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Personal Philosophy and Psychological Self 1

Personal Philosophy and Psychological Self


Paul J A Sullivan , student ID: 614256

First year 2016 Degree Bachelor Applied Arts - Film Production

EDENZ/Lifeway Collage, Auckland Campus


My essay is to explain my philosophy, psychological during the concepts of my life. But we

humans must also ask ourselves the one puzzling question: Is there a theory about philosophy?
Since philosophy is a theory about theories of the medium.. On the subject of my psychosis I am
not required to give an explanation nor to interpret any reasons of any of my actions why the
things I do, regardless if it’s a moral right or wrong action. I'm just free willed and open minded,
and why Common Core is a story killer and also destroys our inner artist. I have self-
actualization and determine to finding reasons why we should explore our own mass of
● Free willed and open minded

● Self-actualization

● Determinism

P J A Sullivan Arts 101 Others and self Philosophy and Psychology 2016
Personal Philosophy and Psychological Self 2

I believe

I believe like everyone else in trying something new or pursuing your passion(s) having free will

to do so without fear and should be Consequently in development of ones self.

Having free will to decide what you wish as identified by Murphy, Nancy and Brown, Warren

S. ".." Good reasons of a persons character development ".."To have close connections of any

issues of free will and ones morals".." (Murphy, Brown, 267)

I think its important everyone to know their values, i truly value freedom of choice in what ever I

wish, like opportunities, my artist expression and having determination to make it happen and to

convert dreams into a reality medium. Earlier in my life, i have discovered my true density and I

ran with it, because its been with me the whole time during my working life of many other

careers. My one true destiny was my participation in Film and Theatre productions Crew

member and talent expanding thirty five years. That is why I converted my career path, and this

year I finally got an agent after I joined Fresh Talent Ltd The most important thing to do Is

getting started and make it happen only you are walking your own path of your goals dream

career, not in the foot steps of others someone who wants you as a clone of him or her self.

"Clone Reinforcement" Doing same job as them, that you really don’t like until you have the

same skills and experience of the thing and very good at it but, you don’t feel no joy doing that

job or what have you and you truly what to do purse your true destiny by starting now because,

Anti social mobility has been applied.

P J A Sullivan Arts 101 Others and self Philosophy and Psychology 2016
Personal Philosophy and Psychological Self 3

The most satisfaction from life

Was during 2014, I first enrolled with NZMA and just randomly choose (Not my first choice) to

study Basic Cooking (level 3) never thought I would get accepted, and Graduated. In hospitality,

any head chief or any other chief ranking will tell you it’s a chef qualification, for it does not

matter if its just Basic Cooking (level 3). I ended up getting my first job in a restaurant at the

Auckland viaduct as a food preparation chef (which is a new title given to me, that’s never been

invented before hand). I soon lost this job after one month afterwards ran out of money, still

unable to source out any employment. Eventually I became homeless, but prior to this I've

already enrolled and accepted to study with NZ Film Academy studying TV & Film Production.

During the first two and half weeks I was still homeless my peregrination of 2014, I soon was

acting upon my true passions up until and during 2015 as a double graduate, which in turn

established a highlight in my life graduated from. NZ Film Academy - TV & Film Production

Level 4 and Samala Robinson Academy certificate in makeup artistry level three. The mediums

that influences me during my life are Film and TV shows makers, story telling using the power

of imagination, designs of lighting, set, costume, camera shots and learning about each Directors

unique styles and how each individual film or Television shows pans out also brain storming

ideas. Television commercials of to days products of interest to the customer or events to todays

society and having a fair and more egalitarian society.

Why I do the things I do.

Im not required to interpret my actions there is a reason why I do the things I do, most

people unable to handle nor absorb more than three percent of my Neuron mass, and the only

P J A Sullivan Arts 101 Others and self Philosophy and Psychology 2016
Personal Philosophy and Psychological Self 4

logical explanation is, i am unique just like everybody else. Im original, not a clone of someone

else. In theatre I like playing dress up, like cross dresser actor for the past 21 years out of my 35

year career. example; going to Katy Perry concert here in Auckland 2014 as Katy Perry. (Last

time she was here Which included blue hair wig, yellow latex dress and long boots.) as you

could imagine.

Image: Katy Perry (left) 2012 tour – (right) 'The Prismatic World Tour' Concert 2014

What am I passionate about as explained earlier, is been involve in making films weather it be

short or future, also love theatre productions get to play dress up. Love fashion that’s why I

studied make up and became a qualified make up artist Love travel, hopeful one day over seas

when I get a passport witness Love music going to music event.

What I fear the most.

Is Clone Reinforcement, Social Mobility and Common Core is a chain reaction and a

breach of an individuals liberty In some people who are control freaks should whack them self's

with a baseball bat and really ask and listen to the one they're trying using "Clone

P J A Sullivan Arts 101 Others and self Philosophy and Psychology 2016
Personal Philosophy and Psychological Self 5

Reinforcement" which is a moral wrong action and never used and if anyone who may not be or

considered him or herself not from planet earth would like ideology of Clone Reinforcement

imposed in todays society, will be quickly taken to a psychiatric hospital and the idea of Clone

Reinforcement banned for life.

"Behavior is shaped by positive and negative reinforcement."- Psychologist:

Burrhus Frederic Skinner (1904-1990)

Its important to portray Skinners issue of negative reinforcement to commit moral wrong

actions of hate and anti-social, and positive reinforcement to commit moral right action to be

social people person, open minded person. Because positive and negative psychological impulses

has been applied. Common Core which belongs in only if that person is aiming a career in

corporate company sector such as position title ECO. Therefore common core is killer of creative

weather it be in/from writing books or movie scripts, writing songs or playing musical

instruments to art paintings.

Image: www.diylol.com

P J A Sullivan Arts 101 Others and self Philosophy and Psychology 2016
Personal Philosophy and Psychological Self 6

The common traits we share.

We share oxygen and hydrogen, chemical compounds which some people call water, which is

connected to socialize in events, caring is sharing on social media like Facebook, twitter,

Instagram and so forth. Plus doing other activities such as going out to see bands at music events

and sharing information and happy memories that flow, just like water.


Chain reaction of Common Core leads to Clone Reinforcement, then onto Social

Mobility is a breach of ones liberty.

P J A Sullivan Arts 101 Others and self Philosophy and Psychology 2016
Personal Philosophy and Psychological Self 7


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P J A Sullivan Arts 101 Others and self Philosophy and Psychology 2016