filled ditch, North beyond.
at Fairbanks; St. Wendelin Carolina troopers said. A fifth Forecasts said a large high
at Waynesfield-Goshen. victim likely drowned when pressure system over Canada BY MIKE FORD dad’s brother’s wife was my from 1961-1981 and John and
his pickup veered off the road was expected to push the mford@delphosherald.com mom’s sister. So, it’s been Sandy (Lause) Schimmoeller
Girls Soccer and into a river that was rag- storm further offshore and close-knit. My dad owned owned it from 1981 until they
Miller City at Ottoville ing because of the rain. likely spare New England the DELPHOS — Whether it’s and/or operated several bars sold it to Mike and Lorrie in
(PCL), 5 p.m. Forecasters warned of kind of extreme rainfall that a Browns game on Sunday in this town but he ran the 2002.
the danger of flash floods as flooded roads and homes. or an after-game celebration Rustic for the last 20 years of Lorrie is 55 years old and
when a local high school his life. He died young and her husband is two years her
Forecast rain drove across the densely
populated East Coast cities
Sheila Mezroud said sand-
bags kept floodwaters out of team wins on a Friday night, that’s how my mom sold it senior. The couple have two
Mostly cloudy with buffeting winds on a her Carolina Beach home for the Rustic Cafe is often full to my sister. She had it for 21 children who live in other
Saturday, drive to New England. This only a short time. “I have to on such occasions. The bar years and we were away for places; neither have inten-
50 percent morning rush hour was a walk through an inch of water celebrates 70 years of own- 20 years; Mike and I grew tions of taking over the bar in
chance of challenge. to get from the living room to ership in the Lause Family up here but had moved away the future but Lorrie said there
showers and In Walpole, N.H., Erin the bathroom,” she said. Saturday. and came back to buy the was a time she didn’t think
high in mid Bickford said the deluge was The rain was part of a The establishment is family bar,” she said. she’d ever own it, either.
50s. See page 2. a welcome sight for her eight system moving ahead of the owned by Mike and Lorrie “I can remember coming She said the bar looks
acres of vegetables. “We had remnants of Tropical Storm (Lause) Metzger — the fifth in here as a little girl when much as it has for many years,
generation to own the bar my aunt Lucille ran it; I spent though her father did make a
Index almost no rain at all. Often,
we could see it raining across
Nicole, which dissipated
over the Straits of Florida on within the family. Lorrie said a lot of my life up here as a few changes at one time.
Obituaries 2 the river, but it didn’t come Wednesday. the lineage began in 1941 little kid. It has always been a “It has pretty much stayed
State/Local 3 here. It was just dust,” she But the rain caused sev- when her aunt Lucille (Lause) family bar. Even though it’s the same as it was years ago
Politics 4 said. eral other wrecks Thursday, Crede bought the bar from a bar, we’ve always had good but dad did do some remod-
Community 5 After a mostly dry sum- including a crash between Albert Beckmann. food and we get all ages in eling in the 60s when he got
Sports 6-7 mer around the Northeast, the two transit buses in Maryland “My aunt Lucille, my here and everyone gets along caught selling whiskey on
Church 8 fall storm provided inches of that left 26 people injured. dad’s sister, brought it into okay.” Sunday. Instead of paying
Classifieds 10 much-needed rain. Standing waters and fallen the family but the Rustic According to Lorrie, the fine, he closed for 10
Television 11 Forecasters said much of limbs on tracks slowed sever- has been here a lot longer. It Lucille (Lause) Crede owned days for remodeling — some-
World news 12 the rain would continue its al Amtrak trains, while some was a confectionary during the bar from 1941-1944 and times they gave you a choice.
advance across New England Northeast airports reported Prohibition and she turned again from 1951-1961; Norval That’s when he dropped the
during the day, though it like- flight delays of up to three it back into a bar. Then she and Pauline Lause owned it ceiling and put in new floor
ly won’t be the deluge that hit hours. Parts of Virginia had sold it to her brother, my in the years between. Mary tiling and walls but it’s basi-
North Carolina. 7 inches. dad’s brother also, and my and Ernie Lause owned it cally the same,” she said.
2 – The Herald Friday, October 1, 2010 www.delphosherald.com

For The Record

Dozens of NATO oil tankers US envoy WEATHER The Delphos
pressing to Herald
attacked in Pakistan
Delphos weather

save Mid-
High temperature Thursday Vol. 141 No. 93
in Delphos was 76 degrees, Nancy Spencer, editor
By AARON FAVILA sure at Torkham. was wounded or killed. low was 48. High a year ago Ray Geary, general manager

east talks
The Associated Press Around 80 percent of the The trucks were alight today was 64, low was 38. Delphos Herald, Inc.
fuel, spare parts, clothing and several hours after the attack, Record high for today is 87, Don Hemple,
SHIKARPUR, Pakistan — other non-lethal supplies for according to an Associated set in 1971. Record low is 29, advertising manager
Suspected militants in south- foreign forces in landlocked Press photographer at the JERUSALEM (AP) set in 2003. Tiffany Brantley,
— A U.S. envoy was shut- circulation manager
ern Pakistan set ablaze more Afghanistan travels through scene. WEATHER FORECAST William Kohl,
than two dozen tankers carry- Pakistan after arriving in the Another officer, Nisar tling between Jerusalem and
Ramallah today as part of an Tri-county general manager/Eagle Print
ing fuel for foreign troops in southern Arabian sea port Ahmed, said the tankers had The Associated Press
Afghanistan on today, high- of Karachi. The alliance arrived in Shikarpur from the emergency mission to rescue The Daily Herald (USPS 1525
lighting the vulnerability of has other supply routes to southern port city of Karachi Mideast peace talks facing col- 8000) is published daily except
lapse because of a spat over TONIGHT: Mostly clear Sundays and Holidays.
the U.S.-led mission a day Afghanistan, but the Pakistani and were heading to Quetta, in the evening then mostly
after Pakistan closed a major ones are the cheapest and a major city in the southwest. Israeli settlements. By carrier in Delphos and
George Mitchell was meet- cloudy with a slight chance of area towns, or by rural motor
border crossing. most convenient. From there, the road leads to showers after midnight. Lows
ing Israeli and Palestinian lead- route where available $2.09 per
The Pakistani government Islamist militants occa- the Chaman border crossing. in the mid 40s. Northeast week. By mail in Allen, Van
shut the Torkham border in sionally attack NATO sup- Attacks on NATO and U.S. ers at odds over the end of
Israel’s temporary settlement winds 5 to 10 mph becoming Wert, or Putnam County, $105
the northwest in apparent ply tankers in Pakistan, most- supply convoys in Pakistan south after midnight. Chance per year. Outside these counties
protest at a NATO helicopter ly in the northwest where give militants a propaganda slowdown, with no evident $119 per year.
sign so far of a compromise of rain 20 percent.
incursion that killed three of their influence is stronger. victory, but coalition officials SATURDAY: Mostly Entered in the post office
its soldiers on the border. The Thursday’s strike was in say they do not result in short- that would allow the month-old in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as
talks to move forward. cloudy with a 50 percent Periodicals, postage paid at
events raised tensions between Sindh province, far from the ages in Afghanistan. Some of chance of showers. Cooler
Pakistan and the United States, border, and might be taken as the attacks are believed to be Palestinian President Delphos, Ohio.
Mahmoud Abbas has threatened with highs in the mid 50s. No mail subscriptions will be
which have a close but often a sign that the insurgents are the work of criminals. Some Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph
to quit the U.S-sponsored nego- accepted in towns or villages
troubled alliance in the fight expanding their reach. officials allege truck owners becoming north 10 to 15 mph where The Daily Herald paper
against militants. Pakistan Around 10 gunmen may be behind some of them, tiations unless Israel extends the
10-month-old restrictions on in the afternoon. carriers or motor routes provide
also lodged a formal protest attacked the vehicles when perhaps to fraudulently claim SATURDAY NIGHT: daily home delivery for $2.09
with NATO today. they were parked at an ordi- insurance. building in Jewish settlements per week.
in the West Bank. Israeli Prime Mostly cloudy with a 20 per-
The convoy of tankers nary truck stop on the edge The vast majority travel, cent chance of showers. Lows 405 North Main St.
attacked today was likely of Shikarpur town shortly however, through the coun- Minister Benjamin Netanyahu TELEPHONE 695-0015
has refused to do so. in the upper 30s. North winds Office Hours
headed to a second cross- after midnight. They forced try unharmed and the fre- 5 to 10 mph.
ing in southwest Pakistan that the drivers and other people quency of attacks reported The U.S., which worked 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
was not closed. It was not there to flee before setting in the media does not appear for months to coax both sides POSTMASTER:
back to the negotiating table, EXTENDED FORECAST Send address changes
clear if the vehicles had been the fires, said police officer to have risen much, if at all, SUNDAY: Partly sunny
is pressing Israel to extend the to THE DAILY HERALD,
rerouted because of the clo- Abdul Hamid Khoso. No one over the last two years. with a slight chance of show- 405 N. Main St.

Delphos man appears in court

slowdown in a bid to keep talks
going. ers in the morning then mostly Delphos, Ohio 45833
Israeli media have report- cloudy in the afternoon. Highs
in the upper 50s. North winds

on multiple theft-related charges

ed that American media-
tors offered Prime Minister 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain Scholars of the Day
Benjamin Netanyahu a pack- 20 percent.
age of far-reaching incen- SUNDAY NIGHT,
Jesse J. Blackburn, 19, of the recovered property had more arrests are likely as tives in return for agreeing to MONDAY: Partly cloudy.
317 N. Bredeick St. in Delphos been stolen on the morning the investigation continues. a 60-day extension, including Lows in the upper 30s. Highs
appeared for arraignment in of Aug. 31 from parked cars Delphos police will confer new weaponry. in the upper 50s.
Van Wert Municipal Court belonging to four separate with prosecutors before the According to the Israeli MONDAY NIGHT:
on Thursday and entered not victims. formal filing of additional daily Yediot Ahronot, the U.S. Mostly cloudy. Lows in the
guilty pleas to four separate The warrants were served charges are considered. No also promised to support an upper 30s.
counts of receiv- on Blackburn in the other information is yet Israeli demand to leave troops TUESDAY: Mostly sunny.
ing stolen property Van Wert County available. along the eastern border of a Highs in the lower 60s.
in connection with Jail on Sept. 29, Blackburn is being held in future Palestinian state after a TUESDAY NIGHT:
St. John’s Scholar of the
a rash of property where he has been the Van Wert County Jail on peace agreement, a demand the Partly cloudy in the evening
then becoming mostly cloudy. Day is Alaina
thefts from parked held since Sept. 7 a $1,000 cash bond, pending Palestinians have said they will Utrup.
motor vehicles on a probationary pre-trial hearings scheduled not accept. Lows in the lower 40s.
on the morning sentence unrelated for Tuesday. But Netanyahu — hemmed Congratulations
of Aug. 31 on the
northwest side of
to the theft case.
Delphos police indicate
this is the third theft-related
in by his hard-line coalition
partners and his own explicit
Jefferson’s Scholar of the
Delphos early that also have charged arrest from parked motor promises that the slowdown Corn: $4.46
morning. Blackburn with vehicles since Sept. 20, when would last only 10 months — Wheat: $5.49 Day is Taylor
Investigators, one count of pos- police arrested one adult and has so far refused. Beans: $10.50 Sheeter.

India less tense after court

working in con- Blackburn session of drug one juvenile in connection Congratulations
junction with the paraphernalia from with their involvement in the Taylor!
West Central Ohio Crime evidence uncovered in this theft from parked cars that

verdict on holy site

Students can pick up their
Task Force, reportedly made theft investigation. Blackburn morning. Police indicate all awards in their school offices.
undercover purchases of sto- has entered a not guilty plea of the stolen property in all
len property from Blackburn to that charge as well.
on the afternoon of Sept. 5. Investigators believe
three cases have been recov-
ered and positively identified By BISWAJEET of Ayodhya. POLICE
Investigators confirmed that more criminal charges and by the owners. BANERJEE
The Associated Press
R.K.S. Rathore, the senior
superintendent of police, REPORT
Patrol seizes 40 pounds LOTTERY LUCKNOW, India —
told The Associated Press
there were no confrontations
Man arrested on
parole violation
of hydroponic marijuana
Schools, shops and business- between Hindus and Muslims
CLEVELAND (AP) — es reopened today as fears of in the region.
These Ohio lotteries were violence ebbed in northern Streets had been mostly Delphos Police Officers
drawn Thursday: India following a court order deserted as the ruling was assisted Putnam County
MONTPELIER – Two indicators and a Patrol drug- Mega Millions
men are facing felony drug sniffing canine alerted to the to divide a disputed holy delivered, but vehicles Adult Parole Authority in tak-
Estimated jackpot: $32 site between the Hindu and returned today, ferrying ing 49-year-old Michael J.
charges after Ohio State Chevy. A probable cause million
Highway Patrol troopers search revealed 40 pounds of Muslim communities. children to schools. Shops Schuerman in custody for a
Midday 3 Thousands of government and businesses reopened in parole violation on Thursday.
seized 40 pounds of hydro- hydroponic marijuana. 4-3-0
ponic marijuana, valued at The driver of the Toyota, forces remained in the streets Ayodhya, Varanasi, Lucknow Schuerman was taken into
Midday 4 and on high alert, but the and other potentially explo- custody in the 300 block of
more than $200,000 dur- Joseph Ascencion Michel, 27, 1-6-4-3
ing a traffic stop Tuesday in of Texas, was charged with decision Thursday offered at sive places with a mixed West Fifth Street then turned
Pick 3 least a reprieve in a battle population of Hindus and over to a Putnam County
Williams County. complicity, a third-degree fel- 2-1-9
Troopers stopped a ony. The driver of the Chevy, over the site that has sparked Muslims. Sheriff Deputy to be transport-
Pick 4 deadly rioting in the past. The Allahabad High ed back to Putnam County.
2007 Toyota Solara and a Juan Zamarron, 28, also of 4-1-1-5
rented 2010 Chevy Malibu, Texas, was charged with traf- With both Muslim and Court ruled Thursday that
both with Illinois registra- ficking in marijuana and pos- Estimated jackpot: $48
Hindu lawyers vowing to the 64-acre (25-hectare) site TODAY IN HISTORY
tion, for following too close- session of marijuana, both appeal to the Supreme Court, should be split, with the
million public reaction to the verdict Muslim community getting By The Associated Press
ly violations on the Ohio third-degree felonies. Rolling Cash 5
Turnpike near milepost 16 Both suspects were incar- was restrained. control of one-third and two Today is Friday, Oct. 1, the
07-15-21-27-33 “The law and situa- Hindu groups splitting the 274th day of 2010. There are
at approximately 12:30 p.m. cerated in the Corrections Estimated jackpot:
on Tuesday. It was discov- Center for Northwest Ohio. If tion throughout the country remainder. 91 days left in the year.
$151,000 has been extremely peace- Muslims revere the com- Today’s Highlight in
ered the two vehicles were convicted, Michel could face Ten OH
traveling together, due to the up to five years in prison and ful,” India’s Home Minister pound as the former site of the History:
05-06-11-15-30-31-32-33- Palaniappan Chidambaram 16th century Babri Mosque, In the early hours of Oct.
driver of the Toyota being a $10,000 fine and Zamarron 34-44-48-50-56-59-60-63-64-
the renter of the Chevy. could face up to 10 years in said. “There have been no while Hindus say it is the 1, 1910, the offices of the Los
69-78-79 incidents reported to us.” birthplace of their god Rama Angeles Times were destroyed
Troopers observed criminal prison and a $20,000 fine. Ten OH Midday As the day broke, hun- and contend a temple to him when a bomb exploded, ignit-
01-03-04-10-12-17-25-26- dreds of devotees prayed at stood on the site before the ing a natural gas fire; 21
34-36-48-52-54-62-63-65-70- a makeshift Hindu temple at mosque. Times employees were killed.
October Special: 73-75-78 the disputed site in the town Thursday’s ruling said the (The paper had been targeted

$10 off Color Service Hindus could keep the area because of its fiercely anti-

$ 00
with LO (Lauren) Verhoff during October.
All color services include cut & Style. Lo is a graduate Buy one entree get where the mosque once stood union publisher, Harrison
of Paul Mitchell Academy with 3 years experience. because the court determined Gray Otis; iron worker James
Lo also offers: pedicures, manicures, facial waxing, the 2nd entree it was the birthplace of Rama B. McNamara later pleaded

1/2 off
block coloring techniques, highlighting and lowlighting.
and archaeological evidence guilty to planting the bomb
Lo’s hours are: Mon. 12-8; every other Tues. morning;
Wed. 1-8; Thurs. 11-7; Fri. 10-4; Sat. 9-2 showed a temple had pre- and was sentenced to life in
dated the mosque. prison.)
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Cattle Show, took place in
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www.delphosherald.com Friday, October 1, 2010 The Herald –3

From the Vantage Point E-mail checking ousts $ 99
Ohio candidate public safety lawyers Includes
9 volt battery
By ANN SANNER The Columbus Dispatch
sued for sexual
Limit 1 set to a customer
The Associated Press first reported the firing and
resignation Thursday. First Alert
harassment COLUMBUS — One Public safety spokeswom-
Smoke Alarm
CLEVELAND (AP) — A attorney has been fired and an Lindsey Bohrer said the
Cleveland woman has sued another has resigned from the
state Department of Public
agency believes Engel had
filters set up to automatically
Value Pack
a candidate for a U.S. con- First Alert® Standard
gressional seat in northeastern Safety after they were found forward any e-mails to and
intercepting e-mails between from the inspector general’s
Ohio, alleging the candidate
employees and the state office and the Dispatch. The Fire Extinguisher 1x

propositioned her and groped
watchdog and a newspaper, Dispatch filter appears to have
basic home
her after she tried to volunteer protection

for his campaign. the department’s director said been in place since at least
The 39-year-old woman Thursday. October 2008, she said, while
said in a lawsuit filed in Public Safety Director Tom e-mails involving the inspec- 2-1/2 lb., fights wood, paper, grease,

Cuyahoga County Common Stickrath said he fired lawyer tor general’s office had been oil, gas and electrical fires. 87892

Pleas Court Thursday that Tom Joshua Engel on Wednesday going to Engel for at least a
Ganley offered her a $100 bill because Engel had directed year. COUPON
the agency’s information Bohrer said the depart- Good only Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010
to buy lingerie and encouraged
her to join him and his friends technology department to ment was working with the 9 VOLT BATTERY
at a condominium.
The lawsuit alleges Ganley
automatically send him any
e-mails exchanged with the
state’s inspector general or
Franklin County prosecutor’s
office in its review.
Engel was trying to figure
First 50
Customers... FREE
tried to force himself on the
The Columbus Dispatch. out how confidential informa- Second 50
woman, who had approached
Ganley about volunteering for Pamela Bolton, a staff tion was getting into the hands Customers...Only
$ 69
ea. 1
his campaign. attorney who assisted with the of reporters and others who he
Ganley, a well-known electronic eavesdropping, quit said shouldn’t have had the
northern Ohio car salesman, is on Wednesday, Stickrath said. material, but he cast too broad
a Republican trying to unseat
Photo submitted
She should have informed him a net, James said. Engel was
Democratic incumbent U.S. Vantage Cosmetology junior Breanna Murphy from about the matter, he said. putting the matter behind him,
Rep. Betty Sutton in northeast Kalida practices hair setting techniques on her mannequin The lawyers’ departures James said.
Ohio. during lab. took place at an agency “He’s just moving on,”

Making the cut!

A message was left with embattled earlier this year James said. “He’s going to
Ganley attorney Steven Dever, for its then-director’s role get on with the next phase of
who told The Plain Dealer in calling off a law enforce- his life.”
ment sting at Democratic Engel had been chief coun-

the charges were extortion and
motivated by politics. Gov. Ted Strickland’s resi- sel at the department until
The Vantage senior customers, students are also dence. Stickrath succeeded May, when he was demoted
.10-cent wage Cosmetology class is proud to taught salon management
announce that the Avantage skills, retailing practices
that director, Cathy Collins-
Taylor, who was forced out.
to staff counsel over allega-
tions that he wanted to set GEN 3 Quartz Infared
increase unlikely Salon will open on Tuesday. and communication skills.
This year brings more spe- Specific study of anatomy and
Engel is cooperating
with investigators and state
up Inspector General Tom
Charles for possible criminal
Portable Heater
to help much 1,000 sq. ft. model

cialty services than ever chemistry related to the hair officials, said his attorney, charges.
COLUMBUS (AP) — before. care industry is also included Larry James. A message left The deputy director of
95 $
Ohio’s minimum wage is set
to increase by 10 cents to $7.40
in this two-year program.
This year’s instruc-
Thursday at Bolton’s office
wasn’t immediately returned.
Ohio’s Office of Homeland
Security, Earl Mack Jr., testi- Sale
an hour at the start of 2011. to 2:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, tors are Amy Grothouse (a Stickrath said he didn’t
know whether the attorneys’
fied during a Senate hearing
in May that Engel proposed Only 50 down $
Officials at the state Wednesdays and Thursdays. Vantage Cosmetology grad
Department of Commerce said New spa services include herself) teaching the junior
actions were illegal, but he
stressed he didn’t support
in March leaking a classified
report on security at the gov- will lay away.
Thursday that the increase is “Paraffin Dipping” for class, Susie Smith, the senior them. He said Engel had ernor’s residence to Charles, WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!
part of a constitutional amend- extremely dry hands, “Tea Cosmetology teacher, and access to potentially sensitive who would face federal pros-
ment voters approved in 2006, Tree Experience” deep con- Barb Huber, who is teach- Delphos
law enforcement information ecution if he released it.
which says minimum wage ditioning treatment and aro- ing the related portion of
will increase each year at the matherapy. A variety of cos- Cosmetology for both juniors
rate of inflation. metology services including and seniors.
from watchdog investigators.
Strickland spokeswoman
Amanda Wurst said the gov-
Mack’s testimony was
compelled by a subpoena.
However, an internal inves-
The $7.40 rate applies to hair care, skin care, mani- Students completing the ernor’s office first heard about tigation at the department 242 N. Main St.
workers 16 and older who cures, pedicures, permanents, cosmetology course of study Engel’s activities earlier this couldn’t verify those allega-
don’t get tips. The wage for hair cutting and styling are and meeting the required Delphos 419-692-0921
week. tions.
tipped employees will be $3.70 being offered. Groups are competencies have the oppor-

per hour, a five cent increase. always welcome. It’s a great tunity to graduate with a
The wage will be required way to have a ladies morn- diploma and a license issued
from employers who gross ing out. by the Ohio State Board of TAX MON.-WED.-FRI.

more than $271,000 annually, Call 419-238-5411, ext. Cosmetology. This program
up from the current $267,000. 177 to make an appointment. continues to boast a high rate
For employees at smaller Please note that if school is on of graduates who receive their
companies, and for 14- and a delay, cosmetology services license prior to or immedi-
15-year-old workers, the mini- are cancelled for the day. ately upon graduation from
mum wage is set to match the In addition to serving high school. 4 HUGE FLOORS OF INCREDIBLE $AVING$!
Christmas in October Craft
federal minimum wage, cur-
rently $7.25 per hour.

Audit criticizes
Franklin County Show set this weekend HEADQUARTERS
veterans group
Cloud Productions pres-
ents it’s 23rd Christmas in
October Craft Show Saturday
of food for breakfast, lunch
and dinner or just a snack.
A package check next to
report by the Ohio auditor has
criticized the way a veterans
services agency gave raises
and Sunday at the Hancock
County Fairgrounds.
the show office is offered
compliments of Cloud RECLINERS
More than 300 artists and Productions. Donations are
to executives that were never From:

crafts people from a seven- appreciated as it goes to

discussed in public.
State Auditor Mary Taylor
state area will participate.
Eleven large buildings on the
make improvements to the
fairgrounds. Gift certificates 95
said Thursday that the Franklin
From: $$ 9595
grounds and two big-top tents are given away hourly.
County Veterans Service
Commission violated state
open records law 33 times
between 2006 and 2009.
and numerous outdoor loca-
tions are filled to capacity.
Live entertainment is pro-
vided for all ages. Along with
Free gift bags are given
with every $50 purchase,
simply show receipts at the
Enter-to-Win booth.
The five-member board We Offer the Entire Ashley Line of Sofas, Recliners, Dinettes, Bedrooms,
approved financial decisions in all the activities for children, Admission to the show is
closed sessions and approved Buttons, the famous clown, $5, children 12 and under are Occasional Tables, Lamps & Accents at LOW Factory Direct Prices.
raises with no evidence of returns to perform her great free. Parking is at no charge.
public votes appearing in tricks for the children. A spe- Show hours are 10 a.m. to
board minutes or recordings. cial treat for the children is a 5 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m.
The agency’s board has visit from Santa Claus. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Visit www. SOLID WOOD
given three executives pay More than 20 food ven- cloudshows.biz for a $1 off
hikes of 66 percent to 80 per- dors will offer an assortment coupon.
cent since 2005.

Board president Will Davis
said in a letter that accompa-
nied the audit that the board
will review Taylor’s recom- Discontinued Suites
mendations to ensure the
agency will perform to a high- and Odd Pieces

50-60% off
er standard.


Discontinued Sets
and Odd Pieces
Bring in the Kids to See Our “Kid’s Generation”!
VISIT US at www.francisfurniture.net
4 — The Herald Friday, October 1, 2010 www.delphosherald.com

POLITICS “It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.”
— Agnes Repplier (REHP’-leer), American essayist (1858-1950)

Congress flees DC to
campaign for re-election
By LAURIE KELLMAN sought to do their party no means have a vote,” Sen.
and JIM ABRAMS further harm on Capitol Hill. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., said
The Associated Press They’re heading home Wednesday. “But it was pret-
without what was supposed ty clear that it was going to
WASHINGTON — to be the Democrats’ closing be mutually assured destruc-
Battle-weary members of argument of the campaign: an tion.”
Congress are coming soon extension of expiring Bush- Republicans also
to neighborhoods near you era tax cuts for families mak- denounced Democrats for
to press for re-election, more ing less than $250,000 and delaying the ethics trials
willing to campaign before individuals making less than of Reps. Charles Rangel,
angry constituents than to $200,000. Conservative and D-N.Y., and Maxine Waters,
compromise in Washington moderate Democrats joined D-Calif., until after the elec-
on tax cuts, child nutrition or Republicans in calling for the tions. Both lawmakers had
a federal budget. preservation of all the expir- said they wanted trials as
Democratic congressio- ing cuts, even for the wealthi- soon as possible.
nal leaders decided to call est Americans. In the waning hours before
off controversial votes on Wary of being branded adjournment, Democrats
taxes and President Barack tax hikers, Democrats in both moved what smaller legisla-
Race upended by Obama’s latest spending houses postponed the ques- tion they could. The end-of


requests and instead pass a tion until a postelection ses- session agenda included:
immigrant maid temporary bill to keep the
government running through
sion Nov. 15. If Congress
takes no action by the end of
—The first intelligence
authorization bill since 2004,
One Year Ago SANTA MONICA, Calif. November. Some Democrats the year, Americans of every with compromise language
• Allen County commissioners implemented a furlough pro- (AP) — Republican Meg facing particularly tough income level face significant- on demands by Congress for
gram and additional budget cuts during their weekly meeting. Whitman struggled to steady re-election fights joined ly higher tax bills. Pelosi has greater access to top secret
The measure is being called a proactive one that will save more her campaign for California Republicans in protest, say- said the middle-class tax cuts intelligence. The most secret
than $430,000 over the next 15 months and helps set the county governor after disclosures ing Congress should stay in will be passed this year. briefings will still only be
on firm ground going into 2010. It’s expected to curtail further about her former housekeep- session and get more done Republicans, meanwhile, provided to top congressio-
job loss and to not affect law enforcement. er — an illegal immigrant before facing voters Nov. 2. did not want to get in the way nal leaders, but members of
— threatened to cut into her An Associated Press-GfK of the Democrats’ political the intelligence panels will
25 Years Ago — 1985 support among Latinos just Poll this month showed that struggles. They cast the deci- receive a general descrip-
• Spencerville High School homecoming queen candidates weeks before election day. the public is fed up with sion to punt the tax cut debate tion of the programs. The
are seniors Jodie Kill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kill, The campaign that for both parties. Only 38 percent as a vote for a tax hike, and House cleared the measure
Bobbie Croft, daughter of Betty and Dennis Croft, Janet Place, months was dominated by approve of how congressio- called the Democratic major- for Obama.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Place, and Sherry Bayliff, daugh- nal Democrats are handling ity irresponsible. —Legislation approved
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bayliff.
talk of schools, the state’s
$19 billion deficit and jobs their jobs, and just 31 percent But one self-proclaimed by the House, 348-79, that
• The first meeting of the 1985-86 season of the Delphos like the way Republicans are “noncombatant” said post- would allow the U.S. to
Young Farmwives was held at Jefferson Training Center with has become a swirl of accu-
sations pitting the word of doing theirs. poning such important issues seek trade sanctions against
12 members in attendance for a potluck dinner. Janice Pohlman Majority Democrats fac- preserved the integrity of the China and other nations for
was welcomed back to Delphos Young Farmwives. The raffle Whitman, the billionaire for-
mer eBay chief executive, ing significant losses in the debate and any decision that manipulating their currency
donated by Sue Honigford was won by Kathy Renner. House and Senate in the wake might result. to gain trade advantages.
• Emil and Mary Jane Schnelle of Delphos became the against a 39-year-old maid
of unpopular bills to stimulate “It would be one thing Quickly criticized by China,
owners of the Delphos Bicycle Shop, 108 N. Main St. They who worked in her home for
the economy and overhaul if you have a chance to its prospects are unclear in
purchased the business from Phil Martin, who began the shop nearly a decade.
the nation’s health care laws pass something, then by all the Senate.
in 1978 at his East Third Street residence. The business was Whitman says the woman
moved to its current address in 1982. provided what appeared to be a
valid Social Security card and
White House chief of staff: Emanuel out, Rouse in
50 Years Ago — 1960 driver’s license when she was By BEN FELLER is Tom Donilon, the depu- retary Robert Gibbs would
• Five Delphos couples, and possibly more, will attend the hired through an employment The Associated Press ty national security adviser not confirm that, working to
semi-annual District 13 Jaycee meeting to be held at Idlewild agency in 2000. At issue is known as a skilled inter- avoid getting ahead of the
Club on Grand Lake, according to Don Schramm, president of whether Whitman knew about WASHINGTON — agency manager, although he president. But Gibbs said
the local Jaycees. Special guests will be State Jaycee President a 2003 letter from the Social President Barack Obama is may be a logical replacement Obama would be making twin
Jack Rayment of Painesville, and State Chaplain William Security Administration that making official what has been for national security adviser personnel announcements
Knepp of Milford. The Celina and St. Marys chapters will be raised discrepancies about clear for days: Rahm Emanuel, James Jones upon his expect- on today. And in a bizarre
host for the meeting with representatives from Delphos, Van her housekeeper’s documents the relentless enforcer of his ed departure in the coming exchange with reporters, he
Wert, Bowling Green, Sidney, Kenton, Lima, Upper Sandusky, — a possible tip-off that she agenda as White House chief months. Another top candi- described Emanuel’s legacy,
Coldwater and the host chapters planning to attend. During the of staff, is resigning. The job date is Ron Klain, although Rouse’s skills and the choice
men’s business session a style show will be presented for wives could be in the U.S. illegally.
The letter is at the cen- Emanuel wants now is mayor he might be reluctant to leave of the grand East Room for
and guests of members attending. Those from Delphos who so of Chicago, where his next his job as Vice President Joe the event. He even winked in
far indicated they will attend are Mr. and Mrs. Don Schramm, ter of claims by Nicky Diaz
Santillan that Whitman and fierce political fight awaits. Biden’s chief of staff. giving one of his answers.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hohlbein, Mr. and Mrs. James Mesker, Mr. What Emanuel leaves Obama’s choice will come The transition is likely
and Mrs. Richard Schlagbaum and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Backus. her husband knew for years
about her legal status, but behind is more than a staff in the context of a personnel to unfold in a fitting way.
kept her on the job anyway at job. It is the most demand- reorganization, two years into Emanuel will talk. Rouse will
75 Years Ago — 1935
• Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Critchfield have returned to their their Silicon Valley home. ing and influential position a grueling presidency, with probably not.
home on South Main Street after spending seven weeks at Seeking to quiet the uproar, in the White House — save some key players already The two men could not be
their cottage on Sturgeon Bay, near the Straits of Mackinac. In Whitman tried to turn the dis- for Obama’s. The person planning to leave the White more different in their person-
Ishpeming, they viewed the new gold mines, at Houghton, the cussion in another direction. who holds it is entrusted to House grind and others likely alities and style. Emanuel, 50,
copper mines and they visited the old army post at Fort Wilkins “This is a distraction on what shape the president’s think- seeing changes in their port- is a fast-moving, disciplined
which is the termination of State Route 41. I think Californians really ing, prioritize his time, man- folio. The results of the Nov. and notoriously profane man-
• Relief work is going forward in Delphos as usual but with care about,” she said, refer- age scores of egos and issues 2 House and Senate midterm ager — the once and future
a much reduced case load. A number of people who were on and keep the White House elections will also be a fac- politician who served as an
ring to unemployment and
relief have been able to secure employment in cutting corn and focused on its goals. tor. Illinois congressman and
public schools.
in the harvest of tomatoes. Fruits and vegetables are very plenti- Stepping into that role Sources familiar with always had a longing for run-
But damage might already
ful this year and people in general are taking advantage of this will be Pete Rouse, a deep- Emanuel’s plans confirmed ning for mayor of his home-
be done. ly trusted senior adviser to them to The Associated town Chicago.
fact to store up great quantities for the winter months. “When news head-
• The Palace Sweet Shop team of Delphos, defeated the Obama who has made much Press. Rouse, 64, shuns the spot-
lines are saying ’Whitman of his living as a chief of staff. Emanuel’s departure has light but has quietly built up an
Ottoville bowling team at the Royal Alleys in a closely con-
tested battle. The locals won the first game by 15 pins, 648 to hired an illegal alien,’ you Obama today is expected to been one of the worst-kept enormous wealth of trust and
633. The second game was a tie at 658 all and the locals won have a problem,” said Jack herald Emanuel’s service, talk secrets in recent Washington relationships in Washington.
the third by 14 pins, 690 to 676, giving them a lead of 29 pins. Pitney, a political scientist at of unfinished business and history. But that didn’t keep Those close to him say that he
Claremont-McKenna College introduce Rouse as interim the White House from trying. provides what Obama needs
in Claremont, Calif. . “A White House chief of staff, Sort of. — a sharp and strategic mind,
Republican in California has
likely for the rest of the year. Amid news reports that a sense of continuity, a knack
a tough sell among Latinos Rouse is considered a Rahm was definitely leav- for troubleshooting and an
to begin with. This makes it leading choice to become the ing and Rouse was to replace ability to keep people focused
The Delphos Herald welcomes letters to the editor. Letters tougher for her.” permanent chief of staff. So him, White House press sec- on their tasks.
should be no more than 400 words. The newspaper reserves On Thursday, Whitman
the right to edit content for length, clarity and grammar. Letters
concerning private matters will not be published.
disclosed that her husband
might have seen the 2003
Boehner offers rhetoric voters want to hear
Failure to supply a full name, home address and daytime letter and jotted a note on By DAVID ESPO Democrats have lately said obviously aimed at majority
phone number will slow the verification process and delay pub- it telling the housekeeper to The Associated Press they are increasingly optimis- Democrats, but Boehner did
lication. “please check this.” tic about holding their major- not mention them by name.
Letters can be mailed to The Delphos Herald, 405 N. Main For two days, Whitman WASHINGTON — ities in both. Instead, his speech
St., Delphos, Ohio 45833, faxed to 419-692-7704 or e-mailed forcefully denied receiving Jettisoning partisan campaign- Boehner is in line to appeared designed in part to
to nspencer@delphosherald.com. Authors should clearly state any such letter and said she season rhetoric, if only for a become speaker of the House win the support of indepen-
they want the message published as a letter to the editor. Anon- fired the $23-an-hour house- moment, House Republican this fall if Republicans cap- dents as well as other voters
ymous letters will not be printed. keeper last year immediately leader John Boehner said ture the 40 seats they need troubled by the partisan bick-
after learning she was ille- Thursday that both parties to gain control. His speech, ering in Washington.
bear the blame for “dysfunc- coupled with the adjourn-
Moderately confused gal. But Whitman’s husband
changed course Thursday tion in Congress” and urged
lawmakers to adopt a cut-
ment of Congress until after
the elections, inaugurated the
He also floated suggestions
for limiting federal spending,
after a letter surfaced with including a requirement for
as-you-go-rule to curb their final intensive stretch of the lawmakers to offset any cost
what appeared to be his hand-
appetite for spending on new campaign. Already, millions
writing, forcing him to say federal programs. of dollars worth of harshly
of establishing new programs
he may have been aware of The Ohio Republican negative television commer- — a proposal that appeared
the correspondence back in spoke hours after engi- cials are running in dozens more aimed at holding the
2003. neering a final partisan, of congressional districts and backing of conservatives who
Whitman has denounced pre-election showdown on Senate races, with the pros- form the core of Republican
the allegations as a “baseless the House floor, and one pect of many more as the support. Boehner spoke at the
smear attack” by Democratic senior Democrat, Majority candidates, their parties and American Enterprise Institute,
challenger Jerry Brown in Leader Steny Hoyer, swiftly independent groups maneu- a Republican-oriented think
what has become a dead-heat denounced him as an agent of ver for victory. tank.
race to run the nation’s most “gridlock and failure.” “The dysfunction in Democrats responded a
populous state. Hispanics are Separately, top Democrats Congress is not new. Both short while later at a news
projected to comprise just 15 met with President Barack parties bear the blame for conference in which they
percent of voters in the Nov. Obama at the White House it,” Boehner said. “But the sharply challenged Boehner’s
2 general election, but both for a review of strategy in a dysfunction has now reached description of Congress as
sides have aggressively tar- congressional election cam- a tipping point — a point at ineffective.
geted them as potential swing paign with scarcely a month which none of us can credibly Citing legislation on
votes. left to run. Officials said the deny that it is having a nega- health care, an economic
Now, the focus is on wheth- chief executive was urged tive impact on the people we stimulus measure, a bill to
er the billionaire GOP nomi- to woo independent vot- serve.” regulate Wall Street and
nee for governor will take ers who helped him win the He said the House had more, Speaker Nancy Pelosi
a polygraph test to respond White House and now appear failed to pass a budget this said rank-and-file Democrats
to allegations brought by a to be swinging toward the year for the first time since departed Washington to cam-
celebrity-seeking attorney and Republicans. 1974, and that not once in the paign “with a spirit of opti-
her mysterious housekeep- Polls point toward major current two-year Congress mism, very pleased about
er client. The Los Angeles gains for Republicans in had lawmakers been permit- taking the message of fight-
Times reported that Whitman both the House and Senate ted to offer unlimited amend- ing for the middle class, of
said she would be willing to in a midterm election over- ments to legislation. moving America forward and
undergo such a test. shadowed by recession, but Both criticisms were not going back.”
www.delphosherald.com Friday, October 1, 2010 The Herald – 5

LANDMARK First Family
visits Optimists
Margie Murphy-Miller
Our first ladies
Here are some interesting began to show some odd
was the guest speaker at and often amazing facts about behavior. She sewed all her
a recent Delphos Optimist our First Families: savings into her coat to protect
Club meeting. Murphy- it. Because of this, her oldest
Miller was appointed to
Shelterhouse fill an unexpired term of
• Though a former teacher, son Robert had her confined
Stadium Park Allen County Clerk of
Laura Bush smoked to a mental hospital.
a pack of cigarettes a Upon admittance,
Courts in August and day until quitting in Lincoln immediately
is running for the office 1991. began to work on her
in the Nov. 2 General release. She did so
Election. Optimist mem-
EVENTS ber Todd Menke thanked
• During World
War II, Nancy Reagan
by calling on power-
ful people she knew
her for coming. was a nurse’s assis- while in the White
TODAY tant. She once gave House to come and
1-4 p.m. — Interfaith Thrift a bath to a severely- see her. The most
Store is open for shopping. wounded soldier and Clarkson influential person
was shocked that he was Myra Bradwell,
SATURDAY died by the time she was the first female attorney
9 a.m.-noon — Interfaith Photo submitted finished. of Illinois. After her visit,
Thrift Store is open for shop- Bradwell deemed Lincoln to
ping. • President Wood Wilson’s be perfectly sane.
St. Vincent DePaul Society, brother-in-law, Randolph,

At the movies . . .
located at the east edge of the had to temporarily live in the • Rosalyn Carter once met
St. John’s High School park- White House after a major with Democratic fundraiser
ing lot, is open. The facil- operation. The surgery was John Wayne Gacy. He went
ity can also be opened by
done to correct a problem on to commit horrible mur-
appointment by calling John Van Wert Cinemas The Social Network (PG-13)
Trentman at 419-692-7185. from a bad fall he had as a ders, sometimes dressed in a
10709 Lincoln Hwy. Van Wert 1:30/4:15/7:10/10:05 child. Randolph had the job clown suit.
9:30-11:30 a.m. — Delphos Easy A (PG-13) Fri.: 4:30/6:30/8:30; Sat.: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of
Postal Museum is open. of opening and sorting the
2:00/4:00/6:15/8:30; Sun.: 2:00/4:30/7:00; Ga’Hoole (PG) 2:15/4:50 President’s mail. To contact Syndicated col-
12:15 p.m. — Testing of Mon.-Thurs.: 4:30/7:00 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of
warning sirens by Delphos umnist Scott Clarkson, e-mail
Alpha and Omega (PG) Fri.: 4:30/6:30; Ga’Hoole (PG) 3D 1:35/4:10/7:05/9:25 • After her husband was him at clarksonforpresident@
Fire and Rescue Sat.: 2:00/4:00/6:00; Sun.: 2:00/4:30; Mon.- Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (PG-13)
2-5:30 p.m. — Gomer assassinated, Mary Lincoln yahoo.com
Thurs.: 4:30/7:00 1:00/1:45/3:55/4:40/7:00/7:50/9:55
United Church of Christ hosts
Society plans owl program
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls You Again (PG) 2:05/4:30/7:30/10:00
“Welsh in America” exhibit. of Ga’Hoole (PG) 4:30/6:30/8:30; Sat.: Alpha and Omega 3D (PG) 1:55/4:20/
7 p.m. — Bingo at St.
John’s Little Theatre. 2:00/4:00/6:00/8:00; Sun.: 2:00/4:30/7:00; 7:25/9:30
Mon.-Thurs.: 4:30/7:00 Devil (PG-13) 7:35/9:45 The Tri-Moraine Audubon The program is free and
SUNDAY The Last Exorcism (PG-13) Fri.: 8:30; Easy A (PG-13) 2:10/4:55/7:20/9:35 Society will feature “owls open to the public.
1-3 p.m. — The Delphos Sat.: 8:30; Sun.-Thurs.:7:00; The Town (R) 1:20/4:05/6:50/9:40 of Ohio” at 7:30 p.m. on Tri-Moraine Audubon
Canal Commission Annex You Again (PG) Fri.: 4:30/6:30/8:30; Sat.: Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D (R) 1:50/4:25/ Tuesday in the meeting room Society’s Oct. 16 field trip
Museum, 241 N. Main St., 2:00/4:00/6:15/8:30; Sun.: 2:00/4:30/7:00; 6:55/9:20 of OSU-Lima’s Visitor and will be to the Lippincott Bird
will be open. Mon.-Thurs.: 4:30/7:00 Eastgate Dollar Movies Student Services Center. Sanctuary, located just east of
2-6:30 p.m. — Gomer Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (PG-13) 2100 Harding Hwy. Lima James S. “Jim” McCormac the Allen County Fairgrounds
United Church of Christ hosts Fri.: 4:30/8:00; Sat.: 2:00/5:00/8:00; Sun.: Saturday of the Ohio Division of on State Route 117. If inter-
“Welsh in America” exhibit. 2:00/4:30/7:00; Mon.-Thurs.: 4:30/7:00 Lottery Ticket (PG-13) 1:30/4:30/7:30/ Wildlife will be speaker for ested, be at the sanctuary by
9:45 the evening. He will speak 9 a.m.
American Mall Stadium 12 Vampires Suck (PG-13) 1:10/4:30/7:30/ on the behavior and habits This event is also free and
MONDAY 2830 W. Elm St., Lima 9:25 of owls. open to the public.
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite Saturday-Thursday Dinner for Schmucks (PG-13)1:10/4:10/
at Delphos Senior Citizen
Center, 301 Suthoff Street.
Case 39 (R) 1:40/4:45/7:40/10:10
Let Me In (R) 2:00/4:30/7:15/9:50
Despicable Me (PG) 1:00/4:00/7:00/9:10 Visit www.delphosherald.com
6 p.m. — Middle Point
Village Council meets.

Chief Fall Festival

7 p.m. — Delphos Parks
and Recreation board meets
at the recreation building at
Stadium Park.
Washington Township
trustees meet at the township
7:30 p.m. — Spencerville
village council meets at the
mayor’s office.
Delphos Eagles Auxiliary
Saturday, October 2
meets at the Eagles Lodge,
1600 Fifth St.
Delphos Civil Service
Commission meets at Happy Birthday Locally
Municipal Building. Homegrown
8 p.m. — The Veterans of OCT. 2
Foreign Wars meet at the hall. Austin Clarkson
Save $1.00
Save up to 69¢ ea;
Kory Mullenhour Special Recipe selected varieties
TUESDAY Lisa Moreo Cookies Bauman Small
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite
at Delphos Senior Citizen
All Varieties
Varieties Apples Pumpkins
$ 99
2 10 ¢
99 ¢
Center, 301 Suthoff Street.
6 p.m. — Weight Watchers
meets at Trinity United
Methodist Church, 211 E. In the Bakery
Third St. doz. ea.
6:30 p.m. — Delphos ea.
Lions Club, Eagles Lodge,
1600 E. Fifth St.
7 p.m. — Delphos Coon
and Sportsman’s Club meets. Fresh Pressed
7:30 p.m. — Alcoholics Save up to $1.00
Anonymous, First Presbyterian Save up to 50¢
Church, 310 W. Second St. Corn Stalks Bauman 8” Pumpkin
& Straw Bales Cider Pie

4 $ 99
1 $ 99
9 a.m. - noon — Putnam In the Bakery
County Museum is open, 202
E. Main St., Kalida.

Please notify the Delphos 1/2 gal. ea.

Herald at 419-695-0015 if
there are any corrections
or additions to the Coming
Events column. Fresh Pressed
ion sometimes gets lost, find CurvesSmart .If your fitness motivation sometimes gets lost, find CurvesSmart . ™ ™

If your fitness
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6 – The Herald Friday, October 1, 2010 www.delphosherald.com

Jays fly past Cardinals

Northwest Ohio Football Coldwater 2-1 3-2
The Delphos Herald Standings – 2010 Anna 1-2 3-2
jmetcalfe@delphosherald.com Through Week 5 St. Henry 1-2 2-3
League All Games Parkway 1-2 2-3
BLANCHARD VALLEY Minster 1-2 1-4
DELPHOS — St. John’s CONFERENCE New Bremen 1-2 1-4
used an aggressive game plan McComb 4-0 5-0 Fort Recovery 0-3 2-3
to down New Bremen 25-20, Leipsic 3-1 4-1
22-25, 25-9, 25-17 in Midwest Arlington
Athletic Conference volley- Liberty-Benton 2-2 2-3 Fairbanks 2-0 4-1
ball Thursday night at Robert Pandora-Gilboa 2-2 2-3 Fostoria St. Wendelin 1-0 4-1
A. Arnzen Gymnasium. Van Buren 2-2 2-3 Upper Scioto Valley 1-0 2-3
The Lady Blue Jays (8-9, Arcadia
Waynesfield-Goshen 1-1
Riverside 1-1
1-5 MAC) had been in a Hardin-Northern 0-4 0-5 Ridgemont 0-2 1-4
slump, according to head Perry 0-2 0-5
coach Kellie Sterling, so it TOLEDO AREA ATHLETIC
was good to see her charges CONFERENCE NORTHWEST CONFERENCE
have a solid match. Card. Stritch
Lima Central Cath. 4-0
Ada 3-0
“It was almost like a brand- Tol. Christian 1-0 3-2 Jefferson 3-1 3-2
new team I saw out there. Edon 1-1 3-2 Columbus Grove 2-2 3-2
We were aggressive hitting Hilltop 1-1 2-3 Allen East 2-2 2-3
with them, blocking them, Ottawa Hills 0-2 2-3 Bluffton 1-2 2-3
Danbury 0-2 1-3 Paulding 1-2 2-3
digging, everything,” Sterling Crestview 0-3 1-4
acknowledged. “We just GREATER BUCKEYE Spencerville 0-4 0-5
haven’t seemed to be able to CONFERENCE
put it together. We made some Napoleon 0-0 5-0 NORTHWEST OHIO
changes in our lineup, our Fremont Ross
Patrick Henry 4-0 5-0
offense and defense about a Findlay 0-0 1-4 Archbold 3-0 5-0
week ago and they seem to be Lima Senior 0-0 1-4 Wauseon 2-1 3-2
working. I am hoping this is Marion Harding 0-0 1-4 Evergreen 2-2 3-2
something we can build on.” Tom Morris photo
Bryan 2-1 2-3
GREEN MEADOWS Liberty Center 2-2 2-3
The Lady Cardinals had
the better of the early going Senior Melanie Mansfield and sophomore Bailie Hulihan combine for a successful dig CONFERENCE Montpelier 1-3 1-4

in the opening set, taking an versus New Bremen Thursday night. Efforts such as these propelled St. John’s to a 4-set Antwerp
11-6 lead on a Blue Jay hit- MAC volleyball triumph at Arnzen Gym. Tinora 2-0 5-0
ting error. Slowly, the hosts sophomore Emily Horstman “That was big; bouncing Mansfield tacked on six digs. Ayersville
Wayne Trace
Celina 4-0 4-1
began a rally behind some hit- (4 aces; 5 digs) garnered back right away after a sec- Leading the Cardinals were Fairview 1-1 1-4 Bath 3-1 4-1
ting errors by the Cardinals. three aces in a 10-0 span to ond set where we thought we Karli Jones (14 assists), Timri Hicksville 1-1 1-4 Kenton 3-1 4-1
After Lady Jay junior Shelby put the home team in the had the match in the bag,” Sadler (7 kills), Julie Brown Holgate 0-2 0-5 Ottawa-Glandorf 3-1 4-1
Reindel (11 kills; 11 blocks) lead at 16-12. However, New Sterling said. (11 blocks; 6 kills) and Rylie Wapakoneta 3-1 4-1
put down a spike to tie it Bremen answered behind New Bremen opened the McKinney (14 digs). Bremen MIDWEST ATHLETIC
Van Wert
at 17, senior Tiffany Geise Brittani Blaine (10 kills; 7 fourth set with three aces by had 13 aces overall. Marion Local 3-0 5-0 Defiance 1-3 1-4
(5 kills; 3 blocks; 6 digs; 3 digs) and her mates and rode Chrissi Wisvari (6 aces; 12 “You know every time you St. John’s 3-0 5-0 St. Marys 0-4 1-4
aces) got the serve and by the the momentum to a 1-1 tie as assists). However, the Jays play a MAC team, no matter Versailles 2-1 4-1 Shawnee 0-4 0-5
time Reindel put down anoth- Blaine put one down off the started to get rolling behind who, they are going to have a

er kill, the Jays led 23-17. Blue Jay block. a more varied attack, with lot of talent,” Sterling added.
When junior Gabby Metzner Just as quickly, the hosts Reindel, sophomore Heather “We know we’re not in the
(6 kills) hit a spike off the replied in the third set. With Vogt (5 kills; 6 blocks, 5 league of a Marion Local year
sophomore Katrina Etzkorn stuffs) and senior Gabby to year — they’re too tradi-
Cardinal block on set point,
the Jays had the opener in (12 digs; 4 aces) getting a pair Metzner (6 kills) to setting tionally strong — but we can
their pocket. of aces (16 for the night for the pace. When Metzner put compete with the others. We
The second set started off the hosts) in an opening 6-0 down a spike off the Cardinal just have to have the right Lake Football Leaderboard
the same way as the first for span, the Jays never looked block on match point, the Jays mindset and be consistent.” Courtesy of The Daily Standard
the Red and Yellow, getting back, especially since New secured the home win. The Cardinals won the TDS QUARTERBACK EFFICENCY
out to a 5-0 lead and forc- Bremen began to misfire on Senior setter Katie junior varsity match 25-22, Player Team Comp. Att. Pct. Yds. TD/Int. Efficency-*
ing Sterling to call time. The their hitting attack. When a Wallenhorst set the table for 25-12 as the Jays fell to 3-11. Jay Meyer, Anna 23 49 46.9 572 7/1 188.06
visitors eventually reached an Cardinal player hit the ball the Lady Jay hitters with 24 The Jays are off a week Ryan Mescher, ML
Kyle Stahl, SH
11-4 edge before the Blue out of bounds on set point, the assists and added four blocks, until they visit Versailles 5:30 Damian Winner, V 117 203 57.6 1405 17/4 139.47
and Gold fought back as Jays grabbed a 2-1 lead. while classmate Melanie p.m. Thursday (JV start). Austin Bruns, Cw 77 141 54.6 1081 11/5 137.66

Jordan Leininger, DSJ 29 61 47.5 452 5/1 133.55
Braden Billger, Cel 119 205 58.0 1447 13/8 130.46
Chase Paxson, Min 61 113 54.0 714 6/5 115.73
Elliott Westerbeck, NB 52 96 54.2 562 5/5 110.11
Kenny Wenning, FR 27 52 51.9 371 2/4 109.16
Celina grabs Fort Jennings is at St. ---- Second Singles: Fernandez vs.
Bryce Bedwell, Park 41 96 42.7 449 4/6 83.24
Wayne Trace title Marys Memorial at high noon Titans swarm Lady Bulldogs
Keber; Ruhe vs. Zender.
Third Singles: Waterman vs. Worman;
* — Efficency formula is: [ { (8.4 x yards) + (330 x touchdowns) - (200 x interceptions)
PAYNE — Led by Deanna Saturday. ELIDA — Ottawa-Glandorf Pyle vs. Beach.
+ (100 x completions) } / attempts ]
Ray’s 39, the Celina girls ---- came into the Elida Fieldhouse
First Doubles: Wellons/Gillespie vs.
Manci/Manci; Lawson/Balusu vs. Lantz/
golfers grabbed the 8-team Indians punish for a Western Buckeye League Chen.
SCORING Brandon Arling, ML 49
Wayne Trace Invitational held Fort Jennings volleyball tussle Thursday
Second Doubles: Tieu/Klaus vs.
Laux/Kerr; Shaheen/Baird vs. Etter/ Player Team TD 2-pt. XP FG TOT. Brad Sawmiller, SM 49
Thursday at Pleasant Valley FORT JENNINGS — night and left on the heels of a Smith. Kahl Knapke, Cel 11 2 0 0 70 Kyle Post, Cw 48
Golf Course. Unbeaten Shawnee’s boys 25-17, 25-21, 25-16 sweep to The semifinals will begin at 9 a.m.
Saturday. Order of play will be as fol-
Dexter Bensman, A 11 0 0 0 66 Dominic Leugers, SH 47
Kacee Hockenberry of soccer team were rude guests stay perfect in the WBL at 5-0 lows: 1. Main Draw Semifinals (for each
Evan Burgei, DSJ 9
Reese Klenke, Cw 9 0
0 0
0 0
0 54
Derek Roop, SM
Adam Kaiser, Min
Wayne Trace, who finished of Fort Jennings Thursday (12-2 overall). division); 2. 7th-Place matches; 3. 5th-
Place matches; 4. 3rd-Place matches; Aaron Vagedes, FR 6 0 7 1 46 Kenny Wenning, FR 45
second, also shot a 39. afternoon, scoring there Tops for host Lady Bull- 5. Main Draw Finals Mitchell Campbell, V 7 1 0 0 44 Nate Wendel, ML 44
Lincolnview’s Kaitlyn goals in each half to punish dogs (5-8, 2-3 WBL) were An awards presentation will follow
the final match of the day. Individual
Gr.Schwieterman, ML 7 0
Damian Winner, V 4 1 16 0 42
0 0 42 Jordan Klosterman, Cw
Wes Wolters, A
Brant scored a 47 to lead the the Musketeers 6-0 in non- Kelsey Smith (26 assists; 11 awards will be presented to those par- Jordan Monnin, V 6 0 0 0 36 Chris Pohlman, DSJ 42
Lancers’ fifth-place finish. league action at Keith Hamel digs), Amber Saddler (9 kills), ticipants finishing 4th place or better
in each divison. Other awards include Aaron McNeilan, V 5 1 0 0 32 Dexter Bensman, A 39
Senior Dani Hale led St. Memorial Field. Katrina Meeks (8 kills; 10 digs), WBL Sportsmanship Award, Coach of Niles Keller, ML 5 0 0 0 30 Caden Leitchy, V 38 1/2
John’s with a 48. The Lady The three goals in the first Stacy Alexander (7 kills; 13 Year and Overall Team Champion. Jo.n Leininger, DSJ 5 0 0 0 30 Aaron Rammel, Cw 38
Jays ended up seventh. half by the Indians (10-0-1) digs), Tahler Sdao (4 kills; 5 ---- Alex M. Post, ML
Aaron Rammel, Cw 5
5 0
0 0
0 0 30
0 30
Trevor Homan, ML
Jordan Klosterman, Cw
Team Scores: came unassisted: at 33:30, digs), Alex Hambleton (2 aces; Grove Bulldogs sweep Ada Cory Siefring, SH 5 0 0 0 30 Kyle Neumeier, DSJ 37
Celina 178: Deanna Ray 39, D.
Huff 42. S. Newbower 45, M. Stetler when Ryan Magee put one 9 digs). COLUMBUS GROVE Caib Cox, NB 3 0 11 0 29 Mason Evers, FR 36
52, K. Ross 56. past Musketeer netminder For the Lady Titans, Melissa — Columbus Grove proved Josh Rode, DSJ 0 0 22 6 28 Dylan Schwieterman, SH 36
Wayne Trace 180: Kacey
Tyler Good (5 saves vs. 11 Verhoff led with 14 kills; Sara inhospital hosts Thursday Braelen Bader, Cel 1
Riley Bransteter, P 3 0
0 12 3
8 0
Cory Siefring, SH
Brian Reichert, SH
Hockenberry 39, O. Hook 43, A. Saylor
47, A. Denny 51, Ashley G. 52, E. shots on-goal); at 25:55, when Basinger 10 kills and 12 digs; night, squelching Ada 25-20, Derek Gaerke, FR 4 0 0 0 24 Riley Bransteter, P 34
Linder 55. Matt Tucker made it 2-0; and Kelsey Selhorst three aces 25-14, 25-18 in Northwest Dan Stewart, A 4 0 0 0 24 Nick Routt, P 34
Wapakoneta 190: K. Keckler 47, S.
Kohler 47, K. Kessen 48, C. Knippen 15:10, when Colin McDermitt and 18 assists; Shannon Roof Conference volleyball action. Andy Sutter, Cel 4 0 0 0 24 Daniel Gusching, Min 33
48, B. Beaman 55. made it 3-0. nine blocks; Jill Recker seven The host Lady Bulldogs were ElliottWesterbeck,NB 4 0 0 0 24 Greg Schwieterman, ML
Brian Donovan, Cel
Parkway 198: A. Evans 46, J. McDermitt got the first goal blocks; and Hannah Kaufman paced by Rachael Stechschulte RUSHING Colin Homan, A 32
Shatzer 48, E. Wininger 49, L. Smith
55, A. Roth 69. of the second half, at 22:05, on 13 digs. (3 aces; 11 assists), Lisa Wynn Player Team Car. Yds. Ave. TD Brian Keller, FR 32
Lincolnview 213: Kaitlyn Brant 47, an assist from Tucker. Ottawa-Glandorf won the (6 kills), Riley Eversole (6 Niles Keller, ML
Jordan Leininger, DSJ
Dylan Dancer, DSJ 31
Jalen Knous, Cel 31
Amanda Kocab 54, Abbi Alvarez 54,
Joe Goodman (8:45) and junior varsity 2-0 and the kills), Stephanie Etzkorn (20 Evan Burgei, DSJ 76 509 6.7 8 Jordan Monnin, V 31
digs), Anna Ricker (5 blocks)
Macey Ashbaugh 58, Holly Diller 66.
Crestview 214: L. Taylor 47, M. Clark Heinz (2:01) tacked on freshmen match 2-1. Dexter Bensman, A 40 480 12.0 6 Alex J. Post, SH 31
McClure 54, B. Nofer 56, M. Saylor 57, the final tallies for the visitors. Elida is in the Van Wert and Julia Wynn (5 blocks). Andy Sutter, Cel 96 399 4.2 4 Tyler Bruns, SH 30
E. Winhower 73.
St. John’s 222: Dani Hale 48, Musketeers (4-4-4) only had Invitational Saturday morning. Grove hosts Continental 10 Dustin Fisher, SM
Mitch Newbauer, SM
Jonathon Fent, P
Jason Pottkotter, FR
Jessica Recker 51, Meagan Martin 61, two shots on-goal, with Jared --- a.m. Saturday. Aaron Rammel, Cw 52 320 6.2 5
Rachael Fisher 62, Alicia Joseph 68.
Dupes getting two saves. WBL holds girls ---- Joel Cesar, P 60 307 5.1 2 SACKS
Archold shuts out Kalida
Edon 233: R. Wicker 51, D. Goebel
58, M. Stegel 59, C. Handy 65, A. Shawnee also owned the tennis tournament
Damian Winner, V 69 305 4.4 4 Player Sacks
Towne 72. corner kicks 5-2. LIMA — The Western KALIDA — Kalida’s girls Dan Stewart, A
Alex M. Post, ML
Cody Bensman, A
Mitch Bergman, ML
---- Jennings hosts Lima Temple Buckeye League began soccer team hosted state power Elliott Westerbeck, NB 85 282 3.3 4 Neven Frazee, NB 4
T-Birds surprise Christian 5 p.m. Thursday. its girls tennis tournament Archbold Thursday night but Adam Kaiser, Min 71 271 3.8 0 Joey Brandt, V 3 1/2
Lady Musketeers in soccer ---- Thursday at the University of the home field wasn’t enough Kenny Wenning, FR 76 261 3.4 0 Brandon Arling, ML 3
ELIDA — Lima Central Vikings whip Lady Green as the visiting Lady Blue Brandon Moorman, P 40 232 5.8 3 Dustin Gillis, Cw 3
Northwestern Ohio. Streaks eked out a 1-0 victory
T.J. Powell, SM 23 178 7.7 2 Jordan Harlamert, Cw 3
Catholic’s girls soccer team LEIPSIC — Leipsic sent Jake Heitkamp, ML 32 160 5.0 1 Dominic Leugers, SH 3
upended Fort Jennings 2-0 invading Ottoville home on
Preliminary Rounds:
First Singles: Emily Jordan (BA) over at Kalida Soccer Stadium. Aaron Vagedes, FR 14 155 11.1 1 Aaron Rammel, Cw 3
Thursday night at the Elida the short end of a 25-7, 25-18, Melissa Barth (DE) 6-0, 6-2; Rachelle Alicia Drewes scored the Tre Sherman, SM 28 152 5.4 1 John Rollins, P 3
Soccer Complex. 25-14 Putnam County League
Hottman (KE) over Kari Leatherman
(O-G) 2-6, 6-3, 6-4; No. 4 Jessie Adkins only goal for the visitors (10-1- RECEIVING
Caden Leichty, V
James WIlker, V
2 1/2
2 1/2
The Lady Thunderbirds volleyball stomping Thursday (EL) over Mariah Krugh (SMM) 6-4, 2-6, 2) as she got the ball past fresh- Player Rec. Yds. Ave. TD
scored both goals in the sec- at Leipsic.
6-2; No. 1 Lauren Rovner over Jordan
6-0, 6-0; No. 2 Brianna Beougher (CE)
man keeper Sarah Verhoff (4 Kahl Knapke, Cel 50 660 13.2 10 INTERCEPTIONS
ond half: just 29 seconds Ottoville visits Ayersville 6 over Hottman 6-1, 6-1; No. 3 Makenzie saves vs. 10 shots on-goal). Reese Klenke, Cw 32 612 19.1 9 Player Int.
in when Bri Kidd assisted p.m. Monday.
Klock (WA) over Gretchen Klinker (VW) Megan Arena stopped two Cory Siefring, SH
Aaron McNeilan, V
21.3 5
20.8 5
Dylan Schwieterman, SH
Ryan Densel, DSJ
Shayna Niese; and at 11:15, ----
6-3, 6-2.
Second Singles: Alex Spencer Kalida (7-4-1) shots (out of 3). Mitchell Campbell, V 27 335 12.4 7 Braelen Bader, Cel 3
when Kelly Ahman put one Kalida hosts Ottoville 5
Lady Birds smack Bearcats
(SMM) over Ashley Speiser (DE) 6-0, Jordan Monnin, V 34 316 9.3 2 Jordan Luthman, V 3
past junior keeper Kelsey Von
6-0; Lindsay McKinley (SMM) over
p.m. Monday. Ethan Bruns, V 30 308 10.3 1 Alec Fridiger, NB 2
LIMA — Lima Central Katie Brim (KE) 6-3. 6-4; No. 4 Emma
--- Dexter Bensman, A 6 299 49.8 4 Derek Gaerke, FR 2
Lehmden (1 save versus 4 Catholic volleyballers ham-
Fernandez (EL) over Olivia Nelson
Alex Fogt, A 12 256 21.3 3 Reese Klenke, Cw 2
shots on-goal).
(WA) 6-4, 6-0; No. 1 Brooke Keber Rockets edge Bearcats
mered invading Spencerville (VW) over Spencer 6-1, 6-0; No. 2 Emily
Mitchell Ross, Cel 14 223 15.9 0 Dan Stewart, A 2
Musketeers lost despite out- 25-11, 25-17, 25-8 in NWC
Ruhe (BA) over McKinley 6-0, 6-1; No. Alec Fridiger, NB 17 214 12.6 3 Wes Wolters, A 2
shooting the home team 13-4
3 Emily Zender (CE) over Stacy Kahle Pandora-Gilboa co-ed soccer Aaron Vagedes, FR 12 211 17.6 3 Several with 1
action Thursday at Msgr. E.C. (OG) 6-1, 6-1.
team edged the Spencerville Greg Schwieterman, ML 13 210 16.2 7
and winning the battle of the Herr Gymnasium. Third Singles: Jessica Foust (EL) Shawn Feierstein, Cel 21 200 9.5 1 FUMBLE RECOVERY
corner kicks 6-2. They couldn’t
over Karen Krontz (DE) 6-0, 6-1; Emily junior varsity 2-1 Thursday in
Bearcats are at Lima Temple Brown (SMM) over Ashley Wormley
Ben Chaney, NB 12 194 16.2 1 Player Rec.
get one by LCC netminder Christian 6 p.m. Monday. (KE) 6-3, 6-3; No. 4 Jenna Waterman Daniel Gusching, Min 15 188 12.5 1 Dylan Dancer, DSJ 5
Jayna Clemens (8 saves). (VW) over Ashley Heckman (OG) 6-7 Keaton Daily and Marco Alex J.Post, SH 15 175 11.7 1 Derek Klaus, DSJ 3
---- (4), 6-4, 6-0; No. 1 Taylor Waterman
Niestroj scored for the Rockets Ryan Schoen, FR 16 173 10.8 1 Brian Donovan, Cel 2
“It was back and forth for Blue Streaks edge LadyCats (SH) over Foust 6-2, 6-1; No. 2 Katie Zach Gottes, SH 13 172 13.2 0 Jonathon Fent, P 2
about the first 10 minutes of Pyle (CE) over Brown 6-0, 6-0; No. past Josiah McNulty (9 saves
in volleyball 5-setter
Mitchel Poeppelman, Min 23 169 7.3 3 Josh Hoying, A 2
the first half; after that, we
3 Ashley Beach (WA) over Kaitlyn vs. 14 shots on-goal). Zach Gay Drew Feltz, Cw 11 168 15.3 1 Adam Kaiser, Min 2
KALIDA — Kalida host- Singhaus (BA) 6-1, 6-1.
scored for the Bearcats (1-9-1). Derek Gaerke, FR 15 166 11.1 2 Caden Leichty, V 2
started to control the game, ed Archbold in a 2-hour and
First Doubles: Caitie Kales/Kassidee
Fletcher (EL) over Straley/Johns (DE) The Bearcats hosts Marion Derek Collins, Min 10 161 16.1 2 Steven Luttmer, SH 2
getting off seven shots to two 15-minute volleyball marathon 6-1, 6-1; Merold/Rowland (KE) over
Harding 11 a.m. Saturday.
Kurt Schoenherr, Cw 15 161 10.7 0 Derek Roop, SM 2
from LCC. The score ended in before falling 23-25, 25-19,
Elington/vanWyngaarden (BA) 6-4,
6-2; Wellons/Gillespie (WA) over No. ----
Jordan Luthman, V
Logan Hunter, P
13.1 2
15.4 2
Tom Staton, NB
Craig Welker, Cel
a 0-0 tie at the half,” Musketeer 25-23, 23-25, 15-11 in non-
coach Rodney Wagner noted.
4 Utendorf/Zender (OG) 4-6, 6-4, 7-5;
No. 1 Manci/Manci over Kales/Fletcher Pirates, Golden Bears draw Matt Osterholt, SH 16 137 8.6 1 Kenny Wenning, FR 2
league action Thursday. 6-0, 6-1; No. 2 Lawson/Balusu (SH) over Continental and Bryan bat- Ty Bergfeld, DSJ 8 135 16.9 2 Several with 1
“At the start of the second half, The LadyCats (7-7) were led Merold/Rowland 6-1, 6-1; No. 3 Lantz/
tled to a 1-1 girls soccer draw
Steffan Miller, Cel 8 134 16.8 0
LCC got a good run up the by Emily Turnwald (15 kills),
Chen (VW) over Kill/Zimmerman (SMM)
Thursday night.
Dylan Thobe, ML
Jason Pottkotter, FR
13.3 1
18.9 0
Player Att. Ave.
side line to the touch line and
6-1, 6-7 (5), 6-3.
Halie Zenz (7 kills; 3 aces; 15 Second Doubles: Arnold/Kahle (OG) Kelsey Riba (18:30 of the Calib Cox, NB 15 124 8.3 0 Maverick Long, A 14 38.9
got a cross in past a defender assists), Brandi Merschman (7 over Jones/Heilman (KE) 6-1, 6-3; Ribley/
first half) tallied for the Golden Braelen Bader, Cel 18 120 6.7 0 Alex J. Post, SH 16 35.9
that slipped for their first goal. kills; 4 aces; 3 assists), Haley
Rinser (BA) over Vogelsong/Davis (DE)
7-5, 6-0; Monica Tieu/Robin Klaus (EL) Bears, getting the orb past Leva
Aaron Vagedes, FR 21 34.9
Their second goal came when McIntyre (7 kills; 3 aces), Kayla over No. 4 Harrod/Martin (WA) 7-6 (4),
Weller (15 saves vs. 19 shots),
Player TT
Alex Recker, DSJ
Austin Bruns, Cw
Ahman took a thru ball past the Siefker (7 kills) and Alexis
6-2; No. 1 Laux/Kerr (CE) over Arnold/
Kahle 6-1, 6-0; No. 2 Shaheen/Baird while Stephanie Coble retaliated Hank Bevington, P 64 Neven Frazee, NB 23 33.3
defense and took on Kelsey. Decker (16 assists). (SH) over Ribley/Runser 6-1, 6-0; No. 3
at 14:30 of the half past Courtney Jordan Chapin, Cw 58 Jarrett Taylor, SM 12 33.0
We outshot them 6-2 in the Kalida is at the Van Wert
Etter/Smith (VW) over Dodson/Peterson
(SMM) 3-6, 6-2, 6-0. Retcher (3 saves vs. 7 shots).
Alex Fogt, A
Jason Hess, SH
John Rollins, P
Mitchel Poeppelman, Min
second half but could not got a Invitational starting at 9 a.m. Saturday’s semifinals: Bryan won the corner kicks Tyler Deitsch, P 52 Mitchell Ross, Cel 18 31.6
shot past the keeper.” on Saturday.
First Singles: Adkins vs. Rovner;
Beougher vs. Klock. 8-5. Dylan Cummins, Cel 51 Mitch Kremer, ML 14 29.6
www.delphosherald.com Friday, October 1, 2010 The Herald — 7

Big Green, Jays, Wildcats

advance in boys golf
By JIM METCALFE That was evident in the
The Delphos Herald Blue Jays’ 324, the best
jmetcalfe@ team effort all season.
delphosherald.com “The 324 was the best
we shot overall all year. Our
DEFIANCE — lowest round today was 88;
Tournament golf has a way last year, that was our best
of focusing a player’s and a here,” Klausing noted. “I
team’s focus like a laser. told the guys to just go for
Coaches want their charg- the good shots, the pars and
es to be at their peak as the the bogeys. We avoided the
season winds down. doubles and triples. Those
For Jim Brown (Ottoville), are holes you can’t over-
John Klausing (St. John’s) come against competition
and Ken Schnipke (Kalida), like this. The birdies will
mission accomplished for at happen when you play it
least another week. smart.”
Those three boys units Junior Cody Kundert
took 1-2-3 at the Division scored a 77, along with
III sectional held on a pleas- junior Isaac Klausing (80),
ant Thursday morning/after- sophomore Nick Kayser
noon at Auglaize Golf Club (83), junior Eric Bergfeld
Tom Morris photo
outside of Defiance. (84) and senior Ryan
Senior Melissa Shobe gets down for a dig for Jefferson Ottoville’s 322 took the Edelbrock (88).
Thursday night at home. She helped the Lady Wildcats to top spot. Klausing figured it just
a 4-set NWC victory “Ever since the Delphos took time.
Country Club Invitational, “We started the year with Times-Bulletin photo
I think we refocused our- four opponents who didn’t

Jeffcats win thriller selves. We didn’t play as

well as we should have,”
shoot over 161 in a 9-hole
match and three of those:
St. John’s Cody Kundert follows through on a chip shot
during sectional boys golf action Thursday at Auglaize

over Mustangs
Brown acknowledged. Minster, Parkway and New Golf Club. His 84 helped the Blue Jays earn second place
“Playing on your home Bremen, all went 8-1 in the and advance to next week’s district at Stone Bridge.
course, you can take things MAC,” Klausing added.
for granted. You never want “We’ll see all but Bremen an 87 from sophomore Tyler as physically.”
By AUSTIN CLARKSON Jefferson head coach April Wrasman and a 92 from Fort Jennings finished
The Delphos Herald Merschman was pleased that to take anything for granted — as well as LCC — at
in this game.” districts next week. We’ve classmate Nick Gallmeier, 12th with a 381: sophomore
austinclarkson_24@ her team played very well as well as a 101 from junior Kurt Warnecke shot an 85,
hotmail.com Thursday night: “I thought Junior Kyle Karhoff led been shooting well over the
the Big Green with a 75, last couple of weeks, so I Tyler Miller and a 107 from junior Cody Warnecke 88,
that our girls played a very
followed by sophomore am hoping that trend con- classmate Jacob Violet. freshman Alex Vetter 103
DELPHOS — The good game tonight and
Jefferson volleyball team I feel that I finally found Zach Weber (79), sopho- tinues.” “We had a sophomore and senior Tyler Dray and
played host to the Allen East the right rotation that works more Craig Odenweller So does Schnipke, whose shoot an 87 and another a freshman Nathan German
Mustangs Thursday night for us right now. I think our (84), junior Tyler Maag Wildcats put together a 325: 92. What hurt us was the 105.
in a Northwest Conference girls stepped up to the plate (84) and sophomore Derek sophomore Neil Recker 80, short game all year and how “Overall, we played a
showdown at Jefferson High tonight and really performed Schimmoeller (85). senior Logan Recker 81, to play and manage the solid round. What hurt us was
School. well. We really went out and “Kyle and Zach have sophomore Cody Mathew course,” he explained. “For the par-3s; we didn’t han-
The Lady Jeffcats got out worked hard tonight. I think been solid all year up at the 82, junior Eric Kahle 82 and example, learning when to dle them well,” Musketeer
to an early lead and were we finally found what we top but the key has been sophomore Austin Horstman use the driver and when not coach Todd Hoehn acknowl-
able to take the first set, the needed (our lineup). All the our depth: Craig, Tyler and 86. to. It’s not like coaching edged. “Cody and Kurt shot
Mustangs rallied and won set girls gave 110 percent like I Derek have been consis- “We have struggled with basketball; there is no gym- in the 80s today; they’ve
2 but the home team took the always tell them to do.” tent. To have a good season, the short game all year and nasium where you can go been pretty consistent all
next two sets to win 25-16, Set four was back and you need to have more than today we were much bet- in and practice free throws. season.”
18-25, 25-16, 31-29. forth the entire way and ter. We had all five guys You just have to play the Hoehn will only lose one
a couple of guys scoring game and unfortunately,
The Wildcats came out in came down to the wire. The well,” Brown added. “I told in the 80s today and that’s senior as well: Tyler Dray;
set one ready to play and Wildcats finally managed to for the most part, it has to so he has high hopes for a
the guys to play the easy and key,” he said. “We have also be good enough outside to
really looked like they were get enough cushion to hold year from now.
simple shot; save the miracle struggled hitting fairways on play.” “This was the best we
in sync and all on the same off the Mustangs and get the shots for the summer. They a consistent basis this year;
page. The Wildcats showed triumph. Still, the Wildcats’ prog- shot all season as a group;
did that. I felt we handled it might be windier on the ress over the season leaves that gives us something to
that by getting off to a 1-set Leading the way for the the course really well. We back nine but there’s wider
lead and holding all of the Lady Wildcats were seniors Brinkman very much build on in the off-season
started on the back nine and fairways, so that helped. encouraged for next sum- and into next season,”
momentum going into set 2. Kristin Klausing (1 ace; 1 I think those are the tougher Also, I felt we handled our
However, the Lady kill; 3 blocks), Bridget Culp mer. Hoehn added. “This was
holes. It also tightened up as emotions well. That is what “I’m looking forward to Nate’s first 18-hole match,
Mustangs were not giving up. (1 ace; 14 kills; 18 digs; 16 I told them before they went
The away team came out in assists; 14 blocks), Morgan
the day wore on.” see how these young guys so that’s always a learning
“We needed to shoot this out; keep them in check and develop in the future. This experience. We had some
set two a new team and was Fischbach (7 kills; 20 digs; don’t let a bad shot or a gust
able to tie things up at one set 2 assists), Amanda Hamilton well today. You know that was my first year, too, as injuries this year and we
Kalida will always be pre- of wind bother you.” the coach, so I’m learning never seemed to get the right
apiece. (3 kills; 9 digs; 5 assists) and A young Jefferson squad‚
The Mustangs had ideas of Melissa Shobe (1 ace; 7 kills; pared for the tournament along with them,” Brinkman mix in our lineup.”
under Coach Schnipke and losing only one senior in added. “I hope I can be bet- The district match is
building on that new-found 6 assists; 8 blocks; 18 digs),
they were strong today. St. Matt Waldick (94), put ter next time at helping them Thursday at Stone Bridge
momentum in the third set freshman Katie Goergens (1
but the home team managed ace; 2 kills; 16 digs; 6 assists) John’s is also starting to put together a 374 to finish ninth with their games, how to in Bowling Green (9 a.m.
to get its problems worked and senior Lauren Claypool it together right now.” of 14 teams. That included approach it mentally as well tee-off).
out and came out firing on all (6 digs).
cylinders. The Wildcats con-
trolled all of the momentum
in the third set of the night
With the victory, the
Wildcats move to 8-5 (4-2
NWC) and will travel to
The Delphos Herald Team Scores: At Country Acres Golf Club, Anthony Miller 88, Alex Roberts 89,
and looked like they were Bluffton Tuesday night to Division III Lima Central Catholic 302: Kalida Zach Pingle 94, Austin Cornell 108.
At Auglaize Golf Club, Josh Klaus 74, Zach Jamal 76. Joey Top 3 teams and top 4 indi- St. Marys Memorial 358: Paul
ready to finally take control take on the Pirates in confer- Defiance Levers 77, Austin Stolly 78, Ben viduals advance to districts Carmean 87, Will Paulus 88, Greg
of the match and send the ence action. The junior var- Top 3 teams and top four indi- Walter 86. Team Scores: Kuffner 91, Dylan Koch 92, Devon
Mustangs home in four sets. sity starts at 6 p.m. viduals not on advancing team Liberty-Benton 319: Andrew Napoleon 324: Andrew Taylor Fitzgerald 99.
advance to Stone Ridge Kotey 77, Nick Curto 78, Ian 79, Brandon Lambert 80, Colton Kenton 362: Damon Rall 84,

District, Bowling Green Hoyt 82, Austin Barnes 80, Chad Cramer 85, Jarrod Kindell 87, Brennan Rolander
Team Scores: Ingleston 82, Zach Hoops 91. 90, Zach Webb 101, Grant
Ottoville 322: Kyle Jared Neiling 85. Wauseon 332: Cole 108.
Karhoff 75, Zach Weber Minster 320: Colin Dietrich 78,
The Associated Press American League 79, Craig Odenweller 84, Austin Fischer 77, Ausin Tuckerman Ottawa-Glandorf 367: Matt
National League East Division
East Division W L Pct GB Tyler Maag 84, Derek Craig Purpus 80, 82, Trey Rupp 84, Hermiller 85, Jacab Hermiller
W L Pct GB z-New York 94 65 .591 — Schimmoeller 85. Ryan Bernhold Zach Lillich 88, 91, Jaylen Von Sossan 94,
x-Philadelphia 95 64 .597 — z-Tampa Bay 94 65 .591 — St. John’s 324: 81, Sam Phlipot Clay Tefft 90. Jake Hashbarger 97, Tyler
Atlanta 90 69 .566 5 Boston 87 72 .547 7 Cody Kundert 77, 82, Oliver Weaver Van Wert 334: Deters 99.
Florida 78 81 .491 17 Toronto 83 76 .522 11 Isaac Klausing 80, Nick 83. Tyler Turnwald 78, Elida 372: Mike Lawler
New York 77 82 .484 18 Baltimore 63 95 .399 30 1/2 Kayser 83, Eric Bergfeld 84, Ryan Parkway 328: Jordan Blake Doidge 81, Jacob Brake 84, 88, Ian Haidle 94, Aric Thompson
Washington 68 91 .428 27 Central Division Edelbrock 88. Bollenbacher 75, Brad Shaffer 82, Brandt Taylor 91, Matt Cucciarre 94, Nate Cellar 96, Josh Camper
Central Division W L Pct GB
W L Pct GB x-Minnesota 93 66 .585 — Kalida 325: Neil Recker 80, Brandon Beeks 85, Brian Schatzer 92. 97.
x-Cincinnati 89 70 .560 — Chicago 86 73 .541 7 Logan Recker 81, Cody Mathew 86, Corey Decker 86. Bryan 337: James Steel 76, Bath 380: Matt Holt 84, Matt
St. Louis 83 76 .522 6 Detroit 80 78 .506 12 1/2 82, Eric Kahle 82, Austin Horstman New Bremen 330: Nathan Adam McBride 87, Luke Shaffer Watkins 92, Reed Bok 101, Travis
Milwaukee 76 83 .478 13 Cleveland 68 91 .428 25 86. Smith 80, Kyle Evers 81, 87, Dalton Schulenberg 87, Josh Reynolds 103, Nathan Myers 116.
Houston 75 84 .472 14 Kansas City 66 93 .415 27 Archbold 332: S. Darin Bergman 83, Joel Lehmann 96.
Chicago 73 86 .459 16 West Division Wyse 80, J. Yoder 84, O. Hemmelgarn 86, S h a w n e e Paulding 388: Sam
Pittsburgh 56 103 .352 33 W L Pct GB Short 84, D. Weiser 84, Z. Jordan Barlage 344: Johnny Heilshorn 90, Dillon Ankney
West Division x-Texas 89 70 .560 —
W L Pct GB Los Angeles 78 81 .491 11 Short 98. 86. Ellis 78, David 96, Ricky Bergalowski 100,
San Francisco 91 68 .572 — Oakland 78 81 .491 11 Wayne Trace 338: D. Waynesfield- Motycka 87, Joey Devan Bermejo 102, Andy
San Diego 88 71 .553 3 Seattle 61 98 .384 28 Coburn 71, G. Gudakunst G o s h e n Motycka 89, Neil Smiley 102.
Colorado 83 76 .522 8 77, D. Langmeyer 92, B. 333: Dalton Schmiedebusch 90, Qualifying Individuals:
Los Angeles 78 81 .491 13 z-clinched playoff berth Meyers 98, Z. Mansfield Buffenbarger 78, Cody Cimimillo James Steel (BR) 76, Johnny
Arizona 64 95 .403 27 102. Sheldon Shobe 93. Ellis (SH) 78, Damon Rall
x-clinched division x-clinched division Antwerp 344: Z. 82, Corey Maxwell 84, Brad Fostoria 356: Patrick Coe 85, (KE) 84, Matt Holt (BA) 84.
——— ———
Thursday’s Results Coleman 78, K. Reinhart 79, E. Smith 89, Curtis Shaner 103.
San Francisco 4, Arizona 1 Thursday’s Results Miesle 91, T. Jones 96, K. O’Donnell Spencerville 346: Evan Crites
Chicago Cubs 1, San Diego 0 Detroit at Baltimore, ppd., rain 112. 75, Trevor Crites 80, Kip Lee 92, STOCKS
Cincinnati 9, Houston 1 Texas 3, L.A. Angels 2 Tinora 357: B. Wonders 87, S. Dylan Layman 99, Rick Brunswick Quotes of local interest supplied by
Milwaukee 9, N.Y. Mets 2
Florida 11, Pittsburgh 9
Chicago White Sox 8, Boston 2
Yackee 90, M. Overmeyer 90, K. 106. EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS
Kansas City 3, Tampa Bay 2
St. Louis 6, Colorado 1 Toronto 13, Minnesota 2 Smay 90, T. Cheek 91. St. Henry 348: Chad Gerlach 81, Close of business Sept. 30, 2010
Today’s Games Oakland 8, Seattle 1 Leipsic 365: J. Niese 86, T. Alex Wilker 85, Nathan Clune 90,
Milwaukee (M.Rogers 0-0) at Cincinnati (Tr. Today’s Games
Description Last Price Change
Wood 5-4), 7:10 p.m. Niese 90, S. Selhorst 92, Seth Watercutter 92, Alex DJINDUAVERAGE 10,788.05 -47.23
Pittsburgh (D.McCutchen 2-5) at Florida
Detroit (Bonderman 8-9) at Baltimore J. Schroeder 97, C. Berger Evers 93.
(Mendez 1-2), 7:10 p.m. (Tillman 1-5), 4:35 p.m., 1st game NAS/NMS COMPSITE 2,368.62 -7.94
N.Y. Yankees (Pettitte 11-3) at Boston 102. Marion Local 365:
Washington (Zimmermann 1-2) at N.Y. Mets S&P 500 INDEX 1,141.20 -3.53
(Misch 0-4), 7:10 p.m. (Matsuzaka 9-6), 7:10 p.m. Jefferson 374: Tyler Reggie Wendel 88, John
Philadelphia (K.Kendrick 10-10) at Atlanta Detroit (Porcello 10-11) at Baltimore (Guthrie Wrasman 87, Nick Elking 90, Greg Wolters AUTOZONE INC. 228.91 -1.65
(Beachy 0-1), 7:35 p.m. 10-14), 8:05 p.m., 2nd game Gallmeier 92, Matt 93, Dustin Schemmel 94, BUNGE 59.16 -2.03
Chicago Cubs (Coleman 3-2) at Houston (Norris L.A. Angels (Jer.Weaver 13-12) at Texas
(Tom.Hunter 13-4), 8:05 p.m. Waldick 94, Tyler Miller Danny Liette 100. EATON CORP 82.49 -0.18
9-9), 8:05 p.m.
Colorado (De La Rosa 8-6) at St. Louis Cleveland (Carmona 12-14) at Chicago White 101, Jacob Violet 107. Coldwater 366: Alex Bruggeman BP PLC ADR 41.17 +1.17
(Westbrook 3-4), 8:15 p.m. Sox (T.Pena 5-2), 8:10 p.m. Fairview 376: Q. Yoder 86, 89, Matt Kaiser 91, Jordan Diller 91, DOMINION RES INC 43.66 -0.29
Arizona (Kroenke 0-0) at L.A. Dodgers (Ely Tampa Bay (J.Shields 13-14) at Kansas City J. Elchinger 92, B. Conkey 95, J. Ben Koester 95, Caleb Muhlenkamp AMERICAN ELEC. PWR INC 36.23 -0.23
4-9), 10:10 p.m. (Chen 11-7), 8:10 p.m.
San Diego (Richard 13-9) at San Francisco Toronto (R.Romero 13-9) at Minnesota Brininger 103, E. Hearne 105. 102. CVS CAREMARK CRP 31.47 +0.18
(M.Cain 13-10), 10:15 p.m. (Pavano 17-11), 8:10 p.m. Crestview 379: Tyler Myers 86, Perry 367: Brey Buettner 75, CITIGROUP INC 3.91 -0.01
Saturday’s Games Oakland (Cahill 17-8) at Seattle (French 5-6), Jared Hallfeldt 89, Jacob Wortman Zach Gay 88, Tyler Aikens 100, Ben FIRST DEFIANCE 10.06 +0.06
Colorado (Jimenez 19-8) at St. Louis (Lohse 10:10 p.m. 97, Derek Bissonette 107, Zach Sanders 104, Corey Smith 104.
4-8), 1:10 p.m. Saturday’s Games
FST FIN BNCP 16.68 -0.15
Milwaukee (Capuano 4-4) at Cincinnati Toronto (Marcum 13-8) at Minnesota
Schaadt 112. Fort Recovery 376: Jared Kahlig FORD MOTOR CO 12.24 -0.09
(H.Bailey 4-3), 1:10 p.m. (Duensing 10-3), 1:10 p.m. Fort Jennings 381: 88, Derek Rammel GENERAL DYNAMICS 62.81 -0.25
Washington (Maya 0-3) at N.Y. Mets Kurt Warnecke 85, 94, Gage retz 95,
(Undecided), 1:10 p.m.
N.Y. Yankees (A.J.Burnett 10-15) at Boston GOODYEAR TIRE 10.75 -0.03
Philadelphia (Undecided) at Atlanta (Hanson
(C.Buchholz 17-7), 4:10 p.m. Cody Warnecke 88, Elijah Kahlig 99, HEALTHCARE REIT 47.34 +0.35
Cleveland (C.Carrasco 2-1) at Chicago White Alex Vetter 103, Tyler Hayden Pottkotter
10-11), 4:10 p.m.
Sox (Buehrle 12-13), 7:05 p.m. HOME DEPOT INC. 31.68 -0.13
San Diego (Stauffer 5-5) at San Francisco (Zito
Detroit (Galarraga 4-8) at Baltimore (Matusz Dray 105, Nathan 106. HONDA MOTOR CO 35.59 +0.01
9-13), 4:10 p.m.
Chicago Cubs (Zambrano 10-6) at Houston 9-12), 7:05 p.m. German 105. New Knoxville HUNTGTN BKSHR 5.69 +0.05
(Happ 6-3), 7:05 p.m. Tampa Bay (W.Davis 12-10) at Kansas City Ayersville 401: C. 389: Tyler Shreve JOHNSON&JOHNSON 61.96 -0.35
Pittsburgh (Morton 2-11) at Florida (Sanabia (Davies 8-11), 7:10 p.m. Claud 92, M. Engle 95, Z. 85, Alex Samuel
5-3), 7:10 p.m. L.A. Angels (E.Santana 17-9) at Texas JPMORGAN CHASE 38.06 -0.35
Arizona (J.Saunders 3-6) at L.A. Dodgers (C.Wilson 14-8), 8:05 p.m. Rensi 100, K. Wank 114, 94, Addison Wolf KOHLS CORP 52.68 -0.28
(Billingsley 11-11), 10:10 p.m. Oakland (Bre.Anderson 6-6) at Seattle (Pauley J. Ritter 115. 105, Jake Allen LOWES COMPANIES 22.29 +0.10
Sunday’s Games 4-8), 10:10 p.m. Pettisville 457: T. Hershberger 105, Justin Slaven 105. MCDONALDS CORP 74.51 +0.06
Milwaukee (Ra.Wolf 13-11) at Cincinnati Sunday’s Games 97, T. Blosser 117, L. Meller 121, Z. Lincolnview 413: Taylor
(Volquez 4-3), 1:10 p.m. Detroit (Undecided) at Baltimore (Bergesen MICROSOFT CP 24.49 -0.01
Pittsburgh (Burres 4-4) at Florida (Ani.Sanchez 8-11), 1:35 p.m.
Kempf 122. Hoehn 84, Brooke Ludwig 99, PEPSICO INC. 65.44 +0.31
12-12), 1:10 p.m. N.Y. Yankees (Undecided) at Boston (Lackey Individuals advancing: D. Nick Sowers 112, Logan Miller PROCTER & GAMBLE 59.97 -0.28
Washington (Li.Hernandez 10-12) at N.Y. Mets 13-11), 1:35 p.m. Coburn (WT) 71, G. Gudakunst 118, Zach Kreischer 119.
(Pelfrey 15-9), 1:10 p.m. Cleveland (Undecided) at Chicago White Sox (WT) 77, Z. Coleman (AN) 78, K. Individuals advancing: RITE AID CORP 0.94 --
Philadelphia (Undecided) at Atlanta (T.Hudson (E.Jackson 3-2), 2:05 p.m. Reinhart (AN) 79. Brety Buettner (PE) 75, Jordan SPRINT NEXTEL 4.63 +0.03
16-9), 1:35 p.m. Tampa Bay (Price 19-6) at Kansas City TIME WARNER INC. 30.65 -0.04
Chicago Cubs (Dempster 15-11) at Houston (O’Sullivan 4-6), 2:10 p.m. ---- Bollenbacher (PA) 75, Evan Crites
(W.Rodriguez 11-12), 2:05 p.m. Division III (SV) 75, Dalton Buffenbarger (W-G) US BANKCORP 21.62 -0.05
Toronto (Rzepczynski 3-4) at Minnesota
Colorado (E.Rogers 2-2) at St. Louis (Suppan (Blackburn 10-11), 2:10 p.m. At Hawthorne Hills, Lima 78. UTD BANKSHARES 9.40 --
2-8), 2:15 p.m. VERIZON COMMS 32.59 -0.07
San Diego (Latos 14-9) at San Francisco L.A. Angels (Haren 4-4) at Texas (C.Lewis Top 3 teams and top 4 indi-
(J.Sanchez 12-9), 4:05 p.m. 12-13), 3:05 p.m.
viduals advance to Stone Bridge ---- WAL-MART STORES 53.52 +0.17
Arizona (R.Lopez 7-15) at L.A. Dodgers (Lilly Oakland (Braden 10-14) at Seattle
(Undecided), 4:10 p.m. District, Bowling Green Division II
9-12), 4:10 p.m.
8 — The Herald Friday, October 1, 2010 www.delphosherald.com

Pastor Terry Jones pushes a hot button

The deaths of the 10 International Assis-
tance Mission medical workers inspired head-
TERRY MATTINGLY Did the American Nazis have a constitu-
tional right to march in Skokie, Ill., a Chicago
Lost in the din were the quiet, measured
words of many religious leaders who tried to
lines that were both shocking and numbingly suburb that was home to numerous Holocaust walk a knife’s edge of logic in their public
familiar, since these are dangerous times for
believers whose convictions steer them into On survivors? Yes, and demonstrators in the Rea-
gan White House era burned the American
For starters, they had to note the painful
A Taliban leader blandly told the press: Religion flag. Muslims overseas have burned copies of
the novel, “The Satanic Verses,” by Salman
fact that the Dove World Outreach Center was
a totally independent Pentecostal congregation
“They were Christian missionaries and we Rushdie, and Bibles, too. and its members were responsible to no higher
killed them all.” How many times have followers of the Rev. religious authority than their own pastor. Thus,
If they had only waited a few weeks, the Fred Phelps of Topeka, Kan., waved their lu- there was no one who could shut down this
gunmen could have claimed that their victims speech and freedom of expression, even when rid signs -- “God Hates the U.S.A.” is one of event, other than police or government offi-
were linked to a global conspiracy to burn it is odious and reprehensible.” the mildest -- at funerals for soldiers killed in cials who, in order to do so, would have had to
Qurans. A protest of this kind would “besmirch the Iraq and Afghanistan? On Sept. 11, the West- trample the rights of Jones and his flock.
That’s the kind of statement that the head of reputation of our Savior, and that makes it blas- boro Baptist Church crew burned a Quran and The bottom line: Blasphemy is not illegal in
the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and phemy,” he said. The whole idea was “appall- an American flag. For once, most mainstream the United States of America.
Religious Liberty Commission was worried ing, disgusting and brainless.” journalists elected to look the other way. As the clock ticked down, Land stressed
about when he -- with countless other evan- The bonfire would have made life more In the case of Jones, the leaders of the Coun- that the “only thing more dangerous than what
gelicals -- urged the Rev. Terry Jones to cancel dangerous for missionaries, human-rights ac- cil on American-Islamic Relations decided that this pastor is doing would be to allow the gov-
his “International Burn a Koran Day” media tivists, journalists, diplomats and American the timing of his Quran travesty was simply too ernment to interfere. This would set a terrible
fest on Sept. 11. The leader of the tiny Dove soldiers. hot to ignore. Even though the group regularly precedent and would diminish all our First
World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., did Those flames also would have made life ignores the videos that it receives of people Amendment rights. The best way to combat
precisely that, but not before forcing religious much more dangerous for Christian converts burning, shooting or ripping apart Islam’s holy this is to exercise our free-speech right to con-
and political leaders to wrestle with agonizing and members of other religious minorities in book, CAIR decided to issue a July 19 press demn what he is doing in the simplest way and
First Amendment issues. predominantly Muslim lands. release announcing its own protest of “Interna- most direct terms.”
“The behavior of this church is not Chris- Nevertheless, these clergy and politicos had tional Burn a Koran Day.” The group handed
tian. I cannot imagine Christ burning any re- to wrestle with the fact that Jones had every out free copies of the Quran. (Terry Mattingly is director of the Washington Jour-
ligious texts,” argued the Rev. Richard Land, right to buy some copies of the Quran and, af- The word was officially out and the media nalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and
in an online Washington Post forum. “This ter planning a fire small enough to wink at local storm kept growing as angry reactions -- from Universities and leads the GetReligion.org project to
behavior is unfortunately one of the prices we laws, strike a match.After all, this would have Arab streets to the White House -- rolled into study religion and the news.)
pay for living in a free society with freedom of been another act of painful symbolic speech. the world’s newsrooms. Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate

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www.delphosherald.com Friday, October 1, 2010 The Herald — 9

St✩r G✩zing Stalking your college

Senate votes to turn Fallon,
kid won’t change a thing
Many colleges are complaining about a new problem: parents

down volume on
who refuse to leave after the students have moved in. There are
tales of parents who rent hotel rooms in college towns for the first
go viral in week of classes in case Little Darling forgot to bring his iPod,
Xbox or his security blanket. There are parents who won’t leave

hip-hop clip
the new dorm room and parents who call the student every five

TV commercials
minutes. It begs the question: If the parents don’t think the new
student can make it on their own, why should the college?
You expect a little separation
Jimmy Fallon and Justin
anxiety on the first day of first Jim Mullen
grade. But the freshman year of
Timberlake are the hottest college? That’s a little creepy. I
By ANDREW TAYLOR on in the 1950s, the Federal duced guidelines on how to duo in hip-hop — for the
The Associated Press Communication Commission process, measure and trans- can understand being teary-eyed
has been getting complaints
about blaring commercials.
mit audio in a uniform way.
The legislation, sponsored
They performed a medley
of rap hits on “Late Night With
and fearful, but anything past that
and we’ve moved into drama- Village
queen territory.
Legislation to turn down the
volume on those loud TV
But the FCC concluded in
1984 there was no fair way
by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse,
D-R.I., requires the FCC to
Jimmy Fallon” Wednesday
night, and the clip is becom-
If you think Junior is such a
nincompoop, why did you let him
commercials that send couch to write regulations control- adopt those recommendations ing a viral hit. apply to some school eight states
potatoes diving for their ling the “apparent loudness” as regulations within a year Fallon and Timberlake away instead of the local campus? Is freshman math different at
remote controls looks like of commercials. So it hasn’t and begin enforcing them a started off with Sugarhill Far Away U than it is at a community college? Junior can always
it’ll soon become law. been regulating them. year later. Rep. Anna Eshoo, Gang’s classic “Rapper’s transfer to the status school after a year or two and take his degree
The Senate unanimously Correcting sound levels is D-Calif., is the driving force Delight” and then performed there. And with all the money you’ve just saved, maybe you’ll be
passed a bill late Wednesday more complicated than using behind the bill in the House. jams from artists including the able to afford it.
to require television stations the remote control. The tele- Its title is the Commercial Beastie Boys, the Notorious If you haven’t put a kid through Far Away U yet, let me tell
and cable companies to keep vision shows and ads come Advertisement Loudness B.I.G., Jay-Z and Eminem. what you’re paying for: After six weeks, you will get a phone call
commercials at the same vol- from a variety of sources, Mitigation Act, or CALM. from your formerly straight-A, honor-society student that he/she
Fallon, 36, said he’s sur- has decided to change their major from engineering to theater.
ume as the programs they from local businesses to syn- Sen. Charles Schumer, prised by the success of the
interrupt. dicators. D-N.Y., a co-sponsor, said He/she needs more money for new books, as the $800 worth of
skit. engineering texts and workbooks are now useless and taking up
The House has passed Managing the transition it’s time to stop the use of “We never know what’s
similar legislation. Before between programs and ads loud commercials to startle space in their dorm room, where their new boy/girlfriend needs to
going to viral or get picked up, set up their campus tattoo business.
it can become law, minor without spoiling the artistic viewers into paying attention. and this one’s beyond what we A week later, student health services will call your home and
differences between the two intent of the producers poses “TV viewers should be able thought it would do,” he said ask to speak to your student. You say he/she is not home, but
versions have to be worked technical challenges and may to watch their favorite pro- Thursday in a phone interview what’s the problem?
out when Congress returns to require TV broadcasters to grams without fear of losing with The Associated Press. “We can’t tell you, that would be an invasion of the student’s
Washington after the Nov. 2 purchase new equipment. To their hearing when the show Though the clip looks all privacy. But it’s important that the student call us right away.”
election. address the issue, an indus- goes to a commercial,” he fun, he said, he took the time You are about to get in the car and drive across seven states when
Ever since television caught try organization recently pro- said. to get it right before taking your student calls. “Why is health services trying to get hold of
the stage. you?”
Ask Mr. Know-It-All “You know I really needed “It’s just an infected piercing/tattoo. Chill, would you?”
Their new major this week is Rap Music Production. “I can’t
to practice. You know I can’t

See the forest for the outlaws rap,” said Fallon, who also think in this dorm room. There’s a fierce two-bedroom place right
off campus for $2,600 a month, and if we split the rent six ways
performed songs by Missy it’s the same price. Spike thinks it’s a really good idea.”
Elliott, Tupac, Kanye West “Spike? Maybe we could come out there and meet your friends
By Gary Clothier At that moment, Booth entered the president’s and Snoop Dogg. “I was in my and see this apartment.”
box and at point-blank apartment till 2 in the morn- “Why do you always want to know my business? Can’t I have
Q: All of my life, I have loved watching range, using a Derringer ing the night before doing any privacy? You are wrecking my life! Can’t you just leave me
Robin Hood movies and the TV show of the pistol, shot the president, (the) Soulja Boy (dance) and alone?”
same name. I’m still fascinated by him. Was who died nine hours later. my wife was like, ’You’re Those drama classes at Far Away U must be really good.
there really a place named Sherwood Forest As Booth was about to flee, crazy!”’ Maybe it is worth it.
back in the day? -- H.L., Manchester, N.H. Rathbone interceded but was Though Fallon needed to By week eight your student is making plans for the next
A: There was, and there still is a Sherwood severely wounded when the rehearse, he said, Timberlake semester. They have a study program in Florence that your student
Forest, although it’s not even close to the same assassin stabbed him. Booth was obviously a natural: “(He) wants to take because he/she is now dating an artist who will be in
size as the days of Robin Hood in the 13th fled on horseback. He made knew all of his parts, all his Florence next semester. You point out that you have never been to
century. At one time, the forest stretched 30 his way to a farm in rural rhythm was amazing, so much Florence because you have spent your whole life saving money
miles north and south and 10 miles east and northern Virginia, where he better than mine. Mine was so your student can go to college and get an education so that
west. Today, the royal forest in Nottinghamshire was tracked down and killed John Wilkes so bad, my gosh, (I thought), they will be laid off from a better job than the one you have. You
is a mere 1.25 square miles. The legendary home by Union soldiers on April Booth ’I’m going to screw this up,”’ calmly mention that your student doesn’t speak Italian and has no
of Robin Hood still attracts about half-a-million 26. Rathbone recovered Fallon said. artistic ability, and ask what will happen to the music career while
visitors each year. Sherwood Forest is also home from his injuries and later he/she is overseas?
to the famous Major Oak, an oak tree between married Clara on July 11, 1867. Mrs. Lincoln The performance was “If I don’t go I will die! I will stop eating! You will never see
800 and 1,000 years old. According to legend, had invited several people to attend the play, backed by the house band for me again!”
the tree was Robin Hood’s main hideout. including Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and his wife, the NBC show, the Grammy- The next week, Florence is off, he/she can’t wait to get a
Q: Several years ago, I saw a movie about but all were unable to attend. winning hip-hop group The degree in botany.
a star football player named Q: I was watching a rerun of the TV Roots. Fallon said that much This will happen whether you spend the first week there in a
Ollie who suffered a head series “Cold Case.” Joe Penny had a cameo of the success goes to the rap rented hotel room or not. You may as well save the money.
injury and lost his eyesight. appearance. I enjoyed him in “Jake and the band and that the skit was Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
Through a series of events, he Fat Man,” but since then he has only had small a homage to today’s genera-
partners with a wheelchair- roles. What can you tell me about him? What
bound man; the two combine has he been up to? -- B.F., Lomita, Calif. “The thing that makes our
efforts to enter a whitewater- A: Born in London, England, on June show kind of different is that
rafting race. Do you have 24, 1956, Joe Penny grew up in the U.S. we embrace hip-hop. ... We’re TO: Pioneer Seed Dealers August 2, 2010
any idea of the name of this state of Georgia and attended high school in that generation where hip-hop
movie? -- G.C., Peoria, Ill. Huntington Beach, Calif. is what we grew on,” Fallon Subject: Exclusive Offer from Morton Buildings, Inc.
A: “Good Luck” (1996) He is well-known for his said. On June 25, 2010, Morton Buildings Inc. extended
stars Vincent D’Onofrio as Vincent role as Nick Ryder on the He also said that office an exclusive offer to ALL Pioneer Seed Dealers (and
former football player Tony D’Onofrio
“Ole” Olezniak and Gregory
detective series “Riptide”
(1984 to 1986). From 1987
morale is at a high: “Everyone’s Open
their representatives) on building House
purchases thru Nov.
so smiley and running around
Hines as Bernard “Bern” Lemley. The movie to 1992, he played Jake the office like very confident December 4-5,off2009
30, 2010. The offer includes an additional 5% the
follows the adventures of the two men as they Styles on “Jake and the Fat order amount at the time of purchase.
travel to Oregon and the rafting event. Along Man,” with William Conrad.
today, because everyone sees Winter Discounts J
the way, they encounter comical mishaps, make More recently, he co-starred the blogs and gets the e-mails. If you or any of your representatives are in the
some friends, and try some gambling and even with Lea Thompson in the It just puts everyone in a great Refreshments
planning stages of your next structure, now would be

some womanizing. The journey is also about mystery movie “Jane Doe” mood.” Door Prizesoffer.
Joe Penny the ideal time to take advantage of this special
individual growth and the bonding of the two on the Hallmark Channel. Call and let us help you with your next building Farm
men. When they finally arrive in Oregon, they Did you know ... with jeffrey.
are turned away because of their handicap. But 150 chapters, Psalms is the longest book in the
Newspapers provide project. Garage & Suburban Storage
the adventure continues. The film is available Bible? a daily source of infor- When you have a minute, please contact us Equestrian
on DVD. Q: Many years ago, my husband and I mation from around more details. Your interest is greatly appreciated.
Home & Cabins
Q: John Wilkes Booth assassinated visited Australia. A tour guide explained why the globe. Expand your Commercial/Office/Rental
President Abraham Lincoln during a play at Canberra was selected as the nation’s capital, Dis
Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. As I recall, but I’ve forgotten the reason. I tried looking horizons. Mini-Storage/Warehouses
Jeff Dawson, Construction Center Manager
Church & Activity Centers
another couple joined the Lincolns in the theater it up but had no luck. Do you know? -- G.T., Morton Buildings, Inc. Veterinarian & Kennels
box that night, and one other person was also Columbia, Mo. Office (419) 399-4549 Cell (419)
Subscribe today! Fire796-0868
Station & Municipal
wounded. Who was the other victim? When A: Canberra became a compromise
was Booth captured? -- M.L., Hickory, N.C. selection in 1908 between those who wanted
A: On April 14, 1865, the president and Sydney or Melbourne to be the national The Delphos Office: (419) 399-4549
Cell Phone: (419) 796-0868
his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, attended the capital.
evening performance of “Our American Herald Fax: (419) 399-2291
Cousin.” Joining the first family were Maj. Send your questions to Mr. Know-It-All at 1099 N. Williams St. mortonbuildings.com
Henry Reed Rathbone and his fiancee, Clara
Harris. Halfway through Act III, Scene II, the
AskMrKIA@gmail.com or c/o United Feature Syndicate,
200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016. 419-695-0015 Paulding, OH 45879
character Asa Trenchard (the title role) utters a Open House Herald Ad_Layout 1 9/27/2010 4:19 PM Page 1
E-Mail: Jeffrey.dawson@mortonbuildings.com
line considered to be one of the play’s funniest. Copyright 2010, Gary Clothier


Quotes of local interest supplied by

Close of business Sept. 30, 2010
Description Last Price Change
Putnam County DJINDUAVERAGE 10,788.05 -47.23
NAS/NMS COMPSITE 2,368.62 -7.94
S&P 500 INDEX 1,141.20 -3.53
Charles C. Niese and AUTOZONE INC. 228.91 -1.65
Therese D. Niese, S 14 Q BUNGE 59.16 -2.03
SW 78.03 acre, Palmer EATON CORP 82.49 -0.18
Township, S 22 Q NE 1.00 BP PLC ADR 41.17 +1.17
DOMINION RES INC 43.66 -0.29
acre, Palmer Township, and AMERICAN ELEC. PWR INC 36.23 -0.23
S 22 Q NE .501 acre, Palmer CVS CAREMARK CRP 31.47 +0.18
Township, to Charles C. CITIGROUP INC 3.91 -0.01
Neise and Therese D. FIRST DEFIANCE 10.06 +0.06
Niese. FST FIN BNCP 16.68 -0.15
FORD MOTOR CO 12.24 -0.09
Federal Home Loan GENERAL DYNAMICS 62.81 -0.25
Mortgage Corporation, Lot GOODYEAR TIRE 10.75 -0.03
930 and Lot 931, Ottawa, HEALTHCARE REIT 47.34 +0.35
to Raymond C. Diemer and HOME DEPOT INC. 31.68 -0.13
HONDA MOTOR CO 35.59 +0.01
Lisa D. Diemer. HUNTGTN BKSHR 5.69 +0.05
Marcella L. Schumacher JOHNSON&JOHNSON 61.96 -0.35
and Henrietta M. JPMORGAN CHASE 38.06 -0.35
Schumacher, S 17 Q SE, KOHLS CORP 52.68 -0.28
Pandora and S 17 Q SE, MCDONALDS CORP 74.51 +0.06
Riley Township, to Marcella MICROSOFT CP 24.49 -0.01
L. Schumacher and Henrietta PEPSICO INC. 65.44 +0.31
M. Schumacher. PROCTER & GAMBLE 59.97 -0.28
Ronald D. Verhoff, SPRINT NEXTEL 4.63 +0.03
City of Ottawa, Lot 102, to TIME WARNER INC. 30.65 -0.04
Christine A. Inkrott. US BANKCORP 21.62 -0.05
Madeline L. Palmer, UTD BANKSHARES 9.40 --
VERIZON COMMS 32.59 -0.07
City of Leipsic, Lot 598 and WAL-MART STORES 53.52 +0.17
Lot 599, to Eric Stuber and
Cecelia Stuber.
10 – The Herald Friday, October 1, 2010 www.delphosherald.com

The Daily Herald 590 House For Rent
Today’s Crossword Puzzle
2 BDRM, 1 1/2 BA, At-
tached garage. Available
ACROSS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

To place an ad call: 419-695-0015

soon. 419-692-3951 1 Get a tan
2 BEDROOM with base- 4 Brown seaweed 12 13 14
ment. Washer/Dryer 8 Queens stadium
hook-up. No Pets.
12 Ernesto Guevara 15 16 17
$425/month. Deposit Re-
13 — Major
14 Kind of prize
001 Card Of Thanks 040 Services 080 Help Wanted 340 Garage Sales quired. 419-642-3063. 15 Long sigh 18 19 20 21

2 BR house for rent. 16 Drier than sec

17 Racing sled 22 23 24
FOR ROG & JEFF at LAMP REPAIR NOW HIRING Part-Time 241 KING St. 305 S. Main St.
$400/mo. + utilities.
18 Wall paintings
Tri-County Inc., Table or floor. Servers & Bartenders. (Off of South Clay) 25 26 27 28 29 30
Call 419-296-4371
20 Use FedEx
Thank you for the nice gift. Come to our store. Must be willing to work Moving Sale 22 Pale-green moth
It’s very thoughtful and Hohenbrink TV. week-ends. Experience Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-1 23 Popular advice 31 32 33 34 35
wonderful. I appreciate it
so much and I’m sure Dad
419-695-1229 helpful. Apply in person
Tues. -Fri. after 4:00 @
Household items, home
decor, furniture-book -
600 Apts. for Rent giver
25 Chili bean 36 37 38
does too.
God bless you both, 080 Help Wanted Topp Chalet Rest. 229 W.
5th St.
cases, couch, chairs,
lamps, table 8 foot French ATTRACTIVE,
29 Part of IOU
31 Chicken wire 39 40 41
Mom door, 33X12.5 or 1LT mud SPACIOUS DELPHOS 34 Dawn goddess
0 DOWN, warranty, free tires, tools. 2 bedroom apartment for 35 A single time 42 43 44 45 46

010 Announcements 36 Lb. and oz.

appliances, Remodeled rent. Stove, refrigerator
home. A great coun - Would you like to be an included. Washer/dryer 37 Baseball award 47 48 49 50
try home with a view! A 4 in-home child care pro -GARAGE SALE hookup. (419)203-2216 38 Ring out
ADVERTISERS: YOU can bed, 2 Bath has a master
Thurs. 1pm-5pm, Fri.
vider? Let us help. Call 39 Caesar’s man 51 52 53 54 55
place a 25 word classified
ad in more than 100 news-
suite with Jacuzzi tub and
French doors with multiple
9am-5pm, Sat 9-12 noon.
YWCA Child Care Re -
725 N. Water St., Ft. Jen-
source and Referral at:
800 House For Sale 40 Groom-to-be
42 “Fancy” singer 56 57 58
papers with over one and decks, 2 car garage, new nings. Don’t Miss This
1-800-992-2916 or 44 Aloud
a half million total circula- One. Baby boys to size
(419)225-5465. FULL REMODEL com- 47 Coffee brewers 59 60 61
cabinets, high efficiency 49 Foul-ups
tion across Ohio for $295. 10, Ladies Sm-2X, men’s pleted soon. Can custom-
furnace, C/A, 19206 State 51 El —, Texas
It's easy...you place one Sm-2X, Nursery bed sets, ize to you. 607 W. 7th St.,
Rd., Delphos, 53 Very thin model
order and pay with one 419-586-8220. Financial Queen- King comforter Delphos. 0 Down, Home
55 Capote’s nick- 5 Blows it 32 Mideast title

The best things in

check through Ohio sets, other bedding, Warranty, Free appli -
www.chbsinc.com Christmas items, toys, ances. 419-586-8220 name 6 Baton Rouge cam- 33 Coffeecake top-
Scan-Ohio Statewide 56 Bread spread
Classified Advertising Net- IS IT A SCAM? The Del- purses, long formal chbsinc.com pus ping
LOCAL COMPANY seek- phos Herald urges our dresses, coffee table, Plus 57 Like gossip 7 Butter squares 35 Puccini genre
work. The Delphos Herald 58 Maize unit 8 Wing it (hyph.) 40 Air mover

life are free!

ing full time Parts cus - readers to contact The size maternity, TV, pic - FULL REMODEL com-
advertising dept. can set
tomer service/warehouse Better Business Bureau, tures, mirrors, Lost of plete soon at 829 Moening 59 Take a stroll 9 Broth starter 41 Bestow
this up for you. No other
clerk. Responsibilities will ( 4 1 9 ) St. Delphos. Can custom- 60 Boggy land 10 Harley, to some 43 Trout’s home
classified ad buy is sim- 223-7010 o r misc.
ize to you. 0 Down, Home 61 Reuben bread 11 Afore 45 Later than
pler or more cost effective. include shipping/receiving 1-800-462-0468, before
parts & assist customer on entering into any agree- Warranty, Free appli - 19 Pharaohs’ amulets 46 Virginia caverns
Call 419-695-0015, ext HUGE DOWNSIZING ances. 419-586-8220 DOWN 21 Farm bale 48 Do the back-
138. the telephone a n d ment involving financing,
SALE! 1 Cheat 24 Youth org. stroke
counter. Forklift certifica- business opportunities, or www.chbsinc.com 2 Mover’s rental
516 S. Canal 26 Half, in combos 49 Barn neighbor
tion a plus but not re - work at home opportuni-
MIDDLE POINT 5 BDRM (hyph.) 27 Exploding star 50 Positive
DELPHOS quired. ties. The BBB will assist
Thurs. 4-7pm
Fri. 9am-7pm Ranch with 40X60 work 3 Hindu leader 28 Cable channel 51 Wham!
Also seeking full time in the investigation of 4 Genghis’s grand- 30 Moray 52 Pie-mode link
TRADING POST semi-trailer mechanic. these businesses. (This
Sat. 9am-12noon shop. Next to ball park.
$49,900. (440)371-2679 son 31 NBA player 54 Flurry
Own tools preferable. MOST ITEMS UNDER $1
528 N. Washington St. notice provided as a cus-
CDL is a plus but not re- tomer service by The Del- 0 DOWN, warranty, free

Hypertensive happy off meds

419-692-0044 quired. Responsibilities phos Herald.) appliances, Remodeled
will include various types
BUY•SELL•TRADE of semi-trailer mainte -
MIDDLE POINT Commu- home. A great country 4
bed, 1 1/2 Bath home
nity-Wide Garage Sales.
Buy Quality at a nance. Vocational/Techni- Wanted to Buy Friday 10/1, 9-6. Saturday in Lincolnview school dis-
Fair Price or Receive cal training or certification 10/2, 9-4. Bake sale and trict. Has new carpet, DEAR DR. GOTT: I find your
Fast Cash
preferred. multiple garage sales at paint, landscape, new articles informative and filled with Dr. Peter J. Gott
common sense. I am a 69-year-old
Applicant must have high
the Community Building. central air, water
school diploma or equiva-
at a Fair Value! heater, new lighting, up-
woman, 5 feet, 3 inches and 120
Jewelry 501
lent. Please send resume
O p e n Tu es.-Th u rs. 8:30-5, D
to PO Boxuring
129,our 2003 Annual State Survey, Misc. for Sale
dated plumbing and elec-
pounds. My blood pressure is high-
The best things in
Delphos, tric, some new
normal. Otherwise, I am healthy.
F ri. 8:30-6, Sat. 9-2
we received a deficiency-free rating from the
Ohio 45833.
Cash for Gold windows, 19176 Venedo-
My physician put me on
life are free!
Ohio Department of Health.Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry, 6 PERSON Hot tub $500, cia-Eastern Rd., Venedo-
lisinopril/HCTZ and a few months
Silver coins,
Less than ten percent of long-term careSilverware,
facilities Pocket OBO. 16X7 Insulated ga- cia. 419-586-8220.
Watches, Diamonds.
receive this rating. This is a true reflection of the
rage door with windows, www.creativehomebuying- later added metoprolol XL. He
2330 Shawnee Rd.
$100. OBO (419)667-2018 solutions.com
later added amlodipine. Each was
one tablet daily.
wonderful staff at Roselawn Manor.
Auto Repairs/
420 East Fourth Street
(419) 229-2899 550 Pets & Supplies 810 Parts/Acc. I began to have hot flashes and and increases the flow of blood
then felt cold. My stomach was to the heart. It is prescribed for
Spencerville, OH 45887
We are proud of our commitment to caring,
dedication to high standards and our ability to AKC REGISTERED 7 mo. upset, and I was very tired. So I hypertension, angina and high-
★★★★★ Midwest Ohio started skipping the medicines and cholesterol levels.
Roselawn Manor 300
create special moments for our residents. Household
That isGoods old female labs. 1 choco-
late, 1 yellow. Up on Auto Parts take none of them now. I walk a lot I cannot determine if your
really what being deficiency-free is all about. If
and feel much better. I realize high physician has found the right
Five Star Rating from
Centers for Medicare & shots, would like to keep
Medicaid Services you are interested in looking NEW,at something
QUEEN “free,”
plush top together. Will sell sepa- Specialist blood pressure is dangerous, but combination for lowering your
During our 2003
what about side effects, if that’s why blood pressure by combining all
stopAnnual State Survey,
by Roselawn Manor mattress,
for a tour. never used, still rately to a good home. Windshields Installed, New
Nursing Openings we received a deficiency-free rating from the
Ohio Department of Health.
sealed in original wrapper.
$75.00. (260)220-1596.
Call Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors, I felt so bad? My blood pressure is three or if there may be other
For ofmore information, or a tour, please
about 160/75. I have a home blood- underlying conditions requiring
Less than ten percent long-term care facilities
Hoods, Radiators
Immediate open shifts - PT stopand by orPRN call us -at (419) 647-4115.
receive this rating. This is a true reflection of the
treatment. Were I in your shoes, I
wonderful staff at Roselawn Manor. 4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima pressure cuff to monitor things.
STNA’s, LPN’s and RN’s for skilled long
We are proud of our commitment to caring,
term care facility. Come join our team of
OPEN HOUSE 1-800-589-6830 What is your opinion of trying
to control my own blood pressure
would speak with my physician
for an answer and be guided
dedication to high standards and our ability to Dawn to dusk Fri., Sat. & Sun.
exceptional clinical create
special moments for our residents. whoThat is
without the meds? accordingly. If the only issue
19176 Venedocia-
840 Mobile Homes DEAR READER: is hypertension and you have
really what being deficiency-free is all about. If
have achieved two consecutive
you are interested in looking years of
at something “free,”

deficiency free DOH surveys. Competi-

stop by Roselawn Manor for a tour. Eastern Rd., Unfortunately, you failed to include substantially reduced your readings
tive salary and generous benefits
For more information, or a tour,avail-
please Venedocia RENT OR Rent to Own. 2 your blood-pressure readings while without the help of medication,
stop by or call us at (419) 647-4115. 0 down, warranty, free appliances, bedroom, 1 bath mobile you were on one, then two, then I endorse the plan. Exercise, a
three medications. That information healthful diet and stress reduction
Remodeled home. A great country 4
home. 419-692-3951.
Please send resume or apply in person: bed, 1 1/2 Bath home in Lincolnview school district. Has new carpet, paint,
landscape, new central air, water heater, new lighting, updated plumbing would certainly tell the story and perhaps through water aerobics,
Roselawn Manor and electric, some new windows.
890 Autos for Sale would give me my answer. massage, yoga or tai chi can go a
420 E. 4th St. To begin with, your lisinopril/ long way toward that goal and you
Spencerville, OH 45887 419-586-8220 HCTZ is an ACE (angiotensin- appear to be well on your way to a

2007 CHEVY IMpala V6
EOE m/f/v www.creativehomebuyingsolutions.com 82,000mi. mint condition converting enzyme) inhibitor that healthier existence.
silver. $10,500 OBO. helps lower your blood pressure To provide related information,
and acts as a diuretic. The diuretic I am sending you a copy of my
(567)204-6624 leave mes-
prevents the body from absorbing Health Report “Hypertension.”
too much salt, which can lead to Other readers who would like a
plus parts
& tax
fluid retention.
The metoprolol XL treats
hypertension and also acts as a long-
term treatment for angina and stable
heart failure of cardiomyopathic,
copy should send a self-addressed
stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2
check or money order to Newsletter,
P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092-
0167. Be sure to mention the title or
ischemic or hypertensive origin. print an order form off my website
ALIGNMENT The amlodipine is a calcium at www.AskDrGottMD.com.
channel blocker that dilates blood
Includes check and vessels, lowers your heart rate, Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
950 Miscellaneous 950 Home Improvement
Alternative uses for hair conditioner
adjust camber & toe
POHLMAN SPEARS (front only).
POURED LAWN CARE Additional parts & labor
GOLD CONCRETE WALLS Total Lawncare & may be required on
DEAR SARA: I have many
CANYON Residential Snow Removal some vehicles.
small bottles of hair conditioner, Sara Noel
and I am sure they could be good
& Commercial 22 Years Experience • Insured

• Agricultural Needs
3 & 4 Season
for something. Since I do not use
Commercial & Residential See Service Advisor
• All Concrete Work
for details.
Sun Rooms them on my hair, I would like to
Gina M. Fox Mark Pohlman
419-339-9084 •FERTILIZATION• know how you suggest I should
use them. -- Myria, Florida
www.mygc.com/ginascandlesgalore cell 419-233-9460 WINDOWS •WEED CONTROL
Booking PINK Parties for October PROGRAMS•
11260 Elida Rd., Delphos DEAR MYRIA: They can
Breast Cancer Candles $20
Cash N Carry • 20% Donated to Research Replacement
•LAWN AERATION• Mon. 7:30-8, T-F 7:30-6; Sat. 9-2 make nice stocking stuffers or
•FALL CLEANUP• gift-basket add-ins. You can also
Joe Miller Windows •MULCHING & MULCH
use them for shaving, cleaning
Life Tastes
85 years
your tub or sink, as a cuticle You might find that reduced-fat
Construction Retractable DELIVERY• serving
cream cheese has an even shorter
Good Again & Aluminum
softener or for makeup removal.
Add water and conditioner to a shelf life due to the higher
Eating Gluten Free Experienced Amish Carpentry
Lindell Spears
www.raabeford.com spray bottle and use as a detangler moisture content. Look for the
New Product Line pole barns, garages or 205 S. PIERCE STREET 419-695-8516 or as a fabric softener. (Dampen a smaller 2- to 3-ounce packages
wash cloth with hair conditioner if you can’t consume the larger
Elida Health Foods any construction needs.
and water and toss into the dryer.) package before it molds. Make
419-692-4526 2000 FORD F250 2WD,
101 W. Main Street
Cell 567-644-6030 TOLL FREE
Gas, Extended cab, long
You can also donate them to sure it’s stored at 40 F. Try to
950 Transmission
Elida, Ohio 45807 box. One owner. Mint con-
419-339-2771 888-94-PATIO dition, Service records homeless shelters and battered- keep the foil wrapper to cover
women’s shelters. the unused portion. Tightly wrap
M-F 10:30-5:30 PM, Sat. 10:00-1 PM
available. (419)234-0646

950 Car Care HERRON DEAR SARA: How do you it with plastic wrap, and place it
Hohlbein’s Geise 1995 MERCURY Grand
Marquis LS. Good condi- keep cream cheese from molding? back into its paper carton or in a
CONSTRUCTION Transmission, Inc. tion, one owner, priced to When I use half an 8-ounce plastic storage baggie with the air
OIL - LUBE FILTER 419-692-2329 Home • automatic transmission sell. Call 419-692-7726. package, I wrap the other half
in plastic wrap, put it in a sealed
squeezed out. Sometimes cream
cheese gets contaminated before
22.95* • Kitchen and Bath-
room Remodeling Improvement • standard transmission
• differentials
Free & Low Price
920 Merchandise plastic container and refrigerate it reaches an airtight container
(for example, if it’s left out at
*up to 5 quarts oil • Roofing Windows, Doors,
• transfer case
it. Within a few days, it is moldy
Siding, Roofing,
• brakes & tune up
Free to a good home. 10yr on the cut edge, under the plastic room temperature for too long a
CAR CARE • Replacement
2 miles north of Ottoville old spayed, female Pug. wrap. -- Kathryn, e-mail time before being put back in the
816 E. FIFTH ST. DELPHOS Windows
Kitchens & Bathroom 419-453-3620 Likes children, cats, and
DEAR KATHRYN: Opened refrigerator). It’s possible when
cream cheese has a short shelf life. you wrap it in plastic and place it
Ph. 419-692-5801 • Garages other dogs. All shots cur-

950 Tree Service

Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-2 Remodeling,
into the second container, added
rent. (419)890-2912
• Plumbing and
Pole Buildings,
moisture gets in, so it molds
Answer to Puzzle
Electrical Service NICE USED KING size set
950 Construction for both new and of bedding for FREE. Con-
existing homes
30% TEMAN’S tact Mike at
You can freeze your cream
SUN KELP ASHE cheese, but the texture will
• Drywall
POHLMAN Give Us A Call Year Round For
ON WINDOWS SERVICE CHE URS A DOOR change, so it’s not great to use
Place a as a spread but can still be used in
All Of Your Home Improvement
Needs Both Large And Small • Trimming • Topping • Thinning
ROOM ADDITIONS FREE ESTIMATE Ph. 419-339-4938 • Deadwooding cooking and baking.
Chris Herron or 419-230-8128
Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal
House for MURA L S SH I P
Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal
419-692-7261 LUNA ABBY Village (www.frugalvillage.com),
FULLY INSURED 950 Electricians 950 Lawn Care Bill Teman 419-302-2981 Rent Ad K I D N E Y OWE a Web site that offers practical,
money-saving strategies for
Ernie Teman 419-230-4890
Mark Pohlman
419-339-9084 In the Classifieds everyday living. To send tips,
cell 419-233-9460 RETIRED LICENSED MULCH IS YOUR AMT S MVP PEA L comments or questions, write to
TOP SOIL Call V I R F I ANCE Sara Noel, c/o United Media, 200
Advertise Your TO STAY BUSY
RESIDENTAL & 419-339-6800 AD HERE? The Daily REBA ORA L Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New
York, NY 10016, or e-mail sara@
Business C OMMERCIAL Call today URNS SNAFUS frugalvillage.com.
WIRING On S.R. 309 in Elida
WELDING 419-695-0015 P A SO WA I F T RU
Copyright 2010, Sara Noel
For a low, low price!
419-692-5193 Ask for advertising 419 695-0015 OLEO I DLE EAR Distributed by United Feature
Delivery Available WA L K MOOR R Y E Syndicate, Inc.
www.delphosherald.com Friday, October 1, 2010 The Herald – 11

Wife ‘ready Tomorrow’s HI AND LOIS


to explode’
By Bernice Bede Osol
Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010

Anumber of pleasant developments

are likely to be in the offing in the
Dear Annie: What do you else without telling you about next 365 days where your social life is
concerned. You could establish several
do when you have been with it. It doesn’t mean he isn’t close new friendships and associations that
someone for almost 40 years to you. But the sooner you can will be envied by all.
and he keeps becoming infatu- respect his independence and LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Dare
to be different and think creatively,
ated with other women? privacy the less likely your especially when it comes to your
A few years ago, my hus- feelings are to be hurt. work or a project that is extremely
band became interested in a Dear Annie: I disagree important. Use your smarts to avoid
impediments and achieve objectives.
woman young enough to be with your advice to “Parentless SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -
his daughter. He called her at Parent,” whose mother is toxic. Someone you have been hoping would
all hours, and the e-mails were You said she might want to notice you has actually been discreetly
never-ending. He’d sneak out send a photograph once a observing you with admiration for
some time. This might be brought out
to meet her and lie about where year. in the open at last.
he had been. He even kissed her I have cut off my parents, SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec.
every time they met, especially my moth- 21) - When it comes to financial or
commercial matters, your perceptions
although he claimed er, for very good rea- are likely to be better than usual and
he was too old to sons. Sometimes you right on the money. Use these assets
do anything more. just need to let them in ways that could benefit you and
I think this woman go. My mother has CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
actually loved him. tried to undermine 19) - Even though some of your ideas
When he ended it, my relationship with and thoughts might conflict with
certain people with whom you’re
I thought he was my husband since
finally maturing. the day we met. She
involved, your wonderful, disarming
attitude will gain you their acceptance BEETLE BAILEY
He is now infat- says hurtful things anyway.
uated with someone that are disguised as AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
- If you are doing any comparison
else. This time it’s “helpful” comments. shopping for an expensive item, let
text messaging, I told my mother I quality take precedence over price.
phone calls and wouldn’t stand for it Carefully check out your potential
Annie’s Mailbox purchase to determine its true worth.
e-mails, and attend- and she needed to PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20)
ing functions where stop. But she kept - By taking special pride in all of
she is present. Sometimes he going and now has no contact your endeavors, the quality of what
you produce will reflect this and be
even takes me with him. And with my son. admired by all those who observe
the kissing continues. She For parents who are like your carefulness and diligence.
encourages him. When con- mine, keeping up contact once ARIES (March 21-April 19) -
You have a wonderful quality about
fronted, he claims it’s all in my a year with a photo opens the you that others will find to be quite
head and nothing is going on. door for them to try to push appealing. It all boils down to you
I am ready to explode. I am their way back in. My marriage expressing a blend of cooperation,
not leaving, but he certainly is has been much better since I consideration and compassion. SNUFFY SMITH
TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
welcome to. My life with him cut off my parents. It may hurt - It’s one of those days when you’ll
has been no bed of roses, but to do so, but it is sometimes retain everything you learn, and
I thought when he got older best for the sake of your fam- will later use it to your advantage.
However, it’s the kind of knowledge
things would improve. But ily. -- Sad but Happy in the you can’t get out of books, but only
instead of physical and ver- Midwest from observing.
bal abuse, I now have to put Dear Midwest: Everyone GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -
Some kind of innate knowledge you
up with emotional abuse. He learns to cope with difficult have that might be a trifle difficult
sees nothing wrong with this. parents in their own way. to define will be of great benefit to
Don’t bother recommending Some children manage it bet- you career-wise, financially and even
perhaps personally.
counseling. I’m not interested. ter than others, and some par- CANCER (June 21-July 22) -
I would simply like him to ents can be too hard to handle Express your inner urgings, hunches
leave so I can have some peace altogether. It is sad that your and insights in as many practical ways
as you can. When your inner voice
in my older years. -- Needed mother is so toxic that it is speaks, put its urgings to use in your
To Vent impossible to have any con- everyday affairs. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE
Dear Vent: So ask him to tact whatsoever. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -
Friends are likely to tell you things
leave. Or get your own apart- Annie’s Mailbox is writ- in confidence that they wouldn’t talk
ment. Or file for a legal sepa- ten by Kathy Mitchell and about with just anybody. When put in
ration or divorce. You have Marcy Sugar, longtime editors action, one of these news bites could
several options to gain your of the Ann Landers column. have substantial ramifications.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -
“peace,” and we recommend Please e-mail your questions to Something mutually beneficial could
you take one. There’s no rea- anniesmailbox@comcast.net, result when you align with someone
son to continue putting up with or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, whose ideals and thoughts parallel
yours. It’s an association that’s
this. c/o Creators Syndicate, 5777 destined to last a lifetime.
Dear Annie: My grown W. Century Blvd., Ste. 700,
son lives several hours away, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

but we keep in contact through

phone, e-mail and text. When
I spoke with my father yes-
terday, I discovered he had BORN LOSER
generously signed over one of
his vehicles to my son. This
transaction took place more
than a week ago, and yet my
son made no mention of it.
I knew he must have been
very excited and sent him an
e-mail saying I had just heard
the good news, although I was
hurt that he hadn’t said any-
thing. His response absolutely
floored me. He said he didn’t
understand why my feelings
were hurt, since the transaction
was between his grandfather
and him and didn’t concern
I am beside myself. Am I
being unrealistic, or was this
an extremely rude response?
-- California
Dear California: Sorry,
Mom. Your son is a grown
man. He is entitled to acquire
a car from Grandpa or anyone
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Charges weighed after sex video, suicide

By GEOFF MULVIHILL and charges carrying a penalty of up to five years “He said his roommate was cool.” lowing?”
SAMANTHA HENRY in prison. Numerous websites popped up in defense of The saga took another twist when the web-
The Associated Press But Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. the suspects, with some proclaiming their inno- site Gawker reported that someone started a
Kaplan said Thursday that more charges were cence or calling their alleged actions a prank. discussion on a graphic gay-oriented website
PISCATAWAY, N.J. — As prosecutors possible under New Jersey’s hate-crimes law. Countless other sites, however, were dedicated after realizing his roommate was “spying” on
consider filing bias-crime charges against “We will be making every effort to assess to bashing the suspects or calling for stiffer him with a webcam.
two college freshmen accused of streaming whether bias played a role in the incident, and, charges, including manslaughter. The author described his conflicted feelings
online video of a classmate’s sexual encounter if so, we will bring appropriate charges,” he said The comments on the pages are emotional after reading his roommate’s tweets about the
with another man, a huge divide has emerged in a statement. and sometimes vitriolic. Some postings call the author kissing a guy in their room while he
between those who support the suspects and The legal question has to do with the suspects “sickos” and “cold-blooded killers” watched from afar. Should he report his room-
those who want to see them punished. motive. while others display homophobia and racism mate or request a room change? Would either
The saga that unfolded this week at Rutgers A person can be found guilty of a bias crime (both suspects are minorities), even thanking the help or just make things worse? The author
University has become a flashpoint for debate in New Jersey if the jury agrees that he or she suspects for their possible role in a gay man’s later wrote that he told a resident assistant about
after the revelation that 18-year-old Tyler committed a crime because of a belief that the death. the filming — and that he unplugged his room-
Clementi had jumped to his death from the victim is a member of a protected group, such as Luanne Peterpaul, who has worked as a pros- mate’s computer and searched the room for hid-
George Washington Bridge on Sept. 22. a racial minority or gay. ecutor and criminal defense lawyer and serves den cameras before another liaison.
Leading up to the suicide, a post appeared on Ravi’s lawyer has not responded to requests as the vice chairwoman of the gay rights group The last known communication from
a website catering to gay men seeking advice for comment. Messages left with an attor- Garden State Equality, said bias crimes can be Clementi was on his Facebook page. It said,
on what to do after learning that a roommate ney believed to be representing Wei were not hard to prove. “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”
secretly filmed a liaison. While it’s impossible returned. She said prosecutors should look at evidence Friends were shocked that Clementi, a talent-
to be certain that that post and subsequent ones High school friends of the suspects, both including the Twitter messages Ravi may have ed violinist who was known as quiet but happy,
were made by Clementi, they mirror the same 2010 graduates of West Windsor-Plainsboro used to alert friends to the alleged video. She would have been embroiled in scandal — or
timeline as the alleged filming and reflect the High, say the suspects have no problem with said that there might be clues as to his intent. would have killed himself.
anguish someone in that situation might have gay people. Peterpaul said she believes that filming a “I would never expect this to happen to
felt. “He had gay friends,” Derek Yan, 16, told man and a woman engaged in sex in a dorm him,” said John Shen, a student at the New York
Clementi’s roommate, Dharun Ravi, of The Associated Press. Yan said that he chatted room would not have had the same results. Institute of Technology and a high school friend
Plainsboro, N.J., and another student, and Molly online with Ravi, an Ultimate Frisbee player, “It’s quite possible that maybe they would of Clementi’s who last saw him about a month
Wei, of Princeton, N.J., both 18, are charged about college life in recent weeks. “He said he have videotaped an opposite-sex couple,” she ago. “He’s such a good kid. I’ve never seen him
with invasion of privacy, with the most serious was lucky to have a good roommate,” Yan said. said. “But would there have been such a fol- angry.”

HP board’s selection of new

CEO raises new doubts
The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — Hewlett-Packard Co.’s board upset

many investors when it forced out Mark Hurd as CEO nearly
two months ago. Now, those directors appear to have baffled
Wall Street with its selection of HP’s new leader — Leo
Apotheker, who lost his job running German business software
maker SAP earlier this year after he didn’t live up to expecta-
Thursday’s announcement caught almost everyone off
guard, causing HP’s shares to slip back into a funk that began
in early August after the board ousted the well-regarded Hurd
amid allegations of sexual harassment and deceptive expense
Most analysts had expected HP to hire from within, or tap
an outsider with a more impressive resume than Apotheker’s.
“I thought it would be difficult for HP to hire an outsider
and have its stock to go down, but this board seems to have
found a way,” Gleacher & Co. analyst Brian Marshall said.
HP shares fell $1.21, or 2.9 percent, in Thursday’s extended
trading. Before Apotheker’s hiring was announced, the stock
closed the regular session at $42.07, down 46 cents.
The market value of the world’s largest technology com-
pany has been sagging since Hurd was shown the door, inten-
sifying the pressure on HP’s board to find a CEO who would
restore investor confidence.
Apotheker, a 57-year-old German, spent most of his career

New roof on
at SAP AG before being promoted to CEO in April 2008. He
lasted less than two years in the position. SAP decided not to
shelterhouse to be renew his contract when it expired nearly eight months ago,
largely because SAP’s financial performance faltered after
completed Oct. 8 Apotheker raised the fees that the company’s customers paid
to maintain and upgrade software.
“SAP’s customer relationships suffered badly and so did
The Vantage Career Center employee morale while (Apotheker) was there, so this is a bit
junior and senior carpentry classes of an odd choice by HP,” said software analyst Paul Hamerman
are providing the labor to put a new of Forrester Research.
roof on the shelterhouse at Stadium But HP’s board is confident it found the right man for the
Park in Delphos. Above: Students job.
place shingles on the north side of “Leo is a strategic thinker with a passion for technology,
the shelterhouse roof. Left: Cody wide-reaching global experience and proven operational dis-
Rolston (Van Wert) cuts shingles for cipline — exactly what we were looking for in a CEO,” said
his classmates. Parks Superintendent Robert Ryan, the lead independent director on HP’s board.
Craig Mansfield recently accepted a HP also named Ray Lane, another candidate for the CEO
donation of $3,000 from the Delphos position, as its non-executive chairman.
Rotary Club for the project. Vantage Lane, 63, is currently a partner at renowned venture capital
students should complete the work firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, but he is best known
by Oct. 8. in Silicon Valley as the former chief operating officer at SAP
rival Oracle Corp.
Although he was hailed for helping Oracle recover from
an accounting scandal, Lane was dumped by the company’s
Nancy Spencer photos mercurial CEO, Larry Ellison, a decade ago.
In an ironic twist, Ellison hired Hurd as his top lieutenant

New sex ed funding ends Official says blog is free speech after publicly blasting HP’s board for forcing him out of his

decade of abstinence-only
“This looks like a mixed bag,” Marshall said. “On one hand,
By KATHY BARKS HOFFMAN Ray Lane is the real deal and should do wonders for that board.
The Associated Press But on the other end, there is no getting around the fact that
By KELLI KENNEDY SAP pretty much fired (Apotheker).”
The Associated Press LANSING, Mich. — An assistant attorney general is using his The decision to give Apotheker another shot at being a CEO
personal blog to target the openly gay leader of the University of may renew questions about the competency of HP’s board,
MIAMI — For the first time in more than a decade, the federal Michigan’s student assembly, calling him a racist with a “radical predicted Stephen Diamond, a Santa Clara University associate
government is funding sex education programs that aren’t based homosexual agenda.” The lawyer claims that when he’s not at professor of law specializing in corporate governance. Besides
solely on abstinence. But they’re not just about handing out con- work, he has the right to say whatever he wants. its decision to jettison Hurd, HP’s board had previously come
doms, either. But the vociferous criticism has raised questions of just how under fire for spying on the phone records of journalists and
Beginning this school year, a five-year, $375 million grant is far a civil servant can go, and whether Andrew Shirvell’s online other directors.
being divided among 28 programs that have been proven to lower attacks — which include putting a swastika over a gay pride flag “It looks like the board almost punted this decision,”
the pregnancy rate among participants, no matter their focus. Many in a photo of 21-year-old Chris Armstrong — should affect his Diamond said. “This doesn’t look like a very stable, long-term
programs distribute condoms, but about half also aim to boost job. solution for the company.”
teens’ academics, get them involved in extracurricular activities and So far, Attorney General Mike Cox says no. Cox called Shirvell Since leaving SAP, Apotheker said he has been enjoying
even improve their parents’ job status. immature and his blog posts “distasteful,” but said he has the right some time off and consulting with companies. He is scheduled
Advocates believe this “above the waist” approach gives kids to free speech. But Cox said he was troubled that the 30-year-old to take over HP’s helm Nov. 1.
the tools to help them succeed in school and make better life deci- lawyer videotaped police breaking up a party at Armstrong’s off-
sions, especially about sex. campus home in Ann Arbor over Labor Day weekend.
“There’s a growing realization that we have to talk to young Cox said he plans to investigate. Shirvell is on leave from
people about relationships. It’s not just body parts,” said Bill Albert, the civil service, and “is subject to a disciplinary hearing” when
the chief program officer for The National Campaign to Prevent he returns, Cox told Detroit radio station WJR’s Paul W. Smith
Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. “It’s saying, ’What are your Friday morning. He didn’t elaborate.
goals?’ and helping young people understand what they need to do “Part of the video is being outside this young man’s house at
to get there.” 1:30 on a Sunday morning. Clearly, I wouldn’t recommend that to Answers to Thursday’s questions:
That theory, which has become popular in the safe-sex com- any state employee to be doing,” Cox told The Associated Press Alaska, which has the highest per capita income in the
munity in the past decade, will replace the abstinence-centered talks on Thursday. “That being said ... it’s not something where I can country, abolished its personal income tax in 1980 and
funded by a Republican Congress in the late 1990s and later under walk in one day and say, ’I don’t like what he has on there, let’s refunded $185 million already collected to its taxpayers.
President George W. Bush to the tune of $1.5 billion. broom him.’ He has First Amendment protections.” The father of Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull was
Critics contend there is little proof those programs lowered the teen Shirvell posted the video on his blog, called Chris Armstrong Jumping Bull.
pregnancy rate or that participants were less likely to have sex. In 2007, Watch, which he began in April. In the Sept. 5 posting, he accused Today’s questions:
Mathematica Policy Research, an independent government contractor, Armstrong of hosting the party with the intent to “liquor-up Who was the first civilian astronaut launched into space
released a study showing students in abstinence-only programs are no underage freshmen and promote homosexual activity in an effort by the U.S.?
more likely to abstain from sex, delay having sex or have fewer partners to recruit them to the homosexual lifestyle.” What did the U.S. government buy for Alaska’s Eskimos
than students who received no sex education at all. Shirvell has repeatedly called on Armstrong to resign. He has in 1891?
The teen birth rate rose from 2005 to 2007 after years of a steady criticized Armstrong’s friends and put their Facebook postings on Answers in Saturday’s Herald.
decline, then dipped again in 2008, according to the Centers for his blog. Today’s words:
Disease Control and Prevention. The university on Thursday banned Shirvell from campus, Kyphorrhinos: a humped nose
Valerie Huber, executive director of the National Abstinence where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 2002, saying he was Voltigeur: a tumbler or gymnast
Education Association, worries the new sex education message targeting the elected student body president “in a reprehensible The Outstanding National Debt as of 9 a.m. today
focuses on reducing teen pregnancy, not avoiding the risks of manner.” was $13,472,774,940,462.
unprotected sex altogether. Huber considers only one of the 28 “This is just another tactic bringing awareness to what Chris The estimated population of the United States is
approved Department of Health and Human Services programs to really stands for,” Shirvell said. “The substance of the matter is, 309,213,334 so each citizen’s share of this debt is
be abstinence-centered. Chris Armstrong is a radical homosexual activist who got elected $43,571.
Her agency estimates 169 abstinence programs serving 1 million partly funded by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund to promote a The National Debt has continued to increase an aver-
teens nationwide will lose millions in funding. Those programs have very deeply radical agenda at the University of Michigan. ... I’m a age of $4.06 billion per day since Sept. 28, 2007.
received about $100 million a year in direct funds since 2005. Christian citizen exercising my First Amendment rights.”