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Joseph Malafronte

3150 Roswell RD NW, Unit 1506, Atlanta GA 30305

(770) 500-5242
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
Master of Business Administration, May 2020
 GPA: 4.00/4.00 | Business Analytics Concentration | STEM Path to MBA Program
Bachelor of Science Computer Science, December 2018
 GPA: 3.70/4.00 | Mathematics Minor | Honors College | Presidential Scholarship
● Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Angular, Java, Swift, HTML5, CSS, and VHDL
● Software: Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, Microsoft Office, Team Explorer, and Power BI
AT&T Inc. May – August 2018
Software Engineering and Operations Intern Atlanta, GA
● Led task force responsible for migrating the Cricket Wireless IT Project Portfolio from the current ZIP tool software to the
new AT&T specific PRISM software which allowed Cricket to collect more detailed estimates by impacted IT teams to better
align projects to the appropriate release.
● Developed web systems using Angular JS 4 and integrated these applications with Oracle SQL Databases that required
extremely strict security protocols ensuring all of Cricket Wireless’ data was adequately protected.
● Created Data Migration Tool using Python and the Selenium chrome automation package that traversed ZIP records,
downloaded all attachments per project, and uploaded them to a SharePoint database.
Center for Advanced Public Safety May – August 2017
Software Engineer Intern Tuscaloosa, AL
● Created and maintained a website application portal for Alabama Department of Human Resources Education and Training
service. Used C#, CSHTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the MVC.Net framework.
● Served as project leader for creating a web application that allows digital cartography of highway markers for Alabama
Department of Transportation using JavaScript and the Google Maps API.
● Involved with application design process from conception to completion including database diagram creation, application
prototypes, project deployment, and post release debugging.

Financial Assistance Software
● Designed an application that web scrapes crypto exchanges and public banking websites for current investment rates,
account balances, and purchase trends. Created a google chrome extension that would execute various functions within the
program. (Python)
Custom School Help Application
● Created software that allows the user to easily create a course schedule, calculate GPA, and keep track of textbooks.
Program avoids conflicting class times and allows the user to save schedules/data to a file for customization later. (C++)
Maze Generator
● Created software that uses a recursive backtracking algorithm and depth-first search to generate a maze. Splits canvas into
multiple cell objects and removes blocks to generate pattern. (JavaScript)
STEM Path to the MBA Program April 2017 – Present
Student Ambassador Tuscaloosa, AL
● Serve as liaison for the program to prospective students, incoming freshmen, the University, alumni, and visitors.
● Serve as student representative of the STEM Path to the MBA Program to program faculty and the advisory board.
● Help with program events such as socials, Startup Weekend, and Friday speakers.
University of Alabama Dance Marathon April 2017 – March 2018
Assistant Director of Data Tracking Tuscaloosa, AL
● Monitored all social media activity across multiple platforms in order to provide accurate statistics to rest of organization.
● Created a Twitter Data Mining tool using node.js to parse through the twitter API looking for specific keywords. This data
was then used to create charts to pleasingly display this information.
● Helped manage committee of 9 other students ensuring all deadlines set by the organization were met by our members.