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Robert Summers-Berger 

Proficient public speaker 
Student of Wootton High School’s Humanities and Arts 
Program  Cooperative team-player 

August 2015 - Present  Accomplished thespian 

I was accepted into and now participate in Thomas S. Wootton’s  Conversational in Spanish 
Humanities and Arts program, a high school program with an emphasis 
on creative writing, artwork analysis, literature, and cultural study.  Great with kids 

English Tutor 
February 2017- Present 

Two days a week I work during lunch and after school to tutor English  AWARDS 
students at Wootton high school. Most often the students are from AP 
International Thespian 
Language and Composition or Lit. 
Certificate of Achievement 

Theater Productions  Robert Frost Middle School 

August 2008 - Present 

Geography Bee Finalist 

I have been cast in shows since the age of seven when I played the lead  Thespian Honors Society 
role of Broccoli in Imagination Stage’s Youth Summer Camp’s T
​ he Cold  Unsung Hero Award 
War​. All told, I have had the opportunity to perform in thirteen shows in 
my career thus far, including ​The Laramie Project a
​ s Moises Kaufman; ​How 
to Kiss a Girl a
​ s Kenny, the lead; ​The Devil and Daniel Webster a
​ s Hi Foster; 
Woody Allen’s Death ​as Al; R
​ oger and Hammerstein's​ ​Cinderella​, as a 
member of the Prince’s Guard​; ​ H
​ umpty Dumpty is Missing!​, as Sammy 
Scoop, the lead​; Much Ado About Nothing a
​ s Dogberry; ​Check Please, a
​ s Guy; 
and most recently M
​ usic Man​, as Salesman 1. 

International Thespian Honors Society Member 

May 2016 - Present 

I was inducted into the International Thespian Honors Society, an 

organization that recognizes achievement in school theater. 

Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama Pre-College 

June 2017 - August 2017 

Following my Sophomore year, I applied to, was accepted by, and 

attended the six-week residential CMU Drama Pre-College. There I was 
mentored by real CMU professors in all things Drama related, from acting 
to dramaturgy; directing to combat. 
National Spanish Honors Society 
April 2018 - Present 

In my Junior Year I was admitted to the Emilia Pardo Bazán chapter of the 
National Spanish Honors Society, an organization which recognizes and 
promotes academic excellence in the study of the Spanish Language. 

Tennis Teacher 
February 2014 - September 2017 

I was an employee at Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club (QOSTC) from 
the time I was thirteen years of age. I taught a range of ages, from three to 

Thomas Wootton Drama Camp Counselor 

June 2017 and June 2018 

I have been, and shall continue to be, a summer camp counselor for the 
annual Junior Drama Camp at Thomas Wootton High School. There I work 
with kids, the youngest being five years of age and the oldest being eight. 

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