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(PLLD ‘The greatest turf on earth.* 12/17/09 Mr. Joseph Lavorgna McPs Re: VieldTurf Re mmitment Dear Mr. Lavorgna, FieldTurf takes our role in the environment very seriously and our objective is to create a positive environmenta! impact on the world. Currently, FieléTurf drastically reduces the need for water, pesticides, and Co2 emissions, Keeping in line with our global objectives, FicldTurf will guarantec thet our ficld products will be 100% recycled afier its useful life is finished and will also guarantee that the fild does not end up in a landfill Regards, Dasren Gill Director of Marketing | Tarkat S068 Morven, MR Morten PQ, année. HAP 2.7 B11 Pax (Se) 3409394 Website. brp-non fldwrtarten som