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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Intimidators and Victimization Report

Personal Interpretation of Sociality

By Paul J A Sullivan. Student ID: 614256

Bachelor Degree Applied Arts – Film Production, First year (2016)

EDENZ/Life Way Collage, Auckland, New Zealand.


Coming from my own personal experience as a former victim, i want to discuss about an

international issue of bullies and victimization, which highlights the psychological impact and

there are solutions to eliminate both victimization and their intimidators, thought

communications, organizations and including abuser and their victims psychosis.

● Intimidators
● Victimization
● Prevention Solutions
● Legislation
● Healing Applications

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

The abuser psychosis of radical behaviorism uses a similar technique better known as "Skinner

Boxes". Skinner used rats in boxes for his experiments.

Physical bullying is a serious problem, and there are various kinds of negative physical

interactions between people of all ages, this may include fighting and sexual harassment. All

parents, teachers, and other concerned adults and young people should be aware of what a

physical bully is and some of the ways to handle it. However these things are not considered

physical bullying unless the same victim is targeted repeatedly.

All types of bullying affects all genders, races, cultures and so forth, and all victims will have

low self esteem and some may consider suicide, therefore negative reinforcement has been

applied. (The Cyberbullying Research Center Article, 2015)

What people don’t realize is that character assassination is extremely common and dangerous,

this happens quite rapidly preventing the intended person(s) from living his or her life.

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Character Assassination Definition: To assassinate someone’s character is to kill or damage their

character by any means possible.. Common character assassination techniques can be spreading

false testimony or various forms of commutations whether it be text or vocal expression about

that person to gain something. (No bullying article, 2014)

There are so many forms of bullying, threating messages or sexual pictures about a person

through cell phones, social networks, emails and other means such as postal letters, signage and

gossip, infiltrating someone's email or social network account to transmit these transmissions of

text , images or both.

Bullying is damaging to any person of any age whether it be in school or in the work place.

Many bullies think that bullying or intimidating others directly in person or online is hilarious

but may not realize the consequences for themselves.

Posting text or images of sexual nature online will reflect badly on him or her later on in the

coming days, weeks or months when that abuser decides to apply for a employment or enroll to

study this could include them being on the sex offender registry. Many assume their profound

ideology of using fake name(s) to commit these distressing actions. (The Cyberbullying

Research Center Article, 2015)

"Emotional states can be transmitted directly from person to person. This plays an

important role in many types of social interaction" (Bermudez, 199)

First of all, what is a bully? A bully is an abuser, an intimidator or an offender, but why do they

bully people? One of the causes is of this phenomenon is jealousy as published in news article

"Jealousy, abuse build life of violence " in 2012 by New Zealand Herald social issues reporter

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Simon Collin, when he was interviewing a man named 'Jay' {not his real name} from a broken

home. When "Jay" was born his parents were both seventeen. Jay believes jealousy played a big part

in turning him into a bully. When he was growing up in Northland, and lived mostly with his

grandmother because his parents were not capable of looking after him. (Collin, 2012)

"You know there's a whole life out there that, for whatever reason, I'm not part of.

You want it but you can't get it, so you try to hurt them." - "Jay"

Most of the time his parents were absent, but when they decided to travel up to Northland to visit

his grandmothers home where he was staying, they would take him away to Auckland, Jay's

mother was very violet, she was worse than his father.

"I struggled through my school years. That was a big thing for my mother to keep

referring back to how dumb and how thick we were. I found out really recently that

she had been raped by her brother for many years, so I got a lot of understanding of

why she was the type of person she was." - "Jay"

Since aged four Jay was sexually abused by his parent's friend who lived with them, and when

his cousin drowned, Jay aged eight was blamed for the death. From his teenage years Jay would

start fights and bully older and bigger boys which he always loses, and describes his bullying

actions as suicidal. He would get into fights with Mongrel Mob gang, eventually joined soon

after leaving school because he was looking for a family. Jay amazed himself but didn’t expect

to live this long but the only reason he got through these stages was because he was in jail. Since

age of 49 {Today 53 year old} Jay would visit schools with Violence Free Waitakere's

programme, "Violence-Free Begins With Me" helping children to avoid the same path he

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

followed. (Collins, 2012). Melanie Klein mentioned that we maintain these primitive impulses of

violence throughout life (TP book,109)

"Unhealthy or toxic social environments are likely to create unhealthy belief systems

in individual, hindering people from realizing their highest potential." Karen Horney


Published in the Irish newspaper Independent in 2012 by reporter Greg Harkin, of a teenager

named Ciara Pugsley aged fifteen years old from Dromahair, Co Leitrim, took her own life in

September just two weeks after being cyber bullied by trolls on her social page www.ask.fm

which is a website where messages can be posted anonymously. She was obsessed with the

movie 101 Dalmatians when the family visited a dog shelter they saw a Dalmatian after finding

out no one wanted the little dog so they brought it, she was so delighted to have one and she

named it Lulu. (Harkin, 2012)

photo file http://www.independent.ie Image: Ciara with her brother Daniel.

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Photo was taken two weeks prior to her death.

Six weeks after Erin's death, in Ballybofey, Co Donegal, Ireland another female teenager who

also used www.ask.fm named Erin Gallagher aged thirteen who lived on Silverwood estate,

Ballybofey with her mother Laura and older sister Shannon. Erin was a second year pupil at Finn

Valley College in Stranorlar, took her own life in October 2012 within twenty four hours latter

after responding to a comment on ask.fm page (her last words)

"Leave it now u had ur f**in fun get over it! My hair wasnt all over the ground trust
me plus stop going round saying a got a bald patch I had or have no bald patch!" -
Erin Gallagher

Erin's older sister Shannon, left a heart breaking message on a Facebook tribute page.

"No one deserved what you went through." - Shannon Gallagher

Then forty five days later, Shannon, fifteen years old and a fourth year student of Finn Valley

College also ended her life. (Harkin, 2012).

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

photo file: http://www.independent.ie Donegal schoolgirl Erin Gallagher (left) . Her older sister Shannon
(right) took her own life 45 weeks later.

Being bullied or intimidated by individual(s) raises the risk of a number of health issues later in

life like going through depression and don’t want to talk and be around people including family,

not interested in what family and friends are doing. Illness include disorders such as – anorexia,

obesity, insomnia narcolepsy and other psychology problems as well as physical abuse such as

narcotic drugs and alcohol, the victim believes there are no additional resources to render this

experience memorable.

The following are two examples of victimization factors.

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Victim one, Example of a random victim, a shy girl who has no friends tormented over the years

by those in her class, one day she seeks revenge with her mind so twisted, wanting to kill people,

becoming a psychotic killer.

Victim two, This person male or female wishes to end his or her life, the worse type of mental

heath illness is "chronic depression".

In these two cases and as i mentioned in the previous page, this victim believes there are no

resources to render his or her experience.

Justin W. Patchin and Sameer Hinduja of the Cyberbullying Research Center in United States Of

America, has identified during their investigation between 2002 to 2015, interviewing over

fifthteen hundred school students as indicated in the chart 2007 – 2015, the average victimization

rate of students who experienced being bullied was twenty six point three percent in schools

across Untied States of America alone (Patchin, J W and Hinduja, S. (Cyberbullying article,


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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Image source: Cyberbullying Research Center Summary from 2004-2010 dated 1st May 2015

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Prevention Solutions

Public communication is key, talking face to face, or in a group sitting between the abuser,

victim ( Including parents if they're teenagers) and if necessary the best qualified person is a

mediator. People can help reduce all bullying statistics by talking to children, teens and adults

about all types of bullying, explaining to them that it is a crime and it leads to serious


Make some rules for teenagers and specially young children, not to send mean texts, pictures,

write on walls or post mean or bad things about someone on Facebook. If they do, he/she will be

grounded at home thus temporary barred from going out with this/her friends. A step further

would be to seize their phone, computer or any other devices to prevent any potential abuser

known to any potential victim(s) gaining the means to cause harmful damage by not having the

bully the opportunity to do so, like not giving anyone your passwords nor sharing personal

information and to suppress radical behaviorism cause by abusers should seek advice from a

therapist or counselor. (Cyber bullying statistics Article, 2015)

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Negative emotions do contribute to illness including death, positive emotions contributes to

improve a person's heath and healing. Stop bullies by blocking their phone number, facebook,

twitter, emails and all forms of correspondence. If the issue is becoming very serious, report it to

the police or other organization, which they may advised you to, to try blocking the person

sending the messages. It may be necessary to get a new phone number or email address and to be

more cautious about giving out the new number or address.

"Many of us experience pain in our childhoods, and young people face trauma all

over the world. How is it possible to recover? "…"extraordinary power of resilience

can heal damaged lives"…"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are

challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997)

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

For example: Restricted or loss of any online accounts, if the bully is under eighteen year old, his

or her parents will face legal actions such as, a law suit in a civic court or criminal charges in a

criminal or in some cases both. On 30th June 2015 a controversial cyberbullying law passes in

New Zealand, as reported by New Zealand Herald political reporter Nicholas Jones. This

legislation of controversial law The Harmful Digital Communications Bill which passed its third

reading on 30th June 2015 with one hundred and sixteen votes in favor, received strong support

from organizations such as the Human Rights Commission, these agencies can ask social media

network sites such Google or Facebook to remove harmful content, however there have been

strong submissions from media organizations who are concerned about this legislation and the

consequence of anti-freedom of speech. Currently under The Harmful Digital Communications

Bill, any content that "incites to commit self murder" that's been identified as deliberately

harmful and can criminalize online communication abusers. (Jones, 2015)

My ideal suggestion is impose criminal chargers such as "Conspiracy to commit self murder"

sentence should be the same as a "murder conviction!" And the social network can exercise

within its own right to suspend, delete or ban the abusers account within its policy of any such

content of this nature.

"Our history does not determine our destiny"- Ethologist: Boris Cyrulnik (1937- _)

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

Healing Application
Psychological heath factors are unlimited towards any human, therefore in time you must allow

the healing of emotional wounds and to accompany by a friend, family member or organization

therefore the healing process factor has been applied.

“Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his

personality.” -Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997)

If somebody mistreats you for no reason in any shape or form, it just means there is something

wrong with them and should see a psychologist. Normal people never mistreats other people.

To help victims to overcome harmful effects or depression, they have to seek advice from a therapist or a

counselor (Cyber Bullying Statistics Article, 2015)


Theses issues must be taken into consideration, and if not taken seriously the consequences will

be devastating and increase on an international scale, on the fabric of social principle growth of

society and shall worsen by the hour .

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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment


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Intimidation and Victimization Report 1st Assignment

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