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Tour of Sri Lanka 2018



‘The great Sri Lankan Ticket Rip Off’


INTRODUCTION ................................................................................ 3


TICKET PRICING 2001 - 2007 ......................................................... 7-8

TICKET PRICING FURORE 2012 ................................................... 9-10

2018 TOUR ................................................................................... 11-12

BARMY ARMY CAMPAIGN .......................................................... 13-16

ADDITIONAL ACTION.................................................................. 17-18

THE CHARITY ANGLE ..................................................................... 19

CONCLUDING STATEMENT .............................................................20

APPENDICES A – F .......................................................................... 21


The purpose of this document is to draw attention to the situation that has
arisen following the Sri Lanka Cricket Board’s (SLC) decision to outsource
sales of seated tickets for England’s winter tour in late 2018. This specifically
concerns the Test Matches due to be played at Galle, Kandy and Colombo in

The intention is to highlight how the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has in
recent years begun to regard travelling English Cricket Supporters as a ‘cash
cow’ and as a result with contempt and a lack of respect which some even feel
borders on racism.

The comments included in this ‘Dossier of Discontent’ will hopefully persuade

those in authority in SLC to seek a solution to the situation that is acceptable
to all and thus prevent future damage to future tours in particular and Sri
Lankan Tourist Industry in general.

The following pages contain evidence of the anger and disappointment felt by
travelling England Supporters in the form of email, social media comment and
comments recorded against the change.org petition started in reaction to the

Whilst we in the Barmy Army do not claim speak for all, the groundswell of
opinion and fall out from SLC’s decision has come from all sections - including
members of the wider cricketing community who would normally baulk at the
thought of being associated with our organisation.

Why English Cricket Supporters go to Sri Lanka
Whilst it has always been a British trait to support their national sports teams
playing abroad, it is only in the last 25 years that numbers have risen globally
and exponentially. Clearly the most popular destinations have been Australia
and the Caribbean but since the turn of the millennium, tours to South Asian
countries have attracted much greater numbers.

One of the main attractions to touring these destinations is the value for
money one can obtain. Thus tourists who would not normally be able to afford
to tour the more expensive destinations are able to come and support the
England Cricket team. In tandem with the main purpose of any cricket tour is
the opportunity to experience and appreciate different cultures, cuisines and
surroundings. It certainly isn’t just about drinking beer and singing songs!

Apart from the obvious pull of a financial saving, Sri Lanka has long held sway
over the other South Asian test playing countries. It is already a popular
holiday destination, is known for the friendly and welcoming nature of it’s
people and most relevant of all, it’s love of cricket. Over the years word of
mouth has been the main driver to raising the numbers of travelling
supporters from less than 1,000 to up to as many as 6,000.

Why English Cricket Supporters go to Sri Lanka (cont..)
There is also no doubt that a combination of the rising numbers and the
improved TV Coverage has resulted in the Galle Test Match becoming a
‘bucket list’ Test match destination, up there with the MCG, Cape Town and
Kensington Oval. Any cricket supporter that has seen the panoramic view of
Galle Stadium with the backdrop of the 16th Century Dutch Fort and the
sparkling blue Indian Ocean will surely have immediately harboured a desire
to make the trip.

Whilst Galle is the most obvious draw, those who have been to Sri Lanka will
also speak fondly of Kandy City and the former Test venue Asgiriya Stadium,
surely the only Test Match ground that also a school cricket ground.

English supporters will wax lyrical about their adventures in Sri Lanka.
Whether it’s racing around in tuk-tuks (motorised rickshaws); enjoying
gorgeous beach sunsets; feasting on delicious curries and sublime sea food
washed down with the very palatable local Lion beer; ending the night with a
shot of Arrack or two you’d be hard pressed to find many that don’t enjoy this
wonderful country.

It’s not just about Cricket, either. Wherever possible, within the confines of
the Test match schedule, visiting English supporters will visit the Pinnawala
Elephant Orphanage, Tea Plantations, the Temple of the Tooth, Adam’s Peak,
Sigiriya or any one of the many World Heritage Sites dotted around the island.
Some may extend their trip and head down to Yala National Park to see wild
elephants and leopards.

Why English Cricket Supporters go to Sri Lanka (cont..)
There are negatives: the voracious mosquitos; the fact that it takes an age to
get from A to B on the roads; the frankly awful toilet facilities in the cricket
grounds and very questionable Health and Safety standards. However none of
this really detracts from the overall experience (this ticketing issue apart)
which is overwhelmingly positive and one of the prime reasons that the Barmy
Army have not suggested a boycott.

Ticket pricing 2001 - 2007

In 2001 England played their first ‘proper’ overseas Test Series versus Sri
Lanka beginning at Galle. The only seated area was within the pavilion and a
football style stand that is curiously situated at an angle some distance from
the action. The rest of the ground consisted of grass banks.

Whilst there was a small representation present from Organised Tour

companies such as Gulliver’s Sports Travels and Sport Abroad the majority of
attendees were independent English supporters that chose sit on the grass
banks. Entrance ticket cost was 20 LKR a day (a mere 16p at that time). To sit
in the football style stand cost 200 LKR (£1.60). We have no information on
the cost of sitting in the old pavilion but 1,000 LKR (£8.21) is a likely amount.
It is estimated that were some 700-1000 England Supporters in attendance
for this fixture.

These numbers increased slightly in the succeeding two Test matches in

Kandy and Colombo with numbers at the last match being inflated due to the
presence of expats both local and flying in from around Asia. Not to mention
that England were about to win a second successive away Test Series, which
doesn’t happen that often!

Our research shows us that the most expensive tickets across the 2001 series
were 1,250 LKR (£10.26) per day.

Ticket pricing 2001 – 2007 (cont..)
In 2003 England returned to play a three Test Series. The author of this
report was in attendance for the entire 5 Days and remembers well boasting to
friends that entrance to the entire Test match cost less than £1 - so prices had
hardly risen since 2001. Numbers of English tourists had risen to between 2.5
and 3K. Tickets in the Grand Stand at Galle cost 750 LKR a day (£4.46).

In 2007 prices rose but not significantly with grassed bank areas now costing
100 LKR (£3.29) at the Kandy Test with decent seated tickets now costing
1000 LKR (£4.49). Sri Lanka continued to enhance it’s reputation as a
cricketing destination with attendances now rising to 4K plus.

Ticket Pricing Furore 2012

The 2012 series represented a watershed as SLC woke up and smelt the
coffee. Here were many thousands of English Cricket supporters (estimates as
high as 8K) descending on the island just to watch cricket. The decision was
taken both to raise the minimum seated ticket price to 5000 LKR (24.18) and
to the astonishment of those who consider themselves ‘Budget Travellers’
entry to the grass banks ticket price 300 LKR (£1.45) was denied to all but

Experienced tourists attempted to usurp this policy by using their tuk-tuk

drivers and other locals to buy tickets on their behalf. This then led to
unsavoury scenes when English supporters were ejected unceremoniously
from the ground and told to purchase the 5000 LKR tickets if they wanted to
return. Unscrupulous tourists (unfortunately England cricket’s following has
it’s fair share) then took advantage of the generally poor levels of security and
gained access to the seated area using their ‘illicitly’ obtained 300 LKR tickets.
Others using a combination of bribery and subterfuge simply ‘blagged’ their
way into the ground without paying any entrance fee at all!

There was an attempt to boycott the match via the Dutch Fort overlooking the
ground that also offers an excellent vantage point to view proceedings. Several
hundred supporters heading for the ramparts closely followed by numerous
enterprising locals offering beer and food for sale. These actions caused more
problems when it was found that there were few litter receptacles. The story of
the resulting mess made the local press and Giles Clark, the then ECB
Chairman, vowed his organisation would pay for the clean up. One wondered
whether he was even made aware why so many fans were up on the Fort
rather than in ground.

Ticket Pricing Furore 2012 (cont..)

The ‘two tier’ pricing system made the English national press. The negative
comment forced the then SLC President Mr Upali Dharmadasa to declare
that everyone would have to pay 5,000 LKR to gain entry. This resulted
in the locals staying away and missing the opportunity of watching their
heroes record a 75 run victory and go one up in the series.

Up on the Fort an attempt was made to try and charge English Fans
entry causing another unnecessary kerfuffle.

There was little doubt that no one who attended that match felt £25 was
a fair entry price. The facilities afforded by the ground are poor at best.
Toilet are single Portaloos which don’t appear to be serviced throughout
the match and there is little or no food on offer, although there are
numerous ice cream vendors on bicycles with THE most annoying
chimes ever! Apart from the seated areas as previously described, the
temporary ‘stands’ erected on the grass banks largely consisted of flimsy
plastic garden chairs with a tarpaulin stretched above. Conditions
behind the stands are treacherous underfoot especially if rain falls.

2018 Tour

Despite the events of 2012, we were aware that though disgruntled by

the attitude of Sri Lankan Cricket, travelling fans had largely positive
experiences and many that attended would seriously be considering a

We felt that there were many lessons to be learned from the events of
2012 and came up with a proposal that would enable SLC to charge
English Supporters more than the locals.

Whilst we accept we do not speak for all travelling fans we certainly feel
we have their interests at heart - particularly those that travel
independently. We have touring experience going back the best part of
25 years to the point where we have developed strong working
relationships with overseas cricket boards such as Cricket South Africa,
Cricket Australia and Cricket West Indies so feel we have plenty to offer
in terms of consultation and planning of popular tours.

In late April we wrote to SLC President Mr Thilanga Sumathipala

expressing a desire to assist and thereby avoid the negativity that
surrounded the 2012 tour.

2018 Tour (cont..)

Many argue that it is patently unfair to charge tourists more than locals.
However we are acutely aware, not just from our tours to Sri Lanka but
also to India and Bangladesh, of the huge differential between the
wealth of our respective nations and related earnings. For that reason
we are prepared to accept a reasonable differential. We therefore in our
correspondence suggested creating England Fan Zones (which would
enable a higher pricing structure) amongst other constructive

The email exchanges are appended at the rear of this document. To

summarise the response we received it appears that Sri Lanka Cricket
had hastily signed an exclusive ‘Hospitality Partner’ deal with a Sri
Lanka company - Island Leisure Lanka (Pvt) Limited - effectively
signing over ALL seated areas within the Test venues over to them.

Island Leisure have since decreed that each seat has effectively become
subject to a ‘hospitality package’. The basic package will bundle a match
ticket with ‘value additions’ of drinks vouchers and an item of tour
specific merchandise. The pricing structure (see appendix) is now well
known but the tickets start at $65 USD a day (£51) provided all 5 days
are purchased.

Island Leisure have no online portal for ticket sales and supporters
willing and wishing to purchase from Island Leisure will be liable for
Bank Charges at both ends with Island Leisure imposing a hefty $25
USD (£19.35) to handle each transaction on top of whatever charges
UK Banks will impose (in the region of £10 on average we believe).

All in all a very unsatisfactory situation and unprecedented in the

cricket world.


The Barmy Army Campaign

After being effectively ‘flat batted’ by SLC we made contact with

Chandana Amaradasa, MD of Island Leisure. We outlined our concerns
about exorbitant seated ticket prices, pointing out that the vast majority
of England supporters do not want ‘hospitality’ - they simply want a
seat. We pleaded with him to strip out the ‘value additions’ and simply
sell seated tickets. He flatly refused and justified his actions claiming he
wasn’t doing anything unusual when in fact he was doing just that.

We expressed our concerns about the lack of an online portal. Mr

Amaradasa’s response was to dismiss such extra incurred expense as
“no more than the price of a coffee in London”.

The only positive step forward from this conversation was that it
appears that SLC have reversed it’s decision to charge full price for Day
5 and entry will be now complimentary presumably for supporters that
have purchased Days 1 - 4. We have yet to receive official clarification
but if correct this, at least, is a step in the right direction.

All further attempts at direct communication with SLC have proved

futile. On 23 May we published an article on our web site
barmyarmy.com outlining our findings and attempts to get a fair deal
from SLC. This provoked a strong reaction on social media, particularly
Twitter and Facebook (see appendix) with the vast majority attacking
the SLC for their decision. Many expressed a view that they simply
wouldn’t travel to Sri Lanka, others said they would watch proceedings
from their resort hotels.


The Barmy Army Campaign (cont..)

We have since followed up our article with a petition calling on a rethink

from SLC. To date this has attracted close on 3.5K signatures. A sample
of comments recorded by petitioners show a groundswell of anger and
resentment towards SLC which we feel should not be ignored in terms
of the potential damage this could do to future tour income, income
from general tourism and the image of the Country as a whole.

On 28 May an article appeared in the Sri Lankan Sunday Times Online
edition which seemed to suggest that SLC had limited the ‘Hospitality
Partner’ deal with Island Leisure to 4,000 tickets and that tickets priced
from 300 to 5000 LKR would be made available to all.

This directly contradicts what Mr Amadarasa told us, which was that he
had control of ALL seated tickets in ALL venues.

We again wrote to SLC to seek confirmation that seated tickets, without

recourse to Island Leisure, will be made available to travelling
supporters either via an online agency or purchase at the stadiums or
other outlets.

There has been no response to date to this reasonable request though

there have been some confusing reports in the media.

To rub salt in the wounds South Africa began their tour of Sri Lanka and
tickets were put on sale online by SLC. It transpired that that the most
EXPENSIVE Seated ticket at the Galle Test would cost the equivalent of
less than £2.50.

Respected cricket blogger Daniel ‘Scorer’ Byrne travelled to Sri Lanka to

watch this series. With his permission here is an extract from his series
preview article:

I bought my tickets on-line two weeks in advance via
“bookmyshow.com” which now has an international department
covering events outside of India. I paid 500 Sri Lankan Rupees a day for
tickets in the permanent stand in Galle where there is a bar and
restaurant and comfortable seating in the shade. The travelling
England fans will not get access to this area for the Test in November
even if they are prepared to pay thirty times the cost of my ticket. In
Colombo my seats cost 750 Rupees a day for the only stand with
guaranteed shade. There are currently 215 Sri Lankan Rupees to the
UK pound. I will be watching from square leg for both the games which
perhaps isn’t ideal, but the only ground in Sri Lanka where you can
guarantee being able to watch from behind the bowler’s arm is the new
stadium located at Pallekelle, just outside Kandy.


The England supporters are being forced to buy packages amounting
to £250 per Test in an extraordinary and blatant form of
discriminatory ticket pricing. I used to think Buddhism was an
enlightened alternative to some of the more conservative forms of
religion until I first came to Sri Lanka and discovered it was just
another form of unregulated capitalism. Incidentally the last time New
Zealand played a Test Series in Sri Lanka they let travelling supporters
in to all the Tests for free.

To make matter worse towards the conclusion of the series in Colombo

SLC’s official Twitter Feed even announced free entry to parts to the

The debate on Facebook also provoked a strong response. This is the

vitriolic response from an experienced cricket tourist, Pat McCarthy, to
a post suggesting £50 was a reasonable price to pay in comparison to
current English ticket prices:

Julie S****** you haven't got a clue have you? What do you think you
get for your £50 a ticket ? A nice seat in a shaded stand? Food facilities?
Use of a toilet when you need to go? A bar? Let me explain to you what
you might get if you are lucky: a dodgy rotten plastic chair and if its
under 5 years old you are on to a winner. Don't expect any elevation to
help your view. The flimsy tarpaulin above your head might keep out a
bit of sun if you’re lucky - but take your own umbrella for when it rains,
as the downpours in Sri Lanka don't mess about. If you fancy some food
take a tip from me , bring your own from your hotel - because you will
find next to nothing in the grounds. Good luck if you fancy a beer too .

Now when it comes to the toilet facilities in Sri Lankan grounds they
have taken it to new levels of unhygienic status. You will be lucky to
find anything to squat over, assuming that you don't mind squatting in
squalor. Luckily I'm a bloke and can take a slash at the side of the road
with the locals- but if I was you (in Galle) I would take my chances in
the Sydney Hotel .

So please tell me again why I should pay £50 for the pleasure?

Additional Action

In addition to our public campaign and communications with SLC we

reached out to the following:

Sri Lankan High Commission (London)

• We emailed and telephoned the but received no response.

Sri Lanka Tourism (London)

• They await this document (Nalin Perera)

Sri Lanka Cricket Competent Authority (Columbo)

• We were made aware by an Indian journalist that a so called

‘competent authority’ had been brought in by the Sri Lankan
Government toi run SLC due to some financial irregularities. We
contacted H.T. Kamal Pathmasiri by email but received no

British High Commission (Colombo)

• We are in communication with Mr Phillipe Dickinson and are

aware of a high level meeting with SLC that has sadly not yielded
any positive results. They await this document.

Mr Ranil Jayawardena MP for Hamphire North East

• Mr Jayawardena is a British MP of Sri Lankan heritage. We have

exchanged emails with his office manager Ms Clemency Huggins
and understand that he has raised the matter privately with the
Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe. We intend to provide him with a
copy of this document.

International Cricket Council (ICC)

• We have raised the matter with our contacts with the ICC in
particular with the suggestion that the imposition of a two tier
price policy could be construed as being racist – in contravention
of their own Code of Conduct. However the ICC regard Ticketing
Policy as a matter for individual boards and will not intervene.

England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

• Whilst we have not attempted direct contact with the ECB we

understand that Mr Tom Harrison, CEO has raised the our
concerns on behalf of all travelling England team supporters. To
date we don’t believe anything positive has yet to result. We
intend to provide him with a copy of this document.


The Charity Angle

We include this subject as many have expressed their disappointment at

the actions of SLC against the backdrop of on-going charitable
generosity towards Sri Lanka, particularly after the Tsunami of 2004.

On Boxing Day in 2004 the England cricket team were touring South
Africa when news of this disaster broke. The Barmy Army were, as
usual, present in large numbers. A collection was quickly organised and
over £10,000 was raised for immediate disaster relief.

We subsequently established a strong relationship with a charity formed

in response to the disaster. Their Future Today, a UK based charity
devoted to helping children has been the beneficiary for all subsequent
tours and are set to be the nominated Charity for the tour in 2018.

Rather than us patting ourselves on the back we’ve asked Lynn Stanier,
founder to outline how English Cricket Supporters have contributed to
alleviating some of the dreadful situations experienced by children in Sri

There is a huge disparity between the rich and poor in Sri Lanka, and we are
hugely grateful to England’s Barmy Army supporters for continuing to support
Their Future Today and our aims to reunite children abandoned in orphanages
with families, and improve the lives of institutionalised and disadvantaged
children, particularly in the midst of the disappointments after actions taken by

The generosity of Barmy Army supporters over the years have helped us
significantly to provide education and skills training for 3000 disadvantaged
children per year who are living below the poverty line, without clean water,
electricity or sanitation. With funds raised in 2012, we also built a small ‘Barmy
Army’ house to reunite three abandoned children with their homeless and widowed
mother, changing their lives for the better forever.

Shantakumara, now 17 years old is so grateful for his home and the opportunity to
go to school, and now works in a shoe factory to support his mother and siblings.
Together we can create many more happy endings and supporters are very
welcome to visit our projects if interested.


Concluding Statement

At no point have we in the Barmy Army endorsed a boycott of this tour

though we feel there sufficient grounds for doing this. Indeed as the
appended comments will show there are many that feel strongly enough
to voice this sentiment. We, as an organisation, would rather attempt a
reasoned dialogue with the decision makers and despite the bad taste in
the mouth left by this rank corporate greed we still want to attend and
show our support for the England Cricket team. We retain a deep
affection for Sri Lanka and it’s people, many of which have echoed our
own discontent at the current situation.

We grudgingly accept and understand that organised Tour Companies

(which includes Barmy Travel - which we hold a 50% stake in) have had
no choice but to deal with Island Leisure Lanka to ensure their clients
are guaranteed advance tickets. However we continue to take issue with
ticket prices that are unreasonable and far from commensurate with the
stadium facilities that are provided when compared with other
destinations, including such ‘Third World’ countries such as India.

To call a seated ticket bundled with so called ‘value additions’ of drinks

vouchers and an item of unwanted merchandise a ‘Hospitality Package”
is frankly ludicrous and unprecedented across the cricket world.
Especially when in Galle the seat will be a flimsy plastic garden chair on
an uneven surface beneath a makeshift tarpaulin roof.

We call upon Sri Lanka Cricket to make reasonably priced

seated tickets available for independent travelling supporters
from their established online ticket agent partners
bookmyshow.com free from unnecessary bank charges and

It is our opinion that SLC are putting a sheer profit above the reputation
of it’s Country and people and will do irreparable damage to future
touring in terms of numbers and untold damage to the Sri Lanka
Tourism industry.

It’s not too late SLC. Please think again.

The Barmy Army Team

September 2018


Section A
Correspondence from Island Leisure Lanka

Section B
Ticket/Hospitality Information from Island Leisure Lanka

Section C
Emails between Barmy Army and SLC

Section D

Emails received in response to Barmy Army website article

Section E

Social Media Backlash

Section F
Petition comments


Section A

Correspondence from

Island Leisure Lanka

(Pvt) Limited

Section B

Ticket/Hospitality Information


Island Leisure Lanka

(Pvt) Limited

Section C

Email correspondence


Barmy Army

Sri Lanka Cricket

Section D

Email correspondence

received by

Barmy Army

Emails received in response to Barmy Army News Story
(personal data removed)

From: A Pinfield
Subject: Sri Lanka ticket prices
Date: 23 May 2018 at 22:01:36 BST
To: andy@barmyarmy.com

Having just read the Barmy Army statement my brother and I will be contacting our travel
agent with a view to cancelling our flight and accommodation in Colombo for the
3rd test, and the money we save will be put towards a tour to the West Indies. You can
use this email in any dialogue with the Sri Lankan Cricket Board.
Alan Pinfield

Sent from my iPad

From: Owen Harrison
Subject: Sri Lanka
Date: 24 May 2018 at 01:48:02 BST
To: andy@barmyarmy.com

Hi Andy,

Scandalous to read about the actions of Sri Lankan Cricket authorities. I'm an expat
living in Australia, and so am planning over the next few years to attend plenty of
England fixtures away from the pleasant land of home.

The prices that have been quoted are staggering, and a great shame as Test Cricket
struggles in places like Sri Lanka. Isn't it amazing how individuals who make decisions
such as this are employed in roles so high up?

As a former MCC employee, i'm not sure if the powers that be there would be willing to
have any input into this, but i'm sure the ECB will certainly be helpful, considering the
world class support the army provide around the world for the boys.

All the best and keep up the great work,


From: Louise Scull
Subject: SL Cricket ticket prices
Date: 24 May 2018 at 08:55:27 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

I’ve just read your piece on FB and, like many cricket supporters must be, am desperately
disappointed. My partner and I were planning on travelling to SL this winter, but will now
reconsider – at these prices, the cost of our holiday for all 3 tests would increase by more than

I love Sri Lanka – I’ve visited three times before, twice for cricket – and was really looking
forward to going back there. I’d even reconciled myself to the fact that ticket prices might be as
high as on the last tour, but I really wasn’t expecting them to double again.

Good luck in your ongoing discussions.


From: Joe Brunwin
Subject: Sri Lanka tickets
Date: 24 May 2018 at 01:49:08 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Barmy Army Team

Thanks you all for this extremely helpful update and for your persistent work on behalf of
the England travelling supporter.

I recently quit my job to go travelling around the world. Going to my first ever away
England test series is right at the top of my list of experiences I would like to tick off in
this year, having dreamt of joining the Barmy army since I was a child. I thought Sri
Lanka would mark a perfect opportunity to do so. I had planned to meet both my
brothers (who I havnt seen for a long time) for a trip of a lifetime.

At the current pricing structure there is no way we would be able to attend. I am gutted at
this news.

Do keep up the good work.

Hi andy,

I have just read your email regarding the Sri Lanka tour. I am saddened by your findings
but can't say I'm shocked. I am an expat living out in Colombo. Is there anything I can do
to help the situation from
Thanks kyle

Sent from my iPhone


From: kyle millward

Subject: Re: Sri Lanka tour
Date: 24 May 2018 at 15:24:23 BST
To: andrew thompson <andythompson@barmyarmy.com>

What I've learnt from

Been here is that they are very short sighted. They do not think about the positive effects
that providing a good service will have in the future, like people
Returning to the country if they enjoy it first time
Round etc.. Social media will make a difference as they are very reactive. Also I think
going down the avenue of explaining to them
How this could have an adverse affect on tourism in the future. I know some
Of the bigger tourist companies are starting to set up here like Thompson for example,
maybe seeing if they will get on board and help
Explaining how it works, asking them to add some pressure? The fact of the matter is,
no one here watched test Cricket. I watched the game v India in Galle last summer and I
think it was 300 rupees in and there were very few spectators in the ground. As usual
with over here greed has taken over.

Even if they charged 1000 rupees a ticket, they would be making over 3 times on ticket
prices alone, and also the grounds would be much fuller. As I say im not surprised by
any of this.

Who is your contact in Colombo?

Again let me know if there's anything I can do

From: Colin Edwards
Subject: Sri Lanka Tour
Date: 23 May 2018 at 22:43:55 BST
To: andy@barmyarmy.com

Hi Andy,

I've just read the article about ticket prices and have to say i'm both disgusted & now
thinking me and my family will go somewhere else for our holiday this year! There is no
way I will be paying these "jacked up" prices based on principle alone!

Congratulations on telling us the full story this far out - We will go on the West Indies tour
instead to see the mighty England!

Kind Regards
Colin Edwards
Sales Manager

From: James Flint
Subject: Sri Lanka Tickets
Date: 25 May 2018 at 13:04:06 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Thanks for the very detailed and informative article with respect to tickets to the Sri
Lanka tour. My wife and I were planning on going over for two weeks to combine a
holiday with 5 days at one test - in fact we were going to start making bookings this
Having seen your note we will hold off.

The possibility of having to pay £270 each for 5 days (£540 in total) will put us off this
trip, so thank goodness I saw it briefly reported in The Times this morning to drive me to
your website.
We did the SA tour 8 years ago and the only way we could afford it was based on the
very reasonable ticket prices offered direct by Western Province. A real shame Sri Lanka
seek to profit like this. We will not make our trip unless this is revisited with guarantees
we won’t be forced out of areas, or made to stand/sit on the grass with no cover.

Thanks for the article - at least we hadn’t spent any money on this yet.

From: Dean Andrews
Subject: Sri Lanka tickets
Date: 25 May 2018 at 13:47:46 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Hi Andy,
I assume you're inundated with replies relating to your article surrounding the Sri Lanka cricket
tickets. Me my partner have booked the flights and have booked all of the accommodation
separately due to wanting to travel around as much as possible. Plus I believed this to be the
best option to get us the best prices I could. I wanted to book more 'romantic' places a part of
the deal of her coming with me, haha, which is why I went with this option.
I was hoping to pick up some tickets and attend, and although the prices aren't ideal, I am happy
to pay the extra to complete the holiday, as it has long been a dream of mine.
I'm just a bit worried now, that even if I manage to get tickets, we may be evicted due to these
possibly being 'Sri Lankan only' zones.
Do you have any suggestions? Or do you think it could end up being a very risky way to
spend £500+?
Thanks very much for your time.
Kind Regards,
From: Nigel
Subject: Sri Lanka Tickets
Date: 25 May 2018 at 17:10:30 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>
Interesting piece on ticketing prices. First overseas tour we ever went on was to the West Indies,
they stuck on a 30 quid per person per day surcharge for Brits, cost me £600 extra, two people,
ten days. Plenty couldn’t/wouldn’t pay and pulled out. Seems we’re regarded as mug punters
wherever we go.
We went to Sri Lanka for the 7 one-dayers in 2014. We paid 7000 rupees, about £35, for seats in
a box (very nice, aircon telly etc). Grandstand prices were 3000 rupees as I recall.
Booked flights and hotels for this year and just started thinking about match tickets. Google took
me to a site called eticketing – are they the SLC appointed sellers? Prices for test matches were
£40/day, £175/five days for what was described as “ premium AC”. Not clear whether AC is
aircon, block A-C or something else.
I hope you can reason with the SLC and persuade them not to kill the golden goose. I’ll be
keeping an eye on your website to see how you get on and of course to check out any advice
you can offer.

All the best,
Nigel Turner

From: mike jones
Subject: Tickets
Date: 25 May 2018 at 18:10:01 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>
Cc: Chaos

Hi Andy

Whilst I was travelling independently in South Africa at the time of the Tsunami I well
remember that the Barmy Army collection for the disaster was the very first response to
the disaster.
Also as many of us in SA at the time had visited Sri Lanka the response was unified and

Apparently the image of the beautiful island is being tarnished by the greed of the Cricket
authorities. The population of Sri Lanka deserve better leadership.

I know many who are reluctant to travel, so the whole economy will suffer from the greed
of a few.

Mike Jones
Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
From: Ian jones
Subject: Galle test match
Date: 26 May 2018 at 18:22:23 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

With reference to above. I presume you are aware that the authorities in Galle attempted to
even charge to sit on the fort on the last day in 2012. Most of people I know refused and sat
there anyway. I am of the opinion that this area may even be fenced off and admission charged
even though I understand this is illegal due to local bylaws. Has anyone any opinion on this.
Also you state that normal admission price is 300 SL . I have been to watch Pakistan play there
recently and the cheapest was 50 per day and dearest was only 250. Tickets are never sold at
any of their grounds including food or drink.
The ICC makes a song and dance about their racism policy but conveniently turn a blinds eye to
this, or even reply to any complaints.
I will not be going.
Ian Jones

From: Leo Phillips
Subject: Galle
Date: 27 May 2018 at 12:05:12 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Dear Andy,

A quick note to say thank you for the update on tickets for the test match at galle in
november. I have booked a flight and accommodation already, but there is absolutely no
way I will pay c. £50 a day for a seat (nor, indeed am I able to!). I also am not in need of
a rucksack or cap! Please do link me in if there are any further updates as I really hope
to enjoy my time there, but this profiteering is most distasteful - i watched bangladesh at
galle a few years back - a most entertaining day’s cricket, a beautiful venue, and free
admission! I am certainly willing to pay something to see England, but these amounts
are an insult.

All best,

Leo Phillips.

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From: "Armstrong, Andrew"
Subject: SL tour
Date: 28 May 2018 at 06:17:52 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Hi Andy.
Was shocked to read the report of the gouging that SLC are planning for the England fans
travelling to SL in October / November.

We have already booked our flights with Singapore air, and they will be non-refundable, but I
am so disgusted by what I have read, that I am willing to take the loss on the two flights as a
matter of principal and just stay at home. Thankfully I have not booked any hotels, tours or
transportation – I cannot get over the fact that SLC will jeopardise the potential windfall for a lot
of ordinary Sri Lankan people through its own greed!!
I have written to the SL tourist board and the SLC association, not expecting any sort of response
It’s a shame, not just for myself, but for all cricket fans – As if we are not struggling enough
already with the long format of the game.
Andy Armstrong | Production Control Manager Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance

From: Brendon Eastwood
Subject: SLC Ticket Policy and Prices
Date: 29 May 2018 at 15:00:31 BST
To: andy@barmyarmy.com

Dear Andy

Are SLC intent on deterring England fans from travelling to future tours in Sri Lanka??

I have flights booked and intend spending a few days in Tangalle before travelling to
Galle for the 1st test. I expect to pay more than local fans, but £50 per day is
outrageous!! Unless SLC have a rethink I'll probably be watching from the ramparts or
on the TV with many others.

Brendon Eastwood
From: Geoffrey Cobb
Subject: The English Tax
Date: 24 May 2018 at 17:42:17 BST
To: andy@barmyarmy.com

Greetings Andy

Let’s hear it for the Barmy Army! You are the only people taking a stand on behalf of the
ordinary cricket supporter. I applaud you

I have been following England abroad for some 24 years now and have seen Our Brave
Boys play in every test playing country, including Pakistan in both their home and
Dubai. I travel independently, sort out my own accommodation and buy my tickets
wherever I can. Frequently I have simply paid at the gate but this is gradually becoming
more difficult as the avarice virus spreads around the cricketing world

English supporters are being ripped off everywhere. It’s the same in
rugby. Unfortunately the ECB are not interested. They are of course cut from the same
cloth so probably approve of the Sri Lankan authorities greedy stance.

While people keep paying these exorbitant prices they will continue to rise year on
year. This practice of charging us much more than the locals has been growing in
recent years. Unfortunately the other tour operators will not do anything. In Australia I
talked to the head honcho of one of them and his view was that there was nothing they
could do. If all the tour operators got together and negotiated jointly they could have a
huge effect. But the vast majority of them see themselves only as competitors. They
could of course continue to compete on hotels, service, speakers etc etc.
Gradually the numbers going overseas are falling. The Barmy Army foot soldiers were
thin on the ground in Australia last winter because of the cost. It’s predominantly the
grey haired like me who go overseas these days. It’s another feature of cricket’s
decline. Caused by greed

In conclusion, well done the Barmy Army for trying to help us. Test cricket is in trouble
and needs all the supporters it can muster. This kind of short term pursuit of easy money
will simply hasten its demise by putting off potential overseas travellers. Once they
break the habit many will not return

Geoffrey Cobb

From: Nick Blyth

Subject: Kandy
Date: 29 May 2018 at 19:11:07 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>


Pete woodhouse pointed me out your article on tickets.

I'm disgusted as I have booked flights and hotels for Kandy but we won't pay those
prices. We will simply do sightseeing and surely it is time the UK Government stepped
in? As a Surrey fan we helped fund and rebuild after devastation hit and we are treated
this way??

This is racial discrimination and no other word for it and is wholly unacceptable in 2018.
Imagine this happening in UK? I cannot see how matters will change now they've sold
rights off to company who need to recoup money. It is akin to viagogo and legalised
official touting.


Nick Blyth

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From: Mike Stark
Subject: Sri Lanka
Date: 29 May 2018 at 19:11:53 BST
To: andy@barmyarmy.com

Hi Andy
I am interested in going to Sri Lanka with a Barmy Army tour.
I have never been there before and the country and cricket have great appeal.
I have however read your latest news letter regarding ticket prices and the kind of
reception visiting England supporters may receive. This has to be blunt, put me off.
The ticket prices are higher than those at The Oval where I am a member! I don’t object
to a reasonable premium over locals, I experienced that in Barbados, I am happy to help
the local economy, however what you describe is unacceptable.
What are the possibilities of reserving a tour subject to getting sensible ticket prices?
Regards Mike

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From: Tom Smith

Subject: Re: Sri Lanka
Date: 30 May 2018 at 06:15:13 BST
To: andrew thompson <andythompson@barmyarmy.com>

Read your post on the Sri Lanka debacle. I’m coming out for a month and there is no
way I’m paying more than 500 rupees per day!

I saw the latest update in the Lanka press, that the board may have u turned, but have
you guys considered some sort of challenge to the ICC? The pricing structure is clearly
discriminatory and contrary to the anti racism policy. Not sure if a breach of this policy (
by a member country, where the organisation is based in Dubai) could be legally
challenged in our courts, but it would make for an interesting legal precedent.

Thanks for all your efforts so far to raise the issue, and if it goes against us, I shal be
very happy contacting media outlets via our contacts in the Addis Army to muddy the
boards name!

See you soon for a beer!

Begin forwarded message:

From: no-reply@barmyarmy.com
Subject: Contact Form Footer: Barmy Army
Date: 26 May 2018 at 12:04:18 BST
To: info@barmyarmy.com, tom.knowles@barmyarmy.com
Reply-To: no-reply@barmyarmy.com

Name: Nigel Snawdon

Contact Email:
Message: I will not be going to SL as these prices and blatant profiteering (as you put it)
really deter me.
I was in South Africa for the India series for much the same reason - Australia was
expensive and although I travelled to NZ for the two Test series - I found their ticketing
stance to seating in Christchurch unsympathetic and Auckland is a rugby ground!
Unless they start using Basin Reserve again I fear my touring days to NZ are also over!
You are right to point out that all this puts even more pressure on Test cricket and we
may be witnessing a sad demise of the best game in the world!
From: "Thompson, Clive"
Subject: Galle test, ticket prices
Date: 30 May 2018 at 14:58:34 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Hi there,
I refer to the discussion around “rip off” prices for the Galle test match. I was thinking of
going to Galle, and this would be my first overseas match (and tour game) but would not be
attending at a cost of £270 for 5 days with no refund available (especially if the groundsman
fixes the game again!).
This would be stupid, and a shame as I was looking forward to seeing the country.
Hopefully some semblance of sanity will prevail, if not Antigua here I come!

Best wishes, Clive

Clive Thompson BSc.(Econ), FCII, CFIRM

Subject: Sri Lanka Ticket prices
Date: 1 June 2018 at 16:05:00 BST
To: <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Hi Andy,

A mate forwarded me the latest info from the Barmy Army website re : the English Tax in
Sri Lanka.
Really interested to hear about developments as myself and a few friends have already
booked flights and accommodation for the first two tests and were intending on going
along as just the sort of ‘casual, ticket only’ turn-up on the day type fans that the ticketing
policy will affect.

Personally it won’t stop me going to Sri Lanka, but at over £50 for a day’s play it will
certainly make me think twice about how many days I spend in the stadium (as opposed
to on the hill at Galle Fort especially).
We were intending on watching as many days play as was financially viable, but if the
Sri Lankan authorities make it too costly, we would rather top up the tan at Unawatuna
Beach and they can miss out on ticket, food, drinks and any ‘souvenir’ revenue that our
group would happily have spent.
Their loss.
Plus the bad press that the empty seats will bring them – especially when it is made
known there are lots of fans over there effectively ‘locked out’ of the grounds by
prohibitive prices.


Martin Isaacs

From: Richard Barrow
Subject: FW: Sri Lanka
Date: 28 May 2018 at 10:47:07 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Hello Andy

My good friend Geoffrey Cobb has copied me with his letter to you re regarding the Sri Lankan
Test Tickets.
He and I are apart of a light hearted group of England independent cricket travelers (about forty
in total) collectively known as the Grass Bankers. We vote on our opposite to the Man of the
Match award after each match known as the 'Gavin Hamilton Award' by email. Looks like
Stoneman will will win in hands down for the Lords Test. It is of course all puerile banter, but
great fun and a lot of firm friendships and one marriage has resulted from our disjointed group.

So from the above you will see a lot us will be travelling to Sri Lanka and have all been sent your
excellent report and share your concerns regarding the fixing of ticket prices. It is a disgrace and
an insult. I could live with it to a certain degree if the money was going to ploughed back into Sri
Lankan Cricket; but it is clear that is not the case.

I fully intend to lobby the ECB to intervene on behalf of ALL England supporters & tour groups. I
happen to be a Board Member at Sussex but suspect that will not carry any weight with either
ECB of SL cricket authorities. However I will use all available contacts to press home the point.I
will keep you updated if i should have any joy.

All the Best

Richard J Barrow

From: Adam Penney
Subject: Sri Lanka Tour
Date: 5 June 2018 at 16:04:37 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

I read the below article with interest:
I am heading to Sri Lanka in November on my honeymoon and we were going to buy tickets to
one of the three tests whilst out there. Although our trip wont be booked with Barmy Army
travel, it was very much my intention to book our tickets in the same area and head to the same
bars / areas etc for the one or two days that we go to the cricket.
However, having read your news article, I share your concern re buying tickets, and it would be
a great shame if we do not attend the cricket due to the actions of SCL.

I will be following this story with interest though in the hope that the situation changes.

Kind Regards


From: Ruth Deary
Subject: Re: Galle November 2018
Date: 5 June 2018 at 18:06:50 BST
To: andy@barmyarmy.com

ps my parents have visited Sri Lanka several times before and love the country. I think
my Mum may email you separately. This is making them rethink which is a shame. I
don't necessarily object to paying a bit more than locals given our different economies,
their currency being worth little and their reliance on tourism but it seems to be a
question of what is reasonable. And the prices you mention are not reasonable
especially given the unlikelihood of a fifth (or even a fourth!) day. Perhaps a compromise
over 'away fans' prices would be possible?

Interested to hear your thoughts

On Tue, 5 Jun 2018, 16:54 Ruth Deary, wrote:
Hi Andy

My parents, myself and my husband are travelling to Galle in November to watch the 1st
test. We are travelling independently as on a budget and were planning to buy tickets
ourselves either at the ground or before if at all possible.

I've just read your latest news on the Barmy army site and I am a bit concerned now! I'd
appreciate your help in what best to do to be able to purchase (decently priced!) tickets
to the test.

Thank you
Ruth Deary

(ps it is my parents' 70th birthdays so want to them enjoy it!)

From: David Kynaston
Subject: SL ticket fiasco
Date: 12 June 2018 at 06:48:03 BST
To: andy@barmyarmy.com

This happened on a West Indies four years ago.
Just a way of forcing tourists to pay more. This is done all over Asia at tourist hot spots.
There are ways around it for independent travelers. Buy your tickets on the gate. We did
that in the Caribbean. £7 to get in rather than the £50 ish foreigners were supposed to
ECB and the Counties should step in.

Sent from David Kynaston

From: carl mesham
Subject: Ridiculous ticket prices !!
Date: 18 June 2018 at 01:09:12 BST
To: "andy@barmyarmy.com" <andy@barmyarmy.com>

Hi Andy,
I have been planning to do the Sri Lanka tour for a couple of years now, and was just about to
book flights and hotels when my friend sent me the article about ticket prices there. I stopped
working over a year ago so I am on a budget now, so there is no way I am paying 50 quid a day
to watch the game, and planning on not going now. Surely the ECB should be working on our
behalf, as we are getting totally ripped off. I will delay booking my flights until I hear the prices
have come down....is there a site I should be looking at to keep me up to date on this ??

Cheers, Carl

On 16 Jun 2018, at 21:01, David wrote:

Hi Andy,

Not sure if you still want details of Sri Lanka and the potential problems with their ticketing
policy. We have spent a fortune on booking a holiday to coincide with the Galle and Kandy tests.
The hotels are at a premium and the prices have gone up a ridiculous amount (I did a
comparison with non test dates). OK, it's a holiday as well as a trip to watch the cricket but my
other half does not want to attend more than a couple of days, which is something she always
does when we book our trips to watch England. Therefore the prospect of her having to pay
over £200 for a package she doesn't want is ridiculous and we simply won't do it. The whole
point about travelling independently is that the tickets everywhere in the world (except
Australia) are cheap to buy. I've always contacted you or somebody else in the Barmy Army and
have been told to buy them in the country or directly from the relevant cricket board rather
than pay the inflated prices that you are charged with Barmy Army tours by the same cricket
boards. To be told by you "don't buy them from us or you'll pay over the odds" is both
refreshing and heartwarming and why the Barmy Army exists. We've done this successfully in
Antigua, South Africa and New Zealand and were hoping to do the same in Sri Lanka.

We are now in a position where we may as well have gone on Barmy Army Tours as it would
have been cheaper. However, this is not the way we want to do Sri Lanka and are feeling a bit
miffed about their new policy. That is no reflection on Barmy Army Tours as I had a great time
with you in Australia but that was with my mate not my "significant other" who is not a big
cricket fan.

Very disappointed by their actions. We've been oin holiday to Sri Lanka before and loved the
place and the people but this blatant profiteering leaves a bit of a sour taste. Feel free to add my
comments to anything you might be putting together. I've also signed the online petition.


Dave Holmes

From: David Gordon
Subject: Fwd: Galle First Test 6/11/2018
Date: 14 June 2018 at 16:26:42 BST
To: andythompson@barmyarmy.com

Thought I would forward a copy of a e mail I have just sent to Galle Cricket Club

Do you have any update Thanks Dave Gordon

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: David Gordon

Date: 14 June 2018 at 16:19:32 BST
To: gallecc@sltnet.lk
Cc: Mark Bowman
Subject: Galle First Test 6/11/2018

We are part of a group of mature England supporters who are visiting the Galle area
from the 4-17/11 and are looking to be going to the above test match.
There is bad news being circulated here that on top of our expense of travelling and
staying in your hotels, you will be raising the cricket ticket price for each of the days to
around 10,600 rupees around £50.
This is well out of order and on speaking to to other England fans, they have no intention
of being ripped off.
This will result in many fans watching on local tv and congregating at venues to watch as
a group.
I understand that the ticket sales is being run independently and that they are controlling
the prices
Can I suggest that this matter is given immediate attention before you finish up with a
very poorly attended cricket venue instead of a full vibrant one with England supporters
being treated equally.
I await your reply. There are 9 in our group.
David Gordon

Sent from my iPhone

From: Tom Smith
Subject: Lanka update
Date: 31 August 2018 at 08:56:10 BST
To: andythompson@barmyarmy.com

Andy, hope all is well.

Just a quick update from the Addis Army (Gyppo Division)! 5 of us

have booked between 2-4 weeks in Lanka, but due to the pricing
issues, we will only be going to the warm up matches ( still hopefully
free) and the Galle Test from the fort (agin hopefully Gratis)! We have
cancelled accommodation in Kandy and Colombo and instead will be
travelling and touring the country.

It also is likely to be the last time I bother going to Lanka. 2012 was
bad enough at £25, but this one stinks. As you know I prefer to sit
with locals and enjoy the match with them, spending my money via
the local economy away from the main tourists. I do however resent
been used a cash cow, and will instead watch future Lanka tours from

Perhaps worth mentioning to the High Commissioner on your trip

down Saarrfffff!

See you in Galle

Section E

Social Media Backlash

@TheBarmy Army



Our petition has been signed by

3,478 people.

The news post about the rip-off

has been seen by ​479,547 people
and shared ​14,219 times.

Section F

Petition reaction

Recipient: Sri Lanka Cricket

Letter: Greetings,

Force Sri Lanka Cricket to change their ticket policy for England
Cricket's winter tour
Name Location Date Comment

Peter Floyd Blackburn, 2018-06-11 Its basically a rip off

England, UK

Nick Edy Bletchingley, 2018-06-11 It’s unfair.

England, UK

Pauline Sage Yate, England, 2018-06-11 Because I’m going and refuse to be ripped off

Giles Wellington Bournemouth, 2018-06-11 Unnecessary greed and arrogance will stop people visiting a
England, UK beautiful country.

Ian Armstrong Bradford, 2018-06-11 Just profit for the greedy that’s all this is
England, UK

Barmy Army Chesterfield, 2018-06-11 After starting an initial private dialogue with us SLC are now
England, UK declining to respond to reasonable requests for information.
We need pressure on them to change their current policy

Michael Cockerton Newcastle Upon 2018-06-11 If you want us to come again charge a reasonable price. I do
Tyne, UK not deal with Theives & chancers.

Allison Finch am Tamworth, 2018-06-11 I understand you might want to charge a little more for non
England, UK locals but this is disrespectful to hundreds of travelling fans
spending thousands to come and watch the cricket and
spend money locally. It’s not hospitality the travelling fans
want, we just want to watch the cricket!

Gavin Wright Old Windsor, UK 2018-06-11 I agree with the barmy army 100%!

Christine Pettinger Huddersfield, UK 2018-06-11 Although I can't afford to travel to Sri Lanka I abhor what
they are doing to loyal sports followers

Gerald Smith Feltham, 2018-06-11 Sri Lankan Cricket should be ashamed of

England, UK themselves..Hikkaduwa beach will do me.

Tim Rose Stourport, 2018-06-11 It’s just outrageous! Looking forward to the trip (which isn’t
England, UK cheap anyway) but this is just daylight robbery

David Peacock Woking, 2018-06-11 Staggering greed and unjustified exploitation of the only
England, UK fans who travel to watch test cricket. Charge prices that
reflect the facilities on offer. Don’t pay the English tax.

Gerald Smith Feltham, 2018-06-11 Sri Lankan Cricket will be the Loser.
England, UK

Craig Norwood Stockton-on-tees, 2018-06-11 Blatant exploitation of the travelling English support. Such a
England, UK beautiful country that I was looking forward to visiting again
but this leaves a sour taste.
Name Location Date Comment

Darren Lynas Stamford, 2018-06-11 Absolute disgrace !

England, UK

Neil Rowe Isleworth, 2018-06-11 Love Sri Lanka but seriously considering whether I will
England, UK bother travelling now. Don't love being ripped off, or
discriminated against!

emma chamberlain Biggleswade, 2018-06-11 Please respect the fans that travel every series and charge
England, UK us a respectable rate of admission. Your tourism industry
and local businesses will be the sufferers if we decide not to
come because the cost of match tickets exceeds the cost of
our trip. Please reconsider your current plans.

Joanne Topham Stalybridge, 2018-06-11 It is unfair that English supporters are charged more than
England, UK any other cricket fans to watch cricket in Sri Lanka. This is
a blatant act because of the amount of fans that support
England. Test cricket is the purest form of cricket but setting
the ticket prices so high is pricing average fans out.

Jason Bowers Norwich, 2018-06-11 My brother and nephew are going out to Sri Lanka and
England, UK these prices are disgraceful....

Keith Wellington Truro, England, 2018-06-11 Unfair on the many supporters who willingly have
UK generously helped the Sri Lanka community over the years,
especially in times of trouble. #paybacktime

Russ Alch Sheffield, 2018-06-11 Fair ticket prices for All�

England, UK

Nick Hollowell Wirral, England, 2018-06-11 3 of us already booked. Will really leave a bad taste if this is
UK changed and will certainly make all 3 of us both (a) reduce
our spend and (b) refuse future tours to SL

Hazel Potter London, 2018-06-11 2012 was bad enough - I spent nearly a month in Sri Lanka
England, UK but didn't pay a rupee to SLC due to the exorbitant prices
- and this is twice as bad. I will be in Sri Lanka but, like
many other independent fans, I will not be paying £50/day.
Instead I'll be on the Fort (again) or finding something
else to do. This is unfair on independent travellers who
simply cannot afford these prices on top of flights and
accommodation; why should English cricket fans effectively
have to pay a huge tax, simply because we travel in large

Lisa Bullen Beeston, 2018-06-11 I’ve never missed a test series there and this increased ticket
England, UK price is stopping me from going.

Charlie Tipler Farnham, 2018-06-11 The pricing is unfair on the majority of passionate England
England, UK followers.

Rishabh Sharma India 2018-06-11 This is completely Unfair to charge such heavy amounts
from loyal cricket fans.This is not only about profiting and
Marketing, its about the love for the Game.

Frank Entwistle Burnley, 2018-06-11 Incredibly naive by the SLC to outsource especially after
England, UK last times issues, wiiing their hands and claiming no
Name Location Date Comment
responsibility at Companies who look to exploit fans
everytime in these countries

David Spooner Peterborough, 2018-06-11 Pricing of tickets is unreasonable


Rob Scaife Sheffield, 2018-06-11 It's just not cricket!!!

England, UK

Graham Collins Chesterfield, 2018-06-11 1st away trip and been on bucket list for years . Fair deal is
England, UK all we ask

Darren Mayes Rushden, 2018-06-11 2012 was bad enough but this is double that price. I
England, UK certainly won’t be paying these prices. I’ll be staying on the
beach. Probably be the last time I visit this beautiful country
as well. Such a shame

Pete Smith Northampton, 2018-06-11 Going out there with family and friends. All cricket fans. All
UK of us would have gone to a couple of days minimum each
at Galle and Kandy perhaps more. No way are we going to
pay those prices. Will enjoy it as winter holiday, plenty to do
there. Cricket Sri Lanka's loss will be the tea plantations and
elephant sanctuaries gain. Hopefully join the barmy army
in the bar after the game which is always a cracking night
night out.

Alan Stevens Birmingham, 2018-06-11 I may have travelled, but not now if that's the price we have
England, UK to pay

Neal Jones UK 2018-06-11 Dear SLC: Stop discriminating against your guests. You'll
make more money simply by being reasonable and not

Gavin McClean bexleyheath, 2018-06-11 rip off

England, UK

James Gibson Chelmsford, UK 2018-06-11 I was in Sri Lanka in 2012. We were charged five times more
than our Australian counterparts who had toured a few
months earlier. That was bad enough but this price hike is
taking the Mickey out of good natured England supporters
who do a lot to boost local communities whilst on these

David Watson Marton-in-Cleveland,2018-06-11 Ripping off fans

England, UK

Daniel Walsh Oldham, UK 2018-06-11 It's unfair

Mark McCoy LONDON, U.S. 2018-06-11 No Ingerland fan, but SL shouldn't bite the hand that feeds
Outlying Islands them, albeit just because they travel in numbers...

Nicholas Powis Dudley, England, 2018-06-11 We always show great support and I feel we are been taken
UK advantage of

Will Pitt Birmingham, 2018-06-11 I went to Sri Lanka in 2007 and loved it. This is just fleecing
England, UK English tourists
Name Location Date Comment

Claire Johnson Halifax, England, 2018-06-11 I was planning to visit Sri Lanka to watch the cricket as a
UK 40th birthday treat. However I might just go somewhere
else now! Shame as I love Sri Lanka.

Bryan Appletin Coulby Newham, 2018-06-11 Absolute exploitation of cricket fans who always travel in the
England, UK thousands. Enough is enough

Tom Bright Gateshead, 2018-06-11 Absolute con and the refusal of entry for the English in
England, UK cheaper areas of the ground is discriminatory.

lyn aldous Harrogate, 2018-06-11 No one minds paying a fair price, but this is just trying to rip
England, UK off English fans. Not on

Pete Bevins Birmingham, 2018-06-11 I

England, UK

John Kennedy Sheffield, 2018-06-11 Seems quite unfair

England, UK

Mervyn Lowe Wolverhampton, 2018-06-11 Cricket is a great game and people should not be exploited
UK for profit which will not help the game develop. This is
exploitation of the traveling support and will only encourage
others to do likewise.

Steve Healey Cardiff, UK 2018-06-11 I’m signing because at prices like this I’m unlikely to attend
thus Sri Lankan Cricket losing out on revenue

Benjamin Spivey Bradford, 2018-06-11 I'll be in Colombo and will be disappointed if these prices
England, UK haven't changed

NA Halifax, UK 2018-06-11 Been to Sri Lanka for the cricket before and did not mind
paying over the odds,but £50 a day is over the top.

SIMON LEWIS Kings Lynn, 2018-06-11 The fans deserve better.....

England, UK

Richard Bradford maidstone, 2018-06-11 Its ridiculous to hinder the best travelling support of any
England, UK sporting team in the world....

Rholane Ncubuka Bloemfontein, 2018-06-11 I support the Barmy army

South Africa

Jamie Morgan Scunthorpe, 2018-06-11 The prices are horrendous for away fans in comparison
England, UK to the prices for home fans. Both sets of fans should be
entitled to the same price for entry.

Antony Dixon Auckland, New 2018-06-11 They are going to charge us far too much to watch test
Zealand match cricket, when they charge other countries far

Patty Moller Australia 2018-06-11 The absolute ridiculousness of the situation at hand.

NA Rockley, 2018-06-11 Why charge us more - ludicrous!! Is this our other nations
England, UK see us - a total walk over?
Name Location Date Comment

Andy Nolan Sheffield, 2018-06-11 I believe in money going to grassroots cricket and not an
England, UK agency’s bank account. Play fair!

Gerald Smith Feltham, 2018-06-11 We have paid for flights & prepaid for hotels in Hikkaduwa
England, UK & Kandy.Was there in 2012 & said we would be back...No
way will we pay £50 for a days cricket in S/L...Its simple
&quot;Discrimination&quot; against English travelling
cricket supporters.

Chris White Coalville, 2018-06-11 I’m going and the ticketing price difference is nothing short
England, UK of scandalous

David Van Birmingham, 2018-06-11 It’s far to high

Heemsbergen England, UK

James Rimmer Ashtead, 2018-06-11 Once again the Barmy Army are being taken advantage of
England, UK as no one likes England !!

Martin Southern Brighton, 2018-06-11 Equality pricing for all fans


Graham Payne Redhill, UK 2018-06-12 Racist ticketing policy

stef hayward Daglish, Western 2018-06-12 Wrong just wrong imagine what they'd say if we did that!

Atul Bhogle India 2018-06-12 Signing on behalf of cricket lovers all over the world. The
authorities HAVE to start respecting the paying public!

Spencer Smith UK 2018-06-12 Extortionate prices. Ripping England fans off as usual
because they know they’re the best travelled supportorters
in the world,Therefore thinking we’ll pay it. Unless progress
is made. ‘Do not buy a ticket’

Stephen O'Brien Driffield, 2018-06-12 It is pure exploitation of a great band of supporters.

England, UK Imagine the uproar if we did this to Sri Lankan supporters in
England. Disgraceful.

Max Baker Burton on the 2018-06-12 I agree

Wolds, England,

Ranjan Mellawa Sri Lanka 2018-06-12 It's grossly unreasonable. Another corrupt act of SLC
administration (thankfully, now chased out!)

Colin Wood London, UK 2018-06-12 We don't want to get ripped off. If you don't reduce the
prices, I will watch the match from a bar. Then you will get

Carole Pixton Mornington, 2018-06-12 This blatant profiteering by this company is outrageous
Australia and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Fans already have
enough to pay out for flights and accommodation without
this added expense.
Name Location Date Comment

Richard Gill UK 2018-06-12 The ICC need to get involved in this, they have a clear
anti-racism policy. How is this any different.............?

Gareth Owen Leicester, 2018-06-12 This is an ill thought out policy by SLC. When they next
England, UK want supporters to travel to SL they will really feel the
pain. Additionally, it is not necessarily the SLC who would
feel any real financial pain if numbers dwindled, it will be
the local communities of independent hotels, restaurants
etc. that will see vast increases in income during the
short spell, when this dries up in the future they will be
begging for folks to return. Well done SLC, you have just
&quot;shouldered arms to a straight one&quot; on your
own people......

Parker Parker Leeds, England, 2018-06-12 This is wrong and criminal, best fans in the world to be
UK treated like this

Andrew MacDonald Penwortham, 2018-06-12 I'm a cricket fan who loves test cricket. This charge would
England, UK mean approx £1600 charge for us to watch all three
tests. Despite what cricket SL believe, that's completely

Ryan Hughes Salisbury, 2018-06-12 Grossly unfair behaviour from Sri Lanka that is simply
England, UK exploiting the excellent supporters that follows England

Tom Handy Langport, 2018-06-12 I’m going and I want to witness my first test match in this
England, UK beautiful country but at a fair priceI will tip the poor people
but resent the rich from profiteering I have money to spend
I want it to go to the local people who have a chance to
make some money from us I do hope this gets a positive

Dan Creasey UK 2018-06-12 Went to the Sri Lanka vs Windie test in galle 3 years ago. The
equivalent of £1 for myself to enter the ground. Therefore
the SL governing body are just takin advantage of the barmy
army. This will backfire on them however. Il be on the fort if
this doesn't change.

David Bowles NOTTINGHAM, 2018-06-12 Sign this petition to help us reduce the ridiculous prices in
England, UK Sri Lanka this winter.

Sean Modlin Preston, 2018-06-12 This is scandeless

England, UK

Ann Lowe Tadcaster, 2018-06-12 it's profiteering on a big scale.

England, UK

DB Islington, UK 2018-06-12 Test cricket needs bums on seats and this policy goes
against the very core principle of what it should be about.
How much longer will the ICC allow other countries to
profiteer off of regular hard working cricket fans from

Jon Plevey Windsor, 2018-06-12 It’s always been a lifetime sporting ambition to watch
Australia England play in Sri Lanka. I am bringing the wife, 2 kids and
father in law and making a dream holiday of it. We really
Name Location Date Comment
hope it isn’t spolit by not being able to afford to take us all to
the test match in Galle. Please urge a change of heart with a
view to the long game. Jon, English expat in Melbourne

rahul kumar India 2018-06-12 Unfair on the part of cricket supporters.Prices should be
same for everyone.

Lawrence Walsh Romford, 2018-06-12 I don’t like being ripped off

England, UK

Rio Dash India 2018-06-12 Yup price that's matter or reason they will not able to see
the matches

Andrew Pinfield Bradford, 2018-06-12 I can see a boycott coming on I won't pay £50,
England, UK

Henry Whittaker Collie, Australia 2018-06-12 Just go , and watch the matches outside , pubs etc, SRI
Lanka may get the message, there is a lot of beautiful
countryside to see.

Nik Bowers Bourne, 2018-06-12 Haven’t been on a cricket tour since 1995 in S Africa and
England, UK am looking forward to this tour though I won’t be held to
ransom and won’t pay them prices. As others have said I’ll
sightsee or watch from the fort/bars.

paul taylor Hilborough, 2018-06-12 Rainy season and high prices. Shame this was one
England, UK tour I wanted to repeat but sadly Greed has ruined it.

Dan Sultan Wembley, UK 2018-06-12 Hi

Richard Cadle London, 2018-06-12 The Sri Lankan Tourist Board need to understand that
England, UK thousands of us have travelled from the UK for previous
cricket tours to Sri Lanka and that many of us may travel
this year as we are already booked, even if we have to watch
the matches on TV in pubs, bars or restaurants. BUT we
will never, ever travel to Sri Lanka again and I for one will
do my utmost to deter anyone I know, who is thinking of
travellng to Sri Lanka, from doing so by describing the
totally unacceptable greed that is becoming the hallmark of
cricket in Sri Lanka.

Surya Pratap Singh Jaipur, India 2018-06-12 In my point of view of this is not good by srilankan cricket
board and I am against of it

Doreen Hughes Spain 2018-06-12 Greed raises its ugly head!

Sheila Daniel Hindhead, 2018-06-12 I would like Sri Lanks to change their ticket policy for
England, UK England' Cricket's Winter tour.

Peter Teague Torquay, UK 2018-06-12 Equal rights on tickets for all supporters

Richard Collier Herstmonceux, 2018-06-12 Equality.

England, UK
Name Location Date Comment

Richard Collier Herstmonceux, 2018-06-12 Equality

England, UK

Jacob Cooper Nottingham, UK 2018-06-12 Not good enough Sri Lanka

Simon Fuller Kidderminster, 2018-06-12 Is there some political reason for this unfairness?
England, UK

Keith Pegg Tamworth, 2018-06-12 This is taking the piss

England, UK

Gordon Clamm Inverness, 2018-06-12 If Sri Lanka Cricket don't treat England fans fairly like other
Scotland, UK visiting fans I won't be going on this tour. A boycott of this
tour will teach Sri Lanka Cricket a lesson they seem to need
to learn.

Cathryn Pontypridd, 2018-06-12 To allow UK supporters be able to afford to watch the game
Butler-James Wales; Cymru,

Marc Ambrose Sandy, England, 2018-06-12 It’s time we stood up to this profiteering. Not just overseas
UK but at home to. I may not go on tours but if I did I would
have to seriously reconsider after seeing this news

Paul Le Boutillier London, UK 2018-06-13 Blatant profiteering

Maria Stanley Djibouti 2018-06-13 Blatant profiteering

craig hill Carlisle, 2018-06-13 Going to Galle, 1st time visitor to SL, let's see if we will
England, UK return..

Cally Barlow Cheltenham, 2018-06-13 It is outrageous

England, UK

James Saunders Southam, 2018-06-13 I feel the SLCB are taking the mickey out of English Fans
England, UK because they know we travel in numbers and will pay almost
anything to see our team in action.

Malcolm Guy Bradley, 2018-06-13 Because International test cricket relies on English
England, UK supporters to attend. Rip them off and it is another nail in
the future of our beloved Test Cricket!

Neil Timms Nottingham, 2018-06-13 If prices were to rise this fast then more advance notice
England, UK should be given to avoid ripping off people who had already
arranged travel and accommodation.

Denise Lloyd Mirfield, 2018-06-13 It's outrageous!

England, UK

Richard Beecher Rotherham, 2018-06-13 This simply is not fair....one price for all...otherwise beware
England, UK anybody coming to England they will have their prices
bumped up accordingly....simply 'not cricket...

Jean Senior Oxfordshire, 2018-06-13 It is wrong for companies to make so much profit through
England, UK ticket touting
Name Location Date Comment

Andrew Piotrowski Ipswich, 2018-06-14 It is just wrong!

England, UK

Henry Whittaker Collie, Australia 2018-06-14 That's asking TOO much

David Gordon Blackpool, UK 2018-06-14 Equality and fairness to travelling England fans

john tooby Exmouth, 2018-06-14 Because its bloody disgraceful

England, UK

Justine Peel Adlington, 2018-06-14 Having been one year I find it pathetic that we get charged
England, UK more

Neil Doody Worthing, 2018-06-15 It is a racist outrage!

England, UK

Andrew Bisson Toronto, Canada 2018-06-15 Two tier pricing (local v tourists) is simply wrong

ANN HIGGINS Redruth, 2018-06-15 The Sri Lankan Cricket authorities are shooting themselves
England, UK in the foot here as it will dissuade keen supporters from
attending. Shame because it’s a wonderful place to watch

MICHAEL NORDEN Cambridge, 2018-06-15 I visited for a tour of Sri Lanka and watched the first test
England, UK played at Galle after the tsunami. Great people, and a
great place to visit, but trying to virtually extort England
supporters has put me, and friends off returning for the
cricket.I don't mind paying a premium above what the locals
are charged, but this is just way out of sync, and will end up
counter-productive to the local economy.

Peter Hucker London, 2018-06-15 It’s just profiteering

England, UK

Charles Britten Manchester, 2018-06-15 The facilities in Sri Lankan grounds do not compare with
England, UK those in England and the basic inequity of charging this far
over the odds is clear profiteering. This must be stopped, or
it will only get worse on future tours.

Jimmy Saville London, 2018-06-15 I think most people can afford to pay.
Jimmy Saville England, UK

Shay Ryan Enfield, UK 2018-06-15 Just trying to rip people off

John richard Kidd Gateshead, UK 2018-06-15 If the Sri Lankan Cricket Board charged the same amount
to every cricket nation that toured Sri Lanka it would be
acceptable .However it is just plain profiteering. I personally
hope that this backfires on them big time,then they may
learn their lesson

Nigel Turner Hartlepool, 2018-06-15 Do the Sri Lankan Tourist Board know about the SLC's
England, UK actions? I am a repeat visitor to SL, I will never ever visit the
country again after this and will urge everyone I know to
follow my example. Tantamount to theft - no self respecting
nation could condone this disgusting behaviour, disgraceful.
Name Location Date Comment

Dorian Grier Burcot, England, 2018-06-15 Disappointed in Sri Lanka Cricket, a poor job in outsourcing
UK this. The only person to benefit owns Island Leisure Lanka

Malcolm Smith Reading, 2018-06-16 The point has to be made that England �gbeng Cricket
England, UK fans will always follow the team but do not like being taken
advantage off.I went to both Tests in New Zealand �� and
ticket prices were cheap.

Pat McCarthy Basingstoke, 2018-06-16 Because Sri Lanka Cricket association are greedy racist cunts
England, UK . I was planning on going but not now , even if they reduce
the ridiculous prices , that's £2-3K that I would of spent in
the economy lost . I will save my money to tour a country
that appreciates our support .

Shaun Fisher Yeadon, 2018-06-16 I’m signing because I’m planning to visit Sri Lanka for the
England, UK Test series and this is an absolute disgrace. I can’t believe
that SL Cricket (and the Government for that matter) do not
recognise the economic value brought to the country by
travelling England cricket fans and instead of being grateful
for this and rewarding it, they instead intend on exploiting

Steven Tulett Worthing, 2018-06-16 Im fed up with people over charging for sporting events
England, UK

Gary Smith Cambodia 2018-06-17 Utterly disgraceful and unfair to genuine cricket fans
without whom the game wouldn't exist

Antonia Cobb London, 2018-06-17 There should be 1 price for everyone, not based on where
England, UK you come from

Richard Dobson UK 2018-06-18 Absolute farce that the Sri Lankan board can try and get
away with this.

Andrew Lewis Australia 2018-06-18 I'm part of the Barmy Army!

Malcolm Smith Reading, 2018-06-18 England Cricket fans who contribute so much to the local
England, UK community when England play abroad are regarded as a
soft touch by some countries.New Zealand was great £18 to
watch a days Test Cricket .The same price as the locals.

Andrew Newton London, 2018-06-18 Very sad. Sri Lanka used to welcome English visitors. Now
Newton England, UK all they see is a moneymaking opportunity. £250 per test for
poor facilities leaves a nasty taste.

Andrew Smith Australia 2018-06-18 This is a blatant exploitation of cricket fans who travel away
and spend their hard earned money Sri Lankan Cricket
board review your policy

Lee Fisher Maidstone, 2018-06-18 All prices should be same!!

England, UK

Stuart Fletcher Burton upon 2018-06-18 Taking the piss out of English fans
Trent, England,
Name Location Date Comment

Glynn Ward Long Eaton, 2018-06-18 If we did this to other nations playing in this country there
England, UK would be an uproar. Wherever cricket is played throughout
the world, there should be the same price paid by both

Paul Finely Birmingham, 2018-06-18 England fans shouldn't be charged 3,4,5 times more than
England, UK other touring fans

Neil Wiseman Norwich, UK 2018-06-18 Its unfair and greedy!

Adam Young Blyth, England, 2018-06-18 Absolute disgrace by the Sri Lankans. Boycott the tour

Brian Allan Australia 2018-06-18 Brian Hugh Allan

Andy Birley Newbury, 2018-06-18 The price differential to locals and other touring country's
England, UK spectators is overly excessive

Richard Trim Chelmsford, 2018-06-18 Extortion based upon your nationality

England, UK

robert knight Pulborough, 2018-06-18 Racial discrimination

England, UK

Colin cook Leigh-on-Sea, 2018-06-18 Disgusting treatment for away fans.

England, UK

joan nicholls Cardiff, Wales; 2018-06-18 Extortion plain and simple....dont go !!!!
Cymru, UK

John Morris Sunderland, 2018-06-18 Pure greed on behalf of Sri Lanka cricket
England, UK

David Evans Leeds, England, 2018-06-18 I am traveling to Sri Lanka for this tour and think the prices
UK for the games are too high

Dave Dixon Nottingham, UK 2018-06-18 Why charge English fans more with the support they would
still make money even if the ticket was £5

Richard Knight Granville, 2018-06-18 Would it be OK to charge Sri Lankan fans more than English
Australia fans to watch a game in England?

Steven Hollyoake Halesowen, 2018-06-18 People see us as the easy target and think we will pay
England, UK whatever they want. Having been to Aus and SA to watch
England in last 3 years, Sri Lanka was the next one on my
hitlist. I will not be going whilst Sri Lankan Cricket continue
to charge these crazy prices. On top of the flights and
hotels they have priced me out. Will save my money for the
Windies or SA again.

ted hill Moruya, 2018-06-19 This is outrageous.


Adarshpal Bhogal Slough, UK 2018-06-19 Signed the petition

Name Location Date Comment

Karen Ditchfield Norwich, 2018-06-19 Because they are ripping people off
England, UK

Kevin Farmer Seasalter, 2018-06-19 I love Sri Lanka and try to make most England tours there.
England, UK But this is an outrage..

Jarryd Green Bloemfontein, 2018-06-19 Over priced!!

South Africa

Dean Sayers Surrey, England, 2018-06-19 I said in 2012 (when they tried to rip us off to the tune of
UK £25 per day) I would never go to SL again. If people don't
go then not only will the cricket be affected, but the local
economy will also be hit. If the local economy is hit then I
bet they won't do this again in the future. The jokers need to
be punished

Andy Bowman London, UK 2018-06-20 This can’t be fair and in the long term will create a lot of bad
feeling among England cricket fans..

DAVID Riyadh, Saudi 2018-06-20 This's truly unfair to any cricket fan or supporter from
BRECKENRIDGE Arabia a visiting country for matches in Sri Lanka. #SLC should
seriously consider this matter. The prices off the tickets
must be equal to all.

Paul Birmingham, 2018-06-20 The whole pricing structure outrageous

Williams(22939) England, UK

Martyn Schofield Redcar 2018-06-20 It's bloody wrong. Everywhere as a brit we go we get
cleveland, penalised. If it was fair we would still put the top amount
England, UK into the local economy as we would feel it was worth it.

anthony huszlicska Bristol, England, 2018-06-20 Disgusting exploitation of true cricket fans

Steve Humphreys Petersfield, 2018-06-21 I'm spending two weeks on holiday in Sri Lanka and thought
England, UK I would go to the first Test Match in Galle. I can't afford to
pay a further £500 plus on tickets for myself and my partner.

john pottinger Harrow, 2018-06-22 It is a disgrace that fans who travel are ripped off.
England, UK

Ian Sanderson Manchester, 2018-06-22 I went in 2007 and it was a couple of quid to get in which
England, UK was standard to their cost of living. This now is pure
extortion. I've paid good money to fly there and get hotels in
November. I will support the local economy but I will not be
supporting the Sri Lankan cricket board's greed.

robert harper Heswall, UK 2018-06-22 It soynds like corruption at its best. Why tbe double
standard with England. A bit of fair play isrequired bearing
in mind thee amount of money that will be spent. Total rip

Jon Gillard Codicote, 2018-06-22 The Sri Lankan Cricket board are profiteering from
England, UK supporters who have followed England cricket for years on
tours to the wonderful island of Sri Lanka. This is outrageous
and the ICC should consider controlling such behaviour by
Name Location Date Comment
either not arranging fixtures there or imposing fines on the
SLC so their profits are heavily reduced.

Simon Robinson Saffron Walden, 2018-06-22 Daylight robbery by the SLC!

England, UK

Alwyne Bell Lincoln, UK 2018-06-22 We should not be discrimated against for being British and
enjoying going abroad to watch our Team......come on SLC
be fair...this pricing is just not &quot;Cricket&quot;

Douglas Bird Epsom, England, 2018-06-22 I want to go but won't pay those prices. Will save it for West
UK Indies

Paul Reed Bampton, 2018-06-22 Will no longer be going

England, UK

Claire Troman Durham, 2018-06-22 I wont be going any more as wont pay those prices and also
England, UK the principle of it.

Harry Jones London, UK 2018-06-22 It's the principal that other countries are not charged
excessively to come and follow their teams but England fans
are taken advantage of due to the large amounts of us that
follow the team around the world. I don't think too many of
us would mind paying an extra few pounds to help Sri Lanka
but not at these excessive prices.

Stephen Clements Wetherby, 2018-06-22 It seems like a scam!

England, UK

john cleaver Crawley, 2018-06-22 inflating ticket prices “because its England” is totally wrong.
England, UK its not football cricket is a family sport.

Fozzy Foston Hull, England, 2018-06-22 Went to the T20 WC in SL and had a fantastic time. However
UK on principal this is an event to miss.

John richard Kidd Gateshead, UK 2018-06-22 Pure exploitation. Still waiting for the E C B to make a
comment regarding this I will not hold my breath

Denis Lawson Thirsk, UK 2018-06-22 Having travelled to Australia and South Africa on a number
of occasions, was seriously considering SL this year.
However this won't be happening due the utter greed of the
the SL cricket board. Should be totally ashamed. The ECB
should also make their feelings known on this subject.

David Miles Lincoln, England, 2018-06-22 I am sick of being taken for a ride. Just pure greed

Terry Whitley Belper, England, 2018-06-22 I was thinking of going, but the uncertainty and rip off ticket
UK prices means I will not be going

Mark norburn UK 2018-06-22 Rip off. .England getting shafted

phil dyson Barwick in Elmet, 2018-06-22 At these rip off prices I will not your SL out f principal and
England, UK the money saved will go towards next years ashes and the
Wold Cup
Name Location Date Comment

Michael Collins Heckmondwike, 2018-06-22 Disgusting. Was out there 8/9 years ago and the prices then
England, UK were far more expensive than the recent Aussie tour. I think
the ECB should add their weight to this. Ultimately it is up
to the supporters to vote with their feet and not line the
pockets of the SL officials who will obviously gain from these
price hikes.I will not tour there again!!

jamie croft 1 cornwall, 2018-06-22 Sri Lankan Cricket need to realise what the English cricket
church lane England, UK team and their supporters did following the tsunami in
2004.Such short memories you obviously have.

Mark Cambridge Clevedon, 2018-06-22 Sri Lanka Cricket needs to stop and think first before making
England, UK any rash decisions about ticket pricing and allocation.
Sri Lanka Cricket also needs to remember the incredible
contribution many England Cricket fans have made to the Sri
Lankan economy on previous tours.

Bruce Massie Anlaby, England, 2018-06-23 Prices should be kept fair and reasonable.

Dane Gray Australia 2018-06-24 Can’t be having double standards

gerrard mcdermott ilkley, England, 2018-06-24 I don't agree with exploiting away fans in any sport.

Harry Heywood London, 2018-06-24 Best away fan being shafted again
England, UK

Bernard Thornton Menston, 2018-06-25 I was undecided about making this trip. I will definitely not
England, UK be going now, as this blatant profiteering is completely

Paul Bennett Bradford, 2018-06-25 This is just exploitation.

England, UK

Craig Stewart Royal Tunbridge 2018-06-28 You expect better from the cricket family than this!
Wells, England,

Justin Barrell Mowsley, 2018-06-28 Disgraceful. Racism is wrong

England, UK

Mike Richards Newquay, UK 2018-06-29 wont be bothering to go to Sri Lanka now or anytime in the
future because of this.

Peter Taylor Groombridge, 2018-07-02 Love the country and most of the people but considering
East Sussex, cancelling our plans to visit in November 2018 if the scam is
England, UK not reversed

ROBERT EVANS Colombo, Sri 2018-07-16 Hi All, I'm positive there will be tickets available for the
Lanka standing areas of the ground (on the grass) for the locals
costing 100rs-300rs (50p-1.50) so you will be able to
buy them on the day instead of booking the expensive
tickets.I've just been to Sri Lanka v South Africa test match
Name Location Date Comment
and the stands had zero breeze and were like an oven. We
preferred the grass areas.

Peter Short Hertford, 2018-07-17 It is an outrage that such a gap in prices can be allowed -
England, UK If we did this to visiting fans in England we would be called
racist!I want to spend my money with Sri Lankans who need
it most - not a greedy cricket association!

alan dempsey Tauranga, New 2018-07-31 Bridget is right... cricket need to be fairly priced .

Valerie Featherby York, England, 2018-07-31 This ticketing is unfair for England supporters. We are not
UK all wealthy and do not all want to drink copious amounts
of alcohol. We want to combine supporting England cricket
with sight seeing in Sri Lanka so will spend more money if
we are not discouraged from coming by silly ticket prices

Valerie Goodall Welford-on-Avon, 2018-08-10 I have been on a number of Cricket Tours already and I
England, UK am incensed by the blatant opportunism that the Home
Cricketing Associations take when England are the Touring
Country. I will not be touring Sri Lanka this year for that

Anthony Kelly Berkhamsted, 2018-08-10 Proper rip off


Demi Phillips Erith, England, 2018-08-10 Demi Phillips


Mark Iverson Tottenham, 2018-08-10 Why is it always england fans? The money we put into the
England, UK local community during these tours is a large ammount.i will
gladly support the local economy. But not some 2 bob con

Stuart Jones CHESTER, 2018-08-10 I was in Galle 2012, and because of the ticket prices of £25
England, UK a day i along with my partner and several thousand others
watched from the fort, previous visits to Sri Lanka, 01 and
07 prices were a couple of pound. I have already booked to
go in november to Kandy test but will NOT pay those prices
when they don't charge others the same. Sri Lanka cc should
be ashamed of itself.

Nathan Buckley Shaw, England, 2018-08-11 It is pure and unfair price discrimination.

Daniel Thurgood Camborne, 2018-08-11 Totally unacceptable ticket pricing. The Sri Lanka cricket
England, UK authorities should remember that without the travelling
English fans that these games will be played in far emptier

Ian Cavanagh Liverpool, UK 2018-08-11 Sri Lanka Cricket it’s unfair please revisit ticket prices

Roy Smith Little 2018-08-11 Fleecing loyal fans like England's should not be allowed
England, UK
Name Location Date Comment

Mark Hartshorne Al Qurrayah, 2018-08-11 Because the discrimination across ticket prices is extreme
Bahrain beyond belief - it’s ‘not cricket!’.

Richard Metcalfe Aysgarth, 2018-08-11 It’s a disgrace

England, UK

David Edward Purleigh, 2018-08-11 I follow England every year on tour and have had enough of
England, UK being ripped off. I spend a fortune while there supporting
their local economy, hotels, restaurants, bars etc and there
is no need to then take liberties with our visit.

RAJ Nathwani India 2018-08-11 Thats

Trevor Bampton Sheffield, 2018-08-11 Cricket is for everyone

England, UK

Paul Marcroft Rossendale, 2018-08-11 its daylight robbery & 100% unfair
England, UK

Simon Walsh Dorchester, 2018-08-11 Drop prices not catches

England, UK

colin petheram bristol, England, 2018-08-11 Joke


zara devlin Biggleswade, 2018-08-11 Having been on the 2012 tour to Sri Lanka which also had
England, UK inflated ticket prices for England fans but let locals in for
free this is a kick in the teeth for those happy to support the
Sri Lankan economy post tsunami. $50 A day is scandalous
when South Africa have just been charged $5 A day !

Martin Nottingham, 2018-08-11 Disgusting

Macpherson England, UK

Ashok Malam Oman 2018-08-11 That is not good for A beautiful island country's tourism.

Henry Swales Hackney, UK 2018-08-11 Unfair end exploitative.

Leo Williams Huntley, 2018-08-11 The only way the venues will sell out at a decent profit will
England, UK be to encourage England supporters to attend. If they come
in their thousands the local economy will feel true benefits.
I, for one, flatly refuse to be ripped off. If the true price
of a ticket is under £2 I am quite happy to pay a sensible
premium. I will not be paying £50 a day.

Paul Bush UK 2018-08-11 absolutely disgraceful...about time travelling fans for

whichever sport they follow are trated the same as home

Chris Emblen Dorchester, 2018-08-11 I do not want other England fans ripped off as we were in
England, UK 2012. #boycottSriLanka

Seb Suarez Gibraltar, 2018-08-11 The inflated prices for travelling fans dont reflect the
Gibraltar average ticket price of the ground.
Name Location Date Comment

Dave Barlow NEWTON 2018-08-11 Despicable behaviour. No other event gets charged £49 quid
ABBOT, England, extra for being foreign. ICC need to step in

Roopjeet Patro India 2018-08-11 I am not in favour of the prevailing discrepancies in the

Tharan Dhara Colombo, Sri 2018-08-11 Unfair and disgusting


David Hughes Goole, England, 2018-08-11 Should be same prices for all

Paul Uren Manchester, 2018-08-11 England cricket supporters will not be ripped off, they look
England, UK on us as an easy target because of the numbers that travel

Wendy Evans West Harptree, 2018-08-11 It isn’t fair

England, UK

Hrishant Singhal India 2018-08-12 England Fans should be treated fairly.

dhanushka Colombo, Sri 2018-08-12 I'm signing because this is totally unfair for the English fans
abeyawardena Lanka

Lorraine White Bradford, 2018-08-12 It's a disgrace exploiting away supporters for profiteering
England, UK purposes.

Margaret McNulty Bradford West 2018-08-12 Not cricket guys

England, UK

shit shitman ass, Anguilla 2018-08-14 I guess the Barmy Army management are pissed off
becuase the clients on their overprice tours will have to
cough up £50 to guarantee advanced tickets. The rest of us
independent travellers will just turn up on the day and buy
locals tickets for a couple of quid. My

Sarah helliwell Huddersfield, 2018-08-16 The joy of travel and cricket overseas is that you can
England, UK combine both together without going on organised trips
and also 'dip in and out' of games especially if your wife is
not as keen. Of course, one of the reasons we choose certain
locations is that cricket is being played so if we can't get a
ticket we may go to an other country for our holiday instead
- so cricket is losing but also the country as not getting as
many foreign travellers especially people like us who have
relatively large income. Mike Helliwell

Douglas mihin Moncrieff, 2018-08-17 As a Srilankan fan its shame.I m also with english fans

Douglas mihin Moncrieff, 2018-08-17 I m with english fans,Its very unfair.As a srilankan i feel
Australia really bad.
Name Location Date Comment

Thomas Parton Bury, England, 2018-08-22 I’m going to Sri Lanka to watch the Galle test!

Paul Rimmer Southport, 2018-08-22 Sri Lanka is my favourite place to holiday. I have always
England, UK wanted to book a holiday at the same time as England play
cricket but this puts me off

Matthew Cunliffe Teignmouth, 2018-08-22 Short-sighted views on pricing for cricket fans.
England, UK

Paul Meaden Sutton Coldfield, 2018-08-22 I believe in fairness. You watch the same game, you pay the
England, UK same fee

Simon Reynolds Aldershot, UK 2018-08-22 Double standards ... reduce tickets to something reasonable,
show some respect .. yes charge more but don't take the
piss ...

Dan Bartlett Brandon, 2018-08-22 This is wrong. Good luck guys!

England, UK

wes gale Weybridge, UK 2018-08-25 Complete rip off !!

Andrew Greaves Nottingham, 2018-08-25 Don’t mind paying a reasonable ‘tourist tax’, but this is
England, UK extortion. Will put off cricket fans from contributing to Sri
Lanka’s economy.

Angela Collinson Brisbane, 2018-08-26 It is a disgrace to charge so much more because of where
Australia people are from..