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Willow Tessa Archer
1. Do I Wanna
It’s interesting how in this Regardless if you ignore the
album you could listen through last fact it could be tied in with Know?
the entire thing just casually and the idea that emotions can be 2. R U Mine?
not pick up what the album is have lower quality because of
3. One For the Road
about. Not even the track names interference – especially
give a hint to what the album because a lot of the songs 4. Arabella
would be about. involve encounters with this 5. I Want It All
However, the album appears woman through the use of some
6. No. 1 Party
to be about a man who is falling sort of drug.
helplessly for Over all Anthem
a girl he met the quality 7. Mad Sounds
at a bar, and of the music
8. Fireside
eventually the is great, it
relationship stays 9. Why’d You Only
fades and the consistent Call Me When
girls after that and is far
You’re High?
do not match enough
10. Snap Out Of It
up to the girl away from
he misses. He pop music 11. Knee Socks
feels too late to make it a
12. I Wanna Be
to get it back, too late to more individual piece to enjoy.
appreciate what he had. As per expectations – Do I
The difference between AM Wanna Know? did become a Favourite Song:
and FM radio is the fact that AM popular song but that is due to its Arabella
radio is more susceptible to sound more popular tunes and catchy
interference and has a lower phrasing that a lot of pop music
quality of sound. As well AM attaches on to. Favourite Lyric:
could also refer to mornings when I am curious to see how their And when she needs
most often the realizations of last music evolved from previous
shelter from reality she
night hit us. albums to this one and see if the
But also, more simply it could music has the same underlying takes a dip in my
be the acronym for the band stories that this one does. daydreams

[Pick the date] [Edition 1, Volume 1]