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“To be the unmatchable mobile system of

communications in Pakistan this provides the best value
to its customers, employees, business partners and

Mobilink's Vision
“To be the leading telecommunication services provider
in Pakistan by offering innovative communication
solutions of our customers while exceeding shareholder
value and employee expectations”

Mobilink's Values:
Total Customer Satisfaction:

Customers are at the heart of our success. They have placed their trust and
confidence in us. In return, we strive to anticipate their needs and deliver
service, quality and value beyond their expectations.

Business Excellence

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We aspire to the highest standards
and raise the bar for ourselves everyday. This commitment to delivering world-
class quality translates into unmatched service and value for our customers
and all stakeholders.

Trust & Integrity:

At Mobilink, we take pride in practicing the highest ethical standards in an open

and honest environment, and by honoring our commitments. We take personal
responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone fairly, and with trust and
Respect for People:

Our relationships drive our business. We respect and esteem our employees
and all stakeholders. We believe in teamwork, empowerment and honor.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

As the market leader, we recognize and fulfill our responsibility towards our
country and the environment we operate in. We contribute to worthy causes
and are dedicated to the development and progress of the society.


The names of the Top Management

President and CEO Executive Vice President

Zouhair Abdul Khaliq Hamid Farooq

Chief Information Officer Chief Commercial Officer

Tariq Rashid Rashid khan

Vice President Vice President Administration &

Quality Assurance, Securities and Human Resources
Environment Ali Raza Mehdi
Dr. Riffat Naheed

Chief Technical Officer

Marwan Hayek
Total Strength of Employees:
 Over all:
(Total 4500)
Top Managers 75
Middle Managers 750
Line Managers 3675

 Human Resource Department:

(Total 47)
Director 01
Vise President 04
Middle Managers 16
Line Managers 26

Head Office Location:

The head office of Mobilink is located at KULSUM Plaza, blue area, Islamabad.

Branch Offices:
Its branch offices are located in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Rahim Yar
Khan, Sukkur, Peshwar, Quetta, Swat, and Kohat. Moblink has three main
contact centers in three regions of Pakistan. As for the customers centers there
are about 2000-2500 customers service centers all over Pakistan.

Principal area of Business:
Mobilink have two products

 Jazz

 Indigo

Services offered:

MOBILINK GSM has always been the market leader when it comes to
introducing state-of-the-art communication solutions for its customers. they are
continuously adding up to the range of their Value Added Services, all for your
The Value Added Services (VAS) Section will familiarize you with the new
services you can now benefit from, which will give you all the freedom you
need, making mobile communications more exciting, convenient and enjoyable.
This section will walk you through services, which are not only useful but also
cost-effective for both your business as well as personal use. These include the

very basic yet indispensable services like Voice Mail to the more innovative and
sophisticated ones like G-Mail.
They are confident that their innovative and exciting new services will
bring about a revolution in the way you look at mobile communications.
Following are the major services

• Caller time identification

• Call waiting
• Call holding
• Call forwarding
• Short messaging services
• Fax and data services
• International rooming
• News information services
• Mobilink(GSM)G mail
• Superior security in billing
• Mobile TV
• Entertainment & many more

Major Clients/Customers:
Mobilink has about 53% market share.

Number of customers:
Total numbers of subscribers are about 12 Million. The major customers
are from jazz package.
Type of customers
 Major part of corporate sectors

 Armed forces

 Business community

 Govt. organizations
 Teen agars using JAZZ

 Students

 Shopkeepers

 Bankers

Customer services centers:

Mobilink currently has 10 CS centers all over the Pakistan.

Company is facing competition from all the operators in telecom that
includes all the face SGM (Global System of mobile) operators,
CDMA operators and LDI operators and land line operators. All
these telecom companies Human Resource Departments are in
constant need of new employees. So there is stiff competition in the
telecom market for Mobilink.

Major competitors of Mobilink include

 Telenor
 Ufone
 Warid
 Zong

Level of Technology Used:

Mobilink is using high IT based technology for operations.
Mobilink uses Motorola’s infrastructure mostly at radio based
stations, but now it has been exceedingly using Alchatel equipment
too. Switching equipment is of Siemens and Alchatel, billing system

from Telesens KSCL and Ericsson, Intelligent network from
Siemens, Microwave equipement DMC. The GSM (Global System
of Mobile communication) band that is used by Mobilink is in
900/1800 MHz.

Major Departments

1. Finance Department
o Credit and collection
o Procurement imports
o Revenue assurance
2. Customer Services Department
o Customer services operations
o Customer services system
3. Commercial Department
o Marketing
o Direct sales
o Indirect sales
4. Technical Department
o Switching
o Operations / operation support
o Logistics
o Infrastructure

o Systems planning
5. Information Technology Department
o Billing
o IT
6. Human resources
7. Administration and legal affairs & government relation department
8. Internal audit department
9. Customer services


HR Mission Statement

“To lead the organization in enhancing its human capital and creating a winning
environment where everyone enjoys contributing to the best of one’s ability.”

Mobilink will achieve this by:

• Inspiring and motivating its people.

• Developing its people to strive for higher standards.
• Driving an open minded and enterprising corporate culture where people
through leadership at all levels dare to dream, dare to try, dare to fail
and dare to succeed.
• Attracting and recruiting the best talent

Mobilink has a very defined and well structured department and its various
policies of keeping each employee productive part of the organization are
intoned with the corporate world’s requirement.
Employees in the company are largely committed to their organization and
have shown progress in the company. Employees are satisfied with the HR
department of Mobilink GSM Company.
Humans are the basic tool for having competitive edge in the market for most of
the organizations and Mobilink is one of these. Mobilink has one of the best HR
systems in Pakistan that gives it an edge over its competitors.

HR department of Mobilink has three sections.

 Employee services

o Payroll information
o Leave and medical record
o Final settlements and provident fund
o Policies and procedures
o Employees record and recreation

 OD and Effectiveness

o Training plan
o Talent management
o Performance management
o Employees retentation

o Orientation employee communication

 Staffing and compensation

o Staffing plan and HR budgeting

o Management trainee and internship program
o Interviewing and selection
o Headhunters
o Compensation, benefits and incentive

HR Strategies:
Human resource department is putting its efforts towards nurturing a winning
corporate culture and building organizational capabilities by ensuring that its
people at all levels are both able and willing to perform at consistently
exceptional levels. At MOBILINK the people have been empowered to a large
degree by minimizing out dated rules /regulations and plan to further eliminate
the bureaucratic barriers to capitalize on their ingenuity and talent.

HR strategy refers to the specific human resource management course of

actions that a company pursues to achieve its objectives.

But how these strategies/policies/practices are formulated and
implemented at Mobilink. There is a whole process behind this.

The top team continues to play its role in providing the guidance and support to
people at all levels. The HR (people’s) function ensures that it leads the
transformational change by nurturing a climate, which would help in converting
the huge potential at disposal of the company into world-class performance.

The active and effective role played by HR in people development at

different levels organizational, departmental and individual is considered in
MOBILINK to be one of the most critical factors leading to the development of a
winning corporate culture. The effort continues to be directed towards
developing the skills of the shop floor employees, improving competencies of
Business Support Officers (BSOs), and enhancing the leadership qualities of
Like most big organizations, the development of HR Strategies is also
done in accordance with company’s mission. First, Strategic planners analyze
what actually is the prevalent culture of the organization, what are the
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT analysis) of business and
its market, and on the basis of all the above analysis, company’s strategic plan
is established. In the end HR strategies are formulated in accordance with this
overall business’/companies’ strategic plans.
Based on these HR strategies, HR policies and practices are also formed and
implemented. Any abrupt change in the market requires the organization to
follow this analysis in order to be successful. That why organizations
continuously keeps on updating their strategies and policies.

Whole system for development of HR strategies/policies/practices is as

Mobilink’s Competitive
Economic, Political,
Demographic, Competitive and
Technological Trends

Company’s Strategic Situation Company’s Strategic Plan

Company’s Internal
Strengths and Weaknesses

Organizational Performance Company’s HR strategies

Formulation of HR
Formulation of HR policies

HR Practices at Mobilink:
These are few of the HR practices that I have learned from my resource

 Planning

 Recruitment

 Selection

 Training & Development
 Compensation

 Performance Appraisal System

 Occupational Health and Safety measures

 Career Planning and Development

 Research and Development

 Reward Management
 Employee Relations

After the emergence of new telecom companies, market has become much
more competitive and employees are less loyal to the company. Whenever they
get any opportunity better than the existing job, they just opt for that. Which is
there right, however Mobilink is aware of this fact and that’s why they do not
have any formal strategy for succession planning. They do consider the people
from inside but proper succession planning is not practiced in Mobilink these
days. When they entered into the market they used to have strategy regarding
this matter.

But now due to market trends they have transformed there new
strategies. According to the management it’s not useful to invest a lot in the
employee at a larger extent. They do develop employees for there career
planning but no formal succession planning is practiced.
Recruitment and Selection:
In MOBILINK, the activity to fill a vacancy or a new job starts with the
requirement communicated by the respective managers to the HR department.
The HR department then looks for the possibilities of internal and external

 Internal Recruitment:

In MOBILINK, internal recruitment is done for the managers of the higher grade
and directors. When a position is vacant, the HR department views the past
performance of the people working at lower levels than the vacant position and
chooses the right person who is promoted to that position.

At the manager and director level, the internal recruitment process is mostly
carried out but when managerial position is vacant and a suitable person is not
available for the desired post from with in the organization then external
recruitment is carried out.

 External Recruitment:

For external recruitment in MOBILINK, the line managers are required to make
a requisition form for the job in which they have to mention their need taking in
account the budget for establishment and salaries for the position of
Management, Business Support Officers and Workers. Role profile for the
specified job is also prepared matching up the requirement and the grade of the
job. Training period is also specified on the requisition form.

The requisition form along with the role profile is sent by the line manager to
the functional director for his approval and then forwarded to HR Manager. The
HR manager confirms the availability of budgets required for establishment,
salaries and cost of advertisement for the job. After all this, the requisition form
along with the job profile and the budget forecast is sent to the HR Director for
his final approval.

After approval from the HR director the HR manager and the line manager work
hand in hand to prepare job and person specifications for advertising or giving
to the head hunters.

The sources that MOBILINK uses to attract applicants are:

• Inviting applications through advertisement
• Recommendations from the head hunters
• Applications obtained from the data bank of MOBILINK where direct
applications are received from time to time.

After a substantial amount of applications have been received, the line and the
HR managers again work together to shortlist the applications. This is done by

carefully going through all the application and by giving different weightage to
the following criteria:
• Quality of early schooling
• Grade obtained
• Extra Curricular activities
• Overseas travel and education
• Age
• Target University
• Relevant experience

The HR Department then issue call letters to the short listed candidates along
with blank application forms by Date, time and venue for the preliminary
interview is advised and candidates are asked to bring along completed
application forms. A two-member panel of HR and line management carries out
competency-based interviews focusing on functional skills and managerial and
supervisory skills.

After the preliminary interview is cleared people applying for different jobs are
tested in different ways. The following management competencies are
assessed by a panel of cross functional assessors In the case of management
• Communication skills
• Resource management
• Rational decision making
• Influencing
• Creative thinking
• Business development

The HR department is responsible for overall administration of the assessment

centre including training of the assessors.
The HR department provides details of remuneration package and terms and
conditions of service. The HR department also prepares appointment letter,
service agreement and finalizes other documentation for service record.

Measures to improve competences and

employee Skills:

In order to make its human resource productive and efficient, Mobilink
aggressively work in developing its human resource capital through
international and local trainings as well as structured employee ‘well-being’
programs, making it one of the most sought after companies to work for in
Pakistan. Mobilink conducts several training program in order to improve the
competencies and skills of employees.

 Orientation:
Mobilink has a very well organized and well established HR department that
practices all the HR strategies which are beneficial for the organization. As
other departments are well established and operational for there matters, HR
department is empowered to develop and plan what so ever is required for the

Orientation and induction is required for employee familiarization with the

organization and Mobilink is well aware of this fact. Affiliation with organization
is only possible if the employees are informed about each and everything.
When the employee is hired he get proper orientation and that orientation may
exceed to few months until he get the feeling of affiliation and get to know the
organization well.

 Training:
Training is a planned effort by a company to facilitate employees learning of
job-related competencies. These competencies include knowledge, skills or
behaviors that are critical for the successful job performance.

At MOBILINK, there is a continuous assessment of the technical and

managerial skills. For the further enhancement of these skills formal training
programmes offered at all levels. The employees are provided with
opportunities to put these skills into practice, in preparation for the move to a
managerial role.

Training is viewed at MOBILINK as a way of creating intellectual capital.
Employees are expected to acquire new skills and knowledge, apply them on
job and share this information with other employees. The training is cross-
functional for sharing of skills.

The employee are trained periodically either locally or abroad according to

preplanned schedules. The objective of such training is to upgrade the
capabilities of employees.
If an employee attends an overseas training then he/she has to serve the
company for a certain period after the date of completion of training subject to
the cost and duration of training itself. In case an employee leaves the
company during this period he/she will have to pay the amount specified at that
point in time.

Training Methods

• On Job Training
• Special Training Sessions
• Team Building
• Problem Based
• Refresher Courses

Types of Training in Mobilink:

On a general basis the training done in Mobilink can be divided into two

• Soft skill training

• Technical Training
Soft Skill Training:

Helping your employees develop a stronger base of knowledge on topics
that affect their personal lives can make them more productive and less
distracted in their jobs. Soft skill development courses in areas like personal
finance and childcare can help your team better manage the most important
areas in their personal lives.

This may include the following things for e.g.

• Conflict management training
• People management training
• Communication skills
• Anger management
• Time management training
• Teamwork training etc
Technical Training:

This type of training has direct effect on the job of the employee. Specific
skills are focused and developed accordingly. The engineering trainings of
Mobilink are also included with this along with

• Customer Services training

• Sales related training
• Marketing and technology training etc.
All these types of training are done to enhance the employees job skills at
the level he is at.

Training programs leads to:

• Leadership

• Influencing
• Creative Problem Solving

Performance Appraisal:
Reviewing performance and taking positive steps to develop employees further
is a key function of management and is a major component in ensuring the
success of the company through effective employee performance.

A review is about ensuring people know what levels of performance are

expected of them and then taking action to ensure they are trained and
developed to perform effectively.

Objectives of Performance Appraisals

To measure the work performance

• To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance
• And achieving there professional goals
To identify employees with high potentials for advancements
• To identify employees training and development needs
• To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual

Appraisal Policy:

The intent of these appraisals is to review current job performance and

responsibilities, set goals and discuss further opportunities with reference to
past performance at Mobilink.

Performance Review:

At MOBILINK a review is intended to be an open and frank discussion between

an employee and their Team Leader/Manager. Generally there are two
elements: first is the element in which discussion takes place over the strengths
and areas which need to be developed as displayed by the job holder over the
past 12 months. The performance is of course judged comparing the
performance against the core indicators of Job. The second element is
concerned with discussing the training needs/inputs activities that are
considered to be appropriate to help the jobholder overcome some of
development areas discussed in the review and also those activities that are
deemed appropriate to build upon their current strengths.

Appraisal categories
% Of total numbers of
Appraisal category Definition of category employees which can
be rated in this
1.expert Indicates exceptional 15%
2.very Good Indicate performance 10%
that consistently meets
the requirements of the
position,” very good”
indicates the individual
is on track for
3. Good Indicated performance 8%
that requires
improvement (i.e. meet
requirements without
initiative or
4. Basic Performance to be 5%
improved (hardly
meets requirements)

Sources of Performance Appraisal:

At MOBILINK the primary sources of performance appraisal are the managers
and secondary sources are employees themselves. Though the peers also give
their opinion but it usually does not have any weightage unless a conflict arises
between the manager and the employee.

Workers at MOBILINK are informed of their performance and given the
opportunity to express their opinion over their own level of performance against
each competence. This serves the following two main purposes:
• It enables the reviewer to redefine whether the initial assessment was
correct, as circumstances may exist that the reviewer is unaware of.
• By asking the worker what he sees to be his own strengths and
development areas often help to reduce negative responses and makes
planning training needs/inputs activities easier if the person is able to
express for himself the areas in which he feels he can improve.
Mobilink faces much competition in the telecom industry so now they are
focusing on career Management of their employees in which they enable the
employees to better understand and develop their career skills and interests
and to use these skills and interests most effectively both within the company
and after they leave the firm. Career planning is the deliberate process through
which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests knowledge,
motivation, and other characteristics; acquires information about other
opportunities and choices; identifies career related goals and establishes action
plans to attain specific goals. Career development is the lifelong series of
activities (such as workshops) that contributes to a person career exploration,
establishment, and success ad fulfillment.

Mobilink gives promotion to their employees on the performance basis.

The Mobilink HR department develops the employee’s career development

plans in which the HR department predicts the next logical step for their
employees within five years.

Importance of Career planning in today’s competitive world is as important as

any other HR function. Retaining your valuable Human resource today is one of
the biggest challenges that organizations are facing. So, HR needs to come up
with new strategies. Career planning and development is one of the basic tool
and strategy organizations are using for retaining their employees. This
function actually makes employees feel that they are important to the
organization and Mobilink wants them to be at the top in their careers.

However, at Mobilink this function is not fully performed or we should say this
function is not performed satisfactorily. There are some policies on these but
those are not recognized that well. One point of policy is found along with the
compensation other with the recruitment. There should have been separate
head for these policies.

As far as the practices are concerned, all the employees were reluctant to talk
about this during our interview. However, what we analyzed is that career
development is practiced but not that openly. Specially, in case if some
employee is considering of joining the competitor’s firm. If such is a case then
organization has discipline policies for that even.

Promotion Policies

The new company structure is in five layers, comprising associates,

specialists, managers, directors and chief officers------in that order starting from
the bottom and working towards the top rung of the ladder.

Until approved otherwise, it would be mandatory for the employees to spend
the following maximum period at each level before a promotion to the next level
depending upon availability of a slot:

Associate 3-4 years

Specialist 3-4 years
Manager 2-3 years
Director According to the president decision
Chiefs According to the president decision
However, employees who may not get a chance of promotion due to the non
availability of an existing slot, will be compensated by being “moved over” with
in the new salary range specified by the company

Reward System:
MOBILINK considers its employees not just as a cost but also as a resource in
which the company has invested from which it expects valuable returns. Pay
policies and programs are one of the most important human resource tools for
encouraging desired employee behaviors. The advantage of paying above the
market average is the ability to attract and retain the top talent available, which
can translate into highly effective and productive work force.

The incentive schemes and incentive objective have been clearly

communicated to all individuals and weekly progress report is also
communicated to all concerned.

Compensation and benefit plans:

Mobilink has a separate department for compensation. That department deals
in staffing and compensation planning. First of all this department has all the

information regarding who is being employed and how it is performing. What so
ever promises are made to the employees, they know that. So it’s easy for
them to design compensation plans because they know every employee which
is being hired.
Compensation and benefit plans are particularly based on
performance. If performance is up to the standards of Mobilink and the
employee has good conducts he is rewarded. After performance evaluation,
results are rechecked and matched with the standards. Based on that, proper
compensation plans are designed.

Salary policy

The company will pay salaries of the employees as fallows

o All new employees have to open bank accounts in specified banks
prescribed by the company so that their salary will be credited at the end
of each month.
o After opening account with the bank employees should forward his
account number to HR.
o Upon termination of services the employee will receive his salary within
15 days up to the time of date of his last working day.
o Upon resignation the employee will be paid his dues during a maximum
period of 15 days from the date he left the job.


Promotions are also reward management technique to motivate employees. In

MOBILINK promotions are based on the merit and seniority (experience) basis.
The one who performs well consistently over time gets reward in the form of

The employee may receive 1 to 3 month bonus subject to evaluation of
accomplished objectives.
In Mobilink the reward system is based on the individual performance and
individual employee performance is judged for the reward. The manager of
respective departments recommends a candidate from his section for the

reward purpose to HR.

Reward Categories at Mobilink

Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards include:

 Smart/Quality work
 Exceptional performance in a project
 Targets achievements
 Special assignments
 Medical care
 Life insurance
 Vacations
 Relocation
 Credit advance policy provident policy/advance against provident fund
and a capping of gratuity
 Recreation
 Club Policy Travel
 Education assistance policy
 Mobile phone
 Business mobile phone policy
 Official Blackberry Policy
 Life insurance
 Medical entitlement

Health & Safety Policies

The safety of employees is everyone’s responsibility. Accidents, precaution
and efficient work go hand in hand. All levels of employees have a primary
responsibility for the safety and well being of all of us.

Therefore, interest in practicing safety prevention must be encouraged by:

a) Setting good examples.
b) Acting upon safety records.
c) Reviewing safety programs.
d) Holding personal interviews or group conferences.
e) Starting activities that will stimulate and maintain employee’s interests.

No phase of operation of administration is of greater importance than accident

prevention. It is the policy of the Company to provide and maintain safe and
healthy working conditions and to follow operating practices that safeguard all
employees and result in safe working conditions and efficient operations.
Proper First Aid Kit will be available at all Mobilink Offices including remote
There is no need for such measures at Mobilink as maximum jobs do not
expose you to the health hazards and are not such that require safety
measures. However, there is a tendency of being safe in every human and that
shows when you visit some Mobilink officer to meet someone of a high
designation level. You need to fulfill various safety measures.

Employee Relations:
It is the company policy to ensure that the required standards of performance
and conduct are maintained. The disciplinary procedure is intended only as a
statement of Company policy and management guidelines. It does not form
part of the contract of employment or otherwise have contractual effect.

Discipline Procedure:

• Warning may be addressed to the employees verbally and in written

through their immediate supervisor. The warning shall refer to the

contraventions committed by the employee and will serve to remind
the employees the he/she abide by the company rules and
regulations in performing his/her work, and that this contravention
should not be repeated in future.
• A written letter may be addressed to the employee describing the
contravention committed. The employee will also be notified that a
higher penalty may be inflicted on him in the contravention is
repeated in future. The warning letter may be registered in the
employees personal file .issuance of written warning can be
recommended by the respective supervisor and HOD. It will be
issued by the HR department after approval of VP HR.

• Deduction from the salary will be an amount of employee salary

depending on the type offence and decision taken accordingly.

• The employee may be suspended from performing his or her duties
for a period of time as conveyed in written.
• Unauthorized absence of more then two times in Six month can
result in termination of employment.
• An employee who is absent from the job with out satisfactory
explanation is considered to be an unauthorized unpaid absence.

• Discrimination, intimidation and harassment based on sex, race,

religion, age, color, disability, sexual orientation and cultural

background is prohibited at the workplace.

The Head of Department should maintain direct control of all disciplinary

records. A copy of all records must be placed on the employee's personal file in
the Human Resources Department.

All warnings will remain upon the employee's personal file indefinitely, but will
normally be disregarded for disciplinary purposes after the following periods:

• Stage 1 - Verbal warning: 03 months

Stage 2 - Written warning: 06 months

• Stage 3 - Final written warning: 12 months

• Stage 4 - Dismissal

These time periods may however be extended in appropriate circumstances

taking into account the nature of the offence.

The time period will commence from the date of the letter/memorandum
confirming the warning, even though any specified time for improvement has

Employee’s services may be terminated in following cases


Willful failure to carry out reasonable orders including the performing of
job assigned by supervisor.

Falsification of any official company records will subject to the termination
without prior notice.

Violation of Safety Rule

Failure is refusal to conform to safety practices or the misuse of safety

Causing a disturbance on company property resulting from fighting.

Profanity or Indecent Conduct

The use of profane language or engaging in immoral conduct.

Coming to work under the influence of drugs or bringing drugs into the

Willful Damage to Property

Careless spoilage, destruction of company property or material.

One Day Absenteeism

Unauthorized absence from work for one day without notifying employer.

Deliberate misrepresentation of past history or other important matters.

Accepting Money or Gift

Taking advantage of one’s positions to accept money or gift is against

the rules of company.

As we know MOBILINK is highly aware of how to motivate its employees in the
best way. This can be judged by the enthusiasm and good spirit that people
show in performing their jobs. There is a well-devised system that MOBILINK
follows for the purpose of motivation. It includes both financial and non-financial
rewards along with the major Motivators and Dissatisfies.

The company recognizes the importance of making people drive towards their
goals and the basic step towards this is made through recognizing the value of
importance that the company gives to its employees. MOBILINK has a set of
financial rewards, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, retirement plan,
educational refund assistance, paid vacation days, family and work life balance
benefits and profit sharing plan, Annual bonus opportunities, company cars etc.
other ways in which employees are motivated are:

• Employees are safe in knowing that they will be rewarded for any
exceptional work. This reward is not only monetary. It is accompanied by
the employee being given recognition and greater empowerment.
• Employees are given a very beautiful and healthy work environment.
Special attention is given to make the physical environment most
productive. This is why MOBILINK offices are considered to be the most
well decorated and organized.
• As we know MOBILINK has a desire to promote the high achievers from
with in the company. Positions are given on merit and are transparent and
fair in nature. There is no special treatment. Therefore each employee
knows that he can aim for the top and actually get there. This has proved to
be a great source of motivation for the employees of MOBILINK.

Motivational factors:

Mobilink is a leading telecom company and all the employees working there
feel pride in affiliating them with the organization. It’s the biggest intangible
motivational factor. Affiliating with organization, employees are self motivated to

work and loyalty comes from within. However they have other factors too. They
believe in praising the good work done by employees and reward them on that.
Reward may be tangible or intangible. They also arrange parties in which star
performers are highlighted. Also they have informal meetings after performance
evaluation and supervisors, subordinates, colleagues talk about there success
and are motivated through intrinsic factors. Delegation of authority and
empowerment re the tools which they use to motivate employees and that is
how they keep up the good work.

SWOT Analysis:
MOBILINK has been operating for a long period of time and has been able
to adjust with the changing environment because of its effective Human
Resource Management. The HR practices of MOBILINK have the following
1. MOBILINK has the latest employee training and development
approaches. Therefore it can adapt to all sorts of change and bring
immediate improvement in work practices whenever the need arises.
2. MOBILINK hires only the most highly qualified and exceptionally
intelligent and energetic people. This result in lesser HR problems as
people are willing to change, take constructive criticism and focus on
personal and professional development by focusing solely on achieving
their work.
3. MOBILINK believes in making people realize their full potential
and capabilities which is why jobs are designed to be challenging and
goals are made to be achievable yet competitive. This results in a high
level of motivation and job satisfaction for the employees and
automatically promotes a healthy work environment.
4. The company has a very well balanced and realistic incentive
program. It also focuses on giving additional benefits to its employees
apart from the basic remuneration. This results in employees giving their
“Heart and Soul” in working for their employer.
5. The HR practices of MOBILINK greatly enhance its image as a
company that wants to contribute towards the society in every possible

way. As the main focus is on developing better people not just better
There may be various other strengths of the HR practices and management
system of MOBILINK, only the most important have been discussed above.

It is very difficult to find any weaknesses in the HR management of a
company that has developed and created its HR strategy with near
perfection. However some weaknesses can be pointed out.
1. MOBILINK has a trend of maintaining long working relations with
employees and sticking with the same people as long as it is productive.
Most of these people are promoted from with in the company to form the
middle and upper management. This results in loss of creativity that can
be recognized by external recruitment for these core managerial
2. The employees are supposed to work at late night without being
paid additionally. This creates mental tension.
3. CV’s are not properly entertained
4. Certain non financial rewards such as “employee of the year”
which is used as motivation tool are not properly communicated to the
employees regarding their importance.
5. The most common complaint that is heard by the employees is
the biasness of immediate bosses. That creates a sense of concern with
in the employees.

There are a number of opportunities that are available in areas of HR for
MOBILINK during the course of its future activities. These are:
1. The company can discover great potential through the future
graduates as every generation is being taught in more effective manner
that leads to better growth. Being a leading company in the employment
rankings of Pakistan MOBILINK can recruit the “cream of graduates”
every year and utilize their improved knowledge and abilities.

2. There is an opportunity to create the best image of the company
in the mind of customers by adding the value added services.
3. With the expansion in the company business in Pakistan, the HR
department can be expended in order to manage diversity of workforce.

1. Due to entering of new companies in cellular industry the competition
has been enhanced. Like other areas HR departments is facing the
threat of employees switching from Mobilink to other companies.
2. The skilled and qualified workers are being attracted by the other
cellular phone & multinational companies.

To conclude Mobilink has a strong HR system. That is the reason we
didn’t found much discrepancies in what management says, what
policies state and what employees say. 90 % of the times they were
same. There are some minor discrepancies but they are adjustable with
little effort.

To establish core competence and to bring competitiveness,
Mobilink should implement numerous effective plans to improve the
performance of its various departments. Supervisors must manage
employee performance well in order for Mobilink to accomplish its
mission and achieve its goals.
Following are some recommendations for Mobilink, which we
Personally feel can be useful for the organization, its employees and the

Effective Performance Management

Performance management is one of the most important parts of a
Supervisor’s or team leader’s job. Developing skills in performance
Management is wise investments that will help Mobilink achieve its

Managing employee performance includes:

• Planning work and setting expectations

• Monitoring and measuring performance
• Developing the capacity to perform
• Periodically rating performance in a summary fashion
• Recognizing and rewarding good performance

Practicing good performance management requires proficiency in certain

competencies. Competencies are observable, measurable Patterns of
skills, knowledge, abilities, behaviors and other Characteristics that an
individual needs to perform work roles or Occupational functions
successfully. Performance management Competencies that all
supervisors (and team leaders) at Mobilink Should develop and
demonstrate include:

Establishing and maintaining effective communications with each
Employee not only requires good oral and written communications Skills,
but it also includes the ability to establish good working Relationships.
To communicate effectively with employees, Supervisors must establish
an environment that promotes an open Door atmosphere, the sharing of
ideas, and employee involvement in decision making processes.
Setting Goals

Setting long and short-term goals with employees gives focus to

Employee efforts. When goal setting is done correctly, employees strive
to accomplish those goals and feel confident in achieving them. When
goal setting is done poorly,
work does not progress as desired. Knowing how to set goals effectively
is an important part of Performance management. To do this well,
supervisors need to be able to clarify expectations and to set realistic
standards and targets.

Measuring Employee Performance

Credible measures of performance that employees understand and

accept are critical for achieving high level performance. Measuring
employee accomplishments, using both qualitative and quantitative
measures, provides the information that supervisors and employees
need in order to monitor performance.

Giving Feed Back

Feedback should inform, enlighten, and suggest improvements to
employees regarding their performance. Supervisors should describe
specific work related behavior or results they observe as close to the
event as possible.
Coaching & Developing

Using their coaching skills, supervisors evaluate and address the

developmental needs of their employees and help them select diverse
experiences to gain necessary skills. Supervisors and employees create
development plans that might include training, new assignment, job
enrichment, self study or work details.


1. Mr. Syed Sohaib Hassan

Associate Orgational Development
Human Resources.
MOBILINK, F-8/3, Islamabad.

2. Mr. Hasan Jahangir

MOBILINK, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

3. Usman Ahmad
MOBILINK, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad.