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This Electronic Document Preparation and Management School Based

Assessment is based on an indept investigation to reveal the increasing levels of abuse being
inflicted on teenagers in Guyana in the 21st century and now it may impact their document since
it is a major problem in Guyana.
The researcher decided to approach this research by checking the newspaper
articles, search on the internet for information, text books and asking family members and
friends that based on the increasing levels of abuse of teenagers. During the method of research,
The researcher expected to find out the different mindsets on the issue.
The researcher will be presented this issue on graphs whereby it will be more
eaiser to read and interpetate and also have a better understanding.
The researcher feel that the increasing levels of abuse on teenagers in Guyana
really affect their growth while developing and think that it can be reduced urgently. The
researcher want to make a perfect understanding to determine the causes and reasons why this
issue brought out. To display this issue on graphs the level of abuse being affected on teenagers
in Guyana in the 21st century. The essay will be addressed three main different forms of abuse
that has been happening to teenagers during the period of 2015 to 2016. By analyzing this data,
This essay aims to find the reasons of the urgent issue.
The researcher thinks it is very important to educate others, Especially the
younger ones who are growing up, Since abuse is a broad issue whenever persons are well
educated enough on the issue it should be more easier to find solutions for themselves and
The researcher thinks that the research will show an increasing in the population
number of teenagers that are suffering in Guyana.

Approximately 200 cases involving teenagers who have been abused at the
sametime atleast 150 teans was placed in a care outside of their homes for the year 2014.
This purpose of this essay is to analyze the increasing levels of abuse being inflicted
on teenagers in Guyana in the 21st century. This essay is addressed about three different abuse
that teenagers are facing over the years in Guyana. By analyzing data, The essay aims is to find
out the reasons of this urgent issue.
In Guyana, many teenagers are at risk of being Sexual, Physical and Emotional
abuse. The age range of Physical, Sexual, Emotional abuse is between the age of 14 – 20 years
old has increased significantly to the point where the Director of the Child Care Protection
Agency ( CCPA) of the Ministry of social protection has called out on the public to seek help on
this issue. Girls are victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse where as well as
boys being abused. Abused is defined as any action that harm or injures another personal through
abuse comes in different forms.
Sexual abuse is defined as any sort of non – consensual sexual contact, sexual
abuse is the behavior by one person upon another, When force is immediate it is called Sexual
Abuse/Sexual Assult. Some examples of Sexual Abuse are: Forced sexual intercourse, Concern
into unsafe sexual activities and Imposition of degrading sexual activity.
In Guyana, The sexual abuse of teenagers is increasing. Most people consider it is
very shameful to be made public. For these reasons there are few perspectives of those who
sexually abuse teenagers/children. The families of the sexually abused and either intimidated or
are often bought off by the molestation especially if they are political connection or are from a
family background with status, influence and wealth. As a result, the opinion of sexual abuse of
teenagers is high.
Some studies have been shown that teenagers of sexual abuse are most likely to
develop social traits as they grow and experience in their lifes, problem such as teans pregnancy,
mental sickness, drugs, low academic achievement and delinqences. How should parents read
and find out that there teenager daughter who is only 15 years have been sexual abuse by a
family friend over a year period? What advice can anyone tell her parents what can be done and
how they can get justice when their child is abused.
Triffanne Ramphal was interested with a problem concerning sexual abuse where
a two year old was sexual abuse from her 15 year old uncle. Where the child parents are working
. So the child grandmother are taking care of her everyday. Kimanie Watso was a friendly child
before she was abused by her uncle. On the morning of October 21 last, The two year old, Along
with her six months old siblings was reportedly left in the care of their grandmother after their
mother, Who works as a security guard left for work. The grandmother subsequently went out
“to collect some money from western union’’,Taking the six year old baby but leaving the two
year old in the care of her 15 year old son.
Greene said, is certainly a cause for concern since the younger the child, the
less capable they are of protecting themselves. “ It is a concern because the victims are so young,
they really can’t accuse their abuser. They cannot point their fingers. These are children literally
without a voice.They have no voice to say that somebody has done something’’.Greene
The child parents went to the police station and the 15 year old was arrested and
charged for assaulting but later released bail. It was vey hard for the parents to investigate the
situation to know if the 15 year old was HIV positive and it was very rough for the child parents
to cope with this situation. In Guyana, research was conducted that some teenagers experience
physical abuse in their school, home and even community. When violence against children it can
cause many dangerous to the family members.

Physical Abuse can be defined as any intentional act causing injury or trauma to
another person or animal by way of bodily conact. In most cases, children are victim of physical
abuse, but adults can also be victims, as in case of domestic violence or workplace aggression.
Some example of physical abuse are: Kicking, Cuffing, Shoving, Chopping, Pushing, Assulting
with weapons and Murder. The negative effects on the physical abuse are long term which are:
Arthritis, Heart disease, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Chronic pain syndromes and
sexually transmitted disease (in the cases where sexual abuse was part of the physical abuse).
These negative effects however, range are endless.
Alfred Griffith who is 36 years old who abuse his two children for milo, milk and
$100. Alfred Griffith was found guilty of neglect and ill treatment meted out for his two children,
ages of six and seven. According to reports reaching this publication, the man Alfred Griffith of
an East Bank Essequibo abused his children by forcing their hands into a pot of boiling water. He
reportedly took his action after he returned home from work Thursday of last week and found
that milk, milo and one hundred dollars were missing.
Reports suggest that after causing his children’s hands to become badly scorched
in the boiling water, The man proceeded to inflict a beating on them. Neighbours may not have
been too surprised by the wails of the children as the man, A construction worker, is know to
contantly abuse his children whenever he is at home. In fact this publication was privy to
information that the mother of the children was forced to leave the very home and her children
behind sometime ago because she too was reportedly abused. Although no one came to the
children’s rescue, Neighbours however eventually became aware of the gravity of the abuse they
suffered last week Thursday. Neighbours made use of the Child Care Protection Agency

Emotional Abuse can be define as a form of abuse characterized by a person

subjecting, or exposing, another person to behavior that may result in psychological trauma.
Some examples of Emotional abuse are: Threats to maim/murder, humiliation in front of others,
name calling,isolation from family members and friends. The negative effects of emotional abuse
are surprise and confusion, shame or guilt, becoming overly passive or complaint, frequent
crying and many others.
Kaieteur News was interested with a problem within Guyana. Children have the
right to grow up in a home where they feel safe and are part of loving and nurturing families.
However, this is not always the case in Guyana where the incidience of emotional abuse of
children has increasing significantly to the point where the Director of the Child Care Protection
Agency (CCPA) of the Ministry of social protection has called on the public for help. The
(CCPA)reports that 2,238 children were abused during the first seven months of the year 2015
and there are many more unreported cases.
While girls are predominately the victims of sexual abuse, alarmingy, there are
several cases of boys being emotional abused as well. In Guyana, abuse of teenagers is rampant
especially in the rural areas, by this seldom makes the news headlines. Male and Females are
committed these abuse almost everyday. It is the responsibility for everyone in the society and
(CCPA) to paly a wonderful role to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional to prevent the
physical, sexual and emotional abuse of the teenagers.

It can be concluded that the research was successfully done and the society have a better
understanding about the urgent issue.
Author: Rampersad Ramsawak & Ralph R. Umraw
Publisher: san Fernoando .Trinidad: Caribbean Eucational Publishers, 2001

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