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Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s), September 2009

are needed to see this picture.

At the end of every unit in each academic subject, your child will be
assessed on the content taught in that unit. Each month, you will get a newsletter
informing you of upcoming events, exams, and news happening in second grade. We will also let you now
what your child will be working on in each unit so that you can work with your child at home to reinforce these
In a few weeks, your child will be assessed in Math and Social Studies. Our first Math Unit reviewed 1 st
grade skills. Our first Social Studies unit is called Community and students learned facts about where they live.
Below you will find a list of skills and content taught. Please study these skills at home with your child.

Math Social Studies

• Ways to make 10 and 20 • What are the 4 parts of the Fish
• Different names for numbers. Ex. 12 Philosophy? (choosing your attitude,
can be shown in different ways: money, play, make their day, being there)
pictures, tally marks, number sentences • What borough do I live in? (Brooklyn)
• Finding missing numbers in a number • What street is P.S. 59 located on?
grid. (Throop)
• Recognizing coins (Quarters, Dimes, • What state do we live in? (New York)
Nickels, Pennies) • What community do we live in?
• Added coins to find a total (Bedford Stuyversant)
• Showing a different way to make 25 • What city do we live in? (New York
cents (2 dimes and 1 nickel, two City)
quarters, 5 nickels, etc.) • There are 3 different communities.
• There are 7 days in a week. They are They are called Urban, Rural, and
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Suburban
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
• There are 12 months in a year.
• Place Value Patterns in a Number Grid.
Each column has a number that remains
the same. Each row goes by 10.
• Review double facts (8+8, 7+7)
• Comparing numbers using relation
symbols 45<70, 60>12, 5=4+1
Reading Writing
We are working on building your child’s
reading stamina. By the end of the year, your We are working on stretching our stories even
child must be able to read for about an hour. longer by adding details, dialogue, feelings,
We are making goals in the classroom to read and actions. We are also working on building
more and more each day. So far we are our writing stamina. Our classroom motto is:
reading 20-22 minutes during Reader’s When your done, you’ve just begun!
1 Science Unit begins in October! Word Study
Pebbles, Sand, & Silt Blends and Digraphs (fl, bl, pl, cl, tr, br, dr,
gr, pr, sh, th, ph, ch…)

Thank you for your continuous support and a special thanks to those who chaperoned the
Apple Picking Trip. It was a great success!
Sincerely, The Second Grade Team