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Chippewa Valley High School

2018-2019 Profile

Main Building (10-12th Grade) Freshman Center (9th Grade)

18300 19 Mile Road 42755 Romeo Plank Road
Clinton Township, MI 48038 Clinton Township, MI 48038
(586) 723.2300 (586) 723.3100

Main Building Freshman Center Mission Statement:

Principal Principal CVHS serves the greater community by offering a comprehensive
Dr. Jerry Davisson Diane Zatkoff education that prepares students to excel in our ever-changing
Assistant Principals Assistant Principal
John Briningstool Suzanne VanOphem Grading System/GPA:
Kari Drogosh A 4.0 Scale
Tony Fiorvento Counselors (2.0) A to D- Passing Grade
Angela Manzella Jennifer Frohock, MA, LPC F Failure
Nadia Given, MA, LPC NC No Credit
Counselors (5.0) Deborah Wall, MA, LPC CR Credit
Dan Lawrence, Ph.D., LPC WP Withdraw Passing
Scott Merchant, MA, LPC WF Withdraw Failing
Stephanie Pitcher, MA, LLPC Grading is based on a 12 pt. scale (A=12). Results are equated to a 4.0 scale by
Sydney Radzinski division. AP courses are weighted which could result in a GPA being higher than 4.0. All
Suzanne Spurr, Ph.D., LPC students are ranked.

Scheduling Coordinator
Honor Graduates:
Valerie Schick
(Determined after 1st semester of senior year)
Athletic Director Summa Cum Laude 3.90-4.00+ GPA
Chad Hottle Magna Cum Laude 3.75-3.89 GPA
Cum Laude 3.50-3.74 GPA
• CVHS is located in Clinton Township, Michigan, Advanced Placement Courses (15)
approximately 19 miles north of Detroit Biology European History
• Suburban-Residential County Calculus AB Government
Calculus BC Physics
Chemistry Psychology
School: Economics Statistics
• Accredited by North Central Association of Colleges Environmental Science U.S. History
and Secondary Schools English Language & Composition World History
English Literature & Composition
• International Academy of Macomb housed in the
Freshman Center building
• School year consists of two semesters Honors courses: 5
• School day consists of six periods, approximately 58
minutes in length
Dual Enrollment:
Approximately 50 students enrolled per year
• Maximum class size equals 33 students while average
class size equals 28 students
Graduation Rate: 97%
• Free and reduced lunch population equals 32%
Graduates (Class of 2016):
Graduation Requirements: Enrolled in 4 Year College: 42.5%
Enrolled in 2 Year College: 28.5%
English 4.0 Credits
Math 4.0 Credits *College-bound percentage is taken from the National Student
Science 3.0 Credits Clearinghouse, representing a change from the use of self-reported data in
Social Studies 3.0 Credits past years.
Health 0.5 Credits
Physical Education* 1.0 Credits Average SAT Test Scores (Class of 2019):
Visual, Performing or Applied Arts 1.0 Credits English, Reading, Writing Score 496/800
World Languages* 2.0 Credits Math Score 497/800
Electives 5.5 Credits Total Composite Score 993/1600
Total 22 Credits Total number of students tested: 612

*Students that complete two years of marching band OR participate in Disciplinary Information to Colleges:
two complete MHSAA sanctioned athletic seasons may waive a .5 credit
The CVHS Guidance and Counseling Office does not provide
of the required 1.0 credit of PE
colleges with discipline records on our students. We encourage
*1.0 credit of the World Languages may be substituted with the students to answer applications questions honestly and openly.
completion of a Career Technical Education program of study OR an
additional 1.0 credit of visual, performing or applied arts School Code: 232-651 Revised 09/2018