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Basics of SQL statements [DDL, DML, TCL, Views] Difference between delete and drop
What is auto commit
What is view
Basic terminologies in RDBMS and concepts Difference between DBMS and RDBMS
Difference between primary key and unique key
ERD – Example of identifying the cardinality Relation between two tables
1 between tables
Group By, Order By clauses, Joins Department wise maximum salary
Different types of join
Date functions, aggregate functions, filters Date format conversions and similar date functions, Aggregate
functions like sum(), etc.
Basic Sub queries Departments which are not present in department base table
Having clause, Where clause Why and when Having is used
Set operators Difference between union and union all, intersect, minus
Analytical functions Use analytic functions to compute moving averages, running
2 totals, percentages or top-N results within a group
Pseudo columns Usage of inbuilt functions like RowNum, Rowid etc.
Query Performance Tuning Steps to increase performance of a query
PLSQL stored procedure or function Writing a simple PLSQL stored procedure or function