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Czarina Nicole Casubuan


Juan Luna
Title of Painting Elements/Principles Meaning/Message
1. Spolarium Oil on canvas was used. The Formal His Spoliarium was all about the
Elements used in this art are first, lines bloodied bodies of gladiators, who
making up the different images you see were drawn as slaves; and dragged
in the painting. Second would be the away from the wide and powerful arena
shape which is geometric with the as they attempted to fight their Roman
different objects present and also oppressors, with their own precious
Organic with the shape of the people in and God given lives
the painting plus volume, because of the
mass you get from the present figures in
the painting. Third is the light and value
how it shows some sort of manipulated
light. Fourth, the colors he used were
kind of mournful, serious and it gives off
the tone and emotion of the painting.
Lastly would be the visual texture he
used giving off a certain illusion texture
to make the characters in the painting
seem real.
2.The Parisian of Life The oil on canvass painting, 22 inches The painting can be interpreted in
long ~ and 31 inches in width three ways, by literal and popular
Dimensions: 57 cm × 79 cm (22 in × 31 interpretation where the lady sitting in
in) the sofa was identified as a flirt and
prostitute, by tragic and biographical
interpretation which discusses the
personal experience of Luna with his
wife who had an affair with another
man, and that the woman in the
painting has a “geographical likeness”
to the mirror-image of the archipelago
of the Philippines.

Fernando Amorsolo
Title of Painting Elements/Principles Meaning/Message
1. Planting of Rice Oil in canvas was used. Sunlight is This painting falls under the
a consistent element in Amorsolo’s classification of painting as Genre
works. Brush strokes were smooth painting as it is painted in the
which emphasizes the serene feel contemporary life of the Filipino
intended by the artist. farmers in 195. Rice planting is among
those that depicts the real Filipino
tradition that is still applicable until the
present time.

2.Making of the Philippine Flag Oil in canvas was used. The artist shows The painting shows three women namely
rough texture in some parts of the Marcella Marino de Agoncillo (on the right
painting namely the dresses as well as side) refer as the mother of the Philippine
flag, with the help of Lorenza and Delfina
in the backgrounds. The artist uses a
Herbosa de Natividad which is actually the
different color values for the dresses. daughter of Marcela. They was tasked by
Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo to sew the first flag
for the new republic. The clothes that the
women are wearing are an older style, more
vintage and really depict the traditional
styles. The skirts the women’s are wearing
are long and their tops were like a traditional
“kimona”. The three women are sewing
passionately which demonstrates elegance.
Lopez, Loraine T.


There are 3 possible interpresentation of the work.

*Oil in Canvas 1. The woman is a courtesan who caught the eyes of
THE PARISIAN LIFE *Dimension 22x31 Inch the filipinos patriots, they are Jose Rizal, Juan
(1892) Luna and Ariston Bautista-Lin
2. The painting's completion, Luna was struggling
with personal tragedies --- the dawn of his infant
child and her wife having an affair
3. The lady is the image of the Philippine
Archipelago’s, as you notice the red lace or
something that gripping in the neck of the
woman, according to the researcher it symbolizes
the states of the Philippines under the Spaniard

The painting is an allegory of the relationship between

ESPAÑA Y *Oil in Canvas Spain and the Philippines. The figure representing Spain
FILIPINAS *229.5x79.5 cm guides the filipina figure towards a radiant down, the
staircase is a symbol of progress suggesting the
benevolence of spanish colonialism


Oil in canvas was used. • To show the citizen of the Philippines of how the
MAKING OF THE Sunlight is a consistent Philippine flag was made by the three woman which is
PHILIPPINE FLAG element in Amorsolo’s works. Marcella Marino de Agoncill Lorenza and Delfina Herbosa
Brush strokes were smooth
which emphasizes the serene de Natividad which is actually the daughter of Marcela
feel intended by the artist. and to remind them the traditions and custom

• To take care and give importance the National flag which

it symbolizes as white triangle stands for equality and
fraternity; the blue field for peace, truth and justice; and
the red field for patriotism and valor. The eight rays of the
sun stand for the first eight provinces that the colonizers
have put under martial law. The three stars symbolize
Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. These just shows us to loved
our country, be proud of it do not be ashamed because our
ancestors risked their lives for the freedom from the hands
of the colonizer

THE FRUIT PICKERS *Oil Canvas This artwork shows the values and characteristics of a
UNDER THE *25 ¼ x 37 ¼ Inches Filipinos, it is being a hardworking worker yet they are
MANGO TREE happy on what they are doing, doing it with all our hearts.