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Born in Africa
Tourism and Hospitality Course

The Born in Africa / Eden Hospitality Group course was compiled by Nadia Beutler after Born in Africa
approached her. We found that there was a definite need to equip a group of learners who did not qualify for
university yet have the passion, drive and need to achieve success. The course has been divided into 3
semesters totalling 8 months. All aspects within the tourism and hospitality industry are covered in great detail.
The students follow a series of theoretical classes as well as practical training to ensure that, once qualified,
their place in the job market is secured. Plettenberg Bay and the surrounding Garden Route is renowned for
tourism and hospitality and offers great work potential. The 11 students involved love the course so far, have
updates and pictures! Remember to Like our page and

become a very close knit family and are already starting to moonlight for various functions hosted by Nadia
You can also visit our website: www.borninafrica.org
See our Facebook page ‘Born In Africa’ for regular

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Born in Africa is very proud of creating this course

and we look forward to recruiting many hospitality
and tourism students in the future.
Together we can make a difference!

Our Eden group at the Born in Africa office the day the The practical part of the training is absolutely
course officially opened, excited after getting a good essential to ensure success in this
overview of what they can expect in the months ahead competitive and challenging industry

Our mission is to develop well rounded, independent and successful young adults acting as role
models in their communities by providing educational and social support to school going children and
young adults from disadvantaged areas in Bitou, Plettenberg Bay South Africa.
Success Stories from 2014
Mandy Mngomezulu
Ecstatically proud only partly begins to describe how we feel about Mandy Mngomezulu graduating from
The University of the Western Cape in March this year. Mandy commenced her three year BA degree
there after graduating from Wittedrift High. Mandy has always dreamed of making a difference and this
she plans to do so through the voice of media.
Mandy is currently pursuing her post graduate diploma in Journalism and Media studies at Rhodes
University in the Eastern Cape. She was offered a scholarship through Standard Bank, an offer no one can

Shavon Prins Richelle Krigga

Shavon Prins is heading Richelle Krigga hails from The
towards Cape Town after Crags and recently graduated at Van
completing her contract at Kervel skills school in George where
the very prestigious “The she specialised in Educare. At the
Plettenberg” hotel in moment she is helping out at a local
Plettenberg bay. Shavon crèche.
studied at the International
Hotel school in Cape Town Richelle, congratulations on your
and was recently awarded achievement so far!
her diploma in Food and
Beverage Management. So
proud of you Shavon!

Tertiary Programme
An overview of our students in 2015...
Meet our new students of 2015
 Adija Hartley is from Kranshoek. She is currently a first year student at NMMU, Port
Elizabeth and pursuing a four year intermediate phase degree in teaching
 Danelle Majavie, from Kranhsoek is a first year law (LLB) degree student at the
University of the Western Cape
 Tarric Davids comes from Harkerville and he is pursuing an accounting diploma at
NMMU in Port Elizabeth. He would like to become a Chartered Accountant
 Alberto Wilskut, comes from Kranshoek and he is pursuing his diploma in Accounting at
NMMU in Port Elizabeth
 Suwaida Grootboom is from the Crags and is pursuing a three year diploma in Educare
at SCC in George

Continuing their studies through Born in Africa are:

 Cameron Stuurman who is completing his three year BSc Human Biology degree at
Stellenbosh University. Cameron will pursue his medical studies at Wits University next
 Candy Gadebe is completing her 3rd year bachelors degree in Business Administration
through Tsiba University in Cape Town
 Siyasanga Tenge is completing her 3rd diploma year in Human Resource Management
in NMMU in Port Elizabeth
 Leshwin Barnardo is currently a 2nd year Business Management diploma student at
NMMU in Port Elizabeth
 Donna Aaron is in her 2nd year at NMMU in Port Elizabeth where she is doing a
foundation phase degree in teaching
 Ruduwaan Myburgh is a 3rd year student at UWC in Cape Town where he is studying a Senior Teaching
 Asanda Gigi is a 2nd year student studying Safety in Society at SCC in Oudtshoorn
 Mervin September is a 2nd year student studying Electrical Engineering at SCC in Mossel Bay
 Chandré Plaatjies is a 2nd year Educare diploma student studying at SCC in George
 Judy Mintoor has commenced her 2nd year degree in foundation phase teaching through UNISA
 Ivan Smith is currently completing a diploma in home based care through the Skills Academy of South Africa
We love our volunteers!
Volunteers staying in the Born in Africa House
Hi! My name is Rien Claes. I’m a student from Belgium volunteering at Born in Africa for
K three months as part of my school internship. As a communications student, I try to help
R Born in Africa with their social media and public relations profile. I have created little
A social media campaigns, taken lots of pictures for the Facebook page and so on. Apart
N from this, I also work in one of the schools where Born in Africa is active, Kranshoek
S Primary. I help the kids with mathematics, English and even a little bit of Afrikaans.
H What I enjoy the most about my stay at Born in Africa is the soccer project I started.
O Every day a group of children gather after school for soccer training. It is always a blast
E and the children love it. So far it has been one of the most exciting periods of my life.
The children are all really nice, the Born in Africa staff and fellow volunteers are great
K and the country is really beautiful!

Hello, my name is Wiebke Dorfs, I am 18 years old and live in Germany. I just
finished high school and decided to take a gap year to see the world and
experience something new. I heard about Born in Africa from two friends who T
were also volunteers here. I am working in the Crags with grade 2 - 5 children H
doing homework, art and computer classes. Besides that, I am giving them
individual Math and English support. I was also part of the Born in Africa Learn to E
Swim programme which was great, teaching children how to swim. I am really
enjoying my stay here and love every day that I have with the children. C
Hello, I am Juliet Desmet and I am from Roeselare in Belgium. I am 20 years old
and I am busy with the last year of my degree in pre-school education. I feel lucky
to be able to do my internship at Born in Africa. During the day I work at Crags primary school where I help with the G
Grade R classes and give individual attention to learners in Grade 3. In the afternoon I give homework classes with my S
lovely colleague Wiebke Dorfs. I share every new experience with her and am very glad I can do so. I also help out the
office which give me a nice idea of how things work at Born in Africa. I am going to miss everything a lot when I leave!

Thanks to our Swiss volunteers!

Swiss volunteers, Gabriele Bacciarini and Katrin
Rossi, came to Born in Africa with a budget due
to financial help from friends back home, to support
us where they can and graciously give us some
hands on assistance too. They bought various
stationary supplies to be used at afterschool
activities and group sessions, as well as different
types of balls to be used during sports activities and
a lot of swimming equipment, such as pool noodles, floating boards and swimming costumes for
the learners taking part in the Learn to Swim programme who did not own one. They also helped at
Learn to Swim, along with their friends Tiziana and Michele. We are truly grateful for your input and
proud to call you friends of Born in Africa! Look forward to seeing you again and hope it will be

Our great Born in Africa godparent-volunteers

Godparents Mario & Brigitte Lampaert and Geert & Martine Haeck decided to visit Born
in Africa for two weeks and work with us as volunteers. They painted the Born in Africa
classroom in Wittedrift using their own creative flair, helped us to set-up and run uniform
shops, assisted with the Nippers development programme, made special stationary
boxes for our mentors and did various other administrative tasks. Thank you for all your
time, outstanding enthusiasm, positive attitudes and willingness to help wherever you
could - we are looking forward to your next visit and many more unforgettable moments!
Born in Africa Projects and Activities

Born in Africa camps are something that our learners really look forward to. It is an enriching experience, with the camp theme
this year being “Friendship”, and the campers getting the opportunity to build new and existing friendships, learning about the
qualities of friendship and how to apply them first hand. This is such an essential life skill that shapes and builds good
character. The camp venue this year is Harkerville Forest Lodge, a lovely bunk house nestled in the Harkerville Forest. It has
a pool in which the learners always have a great time, stunning nature walks and a fireplace area under the stars. They also
take part in dance and drama workshops - some active confidence boosting fun! It is also tradition to play team building games
in the early mornings, usually resulting in better team spirit, a few good laughs and healthy challenges. The food is cooked by
the Born in Africa team and we make sure that we take plenty of healthy snacks along too. In the evenings, we relax with a
movie on our “big screen” and spend some time sharing stories at the fireplace. We trust that every child goes home with
some great memories!

Holiday Outings More than 800 swimmers...

During the April holiday, Born in Africa learners who attend We have had some incredible experiences with the Learn to
Plett Secondary School and Crags Primary and live in the Swim programme this year! It marked the anniversary of the
Crags, went on holiday outings to reward them for their hard 800th student being part of the programme, namely Akho
work so far this year. They loved the visit to Lawnwood Mvangeli, as well as a visit by sponsors Lief and Ivo De
Snake Sanctuary, though some were admittedly more than a Bisschop in celebration of this.
little apprehensive about getting up close and personal with
so many of these often feared reptiles. The owners, Michael Born in Africa also received donated materials, including pool
and Emily, were great hosts and have a contagious passion noodles and swimming costumes, from friends of Swiss
for these magnificent animals. It was an unforgettable volunteers Gabriele Bacciarini and Katrin Rossi. These
experience that gave the learners a new perspective on materials helped us to make lessons more intensive, creative
snakes! The learners also visited and fun.
Birds of Eden,
the largest bird Each one of our
enclosure in swimmers improved a lot
the world with in both confidence and
an incredible ability, and it was great
variety of birds, to see how much they
followed by a were enjoying the
picnic and lessons, sad when they
some free time had come to an end.

Let’s make music! Needlework

The Born in Africa music group in Wittedrift has continued The knitting and needlework classes
this year with faithful young music enthusiasts attending. are continuing this year, run by Born
The group is working on some new songs, planning to in Africa volunteer Amanda Allum.
record a few by end 2015 and perhaps even do a live She is now also joined by Marie-Anne
performance. It was such a great achievement recording the Marais. Together these two lovely
Born in Africa song last year and they are proud of how far ladies are teaching the learners
they have come. The class is being stretched and involved valuable life skills. In the first
strengthened vocally as well as challenged musically, term the younger learners made little
covering new singing styles and techniques. The new Born knitted purses and hair bands while
in Africa classroom is the older girls made sun tops. Due to
the perfect place to electricity problems at the school, all
use for this class. the stitching has to be done by hand.
We are proud of our Thank you Amanda and Marie-Anne!
Born in Africa choir! Your enthusiasm to help, your
Thank you Karien passion to make a difference,
Malan, our education patience and expertise are enriching
coordinator for your lives!
excellent lessons.
Born in Africa Projects and Activities
Dreams can come true!
This wonderful project started in March 2013. We are
still making two dreams come true every month. Here
are the dreams that have come true so far this year:

Feb 2015 - “Our dream is to have wetsuits to be able to

continue with our Nippers training in the cold water”
The entire Born in Africa Nippers team received wetsuits
Feb 2015 - “My dream is to have my own bed and
bedding” 6 children received beds and bedding
March 2015 - “Our dream is to have a rugby kit / netball
clothes / cricket equipment” 8 children received new
sports equipment
March 2015 - “My dream is to have my eyes tested”
Roseline Blauw and Nasiphe Mbukulwe were taken to an
Thanks to the Buckinghamshire BIA Charity Golf Day eye specialist and received glasses
these dreams have come true!
April 2015 - “My dream is to go on a canopy tour”
Nina Charlish and three of her friends had the delightful
experience of going gliding from tree to tree.
April 2015 - “My dream is to have my own cupboard”
Eight Born in Africa learners received their very own

Born in Africa Nippers Development Team is going from strength to strength. Ellen Kleinsmidt, Robert Kleinsmidt, Marcell
Patterson, Celine Olivier and Nicole Jacobs started an intensive swimming programme with Chaz Fraser in October
2014, where they swam four times a week and took part in the Plett Nippers training. The first lesson they could only swim 10
meters but with hard work and dedication they improved quickly. During the weekend of the 31st January they took part in the
Eastern Cape Friendly carnival. This was their first experience. Then, our five Born in Africa Nippers went to Nationals in
Strand (Cape Town), competing against the best of the best in their age group. Ellen Kleinsmidt got an amazing two gold
medals for flags and sprint, Robert Kleinsmidt came 8th in the flags and 7th in the sprint and Celine Olivier came 6th in the
long distance. What a wonderful experience! They had a fantastic time and it is great to see the progress they are making, the
boost it has given them and the hard work they are willing to put in – going that extra mile, quite literally!

Born in Africa learners in Kranshoek Primary, Crags Primary, Wittedrift Primary, Plett
Secondary School and Wittedrift High School received school uniforms, shoes and stationary at
the beginning of 2015 to equip them for the school year to come. Uniform shops were set up at
all the schools and, with the help of several volunteers, Born in Africa uniforms were handed out
to each child, taking care to ensure that they receive the perfect fit.
It is good to know that Born in Africa learners have godparents who see the importance of this
and support them in having the privilege of owning a brand new uniform.
Mentorship Programme
Study Methods Doctor’s Visit
This year we decided to focus on improving the school Born in Africa recently played host to Dr Edwin Demyunck
results of the BIA children and this we endeavour to do by and his wife Annie De Smet who visited us for the second
teaching Study methods to our children. We will present year running. Last year Dr Edwin, who is an ear, nose and
them with a fully comprehensive course which includes first throat specialist, performed examinations on each Born in
of all improving one’s reading and writing capabilities. Then Africa child. Those in need of further medical attention were
we focus on improving the children’s self esteem and build referred to their doctors or clinics. This way many ailments
their confidence to actually believe in themselves and their were treated and assistance provided.
abilities. This is then followed by concentration techniques,
This time, he focussed on dental care and presented to the
planning, study methods, visualisation and mind mapping.
children during their group sessions, a comprehensive power
point presentation on the importance of preventative dental
care. Various tooth brushing methods were demonstrated.
The value of regular flossing, various foods to avoid and
much more was covered in the presentation. Dr Edwin and
his wife certainly are passionate about children and the way
in which they communicated this important lesson, certainly
showed this. We are so grateful for your visit and look
forward to seeing you again next year again!

The beginners learn the importance of reading with

understanding and begin to explore memorising exercises.
The more advanced learners work with various practical
exercises and mind mapping, whereas the seniors cover all
aspects mentioned in the beginning of this article.
Clearly we at Born in Africa have our work cut out for us, but
mentors, Sarija Bewee, Catherine, Schoeman, Marita Harker
and Belinda Coram take it in their stride!

Happy birthday to you!

3 Lauren Camphor, Darchen Damonds / Skuy 1 Megan Vaaltyn
7 Mervin September 2 Justine Links, Matuschka "Tussy" Oliphant
8 Sharne Christoffels, Shanice Davids, 3 Savasio McClean
Suwaida Grootboom 4 Zoe Karnie
11 Tracey Thombe 6 Simone Kamfer, Courtney Klazen
13 Thumurney Davids, Ayesha Baartman 7 Tameryn Zondage, Fazela Kiewiets
15 Charnell Ockhuis, Donovan Paulse, Jemiell Witbooi 8 Claudene Windvogel
16 Karabo Mphafa, Kimberley Plaatjies 9 Joslin Sam, Chardonay Philander
17 Maroshaan Blaauw 10 Danielle Sputa
18 Lucille May 11 Maria / Vuyelwa Bonase
19 Chemonique/Themba Malgas 13 Casuraan Blaauw
20 Nolin Jordaan 16 Jaydine Constable
22 Katleho Modise, Angelique Abrahams, Ivan Smith 18 Emodean van Rheede
23 Thansoneria "Kally" Blaauw 24 Rosline Blouw
25 Luciano Louw 25 Zanelle Kamm
27 Rashied Adams 27 Meredy Salmans
30 Marcellino (Lino) Ruiters, Nicole Christoffels 28 Angelo Abrahams, Thoman Roman, Jaime-Lee Mouton
31 Tarric Davids 29 D'vandre Oliphant
30 Rickell Williams
JUNE 31 Ashlene Wildeman, Dezire Williams, Chloe Krigga
1 Cameron Windvogel, Britney Oraai, Hillion Davids
3 Angone Smith AUGUST
4 Megan Myburgh 1 Sibahle / Jessica Thobela
6 Anja Branders, Breyton Lourens 2 Anetta Luyters, Eunica Jones, Camrin Jacobs, Ellen Kleinsmidt, Rohlene Jansen
7 Mandy (Malibongwe) Mngomezulu 3 Mercia Hendricks
8 Shenise Stuurman 4 Roslin Kerspuy
9 Tamia Oliphant 5 Renesha Van Wyk, Nasiphi Mbukulu
10 Danielle Damonds 6 Shavon Prins, Rubaine Arendse
11 Leshwin Barnardo, Monique Bailey 8 Shaun / Beertjie Kham, Jody-Ann Mapondo
13 Zoe Willems 10 Roxanne Olivier, Burton Kam
15 Breyton Paulse 11 Rouvay Powie, Guillermo Windvogel
16 Clevorne Barnardo 12 Estee Quinch, Embrochia Zondage, Marshell Brendon Williams
17 Suzette Vaaltyn, Micalyn Gysman 13 Sjang-Shu Jordaan
18 Keashwin Samuels 18 Merilene Hartley, Roxanne Davids
20 Narswhin Jacobs 19 Anastacia Olivier
21 Shamiella Ruiters, Kimberley Palmer, 21 Myraldine Brown
Meghan Barnardo, Shanita Le Fleur 23 Lorenzo Baartman, Jason Plaaitjies
23 Alyonay (Lindsay) Cloete 25 Alexis Zeng, Danika Julies, Charde Martins
24 Granville Cloete 26 Mariska Plaaitjies
26 Esme Philander 28 Vio-nett Van Rensburg, Lucian Attwood
28 Antonio Aaron, Torique (Christopher) Steward 31 Tamryn Attwood
Thank you!
Wonderful initiatives
During the Easter celebrations of KRING 2000, an
The K-ART festival in Kortrijk
impressive amount of €700 was raised in aid of Born was incredible. An amount of
in Africa. Special thanks go to Mona Ots, Gil, Vince €10,000 was raised in aid of the
and KRING 2000”. You have really made many little Hospitality / Tourism course. This
hearts very happy! will allow our 11 students to
continue working hard! Thanks to
Thanks to Tom & Adelaide Demeyer – Defourny for Edwin Demuynck, Annie De
your donation during your wedding celebration. This was such a huge Smet and the volunteers.
surprise to us. This has been allocated to our study bursary fund.
Thanks to Daedalus Holding
This year the Born in Africa children received warm beanies and scarves bvba, Chris Vanhauwenhuyse
thanks to Mrs Calcoen. Thanks for all your hard work. for your donation of thermome-
ters and bandages. Huge thanks
Our Eden Hospitality students will shortly commence their computer courses
to Brigitte, Mario, Geert and
thanks to “Computers for Africa”.
Martine Lampaert, Peter Schellinck and Karina Lens for all the stationary
Thanks to Gilbert & Lieve Van Caeneghem who organised a New Year’s and school material.
party for their friends and neighbours. All gifts will be used for the Born in
Enormous thanks to Toralf Nordbotten for all your hard work promoting Born in
Africa wood working project.
Africa Norway. Thank you for your continued support.
Thank you Lieve Platteau, Christine Lernout, Jaak Leenknegt, Wilfried Van
We continuously support Patricia’s Crèche with a monthly
de Velde and Georges De Smul for ensuring the processing of a total
contribution. This is all possible thanks to an anonymous
number of 769 tax invoices in aid of Born in Africa. Wow, what a fantastic
donor, friends with Kitty en Kees Van Helbergen. Wow, we
are humbled at the gesture and thanks to you, so many little
Thanks to KSA Sint Nicolas we are able to continue our educational camp faces will get their important educations start in life.
themes. This year the children will meet professional dance and drama
Thanks to Kris & Maxim Toulouse who recently celebrat-
instructors who will offer workshops. We are also able to fund an additional
ed their 50th and 18th birthdays simultaneously. All donations
mentor attending the camps which means more individual time with the
were allocated to the study bursary project. Wow, what a
learners which will ensure maximum learning on topics such as friendship,
beautiful initiative and a brilliant celebration.
drugs, sex education just to name a few.
The VTM programme FAMILIE donated a very impressive amount of clothing
The group GEUZENFEEST of the Protestantse Gemeenschap HOREBEKE
to the Born in Africa children. Thanks to Jef De Smet for thinking of us. Also a
held a brilliant festival. The donations received have been donated to Born
warm thanks to Lieve De Backer and Lot vanden Broeck and Nick & Penny
in Africa. Many thanks.
Brooks for your donations of clothing, cricket wear and blankets.
Family Van Parys held a party and the majority of the funds raised
Thanks to the annual party of GIBC Vriendenkring & sv Limburgia, Born in
were donated to Born in Africa’s study bursary fund. Of course they also
Africa received a very nice donation in aid of our study bursary project.
assisted their god children Shenise and Nolin. Your gesture is incredible.
Thanks to family Scheepers–Manshoven for this initiative.
Since the beginning of 2015, the Born in Africa mentors have focussed on Jaak Leenknegt, our vice chairman, recently received a cheque on behalf of
study methods as part of their afternoon group sessions. Thanks to the Born in Africa from the company BELGA News Agency. Many thanks for
support from Nick & Penny Brooks we were able to supply each child with a this!
study method manual. You guys always come through for us!
Lief & Ivo De Bisschop of Idée consulting, without your yearly support
Neos Deinze organised an information event in aid of Born in Africa. the Born in Africa swimming programme would not continue. Thanks for your
Our chairman, George De Smul had the opportunity there to share his ongoing support and thanks to you, more than 835 children in the Bitou area
passion and knowledge about our organisation. Thanks for all the donations have learned to swim!
Just over 30 children in Kranshoek learned knitting skills, thanks to Amanda
Buggenhout came out tops again! Thanks to the walkathon organised, Howard and Marie-Anna Marais thanks ladies for your time!
a nice donation was raised for Born in Africa’s study bursary fund.
Thanks to OG Stasegem at Harelbeke who promoted BIA on the soccer pitch.
Big thanks towards the clubs: Rotary Club Plettenberg Bay,
Rotary Nieuwpoort Westhoek, Rotary Kluisbergen VL.A, Innerwheel Club Corporate donations for the studybursary funds: De
Wupperthal, Rotary Club Wupperthal, Rotary Deutschland Gemeindienst Blauwe Vogel, XL Carwash Kontich, Roger & Luc De Smedt
t.v., Innerwheel Geraardsbergen, Lions Hoogstraten, JCI Oudenaarde, wines, Woodr vintage furniture, Kinnarps office furniture
Marnixring Vlaemsch Hooft,

Thank you for the big donations: Agentschap Belga, Neos

Deinze, XL Carwash, Hellemans, Mr Schuil, REMA 1000, Verzekeringen
Smet BVBA (Marie Paule & Luc Seeuws, Svein Nordbotten, Ruta N.
Nanivadekar , Marc Verhagen, Patrick Leyman, Kinnarps Belgium NV, Fam.
De Latte, Jozeph Rabijns, Business Connected, Chantal Van Summeren,
Mr. Schuil, Ercken – Bleyen, Tafelrond – Baarle, Patrick Leyman,
Wereldwinkel Peer, Prof Dirk Schaffer, Cardiohaan, VWZ Sjaloon Woluwe,
Heidi Kurth, Dirk Lindemans, M. Vekens Patch IT VOF, Beke Wouter, Idee THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FOOD DONATIONS: Woolworths,
Consulting CV KwikSpar, Sao Goncales, Le Fournil & Robberg Fine Food.

Thank you for the monthly donations: Tinneke & Joost Bogaert-Verlinden, Victor Poelmans-Lambrights, Henri & Martine De Schouwer, Fons
Cools, Meeus-Verheyen, Marc en Roos Hollanders, Yvan Vandenabeele, Gilbert Verheecke, Van Steertegem-De Temmerman, Leona De Smet, Van Den
Eynde- Lemmens, Geert & Sandra Vandermarliere, Rosa Flamand, Hans Vermeersch, Moers-Scheepmans, Noor Hallegraef, Nancy Calcoen, Luc Van Der
Linden, Etienne Vyncke, Wilma Van Bronkhorst

Thank you for the donations: B. Decroos, J. DeClerque, M. & J. Meyskens, L. Ostyn BVBA, J. Verhaegen, P. Leyman, C. Stommels, Putman-
Knockaert, S. Nederhof, Peeters-Wagemans, J. Wets, G. Dulst, R. Vander Elst, M. Van Rijn, C. Leyn, P. Beheyt, A. Van Hecke, Posschelle-Wauter, Reul-
Debailleux, N. Van Heule, J. Vliegen, A. Vandeweyer, Van Baarle-Vanes, M. De Mol, G. Ramakers, Everaert –De Neve, A. Marrant, Zaman Lucas, Venmans
Achille, M. Bergen, H. Keupers, Koning Boudewijnstichting, K. Versmold, M. Kuglin, P. Dewulf, P. Herbert, W. Van Belle, R. De Backer, Ottevaere-Goeminne,
AM Claus, I. Bekaert, C. Verstraeten, B. Cauwels, H. De Witte, Loncke-Honore NV, Meester-Heerooms, Rubens-Van Royen, J. Vyncke, Sciloglou Photios, JW.
Kruijne, M. Goossens, Boedts-Claeys, MA Verleye, J. De Rycke, Van Iseghem, D. Quintyn, J. Carlier, P. Dewulf, E. Hacquaert, C. Mestdagh-Van Den Neste,
L. Verhelst, M. Barbier, Declercq-Velghe, Van Loon-De Smet, Blyncke BVBA, F. & M. De Lange-Kuyken, W. Van Belle, Verfaellie-Vanderbeke, R. Baetens, G.
Missiaen, R. Van Hooland, Laureys-Goegebeur, Heirlings-D'Hondt, Van Ginderachter-Van Deun, B. Dewulf, C. Dollendorf, G. Dewulf, F. Denys, J. Dereuck, D.
Van Liefferinge, D. Van De Velde, H. Bekaert, C. Verheyen, Joosten-Moons, Schelstraete –Malfait, D. Baert, G. Cools, J. Gonnissen, Vijverbos NV, L.
Vanhaecke, Schuil-Schuil, M. Van Gils, G. Van Herck, H.B.M.Kogelman EO, Verbruggen-Troch, L. De Henauw, O. Meis, H. Geyskens, S. Knops, Verlodt-
Lambert, P. Cornelis, F. Kennes, Proost-Blockx, A. Rigo, P.Wilhelm & I. Duren, Terclavers, Bedrijvencentrum Rigio Brugge Vantillborgh, W. Seys, J. Dekeyser,
Van Oost Arsene, H. Theeten Herman, J. & S. Masschelein, Durnez-Clarebout, Castel-Decock, M. Stoot, Dr.Maertens BVBA Antoon, M. Gasquet, Vande
Vyvere-De Brabandere, B. Van Steenberge, N. Lamerant, Joosten-Moons, M. Sebrechts, Van Eynde-Pauwels, Van Caeneghem-Joosten, Van den Branden-
Dieudonne, M.Nickmans, J. Damelinck
Magic soccer outfits ...
A soccer team with a huge heart! The Football Club Perk (KFC Perk) held
a ‘FOOT FOR AFRICA’ day. Lots of soccer clothing and training shoes
have been donated to Born in Africa. Thanks to the organisational skills of
Nathalie De Wandeler, the club and the volunteers Chris & Inge, DHL and
Peter Caes as well as Johan Bronkhorst. Your efforts ensured that items
arrived in Plettenberg Bay without a hitch!
Many young enthusiastic soccer players now have their kit and nothing
stopping them from reaching the top!

Upcoming initiatives ...

Lucky Art Parade Jef Bike Project Dream night

“More than 30 famous Jef Michielsen will On the 28th of May

Belgians completed art- be visiting Born in the students of the
works and donated them to Africa in June 2015 Maaswaal College
be auctioned off in aid of where he will be (Wijchen, Nether-
assisting the lands) will organize
Born in Africa. The event will
learners from with 9 artists an art
take place on 26th Novem- various schools with bike riding lessons. He night to fundraise for
ber 2015 at “De Panne” has already raised an impressive amount of the Born in Africa
where waffles by Jules Destrooper (the €8,000 in aid of this project. Please mail to dream project.
business is celebrating their 125th year jefmichielsen@telenet.be or visit facebook More news in the next
birthday), will be available. More info at http://facebook.com/BorninAfricafietsprojectJef. newsletter.

Our new honored board members

Jo & Dede Dirickx (on your left) were dubbed honorary members during their visit to
Born in Africa. This was awarded to them during the prize giving at a golf tournament organised
in Plettenberg Bay by Remi and Lieve De Backer and family Hellemans. Also Annie De Smet &
Edwin Demuynck (on your right) became honored member for all their dedication
towards Born in Africa. Thank you Jo, Dede, Annie & Edwin for all your support.

Donorinfo is a public foundation specialising in the financial transparency of charities

established in Belgium. It is the first independent website that publishes high-quality, objective
and verified information about the activities and resources of charity organisations. Born in Africa
is registered with Donorinfo and you can thus make a donation in full confidence.

Service clubs, companies, schools, seniors clubs and others who are interested:If you would like to organize
something for Born in Africa you can always contact Georges De Smul or Remi De Backer. They will be more than hap-
py to visit you and give an informative talk at no cost. Feel free to contact them!

This newsletter was compiled by Nele Schroyen, Emma Irvine, Veronique

Claes, Karien Malan, Belinda Coram & Isabelle De Smul – Brink.

Would you like to get involved?

Contact person in Contact people between Contact people in Belgium Contact people in:
South Africa Belgium and South Africa Norway
Arlette & Georges De Smul
Toralf Nordbotten
Isabelle De Smul – Brink Lieve & Remi De Backer R. Dalechamplaan 4
P.O. Box 1674 Cell: +32 (0) 47 528 3873 1200 Brussels
Plettenberg Bay 6600 remi.de.backer@telenet.be Belgium Germany
South Africa Dr. Reinhard Schydlo
Tel/Fax: +32 (0) 27 706 916 rschydlo@aol.com
Tel: +27 (0) 44 533 6271 Cell: +32 (0) 49 612 2361
Cell: +27 (0) 82 857 2345 georges.de.smul@gmail.com The Netherlands
isabelle@borninafrica.org Chantal Van Summeren
Corporate fundraiser:
Donations are always welcome! Jaak Leenknegt
In Belgium: Iban nr. BE 25 8845 03500182,
BIC-code: HBKABE22 Have a look at our Facebook page: Born in Africa
& our new website: www.borninafrica.org
In South Africa: First National Bank, Plettenberg Bay
62044941533, branch code: 210514 Tax exemption in Belgium (from €40) & in South Africa!

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