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About Us
• Active8 Robots is a leading consultant and integrator of automation systems specialised
in industrial and collaborative robots.
• World’s largest collaborative robot distributor outside China and Germany
• 15 years experience with robots and automation
• Renowned supplier and solution provider for Universities, Schools, Researchers and
• Successfully deployed hundreds of projects from single robot to highly complex multi-
robot solutions
• Full member of
• DHL video
Automation Consultancy
• Active8 Robots has comprehensive expertise in
automation and robotics consulting. Our
consultancy services help companies both large
and small, offering tangible solutions to your
automation challenges realising projects and
solving unique problems.

• Robotics is a complex intersection of specialist

fields, from mechanical to software. Active8’s
engineers bring together skills and experience CROSS PLATFORM ROBOT
from the broad range of areas needed to deliver
bespoke solutions.

Site Survey
• Active8 Robots are proud to provide a Site Analysis Service which gives our clients
invaluable guidance on how they can automate their processes and products, giving clear
recommendations for the best return on investment and risk management of their
planned automation.

• Our analysis takes place with two experienced Automation Analysists / Engineers. We
encourage you to have the relevant personnel on site for discussion and access around
your site, so that we can provide the best level of understanding of your detailed processes
and requirements.

• The report will assess the viability of applying automation to each area of interest,
indicating where ‘off the shelf’ solutions are available and where a bespoke automation
solution would be preferable.
Cross Platform Robot Benchmarking
• Active8 Robots are one of few Automated Solutions
Providers that is unbiased towards a particular solution
• We can give you advice for you robot selection based
purely on your needs and nothing else
• Many other companies are tied to specific brands, whereas
we can advise you on which robot/cobot will work the best
for your company
3D Laser Scanning
• Active8 Robots use all their own scanners rather
than hiring scanners as this can add additional
costs to a project, this practice is relatively
common amongst companies offering 3D scanning.
We have the capability and equipment to produce
large extensive scans as well as smaller jobs.
• The benefits of this service;
• We offer very fast data capture
• Our work is accurate (sub mm)
• We ensure minimum disruption
• Our scanning is suitable for hazardous
• There will be a reduced need for site re-visits
• You can see stunning visual results in 3D
Our Robots


Our Cobots

UR Series, Universal Robots Sawyer, Rethink Robotics

YuMi, ABB URe Series, Universal Robots

iiwa Series, Kuka
UR Series, Universal Robots
• toLightweight, easily programmable and highly customizable, the UR5 is designed
integrate seamlessly into any production facility regardless of industry, size or
product nature.

UR3 UR5 UR10

Weight 11.2kg/ 24.7lbs 15KG/ 33.1lbs 17kg/ 37.5lbs
Footprint 128mm 149mm 190mm
Reach 500mm/ 19.7ins 850mm/33.5ins 1300mm/51.2ins

Payload 3kg/6.6lbs 5kg/11lbs 10kg/22lbs

Repeatability 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm
Degrees of freedom 6 6 6
Sawyer, Rethink Robotics
• Sawyer is a smart collaborative robot that is easy to program, has advanced features such
as integrated vision and force feedback.

Weight (without pedestal) 19kg (42lbs)

Payload 4kg (8.8lbs)
Degrees of freedom 7
Maximum reach 1260mm
Repeatability 0.1mm
Actuation Series elastic actuator and Harmonic
drive, with optimal encoder
Force Sensing: High resolution force sensing embedded
at each joint
Software Intera 5
Expected lifetime 35,000 hours (5 years)
• At only 38 kg and approximately the size of a small human, YuMi® is quickly and easily installed
on the production line to work hand-in-hand with a human colleague. Lead-through
programming means YuMi® can be taught a process by being physically guided through it,
eliminating the need for complex, time-consuming code-based instruction.

Payload 500g
Reach 800mm
Working Range 559mm
Repeatability 0.02 mm
Degrees of freedom 7 (Each arm)
Weight 38kg
Height 571mm
iiwa Series, Kuka
• The iiwa is sensitive, compliant, safe, precise and flexible, and is equipped with mechanical
systems and drive technology for industrial operation. This makes it possible to automate
delicate and complex assembly tasks.

iiwa 7 R800 Iiwa 14 R820

Footprint 136mm 136mm
Weight 23.9kg 29.9kg
Payload 7kg 14kg
Degrees of freedom 7 7
Maximum reach 800mm 800mm
Repeatability 0.1mm 0.1mm
Software Java Java
Expected lifetime >30,000 hours >30,000 hours
URe Series, Universal Robots
• The latest series from Universal robots, the URe series have built in force
torque sensors and safety parameters.

UR3e UR5e UR10e

Weight 13kg/28.7lbs 13.6kg/30lbs 13.6kg/30lbs
Footprint 128mm 149mm 190mm
Reach 500mm/ 19.7ins 850mm/33.5ins 1300mm/51.2ins
Payload 3kg/ 6.6lbs 5kg/11lbs 10kg/22lbs
Repeatability 0.03mm 0.03mm 0.05mm
Degrees of 6 6 6
Our Industrial Robots

ABB, Flex Picker Kuka, Agilus

ABB, Flex Picker
The Flex Picker is ABB Robotics’ latest generation of high performance industrial robots. It is specially
designed for industries with a great need for flexible automation, such as pick and place operations
and assembly.
Kuka, Agilus

• A compact six-axis robot that is designed for

particularly high working speeds. Different versions,
installation positions, reaches and payloads
transform the small robot into a precision artist.
End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)
• Active8 Robots has a complete range of off the shelf
End of Arm Tooling and also designs and build high
performance robotic end effectors and robot gripper
systems for any work cell.
Machine Vision Systems
• Active8 Robots can integrate machine vision systems into
your automated solutions, when needed
• Vision systems are now considered to be an essential part
of many industrial processes because they can offer fast,
accurate and reproducible inspection capabilities at a
highly competitive cost
• These capabilities ensure a sharp high quality image is
captured at exactly the right time without distortion