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March 2018 / 03

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Latif Aral ALİŞ, Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Technical Writer
Alper ÇALIK Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association:
Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry:
Art Director
Şebnem AKGÖL KARA A Reliable and Capable Partner

Managing Editor

BMC Showcases Latest Version of
Prof. Dr. Süleyman TOLUN
Five Vehicles at DIMDEX
Prof. Dr. Adil YÜKSELEN
Prof. Dr. Okan ADDEMİR

Prof. Dr. Mikdat KADIOĞLU
n Date for High-Tech Port by MÜSİAD 2018 Announced
Prof. Dr. Gonca COŞKUN
Prof. Dr. Yıldırım SALDIRANER n BMC Becomes New Address for New Generation
Asst. Prof. Burak ÇINAR
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ş. Hakan ATAPEK Light Armoured Vehicle Power Pack
Military Advisor n Helicopter-MİLDAR Ready for Duty
Brigadier General (R) Hüsamettin ESEN
n DESAN Shipyard Reaches Deal with Berkin Engineering
International Relations Advisor
Dr. Savaş BİÇER for Integration of Electronic Systems to Emergency
Military Science & Intelligence (MSI) Intervention and Diving Training Boats
Turkish Defence Review (TDR)
n OSSA Kicks Off Preparations for ICDDA 2018
Yerel Süreli Yayın
n ROKETSAN Arms the C295
UMSA Ltd. Şti. Adına Sahibi
ÜMİT BAYRAKTAR n Meteksan Defence Announces Exports in New Area:

Mutlukent Mah. Angora Cad. No: 184/27 Avionic Systems

Beysukent Çankaya Ankara TURKEY n BAYRAKTAR TB2 Performs Landing with
Phone: +90 312 225 41 73 - Fax: +90 312 225 41 74
Translation Services
Meteksan Defence Automatic Landing and
Nova Translation Ltd. Take-Off System
Tepe Prime A Blok A 26
Eskişehir Yolu 9. km Çankaya Ankara TURKEY n SAHA Istanbul Companies Seek to Take Part
Phone: +90 312 428 04 84
in F-35 Maintenance
Graphity Marketing Consultants n ASELSAN SMASH for Malaysian Coast Guard
Palm Tower B – West Bay n Naval Forces Command Receives TCG AKIN (A-584)
Doha - State of Qatar
Phone: +974 4482 0301 n Signatures in Place for IDEF 2019

n SEDEC Establishes a New Approach to

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The name and publishing rights of MSI Turkish Defence Review are the in the Industry
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photographs, maps, illustrations and images. References and citations n ASELSAN Signs for Barrelled Anti Air Defence
may be made on the condition that the original source is appropriately n Eurasia Airshow: Ready to Bring Together the Giants
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n SAHA EXPO: The New Meeting Point for SMEs
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Staff Brigadier (Sea) Abdulbaqi AL-ANSARI,
Chairman of the Organising Committee of DIMDEX, BMC Cover
Sent a Message to Turkish Companies:
Eurasia Airshow 2018 Gatefold Cover
“It is the time to promote your innovations
and boost your visibility to your main Nurol Makina Back Cover
target audience.”
ROKETSAN Inside Cover

Moving Forwards as a Groundbreaking Company,
ARES Shipyard’s Delivery of Coast Guard Boats ARES Shipyard First Page
to Qatar Continues Full Speed

ASELSAN AMAC Magazine 68
ASELBUOY: Turkey’s National Sonobuoy

We Rise Together
DIMDEX 2020 31

METEKSAN DEFENCE Eurasia Airshow 2018 61
Meteksan Defence Becoming a World Brand
in Platform Simulators ICDDA 2018 53


EJDER YALÇIN: A Singular Solution to Challenging Meteksan Defence 17
Requirements of All Regions
SAHA Expo 2018 27

ROKETSAN Sarsılmaz 19
ROKETSAN Emphasises Deeply Entrenched
Collaborations in the Region at 10th Anniversary SEDEC 2018 47


From Pistols to Rifles: Sarsılmaz for
Yonca Onuk JV 21
Superior Performance

STM Showcases Indigenous Capabilities at DIMDEX

Ka-Band Coverage for Qatar by Türksat 24
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Turkish Exhibitors

EXHIBITOR NAME STAND NO n Medyacity ............................................................ H5-315c

n Akademi Sancak ................................................. H6-318c n Meteksan Defence .............................................. H5-316a

n Aksa Run Flat (Tek Can Grup) ........................... H6-218c n MilSOFT Software Technologies ....................... H5-316b

n ANGRUP .............................................................. H6-219c n MKEK ................................................................... H5-215a

n Ankaref ............................................................... H6-219b n Nurol Makina ........................................................ H5-113

n ARES Shipyard ...................................................... H7-122 n ROKETSAN ............................................................ H5-112

n ASELSAN ............................................................... H5-115 n Sarsılmaz ............................................................ H4-111a

n AVS Defense Textile ........................................... H5-215b n SBI ....................................................................... H5-315e

n BMC ........................................................................... H8-3 n SDT ...................................................................... H4-111c

n C2TECH ............................................................... H5-315b n SimBT .................................................................. H6-318b

n DEARSAN Shipyard ............................................ H4-111b n SSI ......................................................................... H5-317

n Defence Turkey .................................................. H4-309b n SSM........................................................................ H5-317

n DESAN Shipyard ................................................. H6-219a n STM........................................................................ H5-114

n Garanti Giyim ...................................................... H6-218a n TAIS Shipyards ..................................................... H6-116

n Gül Otomotiv ....................................................... H5-315d n Transvaro............................................................ H6-218e

n HAVELSAN ............................................................ H5-216 n TÜBİTAK BİLGEM ............................................... H6-218b

n İŞBİR Elektrik ..................................................... H5-315a n TÜBİTAK SAGE...................................................... H6-319

n Kale Aero ............................................................ H6-318e n Turmaks .............................................................. H6-318a

n Kale Kalıp............................................................ H6-318d n UNIFO .................................................................. H6-218d

n MANAS DEFENCE SYSTEMS INC. ...................... H5-213c n Yonca-Onuk JV...................................................... H5-217

4 - March 2018
March 2018 - 5

Turkish Defence and

Aerospace Industry:
A Reliable and
Capable Partner
e strive to become the best. To be more precise, we
seek to gain a lasting foothold among the best, since we
know full well that the defence and aerospace sector is
an area in which only the best stand out. To become one of the
best, there are many requirements that you first need to fulfil:
Your products must be top quality; they must be superior to
their equivalents in every aspect; and they must have a suitable
price tag, which – combined with their high capabilities – finds
the right balance between cost and benefit. Moreover, you also
need to make a difference in terms of delivery times and logistic
support services. Our efforts focus on becoming the first choice
in each and every one of these areas.
Our sector is one in which change is inherent. Crises between countries, fluctuations in the global economic markets
and regional disputes compel us to create alternatives, and to find new fields and come up with new platforms as
we pursue our activities. That said, regardless of how challenging the conditions may be, we are obliged to work and
produce with dedication, endeavouring to achieve our target of becoming the best.
The greatest strength of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector is its ability to develop new and groundbreaking
technologies through judicious investments and an innovative spirit. It is this strength that allows Turkish companies
to respond to a broad variety of needs, producing not only naval platforms but also amphibious vehicles, and setting
the standards in their respective fields. Bolstered by such diverse competences, our companies can engage in
lasting trade and cooperative activities in our target markets, while also ensuring high customer satisfaction.
The strength of our sector is no better represented than in the naval platforms segment. Under the coordination
of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), numerous important naval projects have been successfully
implemented to date by the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, including such projects as MİLGEM, Landing
Helicopter Dock (LHD), Landing Ship Tank (LST), Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP), Coast Guard Search
and Rescue Ship, and the New Type Patrol Boat. With the exception of the LHD, the construction of which is still in
progress, the outputs of each of these projects are already in use by Turkish Naval Forces Command and Turkish
Coast Guard Command.
For many years, the sector has been producing fast intervention boats, special forces boats and fast patrol boats that
rank among the best of their classes. This is an area in which we hold not only a broad range of products, but also
have highly esteemed references. Moreover, our product portfolio is not limited to conventional platforms, and also
features unmanned naval vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles.
By winning modernisation tenders in both national and international projects, Turkish companies are integrating
the latest technologies – and even the technologies of the future – into existing naval platforms, enabling the
deployment of fleets with substantial power projection.
DIMDEX 2018 thus stands as an important event for us to showcase our products, in this area and in others, as part
of a national level participation. As in previous years, I am certain that the capabilities that the Turkish defence and
aerospace sector has achieved to date will once again draw great praise from the participants of the event.

Latif Aral ALİŞ

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Defence and
Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association

6 - March 2018
March 2018 - 7

BMC Showcases Latest Version

of Five Vehicles at DIMDEX
As one of the leading Turkish ccupying a total area of 250.000 square meters in
Pınarbaşı Plant, BMC continues to manufacture bu-
automotive companies providing ses for public transportation, heavy weight trucks for
solutions in both defence and transportation and logistics industry together with the tac-
tical armoured vehicles for the realm of defence industry.
transportation industries, BMC was Operating with a highly skilled workforce including over 2000
established in 1964 in İzmir. Since white and blue collar employees and with the capacity of ma-
nufacturing 22,000 of vehicles, BMC is moving forward to be-
the first day of its foundation; BMC, come a global brand via the renewal of its goals.
by developing in-house know-how Thanks to its capability of responding back to the changing
conditions and customer demands in the quickest way, the
via its own R&D Centre, has achieved company boasts a product range that includes vehicles for
a significant contribution of 10 all segments. BMC’s strong position in the global market,
as well as its effective marketing strategy provides the abi-
billion dollars to Turkish economy. lity to respond rapidly to the customer needs with innovative
Throughout 54 years, BMC has products in domestic and overseas markets. In this regard,
BMC, guiding the industry with its knowledge and experien-
accomplished successfully ce, is going to set the stage for 5 vehicles at DIMDEX 2018,
the hard task of manufacturing over Doha, Qatar.

300,000 vehicles in total.

All photographs: © BMC

Left to right:

8 - March 2018
The company will reveal the latest versions of the following
vehicles: VURAN (the Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicle),
AMAZON (the Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle), KİRPİ-II (the
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle), RCV (the Riot
Control Vehicle), and Midilux-Z (the Armored Bus).

KİRPİ-II (4X4) - Mine Resistant Ambush

Protected Vehicle
KİRPİ-II, the new version of the legendary KİRPİ, which has
become famous at the category of the mine resistant ambush
protected vehicles for its durability, presents an innovative
feature as having an independent suspension system. In ad-
dition to its highly protective features against mine and im-
provised explosive devices, KİRPİ-II continues to be the leader
regarding both passenger conformity and road handling.
Monocoque type armoured cabin and ballistic glasses, sho-
ck absorbing seats, V-shaped underbelly, gun ports and

emergency exit hatch are the leading features of KİRPİ-II.

The discriminative qualities of the vehicle are as follows:
n Remote controlled weapon station,
n Sniper detection system,
n Internal communication system,
n CBRN filtration system,
n Jammer,
n 360 degree front and rear view cameras,
n Automatic fire detection and suppression system,
together with central tyre inflation system,
n Electrical and air connectors for towing and being towed,

March 2018 - 9

With KİRPİ-II, the new version of the

legendary KİRPİ, BMC KİRPİ
has become a product family,
which is famous at the category of the
mine resistant ambush protected
vehicles for its durability.

n IR, blackout and camouflage lighting, AMAZON (4X4) - Multi Purpose

n NATO towing hook, Armoured Vehicle
n Transportability on air and railway and AMAZON, which is another vehicle that will be presented by
n Driver information system. BMC at DIMDEX 2018, guarantees the security of its crew
KİRPİ-II is designed to compensate for the needs of the against mine, ballistic and hand-made explosive threats. It
Turkish Armed Forces and the other allied countries’ armies. has the capacity to carry on 7 passengers and has a high
manoeuvre capability. The distinguishing features of the
VURAN (4x4) - Multi Purpose vehicle are as follows: Automatic fire detection and supp-
Armoured Vehicle ression system, central tyre inflation system, run flat tyre
At DIMDEX 2018, BMC will launch the World Premiere of inserts, rear view camera, and blackout and camouflage
the New Facelift of VURAN 4x4, The Multi-Purpose Armou- lighting.
red Vehicle. Thanks to its monocoque type armoured ca-
bin and ballistic glasses, shock absorbing seats, V-shaped RCV – Riot Control Vehicle
underbelly, gun ports and emergency exit hatch; VURAN is The Riot Control Vehicle (RCV), which is manufactured with
part of a family including the Multi-Purpose Armoured Ve- the aim of intervening in the social upheavals quickly and
hicles. It provides mine and ballistic protection for its crew. effectively, comes forward with its keen ability to make agi-
Front and rear view camera, automatic fire detection and le manoeuvres and the capacity for adaptability to tough
suppression system, remote controlled weapon station, conditions. Thanks to its field performance, genuine chas-
central tyre inflation system, run-flat tyre inserts and A/C sis and powerful road handling; BMC RCV gives full support
with heating and cooling functions are the outstanding fea- to provide security and public order at both urban and rural
tures of VURAN 4x4. sites.

Thanks to its field performance, genuine chassis and powerful road handling; BMC RCV
gives full support to provide security and public order at both urban and rural sites.

10 - March 2018
AMAZON guarantees the security of its crew against mine, ballistic and hand-made explosive threats.

Water and foam tanks, which are noticed for their durabi- security to passenger transport: Polycarbonate outer glass,
lity, computer driven operator system, turbo diesel engi- shotguns, glass with ballistic protection level, and mine-lo-
ne with 6 cylinders, independent cabin heater and runflat cked doors.
are the outstanding aspects making RCV to be one step MIDILUX-Z has the front and rear spring parabolic
ahead. suspension system with hydraulic shock absorber,
full air dry type service brake, air operated spring-loa-
MIDILUX-Z (4x2) – Armoured Bus ded hand brake and independent cabin heater. In addition
BMC MIDILUX-Z differentiates itself with the quality of to the runflat option, the vehicle can be provided with
having ballistic protection. Armoured for safe personnel such a supplementary component as fire extinguishing
transport in difficult conditions, the vehicle is equipped with system for not only the wheels but also the exterior
the following additional features, which brings safety and area. u

BMC MIDILUX-Z differentiates itself with the quality of having ballistic protection.

March 2018 - 11
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Defence News

Date for High-Tech Port by MÜSİAD 2018 Announced

T he High-Tech Port by MÜSİAD, an event which brings defence industry and leading high-tech companies together,
will be held for the fourth time between November 14 and 17, 2018, at the CNR Expo Centre in Istanbul. In the previous
event, held in November 2016 at Istanbul with the slogan “forming global strength through national capabilities”,
a total of 74 participating institutions and organisations had opened their stands. u

BMC Becomes New Address for
New Generation Light Armoured Vehicle Power Pack
T he contract for the
National Powerpack
Development Project for
and BMC. The project covers
the design, development,
prototype production,
maximum use of existing
domestic means and
capabilities, technical
in 40-ton tracked vehicles.
Contract negotiations
between the SSM and
New Generation Light testing and qualification of support may also be BMC were carried out
Armoured Vehicles was an indigenous power pack obtained from abroad in accordance with the
signed on October 13 that will be used in new if deemed necessary. Defence Industry Executive
in Ankara between the generation tracked light The project’s final products Committee decision
Undersecretariat for armoured vehicles. will be a 675 kW engine, and numbered 839, dated
Defence Industries (SSM) While the project envisages a transmission to be used 28 October 2016. u

Helicopter-MİLDAR Ready for Duty

© Meteksan Defence

I n an announcement released in its website on October 11,

Meteksan Defence shared information about the latest
situation with the MİLDAR millimetre wave fire control
radar. The announcement read as follows: “As Turkey’s
first fire control radar operating in the millimetre wave
band, and featuring Target Detection and Tracking
(HTT) and Terrain Profiling (ARPO) capabilities, the
Helicopter-MİLDAR has officially passed the acceptance
procedures of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries’
Acceptance Delegation on June 23, 2017. We believe
that the Helicopter-MİLDAR will provide the Turkish at low altitudes and under low visibility conditions. Now
Armed Forces important operational advantages, such that its flight tests have been completed on the T129 ATAK
as high performance under weather conditions that Helicopter, we expect that weapon system integration
decrease electro-optic system performance; guidance of and serial production activities will commence for the
electro-optic systems towards the target; faster weapon MİLDAR once its final position on the helicopter platform is
engagement; and better positional awareness for the pilot decided.” u

12 - March 2018
March 2018 - 13
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Defence News

© Berkin Engineering
U nder the project
conducted by the
DESAN Shipyard Reaches Deal with
Undersecretariat for Defence Berkin Engineering for Integration of
Industries, the integration
of electronic systems Electronic Systems to Emergency Intervention
to the two Emergency
Intervention and Diving
and Diving Training Boats
Training Boats (AMDEB) to Coordinator, on the DESAN for torpedo search missions Support Ships Project, we
be built at DESAN Shipyard side; and by Yücel Atalay, when necessary. had demonstrated that we
will be performed by Berkin General Manager, and With this newly signed can complete our tasks
Engineering. The contract Semra Bilinmez, Contracts contract, Berkin Engineering in a timely manner, at the
for this integration work Manager, on the Berkin will be adding the AMDEB desired level of quality,
was signed between Berkin Engineering side. project to its list of ship and within budget.
Engineering and DESAN Under the AMDEB project, integration activities that This new contract is an
Shipyard on November 29. the Turkish Naval Forces first started with the indication of the confidence
The signing ceremony was Command will be supplied Logistic Support Ships in Berkin Engineering’s
attended by Taşkın Çilli, with two boats that can be Project. Yücel Atalay, capabilities and competence.
Member of the Board, used for initial response in General Manager of Berkin We are proud to be
Ahmet Tütüncü, Finance accidents in coastal areas; Engineering, commented working with DESAN
Coordinator, and Erhan for the applied training of as follows on the signed shipyard in this distinguished
Murat Akdeniz, Military Ships diving personnel; and also contract: “With the Logistic project.” u

OSSA Kicks Off Preparations On the first day of the event, conferences will be held
in which the innovations in the industry, the problems
for ICDDA 2018 encountered by the industry and their possible solutions

I n a statement released on November 22, OSTİM Defence

and Aviation Cluster (OSSA) announced that the 4th
Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence and Aerospace
will all be discussed, with a focus on topics such as naval,
air and land systems, civil aviation, homeland security
technologies and improving of the supply chain. These
(ICDDA) event will be held between October 23-25, 2018, conferences will be conducted under the supervision of
in Ankara, at Hacettepe University’s Beytepe Convention local and foreign moderators. On the second and third
Centre. The event organised under the auspices days of the event, one-to-one business meetings will be
of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries offers organised for the participants that have stands at the
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), operating event. Last year’s event – which was the third ICDDA –
in the defence and aerospace industry, the opportunity hosted 200 companies from 33 countries and some 2,000
to meet with international prime contractor visitors. The participating companies conducted a total of
companies. 5,400 one-to-one meetings with the companies they chose
themselves. Statistics concerning the level of participation
Table 1. Statistics about participation to ICDDA events to ICDDA events are given in Table 1.
ICDDA 2013 ICDDA 2014 ICDDA 2016 According to the results of surveys conducted on the
Number of Participating Companies 220 250 200 participants following the first three ICDAA events held in
Number of Countries Participating 2013, 2014 and 2016, the participants’ level of satisfaction
22 34 33
with Their Companies
concerning the meetings and the companies they met with
Number of One-to-One Meetings 2,000 4,800 5,400
was at 95 percent. u

14 - March 2018
March 2018 - 15
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Defence News

ROKETSAN Arms the C295

A t the Dubai Airshow
organised between
12 and 16 November,
Range Anti-Tank Missile
System) and CİRİT
missile, as well as
Airbus Defence and the TEBER-82 laser
Space exhibited the guidance kit.
Armed ISR (Intelligence During the Farnborough
Surveillance & International Airshow in
Reconnaissance) version 2016, ROKETSAN

© Airbus photo by S. Ramadier

of the C295, equipped had signed two different
with ROKETSAN-designed contracts with Airbus
ammunition. The Helicopters and Airbus
ammunition showcased Defence and Space
next to the aircraft on that covered the
static display included integration of its missile
ROKETSAN’s L-UMTAS systems to various
(Laser Guided Long platforms. u

Meteksan Defence Announces This export represents the first one to be made by
Meteksan Defence in the field of avionic systems.
Exports in New Area: The avionic products of the company, which operates
Avionic Systems in four main areas (communication systems, platform
simulators, sensor systems, and underwater acoustic

A fter exporting this year its Damage Control Training

Simulator to the Republic of Korea, and then its
RETİNAR PTR radar to a friendly country (whose name
systems), are as follows:
n Under the area of activity of Communication Systems:
l Missile Data Links
is kept confidential for the time being), Meteksan l Tactical Data Links
Defence is now working on the export of avionic systems. l Wrap-around and planar antennas, radomes
Meteksan Defence released a statement on November 3 l UAV flight control unit
announcing it signed a contract with a Far East country n Under the business channel of Sensor Systems:
last month concerning the export of avionic systems it l CRA-101 C-Band Radar Altimeter
developed for air platforms. No information about the l KRA-101 K-Band Radar Altimeter
product or the name of country was disclosed in the l Laser Altimeter
statement. l 1550nm Lidar Tx/Rx Module u

BAYRAKTAR TB2 Performs Landing with Meteksan Defence

Automatic Landing and Take-Off System
M eteksan Defence
Automatic Landing
and Take-Off System
n The OKİS Air Unit,
composed of a
transponder and
all ground and air tests,
it was demonstrated that
the positional information
(OKİS) has been antenna, integrated generated by the OKİS
successfully tested onto the UAV, and was highly sensitive,
on Baykar Makina’s n The OKİS Ground Unit, to the point of allowing
BAYRAKTAR TB2 stationed on the ground the automatic take-off
unmanned aerial vehicle near the runway, and and landing of the UAV
(UAV). An announcement composed of a independently of any global

concerning the tests single-pulse tracking positioning system (GPS).

performed under the radar. A statement released
cooperation of the two During tests, the OKİS by Meteksan Defence
companies was released Air Unit integrated onto emphasised that the OKİS
on December 20. the BAYRAKTAR TB2 was Air Unit, which stands out
OKİS, used to ensure the able to communicate with its small dimensions
safe take-off and landing from a distance of 12 km and low weight, can be
of UAVs, and to provide with the OKİS Ground used on nearly any class of
redundancy, has two main Unit, situated near the UAV with minimal impact
components: runway. Furthermore, in to the payload capacity. u

16 - March 2018
March 2018 - 17
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Defence News

SAHA Istanbul

© SAHA Istanbul
Seek to Take
Part in F-35
A delegation from the
Joint Programme Office
(JPO), the administrative
office of the F-35 project,
met with officials from
the Istanbul Defence and subsystems throughout in order to take part in stressed that SAHA Istanbul
and Aerospace Cluster the aircraft’s life cycle. the project, Keleş said: companies would be able
Association (SAHA Istanbul) Commenting on the “Our members need to to achieve a certain level
on December 1 at THY meeting, İlhami Keleş, raise their qualifications of progress with regards
Technic’s facilities. During Secretary General of to the levels [expected] to standardisation by the
the meeting, which was also SAHA Istanbul, said that by global suppliers. This second half of 2018, and that
attended by representatives companies in the cluster requirement constitutes they will likely complete
from the Undersecretariat were willing to carry out, an important threshold such preparations by the
for Defence Industries, under the coordination of for our involvement in time they participate in
discussions were held the SSM, the necessary international projects. With the SAHA EXPO Defence
concerning the potential activities to join the the support of the state, we and Aerospace Industry
contributions of SAHA project. Highlighting that are conducting projects to Exhibition, which SAHA
Istanbul companies to the the member companies remedy any shortcomings Istanbul will hold between
maintenance and overhaul needed to speed up their our companies may have September 13 and 15, 2018,
of various F-35 components works on standardisation in this regard.” Keleş in Istanbul. u

18 - March 2018
March 2018 - 19
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Defence News


Malaysian Coast Guard
A ccording to a
statement released on
December 6, ASELSAN has
and also involved officials
from the Malaysian Coast
Guard and the Malaysian
successfully completed Naval Forces. ASELSAN
the installation, integration MALAYSIA, which is
and testing of the SMASH ASELSAN’s local company
weapon systems in boats in the country, continues to
belonging to the Malaysian pursue its activities towards
Coast Guard. These works the local production of
were conducted locally by remote-controlled weapon
Malaysian engineers with systems and their export to
the support of ASELSAN, Southeastern Asia. u ASELSAN’s works in Malaysia aim at high levels of domestic contribution.

Naval Forces Command Receives TCG AKIN (A-584)

CG AKIN (A-584), n Executing activities such as underwater repair and wreck
© İstanbul Shipyard

constructed by the salvage/removal by means of remote operated

Istanbul Shipyard as underwater vehicles (ROVs) and atmospheric diving suits
part of the Submarine (ADSs),
Rescue and Salvage Ship n Towing targets for surface firing exercises,
(KURYED) project of the n Acting as target ships during torpedo firing exercises,
Undersecretariat for Defence n Recovering torpedoes from the sea,
Industries (SSM), was n For submarines that cannot reach the surface, providing
delivered to Turkish Naval life support to submarine personnel and assisting
Forces Command (TNFC) on personal rescue activities down to a maximum depth of
Vice Admiral Adnan Özbal, Commander December 29 at a ceremony 600 metres.
of the Turkish Naval Forces, speaking held in Istanbul. The first ship n Firefighting on ships,
at the launch ceremony. in the project, TCG IŞIN n Rescuing the personnel of all aircraft – particularly
(A-583), was delivered to the TNFC earlier in July 2017. those of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), but also
TCG IŞIN and TCG AKIN will carry out the following including civilian ones – that have landed or crashed
missions: at sea, and recovering the materials and wreckage of
n Rescuing and salvaging vessels that have run aground, these aircraft,
been damaged or suffered malfunction, n Preventing aircraft that have landed or crashed at
n Performing salvage sea from sinking, and salvaging these vehicles where
in the open seas, necessary. u
© İstanbul Shipyard

TCG AKIN (left) and

TCG IŞIN (right)

20 - March 2018
March 2018 - 21
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Defence News

Signatures in

Place for
IDEF 2019
In a statement released
through its Twitter
account on December 22,
the Turkish Armed Forces
Foundation announced
that the necessary
signatures are now in
place for the IDEF 2019
event. IDEF 2019 will be
held between April 30
and May 3, 2019, at the
TÜYAP Fair Convention
and Congress Centre in by 65,782 people in the attendants of the undersecretaries,
Istanbul. total, including 60,754 exhibitions were the and numerous
IDEF 2017 had hosted a local and 5,028 foreign President of Sierra Leone representatives of civilian
total of 820 companies and visitors, as well as 133 Ernest Bai Koroma, and military procurement
company representatives delegations (consisting of 26 ministers, 6 chiefs authorities. The exhibition
from 50 countries, 503 of 637 delegation members) of general staff, 17 vice also saw 2,240 scheduled
them being foreign and from 67 countries ministers, 5 deputy chiefs meetings and stand visits,
317 of them local. The and two international of general staff, as well as 50 signing
exhibition was visited organisations. Among 10 force commanders, 14 ceremonies. u

SEDEC Establishes a
New Approach to Business
Development and Promotional
Activities in the Industry
D esigned to bring all international and national actors in
the fields of homeland security, border security, internal
security and defence systems, and to cover exhibitions,
especially SMEs, will be introduced to the foreign guests in
more detail. On the first day of the event, a conference focused
on homeland security, and border and internal security, as
conferences and B2B meetings, SEDEC is preparing to breathe well as supply chain issues within the defence industry, will
new life into the industry. The event, which will be held in take place.
Ankara at the ATO Congresium on July 3–5, will be a first for the Representatives, including the procurement officers, from
industry in terms of its theme and concept. SEDEC is organised such institutions and organisations as
with the support of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries n the Ministry of National Defence, the Land, Naval and
(SSM) and the Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Air Forces Commands, the General Command of
Association (SSI), and is part of the URGE (International Gendarmerie, the Turkish Coast Guard Command, the
Competition Development) project carried out by Teknopark Turkish National Police, the Prime Ministry Disaster and
Ankara with the support of the Ministry of Economy. Emergency Management Authority, and the Directorate
SEDEC, opening under the banner “The right people and the right General of Migration Management;
jobs in a short time!” aims to be an effective platform n Military Attachés;
n for the creation of a direct link between producers and n FRONTEX (European
such customers as the Land, Naval and Air Forces Border and Coast Guard Agency);
Commands, the General Command of Gendarmerie, n ASELSAN, FNSS,
the Turkish National Police and the SSM, HAVELSAN, MKEK, ROKETSAN, and TAI;
n and to facilitate the establishment of supply chain n Airbus, BAE Systems,
connections between the main industrial producers Boeing, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Rolls-Royce,
and SMEs in a short time. and Tawazun
At the same time, the event will bring foreign original have been formally invited to SEDEC, the preparations
equipment manufacturers and first- and second-level of which have gained pace with the completion of formal
suppliers together with Turkish defence, aviation and procedures. Aiming to become the leader in its field in the
security companies as part of planned B2B meetings. industry, SEDEC will continue to be organised biennially
The abilities and achievements of Turkish companies, in even years. u

22 - March 2018

ASELSAN Signs for Barrelled and control elements of the said systems, and their serial
production will be carried out.
Anti Air Defence Among the systems, for which development works started

A Procurement Contract in the 35 mm Air Defence

System Modernisation and Airburst Ammunition
project was signed between the Undersecretariat for
in 2010, the 35 mm Towed Air Defence Kit was developed
by ASELSAN, while ASELSAN was also prime contractor
and MKEK (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company)
Defence Industries and ASELSAN on December 29. and TÜBİTAK SAGE (Defence Industries Research and
Activities related to the project were launched with a Development Institute) were subcontractors in the
signing ceremony at ASELSAN’s facilities on January development of ATOM. The effectiveness of the systems
15. Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, Undersecretary for Defence against air-to-surface missiles has been proven with firing
Industries, and a number of senior officials from the tests against fast target aircraft on December 1, 2015. The
Turkish Armed Forces and SSM participated at the samples in the inventory of Turkish Land Forces scored
ceremony. direct hits on the target aircraft in the Free Fire 2017
Within the scope of the contract, serial production activities exercise held on October 20, 2017.
will begin on a 35 mm Towed Air Defence Kit and 35 mm The serial production works of the KORKUT Self Propelled
Airburst Ammunition (ATOM) that have been developed Air Defence Gun System, developed by ASELSAN and in
by ASELSAN, the first samples of which were delivered to use by Turkish Land Forces since 2016, are continuing
the Turkish Land Forces in 2016. The produced systems successfully, having started in the previous year. The
will be delivered to both Turkish Land Forces and Turkish KORKUT System, which is mounted on a tracked vehicle
Air Force (TurAF). Additionally, Battery Command and chassis and has high manoeuvrability, can provide air
Control Centre (BCCC) for Turkish Land Forces, and defence to military units and critical infrastructure, either
Battery Command and Control Operation Centre (BCCOC) stationary or on the move. KORKUT also uses ATOM to
for TurAF will be developed as the upper level command increase its effectiveness. u

The effectiveness of 35 mm towed anti-aircraft guns will be improved

within the scope of the project.

March 2018 - 23
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Defence News

Eurasia Airshow: Ready to

Bring Together the Giants
of the East and West
P lanned as Turkey’s
first international,
commercial and military
fixed-wing and rotary-wing
aircraft in the static area.
The companies that have
aviation event based so far confirmed their
on the air show concept, participation at the event,
Eurasia Airshow will be and the aircraft they will
held at Antalya International bring, include:
Airport on April 25–28, and n Antonov: An-225, An-178,
is scheduled to be held An-148 and An-70
every two years from now on. n Boeing: B787, B777
During the Eurasia Airshow, and B737
organised under the n Airbus: A400M, A380,
auspices of the Presidency A350, A330, A320
of the Republic of Turkey, and A319
the Turkish Stars and n Leonardo: C-27J Spartan
SOLOTÜRK from the Turkish and AW101
Air Force will perform n Embraer: ERJ 145 A flight management team building of new international
aerobatic shows. In addition, n Sukhoi: SU-80 and of 11 is also working to collaborations.”
a MIG-29 of the Polish Air SU-100 ensure the safe execution of Commenting on the
Force and a Saab Gripen Eurasia Airshow will all aviation-related activities business volume they
of the Czech Republic will also host the Airline before, during and after the expect the event to
also be demonstrating their CEO Summit and the exhibition, and is currently generate, Yenibertiz also
capabilities, along with Women in Air & Space making comprehensive said: “Taking into account
various civil aircraft. The Symposium, as well as inspections of the exhibition the commercial and military
civilian teams that have social activities such as a grounds to guarantee both aviation industry contracts
already confirmed their golf tournament. flight and ground safety. to be signed during the
participation are as follows: The stage for the event, Speaking about the event and over the course
n Aerobatic Tactics, which is planned to attract impact of the event, of the year; the potential
n Air Benders, 350 to 400 companies, is Ferhat Yenibertiz, CEO aircraft purchases and
n Artur Kielak, an area of 300,000 square of Eurasia Airshow, said: orders; and the related
n Bronco Demo Team, metres that has been “At this point where tourism activities, we expect
n Dario Cost, provided by the General many airshows in other Eurasia Airshow to generate
n Pioneer Team, and Directorate of State Airports parts of the world have a business volume of about
n Redbull. Authority (DHMİ), about already reached saturation $40 billion. From all across
Furthermore, talks are 30,000 square metres of point, Eurasia Airshow the world, we’re bringing
still underway to host the which is indoor, while the stands out as an event together important players
military and civil flight remaining area includes that will bring together in the aerospace industry.”
teams of various different parks and approximately the European, American, Medyacity, which is
countries at the event. 65 chalets. The total area Asian and Middle-Eastern organising the Eurasia
In addition to the flight allocated for these chalets markets, and will be Airshow, is also the
shows, there is also a is between 100,000 to conducive for commercial organiser of the Expo
plan to display numerous 150,000 square metres. agreements and the Turkey by Qatar event. u

24 - March 2018
March 2018 - 25
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Defence News

The New Meeting Point for
SMEs and Prime Contractors
in Istanbul
T he SAHA EXPO Defence and Aerospace Exhibition,
which will be held at Istanbul Exhibition Centre on
September 13–15, is preparing to bring together
Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with the
prime contractors of the industry. During the event,
which will be organised for the first time this year and is
planned to be held biannually from now on, companies
that are either developing or producing subsystems for
modern military platforms used in operational settings
will be showcasing their products and capabilities, and
find the chance to meet the prime contractors in the
Open to international participation, SAHA EXPO will also
offer the participating companies and official delegations materials, technical textiles, chemicals, machinery
the opportunity to engage in bilateral talks. In addition and mechanical equipment, electronics,
to the prime contractor and subcontractor companies electromechanics, automation, design, engineering,
that are operating directly in the defence and aerospace testing, certification, modelling, simulation and software.
sectors, the event is also encouraging the participation The visitor profile, on the other hand, is expected to
of companies that are currently operating in other fields, include the employees of institutions and companies from
but are looking to making an entry into this sector. defence and aerospace sector, as well as R&D experts,
Particularly targeted are the companies academicians, students, non-governmental organisations
that work on composites, special alloys, advanced and members of the press. u

26 - March 2018
March 2018 - 27
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Interview

Staff Brigadier (Sea) Abdulbaqi AL-ANSARI,

Chairman of the Organising Committee of DIMDEX,
Sent a Message to Turkish Companies:
“It is the time to promote your
innovations and boost your visibility
to your main target audience.”
DIMDEX (Doha International Maritime Defence
Exhibition and Conference) will open its doors for
the sixth time on March 12–14. The biannual event,
which marks its 10th anniversary this year, has
attracted great interest from the Turkish defence and
aerospace industry. We spoke to Rear Admiral Lower
Half Abdulbaqi Al Ansari, Chairman of the Organising
Committee of DIMDEX, about the latest situation in the
ongoing preparations for DIMDEX 2018.
What are the major changes and new nology, maritime and defence industry
features for 2018 edition of DIMDEX capabilities. This edition will be the
when compared to 2016? largest edition ever, in terms of exhi-
Doha International Maritime Defence bition space, number of exhibitors, and
Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) is expected number of visitors.
held under the patronage of His High- As it has been in the past, DIMDEX will
ness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al- also feature the International Strategic resilient and the organising commit-
Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar. It is Middle East Naval Commanders Con- tee has overcome any challenges of
proudly hosted and organised by Qatar ference (MENC), the Visiting Warship hosting such an event, and is looking
Armed Forces. Display from international naval forc- forward to presenting the biggest and
DIMDEX 2018 marks the exhibition’s es, and elite VIP delegation visits. most successful edition to date.
10th anniversary. It will offer partici- Notwithstanding the current region- Bringing together international indus-
pants a world-class platform for tech- al complexities, Qatar has remained try leaders with ministers, key decision
makers and VIPs, DIMDEX will show-
case the latest cutting-edge technolo-
gy, offers insights, solutions and valu-
able procurement opportunities.

For 2018, what are your expectations

for the number of exhibitors, visitors,
national pavilions… etc?
Since its inception, DIMDEX has wit-
nessed continuous growth to become
a leading event in the international
maritime defence and security industry
All photographs: © DIMDEX

calendar. The number of visitors has

significantly increased for each edition,
receiving more than 49,254 visitors over
the years, while the number of exhibi-
tors has raised from 80 exhibitors in
2008 to 180 exhibitors in 2016 – 125 per-
cent growth. This year, we are expecting

28 - March 2018
more exhibitors and international na-
tional pavilions, a substantial num-
ber of which have already confirmed
participation and booked their spac-
es. DIMDEX 2018 will be the largest
edition to date, in terms of space and
number of exhibitors. We anticipate it
will also be the most successful edi-
tion to date in terms of procurement
and industry thought-leadership op-

What do you expect to be the highlights

of DIMDEX 2018? Which systems,
technologies or trends will be on the
spot light?
DIMDEX is a world-class platform for
technology, maritime and defence in-
dustry capabilities. During the exhi-
bition, visitors and exhibitors will find DIMDEX offers a vibrant professional provides a dynamic arena to focus on
the most advanced navy and defence environment and a perfect platform the region’s key growth areas and fu-
equipment and systems, including but for negotiating and closing deals. It is ture challenges, and gives vendors
not limited to, airborne systems, com- where representatives of international an opportunity to demonstrate their
munication systems, naval aviation, so- defence companies meet directly with sophisticated technological advance-
nar and radar, vessels, etc. There will key decision makers from military and ments to key procurement decision
also be a display of visiting warship at governmental authorities and other makers.
Hamad Port, where delegates and vis- VIP delegations to sign deals. To date,
itors can explore and discover modern $31.95 billion worth of deals have been What will be the agenda of the Middle
naval warships and have a closer look initiated at DIMDEX exhibitions. This is East Naval Commanders Conference
at their capabilities and technology, an evidence of how important DIMDEX (MENC)?
discovering how crews deal with the has become on the industry events The Middle East Naval Commanders
complexities of protecting maritime in- calendar to facilitate and close global Conference (MENC) is a significant el-
terests and shores. government and private company com- ement of DIMDEX as it gathers leading
mercial contracts. defence experts to discuss strategic
Should the visitors expect signatures In light of the growing defence chal- topics that affect security in the region
for major contracts during DIMDEX lenges the world is facing today, we and wider world, through a united vi-
2018? If so, can you give us some expect more spending on maritime and sion. MENC will provide thought-lead-
hints? security in the region. DIMDEX 2018 ership by prestigious guest speakers,

March 2018 - 29
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Interview

Do you have a special message to

Turkish companies and defence
Turkey and Qatar have long maintained
a collaborative cooperation across eco-
nomic, commercial and industrial sec-
tors. Recently this has expanded with
the Turkish President hosting several
tours and bilateral meetings, taking a
leadership role in resolving the diplo-
matic GCC dispute through dialogue
and negotiations.
The Qatari and Turkish visions agree
on principles, foundations and under-
standings with handling international
relations, as a strategic approach to
settling crises and international dis-
putes, including those of the GCC. We
welcome all Turkish companies to
participate at DIMDEX, and would say
DIMDEX is a perfect platform to show-
from both internal and external in- rent global, regional and local mari- case in-market capabilities and boost
dustry stakeholders, to share insight time challenges. business opportunities. It is time now
and knowledge about emerging tech- to promote your innovations and boost
nologies across the military, defence For companies that are planning their your visibility to the main target audi-
and maritime sectors. Internation- exhibition attendance, how would you ence.
al academics, global and regional explain the advantages of participating
naval commanders and world-class to DIMDEX 2018? Are there any other subjects you would
industry experts will come together DIMDEX is an established platform that like to address?
to identify and address geopolitical showcases the latest maritime and de- We would like to extend our thanks
trends affecting the maritime domain fence innovations within key audiences to our returning and new partners in
on both an operational and strategic from across the globe, enabling pro- Turkey, for their continued and ongo-
level. ductive commercial opportunities with ing support. The organising commit-
The main topic of the conference at high-level decision makers and influ- tee at DIMDEX is meticulously work-
DIMDEX 2018 is: “Building capabilities encers. Testament to this is the signif- ing to deliver a premier exhibition and
in Challenging Environments through icant increase in exhibitor investment conference, as a must-attend event on
Visionary International Military Coop- that has been realised since the event’s the global maritime security calendar.
eration and Defence Engagement.” The inception in 2008. Marking its 10th anniversary at this
discussions will focus on the interna- Exhibitors recognise the value of special upcoming edition, DIMDEX will
tional relations and military collabora- demonstrating their company’s capa- once again prove it is more than just an
tion, and how this can assist in building bilities, services and products to a va- exhibition for its Turkish counterparts
defence capabilities. Other topics will riety of MENA and further afield new and industry leaders. DIMDEX 2018
explore how the building and develop- markets. For the 2018 edition, we offer will strengthen Doha’s position as a
ment process of defence capabilities access for companies to be part of the burgeoning business hub and offers
can be achieved considering the cur- billions of dollars of deals undertaken global vendors, visitors and guests
rent national, regional and internation- during the three-day exhibition and valuable commercial opportunities
al threats and challenges. The panel- conference. to lucrative markets, as a dynamic
lists will also discuss the priorities of DIMDEX boosts your visibility to high networking and business platform.
building defence capabilities and the profile audience. It boasts a high at- With less than 50 days to go, visitors
forms of the general strategy for fruit- tendance of official VIP delegations and and exhibitors are encouraged to
ful international military collaboration senior representatives from interna- pre-register via the registration links
and communication, to build military tional and government entities and the on the official webpage of DIMDEX,
capabilities considering the current calibre of our audience has long been
regional threats and challenges in the a distinguishing feature for the exhibi-
region. tion. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of On behalf of our readers, we would
By the end of MENC, participants will DIMDEX at the 2018 edition, we expect like to thank Staff Brigadier (Sea)
leave with potential solutions, conclu- this attractive trend to continue and Abdulbaqi Al-Ansari, Chairman of the
sions and outcomes that can act as grow, creating valuable engagement Organising Committee of DIMDEX,
guidelines and recommendations for and networking opportunities and ac- for taking the time to answer our
better collaborations between navies cess for companies to influential deci- questions and for providing us with
and industry partners, to deal with cur- sion-makers. valuable information.

30 - March 2018
March 2018 - 31

Moving Forwards as a
Groundbreaking Company, ARES
Shipyard’s Delivery of Coast Guard
Boats to Qatar Continues Full Speed
Prior to the ceremony, the guests of the event, including As part of the project conducted to meet
Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and
Communications, examined the boats to be delivered, while the Qatar Coast Guard’s requirements,
accompanied by Kerim Kalafatoğlu, Chairman and Executive
Director of ARES Shipyard.
ARES Shipyard has performed the delivery
of the first ARES 150 HERCULES boat
and one ARES 110 HERCULES boat with
a ceremony held in Antalya on December
8. The ceremony, which was attended
by Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport,
Maritime Affairs and Communications,
stood as one of the important milestones
for ARES Shipyard and the Turkish military
shipyard, especially since it involved the
first delivery ever of the 48 metres-long

he project in question was launched following a tender in Şebnem ASİL /
Unless otherwise stated, all photographs: © MSI TDR

which ARES Shipyard outcompeted 18 companies, with Ümit BAYRAKTAR /

the project contract being signed with the Qatar Ministry Alper ÇALIK /
of Interior on April 14, 2014. The project involves the construc- Deliveries Continue 1.5 Years Ahead
tion of the following boats, which all have composite hulls: of Schedule
n Five 24 metres-long ARES 75 HERCULES fast patrol boats. As of the date of the ceremony, deliveries for all of the ARES 75
n Ten 34 metres-long ARES 110 HERCULES fast patrol boats. HERCULES have been completed, while seven ARES 110 HER-
n Two 48 metres-long ARES 150 HERCULES offshore CULES and one ARES 150 HERCULES have been delivered so
patrol vessels (OPVs). far. Although the total duration of the project was initially en-
Furthermore, each ARES 110 HERCULES also transports one visaged as 4.5 years, the delivery schedule is moving 1.5 years
7.5 metres ARES 24 HARPOON fast intervention boat, while the ahead of the contract schedule.
ARES 150 HERCULES transports two of such boats. The cost of ARES 150 HERCULES also stands out as the largest composite
project is around $300 million. hulled ship ever to be built in Turkey. Company officials also

The ARES 110 HERCULES was selected in 2016

as the Best Patrol Boat by the Australian Work Boat
World magazine.

32 - March 2018
Özgün Utku Alanç Kerim Kalafatoğlu Staff Brigadier Ali Ahmad Al-Bedeed Mustafa Köse

highlight that, with its speed of 37 nautical miles per hour, the mechanisms that permit the water entry and exit directions
ARES 150 HERCULES is the world’s fastest ship in the OPV to be adjusted separately. All of these systems can be man-
class. Meanwhile, in 2016, the ARES 110 HERCULES was se- aged from the bridge as well as the consoles located on the
lected as the Best Patrol Boat by the Australian Work Boat uppermost open deck. In these types of surface platforms,
World magazine. The hull of all boats of the HERCULES family open decks are used in low threat environments to provide a
are constructed using full vacuum infusion technology and ep- wider angle of view, such as during port manoeuvres. In ad-
oxy resin. dition, the water jets in the ARES 75 and ARES 110 can also
be controlled via a classical ship’s wheel.
HERCULES Boats Stand Out During the acceptance tests at sea, the ARES 110s were
with High Their Manoeuvrability tested at speeds more than 10 percent above the speed
The entire HERCULES family uses water jets as its prima- requirements listed in the contract, and these boats can
ry system of propulsion. The boats also use water jets to operate in conditions of up to sea state five. Similarly, the
change course and manoeuvre. As a result, the boats lack a ARES 150s were tested at speeds more than 20 percent
conventional propeller or rudder, which means safer naviga- above the speed requirements listed in the contract, and
tion in shallow waters, and also for sea life. the boats can operate in conditions of up to sea state six.
Perhaps the most important attribute the water jet sys- The shape of the ships’ hull is said to also enable opera-
tem confers to the boats is high manoeuvrability. Thanks tions in the ocean. Furthermore, in addition to their cruis-
to these water jets, boats can, in addition to their standard ing range of 1,600 nautical miles, the ARES 150s have a re-
manoeuvres, also execute movements such as moving side- verse osmosis system that eliminates the boats’ need for
ways without changing the direction of its bow. To have the water replenishment.
boats perform these types of manoeuvres, the helmsman
(the seaman who holds the helm) would normally have to ARES Shipyard: Leaving Its Marks in History
manage multiple complex controls at the same time; how- The ceremony began after the tour and inspection of the boats
ever, with these systems, the only device the helmsman destined for Qatar by the event’s attendants, which included
needs to use is a simple joystick. This enables the boats to Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and
execute even the most sensitive manoeuvres; and whenever Communications. The first speech of the ceremony was deliv-
deemed necessary, the boats can even be moved solely by ered by Özgün Utku Alanç, Deputy General Manager at ARES
using the joystick. The joystick is only one of the ship control Shipyard, who shared information both about the project and
systems. Furthermore, the water jets have various control the HERCULES platforms.
The water jets of the ARES 110 HERCULES. Thanks to their “reverse bucket”
© ARES Shipyard

system, the water jets on the port and starboard side of the boat not only serve
to propel the ship forward, but can also move the ship astern. The reverse
bucket can be described as a bucket-like mechanism that turns and covers the
exit of the water jet. The water jet in the middle provides forward thrust. The
ARES 75 boats are different in that they lack the middle water jet.

Hulls of the HERCULES series boats are produced in a single step and as a
single piece, by utilising full vacuum infusion technology and epoxy resin.

March 2018 - 33

n Added Value by ARES:

“From the perspective of
added value, we can see
an even greater
achievement [for our
company]. While Turkey’s
exports have an average
value of $3 per kilogram,
the average value of the
ships we are delivering
today is $152 per
Staff Major General
Saad Bin Jassim Münir Ahmet n ARES Ranking High
Al Khulaifi Karaloğlu Arslan in Production Numbers:
“ARES’ success can be
After Alanç’s speech, Kerim Kalafatoğlu, Chairman and Ex- seen even more clearly when we look from the perspective
ecutive Director of ARES Shipyard, took the stage, and began of productivity. For shipyards building this class of ships and
his speech by saying: “In every day of the 11 brief years since yachts, the average annual production in the Netherlands,
we established it in 2006 with great ideals in our minds, ARES for example, is 9.14 ships [per year]. In Turkey, however, this
Shipyard has been a source of both joy and excitement for us.” average number is unfortunately at 2.6. But with the great
The speech of Kalafatoğlu included many details about dedication of ARES’ outstanding team, our shipyard has
ARES Shipyard’s accomplishments in between the lines. surpassed Turkey’s average by a factor of four, exceeding
n Export Capabilities of ARES: “ARES is Turkey’s shipyard even above the average for Europe, producing and delivering,
with the most exports. It is with great pleasure that I must for example, 11 ships in 2017. We have now reached the point
say that, both with the work it assumes internationally and where we can export technology and know-how on advanced
the ships it manufactures, our company is our country’s composite and aluminium hulled [ships].”
pride. Speaking for 2017, ARES has, as of today, broken the
export records for ships, becoming the country’s largest ARES Shipyard
ship exporter.” Makes Dreams
Come True
Taking the stage after Ka-
lafatoğlu, Staff Brigadier Ali
Ahmad Al-Bedeed, Director
General of Coast and Bor-
ders Security, gave a speech
in which he emphasised the
robustness and competitive
prices of the ships built by
© ARES Shipyard

A view of the bridge on ARES 150 HERCULES. The bridge consoles of all
HERCULES series boats are nearly identical. Similarly, the boats of three
different sizes have many subsystems that are similar or identical,
which is important in terms of logistics and manageability.

34 - March 2018
ARES Shipyard. Mustafa Köse, Parliamentarian from Anta- At the ceremony, Staff Major General Saad Bin Jassim Al
lya, described the contributions ARES Shipyard will make to Khulaifi, Director General of Public Security, also gave a
relations between Qatar and Turkey, while Münir Karaloğlu, speech in which he described the importance of the HERCU-
Governor of Antalya, said the following: “It is my hope that the LES boats for Qatar through several anecdotes: “It was 2002,
naval vehicles we have delivered today will reinforce both the when I was serving at the Coast Guard Command. We were
friendship between Qatar and Turkey and the formation of the considering that we should build a new fleet for our organisa-
Qatari Coast Guard.” tion, and we were meeting with many companies to this end.

Table 1. Platforms to Be Delivered to the Qatari Coast Guard under the Project
Type Fast Patrol Boat Fast Patrol Boat Offshore Patrol Vessel
Total Number to Be Delivered 5 10 2
Number of ARES 24 HARPOON
- 1 2
Fast Intervention Boats Carried Onboard
Length (metres) 24.1 34.47 48.09
Width (metres) 5.8 7.56 8.95
Draft (metres) 1.2 1.45 1.78
Displacement (tons) 59 130 275
Maximum Speed (knots) 40 32 37
Economic Speed (knots) 25 15 15
Cruising Range (nautical miles) 360 800 1,600
Main Engine 2 x MTU 12V 2000 M84 Diesel 3 x MTU 12V 2000 M84 Diesel 3 x MTU 16V 4000 M63L Diesel
Propulsion System 2 x Rolls Royce 50A3 Water Jet 3 x Rolls Royce 50A3 Water Jet 3 x Rolls Royce S71-4 Water Jet
Auxiliary Engine 2 x Caterpillar C4.4 series 2 x Caterpillar C4.4 series 2 x Caterpillar C7.1 series
Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers 4 7 10
Enlisted 4 16 18
12,7 mm ASELSAN STAMP 1 2 2
30 mm ASELSAN SMASH - 1 1

With its ability to operate

in conditions of up to sea
state six and cruising
range of 1,600 nautical
miles, the ARES 150
HERCULES is classified
by ARES Shipyard as an
offshore patrol vessel
© ARES Shipyard

March 2018 - 35

During this speech, Kerim Kalafatoğlu, Chairman and Executive Director of ARES Shipyard, was accompanied at the stage by Yonca Kotiloğlu (far right) and
Ersan Kotiloğlu (far left), Members of the Board at company, and by Mert Kalafatoğlu (second left), General Manager of the company.
But it was at that time that I was assigned to the headquar- ARES’ Groundbreaking Production Numbers
ters as the Director General of Public Security. However, the Minister Arslan also highlighted the advanced technology of
dream of building a new coast guard fleet always stayed with the boats, as well as ARES Shipyard’s delivery schedule that
me. During those years, I was afraid I would retire before this is significantly ahead of initial plans: “Every type of technol-
dream would be realised. But in 2017, at this very moment, ogy that you can think about finding on a ship, as well as the
our dreams have come true, and these new ships are now pa- most advanced tools, instruments, equipment, machines and
trolling around Doha. The last remaining three or four ships electronic devices, have been used [on these boats]... You have
will soon be following them. I would like to thank Turkey and clearly striven to do the best, and have become an excellent
ARES Shipyard for finally making my dreams to come true.” example in the process. This is something that we also em-
phasise: Instead of describing your capabilities by saying ‘I do
Minister Arslan Describes the this or that’, it is far better to demonstrate them through your
HERCULES’ Features products... It is also good to see the number of boats you are
Delivering the last speech of the ceremony, Ahmet Arslan, able to produce in one year. It is of course always possible and
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, rather straightforward to produce more than one ship of the
highlighted the ARES 150 HERCULES’ manoeuvrability: “I same type. However, producing different types of ships at the
asked earlier about the ship’s turning radius, which is one of same time, while also reaching the annual production num-
the most important criteria for determining a ship’s manoeu- bers you mentioned earlier, is certainly a great feat... Besides,
vrability. When a ship wants to make a turn, the tighter it turns 17 boats is not a small number. We are also extremely pleased
the better. Now, this 48-metre long boat can turn with a radi- to see the production being done in such a short period, and the
us of 74 metres, which is a very good performance. And the delivery being performed ahead of the envisaged time frame.”
esteemed [Qatari] director general also asked, ‘Where is the
ship’s wheel?’ concerning this ship. But it has no wheel; there Warships with Mega-Yacht Standards
is just a joystick... You command the ship through a joystick Minister Arslan also touched on the quality of the ships and the
that provides very high manoeuvrability. You can literally move level of comfort in the personnel’s living quarters: “We are of
the ship around with the touch of a finger. This is an import- course speaking about warships – ships used for military pur-
ant feature. The boats also have poses. And ARES precisely makes these types of ships. Glob-
a type of bow propeller we call ally, [Turkey] ranks third in terms of mega yacht production. I
the bow thruster, which is usual- want to congratulate you for your boats that have the quality
ly seen in the very luxurious and and standards of mega yachts, which we discussed while tour-
high technology ships known as ing one of the boats. No one will ever reproach you by saying
cruise ships.” ‘Why have you something very good, why have you done the

ARES 150 HERCULES is described as the world’s

fastest offshore patrol vessel (OPV).

36 - March 2018
best?’ And those who keep saying ‘Did these boats have to be
this luxurious or high-quality?’, just ignore them, don’t listen to
them. You have to be different from others in a positive way, so
that others will follow your example. The things you have done
should not be limited to Qatar; you should utilise your capabili-
ties and means for other countries as well.”

ARES Shipyard Opens a New Page

in Maintainability
Each one of the ships constructed by ARES Shipyard certainly In addition to its cruising range of 1,600 nautical miles, the ARES 150 HERCULES is also
capable of producing its own drinking water, thanks to its reverse osmosis system.
have their own distinguishing features. However, there is also
a notable detail in their design: Some of the subsystems used n Auxiliary Engines(Generators): ARES 75 and ARES 110
in these three boats of different size and class are actually use Caterpillar C4.4 series generators. The generators
identical, which is particularly important from the standpoint of these two boats of different sizes have the same diesel
of the ships’ maintenance and sustainment. Furthermore, machines. The only differences between them are the
this feature affects the operational capability of the ships in alternators being used and their power output. ARES 150’s
a positive way. auxiliary machines use the C7.1 model
This can be explained with a simple example: In case a ARES of the same manufacturer.
110 HERCULES boat becomes inactive due to a malfunction n Bridge Consoles: The bridge consoles of the HERCULES
in a critical subsystem, a functional copy of the same subsys- series boats and ships are nearly identical. Only the
tem can be taken from an ARES 75 HERCULES that is cur- ARES 150’s manoeuvre controls are slightly different
rently under maintenance, and be fitted into the ARES 110 than the other boat’s, due to the bow thruster on its bow.
HERCULES to render it active and operational once again. Fur- n Electronic Systems: All of the navigation, electronic,
thermore, the use of common subsystems is also important communication and electro-optic systems used in the
from the Qatari Coast Guard’s standpoint, in terms of reducing HERCULES series are almost entirely the same. The only
purchasing costs when procuring the spare parts it will need difference in this regard is in the radar systems. The ARES
in the future. 75 features two Kelvin Hughes X-Band radars, while the
Some of the common subsystems used in these platforms of ARES 110 and ARES 150 both use one X-Band and one S Band
different types are as follows: radars, also made by Kelvin Hughes.
n Main Engines: ARES 75 and ARES 110 both use MTU’s n Air Conditioning Systems:
12V 2000 M84 diesel engines. The only difference between All of the boats are equipped with İKS Coolmar brand air
them is that the smaller of these boats has two of these conditioning systems, which only differ with respect to their
engines, while the other has three. ARES 150s also an heating and cooling capacities.
MTU engine belonging n Hydro-Mechanic Systems: The hydro-mechanic systems used
to the same family, namely the MTU 16V 4000 M63L. in the boats, such as the pumps and valves, are largely the same.
n Water Jets: The situation with the boats’ water jets is similar The fact that the boats have so many common systems also af-
to the one with the main engines: The ARES 75 has two of the fects the training requirements of the personnel. Any person-
Rolls-Royce 50A3 water jets, while ARES 110 has three. On nel trained to serve on the smallest member of the HERCULES
the other hand, the ARES 150 has three Rolls-Royce family can quickly adapt to the family’s largest vessel within
S71-4 water jets. a very short period. That is why it would not inaccurate to say
n Weapon Systems: Theweapon systems to be used on the that, rather than purchasing three different types of platforms
ships include ASELSAN’s 30 mm SMASH and 12.7 mm for its inventory, the Qatari Coast Guard has actually purchased
STAMP systems. different-sized versions of the same platform. u

During the ceremony, Minister Arslan emphasised the 48-metre long ARES 150 HERCULES’ manoeuvrability by noting that it has a turning radius of 74 metres.
© ARES Shipyard

March 2018 - 37

sed for various purposes like anti-subma-
rine warfare, search and rescue and un-
derwater acoustic research, sonobuoys are
expendable sonar systems that can be dropped or
launched from aircrafts and surface ships alike.
Initially developed during World War II in order to
detect submarine threats from the air, sonobuoys
effectively combine radio communication and un-
derwater acoustic domains, emerging as cost-ef-
fective underwater target detection systems for
Sonobuoys comprise of a payload, i.e. a passive/ Figure 1. Sonobuoy Dropped from an Aircraft (Representation)
active acoustic sensor or a special purpose sen-

sor, a cable, suspension and damping structures,
a power unit and a receiver/transmitter integrat-
Figure 2. ed into an inflatable surface float. Present-day
ASELBUOY sonobuoys are generally classified into three cat-
egories: passive, active and special purpose sonobuoys.
Passive sonobuoys are expendable passive sonars. Once de- Turkey’s National
ployed underwater, a passive sonobuoy listens to the envi-
ronment and relays the acoustic data gathered over a radio
link to the launching platform, usually an aircraft. Passive
sonobuoys can listen to many different types of noise includ-
ing submarine or surface ship propeller (cavitation) noise
Since beginning to work on underwater
and emergency pinger tones. acoustic systems in 2006, ASELSAN has
Active sonobuoys are expendable active sonars that can
transmit acoustic signals at various frequencies and pulse
made significant investments in this area,
shapes and listen to the echoes of said acoustic transmis- developing various national systems such
sions. Active sonobuoys can be used as active sonars for
as the HIZIR Torpedo Countermeasure
detection on their own, as well as the source in a bi-static
or multi-static sonar operation with other passive sonar sys- System for Surface Ships, the ZARGANA
tems. In bi-static and multi-static sonar operations, sonar Submarine Torpedo Countermeasure
pulses are transmitted from an active source, while pas-
sive sensors and/or arrays situated elsewhere listen to the System, the ZOKA Decoy Family, the
echoes of these pulses. The sensors used for listening can KULAÇ Echosounder System, and the
either be passive sonobuoys or more complex structures,
such as towed passive sonar arrays. ASİST Intercept Sonar System. As one
Special purpose sonobuoys are specialized of the latest steps in its underwater
devices used for collecting scientific data,
such as temperature and salinity changes acoustics road map, ASELSAN kicked off
with respect to depth, or for performing a self-financed development project and
search and rescue missions.
ASELBUOY is a NATO A-size, passive di-
started working on developing the first
rectional sonobuoy of DIFAR type, the most national sonobuoy in late 2015.
widely used sonobuoy type in the world. De-
veloped by ASELSAN to be dropped/eject- General Features
ed from aircrafts and surface ships alike, n NATO A-size
ASELBUOY uses its DIFAR (DIrectional Figure 3. n DIFAR sensor
Frequency and Recording) sensor to listen User Interface Programmable by local user interface and
All photographs: © ASELSAN

to the underwater environment and sends the information remote command receiving interface
gathered in real-time to the aircraft or surface ship via a VHF n 1W RF output power
radio communication link. Operating time, operating depth n 96 VHF channels (136 MHz – 173.5 MHz)
and VHF communication channel can be programmed from n 5 – 2400 Hz acoustic frequency band
the user interface on ASELBUOY prior to launch. Operating n 30 m and 150 m operating depths
time and VHF communication channel can also be changed n 0.5, 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours operating time
after deployment with remote commands over a radio down- n Scuttling at end of operation/mission

38 - March 2018
Figure 4. ASELBUOY’s DIFAR Sensor
link. At the end of its operating time,
ASELBUOY terminates its radio trans-
mission and scuttles.
ASELBUOY can be used for detection
purposes in anti-submarine warfare, espe-
cially by aircrafts. When deployed in water in large numbers,
ASELBUOY can also be used for localization by triangulation.
Designed and verified by ASELSAN, the DIFAR sensor acts
as a two-dimensional vector sensor to provide acoustic in-
formation in the 5-2400 Hz frequency band and bearing, en-
abling localization with multi-sensor processing. The DIFAR
sensor consists of two orthogonal mechanical accelerome-
ters and an omni-directional hydrophone. The accelerome-
ters and integrated magnetic compass provide bearing in-
formation with respect to the magnetic North, thus granting Figure 7. Image from ASELBUOY’s Naval Tests
ASELBUOY localization capabilities besides detection.
All components of ASELBUOY, including the acoustic Once activated in water, ASELBUOY inflates its float and de-
DIFAR sensor and underwater cable, have been designed by ploys with its DIFAR sensor at the desired depth using its
ASELSAN. During the design process, ASELSAN has partic- cable and suspension structures. After deployment, acoustic
ularly focused on enabling the domestic production of each and bearing data gathered by the DIFAR sensor is frequency
modulated and relayed to the launching platform over one
of the desired standard sonobuoy VHF channels. A sonobuoy
receiver stationed on the surface platform can then pick up
the data transmitted by ASELBUOY for processing.
In the near future, ASELSAN plans to move onto sys-
tem verification phase after completing field tests, where
ASELBUOYs will be dropped from aircrafts. Following sys-
tem verification, ASELSAN aims to finish its self-financed
Passive Sonobuoy Development Project by having rendered
ASELBUOY ready for mass production.
With the passive ASELBUOY, ASELSAN is nearing completion
of its efforts to provide Turkey with the first member of its na-
tional sonobuoy product family. Preliminary design work has
Figure 5. An Image from ASELBUOY’s Wind Tunnel Tests also been initiated for the development of an active sonobuoy
sub-component of ASELBUOY. as well as an integrated sonobuoy receiver and signal proces-
During design verification, ASELSAN has performed numer- sor to be used in sonobuoy-launching air or surface platforms.
ous lab, wind tunnel, acoustic tank, pond, and sea tests that Along with the receiver and signal processor unit, passive and
have provided valuable feedback and helped ASELBUOY to active sonobuoys will enable bi-static and multi-static sonar
mature into a product to be deployed from surface platforms. operations with ASELSAN’s HIZIR system. u
Figure 6. Image from ASELBUOY’s
Pond Tests

Figure 8. Image from ASELBUOY’s Sea Tests

March 2018 - 39
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Meteksan Defence

The Meteksan Defence-made

Fire and Damage Control
Training Simulators are
currently serving at the
Yıldızlar Naval Surface
Training Centre Command,
located in Gölcük, Turkey.

Meteksan Defence
Becoming a World Brand in
Platform Simulators
Having moved into the platform Ümit BAYRAKTAR /
K. Burak CODUR /
simulators market with its fire Alper ÇALIK /

training and damage control eteksan Defence’s activities in the field of simula-
tors date all the way back to the company’s initial
simulators, developed in accordance years. The company signed the contract for the Fire
with the contract it signed with and Damage Control Training Simulators Project with the
SSM in 2009.
the Undersecretariat for Defence
While the work on the Fire and Damage Control Training
Industries (SSM) in 2009, Meteksan Simulators Project, which covered the turnkey delivery of
Defence is enjoying a gradually a training centre, was still ongoing, Meteksan Defence also
submitted a bid for the tender opened in 2012 for the Roy-
increasing recognition and visibility al Navy of Oman’s damage control simulator requirement.
worldwide. Winning together with its Competing in this tender with companies from eight differ-
ent countries, which included the United Kingdom, Norway,
local partner the tender opened by the Malaysia and India, the company succeeded in winning the
Republic of Korea for Damage Control tender, and commenced the relevant works on August 29,
2012. At the end of a 20-month period, which was shorter
Simulator, and later signing a contract than the time envisaged in the tender’s agreed schedule,
with the Turkish Naval Forces the simulator was made ready for acceptance tests, and its
delivery was successfully competed soon afterwards.
Command (TNFC) for the maintenance Following the opening on June 16, 2016 of the training cen-
and operation of simulators, the tre, established at Yıldızlar Naval Surface Training Centre
Command in Gölcük as part of the Fire and Damage Con-
company has effectively shown trol Training Simulators Project, Meteksan Defence won
its readiness to do even more a tender opened in 2017 by the Republic of Korea Navy to
meet its requirement for Damage Control Simulator, to-
in this area. gether with its local partner, Inno Simulation. The proposed

42 - March 2018
The solutions developed by
Meteksan Defence for the TNFC
are also capable of meeting the
needs of the civilian sector, in
particular for helicopter pads
on high-rise buildings.

system will be based on Meteksan Defence’s simulator

solution and through the cooperation with Inno Simulation
the Korean industry will also contribute to the project. The
simulator will be produced in Korea with the support of Me-
teksan Defence.
After Meteksan Defence won the tender opened by the
Republic of Korea for Damage Control Simulator together
with its local partner, it signed a contract with the Turkish
Naval Forces Command (TNFC) in October, 2017, for the
maintenance and operation of simulators. Meteksan De-
fence has therefore begun to uncover its true potential in
the area of simulators.

A Special Product
Meteksan Defence’s platform simulators are in fact turn-
key training systems. These simulators are designed as
part of a broader training concept, and delivered together
with the relevant building and infrastructure. The gener-
al design of the simulator is first performed in line with
The damage control simulator can run different scenarios. the customer requirements and training concept; the sub-
components are then identified by Meteksan Defence, and
provided by the relevant suppliers and subcontractors.
Meanwhile, the building that will host the simulator is
also designed, together with the training-supporting infra-
structure, after which they are delivered altogether to the
customer as a single turnkey solution.
As the projects also cover the construction of buildings,
All photographs: © Meteksan Defence

Meteksan Defence can also operate directly in foreign

countries within the context of export projects. According
to the international legislation, in the event that the du-
ration of these activities exceeds six months – as was the
case in Oman – it becomes necessary to establish a local
operation and to carry out activities in accordance with the
relevant country’s legislation. Meteksan Defence’s team is
A high-fidelity simulation environment helps prepare the
quite experienced in working with local stakeholders and
personnel for the most difficult conditions.
subcontractors by establishing a local operation.

March 2018 - 43
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Meteksan Defence

The Best in the World,

Under the TNFC’s Guidance
The Fire and Damage Control Training Simulator at the
Yıldızlar Naval Surface Training Centre Command stands
out as the only system across the world that has, in re-
cent times, been designed entirely from scratch, based
on modern concepts. At this point, the concept of use – in
other words, the domain knowledge regarding these sim-
ulators – is as vitally important as their technical design.
Cankara also described the advantages of working with the
TNFC: “A simulation system can be regarded as a means
to an end; the end, or ultimate purpose being the train-
ing of personnel taking part in operations. Expertise
means having a good command of these operations. With
expertise, you can design and make use of the simulation
system more effectively. We obtained this expertise from
the TNFC, which is one of the most importance navies in
this region. That is why this expertise is so valuable. As we
carry out projects for other navies, we also learn new con-
cepts from them, adding to our own expertise with every
new project.”

Meteksan Defence Proves

its Competence at an International Level
Having won the tender opened by Oman in 2012 for the Achieving Much Deserved Success
procurement of Damage Control Simulator by outdoing its The Republic of Korea was the second country where Metek-
competitors and signing the relevant contract, the company san Defence achieved export success in the field of Damage
proved its competence at an international level as well. This Control Simulator.
simulator has been successfully carrying out its services for The system to be established within the context of the project
three years. will be based on Meteksan Defence’s design. The simulator
In the customer satisfaction surveys it conducted in Oman, will be produced in Korea, while Korean companies will provide
Meteksan Defence received very positive feedback both from some of the systems. Meteksan Defence will provide assistance
the Ministry of Defence and the Navy. and consultancy services for the design, procurement and pro-
Currently on the agenda is a long-term logistic support duction activities. The system is to be delivered in June.
agreement for the Damage Control Simulator in Oman, the The simulator being built in Korea is different in several re-
guarantee period for which has expired. In addition, Metek- spects from those being built for Turkey and Oman. While
san Defence is also discussing the integration of the fire this simulator is nearly 35 percent larger, the number of
training simulator, like in Turkey. Meteksan Defence looks decks and compartments is the same. The larger size en-
at its overseas projects from a long-term perspective; the ables the training of multiple repair teams at the same time,
company is aiming to sustain its presence with different depending on the selected concept of use.
projects, and to continue acting as a solution partner for Another difference is that the simulator also includes the
those countries. simulations of certain electronic systems used in modern

Behind the control room

of Meteksan Defence’s
fire training and damage
control simulators are
mature concepts, formed
through an in-depth
knowledge of the field.

44 - March 2018
In the damage control simulator, the section consisting of replicated ship
compartments can be moved in a way that simulates the ship movements.

ships. The Integrated Platform Control and Monitoring Sys- nance of the Fire and Damage Control Training Simulators.
tems enable the automated processing and tracking of dam- Meteksan Defence has a team of 25 who are permanently
age on the ship through an electronic board. This system, working at the Fire and Damage Control Training Simula-
which is also being used in the ADA class corvettes, was tor. Additional teams from subcontractors are also involved
lacking in the ships simulated by the damage control simu- in periodic maintenance. Since Meteksan Defence has only
lators of the TNFC and the Royal Navy of Oman. recently started to carry out the operation and maintenance
works, its impact on various performance data will become
Logistic Support from Meteksan Defence apparent in time. Moreover, since this enables Meteksan De-
Discussions about the Turkish defence industry potential fence to promptly respond to any malfunction on-site, any
contributions to the logistic support services of the systems breakdowns in the system can be remedied very rapidly. To
in the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory have been ongoing date, there hasn’t been a malfunction that lasted more than
for a long time. In this regard, the TNFC, SSM, and Meteksan 12 hours.
Defence are undertaking one of the pioneering roles for the Every week, training courses are given at the Fire and
Fire and Damage Control Training Simulators. In early 2017, Damage Control Training Simulator, and these are evaluat-
as a result of the activities conducted by the SSM Department ed by the TNFC on a weekly basis. During these evaluations,
of Communications, Electronic and Information Systems, the TNFC defines the areas that need improvement. Training
Meteksan Defence signed the Performance-Based Logis- documents have already been updated several times based
tic Support Service Contract for the operation and mainte- on this feedback.

The fire training simulator assists the personnel in learning how to deal
with different types of fires.

Meteksan Defence has provided a turnkey damage control simulator to Oman.

March 2018 - 45
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Meteksan Defence

For potential customers with differing needs, Meteksan Defence has also
designed a smaller and portable version of its damage control simulator.
This modular simulator can be scaled according to requirements. Regardless
of the changes in its size and functions, it is built on the same technology
and infrastructure as Meteksan Defence’s other simulators.

Throughout this process, data such as the record of mal-

functions, which may become necessary in the future while
using the Fire and Damage Control Training Simulator, are
also kept by Meteksan Defence and shared with the TNFC
upon request.”

A Growing Family
In various countries across the world, Meteksan Defence
carries out promotional and marketing activities on its fire
training and damage control simulators. During these activ-
ities, the company has also noticed the diversity of require-
ments. For example, not all countries are in need of complex
and large simulators, such as the ones used by the TNFC, A Bright Future
with some countries preferring smaller-scale solutions with Meteksan Defence keeps improving its fire training and dam-
limited functions. age control simulators, and applies these improvements in
Meteksan Defence has designed a smaller and portable its new projects. For example, the feedback concerning the
damage control simulator in order to meet the needs of such damage control simulators that have been delivered to Oman
customers. This simulator is modular, and its scale can be are now applied to the simulators designed for Korea. In this
adjusted in line with the requirements. Although the size and overall picture, if the TNFC decides to procure new simula-
functions are variable, this simulator is also built based on tors, these will either be fourth or fifth generation systems,
the same technology and infrastructure used in the other but certainly not second-generation systems.
simulators of Meteksan Defence. Tunç Batum, President of Meteksan Defence, describes
The company continues to receive feedback from its poten- the company’s position in fire training and damage control
tial customers regarding this new simulator. simulators as follows: “Meteksan Defence has become a
world brand in damage control simulators. We have become
a company that is directly invited to tender by the relevant
procurement authority whenever there is a need for damage
control simulators. Sometimes we are even asked to share
our opinions before the tender is issued. Turkish Navy is
utilizing the Fire and Damage Control Training Simulators
effectively. The Damage Control Simulator we delivered to
Royal Navy of Oman is in use for two years and we are re-
ceiving very positive feedback. These prove that our simula-
tors are mature and problem-free systems and they provide
added value for our customers. We have also won together
with our local partner the tender opened by the Republic of
Korea for Damage Control Simulator, outpacing our com-
petitors. We are ready to offer the most advanced product
in its class to new international customers and cooperate
with them.” u
Together with the simulator building and infrastructure, Meteksan Defence
also offers its customers turnkey fire training and damage control simulators.

46 - March 2018
March 2018 - 47
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Nurol Makina

A Singular Solution
to Challenging
Requirements of
All Regions
Developed by Nurol Makina,
the EJDER YALÇIN continues to
capture the global attention it deserves
as a vehicle that has created a class of
its own. Moving onto the international
stage following its successes in Turkey,
the EJDER YALÇIN was the preferred
choice of five countries in 2017.

aving created a class of its own thanks to the excep-
tional protection, tactical capabilities and payload ca-
pacity it offers, the EJDER YALÇIN has received full
marks from its users for its operational efficiency in anti-ter-
rorism operations, as well as its superior ballistic, mine and
IED protection. Following the many successful sales it reg-
istered in a short period, the EJDER YALÇIN has become a
popular platform in the international market, catching the
spotlight worldwide. The vehicle successfully passed testing
programs in different regions, leading Tunisia and Uzbeki-
stan to become its first international customers. To date, five
countries have opted for the EJDER YALÇIN, issuing orders
for 1,000 vehicles, 500 of which have already been delivered.
The project for Uzbekistan, in particular, envisages the pro-
duction of 1,000 additional EJDER YALÇIN.

Making a Difference, Starting

all the Way from the Bidding Process
With its outstanding capabilities and field performance, the
EJDER YALÇIN has gained broad recognition in the interna-
tional market. Transferring into practice all the know-how
behind the development of the vehicle actually begins right
at the bidding stage, and this is where the vehicle shows its
true colours:
n Prior to making a final decision, many countries insist
on putting a prospective addition to their inventory
through a series of tests under their own geographical
conditions. The EJDER YALÇIN enjoys superior
operational and tactical mobility, owing to its
375-horsepower engine, fully independent suspension,
high ground clearance, and the optimal distance between
its stabilizer bar and axle. It is because of these features
that the vehicle was able to surpass its competitors,
demonstrating exceptional manoeuvrability under a
broad range of conditions, from deserts to mountainous

48 - March 2018
March 2018 - 49
All photographs: © Nurol Makina
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Nurol Makina

procedures. As a result, the EJDER YALÇIN can, by itself,

offer all the different solutions required for different
missions without requiring new design or qualification,
at low cost and within tight schedules.
Engin Aykol, General Manager of Nurol Makina, comment-
ed about the EJDER YALÇIN’s success, saying: “What I will
say is valid not only for the EJDER YALÇIN, but for all mem-
bers of our product family: We’ve hit the mark in every ten-
der in which the customer carried out its own tests before
deciding which vehicle to choose. We always say that the
EJDER YALÇIN has created a class of its own, and present-
ly, we have no competitor that can deliver the performance,
protection and payload capacity we offer with the EJDER
YALÇIN. When you look at other vehicles, you generally see
a V-shaped bottom, and a silhouette with angled corners
on the top. What they are aiming for is to neutralise threats
coming from the enemy by using angles to thicken the ar-
mour. But what if a threat or attack strikes at an angle? That
is why the EJDER YALÇIN avoids configurations with such
a silhouette: The vehicle provides 360-degree protection,
without compromising on any other feature. In every tender
we take part, we can clearly see the positive results of this
Engin Aykol, approach. When you take a risk by making concessions in
CEO of Nurol Makina 360-degree protection, you may be able to reduce the ve-
hicle’s weight, which in turn allows you to come up with a
n With its 360-degree ballistic protection, design that has a lighter suspension or lower output engine;
the EJDER YALÇIN also sets itself apart from its and when you simplify the components that make up approx-
competitors that concentrate protection mainly in the imately 70 percent of the vehicle’s total costs, you can re-
areas and directions from which threats are expected. duce the vehicle’s overall cost by a significant margin. How-
This 360-degrees ballistic protection also stands out ever, this also gives you a vehicle that cannot operate under
with the enhanced mine and improvised explosive device all conditions, and which cannot protect human lives against
(IED) protection it affords. all types of threats. Such vehicles can sometimes find cus-
n In its current configuration, the EJDER YALÇIN tomers in tenders where price is the primary concern, while
provides capabilities that exceed customer expectations. countries that demand higher performance, and which test
For example, the four-ton payload capacity of the vehicle their vehicles before purchasing them, can see and measure
enables it to satisfy any high calibre weapon integration for themselves the EJDER YALÇIN’s greater value in this
requirements, and to date, many different configurations respect. We had the chance to observe this during tests we
of the vehicle have already completed their qualification attended in a Middle East country that involved a total of 15

EJDER YALÇIN Configurations

50 - March 2018
Technical Specifications of
EJDER YALÇIN 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle
Personnel 9 to 11 persons
Length 5,625 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Underbelly Height 450 mm
Wheelbase 3,250 mm
Speed 120 km/h
Range 700 km
Engine 375 HP
Gear Fully automatic six forward and one reverse
Traction Continuous 4x4 drive
Obstacle Climbing 0.5 m
Trench Crossing 1.1 m
Fording 0.7 m
Gradient 60 percent
Side Slope 30 percent
Turning Radius 7.75 m
Suspension Double wishbone fully independent suspension system for all wheels
Terrain Mode Latitudinal and longitudinal differential locks
Desert conditions are challenging for all vehicles. Although desert conditions is vehicles. EJDER YALÇIN was not the only vehicle to complete
a generic term that has been used for many years, it is worth noting that deserts the 4,000-km test with success, as a couple of other vehicles
in different parts of the world actually present different conditions. For example, also made it to the finish line. However, the EJDER YALÇIN
the ground in some deserts is soft and slippery due to the characteristics of the was the only vehicle that didn’t need to stop for maintenance
sand, and in these types of deserts, it is crucial for vehicles not to lose balance,
during the tests, and managed to pull off this feat with an
and to keep their wheels on the ground at all times. Demonstrating superior
performance during tests conducted in different desert environments in both approximately four-ton payload capacity. In other words, no
North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the EJDER YALÇIN has proven time and compromise is made in regards to mission requirements for
again that it is the right choice for such settings. the sake of performance or protection.”

March 2018 - 51
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Nurol Makina

A Natural-Born Warrior EJDER YALÇIN will add strength to the defence of other
Owing to the vision and concept embodied in its design, the countries facing similar security threats.”
EJDER YALÇIN boasts characteristics that other vehicles cannot Refusing to rest on its laurels, Nurol Makina continually
gain once they roll off the production line; in other words, char- strives to perform even better. Aykol explains the driving
acteristics that can only be donned during the design phase, in- force behind the vehicle: “Coming up with a vehicle such as
cluding the 360-degree protection, large internal volume and a the EJDER YALÇIN reflects a considerable design capabili-
more than 4-ton payload capacity, to name but a few. ty; however, when it comes to sales, there are a multitude
That said, certain capabilities that later turn out to be es- of other disciplines that become relevant, including disci-
sential often cannot be envisaged in the initial design, being plines that pertain to the vehicle’s manufacturability and
identified in time through operational experience. The cur- supportability. In this regard, the EJDER YALÇIN stands out
rent version of the EJDER YALÇIN harbours a vast array of as a great engineering achievement that combines all disci-
operational experience, in no small part based on feedback plines. We have an excellent and dynamic engineering team
from its Turkish users. The vehicle has been in active use with an average age of below 30, and we try to provide the
in missions in Turkey since 2014, and is regularly improved best environment for them. The training we offer our em-
upon based on the continuous feedback received. This was a ployees is above the industry average, and we’re confident
point that Aykol dwelled upon: “The operational experience that we’ll accomplish even greater achievements with the
we’ve gained with the EJDER YALÇIN has shown us that support of our team.”
while standards are important and necessary for charting
our course, the real indicator is what happens in the field of A Reliable Partner
operations. For example, standards may define a test for a EJDER YALÇIN continues to make a difference in the field, both
certain level of protection, while in the field it may be neces- through its performance and the support provided through its
sary to withstand and survive blasts from larger quantities of entire life cycle. Speaking on the company’s approach to ex-
explosives than those used in tests. It is due to this valuable perts, Aykol said: “Our marketing strategy is based on telling
experience that the EJDER YALÇIN has evolved into its cur- people what our own product is all about. We’re not interest-
rent form. Having proven itself in different theatres of conflict ed in what our competitors can or cannot do. The vital point
since 2014 through its remarkable level of protection, the here is knowing the features our vehicle needs to carry out its
mission most effectively, and then making sure it possesses
them. The EJDER YALÇIN is a battle-proven vehicle, and I am
confident that in the near future, a growing number of armed
and security forces will come to appreciate and prefer the
unrivalled level of protection and performance offered by the
EJDER YALÇIN. We at Nurol Makina will continue to meet the
requirements of our customers in the best way possible with
our full product family.” u

52 - March 2018
March 2018 - 53

ROKETSAN Emphasises Deeply

Entrenched Collaborations in the
Region at 10th Anniversary of DIMDEX
N ROKETSAN, one of the world’s leading
ot limiting itself to the development of its own indige-
nous technologies, with which it is setting new stan-
dards in its fields of activity, ROKETSAN is also suppl- developers of rockets, missiles and
ying effective, immediate and tailored solutions in response guided munitions, welcomes its visitors
to its customers’ requirements to deal with global threats.
ROKETSAN products boast two features that further enhan-
at DIMDEX 2018 with its highly diverse
ce the level of interest they generate: advanced technologies, product range. Developing effective
and combat-proven reliability. products in every segment of the rocket,
Engaged in deeply-rooted collaborations in the Gulf Region,
and providing original solutions to customers whenever ne- missile and munition industry – from
eded, ROKETSAN will continue to be a reliable partner for the KHAN Missile to fuse systems, from
countries in the region in the upcoming period.
the SOM Stand-Off Munition family to
ROKETSAN 122 mm Family Rockets MAM Smart Munitions, and from UMTAS
The 122 mm Artillery Rockets designed and produced to CİRİT Missiles – ROKETSAN is also
by ROKETSAN can provide mass fire power with a wide
coverage on high-payoff targets up to 40 kilometres with offering solutions in such niche areas as
perfect accuracy and minimum dispersion. ballistic armour and munition facilities.
ROKETSAN Artillery Rockets provide timely, accurate and
effective fire support to manoeuvring forces. ROKETSAN enters 2018 having taken
TR/TRB-122 Rockets have been ensuring appropriate up position on Defense News’ list of the
dispersion characteristics which are used by the artillery
units against area targets. TR/TRB-122 Rockets have
world’s largest 100 companies based on
the longest range with high flight stability and minimum turnover figures.
dispersion. TR-122 rocket has a HE (High Explosive)
warhead and TRB-122 rocket has a HE – fragmentation In the other configuration TR-122 and TRB-122 rockets
warhead in which there are more than 5.500 steel balls. can be stored, transported and used in sealed pod.
ROKETSAN TR/TRB-122 Rockets are being produced in Sealed pod brings the advantages of requiring no
two different configurations. maintenance, no specialized workforce during storage
In the first configuration TR-122 and TRB-122 rockets are and loading and offers protection of rockets against
delivered in wooden storage and transportation boxes humidity, corrosion, shock and vibration throughout their
for steel tube launching. shelf life.
Technical Specifications of TR-122 and TRB-122 Rockets
TR-122 TRB-122
Diameter 122 mm 122 mm
36 km (Sea Level) 36 km (Sea Level)
Maximum Range
40 km (600 m Altitude) 40 km (600 m Altitude)
16 km (Sea Level) 16 km (Sea Level)
Minimum Range
21 km (600 m Altitude) 21 km (600 m Altitude)
Weight 65.9 kg 65.9 kg
Propellant Type Composite Solid Composite Solid
HE + Fragmentation
All photographs: © ROKETSAN

Warhead HE
(Steel Ball)
Warhead Weight 18.4 kg 18.4 kg
Warhead Effective Radius 20 m 40 m
Proximity (with Point
Fuse Type Point Detonating
Detonating Backup)
Shelf Life 10 years 10 years

54 - March 2018
Missile System
The Artillery Missile TIGER
(TRG-300), designed and
produced by ROKETSAN, is
a ground to ground missile
which can provide mass
fire power on high payoff
targets with coverage
between 30 km and 120
km range with perfect
accuracy. TIGER Missile
provides timely, accurate
and effective fire support to
manoeuvring forces.
TIGER Missile is able to hit
targets accurately with its
Global Navigation Satellite
System Aided Inertial
Navigation System (GNSS
Aided INS). TIGER Missile is
placed inside a canister and
it is stored, transported,
loaded and launched in
Missile in Canister (MIC)
TIGER Missile can be
launched from ROKETSAN
made MBRL Weapon
System, T-122/300 MBRL
Weapon System,
MCRL-122/300 Launching
Vehicles and other
compatible platforms with
suitable interfaces for
The Launcher is used to
Technical Specifications of TIGER Missile
fulfil fire support missions
for manoeuvring forces against area/high pay-off targets, Diameter 300 mm
day & night and in adverse weather conditions. The Maximum Range 120 km
launcher platform is integrated on a 6x6 Tactical Wheeled
Minimum Range 30 km
Vehicle (TWV) that has superior on-road and off-road travel
Weight 585 kg
capacity as well as a strong structure providing a reliable
platform. Global Navigation Satellite System
The Launcher is also a deterrent force due to its long range Guidance Aided Inertial Navigation System
and mass fire capabilities. It is therefore ready for vital tasks (GNSS Aided INS)
in a very wide array of missions from peace support operations Control Aerodynamic Control with
to the attack with fire missions in addition to standard tactical
Electromechanical Actuation System
missions for the support of a manoeuvring force.
The Launcher has shoot-and-scoot capabilities enabled Propellant Type Composite Solid
by navigation, automatic hydraulic levelling & stabilization Warhead Type HE- Fragmentation (Steel Ball)
and automatic cradle laying capabilities integrated to the Warhead Weight 105 kg
weapon management system. Warhead Effective Radius ≥ 70 m
The Launcher is equipped with the necessary mechanical, Fuse Type Proximity (with Point Detonating Backup)
electrical and electronic sub-systems to perform various
Shelf Life 10 years
steps required (mission planning, deployment, ballistic
calculation, laying etc.) in order to conduct a fire mission, system etc., in various brands and models according to the
either under command of Command & Control Vehicle or user’s logistical infra-structure and needs.
individually. The system can be customized in different Due to the fully automatic weapon control, navigation and
versions, which have different sub-systems including laying systems, the Launcher has a crew of maximum
platform (vehicles), radios, power sources, navigation three, consisting of a commander, a gunner and a driver.

March 2018 - 55

structures, unarmoured ground vehicles, radar antennas

and soft targets like weapon positions and personnel,
in a 25 m radius. The other version with tandem high
energy anti-tank warhead is effectively used against heavy
armoured tanks. The munition can be used efficiently at
ranges of up to 8 km, depending on the altitude from which
they are released.
Meanwhile, the fact that MAM-L is a member of the same
family with ROKETSAN’s medium range anti-tank missile
OMTAS and long range anti-tank missiles UMTAS/L-
UMTAS, offers a significant advantage to its users in terms
of training and logistics.
ROKETSAN also gained considerable experience in the
integration of the MAM-L into air platforms. As long as the
air platforms have the required infrastructure, ROKETSAN
can operationalize the MAM-L by completing all the related
integration works within a few months. In the event of the
infrastructure requiring additional elements, ROKETSAN
also offers its customers integration support.
Technical Specifications of the MAM-L
Selçuk Yaşar, President and CEO of ROKETSAN, states
Diameter 160 mm that the MAM-L will soon become the preference of
Length 1m many countries: “The design and application concept
Weight 22 kg of the MAM-L provides its users with the capability of
effectively neutralizing time critical targets, particularly
Max. Range 8 km
those that arise during reconnaissance and surveillance
Guidance Laser Seeker missions. Meanwhile, thanks to its precision guidance
Platforms UAV’s, Light Attack Aircrafts and small dimensions, the MAM-L offers a solution with
a low collateral damage. When compared with all the
ROKETSAN’s MAM-L other capabilities of the armed forces, a combination of
Boosts Effectiveness of UAVs the MAM-L and a tactical UAV is the most cost effective
The Smart Micro Munition (MAM-L), developed by solution. We believe that soon other countries will also start
ROKETSAN in line with today’s battlefield requirements, taking an interest in this solution.”
attracts attention as a solution that increases the efficiency
of air platforms with low payload capacity, especially that Laser Guida nce Kit TEBER
of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). MAM-L, a variant TEBER is a low-cost laser guidance kit that is attached to
of the Laser Guided L-UMTAS (Long Range Anti-Tank MK-81 (250lb) and MK-82 (500lb) general purpose bombs.
Missile System) that is also developed by ROKETSAN, the TEBER converts the bombs into precision smart weapons
only difference being that it does not have a rocket motor using INS, GPS and Laser Seeker.
and glides in the air has already been integrated to the
BAYRAKTAR and KARAYEL tactical UAVs that are currently Technical Specifications of TEBER
being used by the Turkish Armed Forces. The MAM-L, INS only
which is being successfully used in various operations
involving UAVs, stands out as a munition that has proved Guidance Modes
itself in the field. INS + GPS + Laser
With its low weight of about 50 pounds and a length of 1 m, INS + Laser
the MAM-L offers a cost-effective solution for light attack Range(Min, Max) 2-28 km
aircraft as well as UAVs. The MAM-L, with its high explosive CEP - 50 <3m
fragmentation warhead, is highly effective against light Manoeuver Capability ±3g
Moving Target Engagement < 50 km/h
Weapon Weight (MK-82, MK-81) ~270 kg (595 lb), ~155 kg (345 lb)
Length (MK-82,MK-81) 2650 mm (104’’), 2100 mm (81.5’’)

56 - March 2018

TEBER’s modular design offers affordable options. An add- Missiles, have been successfully delivered.
on Laser Seeker which is located on the front section allows Further capability enhancement activities are still in
precise hit capability for moving, relocatable and maritime progress within this contract.
targets even if the target is manoeuvring at high speeds. A contract for the in-house development of a smart
Laser Seeker may be equipped with or without a Height of munition compatible with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter,
Burst seeker. which will be based on the existing SOM technology,
TEBER tail section can identify the bombs (MK- 81/MK-82) was signed in 2012 between ROKETSAN and the
which is integrated onto and can be installed very quickly in Undersecretariat for Defence Industries.
the field with Laser Seeker. Tail kit contains a GPS/INS for Within this scope, SOM-J development activities besides
precise guidance and aerodynamic control surfaces. Body the platform integration studies in collaboration with the
Strakes enable additional lift and stability, and provide the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, the main contractor
weapon manoeuvre capability. of JSF Program, have been initialized in 2014.
SOM-J System development and integration activities
Next Generation Cruise Missile, SOM for the system qualification are still in progress.
Stand Off Missile (SOM) is an air to surface cruise missile Currently, the projects covering the scope of SOM
family against highly defended stationary and moving land Development, SOM Production and SOM-J development
and surface (Anti-Surface Warfare/ ASuW) targets. Its activities are all contracted by the Undersecretariat
modular design supports operational flexibility. for Defence Industries.
The first flight test of SOM was performed in 2011 and SOM provides availability to adaptation to various missions
serial production was started in 2013 under the contract due to its open architecture software. Composite materials
between ROKETSAN and Turkish MoD. As part of the serial are used within its structure and the radar absorbing
production frame the production line qualification has been material enables low visibility. SOM provides the advantage
completed and the first batch of missile deliveries with the of smaller size and weight, compared to similar systems
components of the SOM Missile System, including the Test with a 250+km range for SOM and 200+km range for
& Programming Unit and the Captive & Dummy Training SOM-J. SOM operational concept will be enhanced
by in flight re-programming and network capabilities
SOM to be enabled by the integration of data link.
Currently, SOM supplies the selection among pre-planned
missions and controllable impact points and parameters.
SOM-A and SOM-B1 defeats the targets by a high explosive
blast fragmentation type warhead, while SOM-B2 and
SOM-J carries a dual stage tandem penetrator and a
semi-armour piercing type warhead respectively. In
addition to inertial navigation, global positioning and terrain
referenced navigation systems SOM-B1, SOM-B2 and
SOM-J are equipped with an imaging infra-red (IIR) seeker.
SOM-A and SOM-B1 have been certified for the F-4
and F-16 platforms. u

March 2018 - 57
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Sarsılmaz

From Pistols to Rifles:

Sarsılmaz for Superior
At DIMDEX, Sarsılmaz showcases its SAR 223 assault rifle, SAR 109
submachine gun and SAR 9 new generation pistol, which stand out with their
advanced technology and technical features, and have already attracted
considerable attention in Qatar and in other countries of the region.

58 - March 2018
The SAR 223 assault rifle (right) and SAR 109 submachine gun (left)
stand out with their high performance and optimal ergonomics.

arsılmaz is Turkey’s oldest defence sector company,
boasting a 137-year history, as well as a strong posi-
tion in the development of weapon technologies that is
reflected in its indigenously-developed products. Sarsılmaz
has been supplying pistols for the Turkish Armed Forces and
the Turkish National Police for nearly a quarter of a centu-
ry, and its products have made it into the inventory of such
agencies not just in Turkey, but also overseas. Located in
the Düzce Organised Industrial Zone, Sarsılmaz’s factory is
among the world’s most advanced integrated firearm man-
ufacturing plants, consisting of 40,000 square meters of in-
door areas and 50,000 square meters of outdoor areas. The
quality of Sarsılmaz’s products has long been supported by
both international and national certificates, leading to their
extensive use not just in Turkey, but in the armed forces and
police agencies of foreign nations.
The Sarsılmaz-made SAR 9 in particular
has gained recent acclaim as the only
pistol to have passed the comprehensive
tests of the Turkish National Police that
were conducted as part of a tender for
the procurement of 40,000 semi-auto-
matic pistols firing 9x19 cartridges. The
SAR 9 is also expected to attract con-
siderable attention during DIMDEX. The
SAR 9 is a light, single firing pin pistol with
a new generation polymer frame, and was
designed and produced after the Sarsıl-
maz-proposed indigenous pistol model
that finished the tests performed under
The SAR 9: the Indigenous Pistol Development Project’s (ÖYTP) tender,
A light, single initiated in 2015 by the Undersecretariat for Defence Indus-
pin pistol featuring tries (SSM). The pistol’s most prominent feature is its supe-
a new generation rior quality steel and the heat treatment applied to its barrel
polymer frame.
and slide. Despite these superior features, the pistol weighs
All pohotographs:© Sarsılmaz

only 780 g. The interchangeable patterns on the sides and

back of the handle, offered in three different sizes, are ma-
chined using laser tools, and the weapon’s performance and
weight have been optimized through the use of highly-precise
small and formed sheet metal parts that require advanced
manufacturing capabilities to produce. Its cassette-type
mechanism greatly facilitates the pistol’s maintenance.

March 2018 - 59
MSI DIMDEX 2018 SPECIAL / Sarsılmaz

SAR 109 submachine gun

SAR 9’s components include ditions, and the weapon demonstrated zero error
a firing pin, trigger and an up to 9,630 firings, completing the entire testing
optional safety catch, and the process with zero errors. Furthermore, Sarsıl-
weapon also features an at full maz is close to completing its work on a gas-op-
cock warning on top of the trigger. erated SAR 223P model for the security forces.
The SAR 223, Sarsılmaz’s Designed for use in ur-
5.56 mm assault rifle, is also ban settings, the
seeing significant demand over- SAR 9 SAR 109 submachine
seas. Fielding high firepower, gun has earned sig-
effective range and accuracy, nificant praise from all
the SAR 223 stands out as a ro- of its end users owing
bust all-terrain and all-climate largely to its indigenous and straight-
rifle. Designed for use under the most demanding of con- SAR 9 forward design, making it a much-de-
ditions, the rifle’s performance during testing has demon- served source of pride for Sarsılmaz, both in Turkey
strated its consistent performance under the harshest of and abroad. Thanks to the advantages it offers, such
settings. Sarsılmaz has proposed the SAR 223 in various as its lightness and compact size, as well as its use
tenders opened by foreign agencies. After getting to know of pistol ammunition, the SAR 109 is seeing signif-
and trying Sarsılmaz’s products in recent times, a number of icant interest in the United States. The SAR 109 comes in
state agencies have opted to procure them directly off-the- two different models, one for the police and armed forces,
shelf, without going through a bidding process. Owing to the and the other for civilian use. Over the course of last year,
high level of satisfaction with these products among recipi- several ergonomic improvements have been made to the
ent agencies, initial orders are often followed by additional SAR 109 based on user feedback, leading to the addition of
ones. The SAR 223T has been subjected to extensive testing polymer grips that facilitate the weapon’s handling, and of a
by Turkish security forces under the most challenging con- new compact tactical gunstock with a modern look. u

SAR 109 submachine gun SAR 223 infantry rifle

60 - March 2018
March 2018 - 61

STM Showcases Indigenous

Capabilities at DIMDEX
he company is presenting these capabilities at Utilising its core capabilities and
DIMDEX, which is bringing together the leading de-
fence companies of the world. Visitors to the STM stand
technologies in various strategic
will have the chance to take a closer look at the ADA- areas, ranging from military naval
class corvette MİLGEM, the FAC-55 Fast Attack Craft, the platforms to satellite works, and from
Fleet Tanker, the Through-the-Wall Radar (DAR) and Kami-
kaze drones, as well as the indigenous competencies and cyber security to big data analytics
solutions developed by the company in the field of cyber and artificial intelligence applications,
STM continues to carry out activities in
ADA-Class Corvette MİLGEM: fields that are of critical importance for
The New Strike Power of Navies Turkey and friendly countries alike.
Thanks to the advent of ADA-class corvettes, designed
through indigenous means and equipped with advanced
technology systems, and the company’s vast experience in
the field of surface and submarine platforms, STM has re-
cently started to draw more attention in the international
military naval field. In pool tests the
FAC 55 could reach
Equipped with advanced antisubmarine as well as electron-
a speed of 55 knots
ic warfare and surface combat capabilities, ADA-class cor- under sea state 3.
vettes can cruise at speeds of over 29 knots, owing to their
CODAG (Combined Diesel and Gas Turbine) propulsion con- FAC-55 Fast Attack Craft:
figuration. The ships are equipped with indigenously devel- High Strike Power, Concentrated
oped systems to meet the challenging requirements of the in a Small Vessel
Turkish Naval Forces, including a sonar, a gun fire control The FAC-55 (Fast Attack Craft 55) was designed indigenous-
system, low probability of intercept (LPI) radar, stabilised ly by STM based on an innovative approach as part of the
weapon systems, a degaussing system that neutralises the Turkish Naval Forces’ project for the procurement of new
vessel’s magnetic signature, infrared signature manage- generation fast patrol boats. The FAC-55 stands out not only
ment, and laser warning systems. with its non-magnetic steel structure, but also its unique
ADA-class corvettes are actively used by the Turkish Naval warfare systems that are absent in other fast attack crafts
Forces in seas across the world. of its class.

All photographs: © STM

ADA-class corvettes
are actively used
by the Turkish Naval
Forces in seas across
the world.

62 - March 2018
The Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker, which has a 15,600 ton dis-
placement and is nearly 155 metres in length, is powered
by two diesel engines and can cruise at speeds of up to 20
knots. The electrical power needed by the ship is supplied
by four diesel generators, and with its Replenishment at Sea
(RAS/FAS) system, the vessel is able to support combat units
and auxiliary units of the Pakistan Navy by transferring them
critical materials such as fuel, water and ammunition while
cruising, thus increasing the operational capabilities and
range of these units.

Kamikaze Drones:
New Soldiers in the Skies
Capable of conducting autonomous missions, STM’s
kamikaze and surveillance drone family was developed for
Unlike the fast patrol boats in the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces use in regional and local asymmetrical war, antiterror-
Command, the FAC 55 has a design featuring low radar visibility.
ism and border security activities. The drones were show-
With its corvette-class capabilities and innovative design, cased for the first time at IDEF ‘17. The first deliveries of
FAC-55 is one step ahead of similar fast attack craft around STM’s Autonomous Systems Product Family – whose ini-
the world. A monohull warship designed in line with interna- tial production started in 2017 – have already been made
tional standards, FAC-55 is equipped with a gas turbine pro- to the Turkish Armed Forces, and included the attack and
pulsion system that ensures effective wartime operation and elimination drones ALPAGU and KARGU, and the recon-
superior surface warfare capabilities. The fast attack craft
can reach speeds of more than 55 knots with its displace-
ment weight of around 535 tons.

Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker Project:

The First Step in a Long-Term Cooperation
The Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker project, which has paved the
way for further joint defence projects, was designed by STM
in Turkey to meet the operation-related requirements of the
Pakistani Navy. The ship, which is one of Turkey’s largest The ALPAGU fixed-wing
defence export projects, was built and equipped in Karachi autonomous tactical attack UAV,
Shipyard using the technical data pack, ship building materi- showcased at STM’s stand, is
deployed using a launcher.
als, devices and systems provided by STM.

Pakistan Navy’s
Fleet Tanker was
launched on
August 19, 2016.

March 2018 - 63

naissance and surveillance drone TOGAN. All of the drones mark/designate various types of targets; and eliminate them
produced by STM can be carried by a single soldier, and be using their precision target selection and striking capabili-
made mission-ready in 45 seconds. ties. Meanwhile, TOGAN combines with its high performance
Developed for attack purposes, the fixed-wing kamikaze flight capability the object detection, identification, tracking
drone ALPAGU and the rotary-wing kamikaze drone KARGU and classification capabilities that are already present in
can conduct their missions autonomously, first identifying ALPAGU and KARGU. This combination enables the TOGAN
their targets, and then proceeding to track and eliminate to carry out reconnaissance, surveillance and target-mark-
them. Both drones can operate at night or day; identify and ing missions with great effectiveness.

STM developed the Through-The-Wall Radar (DAR) for use in detecting and locating,
with the aid of radio frequency waves, persons and other living beings in enclosed
spaces, where visual access or reconnaissance is not possible.

In addition to executing reconnaissance and surveillance operations,

STM’s KARGU autonomous tactical multi-rotor attack UAV can also be used
for eliminating identified targets.
DAR for Behind the Wall Detection
STM developed the Through-The-Wall Radar (DAR) for use in
detecting and locating, with the aid of radio frequency waves,
persons and other living beings in enclosed spaces, where
visual access or reconnaissance is not possible. With STM
DAR, moving and unmoving living targets behind obstacles
such as walls and doors can be detected by means of its ad-
vanced radar technologies. STM DAR can also help securi-
ty forces complete operations in such situations as natural
disasters, hostage rescue operations or criminal arrests,
with minimum risk and maximum success.
A single operator can use
STM’s TOGAN autonomous
rotary-wing reconnaissance
UAV system.

64 - March 2018
STM DAR offers convenience and operational support to
security forces, especially in operations conducted in ur-
ban areas, by ensuring that civilians are not harmed, and
by assisting in the neutralisation of terrorists. With its
compact design and ergonomic structure, STM DAR can
be easily carried and operated by a single person. Its re-
silience against challenging operational conditions is also

Cyber Fusion Centre The Future of

Cyber Security and Defence
STM is continuing its activities at its Cyber Fusion Centre
(CFC) to develop efficient, indigenous and proactive solutions
against cyber threats that are becoming increasingly more
complex and frequent.
The CFC has three main subcentres, namely the Cyber In-
telligence Centre, the Cyber Operations Centre and the Mal- cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management, threat
ware Analysis Laboratory. defence operation, cyber operations and incident response
Data is collected from open sources (e.g. channels, blogs, management. These capabilities are then combined with in-
forums, websites, deepweb, darkweb used by hackers for novative war gaming methods, enabling especially top-level
communication), and is examined through scientific meth- executives to take initiative in the management of cyber in-
ods at CFC, which has adopted a multi-layered, risk-based, cidents, and allowing the implementation of a modern cyber
and multi-disciplinary approach involving behavioural and security approach.
artificial intelligence algorithms and big data analytics. The In addition, STM is publishing a quarterly Cyber Threat Status
findings are then transformed into threat intelligence in the Report that covers all existing cyber threats and predictions,
Cyber Intelligence Centre. This capability is found in only a helping raise public awareness on these issues.
few countries around the world. STM has also been organising its traditional Capture the
In the Cyber Operations Centre, analysts work to take the Flag event, the first of which was held in 2015. The event
necessary precautions for systems that require protection aims to increase the level of awareness in the field of
before attacks occur, acting as soon as they receive cyber cyber security, to increase the experience and interest
threat intelligence. of young people in this area, and to meet the continually
In the Malware Laboratory, malware that are associated with increasing need for a qualified workforce in the field of
attacks is examined and the relevant threats are analysed. cyber security. u
The CFC brings under a single roof all capabilities related to

March 2018 - 65

Launch of Türksat 4A

T for Qatar by
ürksat, which
provides voice,
s a t 5A data, internet,

TV and radio broadcasting
services through its satellites,
offers flexible solutions to meet the needs of cus-
tomers in areas where there is no proper terrestrial infra- Türksat, which places amongst the
structure. Türksat communication satellites’ service cover-
age area spans across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. leading operators in the region,
Türksat, which brings together different languages and cul- provides satellite communication
tures with its global solutions in the field of satellite com-
munication, also provides cable broadcasting services to services through its satellites.
its domestic subscribers through its cable infrastructure.
Türksat, which operates the e-Government Portal as part of
its ICT services, carries out projects where public services
are presented to users in an electronic environment. Türk-
sat is also actively involved in the development of human
resources in the field of satellite technologies as part of the
national satellite program.
According to the 2016 Euroconsult report, Türksat recorded
a 12 percent growth together with the Türksat 4A communi-
All pohotographs: © Türksat

cation satellite. Türksat’s growth rate measured at 12 per-

cent, which recorded as the second highest rate of growth in
the global satellite market, despite the fact that the average
market growth fell from double-digit figures to single-digit
figures (6 percent). It should be noted that although the rate
of growth reflects the limited capacity expansion brought by
Türksat 4A satellite, and that the capacity of this new satellite

66 - March 2018
Türksat 5B (Broadband Satellite)
The Türksat 5B broadband satellite, which will operate Ku-Band, Ka-Band and X-Band,
will be a high throughput satellite (HTS). The high throughput satellite is a type of satellite
that provides twice the capacity of conventional FSS satellites.
Türksat 5B satellite will provide more than 50 Gbps of capacity
over 73 beams.
n Orbital Location: 42° East Longitude
n Maximum Power Consumption: 15 kW
n Nominal Launch Weight: 4500 kg
n Coverage Area: Turkey, Middle East and
a large portion of Africa
n Predicted Lifespan: More than 15 years Türksat 5B
n Predicted Date of Launch: 2021 (Broadband Satellite)

was used to substitute the Türksat 2A

satellite, which was placed in the 42° East orbital location.
Market surveys in recent years indicate that there is a sig-
nificant decrease in the market’s growth rate, particularly
in the C and Ku frequency bands. In spite of this, from this
year onwards, it was noted that the most important factor in
widening the market was with the addition of Ka HTS (High
Throughput Satellite) capacity. In this framework, Türksat
has successfully taken its place in the Ka HTS market by ac-
tively operating Türksat 4B satellite in the year 2016.
Türksat 4B, which was sent to space in October 2015, pro-
vides broadband communication services via VSAT termi-
nals over Ku-Band at the 50° East orbital location. Türksat
also provides satellite communication services (internet,
mobile communication on land and sea) for end users via
Ka-Band under the TurksatNet brand. Within this context,
services are intended to be provided to Turkey particularly,
Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyz-
stan, and Turkmenistan.
With its satellite fleet, Türksat offers TV, radio broadcasting,
live broadcasting (SNG) and data services not only in Tur-
key, but also in more than 10 different countries including
United Kingdom, Germany, Georgia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Our company, along with holding 9 percent of the market
share in the Middle East region, ranks 5th in terms of reve-
nue generated from this region and places 18th in the world.
Due to the services offered in its coverage areas, it placed
Türksat first throughout Turkey in the communication ser- which cannot be offered by land or that need a spare system
vices category at the 500 Service Exporters Awards. As a for land services.
company based in the Middle East, Türksat’s success was Türksat will be able to provide Inmarsat services especially
achieved with its “Your Borders are Our Coverage Area” to the Qatar Armed Forces as Inmarsat is a strategic partner
marketing concept, with a coverage area that spans across at the Tier 1 level.
Europe and Asia.
Within this context, in addition to its current infrastructure, DIMDEX Exhibition and Conference
Türksat plans to expand its existing capacity by offering mo- The DIMDEX Exhibition and Conference in Qatar, is a dynam-
bile communication services with the launch of communi- ic network and collaboration platform that allows for global
cation satellites Türksat 5A to its 31° East orbital location companies to access lucrative markets.
and Türksat 5B to its 42° East orbital location respectively. We believe DIMDEX 2018 is a great opportunity for Turkey
Together with the new satellites, Türksat aims to be one of and Qatar to further develop relations between each other.
the leading service providers in Africa and Asia in the near The strong position of the defence industry in aviation, mili-
future and to increase its European market share. tary ship construction and armoured land vehicles, military
In the first quarter of 2021, the Ka-Band coverage area of grade special textile materials, ammunition, rockets and
Türksat 5B communication satellite will cover Qatar. Türk- electronic warfare will be reflected in a different manner at
sat 5B will provide high speed internet service to every re- the exhibition. In regards to the exhibit, whether it be Tur-
gion of Qatar. Thus, services will be made available to all key-Qatar economic relations, or concerning investors who
institutions and establishments that need internet services operate in this region, it will highly be an effective exhibit. u

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