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R.T.C. Colony, Plot No:145,
D. NO: 85-24-9/1East Godavari District,
RAJAHMUNDRY, Andhra Pradesh
INDIA – 533 103.
Phone: +91 7093880522

Career Objective:

Seeking for an opportunity at your esteemed company in the field of oil well drilling where I can
put atmost service to the company and have learned the technical skills to contribute my
services to a better extent.

Position Applied for : Assistant Driller


IWCF – Level 3 (Driller level) Surface BOP stack (Pass: 89%) – CR number - CR825549 valid
till 27-07-2019.

Total Professional experience: 2014 Aug – 2017 Dec: 3 years 2 months.

 Drilling Engineer (Rig Operations) – on shore rig from 2015 Oct to Dec 2017 (2 year 2
months) at Sterling Global Oil Resources Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria.

Roles& Responsibilities carried out as a Drilling Engineer @ On shore Rig Site

 Followed the mines safety norms during the rig drilling operations and supervised the
other drilling crew’s safety of men and materials and practiced the HSE norms, MADE
awareness to the other rig crews ABOUT THE HSE AND SAFE WORKING
PRACTISES as a Drilling Engineer.
 Conducted TOOL BOX meeting daily during shift duty & other essential operations.AS
per API.
 Monitoring drilling parameters and mud rheology time to time.
 Maintaining 1.) Bit Kilo.Rev sheet.
2.) Drilling Jar Hours sheet.
3.) Trip sheets& time balance sheet
 Indent & Procurement of material required for drilling as per program time to time & in
 Checking the Bits required for drilling &IADC dull grading the POOH Bits.
 Monitoring of M/up Torques for drilling BHA, Premium Casing and Tubing’s.
 Monitoring Hook loads for any abnormal drag, also taking note of below jar and above
Jar weights during RIH BHA.
 Inspection of Casing and Tubing. Also preparing Casing as well as completion string
 Technical inspection of Well Head Equipment and accessories.
 Practical Knowledge in testing the BOP Rams with test plug seated in the well head and
pumping from kill line (if the Kill line is installed below all the RAMS) while RAM under
test in closed position and also function testing of RAM from BOP control Unit.
 Analyzing Piling data and concluding the Point of refusal based on blows/ft. & Stroke
length of hammer in conjunction with drilling supervisor.
 Monitoring slurry pumping pressures while cementing the casing as per drilling program
& doing top-up job if required.
 Monitoring Mud cuttings received from Solids control equipment for assessment of
cuttings received per meter and optimize drilling parameters for better hole cleaning if
 Calculating of ECD while drilling, circulation and cementation jobs to prevent exceeding
of ECD beyond fracture gradient.
 Monitoring of Directional surveys and pressure differentials while drilling inclined and
horizontals in conjunction with Drilling supervisor and MWD engineer.
 Examining the condition of Mud motor after POOH for any abnormal axial play in motor
 Approximating the Kick tolerances at shoe while drilling deeper sections, mainly
reservoir sections.
 Following Health, Safety and Environmental aspects as per Company HSE policy and
participating in Safety Drills.
 Carried out Single, Dual, Single selective completions and well activations by under
balancing well with diesel with help of Coil tubing successfully.
 Knowledge on Fishing Procedures and Fishing tools for Drill pipe, Drilling BHA, casing
and Tubing.
 Handling of Draworks break to relieve Drillers when necessary.

Base Office Experience:

 Evaluating and optimizing drilling performance and NPT (Nonprofit Time) tracking.
 Handling of look ahead based on Daily Progress Reports and mobilization of well
services & Equipment from contractors and the delivery of same at rig site.
 Preparation and evaluation of Rig deployment schedules in conjunction with drilling
 Preparing scope of work and Technical support documentation for evaluation of
drilling and completion services quotes in conjunction with drilling superintendent.
 Planning of rig operations with cost effectiveness and time management.

Challenges experienced:

 Controlling mud losses with sequential LCM pills 4 - 8 ppb (Mica/ nutplug/ kwik
seal/Lignite) while drilling 16'' & 12.25'' surface sections (@ 130m - 600m approx.) Gel
Polymer WBM.
 Experienced mud losses while drilling 8.5'' hole (Lithology 100% shale) with OBM with
heavier mud weights of 10.8ppg in horizontal well of Depth approx. 2600m MD. In order
to prevent caving, mud weight was reduced to 10.4 ppg ,as a result well started the
ballooning effect, so further reduction in mud weight to 9.6 ppg, the well was static and
hole collapsed at bottom shale - sand interface. While POOH, jarred down with 8''
hydromechanical drilling jar 3 times to release the string. Done cement plug job to side
track the well as a viable solution rather than spending money for recovring the current
8.5'' well bore by keeping in mind the shale unstability issues and Rig NPT days. Futher
the sidetrack was successful and completed as Dual Zone oil producer (Quality : Brent
 Fishing of stuck up Logging tool in directional well (incl. 49 deg) via cut and thread
method. Use of inadequate knuckle joints in the directional well by logging team in BHA
was found to be the source of the problem.
 String parted while trying to release the stuck pipe by jarring up with 8''
Hydromechanical Drilling jar where there is no circulation established and zero rat hole.
Later cleared top of fish @70m from rotary with washover tool and fished out with
overshot. Problem found to be poor mud properties (Gel Polymer WBM).

 Rig Man for ONGC (Oil and Natural gas Corporation Ltd), Rajahmundry Asset/KG Basin,
Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh through North East Drilling Company, A.P., India (2014 Aug
- 2015 Aug) for HPHT wells.

Roles and Responsibilities carried out as a Rig Man:

 Worked on NOV Rig 2000HP VFD with 500Ton TDS 11-SA NOV.
 Experience in Operating NOV Iron Roughneck ST-80 and Power Tongs.
 Experience in Tripping in & Out Drill pipe and BHA.
 Knowledge on D.P & Casing Slips, elevators, Bails, Slip and cut procedures.
 Carrying out periodic inspection on HP lines, Mud pump lines for leakage.
 Knowledge in operating BOP Control unit and Remote Control Panel from the Dog
house/Driller's cabin for closing and opening of BOP RAMS as per Operational
requirements and in Well control situations.
 Knowledge in N/up and N/dn 13-3/8'' ,11'' , 9-5/8'',7-1/16'' Wellheads (5K), 13-5/8'' BOP
(10K - Chinese) Shaffer & Cameroon types.
 Undergone Internship on the Subject “Overhauling of 12P-160 Triplex Mud Pump” at
ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.) Workshop, Rajahmundry Asset/Krishna
Godavari basin, Andhra Pradesh,, south India during the month of June 2012.

Software Skills:

 Microsoft word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook.

 Open Wells – EDM.

Academic Qualifications: (Educated in India)




Exploration and Production
B.E - Mechanical Engineering VISWA MAHA VIDHAYALAYA UNIVERSITY 7.65/10
Physics & Chemistry GODAVARI DISTRICT. 92.7%


Secondary School Education RAJAHMUNDRY , EAST GODAVARI 89.6%

Personal details:

Date of Birth : 19 - May- 1991

Age : 27 years
Gender : Male
Nationality : Indian
Passport No. : J6381897
Languages known : English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil (Speaking).
Father’s name : Mr. A. Siva Rama Krishna
Father phone no. : +91-9490492278
I hereby declare that the above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.