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A Practical Spiritual System for Abundance and Prosperity

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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

CD 1: The Spirit of Wealth Building: Your Money Attractor Assessment . . . . . . . .6

CD 2: How to Make Money In Any Economic Climate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

CD 3: The Nine Secrets to Attracting Money . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22

CD 4: Money Myths Revealed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29

CD 5: Shortcuts to Attracting Whatever You Want . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

CD 6: The Money-Mastery Seminar: Seven Wealth-Building Innovations . . . . . .40

1. Making Wealth a Study
2. The New Definition of “Marketing”
3. Money Loves Speed (Time Management)
4. The Million-Dollar Secret Formula
5. Creating Information Products That Sell While You Sleep
6. Three Ways to Direct Traffic to Your Website
7. Getting Started on Your New Business

BONUS TIP: Outrageous Marketing Secrets for Your New Business . . . . . . . . . .48

BONUS TIP: How to Get Millions of Dollars in Publicity FREE . . . . . . . . . . . .49

BONUS CD: The Ten Most Important Business Lessons I’ve Learned . . . . . . . .50

About the Author . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54

Welcome to Dr. Joe Vitale’s The Secret to Attracting Money: A Practical Spiritual System for
Abundance and Prosperity. In this program Dr. Vitale takes you on a journey through the
Nine Secrets to Attracting Money and into a world of powerful solutions and options, many
of which you may not have heard of before. Also included in this guidebook are practical
tools and applications that you can immediately implement in your own business, or if
you’re just getting ready to start a new business, how to create even more success and

No matter what condition your finances are in, the theories, practices, and experiential
exercises within this program will assist you in creating more financial abundance in your
life with a greater sense of ease and well-being. You can dispel any beliefs that may have put
you in a place of victimhood, scarcity, and lack in your life, and create new practices and
beliefs that will put you in a place of personal empowerment, financial well-being, and
beyond. Joe provides you with practices, theories, and tools that can literally shift your life
into one in which attracting money and creating continuing business opportunities become
an ongoing occurrence.

Joe Vitale is a gifted inspirational speaker, author, spiritual marketer, and innovator in the
area of human dynamics. He has the ability to think beyond the status quo and has devel-
oped this comprehensive new program to aid you in continuously and creatively attracting
more money into your life. He has an ingenious way of looking at the world of financial
opportunities from the perspective of attracting whatever you desire. In order to gain the
full benefits that this program has to offer you, take time out each day to act upon the
invaluable insights and strategies that Joe has provided for you. As you take initiative on
these powerful attracting, brainstorming, and marketing tools, you will discover that all that
you have been striving for throughout your lifetime suddenly manifests in your life.

To achieve the maximum benefits from this program and guidebook, listen to each audio
session first, and then work on the corresponding chapter. Listening to the audio session at
least three times allows it to sink into your subconscious mind as you make more and more
discoveries each time you listen. Be sure to keep a pen and paper nearby as you listen to the
program, and be prepared to pause it when you hear an idea or technique that particularly
appeals to you. Think about that idea in connection with your situation, your work, and
your lifestyle – and then prepare a plan to act upon it in the days ahead.

Start now! Do not procrastinate. We suggest that you take five minutes to familiarize
yourself with your guidebook. Give yourself a deadline, and be committed to following
through on that deadline. Without implementing any of the action steps that you have
mapped out for yourself, this program simply becomes an exercise in listening. In order to
gain the full benefits that this valuable program has to offer you, make the decision here and
now to work through this guidebook, act upon your insights and strategies, and achieve
the kind of results in your life that you’ve never thought possible.

CD 1: The Spirit of Wealth-Building:
Your Money Attractor Assessment
In this opening session, Joe Vitale shares his personal journey from financial and spiritual
poverty to abundance in all forms. He also provides you with clarification on the laws that
govern the state of your finances, as well as everything else in your life. In addition, he
provides you with an explanation of what will be covered in the program and how you can
benefit from implementing the strategies and tools that he shares with you. He then takes
you through the Seven Key Points About Money.

1. Joe opens the program explaining that at one point in his life he had a specific noble goal
but did not have the means to manifest it. Perhaps you too have some noble goals that you
would like to manifest in your life. Give yourself permission to explore what those goals
might be without settling or discouraging yourself. Write those goals out, in the space

2. Joe introduces you to the What If Up Game (www.whatifup.com) as a means by which

you can start to recognize and reprogram your negative beliefs. He suggests that you ask
yourself positive questions in relation to this program. Questions such as, “What if...this is
the program that finally helps me change my life? What if...this is the program that finally
gets me out of debt? What if…this program becomes the greatest investment in my life?”
How do you feel, what can you envision, and what do you think when you allow yourself
to explore these questions?

3. The secret to attracting money has a lot to do with the “inside” of you, not what is hap-
pening “outside” of yourself. Make a list of things that are happening “outside” of yourself
that you believe have been impeding your ability to attract money into your life. Be sure to
include any and all things that you have considered “blocks” to your financial success.

4. Joe discusses the Law of Attraction as stating that everything you get in your life is due to
your mental processes and everything that you believe. He continues to explain that you
also need to implement the Law of Right Action in order to manifest greater wealth in your
life. Reflect on your current situation. Is there anything that seems incongruous with “right
action” in your life? Is there a situation that is not completely showing integrity? If so, write
it down and make note of what steps you might take to shift it.

5. Based on the Law of Attraction, what you unconsciously think about money is what is ac-
tively working in your life. Where do you currently stand financially in your life? Make a list
of any debts, financial struggles, and limiting beliefs that you currently have.

6. Joe shares Seven Key Points About Money with you. Go through the list below and
reflect on each belief. Click in the box before Yes for each point that you feel you truly
believe, and before No for each that you have not yet bought into.

The Seven Key Points About Money:

1) You are totally responsible for the financial experiences that you have in your life.
You aren’t to blame, it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility.
Yes No

2) You are absorbing beliefs about money from the culture itself; it’s unconscious.
Yes No

3) You are not ruler of the earth, not God, but you have more power financially and
otherwise than you ever realized. Yes No

4) You can change your thoughts about money. You need to become aware.
Yes No

5) You can do the impossible financially. You don’t know your limits.
Yes No

6) Whatever abundance image you add emotion to will tend to manifest.

Yes No

7) You can have money miracles happen in your life when you let go of
attachment and need. Yes No

7. One of the misperceptions about greed, power, and wealth is that wealthy people are self-
ish and greedy. Joe suggests that you need to reflect on the positive things that you can do
in your life. The more money you have, the better you can help your family, friends, the
needy, and the country as a whole. These are beliefs that you can look at and let go of. In-
vestigate wealthy philanthropists, like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and others who may still
be living or who are historical figures. Write a short summary of the philanthropic activities
of two such wealthy individuals, and note the contributions that they made in the world.
Then commit to changing your perception by discovering more and more wealthy individu-
als who are contributors to society.



Now imagine yourself a wealthy, successful philanthropist.
Write about the contributions that you see yourself bringing to the world as you
continue to gain further financial success.




8. To get a very clear diagnosis of where you are in your journey toward attracting money
into your life, Joe created the Money Attractor Assessment. Go through this assessment
below to determine how much you are attracting money into your life.

Money Attractor Assessment:

Listed below are some questions to assist you in learning how much of a money magnet
you are. In other words, it will help you to learn whether your tendencies are to attract
money to you or to repel it. Click in the box in front of the number that is closest to
your feelings on each of the given scales.

1. How envious do you feel when you see someone driving an expensive car?
Envious Nothing Happy for them

2. How envious do you feel when a co-worker gets a raise?

Envious Nothing Happy for them

3. How do you feel if you make less money than your parents?
Sad Nothing Happy for them

4. How do you feel if you make more money than your parents?
Sad Nothing Proud

5. When you come up with an idea, what do you do?

Nothing Think about it Act fast
6. Do you give money away to worthwhile causes?
Not at all I do a little I do regularly

7. How do you feel about your current home and car?

I can do better Nothing I’m happy

8. When you want to buy something expensive, you

Say you can’t afford it Ignore it Buy it

9. Do you feel money is evil?

Of course I’m not sure No

10. Do you fear that we will run out of natural resources, such as oil or gas?
Of course I’m not sure No

11. What is the meaning you give money?

Necessary evil None Useful tool

12. What is the definition of money?

“A tool of greed” I don’t know “A medium of exchange”

13. Do you take vacations?

No Sometimes Yes

14. Do you read biographies of wealthy people?

No Sometimes Yes

15. What do you think of the richest person in the world?

Envious Nothing Inspired
16. If you had all the money in the world that you wanted, what would you do?
I don’t know Do what I’m doing now Travel and enjoy life

17. Do you feel wealthy now?

No Not sure Yes

18. What do you think of self-employment?

Not good; no security Not sure Great

19. What do you think of the current economy?

Desperate Not sure It doesn’t matter

20. Do you deserve to attract money?

No Maybe Of course

21. What did your parents think about money?

Fought over it Not sure Not a problem

22. Do you invest in your continued learning?

No Sometimes Yes

23. Your thoughts about money are generally:

Worried It depends Positive

24. Do you have a checking account?

No Yes

25. Do you have a savings account?

No Yes
26. Do you put money away in case of emergency?
No Yes

27. Do you give away 10 percent of your income to people and places that inspire you?
No Sometimes Yes

28. When it comes to money and bills, do you complain a lot?

No Sometimes Yes

29. How much more money do you think you can have?
Not much more Twice as much Ten times more

30. Do you believe money corrupts?

Yes I don’t know No

31. Would you rather be honest or rich?

Rich over honest Honest over rich Both

32. Is money hard for you to earn?

No Sometimes Yes

33. Are you ready to learn the secret to attracting more money?
No Maybe Yes


Add up the numbers that you circled and tally your results. Enter the score: _____________
If you scored 33 to 107: You most likely struggle quite a bit with financial issues. Perhaps you are
trying to match opposite poles of the magnet together. You may need to look at your beliefs and
do some emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual reprogramming of your limiting beliefs. Per-
haps you feel unworthy to be wealthy or are plagued by old, unsupportive belief systems. Be sure
to work through this guidebook, surround yourself with positive people, and listen to this pro-
gram often. Re-listening can actually penetrate your subconscious and change those messages
that no longer serve you. Congratulate yourself for having the courage and insight to keep your
commitment to yourself. By doing so, you will likely reach your money-making potential faster
than you think.

If you scored 108 to 181: You may find yourself feeling stuck as far as attracting money into your
life. Your magnet has lost a great deal of its energy and needs to be replenished. In other words,
while you have made some strides toward moneymaking, you are not yet fully open to all of the
abundance that is there for you. Listening to the program and taking action on the suggestions
that Joe provides will energize you and open you up as a vessel to attracting money in your life.

If you scored 182 to 255: You are moving forward toward attracting more money into your life.
Keep up the good work, and be sure to integrate the new information, practices, and behaviors
that you learn by going through this audio program and guidebook into your daily regimen.
Within no time, you will find yourself living a life of abundance, financially, emotionally, and cre-

If you scored 256 to 330: Congratulations! You are a money magnet. Whatever you are doing is
working. The fact that you purchased this program is a reflection of your commitment to living a
life of total abundance. You clearly know how the Law of Attraction works, and you are drawing
that which you desire into your life. Continue on your journey, integrate any material that is new
to you into your life, and continue to focus on the specifics of what you wish to manifest in your
life. The magnetism that you hold actually affects the world as a whole and creates wondrous
positive energy for all to enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to do this assessment. It will assist you in gaining clarity on
where you stand, compared to where you’d like to be. Your answers should be revealing to
you. If you have limiting beliefs about money, complain about it, or fear for your security
and future, you will actually block the flow of money to you. This program will help you
dissolve those barriers to attracting money so you can experience the abundance you want
and deserve. I suggest that you give yourself three months to put the practices and teach-
ings that I have shared with you into practice. Then do this assessment again, and make
note of the terrific progress you have made.
9. Joe describes how your unconscious beliefs and your sense of deservingness are key in
opening your pathway toward attracting money into your life. If they are unconscious, you
are not consciously aware of them. To assist you in working on your unconscious beliefs, ask
at least three compassionate and supportive friends and relatives what unconscious beliefs
that they believe you may hold about financial abundance. Write down any findings that you
discover and reflect on them.

Supporter #1 is

He/She revealed my unconscious beliefs about money as being

Supporter #2 is

He/She revealed my unconscious beliefs about money as being

Supporter #3 is

He/She revealed my unconscious beliefs about money as being

10. Are you an entrepreneur? If so, is your business thriving? If it is not, where you would
like it to be? Make a list of the areas of the business that you believe could use improvement.
If you don’t yet have a business, but are interested in creating one, make a list of the areas
that you would like to focus on in order to get the business up and running.




CD 2: How to Make Money In Any
Economic Climate
Joe opens this session sharing the story of musician Pat O’Bryan and his trials with attract-
ing money into his life. He describes how Pat was eventually able to attract money into his
life while doing something that he truly loved. Using the tools that Joe provided for Pat,
you too can better your financial situation whatever the economic climate of the world
might be. In this session he provides you with the “inner” foundations that you can culti-
vate in your heart and mind. Developing confidence in your inner ability will support you to
be in the creative flow that was intended for your life. It provides you with the roots to fi-
nancially thrive whether during sunshine or storm.

1. Pat O’Bryan had to set a new intention: to attract money into his life doing what he
loved. Pat then followed through on that intention by creating new subliminal CDs that
were based on his own original music (along with books, websites, and additional products).
Are you doing what you love? Write a list of things that you would love to pursue (and
make terrific money doing so). Be sure not to edit your ideas and dreams.




2. There are seven steps that you can take in order to cultivate your inner strength and per-
severance. For each of the seven steps, list at least three actions you can take to further en-
hance that attribute within yourself. These steps need not be great; they can be very small.
Once you’ve listed the actions, set an intended completion date, and then follow through
on that commitment.

1) Believe in the power of your own heart and mind to change your financial situation.




2) Believe in a kind and harmonious universe that financially supports you.




3) Believe in a benevolent higher source that supports your financial desires.




4) Give up “reacting” to outer financial challenges as a victim.




5) Forgive yourself and others for financial wrongdoings.




6) Be grateful for all that comes your way.




7) Fake it till you make it.




3. Joe has created the following five-step formula to attracting money into your life:
Step 1: Know what you don’t want.
Step 2: Intend what you prefer.
Step 3: Get clear.
Step 4: Nevillize your goal.
Step 5: Let go while taking inspired action.

4. Step 1: Know what you don’t want. Write a list of all of the things that you don’t want in
your life. Be sure this list is complete, knowing that you are purging it from your system.

I no longer want the following in my life:




5. Step 2: Intend what you prefer. Make a list of what you intend to attract into your life.
Do this by taking each item in #4 above, and turn it around into the attainable.

I intend to

I intend to

I intend to

I intend to

I intend to

6. Step 3 is to get clear in your life. Write a list of anything that remains unclear or foggy in
your life. For example, if you’ve dreamed of becoming a famous author, but you can’t fully
imagine yourself as one. Write a list of things you’ve dreamed of becoming but have strug-
gled to fully embrace. Then take 5 minutes each day (for 30 days) to imagine yourself fulfill-
ing that position. Write about any insights, challenges, or Awakenings that you experience
in response to this exercise.




7. Step 4: Nevillizing your goal involves imagining with great feeling that you’ve already
achieved your goal. Write out a financial goal that you would like to achieve, in the present,
and then, with as much passion as you can muster, describe how you feel about achieving it.

Today I achieved:

This is how it happened and this is how I feel:

8. Step 5: Let go while taking inspired action. Let go of your addiction to wanting things
to work out a certain way at a certain time. Give yourself permission to relinquish control
and be open to inspiration. Start giving up control of things, perhaps some small things in
your life to start. Write down any inspirations, feelings, or ideas that you gain by doing so.

9. Joe outlines five suggestions for protecting yourself against negativity while supporting
your dreams. These suggestions are as follows:
1) Ignore water cooler gossip and other negative messages.
2) Turn off any media that perpetuates negativity.
3) Read positive material that supports healthy messaging.
4) Listen to positive material that also enhances the energy in and around you.
5) Get support. (For example: a mastermind group or a personal coach.)

Go through the list above. If you haven’t implemented the five suggestions, write out an
action plan, including completion dates.

10. Karmic Marketing is one of the wonderful things that Joe suggests you can use to at-
tract money into your life faster and easier. For example, when Joe was impoverished, his
mindset was that he had no money to give away. He eventually realized that he was lying to
himself. He knew that, if he had a dollar in his pocket, he could at least give away 10% of it.
In order to speed up the acquisition of money, you need to give, whether money, skills, or
your time. Do you give of each openly and freely? If not, why not? How can you begin to
give more in your life?

11. Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Joe references physicist Pierre Morency’s
book Ask and You Shall Receive. He explains that the cover of the book asks, “What did you
ask for when you got up this morning?” He suggests that you ask yourself that question
every morning when you awaken. Ask yourself that question for the next five days, each
morning. Write out your requests below.

12. How would you answer the following questions that are also in Morency’s book? Your
answer is a major clue to your calling, to your life’s purpose, and to your passion.

What would you do if you possessed all the money in the world?

What would you do if you could make money appear by simply snapping your fingers?

What would you do once you owned 12 houses, made 14 exotic trips, and bought 28
luxury cars?

13. After reviewing your responses above, do you have any further indication of what your
life’s purpose might be? If so, write about your findings. If not, pay attention, and trust that
something will eventually come to you as you continue on your journey toward attracting
money into your life.

CD 3: The Nine Secrets to Attracting Money
Joe constantly “listens” for innovative new ideas and principles involving spirituality, the
Law of Attraction, and making money. He has most recently found nine new secrets to assist
you in attracting more money into your life. In this session Joe shares these Nine Secrets
and provides you with information on how to apply them in your life.

1. Here are Joe’s Nine Secrets to Attracting Money:

Secret #1: Give money away.
Secret #2: Get clear.
Secret #3: Take action.
Secret #4: Support a cause.
Secret #5: Get support.
Secret #6: Be grateful.
Secret #7: Do what you love.
Secret #8: Elevate your thinking.
Secret #9: Problems create opportunities.

Secret #1. Give money away. The first secret encourages you to “give”. This can be
a tough pill to swallow when you are feeling in “lack,” however the way out of the lack
is to start giving. Write a list of at least three ways that you can begin to give to others
in your life. Do not judge yourself, and give so that you feel as if you are making some
kind of contribution to the lives of others.

Secret #2: Get clear. Joe starts by describing a powerful belief-cleansing process. An
example of a misguided belief might be, “Money is bad for me.” He then suggests that
you ask yourself how you might be benefiting from carrying this belief. For example,
perhaps it protects you from being hurt. Then he suggests that you ask yourself, “What
are the apparent positive benefits for that belief?” For example, I get to stay safe. I feel
that other people will not judge me. Continue to ask yourself what benefits come out
of each belief. Ultimately, you will end up with a realization similar to, “The belief that
money is bad for me causes me to feel safe and not judged,” which could lead to the
insight that, “This belief is actually toxic for me. It does not serve me.” Then you need
to ask yourself, “Is this belief really keeping me safe? Is this actually a positive belief that
serves me?” You will come to the realization that the belief doesn’t serve you. Once you
realize this, the belief will start breaking away from your system.

Try this yourself with one of the beliefs that you currently have about money.

My original belief is:

The benefit I get from asserting this belief is:

The consequent belief I have is:

The benefit I get from asserting this belief is:

The realization I have is:

Secret #3: Take action. The universe likes speed. Write a list of anything that you have
a strong feeling to act upon — but have yet to do so. Then set dates to complete these
actions. Next, write about any insights you gain in following through on them.

Secret #4: Support a cause. People don’t believe that they deserve money or other
good things in their lives. You can shift this belief by looking outside yourself and sup-
porting a cause. Joe spoke of his project called Operation YES (Your Economic Salva-
tion) as a means by which he gives back to the community. He invites you to expand
your ability to receive by supporting others. When you are doing something bigger than
your own ego, this will expand your ability to receive money into your life. What causes
are you currently supporting? List any additional causes that you are interested in sup-
porting to further your “support” bank account.

Secret #5: Get support. Make a list of people in your life whom you trust to support
you on your journey to attracting more money. Do you have a mentor who works with
you? If not, what three steps can you take to acquire one in your life?

Secret #6: Be grateful. When you feel grateful, you will attract more money into your
life. Take a breath and make a list of the things you are currently grateful for in your life:

I am grateful for:

in my life.

I am also grateful for:

Secret #7: Do what you love. There is truth in the saying “Do what you love and the
money will come.” In a previous exercise, you already listed some things that you would
love to do. How might you be able to support others in doing what they love, so they
too can attract more money into their lives?

Secret #8: Elevate your thinking. You change your consciousness by changing the way
you think. What will you do to further elevate your thoughts, especially those that do
not support attracting more money into your life?

Secret #9: Problems create opportunities. Money is not coming FROM your job but
THROUGH it. If this is so, what different conclusions do you have about your job?

2. Joe shares his insight about the Three Ways to Stop Poverty. They are:
1) Improve self-esteem and your level of deservingness.
2) Learn the Law of Attraction/focusing and getting clear.
3) Be an entrepreneur, selling information online and elsewhere.

The first way to stop poverty is to improve your level of self-esteem and your level of de-
servingness. You can do this by forgiving yourself. Ask yourself the following question:
“Does it really serve me to believe that I am not worthy?”

Now shift your focus by saying to yourself, “I love myself. I deserve more.” Continue to
say these two sentences until you actually feel it and believe it. Write about any insights
you gain from doing this exercise.

3. The second way is to learn the Law of Attraction so you can focus and get clear. How has
the Law of Attraction manifested in your life?

4. The third way suggests that you become an entrepreneur. Perhaps you could write an
e-book or produce a digital product that you can sell online. Whatever the endeavor, it
will empower you to see things differently and turn on your radar. What entrepreneurial
endeavor are you interested in starting?

5. Joe discusses fundamental “shared” mindsets that wealthy people like Warren Buffett
and Donald Trump possess. This is a common thread that brought wealth into their lives,
despite their very different personalities. Do you have the traits listed? How can you further
cultivate those traits in your life every day?

Donald Trump’s Traits: Persistent and relentless.

Warren Buffett’s Traits: Fearless, trusts in his inner compass, and does the opposite of
what the “crowds” are doing.

6. Gene Landrum is an author and the creator of the Chuck E. Cheese’s empire. His advice
is to see yourself as the Superman/Superwoman in your own life. Following the lead of
these tycoons, how might you see yourself as a Superman/Superwoman? In other words,
list those attributes you possess within yourself that you are most proud of.

7. Joe suggests that we create the mindset of expectation. That we “expect” success. He en-
courages you to have that mindset and playfully look around, proclaiming and enthusiasti-
cally questioning, “I am now attracting money. I wonder where the money will come
from?” Do this exercise now. Then keep your eyes and ears open and anticipate money.
Write about your findings after doing this exercise.

8. Joe shares the story of Fit-a-RitaTM and how he was able to turn a “problem” into a mon-
eymaking opportunity. Quiet your mind for a moment, and reflect on your life. What are
you currently having a problem with? Write down any practical problems that you would
like to see “fixed” in your life.

9. Now that you have identified some problems, choose one that you are particularly inter-
ested in. Commit to attracting answers to that problem and watch for signs around you that
provide solutions to it. Again, it is key that you know and trust that answers will come to
you. Then, of course, take action on those insights and watch the money come to you!

CD 4: Money Myths Revealed
In this session Joe helps you dispel the traditional myths about money that remain in the
subconscious and provides you with practical ways in which you can clear those blocks, ac-
cess the money that is already in the world of “potential,” and bring it into your day-to-day
life. He also dispels several myths about money and wealth that continue to create blocks
within the “flow” of how to “allow” money into your life.

1. Myth: America/The world is in financial danger, and we are at the mercy of the stock
market, banks, and other major financial institutions.

Truth: You do not have to buy into being a “victim” to world events. There are money-
making opportunities in every apparent financial challenge.

Choose one of the fear-based messages that are currently being related in the media.
Then write out some creative ideas that might be moneymaking responses to the
“apparent” challenge.

2. Myth: If I prosper as others lose money, then I am not an evolved, spiritual person.

Truth: Your personal prosperity actually feeds good, healing energy into the world.

List some of the things that you will do with the money you attract into your life (that
will benefit others).

3. Myth: Money and power are dangerous. They change people and make them arrogant,
self-centered, greedy, and power-hungry.

Truth: If you are truly empowered and in the flow of abundance, your sense of altruism
kicks into high gear; you are driven to help others, and in doing so, you become LESS

Write about at least one wealthy individual you know of who is clearly using his or her
money to help others.

4. Myth: “Attracting” wealth by simply visualizing and feeling it is too easy. It’s a hoax.

Truth: It is easy, if you remove any unconscious blocks or limitations. There are several
practices you can do to achieve this.

Make a list of practices that you can do to remove blocks and limitations from your life.

5. Myth: Women who do well in business are too driven and difficult, and do not care
enough for their families.

Truth: Women who are driven by their hearts will have more time and money. They will
also find greater balance between home life and business.

Seek out at least one successful woman who has acquired balance and a heartfelt
vocation in her life. Write about how she was able to find balance, prosperity, and peace
of mind.

6. Myth: You can’t have it all! You are doomed to failure if you think you can have a great
career, lots of money, plenty of recreation time, and a wonderful personal life.

Truth: If you hold on to that belief, you will create that doom for yourself. Surrender
that belief and your agenda, and trust that you are taken care of. Clear your blocks and
watch the universe bring it all to you!

Visualize, and then write about what “having it all” would look and feel like to you.

7. Myth: We have created a world of excess, selfishness, and anger. We are now experiencing
that energy in our weather, financial struggles, and ecological challenges. We created a
dark world that will financially fall, and we will now suffer the consequences.

Truth: We are evolving as human beings faster than ever before. We are becoming con-
scious, and as we do, we can trust that we are moving forward and upward, that there is
great abundance in the world, and that we are financially safe and will prosper.

Write a list of the “good” things that are manifesting in the world. Continue to choose
to focus your energy on those wondrous things. If you do so, you will attract more of
them into the world.

8. Joe takes you through the Awakening Process. In his case, he learned growing up in Ohio,
that there is not enough money. If he used too much toothpaste, toilet paper, or shampoo,
he was criticized. You should become aware of the beliefs that are circulating in your brain.
As you become more conscious of these beliefs, you can remove the blocks and snags. Write
out your money biography. How and what did you learn about money?

Now you need to rewrite your biography about money. Joe learned, in fact, that money
does grow on trees! How would you wish you had been introduced to money?

Joe shares the Seven Spiritual Ways to Attract Money. Go through the list and make
a commitment to acting on each. Once you have finished each task, write a completion
date beside it. Date Completed
1) Carry a $100 bill in your pocket or purse. ______
2) Give $1.00 away each day. Plant it where someone will find it. ______
3) Pray. Ask for help from a higher power. ______
4) Script out how you would love to attract money. ______
5) Create a vision board/treasure map. ______
6) Celebrate what you’ve already done. ______
7) Practice prosperous purchasing. ______

9. In #4 above, Joe suggests that you write out a script for how you would love to attract
money. Take some time now to write out a scenario in which you attract money in a joyous,
wonderful way.

10. #5 suggests creating a vision board/treasure map. To do so, get a large poster board.
Then fill it with photos, pictures, or symbolic items that reflect the money and lifestyle that
you wish to attract. Make this a joyful experience, keep it in a visible place in your home or
office, and feel free to add to it when desired. Write about any insights you gain while doing
this project.

11. Joe suggests in #6 that you should celebrate what you have already done. You can do
this by taking yourself out to a movie or play, giving yourself a spa day, having a nice dinner,
buying yourself a gift, or simply going for a walk. Write about your celebratory adventure.

12. #7: Practice prosperous purchasing. When you get a little nudge to buy yourself some-
thing (within reason), take the initiative to do so. This will anchor in your good feelings
about the work you have done. Be sure to purchase the item only if you can afford it. Write
about anything that comes as a result of your purchase.

13. Joe’s Rolls Royce Phantom Mastermind idea came as a direct result of buying the Rolls
Royce that he desired. If there is something that will make you feel more prosperous (and is
not going to break your bank account, or put your in debt), make the purchase and see
what feelings, musings, or ideas may come from it. Write about any discoveries you make.

14. If there is apparent chaos and confusion in your world, it is most often a sign of change
that is happening: good change. Write about any chaos or troubles that you are currently
having, and then watch and listen for any changes that are occurring in your life. Expect a
successful outcome, and write about it.

CD 5: Shortcuts to Attracting Whatever You Want
Believe it or not, there are actual shortcuts to attracting your desires into your life. In this
session, Joe shares those “shortcuts” in a way that is fun, innovative, and, at times, in oppo-
sition to most motivational directives on attracting money into your life.

1. Joe asserts that the most powerful shortcut to attracting whatever you want is to be happy
and feel prosperous now. Do you believe that you are happy right now? If not, take a moment
and make a choice to be happy RIGHT NOW. If you struggle with this, think about all of
the things you are grateful for in your life, and then hold onto the feeling that comes over
you. Note below how your body feels, the thoughts that go through your mind, and the
feelings that envelop you.

2. Make a list of the things that you believe you need in your life. I need

3. Now reflect on each of those things you thought you needed. Do you really need it?
Could you survive if you didn’t have it? Rewrite the list, writing about only those things
that you absolutely cannot do without.

4. Gratitude also plays a key role as a shortcut to attracting more wealth into your life. Make
a list of all of those people, things, and circumstances that you are grateful for in your life.
Be sure to continue to create these lists, and know that they will continue to bring goodness
into your life.

5. Forgiveness fits into the cultivation of a rich inner world and ultimately helps us to attract
greater prosperity in our lives. Make a list of individuals you have not forgiven in your life
(including yourself).

6. We create everything in our lives, including our financial situation. That’s a tough pill for
many to swallow. An exercise Joe suggests you do is to take a slow breath in and out to calm
yourself down, focusing on what you’re grateful for in this moment, smiling, thinking of
happy memories, forgiving everybody involved in whatever you think that you have been re-
sentful for, and bringing yourself into this moment. After you take in a slow, deep breath,
hold it, and then release it as you’re counting to eight slowly. This will automatically calm
you down. This is important. Your stress, your frustration, your desperation, and your worry
over money will not help you attract money. By breathing slowly, easily, and effortlessly, you
calm yourself down. You bring yourself into the moment. Breathing is free. You can do it
anytime. Try this exercise and write about how you feel before and after.

7. There are shortcuts you can take in response to stress in your life. Here are a couple of
techniques that Joe uses: First, when driving and finding himself stressed, Joe will simply
touch something physical (like the dashboard of his car) to bring himself back into the mo-
ment. Try this technique, and make note of any changes you observe in yourself.





8. Next, Joe suggests that you do the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, known as the
tapping cure) exercise to assist yourself in releasing negative feelings or thoughts that block
prosperity in your life. This exercise involves making the negative statement and then tap-
ping yourself several times while saying the key word in the statement. For example, for the
statement, “I am worried that I cannot pay the bills this month.”


1) You would then tap with the fingers of your opposite hand the underside of the
karate-chop part of your other hand (hypothenar muscles) by your wrist (if you
have your left hand out and the palm is open, underneath it). You’d say to yourself
three times something like, “Even though I’m worried about money, I deeply love,
accept, and forgive myself.”

2) Then you would take the key word, “worried.” Then you move to the top of
your head, what would be called the crown area, and you tap it a couple of times
while saying the key word, “worried.”

3) You would then tap above your eyebrows on the inside of your eyes, gently,
saying, “worried.”

4) Then you’d move to the far side of your eyes
and say, “worried,” tapping.

5) Then underneath your eyes, tapping and say-

ing, “worried.”

6) Then under your nose, right above your lip in

that little indention you’d tap and say, “worried”

7) Underneath your lip, right above your chin,

you would tap and say, “worried.”

8) Then you’d move to the left part of your chest.

You’ll find a little bit of a sore spot there. Tap or
rub that area, saying, “worried.”


Then you say the opposite of the negative state-

ment, “Even though I’m worried about money, I
deeply love and accept myself.” Again, tapping on
the areas that we just outlined.

By doing this simple little process of Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, you re-
lease the stress. You actually even release the belief itself. EFT has been used on a wide
variety of beliefs and limitations. This process helps bring you into the now. When
you’re in the now, this is the point of power. It is where money and happiness are. When
you come from this feeling that I already have what I want, you’re better able to see
your opportunities to attract more money.

Write out a negative statement that you believe about money, and then go through the
process above. Then write about any discoveries that you make after doing this exercise.

9. There are many people who have constant creative moneymaking business ideas but who
get stuck when it comes to implementing them. Joe suggests that you need to look at your
fears. Most often this is your fear of failure or of success. He then suggests that you ask
yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen? Can I survive? Can I still love myself?” He re-
minds you that failure is simply feedback. He suggests that you take the edge off, and then
break it down into manageable steps. Just like writing a book, where you would write it one
page at a time, you need to break the task down, and then do the first step. As you do this,
you then know what the next step is, and, over time, you end up accomplishing the task at
hand. Based on a business idea that you have, write a very specific step-by-step guide that
you can follow. Then go through each step until you reach your desired goals. Feel free to
add steps or make changes as you go through this exercise.

10. You may feel that you are meant to do something else in the world of business but don’t
know what that is. Joe suggests that you already know what your moneymaking bliss is, but
you may be afraid to follow it. If you think that you don’t know what your bliss is, ask your-
self this: “What do I do for fun?” Write a list of the things that you like to do for fun.

11. Now that you’ve listed the things that you do for fun, brainstorm and write out any
ideas you have for turning that joyful activity into a moneymaking venture. Allow yourself
permission to be creative. Do not edit your thoughts as you do this.

CD 6: The Money-Mastery Seminar:
Seven Wealth-Building Innovations
As a business and marketing wizard, Joe has developed and mastered 11 formulas for turn-
ing moneymaking ideas into successful ventures. In this Money-Mastery Seminar he shares a
wealth of information that he has created and applied to his successful business. These mar-
keting, publicity, organizational, time management, and Internet-savvy tools can help you
launch into any business venture with an upper hand.

1. Making Wealth a Study

2. The New Definition of “Marketing”

3. Money Loves Speed (Time Management)

4. The Million-Dollar Secret Formula

5. Creating Information Products That Sell While You Sleep

6. Three Ways to Direct Traffic to Your Website

7. Getting Started on Your New Business

BONUS TIP: Outrageous Marketing Secrets for Your New Business

BONUS TIP: How to Get Millions of Dollars in Publicity FREE

1. Making Wealth a Study

Joe suggests that you shorten your learning curve by reading and listening to other authors.
Making wealth a study is important for attracting wealth into your life. Listed below are
some books and audio programs that he suggests you study. Make a point of going through
the list and reading/listening to each.

Suggested Books: Date Completed

Eric Butterworth’s Spiritual Economics ______
Jerry and Esther Hicks’ Ask and It Is Given ______
Michael Ryce’s Why Is This Happening to Me …AGAIN?! ______
Books by/about Dan Kennedy, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson ______
Claude Bristol’s The Magic of Believing ______
Felix Dennis’ How to Get Rich ______
Joe Vitale’s There’s a Customer Born Every Minute ______
Daryl Rutherford’s So, Why Aren’t You Rich ______
Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich ______
Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity ______
Gene Landrum’s The Superman Syndrome ______

Suggested Audio Programs: (www.nightingale.com) Date Completed

Dr. Nick Hall’s Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life ______
Joe Vitale’s The Missing Secret ______
Joe Vitale’s The Power of Outrageous Marketing ______
Dr. Dolf de Roos’ Wealth Magnet ______
John Cummuta’s Transforming Debt into Wealth System ______
Byron Katie’s Your Inner Awakening ______
Joe Vitale’s The Awakening Course (www.awakeningdownload.com) ______

2. The New Definition of “Marketing”

Joe has created a new definition of “marketing” as being, “sharing your love for your prod-
uct or services with an audience that will welcome hearing about it.” You are serving people
who may need it.

3. Money Loves Speed (Time Management)

Joe writes a “to-do” list each night before going to sleep. He notes that his subconscious
mind actually works for him throughout the night. He creates two to-do lists, in fact. One
list is a physical to-do list, while the other is one directed toward the universe (for example,
“Universe please lead me to the publisher to help me get the best deal for this book”). He
sees it as sending a message in a bottle, which puts that vibration out and draws what he
needs to him.

Write both to-do lists tonight before going to sleep.

My Practical To-Do List:

My To-Do List to the Universe:

In regard to time management, Joe suggests that you first work on the item that has the
most energy on it. He focuses on the item that is calling to him first. If he does not enjoy
doing it, he will find someone who does enjoy doing it and will hire that person to complete
the task. Are there tasks you dread doing and continue to do? Could you hire someone to
do them for you? Write a list of to-do items that you no longer wish to do, and then find
the right people to complete the task for you.

4. The Million-Dollar Secret Formula

• Know what you don’t want.

• Select what you do want — your intention.

• Get clear of interference between you and your intention (Ho’Oponopono Process).

• Feel what it would be like to have, do, or be what you want.

• Let go as you act on your intuitive impulses and allow the results to manifest.

5. Take the Million-Dollar Formula into your business or money desires. Write about your
insights, findings, and feelings throughout each of the four steps.

• Know what you don’t want. I don’t want:

• Select what you do want. I want:

• Get clear of interference between you and your intention (Ho’Oponopono Process).
Address your concerns to the divine, release any blocks that you have (by realizing
that you created them), and say the four statements, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.
I love you. Thank you.”

• Feel what it would be like to have, do, or be what you want. I feel:

• Let go as you act on your intuitive impulses, and allow the results to manifest.
The results I experienced are:

5. Creating Information Products That Sell While You Sleep

Joe suggests that you look at your own education, experience, expertise, hobbies, and inter-
ests. Put any knowledge you have acquired into writing, and then you can sell it on the In-

For example, one woman he spoke to taught herself how to play the guitar in one week-
end. He encouraged her to write an e-book, Stripped Down Guitar. He then suggested
that she:
1) Put the file in a PDF format
2) Create a website by purchasing a domain name (www.godaddy.com)
3) Register with www.clickbank.com (where people can buy your online product; this
company will process credit cards and then send you checks every couple of weeks)
4) Get listed on Google “groups” (to gain further exposure for her product)

Do you have any products or services that you could turn into a Web moneymaking
enterprise? Write about any ideas that you may have.

Write a list of all of your areas of expertise and/or interest.

Joe found books on Pelmanism in the public domain, and then turned his knowledge
into an online course. He suggests that you go to www.Gutenberg.org to search for
books on a variety of topics. Are there any subjects that you are interested in research-
ing? Log on to this site to learn more about it and how it might serve you in the future.
Write any ideas or insights that you receive in response to reviewing the website.

6. Three Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

Joe suggests that by giving something away on the Internet, you can start your own online
mailing list. He cited an example of giving away an e-book in exchange for a person’s name
and e-mail address. By doing this, he was able to seed his empire. This was the way to start
his mailing list.

Do you have anything that you could give away on the Internet to start your own mail-
ing list? If not, write out some ideas.

Joe then suggests that you Google “list owners” for your product. You can do one of
two things with list owners. You write the list owner and say that you have a product
that you want to sell or give away. You tell the list owner that your product is listed on
ClickBank, and then see if the owner is willing to sell you his or her list.

The second option is to offer list owners an affiliate partnership. They would act as
commissioned salespeople. If they sell something on your behalf, they get a portion of
the sale. The affiliate can market your product to their list (in exchange for a portion of
the sale). In this case, there is an opportunity in the partnership for them, as opposed to
selling their list.

Explore affiliate options. Even if you don’t yet have a product to sell, do some research
and write about any new ideas or information that you learn.

You can see how Joe is marketing a digital downloadable product by visiting his web-
sites, www.attractanewcar.com or www.awakeningdownload.com. Visit the sites, and
then list any insights, ideas, or questions you have.

Joe’s third suggestion is to send out a news release to drive traffic to your website.
There are a couple ways to send out a news release. First of all, a news release is nothing
but a single sheet of paper. It is not very detailed, and it is not an entire article. It is the
basic who, what, when, where, and how. You are giving the reporter a news bulletin.
You’re signaling to him, telegraphing to him, that “there is possibly a story here; take a
look at it.

You send out the news release in a couple of different ways:

1) One of Joe’s favorite means is online. You can go to Google and type in “news
release distribution services” and several will come up (www.PRweb.com and
www.imediafax.com are places where you can send out news releases). Many of
them have examples of news releases, and they have advisers on staff who can
review your news release.

2) The other way that you can do it (this is a seldom-used, rarely known trick) is to
get the media directory from your local chamber of commerce. Every chamber of
commerce in every big city has one (if you’re in a small city, go to the next
biggest city and ask the chamber of commerce for one). The media directory will
cost anywhere from $15 to $50, and it will list every news station, TV, radio,
news bulletin, syndicate service, wire service, Internet bulletin service, and web-

You will send your news release wherever it appears to be relevant, and the media will
drive traffic to your website when they run the story. Why would they do that? They
would do it because it’s a service to their readers.

Explore at least one of the three news release distribution services listed above. Learn
how to create and distribute a news release. If you currently have a story that you could
distribute, do so. If not, take yourself through the process so that you will be prepared
when you have something to share. Write about your findings.

7. Getting Started on Your New Business (Visualization and Exercise):

List the items that came to mind as Joe took you through this exercise:

Can you imagine one or two of the items listed above in combination as a business?
Combine them and write about any ideas or insights

What if you were not concerned about making money? All bills are paid for and all
money is coming to you easily and effortlessly. How does this feel? Anchor it into your
body. Write about your feelings, insights, and ideas.

Having all of the money that you need, what additional new ideas arise? List them, and
then be sure to take the steps to making them happen.

Outrageous Marketing Secrets for Your New Business
As a bonus to assist you in further marketing your business, listed below is Kerry Anderson’s
10 Simple Ways to Implement Cross-Promotion in your business. Take some time to re-
view them, and then be sure to put them to use. They are wonderful tools that will assist
you in enhancing and marketing your business.

1. Hang signs or posters on walls, products, or another’s office.

2. Mention one another’s benefits when speaking at local events, to the media, or with
your customers.

3. Insert one another’s flyers in your shopping bags or billing statements.

4. Pool mailing lists, and send out cross-promotional post cards.

5. Promote your partner’s products during their slow times and have them do the same
for you.

6. Share inexpensive ads in local shopping papers, neighborhood newspapers, or in a

community nonprofit program.

7. Display one another’s promotional messages in Lucite stands, on counters, or in floor

stands in your waiting rooms.

8. Encourage your staff to praise your partner’s products or services and mention how
they can be used in conjunction with yours.

9. Give your partner’s products to your customers when they buy a large quantity of
yours and ask your partner to do the same.

10. Co-produce an onsite event, demonstration, celebrity appearance, free service, or


How to Get Millions of Dollars in Publicity FREE
As an additional bonus, Joe has listed below several means by which you can get free public-
ity for your business projects. Be sure to review them and then use them to draw clients and
PR to your business.

1. Hold a contest.

2. Hire a band.

3. Use costumed characters or salespeople.

4. Hold psychic readings.

5. Bring in animals (Humane Society or SPCA brings animals for adoption).

6. Offer collectibles (barbed wire, old irons, matches).

7. Hold an art show.

8. Sponsor an event (bike, run, Boy Scouts).

9. Hire an entertainer (local magician, balloonist).

10. Break a record (become the greatest at something).

BONUS CD: The Ten Most Important Business Lessons
I’ve Learned
In this bonus session, Joe shares 10 of the most important business lessons that he’s learned
through years of trial and success as an innovator, entrepreneur, and spiritual marketer.
These lessons that Joe has learned will provide you with a protective cushion that will assist
you in avoiding some of the most common mistakes, trappings, and misunderstandings
about money and how to attract it, and will keep it flowing into your life.

Lesson #1: First, you’ve got to give yourself a break. Joe encourages you to forgive
yourself for any mistakes that you have made in your business life. Write a list of errors that
you believe you have made in your business life.

Now that you have listed your mistakes, write about any insights, lessons, or ideas you
gained in response to them. Then take time with each error to sit and forgive yourself. If
you cannot do this immediately, keep working on it until you can.

Lesson #2: Hypnosis may be subtle but is certainly a powerful tool. In fact, you are
hypnotizing and being hypnotized constantly. Take some time to research hypnosis, espe-
cially how it can work on your behalf in the areas of advertising and marketing. Write about
your findings.

Lesson #3: Often the smallest gestures carry the greatest weight. For the next 24 hours
make a conscious effort to pay attention to small gestures throughout your day. List them
and make note of how they affected you and those around you.

Lesson #4: Appreciation attracts more to appreciate in your life. For the next week re-
view your day prior to going to bed. Make note of at least three things that you appreciated
about your day. Write about how doing this exercise has affected you.

Lesson #5: Don’t lean on the past. Learn from it and then move on. Failure is an oppor-
tunity to do something else. Write down something that you have done in the past that you
have struggled to let go of. After writing it down, do an exercise in forgiveness and letting it
go. Write about your findings.

Lesson #6: Find your voice and speak your Truth. You never know who might be listen-
ing. Is there something that you have avoided speaking about because you fear repercus-
sions? If so, write it down, and perhaps look into how you might speak it in a way that is
gentle, warm, helpful, and for the highest good of all involved.

Lesson #7: The world is a benevolent, compassionate, and wonderful place. YOU are
the only block to your own success. Once you fully realize this, your life will move in places
beyond your wildest imagining. Write at least one area in which you are feeling like a victim
in your life. Then see yourself as choosing this as a lesson. Write what that lesson might be.

Lesson #8: While you have total control, you have great power to co-create whatever
you want in your life. If you could create anything in your life, knowing that it would be a
complete success, what might that be?

Lesson #9: Create space and “me time” for yourself. When you do, you open a portal to
communication with the divine. You also generate revitalizing energy within yourself and a
greater trust in your inner knowing. Do something that totally supports you today, some-
thing you wouldn’t often take the time to do. Write about the activity and what you experi-
enced in response to it.

Lesson #10: There is great mystery that orchestrates our world. Delight in your dance
with that mystery and you will continue to grow in awe of all that is available to you and
through you. Write about something that delights you about your life, and then say a prayer
of gratitude in response to it.

Joe ends this session with a final word on how worthy it was for him to take the risks that he
did. He emphasizes how those risks have helped him learn, prosper, and grow. List three
“worthy” things that you can do in your life, and then set a date, and take the initiative to
do them.

About the Author
Dr. Joe Vitale is the bestselling author of books
such as The Attractor Factor (Second Edition),
The Key, Zero Limits, Life’s Missing Instruction
Manual, Hypnotic Writing, and Buying Trances.

Joe also was a lead contributor to the phenomenon

known as “The Secret” and is the author of the
bestselling Nightingale-Conant programs The Power
of Outrageous Marketing and The Missing

His website is www.joevitale.com.

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The Power of Outrageous Marketing:

Using the 10 Time-Tested Secrets of Titans, Tycoons, and Billionaires
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