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Emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) which is also known as green house gases causes global
warming. Therefore, absorption of carbon dioxide plays an important role to protect our
environment. Absorber is always used to removal the carbon dioxide from the flue gas. However,
the efficiency of an absorber to remove carbon dioxide varies with the operating temperature and
pressure, the liquid feed flow, and the column itself such as the number of tray in the column. In
this report, we are going to apply mass transfer analysis to calculate the number of stage needed
for the absorber to absorb around 90% of carbon dioxide from flue gas. Aspen plus simulation is
used to help us to validate the manual calculation. method. When the removal percentage of carbon
dioxide is 90%, the operating temperature and pressure is set at 298K and 7 bar with the liquid
flow at 5L/min. Packed column is more preferred than tray column when designing the absorber
because the efficiency is higher in packed column and packed column has corrosion resistant