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SAP document type tables

document type Search Tables

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TVAK (/sap-tables/detail?id=TVAK) - Sales document types SD - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-SLS-GF)

T003 (/sap-tables/detail?id=T003) - document types FI - Financial Accounting (/sap-tables/list?module=FI)
TVFK (/sap-tables/detail?id=TVFK) - Billing: document types SD - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-BIL-GF)
T161T (/sap-tables/detail?id=T161T) - Texts for Purchasing document types MM - Purchasing (/sap-tables/list?module=MM-PUR)
T161 (/sap-tables/detail?id=T161) - Purchasing document types MM - Purchasing (/sap-tables/list?module=MM-PUR)
A740 (/sap-tables/detail?id=A740) - Sales document type/Industry/Industry Code 1 SD - Conditions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-MD-

A503 (/sap-tables/detail?id=A503) - Sales document type SD - Conditions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-MD-CM)

TVAKT (/sap-tables/detail?id=TVAKT) - Sales document types: Texts SD - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-SLS-GF)
B026 (/sap-tables/detail?id=B026) - Purchasing Output Determination: document type SD - Conditions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-

TDWA (/sap-tables/detail?id=TDWA) - document types Cross Application - Document Management System (/sap-tables/list?module=CA-DMS)
B040 (/sap-tables/detail?id=B040) - document type/Document Status SD - Conditions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-MD-CM)
TOADV (/sap-tables/detail?id=TOADV) - SAP ArchiveLink: Global document types Basis - ArchiveLink (/sap-tables/list?module=BC-

DMS_TDWA_WF (/sap-tables/detail?id=DMS_TDWA_WF) - Web Customizing document type -> Web Functions Cross
Application - Document Management System (/sap-tables/list?module=CA-DMS)

TF506 (/sap-tables/detail?id=TF506) - document types: Field-Dependent Properties Enterprice Controlling - Consolidation (/sap-

TVFKT (/sap-tables/detail?id=TVFKT) - Billing: document types: Texts SD - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-BIL-GF)

TDWAT (/sap-tables/detail?id=TDWAT) - document type Texts Cross Application - Document Management System (/sap-tables/list?

TE507_05 (/sap-tables/detail?id=TE507_05) - Standard Values for document types in Collective Bill IS - Invoicing (/sap-

TE507 (/sap-tables/detail?id=TE507) - Standard Values for document types in Invoicing IS - Invoicing (/sap-tables/list?module=IS-

TE003 (/sap-tables/detail?id=TE003) - Document Number Assignment: document type IS - Invoicing (/sap-tables/list?module=IS-U-


TE003T (/sap-tables/detail?id=TE003T) - document types IS - Invoicing (/sap-tables/list?module=IS-U-IN)

VTFA (/sap-tables/detail?id=VTFA) - Shipment document Flow Logistics Execution - Transportation (/sap-tables/list?module=LE-TRA)
MSEG (/sap-tables/detail?id=MSEG) - document Segment: Material MM - Inventory Management (/sap-tables/list?module=MM-IM)
BKPF (/sap-tables/detail?id=BKPF) - Accounting document Header FI - Financial Accounting (/sap-tables/list?module=FI)
VBRK (/sap-tables/detail?id=VBRK) - Billing document: Header Data SD - Billing (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-BIL)
VBRP (/sap-tables/detail?id=VBRP) - Billing document: Item Data SD - Billing (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-BIL)
MKPF (/sap-tables/detail?id=MKPF) - Header: Material document MM - Inventory Management (/sap-tables/list?module=MM-IM)
LIKP (/sap-tables/detail?id=LIKP) - SD document: Delivery Header Data Logistics Execution - Shipping (/sap-tables/list?module=LE-SHP)
CDHDR (/sap-tables/detail?id=CDHDR) - Change document header Basis - Change Documents (/sap-tables/list?module=BC-SRV-ASF-

BSID (/sap-tables/detail?id=BSID) - Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers FI - Financial Accounting (/sap-tables/list?module=FI)
EKBE (/sap-tables/detail?id=EKBE) - History per Purchasing document MM - Purchasing (/sap-tables/list?module=MM-PUR)
NAST (/sap-tables/detail?id=NAST) - Message Status Basis - Basis Services / Communication Interfaces (/sap-tables/list?module=BC-SRV)
VBFA (/sap-tables/detail?id=VBFA) - Sales document Flow SD - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-BF)
KONP (/sap-tables/detail?id=KONP) - Conditions (Item) SD - Conditions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-MD-CM)
RBKP (/sap-tables/detail?id=RBKP) - document Header: Invoice Receipt MM - Invoice Verification (/sap-tables/list?module=MM-IV)
TNAPR (/sap-tables/detail?id=TNAPR) - Processing programs for output SD - Output Determination (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-BF-OC)
PROP (/sap-tables/detail?id=PROP) - Forecast parameters MM - Inventory Controlling (/sap-tables/list?module=MM-IS-IC)
KALA (/sap-tables/detail?id=KALA) - Costing Run: General Data/Parameters CO - Product Cost Planning (/sap-tables/list?module=CO-

V_512W_D (/sap-tables/detail?id=V_512W_D) - Generated Table for View V_512W_D Payroll - Payroll: General Parts (/sap-

CATG (/sap-tables/detail?id=CATG) - CATT: Basic Texts for Test procedure Basis - CATT Computer Aided Test Tool (/sap-tables/list?

T511 (/sap-tables/detail?id=T511) - Wage types Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration (/sap-tables/list?module=PA-PA)

V_T7INA9 (/sap-tables/detail?id=V_T7INA9) - Generated Table for View V_T7INA9 Personnel Mgmt - India (/sap-tables/list?

TTYP (/sap-tables/detail?id=TTYP) - Object types for Accounting FI - Financial Accounting (/sap-tables/list?module=FI)

T512W (/sap-tables/detail?id=T512W) - Wage type Valuation Payroll - Payroll: General Parts (/sap-tables/list?module=PY-XX)
V_T511 (/sap-tables/detail?id=V_T511) - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration (/sap-tables/list?

T539J (/sap-tables/detail?id=T539J) - Base Wage type Valuation Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration (/sap-tables/list?module=PA-

DRAD (/sap-tables/detail?id=DRAD) - document-Object Link Cross Application - Document Management System (/sap-tables/list?module=CA-

V_T539J (/sap-tables/detail?id=V_T539J) - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration (/sap-

DPR_PROJECT (/sap-tables/detail?id=DPR_PROJECT) - Project Definition PPM - Structure (/sap-tables/list?module=PPM-PRO-STR)

V_T512Z (/sap-tables/detail?id=V_T512Z) - Generated Table for View V_T512Z Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration (/sap-

TVLK (/sap-tables/detail?id=TVLK) - Delivery types Logistics Execution - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=LE-SHP-GF)

TVAP (/sap-tables/detail?id=TVAP) - Sales document: Item Categories SD - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-SLS-GF)
TBRG (/sap-tables/detail?id=TBRG) - Authorization groups Basis - User and Authorization Management (/sap-tables/list?module=BC-SEC-USR-

TVCPF (/sap-tables/detail?id=TVCPF) - Billing: Copying Control SD - Billing (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-BIL)

RBKP_V (/sap-tables/detail?id=RBKP_V) - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View MM - Invoice Verification (/sap-tables/list?module=MM-IV)
VWTYGB01 (/sap-tables/detail?id=VWTYGB01) - Generated Table for View VWTYGB01 Logistics - Warranty Claim Processing

V_T52E2 (/sap-tables/detail?id=V_T52E2) - Generated Table for View V_T52E2 Payroll - Data Transfer (/sap-tables/list?module=PY-

TDWOD (/sap-tables/detail?id=TDWOD) - Screen for DMS Object Link Cross Application - Document Management System (/sap-tables/list?

TSOTD (/sap-tables/detail?id=TSOTD) - Valid Object types Basis - Use Subcomponents (/sap-tables/list?module=BC-SRV-GBT)

RBKPB (/sap-tables/detail?id=RBKPB) - Invoice document Header (Batch Invoice Verification) MM - Invoice Verification (/sap-

MYMP1 (/sap-tables/detail?id=MYMP1) - Receipt Data LFIO/FIFO Valuation MM - Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures (/sap-tables/list?

V_TVAK (/sap-tables/detail?id=V_TVAK) - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View SD - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=SD-SLS-

QVDM (/sap-tables/detail?id=QVDM) - QM Info Record - QM Control in SD QM - QM Control in Sales and Distribution (/sap-tables/list?

V_TBAER (/sap-tables/detail?id=V_TBAER) - Generated Table for View V_TBAER FI - Basic Functions (/sap-tables/list?module=FI-

document type related searches for tables

sales document type tables in SAP (/sap-tables/search? billing document type tables in SAP (/sap-
q=sales+document+type) tables/search?q=billing+document+type)

document types tables in SAP (/sap-tables/search? fi document types using fb03 tables in SAP (/sap-
q=document+types) tables/search?q=fi+document+types+using+fb03)

billing document sales document type tables in SAP (/sap- document type list tables in SAP (/sap-
tables/search?q=billing+document+sales+document+type) tables/search?q=document+type+list)


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Top SAP SD tables

sales order tables (/sap-tables/search? plant tables (/sap-tables/search? document type tables (/sap-
q=sales+order) q=plant) tables/search?q=document+type)

pricing tables (/sap-tables/search? contract tables (/sap- billing document tables (/sap-
q=pricing) tables/search?q=contract) tables/search?q=billing+document)
pricing procedure tables (/sap- delivery tables (/sap- condition types tables (/sap-
tables/search?q=pricing+procedure) tables/search?q=delivery) tables/search?q=condition+types)

outbound delivery tables (/sap- pricing conditions tables (/sap- sales organization tables (/sap-
tables/search?q=outbound+delivery) tables/search? tables/search?
q=pricing+conditions) q=sales+organization)

item category tables (/sap- billing tables (/sap-tables/search? output type tables (/sap-
tables/search?q=item+category) q=billing) tables/search?q=output+type)

internal order tables (/sap- customer group tables (/sap- sales order type tables (/sap-
tables/search?q=internal+order) tables/search? tables/search?
q=customer+group) q=sales+order+type)

price list tables (/sap-tables/search? condition record tables (/sap- sales area tables (/sap-
q=price+list) tables/search? tables/search?q=sales+area)

sales org tables (/sap-tables/search? info record tables (/sap- partner function tables (/sap-
q=sales+org) tables/search?q=info+record) tables/search?q=partner+function)

sales document type tables (/sap-


Top SAP SD tcodes

sales order tcodes billing document tcodes list of sales order report tcodes
(/tcodes/search?q=sales+order) (/tcodes/search? (/tcodes/search?
q=billing+document) q=list+of+sales+order+report)

credit memo tcodes invoice list tcodes (/tcodes/search? pricing tcodes (/tcodes/search?
(/tcodes/search?q=credit+memo) q=invoice+list) q=pricing)

document type tcodes condition types tcodes va01 tcodes (/tcodes/search?

(/tcodes/search? (/tcodes/search?q=condition+types) q=va01)

sales tcodes (/tcodes/search? credit limit tcodes (/tcodes/search? output tcodes (/tcodes/search?
q=sales) q=credit+limit) q=output)

quotation tcodes (/tcodes/search? product hierarchy tcodes sales organization tcodes

q=quotation) (/tcodes/search? (/tcodes/search?
q=product+hierarchy) q=sales+organization)

shipping point tcodes pricing procedure tcodes billing tcodes (/tcodes/search?

(/tcodes/search?q=shipping+point) (/tcodes/search? q=billing)
vf01 tcodes (/tcodes/search? va03 tcodes (/tcodes/search? output types tcodes (/tcodes/search?
q=vf01) q=va03) q=output+types)

condition records tcodes display billing document tcodes item category tcodes
(/tcodes/search? (/tcodes/search? (/tcodes/search?q=item+category)
q=condition+records) q=display+billing+document)

output condition record tcodes


Recent tables searches (/sap-tables/recent-searches) Popular tables searches (/sap-tables/popular-searches)

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Sap QM Sap Tables

Sap Cost Sap Planning

SAP tables by module

Public Sector Management (/sap-

Financial Accounting Treasury

Basis (/sap-
Components (/sap-

Personnel tables/list?
Management (/sap-(/sap-
tables/list?module=pa) module=is)
Production Planning and tables/list?
Control (/sap-
module=bc) module=py)

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SAP table lists by module and sub modules

AC - Accounting - General (/sap-tables/list?module=ac)

AP - Application Platform (/sap-tables/list?module=ap)

BC - Basis Components (/sap-tables/list?module=bc)

BW - SAP Business Information Warehouse (/sap-tables/list?module=bw)

CA - Cross-Application Basis Components (/sap-tables/list?module=ca)

CO - Controlling (/sap-tables/list?module=co)

CRM - Customer Relationship Management (/sap-tables/list?module=crm)

CS - Customer Service (/sap-tables/list?module=cs)

EC - Enterprise Controlling (/sap-tables/list?module=ec)

EHS - Environment, Health and Safety (/sap-tables/list?module=ehs)

EP - Enterprise Portal (/sap-tables/list?module=ep)

FI - Financial Accounting (/sap-tables/list?module=fi)

FIN - Financials (/sap-tables/list?module=fin)

FS - Financial Services (/sap-tables/list?module=fs)

GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance (/sap-tables/list?module=grc)

ICM - Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) (/sap-tables/list?module=icm)

IM - Investment Management (/sap-tables/list?module=im)

IS (/sap-tables/list?module=is)
KM - Knowledge Management (/sap-tables/list?module=km)

LE - Logistics Execution (/sap-tables/list?module=le)

LO - Logistics - General (/sap-tables/list?module=lo)

MDM - SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (/sap-tables/list?module=mdm)

MM - Materials Management (/sap-tables/list?module=mm)

PA - Personnel Management (/sap-tables/list?module=pa)

PE - Training and Event Management (/sap-tables/list?module=pe)

PLM - Product Lifecycle Management (/sap-tables/list?module=plm)

PM - Plant Maintenance (/sap-tables/list?module=pm)

PP - Production Planning and Control (/sap-tables/list?module=pp)

PPM - Portfolio and Project Management (/sap-tables/list?module=ppm)

PS - Project System (/sap-tables/list?module=ps)

PSM - Public Sector Management (/sap-tables/list?module=psm)

PT - Personnel Time Management (/sap-tables/list?module=pt)

PY - Payroll (/sap-tables/list?module=py)

QM - Quality Management (/sap-tables/list?module=qm)

RE - Real Estate Management (/sap-tables/list?module=re)

SCM - Supply Chain Management (/sap-tables/list?module=scm)

SD - Sales and Distribution (/sap-tables/list?module=sd)

SV - Service (/sap-tables/list?module=sv)

TR - Treasury (/sap-tables/list?module=tr)

WP - Obsolete Product: mySAP.com Workplace (/sap-tables/list?module=wp)

XAP - Collaborative Cross Applications (/sap-tables/list?module=xap)

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