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Contents of the Book trilogy:

Author's Preface. Shadow control over planet Earth.
Hadron Collider. Mutation of viruses. Basic data on virus "rapid
flu ". Destruction of Hadron Collider - first basic version.
Chapter One
United States of America. Political and economical mistakes
of 2017. Armageddon – 20(28). U.S. since 2014 - first basic
variant of the future events of the six existing.

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Russian Empire, shadow administration of the state. The

collapse of the European Union.
Main events from 10(12) to 20(17): France. Spain.
Germany. Ukraine from 2012 to 2017, the first basic option.
China. Turkey. Arab Countries. India. England. Africa. Israel.
Australia. Brazil. Argentina. Bolivia.
Main events from 2017 to 2027 in the Americas and
Eurasia: U.S., France, Spain, Russia, Germany, Switzerland,
China, Turkey, Arab countries, India, Japan, Israel, Holland, Italy,
Greece, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Baltic countries,
Canada, the Group of Caribbean island States, the Group of
Indian Ocean Island States, the Group of the Pacific Island
States, Britain, Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia,
Colombia, Venezuela and northern Brazil.
Main events from 2027 to 2047 (in the countries listed
Main events from 2047 to 2056 (in the countries listed
2056-th year.
Alternative events: Israel. Caucasus. The conflict between
Georgia and Abkhazia. Caucasian developments. India and
China. Europe, United States. The war the United States and
Europe against the Arab countries. European developments.
Europe and the United States in the seizure of the UAE. France.
Natural disasters. Pakistan - India. Chile. The fight against AIDS.
War of Asian and Muslim countries with the United States and

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Alternative future ... Options for future events.

Chapter Two
EXTRATERRESTRIALS: Races visited planet Earth and
stayed to manage it.
1. Race Tengri. 2. Race Graysli. 3. Race Maitre. 4. Race Dorsaj.
5. Race Ghali. 6. Race Lang. 7. Race Dreis. 8. Race SVAG. 9.
Race Strom. 10. Race Spian. 11. Race Trades. 12. Solipsi Rai.
13. Rasa Craig. 14. Race Modra. 15. Planet Zorian. 16. Race
Gvorl. 17. Travelers with meteorites. 18. Race Cali Kvanzaridy.
19. Planet Talia. 20. Planet of Uriya. 21. Race Jürg. 22. Race
Swann. 23. Race Kentorts. 24. Race Woodrow. 25. Race
Tagore. 26. Citra Rasa. 27. Race Lianezyane. 28. Race
steatites. 29. Race Cali. 30. Race Serkvi. 31. Race Gloria. 32.
Race HLB. 33. Race Acne. 34. Race Drobla. 35. Tunguska
mteorit. 36. Race Smougi. 37. Race Kvazaki. 38. Race Ivagri.
39. Race Drad. 40. Race Town. 41. Race Ridas. 42. Race Bomb.
43. Vampires. 44. Frog Race. 45. Race Belarbi. 46. Besra. 47.
Race Nigi. 48. Werewolves. 49. Dark Kingdom of Chaos. 50.
Secret Base John.
Fellah. Morlogir. Bronolek. Fena-Fu. Keotsk. Krogl. Lalangi.
Riyadh. Hrambi. Meanok. Perokl. Zaire. Deanda. Eglinok. Drang.
Truits. Chambira. Medogon. Krenap. Daaglyuk. Smolka.
Laperap. Grail. Race Astriytsev. Race Spilian. Fenagi. Vanabi.
Glan. Myudorug. Race Trafanov. Switches. Kwagy. Zat. Quasi.

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Koatsigl. Tsando. Hryumba. Lamba. Barkley. Anogis. Elah.

Yaliga. Niimba. Garig. Deneka. Vagam. Trinak. Crowley. Sloan.
Sparik. Legamp. Chaga. Sharimba. Megara. ACSF. Pyamb.
glucoside; Frome, Agni; smooth; Shin; snob; Crack, Green,
Mora; Ligas, Chrome; Togo; Shin; Peri; Zwaan; Hicks; Brejten.
54. Earth before the Ice Age. 55. Alien bases in the solar
system. 56. Great Sting. 57. Mars. 58. Mercury. 59. The planet
Venus. 60. Jupiter. 61. Saturn. 62. Uranus.
63. Options for the capture of the planet Earth extraterrestrial

Chapter Three
1. Theory of Time. 2. Theory of Space. 3. The space-time
continuum. 4. The theory of the effect of time on space. 5.
Theory of gravity and microgravity. 6. The theory of Heteropolar
gravity's lines. 7. The theory of the universe with extreme
polarity. 8. Theory of the galaxy creation. 9. Theory of Darkness
Matter formation. 10. Theory of Light Matter formation. 11. The
theory of the properties of Primary Energy in the Cosmic World
Structure. 12. Sources of distribution of Darkness and Light. 13.
Structure of the Matter of Darkness and Light. 14. Formational
theory of quantum of light and darkness. 15. Clean forms of

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

matter of Darkness and Light. 16. Program of the Galaxy

functioning. 17. Formational theory of Time. 18. Theory of
Matter of Time and its various forms. 19. Theory of formation of
Spatial structures of the Matter and Energies of the twelfth level
of World Formation. 20. The theory of spatial structures of the
human body. 21. The theory of types of Black holes in this
Universe. 22. Separate topic. 23. Formational theory of Living
systems called a Birth. 24. Formational theory of processes,
which are the basis of accumulation of information, called a
Memory. 25. The theory of creation of the Universe. 26. 60 kinds
of the Matter in the Universe.

Shadow control over planet Earth.

2500 years ago the planet Earth was visited by a spaceship from planet
Svok. In territory of Italy 4000 men of Svags' race have landed. They
were exiles from the native planet. Within a week they have found out
that their organisms are restored after reception of traumas, and also
have immunity to the effect of viruses and bacteria. Disembarkation
of Svags, which were sent from the native planet, has appeared in
territory of Europe in one place of Italy. By that moment Rome only
has started to be organised, the Roman Republic only began to develop.
To space emigrants have not left a weapon. The part from them in
an attack of powerless fury began to kill fellow tribesmen, for this

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

purpose they used everything that came under a hand. But the most part
of the sent has managed to avoid conflicts and was settled on numerous
territories of known then world. However finding-out of that fact, that
in the conditions of planet Earth they became practically immortal, has
given to them the hope of the further successful life. But the escaped
Svags hated each other and at each opportunity tried to kill similar.
From the native planet Svok have undergone to exile those, who
were in ruling and initiated destruction of Friks’ race. Each of the
Svags constantly accused other Svag in errors, and it led to deadly
Svags took active part in the politics of the Earth dwellers, it started
from the moment of their appearence on the Planet. Last stage of war
between Carthage and Rome, in particular between two conflicting
Svags, known as Consul Publy Karnely Stsepion and Gannibal, became
to the first serious conflict with participation of representatives of
Svags’ Race and men kind. Partly it was war between Svags, which
have lodged in Africa, in territory of Carthage, and Svags, which have
lodged in Rome.
Also known Roman commander Guy Mary was a Svag together
with the known Roman dictator Sulla who has killed many of Svags,
living in Rome, by murders of Roman senators and patricians. A Svag
also was Mitridat, tsar of Cimmeriya, who in his turn, tried to kill
survived Svags of the Rome, and Carthage. Neron also was a Svag.
The well-known pirate Morgan was a Svag too. He pirated 72 years,
and pirates considered him as a devil incarnate. The person, who lived
under his name, has only appropriated his glory. The Svags did not try
to prove and remain in the history, because of attraction of attention

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was always undesirable. In the conditions of the Earth Svags could not
have children, and among sent there were no women. After destruction
of Roman Empire Svags could disperse and wars between Svags with
participation of people have for a while stopped. But still interpersonal
conflicts and murders proceeded. By the time of rise of new Christian
religion, what has served for Svags as a starting point for new wars,
them remains about thousand.
From the moment of Svags’ appearance on planet Earth till rise of
Islam's occurrence has passed about thousand years. In this time age
changes have not touched the Svags as simbiont bacteria supported
level of their organisms in the same condition in which they have
appeared on planet Earth. Life term on native Svags’ planet - 270 years.
However other composition of atmosphere allows to make active
exchange processes to such degree, that regeneration of cages and
fabrics happend instantly. The one way to kill the Svag is the
destruction of the central nervous system. Usual wounds have begun to
heal quickly and if during a battle the hand was lost, for example, on its
complete regeneration left some months. If the chopped off limb
within five minutes could be found and put on the place, regeneration
happend within several hours. At excision heads it was possible to
bring back to life a Svag if to connect the head to the trunk until the
brain will start to die. Regeneration in this case also took several hours,
and every time was successful.
Immortals, which supervised history and channelized social
processes to race of men, nevertheless continued to be connected by
mutual hatred and desired to kill each other. The history of their
organisation is subject to uniform algorithm. Group immortals, that was

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aspiring to destroy singles, or group of similars, created an organisation

with attraction of people. When the purpose has been reached, the
conflict between groups moved to the organisation.
From the point of view of the people, strife tops looked as a struggle
for power, however, it was only an essential feature of any group of
Svags. Similar societies had a secret character, so sometimes bought
and unusual proportions. One example - this is the Templars, led by the
Savgs. Much of their work has been aimed at the destruction of such an
organization of immortals, which existed in Central Asia. This
organization was called "Divan", under the leadership of Saladin – a
Svag. However, the activities of the Templars was terminated as a
result of a conspiracy of another group of Svags, wich has sent the
French kings greed against the Order.

Around the Earth Svags organized two thousand secret orders. The
most famous of them - Illuminati, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and the
number of orders with satanic character. However, every time Svags
continued to destroy each other, and the people included in the
organization, leaving only as empty keepers of traditions.

In the early of 20th century in Europe, the organization was established

by the top of the immortal Masons, aimed to seize power in the world
and the gradual elimination of all compatriots. Svags' groups that were
in different parts of Europe, tried to oppose it, what caused the First
World War.

However, this crisis has made possible for the organization to

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

strengthen its position. So in the Russian Empire began the Red Terror,
where between millions of the dead bodies were buried more than one
hundred of the immortals. Due to the fact of high official or unofficial
status of the individual immortal, his murder required a lot of
precautions, and the creation of mystical when unusual happening will
not be evident.

In Germany, the organization of immortals called "Aces," they created

the Third Reich. They gained momentum, however, fearing of
imminent murder of Svags have to leave Europe, going to Central and
South America. Since the highest level of civilization occurred in the
U.S. and Canada, most of the immortals went there.

By the time the authorities in the United States belonged to the group
of Svags, which led it since independence. This group was called "the
Settlers" and was destroyed by Svags-Europeans. However, exactly
after that the course of history in the United States acquired the
characteristics of a coups chain. This course is about the internal

The Svag of U.S. keeping in touch with Europe, could have an impact
on both continents, thus increasing the possibility of influence on other
countries. This was highlighted after the defeat of the German-Italian
group, which temporarily seized of power over Europe. Using his
knowledge of the American group "Force" has achieved total benefits,
showing the explosions of nuclear bombs.

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Fearing of total destruction of the world population, extraterrestrial

race of the Nine Governors, what first created their colony on planet
Earth, made the Svag conclude the treaty of redistribution of influence
spheres, which led to the union of the American and European groups,
as well as complete isolation of Svags group, located in the territory of
the former USSR, called "the Red."

All presidents, held by the U.S. government, were only pre-selected

people, to do the will of the ruling group of Svags. All of this happened
until the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which simultaneously was
the reason for the elimination of the ruling group of immortals in the
U.S. by people who served to them.

John F. Kennedy was an extra piece to group of Svags, he became

uncontrollable and imagined himself as ruler of the World, has become
too much demand for the development of weapons and the space
program and created opposition started to get rid of influence agents.

Created by Hoover Federal Bureau of Investigation had direct report to

needs of Svags and engaged in the execution of their orders. In course
of time analysts wich have raised in this structure, found an
extraterrestrial origin of the group, after which them were made a
revolution in the FBI.

U.S. history is a kaleidoscope of constant attempts to seize and hold

power by new groups of Svags, however, after the scandal with Nixon,
neither of Svags did not directly or indirectly controlled the affairs of

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

the state. By this time, in the United States there were 250 individuals.
Most of them - are single, not wishing to draw attention to themself.

Leaders FBI possessed a sufficient base of information about the race

of immortals to be able to distinguish them from ordinary people, so
the infiltration into Washington has become impossible. Gradually
building on the resource in the organization of the human race about
immortals, a new U.S. government destroyed European organization
due to progressively purges of USSR Svags.

However, these abilities were not a personal initiative, but part of the
plan of the two Svags - the leaders of the American organization of
immortals, who thus got rid of more than three thousand men knowing
the secret of Svags, and 400 of their compatriots. They managed to get
away into a shadow, and waiver of ruling USA brought them an
opportunity in the isolation to wait for the natural outcome of events
when all Svags would be destroyed.

By 2010, the planet Earth will stay 52 individuals of Svags. Changes

by collider in the matrix structure of the Earth matter will change
the15 members' bodies of immortals' race. As a result, two of them
will die, 10 will lose their properties making them invulnerable, three
receive serious injury, but the changed structure of the organisms will
not start the regeneration process.
More detailed information of the alien races living on planet
Earth among people can be found in the Book, which was
published in 2007 in Israel, part – Extraterrestrials.

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

After destruction of the main groups of Svags governing world

politics and the economy, created a new organization. This
organization is called Global. It is the descendant of
organization Gold, which was ruling by Jewish moneylenders in the
14th century, giving loans to the kings of Europe. These men, a total of
50 people, were members of 10 families. They controlled the economic
and political life with a financial impact. With the discovery of new
lands, the organization gradually changed the structure and orientation.

By the 16th century from this group of lenders of organization Gold

was transformed into the owners of industrial manufacturing. In course
of time they developed the industry up to date. However, staying on
position of principles do not intervene directly, preferring to own most
of the businesses anonymously and only in extreme cases, to carry out
radical changes. Such a path has led to the development of the modern
system of Global.

Ten families that were at the origin of the financial institutions

authority controlling power, were destroyed by the country's rulers, in
which they tried to exert direct political pressure, so Global is fully
detached from the political and power relations, guided only possibility
of financial influence.

Given the fact that this is analytical structure, its influence on the
political life is limited. In fact, Global Directors have a little interest in
politics, and they resort to it only in extreme cases. Issues of power in

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

the organization are not relevant, since the realization of the fact of
financial dependence of politicians and power systems, power can be
not taken seriously. Policy - this is just a facade.

Global has not a real competitors at the moment, because it is not a

tool of influence, but the analytical framework aimed at developing the
technological complex of the planet, as the idea of the organization -
not profit, but to increase the comfort of life generally.

Continuous technological progress is the main goal and the main merit
of Global. But the structure due to it is limited and can not be stable.
With no alternatives for the development and regrouping, Global is
extremely vulnerable to minor interference. Analytical system capable
of making mistakes that accumulating and can lead to the destruction of
the organization. Global will made a series of mistakes that ultimately
destroy established industrial infrastructure of the planet.

At this time, Global has 10,000 employees worldwide. For the most
part they are the financial and system analysts. Management of the
planet is by changing the activity of the largest consortiums whose
shares are owned by "Global". However, this system is quite one-sided,
because it can not consider all the factors of civilization.

Organization of management by the planet, consisting of humans and

control at the moment the U.S. is only a part of the global network of
national leadership, controlling the economy by implementing the
redistribution of wealth. The existence of such an organization is

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

justified, and its main function - to maintain balance, but, like any
similar structure, it is subject to systematic errors, and not all factors
are taken into account. This is clearly demonstrated by the behavior of
economic indicators.

Systemic crises are periodic, but the depth of the crisis can be
regulated. The situation that has arisen in the world since 2007, shows
inability of Global to effectively manage the global economy. In the
future this will lead to the collapse of many industrial concerns and the
stagnation of the global economy.

Decline in industrial production will lead to a reduction in the

extraction of natural resources, but the prices of natural resources, in
particular oil and gas, will increase as production cuts will lead to a
shortage of resources.

Global organization led by six directors, each of whom is

responsible for the region. To better fit the parameters of the region,
these directors are representatives of the nation of the region. So
German is representative of Europe, the Arab is responsible for Asia,
the Nigerian for Africa and so on in other regions.

These people make the decision on the development and interaction of

their regions. Each of them is nominally own the entire industrial
infrastructure. Cross-regional interactions are made only with the full
discussion of all the members of the board. In general, Global, is a
common industrial organization, in fact.

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Global initiated the Collider, wanting to get access to unlimited energy.

Lowering the cost of energy to maximize the opportunities of the
organization and would have made it possible to create open
megacomplex, and would direct the development of civilization on the
way technological revolution.

In 20 (17), the organization Global will be destroyed and all its

employees will be killed. For management of global economy and the
political structure of the planet Earth was created RCSPF (Russian
Center for Strategic Planning for the Future) more than 20 years
ago. Its branches will be located all over the world, and all countries
will want to have in it their own representatives.

There are 645 scenarios in the future. All of these options are
studied in collaboration with alien races, such as Race of Tengri and
Race of Uriya, whose descendants are citizens of planet
Earth. Knowledge of all the options for the future will help in deciding
the question - how to save civilization from the worst version of its

Thus, one of the basic scenarios you can explore on this site. It will be
given in shorted form, as the publication in its entirety has a size of
1000 pages. To read and study all the options need to write 645 books
in 1000 pages each. This amount of information can analyze only

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

To convince you, in collaboration of the Center with alien races - on

this site you can learn the material from the Book of World
Formation: Theory of Time and Space. This book is very popular
among the alien races and being aware of the Book - scientists of the
Earth will realize that their understanding of the Cosmos is situating at
the level of children's tales.

For the analysis of system errors of Global at different levels need

different information. To removal the root causes errors will be enough
to write four printed pages. By the time of the crisis system error
information will be 20 books of 500 pages each one.

Beginning of Chaos on planet Earth

- Large Hadron Collider.
Excerpt from the book: To look into the future. Extraterrestrials.
World Formation. (published in 2007 in Israel).

Research related to the topic, held by RCSPF

(Russian Center for Strategic Planning of the Future).

The Collider – is installation built by race of people, and participated in

its creation: Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary,
Germany, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden,

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Switzerland. Today, their number increased to 20. There are countries,

such as Russia, China, USA and Japan, who are not members of
CERN, but are involved in the creation of the collider.
Originally it was meant to use the collider in the scientific and
research purposes, however, a number of countries - Switzerland,
Belgium, France, Spain, - sponsored the construction of the facility in
order to obtain super new powerful weapon by collisions of elementary
particles. From their point of view, the collision of elementary particles
can cause, according calculations, to the appearance of local black
holes, regions of antimatter. However, the science of the human race is
at an insufficient level of development and understanding of what the
elementary particles, even such as Clark, are composed of many layers
of matter.
Data on the structure of the world for race of people are not perfect,
so in this way embodies an attempt to create an absolute source of
energy based on a formula created a century ago - the formula of
Einstein - E = MC2. This interpretation of the physical laws of the
world involves the creation by the collider source of infinite energy,
and emergence of areas with high concentration of energy, annihilating
everything that comes into its area of influence. Thus, there is the
absolute source of energy, as well as the ultimate weapon, which is able
to absorb and turn into energy all, that fall into the impact zone.
Creation of the Collider - the first step in the study of these laws.
By creating this device, scientists of people race are not aware of the
possibility of achieving very high speed collisions of elementary
particles. The maximum speed declared in a scientific experiment, no
more than the standard rate of electrons in the outer orbit of the lithium

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

atom, 2,3 • 10-16, - it is one third the speed of light.

However, during the experiment, the collision of two protons will
break down into tiny particles that are accelerated start to move around
the ring collider. When creating the ideal conditions for these particles
acquire inertia rate several times higher than the maximum light,
leading to a clash released minute particles (for convenience we call
them Moam, as they 1 • 10 ² º smaller particles mesons).
These particles Moam are elements of matter, comprising from three
to six blocks of Quark. (Here it should be understood in a non-standard
Quarks perception of the human race).
This encounter will lead to the splitting of the structures and
crushing blocks of Quarks. This will lead to a breach of Quark matter,
as well as a distortion of the options matter. Consequences partly
described in this document, and in more detail in the book: World
Formation. It should be noted that the collision of particles Moam will
be not intentionally, as scientists race people are not able to fixate their
Launching the facility, experiments pitting different elementary
particles, will lead to a number of global catastrophe, as in a collision at
a speed of a few thousand light years of such formations as electrons
will alter the structure of matter, that forming the planet Earth.
These changes will not happen immediately, as a certain amount of
time, a month or two, the matter will maintain its structure, but the
increase in the number of experiments will lead to a quantitative excess
of the level of sustainability of matter.
All four types of matrix material (Quant, Quark, Lang and Jong)
undergo functional changes. This will lead to a series of violations at

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

all levels of organization of matter and the level of the simplest

structures lead to a number of physical anomalies across the globe.
For example, the concept of tide inertia of the oceans, periodically
will be off schedule of the tides. Also begin to form anti-gravity on the
surface of planet. Antigravity area will be from 5 hours to a day. This
multipolar phenomenon and it will lead to a series of natural anomalies.
For example - in the form of anti-gravity possible easy access hard
cosmic radiation, which in its turn will lead to the destruction and
mutation of all that is in this area. These areas will be of small size - a
half - two meters. Simultaneously on the surface may occur up to four
million of these wandering domains. Particularly hard will be hit
central and southern Europe.
Also, the field of antigravity can cause seismic active zone gases
and volcanic eruptions. The first such event will take place in Mexico.
In the result will be killed almost 40,000 people. Also, the zones will
lead to storms and hurricanes, the destruction of rocks and debris. The
representatives of the human race do not bind a number of inanimate
factors to the ongoing experiments. The planet will suffer from
drought, floods, fires and food shortages. For more details about these
events look in the book "To look into the Future." The main indicator
of the changes on our planet will become colder winters and hotter
summers. Gradually become colder winter months to 15-20 degrees.
The summer months will be warmer than 20-25 degrees.
The emergence of anti-gravity fields will be known for alien races
living on planet Earth, but their knowledge is not enough to eliminate
the consequences. In this galaxy there are not the races that are able to
adjust the matrix changes of matter.

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

The disruption of the structure of matter will lead to activation of

elements of Darkness and Reality matter. A number of objects that
exist, if it possibly to express in this way, on the back of the existence
of the human race, will be palpable, with the most active elements are
dominated by irreal (surreal – i.e. space filled with energy of Darkness)
and light, that is, aggressively tuned. These elements will affect the
surreal constitutes of human race. There will be a lot of spontaneous
murders, suicides, an epidemic of mental illness, as well as thousands
of sudden and unexplained deaths.
In general, the conducted experiments will seriously disrupt the
stability of all types of matter on the Earth since 2012.
In the near future, the structure of matter on the Earth will be
seriously broken. Field of anti-gravity and physical abnormalities will
continue even after the destruction of the Collider. Life of the ocean
will be breached. A number of marine animals under the influence of
hard radiation will mutate into forms that are not available for
industrial use and deadly dangerous.
Disruption of schedule currents and tides make the weather on Earth
unpredictable. Coastal areas, directly dependent on the mode of tides
will be abandoned, as the water will be months at its highest point, the
flow, continued for months, destroy all the animals in the coastal zone.
Usually, this is the area in the water, full of life, however, the multi-day
low tide will destroy all the small animals in the mud and sand.
Humankind will face with the threat of starvation. The emergence of
the field of physical abnormalities will block the work of many
different types of power plant operation. Transmission of radio waves
will be the most difficult because of physical abnormalities and

20 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

anti-gravity will cause distortion or loss of signal.

Human race will become vulnerable to many diseases because of
physical abnormalities would alter the functioning of the body.
Between the human race will increase the percentage of non-adaptive
mutation, which is associated with features of areas of physical
anomalies and antigravity.
Exposure to harsh cosmic energy in combination with changes of
physical functioning of the human race moments organisms will lead
to many horrible mutations. The victims of these mutations will be
unable to survive in normal conditions.
Area of physical anomalies - is a result of broken structure of
matter. In principle, the matter of which is the planet Earth, will be
abnormally functioning whole, however, symptoms will be local. On
planet Earth will be about five thousand places with intense changes in
physical laws. Area of physical anomalies may last from five years to
When you run the collider will be the goal: the clash at the
maximum speed of the two protons. In the collision of protons change
their structure and each split into thousands of tiny constituent
particles. Will be recorded only external facing and the released energy,
but it will be inside the collider = 0. To trace the number and mass of
the particles released Moam - Earth scientists fail. Being in the collider,
these particles will move with accelerating inertia during the month
reaching a speed of a few thousand light-years.
The mechanism of this process is as follows: in the collision of protons
the separated particles Moam mutually proceeding, the right of the
point of impact with increasing acceleration and inertia full vacuum.

21 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

The next clash of tiny particles will give them an even greater
acceleration. This process, fueled by created inside the collider inertial
system, will develop phase of superluminal velocities.
As long as the speed of 5,800 kilometers per second will not face
fine particles Moam – functioning of the collider, and maintenance of
its staff will not be changed. The excess of the speed limit will lead to a
further fragmentation of the functional elements of matter, because the
protons, for the most part, will consist of a light matter. Produced
photons whose collision at all speeds up would allow to develop the
superluminal velocity in structure of collider.
Complex mechanism, which is an formation, as planet Earth, will be
distorted at the basic level of the Matrix. The distortion of the structure
of Quant matter will change the Quark matter, as well as affect Lang
and Jong matter.
Gravitational component of Collider functioning with changing
parameters of matter will also undergo some changes. Isolated from
external influences medium which is inside the collider, will be broken
and will experience failures, as in the direction of strengthening and
weakening of gravity lines, leading to distortions in the devices.
Therefore, the energy which liberated will not be recorded. Areas of
low gravity will lead to even greater acceleration of elementary
particles. A region of high gravity will lead to violent clashes and
crushing into fine particle components.
Staff of collider will feel changes in the body only after the breach
of Matrix Matter. The first symptoms are: malaise, auditory and visual
hallucinations. Within a month after the violation of the Matrix Matter
between the staff will start an epidemic of mental illness. The most

22 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

common diagnoses are schizophrenia and manic depressive psychosis.

Together with mental illness will begin changes within their bodies and
a number of somatic cells. Demonstrations of this degeneration are
particularly healthy organs in malignant tumors, or changing
fundamentals of the bodies. Will been observed hypertrophy of the
functions in internal organs.
For example, the spleen from the organ of blood setting will be
reborn in the body of the accumulation and fixation of red blood cells,
leading to anemia and a toxic death, as the blood will contain the
minimum number of red blood cells decreases in four of every hour.
Oxidized products of internal communication will destroy the body.
Breathing will be blocked. Hypertrophy of the kidneys will lead to a
drastic dehydration. A number of staff will be allocated to an unlimited
number of stomach acid, which will eat away at the internal organs.
Hypertrophy of the lymphatic system will lead to anaphylactic
shock and death. Attempts will be made to remove the terminally illed
from the area of the collider, but the mutations will be stable, and the
disease will not change.
Affected area will occupy the entire diameter of collider on the
surface. All that are in the area at the time of changing the matrix
material will undergo functional changes. These diseases are associated
with the release of energy proton collisions, not fixed sensors and the
retention of insulation collider. Therefore, experiments will continue to
develop more reliable isolation sensors.
The impact of the LHC in a variety of the Earth system, affecting
the planetary complex as a whole, will begin in early 2012. Precisely in
this time the matrix material breach in quantitative terms goes beyond

23 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

the boundary of the local disturbances, and changes in the whole

system will be exposed to planet Earth. Other operation of air and
water flows, weak gravitational field, will lead to disruption of
biological systems that are directly dependent on the physical factors of
nature. Planet Earth will undergo a number of irreversible changes that
will change the appearance of the plant and animal world. Also
irreversible changes occur in the genotype of the human race, changing
random chromosome set. The vast majority will undergo both direct
and secondary mutations.
It will end after the self-destruction of Collider. In a collision of Clark
and many levels of matter, of which they are composed, will the
emergence of anti-matter, and this setting will disappear. On-site
facility will be a void, being in which it will be impossible because of
the spontaneously emerging areas of antimatter. In 1000 years this
place will be safe.

The theory of relativity is very relative.

Scientists for the collider creation were founded upon the Einstein
formula - E = MC2. This formula is incorrect because it is based only
on the study of space of Solar system, where the density exceeds the
allowable energy structures in the galaxy several times. This formula is
only a particular example, is not applicable to the scope of the entire
Galaxy. Sometimes it is not confirmed the authenticity of even the
terms of the solar system.
For example: Einstein's formula implies a direct relationship of energy,

24 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

mass and acceleration. A number of objects - the meteors streams,

comets of natural origin, as well as artificial satellites - in the zone of
the ecliptic of the Earth, have a minimum weight and low acceleration.
However, the energy dissipated by the movement of these objects,
many times greater than that calculated by the formula of Einstein,
because Einstein's formula is applied and tested in the conditions of
planet Earth, where most of the existing full of life forms.
Theory of Relativity, the relationship between the variables
mentioned earlier, has no right to exist in the format of the underlying
theory of knowledge. The meaning of this is lost in the implementation
of the theory of interstellar flight as spacecraft, with significant mass
and great acceleration, they wear out faster than similar vessels with
less acceleration.
The theory of relativity denies itself by the lack of parameters
amounts of matter and gravity. As close as possible and reflect the
people's desire for knowledge can serve the formula for the stability
of matter. It links the main parameters of the existence of the galaxy
and the universe. This formula when playing in the conceptual system
of the planet Earth looks pretty complicated. For a more advanced races
of the Universe formula looks as follows: the energy is the sum of
matrix units multiplied by the gravity vector to distortion of time,
because it takes into account a variety of options for the structure of

E = e / Σ αµ • φt
This formula is a mapping of complex structures are not available at

25 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

this level of understanding of the human race. Explanation and

mathematical justification will take 4000 books of 1000 pages each
Human race does not have the level of knowledge to control these
values. The favorable development of the civilization of the Earth race
of people can come closer to understanding the basic quantities of the
theory of stability of matter over 4 million years.
The theory of relativity – only is a bold assumption, which was
required for the development of civilization of the human race. The
meaning of this theory is that it implicitly allows us to develop science
of the human race, based on the coincidence of natural conditions of
the theory of relativity and operation phases of the solar system. For the
development of the human race theory of relativity played the same
role as in the medieval alchemy. It is possible to develop the skills of
scientific thinking.
The formula of the matter stability, for the human race is as
follows: the coefficient is equal to the sum of the decay of matter from
its original formula e = σt / λM
The formula of the stability of matter reflects the structure of
mathematical constructs occupying 400 books of 1000 pages each one.
Einstein's theory of relativity states that time is a physical quantity
at the atomic processes. However, this is one of the elements forming
the matter of the Universe. The concept, which will improve the
science of the human race, as close to the current level of knowledge of
the human race is as follows: the energy is equal to mass times relating
to the sixteenth minus degree minus E = t/m-16
This formula is an abbreviated account of mathematical structure

26 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

design takes 250 books of 1000 pages.

Scheme for using this formula is very simple, it only need to have
basic knowledge about the necessary amount of energy and to learn to
accumulate. At this stage of the race most people use the energy of the
electric pulse, as all other forms of energy are not available for
immediate use. The transformation of energy can help to solve a
number of important problems of the human race.
The conversion formula of electrical pulse energy could be given here,
but for the development of the human race it ought their own discovery.
The modalities for the exercise of accumulating the necessary
energy will be presented in subsequent papers devoted to the
development of problems of the energy crisis.
E = t/m-16. To understanding of this formula, scientists of people
race will come in the best case in 400 years. This formula shows the
relationship of space, time and energy. It has a practical sense, as by
displaying it constants, gives you access to almost infinite source of
energy, which is formed by the interaction of space and time. The
energy obtained in this way is part of the Primary energy and can serve
a variety of purposes even outside the energy issue.
Likewise, thanks to this formula with elements of Primary energy
can affect the structure of space. Matter can change by the elements of
the Primary energy, taking into account the time vector. Understanding
of the complexity of the formula, or rather its practical use is the
problem of converting Primary energy into the energy used in this
galaxy, or authentic spatial constructs.

The formulas, which can serve as an explanation, are

27 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Time = PI by the square root of 3 divided by the Omega Psi • where
omega is the sum of the changes of matter, and PSI ratio changes from
the primary matter.

Thus, from this formula follow, that the time is calculable changes
made in changes within the framework of the fabrics.

The following formula m - Σ = γt • γν + δε

Amount equal to γt gamma nu γν + delta epsilon δε, where δt is the
sum of the delta time change δν, where Delta is the proportion of nu
matter, and epsilon ε - coefficient of gravity.

E = t/m-16 This formula implies the relationship of primary values,

which allows open access to an unlimited source of energy. This will
allow in the future for race of people to avoid an energy crisis. Also in
this formula is understanding of the stability of temporal flow, which
will allow to scientists of the human race to discover new perspectives
of their knowledge of the galaxy.
Scientists of the Earth today believe that all matter around us is
composed of 12 basic "building blocks". But it is too primitive
understanding of the surrounding world.
Our universe consists of 60 kinds of matter. According to the property
of the universe, as the universe of extreme polarity, the matter
conditionally acquires a poles and are paired. Thus, there are a poles of
the Quant and Quark matter.
Matter, depending on the structure, has only four basic elements.

28 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

They make up 17 blocks, which coincide with the understanding of the

human race on the building blocks of matter. Each unit consists of
combinations of Quarks, Quants, Lang, and Jong. These four elements
are the base material that creates the universe.
Race of people, situating in its relatively low level of development,
has wrong understanding of the building blocks of matter constituting
the frame of the universe. Objects that exposed to the study, are
extremely grate in comparison with the real basic elements of matter,
because this objects are their billions clusters. That is why the human
race is far from possible to operate with concepts of space and matter.
Formulas of space and matter exist, but they are compelling at this
level of World Formation, because these concepts are originally and
have not been subjected to scientific understanding.

Switzerland 2014

The changes caused by the collider, primarily affect the area, which
is above its surface. Mental and physical illness, would face medical
personnel of the collider will also characteristic for people living in the
affected area too. Switzerland will face a sharp increase in the level of
mental and physical diseases. The first zone of physical abnormalities
will appear. Signs of such zones are inconsistency of the physical laws.
Examples. 18 April 20 .... year in the village of Knossos, in one of
the cantons of Switzerland, there will be an area of physical anomalies,
approximately five miles in diameter. Characteristics of this area will

29 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

be a change in the charge of electrons and protons, and the partial

destruction of the nuclei. External physical characteristics serve: the
complete destruction of the existing arisen in the field of organic
structures and mutation of structures that are prone to self-organization,
in the zone of the field for longer than 4.5 seconds. Externally, the area
will be a huge wasteland, whose surface is covered with a metallic
powder, since the change in the charge of the chain will lose organic
structure and arose when the potential minerals take their place.
Also 4 July 20 ..... , in two kilometers from Geneva in Lake Geneva,
there will be anti-gravity zone with area of 15 square meters. The zone
will be able to see and navigate within a week out into space four
million cubic meters of the lake, which could result in a rapid
shallowing. The zone will be for 5 days. Ecology will suffer irreparable
damage and can no longer be restored. Birds and animals, that make up
the ecosystem of the lake will die, or join the other ecosystems, finding
a place there. Subsequently race of people will able to form an artificial
pond, but its natural features will not possess.
Social processes in Switzerland during this period will be very
unstable. After activation of the negative impact of the collider, Swiss
population will demand from their government and EU governments in
mobilizing uf the situation. By that time, 20% of the population will be
affected by unknown deadly diseases. Feature of these diseases in their
absolute uncertainty, and, therefore, without the possibility of
diagnosing of these disease - the inability to treat it. Means available
medicine of people's race, we can fix only the consequences of
pathological changes. However, to find out the cause is not possible.
Over 201 .... year from such diseases in Switzerland 372 000 people

30 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

will die. Another 520,000 will undergo local pathological changes of

bodies, that is a negative mutate.
Approximately 200,000 will undergo a positive mutation. It means
that theirs function or will not suffer or undergo improvement.
However, in both cases, the change of genotypes will sharp.
About 40% of the Swiss population will be officially recognized as
a mental illed. Mental disorder is associated both with physical changes
of the cerebral cortex as a result of continuous mutation and natural
reactions to the unstable situation of protection. However, despite the
emerging field of anti-gravity and physical anomalies, in 2014, in
Switzerland there was unrest that is related to the work of the collider.
All the happening the government and the European Union
explained as a increased hard radiation due to changes in the
electromagnetic activity of the Sun.

France 2014
During 2010 France suffered significantly, both social and economic
costs associated with operating of the collider. Being in the close zone
of deformation's development in matrix structures, France for the
period 2014 suffered appearance of 12 areas with physical anomalies
and four zones of stabile antigravity.
Changes caused by these zones led to a number of major mutations,
but mutations occur unevenly at different races. Negroid race, having
more unstable genotype, undergone massive mutation. For example,
consider the dynamics of the social events of Marseille. About 60% of

31 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

the residents of this city are natives of France's African colonies.

Among them are like blacks, and individuals, whose genotype is very
complex, because of combines of several races.
Statistics of mutagenic changes show that the number of mutated
among blacks - 86%. Among individuals of mixed genotype, for
convenience we call them Algerians - 68%. Mutations will be varied,
as in the case of Switzerland, both pathogenic and normalizing
The essence of mutations encompasses changes in the function and
structure of the external and internal organs. From the point of view of
the mutagenic processes, these mutations occur with a change of the
DNA code of the various bodies that could not always be consistent
with the DNA of an individual.
Feature is that the information about the structure of an individual,
deoxyribonucleic acid, which carries information about the structure of
the body is different, though not significantly, and in special organs
carries information about the structure of each of them in particular.
Thus, mutagenic factors, changing the structure of specialized DNA
that can lead to the alienation of, as key chains of amino acids will
Implementation of the collider's affect different areas of society's
functioning, including in the important for the present state of
civilization of the human race aspect, as an information system. May
12 emerged area of physical anomalies led to a total blackout of the
Paris Stock Exchange, as well as indirectly shut down the information
system communicates with various financial institutions, including
major national and banks. This was due to the fact that the

32 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

characteristics of the area have been arisen, including the lack of

directional movement of electrons, the inability to reproduce
information, instant re-coding structures, which was due to the absence
of the two basic elements of matter.
The consequences were extremely severe. France's economy
suffered greatly. Impossibility of communication between the country's
largest bank blocked a number of important economic agreements.
With the loss of France amounted to 50 billion euro. The crisis will not
over even until the end of this period.
The social consequences were quite negative. The sharp decline in
income, the bankruptcy of some large enterprises, hence - a high
percentage of unemployment - have led to a number of social
disturbances. Economic instability and a high level of mutational
variability, the catalyst for the emergence of open ethnic conflicts.
As described above, the different races in different ways responded
to the increased mutagenic background, and thus, in addition to the
unequal economic, appeared to clearly distinguish between
physiological. A high percentage of mutated among those who were the
least secured and most mutated segment of the population of Algerians,
Negroids, led to the realization of their status, and to attempt to capture
the power of wealth. Most of the representatives of these races had no
strong confidence in their future. An increasing percentage of
mutations lead to the appearance of animal memory.
In mid-July 20 ..... year in various cities of France were committed
mass robberies in rich neighborhoods. For 300 days 500,000 people
died from violence and disease. Mortality among the attackers were
very high, because of knowledge of the irreversible mutagenic changes,

33 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

most of them did not care about saving theirs life.

Also, a very small percentage of Algerians-Negroids subjected
studying by medical commissions. Most of the modifications were
without control and accounting. All this has led to the fact that in the
general population, the most needy and prone to superstition, it was a
lot of sick and crippled. The level of culture, typical for such a people
allowed to establish themselves believe that all this is a demonstration
of God's punishment, and in a more rational individuals had the idea of
the planned destruction of unwanted people.
The reaction was not slow to turn into a conflict between the rich
French citizens and immigrants from Africa and Algeria. Emerging
street battles caused panic, which was supported by the economic
crisis. Attempts to finally resolve the conflicts by the police and the
army led only to a tightening of disorder and to higher level of
hostilities. Such unrest emerged in early June, and only to the end of
September, the French government managed to stabilize the situation.
Marcel was a city of the maximum xenophobia, so the data on it are
given in this article. During the riots in Marseille were killed 40,000
people, burned 15 quarters. The total damage amounted to EUR
-24000000. In connection with the unrest, industrial activities and the
work of the port were blocked, leading to further damage.
In general, in France, in almost every city, with a population
exceeding 100,000 people, there were riots. During this period, France
has suffered great losses, both economic and human resources. Losses
related to the riots, amounted to 150 billion euro. 200 000 people were
Also was blocked the work of airports and ports of international

34 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

importance. In particular, this was due to the appearance of regions

with physical anomalies, thousands arising around the world. One of
these areas from May to November was on the international airport of
Charles de Gaulle.
Airport Charles de Gaulle as always worked in a clear mode of
taking and sending planes with passengers. Area of physical anomalies
arose immediately. All the buildings that were within it were destroyed.
Construction fell to the passengers, but those who were in the
anomalous zone, no longer had time to see it. In the first few seconds
their bodies turned into a liquid mass, and flocked to the bone and turns
into a puddle. Aircraft standing at idle and ready to take off, destroyed,
turning into a wreck. Landing airliner was destroyed in the air and
inside the body of passengers burst like soap bubbles. It can be
assumed that the aircraft burning like torch, must fall on the runway,
but this did not happen, because the benzene rings have ceased to exist
due to the increase in molecular weight.
Planes continued to approach, because the pilots did not realize what
was happening and also have been trapped in the anomalous zone. The
pilots of other aircraft approaching the airport, talking to each other
about what is happening, changed course and headed for the other
This region occupied 4 square kilometers. Feature of this area is the
increase in the specific molecular weight of 4-fold compared to the
norm of the planet Earth. This led to the fact that trucks could not move
due to the fact that they were violating the basic indicators of the
physical structure of materials. Also finding people and animals in the
area of physical anomalies led to the death, because protein structure

35 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

could not exist in this specific weight. Visually organisms transformed

into an equal volume of colloidal substrate. Mechanical devices were
scattered on the individual elements, and underwent a series of
irreversible changes.
The resulting anomalous region pulsed with a period of one minute,
which led to a change of borders. The lack of necessary equipment
meant that the boundaries of the area defined by experts rather
primitive way. Was attached to a long pole a piece of metal, and as it
has increased in weight, defining the border. Other areas did not have
such a pronounced effect.
The first zone was stable antigravity zone, located two kilometers
from Grasse. Like any of the areas of anti-gravity, it had the
appearance of torn out of the context of the planet site. This area
appeared in April on-site cultivation of violets to convert the growing
violets fragrance. This section of area of 50 square meters, in minutes
was transported into interplanetary space. Antigravity area, was three
and a half hours. During this time, a crater depth of four kilometers has
been done.
After an exposure area of antigravity tectonic processes reduced the
depth of the crater up to two and a half miles. However, the ecology of
this area suffered greatly.
The second area of antigravity appeared in Lyon. Size of the region was
3 square m. It lasted two and a half minutes. The impact area was
similar to the area of the city of Grasse, but the effects were more
Occurrence in the city sustainable antigravity has disrupted the whole
system of urban communications. Despite the small impact area was

36 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

disrupted water supply, electricity and gas system. Antigravity funnel

shaped area on the pavement with depth of 750 meters. After the
disappearance of the field there was a powerful gas explosion that
destroyed 25 residential quarters. This was because the funnel was
filled with gas detonated, creating the effect of an earthquake in 4 on
the Richter scale.
The next area of sustainable antigravity, in essence, went unnoticed
because there was 2.5 hours on the coast of Riviera. On the surface of
the Earth's atmosphere was ejected 400,000 cubic meters of sea water
with a variety of animals and microorganisms. Observed this
phenomenon recognized it as a whirlwind.
The last area of sustained antigravity also was not found, because its
area was 2 square centimeters, and its location were the French Alps.
The result is a deep cave two miles, but with a very small diameter.
On our planet are about 4 billion kinds of viruses. Under the
influence of the collider they mutate, resulting in a generation they will
be 140 billion. This will lead to a change in the species composition of
the biosphere of the Earth. It will also lead to the formation of new
species of animals and the death of their different species form the
basis of human nutrition.

Mutation of viruses.
For description of mutation of the virus it is necessary to limit
described phenomena. In this work, it is about mutation of the two
viruses known at this moment for race of people, so-called "China

37 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

virus" and immunodeficiency virus.

Mutation of the "China virus" will come under the influence of the
collider began with the levels of gravitational instability, higher than
normal. The virus mutates into a series of internal changes in the
addition of four non-allelic genes for the fastest reproduction of
protein molecules. Due to it virus will acquire the ability to spread
quickly, as will be discussed in future articles.
"China virus" in this way will get the quality of the virus' "rapid flu"
and will be the fastest and deadliest of viruses known to man.
Particularly noteworthy parallel mutations caused by a violation of the
constitution of matter of "China virus" and AIDS, because, under the
influence of anti-gravity zones and areas of physical anomalies, the
AIDS virus will acquire the property of symbiotic relationship with the
virus' "rapid flu". Even in the normal functioning of the Earth matter
with a combination of the two viruses will result of a quick death.
However, in terms both of increased mutagenic viruses begin to act on
the symbiotic ways, several times reducing the latency period and
projecting the death of the organism.
With simultaneous contact the structure of symbiosis looks as
follows: the AIDS virus blocks the immune system and due to it the
pores of virus "rapid flu" spread in the body. In addition, the mutation
will be in many types of bacteria and viruses, known to race of people,
but none of these mutations will not be so damaging to the body, and
will not have much influence on the immune and central nervous

38 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Basic data on the ʺChina virusʺ

Enterovirus-71 spread in China due to the high probability of its early
detection. This virus is completely artificial and created to express
diagnostics stability of organisms of the human race. The creators of
the virus is close race to the race of people in physical characteristics,
but their immune system is much more advanced, so the virus is used
as a tester for race of people under the influence of the collider will be
The scheme of the virus looks as follows: the virus enters the body
finds the most vulnerable to the effects of the environment space for
replication. An example is the large percentage of diseases of the
respiratory tract and blood plasma. Characteristic of the virus is its
harmful effect on the body, or an unstable system. A man with a
tendency to a certain kind of disease during the week passes the entire
stage of its formation and development.
For example, the propensity to respiratory disease course will be
reflected in a high temperature for 2 days and the rapid development of
the pathological process. Within 7 days may develop swelling and
inflammation, although usually takes years of latency. This is because
the enterovirus-71 finds congestion prone to abnormal development of
cells and begins to produce in unlimited quantities, affecting the entire
organ or system.
Thus, to track the number of cases and virus carriers is not possible,
because some cases can not be classified as cases of influenza. Since
the virus is automatically switched to a chronic disease, people who die

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

from asthma, heart attack, pathological disorders of the digestive

system and kidneys, even by the best experts can not be certified as
sick enterovirus-71. Only a number of respiratory diseases were
subjected to similar examination.

In Beijing, at the opening of the Olympic Games were 159,000 carriers.

The virus is highly active form of life. Infected with HIV can infect up
to 50% of the people around him in contact with them for three to four
minutes maximum. The latent period of the virus is great and unlimited
in terms. Finding mechanism, the tendency to develop abnormal cells
allows the virus to remain in the body indefinitely. During the
Olympics became carriers of the virus two and a half million people.
Most of them have the virus resides in latent phase. However, they
produce spores and infect other people.
At the Olympics visited executives from 80 countries with their
families. Become virus' carriers 83% of them.

Basic data on ˮRapid fluˮ virus.

The virus "rapid flu" is completely artificial. In form it is a
representative of the classical group of respiratory infections. He was
mutated by exposure of Collider. The structure of the virus "rapid flu"
implies as its rapid reproduction. The virus will be able to stimulate the
cells to reproduce as quickly molecules of new viruses. Compared with
other viruses, the virus "rapid flu" has the speed of reproduction a
thousand times more than usual, as in the structure of the virus, in

40 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

addition to the DNA molecule with the information on reproduction,

there are enzymes that stimulate the rapid reproduction of the protein
strands of DNA virus.
Feature of the "fast flu" in that it can be transmitted through food
and other things. It easily adapts to different conditions and can live in
the body even after his death unlimited period. On a things - for a
month. In food products - unlimited period.
In contrast to the common flu viruses, the virus "rapid flu"
completely changes the body's cells. Initially, the cell nucleus
undergoes transformation, later the cell itself, are not completely use up
the resource of amino acids and enzymes. The body becomes a factory
reproduction of the virus molecules. Specialized body cell of the
human race is capable of reproducing up to a million viruses "rapid
A number of specialized cells such as blood cells, liver, kidneys,
lymphatic system, brain, glands, external and internal secretion of the
virus being attacked in the least, because their structure is supposed to
be very quick exhaustion in terms of molecular reproduction of the
Maximum resistance can render the lymphatic system. Lymph cells
have a number of protective features, but phagocytosis leads instead of
destroying the virus to the destroying of lymph system. It should be
noted that the relationship of the virus "rapid flu" and acquired
immunodeficiency syndrome, leads to extremely rapid death of the
body, as the protective functions of the body so helpless, exposed to the
virus "rapid flu", to addition initially cleared by AIDS.
Capturing of lymphatic system by virus "rapid flu" leads to overall

41 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

increasing in temperature, followed by damage to nervous system and

brain, loss of conscious activity. Brain cells will undergo the most rapid
destruction, as by the time the somatic cells produce a myriad of
viruses that seek to replicate.
Brain cells, thus subject to multiple attack, when protection is not
provided. Amino acids and enzymes necessary for viral replication,
brain cells contain insufficient in contrast to somatic cells. Therefore,
the penetration of viruses into the cell leads to its complete blocking, as
its maximum capacity - 300 - 400 units of the virus. The cells are not
fully functional. The process takes seconds. Within an hour, the entire
nervous system is destroyed. Lymph system and the brain can be
considered as the final period of the disease, since the destruction of the
brain stops functioning of the body.
The virus "rapid flu" enters the body through food, or air-borne.
Spores of the virus have extreme stability. They modified for rapid
spread and the total change in the body's cells. Unlike viruses, naturally
occurring virus "rapid flu" does not want to coexist, but only for
destruction. Therefore, as stated above, the program has a complete
depletion of cells.
With the ingestion of spores virus enters the cell respiratory or
digestive system. This will determine the speed of propagation. When
injected into the lungs the virus begins to spread in a supportive
environment with blood cells and spreads through the body cells of an
The digestive system is composed of smooth muscle, is more
protected against the penetration of various viruses, however, compared
with the respiratory route, contamination is not more than six hours. If

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Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

it affects the digestive system is an increase in temperature, the number

of protective reactions occurs earlier than in respiratory.

Let's look around the disease separately in this and

in the other case.
As mentioned above, for respiratory virus in blood cells spreads to
organs and tissues infecting them. The virus produces itself in the
maximum number, depleting cells of the whole resource. In essence,
the virus in tissues of the body leading to their death, because affected
organs cease to function.
The usual course of the disease looks as follows: lung leads to
coughing and choking. In the propagation of the virus throughout the
body there is muscle weakness, progressive atrophy of muscle groups.
Later start improperly working internal organs. First, along with
somatic cells suffer kidney cells, liver and pancreas. This leads to the
destabilization of the body's systems. Smooth muscle is less susceptible
to virus attacks that successfully replicates itself rich in amino acids
and enzymes in somatic cells. Therefore intestines, stomach and heart
functioning longest then other organs.
At this stage, there is a picture of almost complete of muscle
atrophy, while maintaining their external volumes. The heart works
practically flawlessly. In some cases, even in complete defeat of brain.
Laxation is asynchronous in nature. Affected endocrine glands pour
their products into the intestine, cease to function, resulting in painful

43 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

For respiratory route of infection the virus is spreading rapidly,

because initially falls into a more favorable environment. When food
contaminated controversy of virus have to look for ways of access to
the somatic cells. Similar paths are places secretions (product of
secretions) of the liver and pancreas. Going via the canals virus enters
the endocrine glands begins its replication there. Later extended to
junction, and then in the muscle tissue of the body.
The defeat of the somatic cell comes like an avalanche. In contrast
to the respiratory route of infection, food poisoning a center and
spreads more slowly, but access to the kidneys and the liver allows the
virus to spread through the circulatory system and respiratory infection
develops similarly to the conservation of all the external signs.
Unlikeness of diagnosis is only in clearly defined first painful
Respiratory way is cough and respiratory failure. Food distribution
is pain in the liver and pancreas, kidney failure later. In the future, there
is still the same muscular atrophy and intestinal spasms.
With the initial brain damage is loss of consciousness. Fully affected
organism is a potential hazard for health organisms subject, because it
consists entirely of cells of "rapid flu." The result of the disease is the
complete defeat of somatic cells in the body by cells of the virus, which
increasingly looking to replicate.
Earth scientists have scanty knowledge of the human body. For
comparison, there are two examples:
Innervation of organs – it is collection of all the nerve tissue and fiber,
responsible for sensory and motor functions of the body. The source for
signai is a central nervous system and the spinal cord and medulla

44 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

oblongata. Nervous tissue is only part of the nervous system.

The properties and structure of the nervous system known to
scholars of the Earth at a primitive level, and does not reflect the one
percent of their actual function. In order to fully develop the principles
of functioning of the nervous system of the human race, you will need
to create a directory of the 2,000 books of 1,000 pages each.
Nervous tissue of organs: to understand in the science of the Earth
quite 240 pages. Further research will be done on Earth. Information
provided by me, will be a key of paradigm changes. Full details will be
3000 book of format in 1000 pages each.
Chronic anemia of topical nature: it is a term that belongs to the
concepts of the human race at the biological level. This means
pathological disorders of the blood, where blood cells are produced
from pre-programmed distortion. An example would be the
reproduction of red blood cells with hemoglobin molecular changes,
covalent bonds are not able to connect the oxygen, but strongly
associated with oxidized with oxygen in carbon monoxide.
Also a shine example is the production of platelets, which forms
microfibrils with spontaneous communication, which leads to blockage
of large sections of vessels or to a complete blockade of the
hematopoietic system. It is also possible to develop white blood cells,
non-phagocytic components. Also topical anemia can be expressed in
the change of the ionic balance of blood plasma with a predominance
of cations.
To reflect the processes specific to the disease will need 400 books of
format with1000 pages each one, as the disease affects all aspects of

45 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

Life in the form of the protein will be in danger. The normalization of

the life forms of the protein means a broader ownership by information
about their structure. In the structure of the virus, in addition to the
DNA molecule with the information about reproduction, are enzymes
that stimulate the rapid reproduction of the protein strands of DNA
virus. Spores of the virus have extreme stability.

Information for scholars of the human race on the virus "rapid flu" will
take 1,000 pages, but this information is needed only after finding a
vaccine against the AIDS virus. Finding the AIDS vaccine will take 10
years after the appearance of the virus "rapid flu." These studies can be
conducted only after the restoration of life on planet Earth. The planet
will survive the crisis of 20(18).

Destruction of Hadron Collider. First

base variant.

Creation of Hadron Collider happened for receiving of energy, so

necessary for the development of planet Earth. Collider was created as
a device that can provide energy for the growing production capacity in
Europe. Investments in this project were made with the expectation of
obtaining large amounts of cheap energy. Scheduled collision of

46 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

elementary particles in the LHC was on 25 June 2009, but the planned
energy has not been received. Energy, which ought to go to the
European network, as a result of the collider, has been included in the
plans of the EU's energy supplies. The absence of the energy has a
negative impact on the EU industry. The economy of the European
states suffers losses, which are especially dangerous in the global
economic crisis.
The scientists responsible for the project, are in difficult
circumstances in relation to investors. Basis for experimentation is
great, but the practical benefit of Collider does not work. Also began to
show effects of periodic starting of Collider on violation in matrix
structures of the planet, though scientists do not even know. The first
signs of mutations example of this are the balding bear in the Germany
zoo, have fallen under the influence of time's anomalous zone.
Test starts of collider primarily affected the health of the staff, as
well as at work over thin devices. Staff collider been and will be in the
future undergo to various diseases, including mental. The tools and
techniques started to change their physical properties of the polymer
Corporation "Global" can't stabilize the situation, as the investment
in the project of Hadron Collider made with the expectation of
receiving source of infinite energy in the summer of 2009, and the
increase in production capacity and lack of energy, does not allow to
include these facilities in general production process. No result has a
negative impact on the appearance of the Corporation "Global". Energy
is not made, but the money for the study consumed the same amount.
Corporation "Global", as the initiator of the idea of Hadron Collider,

47 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

bearing losses associated with both lost profits and loss of confidence
in governments who have made a major investment in the project.
In Corporation "Global" appeared the idea of the destruction of the
LHC by planned terrorist act, if the energy will be not received.
Preparation of the world community to possible events has already
begun. Example of this is the detection of so called terrorist scientists
collaborating with al-Qaeda - it is the first step in a plan to destroy the
In addition to economic problems Hadron Collider has created a
number of scientific problems. The collider, instead of answers, has
created a number of unanswered questions. The first unresolved issue is
the lack of energy at the time of the collision of protons. Protons
collide, but also fixed the collision of particles Moam. Destruction of
protons accompanied visuals. This is fixed by collider's equipment.
Lack of energy during a collision can't be explained by terrestrial
physics. At the same time, researchers from the LHC staff understand
that energy is released, but not released into the environment, and goes
to the endogenous changes. To detect these changes, they can't to track
time of change, as well.
Searching an opportunities to stop the outflow of energy is the next
scientific problem, which is above the understanding of scientists.
Terrestrial physics is not able to conduct research at this level, but the
collider runs periodically and studies. Scientists have no idea about
what has already formed particles of Moam's orbit and to stop it they
Particles Moam, were split off by the collision of protons colliding
with each other violate the matrix structure of the planet. Moam

48 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

particles are smaller than proton of the hydrogen atom in 150000000

times. Earth scientists can only guess because of poorly defined visual
effects, in addition to the collision of protons collide, collide smaller
particles to, but can't to find out their nature, to determine their size
they are not able. In this galaxy are not yet able to work with such a
small matrix structures, it is beyond the power of every race.
Violation of the matrix structure looks as follows. Colliding
particles Moam produce energy corresponding to five hundred megaton
explosion of plastic explosives. This energy destroys the ties within the
particles Moam. Tiny particles of matrix constructs that make up the
particle Moam called Skvis are in the structure of the matrix construct
the Earth.
Matrix Construct is uniform fabric, crushing of particle Moam
violates its structure. Skvis particles are nodes of the structure. Drawing
an analogy with the crystal lattice, we can say that the particles knock
the molecules of the power relations and the crystal lattice changes its
properties, and as a result, violations of the structure and its
Even in the case of the receiving of planned energy - impact of the
collider will be so devastating that the leaders of this project will come
to the decision to bury it under a rock. Temperatures expected in the
LHC should be 500 ° Kelvin. Changes in the physical properties of
polymer structures, at the higher temperature will release toxic
substances, as well as changes in the properties of the polymer will lead
to its weakness and malfunction of the collider. In the most negative
event will occur the toxic contamination of the entire zone of collider.
Destruction of Hadron Collider by directed explosions impractical

49 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

because the damage key components, as well as the orbit of the particle
rotation of Moam, will not lead to the desired result to eliminate
rotation and pushing the particles.
Explosions will destroy the infrastructure of the research station.
Moam particles themselves have already acquired the necessary speed
for automation's orbit. At this time (on 20 October 2009), rate of
Moam's particles motion in Hadron Collider is four billion kilometres
per second.
As the speed increases - the density of the time increases to, that
impacting on the particles Moam, but it does not effect more rapid
development of changes.
Formula to increase the density of time is as follows: ςσΘ = ςσΨ /
Ε∆ • [Ζ]
ςσ - density ratio is equal to the ratio of density ςσΨ Spaces, Ε∆ -
relating to the rate of change of the space, [Ζ] - multiplied by the unit
matrix parameter.
Matrix violations have become to work on the space of planet Earth.
With the destruction of the collider particles with directed explosions -
Moam, being in the ring rotation, due to collisions with each other will
gradually increase the speed of rotation and orbit. A year later, after the
destruction of the collider's orbit particles will increase in two, and the
current speed exceeds a hundred thousand times. As a result, the matrix
changes will become more apparent, and the processes of violations are
more pronounced.
Examples. In the case of the destruction of the collider, in one year
the movement of particles Moam would result in changes of matter and
matrix disorders will appear in a number of anomalies. One of them is

50 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

a violation in functioning of photosynthesis in the forests of Bavaria.

Trees growing in the reserve, under the influence of physical anomaly
zone cease to exercise the process of photosynthesis. Matrix changes
alter structure of chromosome, oxygen and carbon will no longer
necessary part of the process of its life. The plants will consume
nitrogen and produce chlorine, which will lead to chemical
contamination throughout Bavaria. Such matrix disorders will appear
on all over the planet.
Second pronounced example, will change in the matrix structure
seen in the change of temperature in the western regions of Norway.
Under the influence of zone with physical abnormalities in these areas
the temperature will rise up to 15 ° degrees, but with usual temperature
outside the physical abnormalities, corresponding annual rates. This
will lead to a breach of the region. Also, this area of physical anomalies
will lead to cancerous mutations among rodents and small predators. In
particular, for two generations, they will develop the organ responsible
for the production and injection of venom into the victim as a snake.
As a result - mass casualties. Under the influence zone of physical
abnormalities animals will multiply rapidly, especially as it is promoted
by high temperature of environment and favorable conditions for
reproduction. The population of rodents will increase three times.
Since destruction of Hadron Collider in each year the particles
Moam's orbit will increase by 40 km. Destruction of the stratosphere
will happen in 345 years. With the destruction of stratosphere will be
destroyed all life on planet Earth to.
Matter that is in the way of the particle orbits of Moam, will subject to
change, but the gradient of these changes varies. In case of exposure to

51 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

the field of overlapping fabrics the violations can lead to the collapse
of the structure. Matter in a simplified or binary form, can only just
change the code, which will be reflected only after a long period of
time. Thus, by orbit itself particles Moam are not dangerous to living
things, but the consequences of collisions lead to violations of matrix
structures. Only the places of impact are hazardous.
Collider, as a part of the matrix structure, has all the features that
has matrix, including the possibility of changing under the impact of
Time Matter. Collisions Moam particles, first of all, will lead to a
change in the matrix constructs that make up the collider. Matter is
composed of many elements and matrix construct, which forms the
collider has all four types of matter. The imbalance of the construct will
lead to the destruction of it's parts. Collisions will occur not only
between particles of Moam, but also between different types of matter.
So Quant Matter of Light and Darkness, Reality and Irreality will face,
that will lead to an imbalance and change in operation of programs. At
a level accessible to race of people, data collision will not have any
visual effects or consequences. However, the destabilization of these
areas of matrix constructs on planet Earth would change Prime
construct which forming complex of solar system and to their
In this Universe is widely believed that the darkness - is the lack of
light, but the Quant and nature of the pulsed light and darkness
presupposes their uniform distribution. Darkness - an integrative
phenomenon and has many properties. Darkness Quant equals to the
Quant of Light. However, within this Universe Quants of Darkness and
Light rays are defined differently from representations of earthy Quant

52 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

of light, as the Quant of Light and Darkness is the impuls, carrying a

set of information about the initial energy and structuring of space.
Precisely amount, which includes a complete list of required
operations and the final form of the structure is Quant of Darkness.
However, the energy of Darkness structures not only space, it interacts
with the Quant of Light, creating a certain interval of time.
In addition to it the disruption of the structure of matter will lead to
activation of the elements of Reality and Dark Matter. A number of
objects that exist, if so possibly to express, on the back of the existence
of the human race, will undergo changes, including active entities that
are in the formation of Irreality (surreality) of the matrix construct of
planet Earth. It is connected to the fact that the disturbed balance of
Reality and Unreal will bring in a greater percentage in the composition
of Reality Matter that will make it possible to monitor and interact with
From the terrestrial point of view, it becomes a materialization of
spirits and their influence on the world of the living. Will occur
instances of immediate materialization of the dead entities. An example
is the case of the appearance of the spirit of the deceased during the
revitalization actions of human by doctors who are trying to revive him.
Such cases will most frequent. For the most part this will lead to panic,
but there have not lead to serious consequences. Depending on the
concentration of matter in the nature of reality, they can live long as
they want between humans.
Life - is Matter that can take many different forms under the constant
influence of Time, the speed of change depends on the density of
temporary streams. All that is situated in given World Structure, on

53 von 54 20.04.2013 20:43

Российский Центр Стратегического Планирования Будущего http://rcspf.info/eng_shadow_control.html

12-th Cosmic Level, are forms of life. Thus, World of the Dead is other
form of life to, formed by Irreality matter.
Matter of Life consists of four basic fabrics: Matter of Time, Matter
of Space, Matter of Irreality and Matter of Reality.

Life is one of the New-Formation of World Formation. Quantity

of these New-Formations - 240 billion.

This book-trilogy describes one of the basic options. Their number

is 645. The material contained in this book was developed in
collaboration with scientists from the Earth as well as with the races of
extraterrestrials, such as Tengri, Uriya (descendants of which we are),
Kvazaki and others.

You can learn more about these races in the book, in the section:

RCSPF. (Russian Center for Strategic Planning of the Future)

Copyright "Pirsum Alona" © 2012. All rights reserved.

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