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B1 -
1. menu
2. bit
3. virus
4. languages
5. browser
6. mouse
7. package
8. key
9. addresses
10. plug in

1. all the words have in common the fact that they all start with a prefix.
2. virus, metre, byte, link, net, bit, chip, second, calculate, put, start, network, highway,
communications, detected
3. prefixes
4. anti – against; centi – one hundred; giga – a billion = 109; hyper – over, above or beyond; inter
– between, among, in the midst of; kilo – one thousand , 103; micro – small, one millionth of a part,
10-6; mis – wrong, negation; out – away from, outside; re – again; sub – under, beneath, secondary;
super – above, beyond; tele – distant; un – the opposite, the negation

1. All the words have a suffix.
2. class, computer, connect, develop, digit, download, electron, instruct, manage, mobile, paper,
perform, soft, tech, vary
3. suffixes
4. fy – to make, to cause to be, to render; -ize – to render, to make; -or – a person or a thing that
does what is express by the verb; -er - a person or a thing that does what is express by the verb; -al
– pertaining to, having the form or character of; -ing (in verbs) the action of, the result of; -ic –
(forms adjectives from nouns), relating to, having the characteristics of; -ion – the act or the
condition of; -ment – the act of, the result of; -ty – the state of, the condition of, the quality of; -less
– without; -ance – the quality of, the state of, the process of (it forms nouns from verbs); -ware –
with the quality of, also used to form jargon words of classes of software e.g. spyware, adware,
freeware; -logy – the study of; -able – capable of, susceptible of

E. Definition of ICT - Short for Information and Communications Technology, it is the study or
business of developing and using technology to process information and aid communications.

B1 and 2 –
ICT plays a key role – plays a critical, an important part (in business today)
fax machines – just like computers or the internet are products and services that offer a
better way to work by saving time and money.
Desktop publishing packages – example of ICT being used in the office.
databases to store customer details and produce mailing lists – one example of
application of ICT in the office
Such electronic systems also save storage space – before paper documents occupied
large parts of buildings and could be susceptible to deterioration.
Many shops combine bar-coding with electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) systems –
example at the supermarket, that happens when the cashier points the bar code reader
and it automatically is added to the invoice/receipt
The EPOS system logs each sale – it registers, it records each sale
Robots can carry out routine,complex and dangerous procedures – routine
procedures – repetitive tasks
companies can reduce the size of their workforce and their wage bills – by using ICT,
companies manage to reduce their costs.

After each topic sentence (a sentence that expresses the main idea of the paragraph in
which it occurs), the writer defines and describes, gives more information, gives a list of
points (firstly, secondly, thirdly), he concludes (consequently) and/ or gives examples.

ICT is used:
- as a faster and more efficient way for people to communicate;
- it is also used to input, store and manage information;
- Manufacturers use new technology to design and build products,and, as a result,
companies can improve their production rates without losing quality;

F. Summary of the text (à évaluer – tâche intermediaire)

Writing task – evaluation final du module