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Volume 82, Issue 2

T he Delta Kappa Gamma Society In tern ationa l April2018

Gamma News Eta State, Region 11, NC

Gamma Chapter Buncombe/Madison Counties
Voices of Influence Empowering North Carolina Women Educators

Installation of New Officers at April
President’s Message 2 14 Meeting at Mars Hill Cafeteria
DKG News 4

Eta State News 2-4 Our April meeting will start at 10:30 in the room to the left of the cafeteria. The meeting has
several items to cover.
Committee News 3

Gamma News 3 The slate of officers for 2018-20 has been approved by quorum and will be installed at the meeting.
They are Diane Rutledge, president; Alice Pfirrmann, first vice-president; Dorothy Rapp, second
Tech Tip 3 vice-president; Dorothy Rapp, corresponding secretary; Phyllis Wilson, recording secretary; Patty
Higgins, treasurer ; and Vicky Rogers, parliamentarian.
Scenes from Meeting 3-5
Dates to Remember 4 Members will update their contact information and sign up for committees as well as be thinking
of programs for the next year for Gamma. All of us have a passion or gift for something.
Volunteer to give us a program on it!

We will learn about our latest grant-in-aid recipient from Mars Hill University, Kourtney McCarthy.

Γ We will have a short presentation in memory of Rachel Chapman.

Chapter The program will be presented by Diane on the Read2Succeed program, started in the city schools
and now in Buncombe County.

Gamma website Ingles’ cards will again be bought in late August/early September. We hope to see everyone April

February Meeting with Alpha Chi and Making Throws

Invest in DKG and your
for the Homeless Productive and Fun
profession! Go to the Eta State Members of both Gamma and Alpha Chi gathered to make fleece wraps for the homeless.
Convention April 27-28 in Phyllis demonstrated how to cut the fleece so that knots could be tied around throw to give
the throws a stylish flair. We enjoyed seeing members from Alpha Chi and renewing
Charlotte1 friendships. The throws will go to the new Western Carolina Rescue Ministries Abba’s
House for mothers and children.
This was an excellent project for the two chapters to collaborate on; we have collaborated
on bags for new teachers for over 9 years. Hopefully, we will find more projects to work on
In addition to making throws, Gamma chapter donated several baskets of candy for
teachers in the North Buncombe School district to show our appreciation.

Page 2 Gamma News

President’s Message
Gamma Sisters,

Hi, everyone, throws finished by our April check or money and I will
meeting and be able to deliver purchase one card from the
When Diane reminded me them before our planning chapter.
that she needed my meeting in May.
message for the newsletter, Convention is April 27-29, so I’ll
she said she needed my Each year there is a special need the contributions by April
‘last’ message!! It’s hard toproject at the Eta State NC 23.
believe that it’s been four Convention. This year the host
years since I was installed region (Region VI) has chosen Patty Higgins
as your president. I have Hurricane Matthew Aftermath.
Patty Higgins, been honored to serve in Region VI will be working with Patrice.higgins@frontier.com
presidentPatrice.higgins the United Way of Robeson
this role. I have learned a lot
@frontier.com County to resolve the greatest
during this time and I deeply
appreciate your patience needs of the families who need
with me. help the most. Donations may
be given in the form of a gift
At our February meeting card. They did not specify
“Our greatest weakness with Alpha Chi, we made particular stores but the
lies in giving up. The most fleece throws to take to the website mentioned the need
certain way to succeed is new Western Carolina for clothing, household
always to try just one more Rescue Ministries Abba’s supplies, school supplies, etc.
time.” Thomas A. Edison House for mothers and If you are interested in
children. Some people took contributing to this project, just
throws home to complete so pick up a gift card or give me a
hopefully we can have all

Eta State News

From our president, Connie Savell:

Encourage savvy leadership
Inspire passionate, meaningful programs and projects
Analyze and articulate current educational issues
Connie Savell Further respect for diversity in membership
Eta State President Promote knowledge through lifelong learning
Establish and launch a member wellness initiative
Advocate excellence in education
Page 3 Gamma News

More Eta State News
T he NC DKG Educat i onal F oundat i on i s ex ci t ed abo ut t he summ er f undrai ser, T ee I t Up f or
T eacher s, and way s cha pt er s can hel p. T he e v ent June 11 i s at t he Boon e G ol f Cl ub. Chapt ers ar e
ask ed t o m ake good b ag s. F or our regi on: sm al l golf i t em s li ke t ees, bal l m arkers, div ot t ool s, et c.
You can do nat e i t em s or v ol unt eer your t im e. Cont act Judy Car l son at j udi t hb12 5@ gm ai l. com or
Shei l a G rov es at sv get a97@ gm ai l. com

Hostess forApril: Fifi, chair; Billie, Dorothy

Committee News Tech Tip check out new communications

for us:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/EtaState/ for
Eta State activities,
Page 4 Gamma News

DKG News International News

Some of the 2018 proposed amendments to the Constitution and Standing Rules are far reaching, among them
a name change. To Women Educators International, a member of more than 50 years becomes member
2017 Eta State News
emeriti, accepting collegiate members, and other items you need to read in the DKG News Mar/Apr 2018
edition. Patty will be voting for you in April. Any member can vote at the meeting Saturday, April 28 at 8:00AM.

More 2018 Eta State News

Educational Law & Policy is preparing for 3 legislative days in Raleigh to share expertise and educational opinions with
lawmakers. Members can represent DKG only with issues from the Legislative Priorities Survey; other issues must be
personal opinion. The dates include June 6, 13, and 20 on the red carpet staircase at 9:00AM.

Mem bers bu sy m aki ng t hro ws

Page 5
6 Gamma News

DKG, Eta State, and Gamma Dates to Remember

Committee 2018
Diane Rutledge, chair
Phyllis Wilson, Mary Ann April 14 Chapter meeting MHU Dining Hall 10:30
Athens May 8 Planning Session, Bellagio’s 4:30
Diane Rutledge, editor
dcrutledge@aol.com April 27-29 Eta State Convention, Charlotte University Hilton
May 8 Planning Session, Bellagio 4:30
June 26 Leaders’ Training at Christmont, Black Mountain TBA
July 16-20 DKG International Convention, JW Marriott, Austin, TX
2016-2018 International September 8 WES Library 10:30 PLEASE NOTICE CHANGE OF DATE!
DKG: Leading Women
Educators Impacting Education May 3-5 Eta State NC Convention, Hickory
Worldwide June 27-29 Southeast Regional conference, Crowne Plaza, Asheville NC
Eta State Theme
Create the Future: Imagine, Don’t forget to continue to mentor new teachers and help tutor students. We empower
Inspire, Ignite
others through encouragement and practical help. Communicate with your local and
SPARKLE state politicians. Read US Forum. If retired, check into Read2Succeed.
Join other professional organizations in your field of expertise. Expand your field of
Eta State Vision influence. Be a leader and empower other women. Embrace a leadership role in
Voices of Influence Gamma. Be a volunteer!
Empowering N.C Women
Putting together candy for teachers in the North Buncombe School district.

Websites to Explore
www.dkg.org International


Eta State (NC) website

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