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Bridgewater State University

English 280 Fall 2018


Week 1

Wed Sept 5 Introductions, syllabus

Week 2

Mon Sept 10 Read: On Writing Well ch 1,2,6 (in readings on website) Discuss: Principles and

Wed Sept 12 Read: On Writing Well Ch 8, 9, 10 (in readings on website) Discuss: Principles and

Week 3

Mon Sept 17 Class Cancelled

Wed Sept 19 Read: On Writing Well Ch. 12, 20, 21, 22 (in readings on website) ; TTS pxv-xvii, p14-16
(emailed) Discuss: Essay 1, Attitudes, blog

Week 4

Mon Sept 24 Due: Blog Post Read: Mrs. Kelly’s Monster (in readings on website) Discuss: Reading
and interviewing, book club

Wed Sept 26 Due: blog. Read: “Why Me” (In readings on website) and Read: Telling True Stories
p104-107, p126-128, p132-135, p139-140, p158-159 (emailed) Discuss: reading, profile writing,

Week 5

Mon Oct 1 Writing Day. Class will not meet.

Wed Oct 3 Due: Essay #1 for workshop. and First Book Club Meeting.

Email by Friday Oct 5 @ 10pm Due: Essay #1

Week 6

Mon Oct 8 Columbus Day- No Class

Wed Oct 10 Due: Blog Read: On Writing Well Ch 13, 15, and 18 (emailed) and Talk of the Town
examples (reading on website) Discuss: Essay 2, Reading
Week 7

Mon Oct 15 Due: Book Club meeting #2. Read: Telling True Stories p20-22, p24-28 (emailed)
Discuss: reading, writing from photos

Wed Oct 17 Due: Blog Read: Bring to class a sample of a Talk of the Town essay Discuss:

Week 8

Mon Oct 22 Due: Book Club meeting #3 Discuss: Book Club and Design

Wed Oct 24 Writing Day. Class will not meet.

Week 9

Mon Oct 29 Due: Essay #2 for workshop and Book Club meeting #4

Wed Oct 31 Due: Essay #2 Read: excerpt of feature categories (on website) and Telling True Stories
p230-233, p233-235 (Emailed) Discuss: features in newspaper and magazines, Essay #3 and #4

Week 10

Mon Nov 5 Due: Blog and book club meeting #5 Read: “A Most American Terrorist:The Making of
Dylan Roof” (in links on website) Discuss: features

Wed Nov 7 Due: Blog Read: Telling True Stories p164-169, p170-172, 172, 176 (emailed) and “The
Girl in the Window” (in readings on website) Discuss: Readings

Week 11

Mon Nov 12 Veteran’s Day- No Class

Wed Nov 14 Monday Class Schedule, Wed classes will not meet Due: blog Read:
Telling True Stories p198-202, p202-205, p235-239 (Emailed) and “The Bravest Woman in Seattle” (in
readings on website) Discuss: features

Week 12
Mon Nov 19 Due:Book Club Meeting #6

Wed Nov 21 Writing Day- Class will not meet

Week 13

Mon Nov 26 Due: Essay #3 for workshop and Book Club Meeting #7 Discuss: Fourth Feature
Wed Nov 28 Due: Essay #3 and Blog post Read: “Adam and Megans Story” in readings on website.
Discuss: Reading

Week 14

Mon Dec 3 Due: Book Club Presentation Work Day Discuss: Final Portfolios, publication
opportunities, book club presentations

Wed Dec 5 Due: Book Club Presentation Work Day

Week 15

Mon Dec 10 Class Cancelled for conferences and draft of essay #4 due

Wed Dec 12 Due: Book Club Presentation

Final Exam 11:00-1:00: Final portfolios due (including essay 4) and Final Exam Reading.

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