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Certification / Interview Questions

Final preparation session , we got S/4 certification with questions and the further details on
to the interview preparation. Alright, so we get started, for the S/4 certification, we will add a
separate note, which is going to provide certification details, so we will go here into the note
and we will get started.
Alright, so first up the certification details, for simple demands ,as for application, so this plan
release first in 2016 which has been released by SHABHK Education, the certification S/4
simple finance is similar to the exam pattern of the Hana certification, Application exam and
there will will be 80 questions and the examination is for 3 hours. no negative marking and
No partial marking, so for example if there are multiple option correct, let's say there are 2
option correct and you have selected both the options but one option is an incorrect
answer , so both the options will be mark as incorrect, no partial marking, no 0.5 score or
0.75, so it will be no partial marking, so it's either we get the score of the point or no point or
points. There might one question with one point there might be another question with two
points ,there might be another question with 3 points, according to the complexity of the
question, you have each questions with sperate point, no negative marking no partial
marking either we score the point or we will not have half the point.

The exam questions are MCQ base which means there are multiple choice questions no
essay writing no particular system test, so they will not ask you to login into the system and
create a data model, there might be some of the screenshot maybe part of the exam and all
the questions are multiple choice questions. So we will have, match the following, fill up the
blank, true false, multiple options with check box, this kind of MCQ base, multiple choice
questions. The points will be displayed per question, so some question with more complex
might have three points, another question true false may have just one point, this will be
given as a hint, then the certification questions will be group together into different blocks of
questions so group of questions , so for example S/4 Hana basic question regarding the ETL
in terms of how you bring in the data loading SLTPODAS and we remember the forming
some of the SLT DATABASE data loading and BODAS data loading to Hana , but remember
doing the exercise in the system, in early part of the program and some will be regarding the
security of users, business users deployment on how the S/4 Hana is deployed on prime, on
cloud and a what is the path to customer to move on the S/4 for existing SAP Hana
customer and a non Hana customer. Questions is more in term of deployment, use cases
learn early in the beginning of the programs, then general questions like what is the full form
of Hana , does S/4 Hana offer big data integration, can S/4 Hana be connected to C4C
cloud, so some those gerenal questions are the basic of S/4 then you have baisc simple
finance question regarding the module that are part of simple finance so you have the
gerenal ledger, with new gerenal ledger, new SL accounting, CO , material ledger, than
some of the S/4 simple finance basic regarding what is new table created by SAP, for
universal gerenal entry table and we remember going to AC doka, then does the AC doka
connecting to the following sub area, so they will give you match the following, so some of
those basics will be part of the first group of questions followed by migration customizing, the
migration is a complete system migration it is not selective migration based on company
code or controlling area or business area or country code like wise, its a complete system
migration, so all our entire erp will get migrated, the migration is than part of OS/DB
migration, by the bases to perform the data base migration, then the functional customizing,
which is relevant with S/4 simple finance add on, what you have in your certificate exam, so
what the the steps, we have to check. And remember doing the migration we have to enable
functions in business suit in the SBRO followed by the preparation and customizing for the
general ledger new SM accounting and you have COPA with the controlling so those of area
we have learned are the part of the examination straight forward questions definition
questions direct steps that we have seen in term of the customizing the migration the group
of questions the database migration but there might be high level of questions and how do
migration performs and we have seen in the AC100 documents different options for
development and the steps ,then data modelling the group of questions what is an attribute
view, what is an analytical view, what is calculation view, what are the sap standard, simple
finance, RDS and what is the option for creating a calculation view and where do you define
the packages and sub package view. How to interlink these data models with the new simple
finance table and existing FI tables. So we have designed a Copa acceleration in our
program connecting got the cost based COPA to the ce1 and we are able to bring customer
care we material the master and the further steps when we went into the ACDOKA table and
we are able to bring in the time dimensions and get into the KPIs there is activities that we
perform in the data modelling and the direct definitions and what is they key figure in terms
of the KPI what is an attribute calculated attribute what if there is a need to drive the net
revenue you have majority questions here in data modelling. Then reporting in terms of
reporting tools that are available which reporting tools that directly connect and perform
transactional reporting and which reporting tools can connect s4 hana system into perform
application reporting. So we have to remember our reporting session and with the list of the
tool, we have made a list about the chart and the features of those reporting tools so there
might be a question around if the customer want to invoice printing as the structure based
reporting which reporting tool will be selected that you have to select crystal report, this kind
of have the orientation between the prop j reporting tool. And that can Hana. Then the
transport in terms of the types of the transport available in the Hana system and hence the
s4 application data base models so we do the Hana database transport along with the
application and it is going to involve the transport with the package subpackage and the
pyush. There are 4 types of transport so what is the difference between each one of these
and when do we go for specific type or transports that we have learned those who were part
of your certification exam. The certification will have a navigator at the centre lower of your
examination which will allow us to move between questions forward or backward or jump
between the group of questions and when you are jumping between the group of questions
for example we might be more convinient in lets say for example data modelling. Do you
directly want to start with data modelling then move on to the s4 basic questions and then
the to the reporting come back to migration so you can jump between these group of
questions we have to make sure is that when you are jumping from one group of question to
another if there are any questions that you are in doubt please mark the questions and inflag
that question so that in the navigator we show you those questions that you have flagged
have to attempt those questions so it will help you to switch between the questions and
group of questions.

Next the certification exam details are available in the SAP education portal. The certification
exam portal. The pass percentage is 60% to be confirmed by to bring your enrolment when
you apply for the examination the SAP Hana application examination certification pass %
was 65 % and then SAP decided to reduce to 59 % due to higher demand and less supply
and so is the s4 Hana when it was released it was at release of 65 and now it is reduced to
60%. By H2 2016 next part of the 2016 it is expected to be increased pass % to be
increased to 65 to 70 % maintained by the SAP. While you are enrolling in examination
please confirm your past % we all require SAP ID as SAP consultant technical or as
functional consultants you all have your SAP IDs if youre using more than 1 SAP IDs please
merge with your credential manager and map or merge multiple SAP IDs. For examination
centres the examination is available in the SAP office or SAP partner office. SAP education
worldwide partner office could be generated or tossed or any country SAP specific
authorised training and certification centres. To there you have 1 date for exam code for the
month in that city for example if we are in lets say we are in texas for example and youre in
Dallas and there is a date for that particular city for the examination code in that month. So if
we miss that date we have to wait for next month if you want to give the examination your
city or go to another city in the same state for or check for other states. Alright or you have
SAP authorised examination or certification exam partner Pearson view or pro matric or
multiple dates available Monday to Saturday so you can practice for the week and go for the
examination on Saturday afternoon is possible you got multiple dates and multiple time slots
that allow you to book your exam you have to go to the office examination centre with the
SAP verification that you have enrolled in the SAP examination and ID proof and
examination code verification code and you will be located to you for your examination. So
these are the two exam centres worldwide. Now some of the feedbacks received from the
previous SAP participants is to be careful on submit all so by the end of 80 questions and
there are 80 questions and examination of 3 hours so at the end of the group of questions
there will be submit all. We will click on submit all only you are 100% sure that we are ready
to upload our exam answers. When we are though with all the 80 questions and when you
are 100% sure that you are ready to submit all the answers then we click on submit all. So at
the middle of the examination for example we are at the question number 50 and there are
30 more questions to go at question number 50 and at the group of question if you happen
to click submit all and confirm yes. All 80 question will be submitted with just 50 question
answers and missing out on the remaining 30 questions so please to not click on submit all.
During the examination when we are 100 % sure to what’s the end of the exam. Then go for
the final submit all. Please read exam questions carefully spend some time 3 mins 5 mins to
understand the exam instructions. Ignore any grammar mistakes, this might be due to the
translation from the German language to English and also Japanese to English. In US and
UK there will possibly questions in English but there might be also be possibly that exam
questions are translated online from the SAP education server. And the translated English
language to appear ignore any grammar mistake just go with the context of the question.

So we are given an example here that attribute you feel can directly aim into the calculation
view ? So attribute view are the part of the mass data it can be directly used in calculation
view and so it is true. Then if the question was slightly enhanced or twisted in terms of the
logical context for example the key attribute field from the transactional view, transactional
data are used to connect directly to a calculation view sp we have to remember what we
have learned in the program that the key attribute is a field in the attribute view which is used
to connect to the next view. Which LITU view which is a building block which is followed by
MYTPU view and then transitional views so the key attribute in the attribute view shall use in
the attribute view are used to connect to the LITU view to be transactional view so the
questionnaire is that the key attribute view from transactional view there might also give you
an example of EKKO table or any FI table or B6 table so all we have to remember when you
have the tricky questions split that question part by part split that question so first remember
what is the key attribute and then ask if the key attribute originates on the transitional
attribute or not? Answer is no. Key attribute originates from attribute view. So in the
examination might also be tables that says for example a vendor master and a account
payable master table that connects to the vendor payment or global vendor payment in FI for
example so we have to split that question part by part understand that question answer that
first. There might be lengthy questions also and there might be tricky question you have to
split it get the context of the question and try and answer that. So here they key attribute
view from transactional view here itself it is incorrect so and it cannot be used to connect
directly to the calculation view so it is false. Now if the questions was again modified and
twisted for example a key attribute from a master data view in that case the first part of the
question they key attribute few from master data view okay this part is correct and the 2nd
part of the question connect directly into calculation view it is incorrect here because key
attributes connect directly to the next level to the LIT view so it is false. Now to make it as a
correct statement it is used directly connects into an_view it will be true.

The examination will give you instant result the first part is a congratulations message that
you have completed the examination. After waiting for couple of seconds you will have your
actual result. Alright remember to take the print out of the scorecard so today this
certification exams are easier in terms of complexity because the certification exam has
been recently launched and a we don’t have very complex question. It is the right time to get
certified in simple finance and s4 as if we have seen the questions might be easy and not
very complicated and not very technical at the moment so when your thought with you
examination remember to take the printout of your scorecard because the scorecard will be
the only proof of that your SAP s4 hana certified because its gonna take some time to
original certificate to arrive at the address of corresponding student in fact it will take 3 to 4
weeks. So in that scorecard you wont have the SAP ID, your SAP ID, examination centre ID
examination code, date of the exam how much and how much did you score per group of
questions so s4 Hana basic questions we scored lets say 92% data modelling for example
we scored 85% reporting we scored 72% so each group of will have your % score and there
is no minimum cut off per group of questions so there is no minimum cut off so it will be at
average of all these group scores and we must achieve 60 % out of 80 questions. Then we
are able to make it into the certifications so remember to take out the print out of your
scorecard. When your original certificate arrive later. If you are applying for job or different
projects these scorecard that you have taken printout will be the proof. You will also have an
email with verification link given by SAP to your employers contractors and customers for
verification. Discount coupons are also available for SAP employs partners vendors or
customer certification drives. You will have to contact your employer SAP partner and
customer if you are independent and consulting partner if you are SAP functional or vendor if
you are working with the hardware vendors. In India for the certification the consultant will
have to provide the no objection certificate indicating various perimeters that payment of the
examination fee which is round about 500 dollars will be provided by the employ or by the
employ according to the contract agreement and different other perimeters. The consultant is
going for simple finance project and consultant have the required SAP Hana relevant
knowledge experience and they are ready for going for the examination so there are some
perimeters for India location. But rest of the world is special North America European Union
you have the option to directly enrol for exam and go for the option of centre and provide
your verification and provide your verification for particular examination. Recently starting
this yeah 2016 a Singapore they may ask you a NOC from the employer and in Dubai and
middle east there Is a need to provide a residency certificate for the exam or an employer
certificate indicating that you are staying in middle east for a project and you have Hana in
that project for the examination. This has been recently introduced because so many
consultants from India are independently going for certification in Singapore and Dubai so
SAP has made some of the changes in the rules for examination legibility and examination
to go for examination year in the SAP education office. However partner SAP office if youre
a consulting partner their might be certification drive or SAP tech and or ISB certification
drives which will help you contact your employ for getting the certification date location and
any discount coupons application.
So the screen print as an example here or will share you a separate word document or the
PDF document to availability options but this is just a screen print. So what we see here per
question you have a point and you also have the hint that you have multiple options correct
so per question you will have a point and if there are more than 1 options correct you have
the hint. Some questions with just true false will have regular button. Some questions with
multiple options correct will have check boxes. For example in the first question what are the
following pillars to included in the definition in a SAP product strategy and there are 3
options correct next question here. How can the s4 Hana can be deployed 4 points you got 3
options correct so hybrid on prem and in cloud. Next question SAP s4 Hana provide unique
business value by allowing customers to reimagine which of the following areas 3 options
correct business model likewise. Which of the following is 1 of the 4 native SAP hana
capabilities. Which of the key enablers for digital transportation s4 three points. Which value
of the simple finance which enabled by high performance and anylatics two points single
source of truth. So what we see here are questions which more generic the basic s4 Hana
questions in now very highly technical not very complicated or complex in terms of the
nature of the question or the trend of the questions it is just the beginning of the examination
roll out and SAP giving us easy questions at this point.

We go to the next slide, we have the answers in here so how can s4 Hana can be deployed
what are the value additions for s4 Hana. What are the a different factors for Hana
capabilities? What are the innovation platforms? How is the simple finance is unable with
high performance and analytics and what are compatibility views so you have direct state
forward definitions in questions. What is attribute view? What is LIT view? What is a
calculation view? What are compatibility views? What is the major attributes? What are the
key attributes? What is a projection in a calculation view? Those kind of direct
straightforward terminologies and definition questions and remember that compatibility views
are those views are the replacement of the aggregated indexes in SAP which are the key
enablers in s4 strategy. So these are the questions for the examinations in s4 Hana for
simple finance. Now we have also collected somewhat collected questions point wise over
So fundamental capabilities of SAP Hana database you can have a an self test which of the
result having a flexible core system what do companies need to do to think and to end and
step beyond the boundaries of their own companies. So you have some of the options
available you can do some of the tests. The benefits of SAP s4 Hana. Which is the leading
HCM solution in the s4 Hana and remember in our additional session we talked about the
success factors so leading HCM solutions in s4 is success factor employ centre? You
actually got these different questions available. You can test your selves. Which of the
following usability features does s4 Hana provide you have transactional UIs. Apply
configuration and the 3 options correct and the third one is the embedded social
collaboration. How does the SAP for Hana agity for business processes? So by providing the
users analyse actions on a fly. So what does SAP wants to achieve by the guided
configuration to and on boarding of the SAP s4 Hana. To reduce time to value reduction of
the total cost of ownership and seem less integration of heterogeneous databases which one
of the key conceptual changes in the SAP s4 Hana. User experience that comes with SAP
fiori roll based design with DL roll based account MRI. Controller role based SDPL
representative and that is the roll base you found in the fiori in the town. Which of the
following tools of choice for side by side extendibility with the SAP s4 Hana. How about
developing Hana cloud platform. Which allows the customer merge to go step by step
extending to merge for the extension of cloud platform. And another generic question in
order to regain the board room influence what are the two mindset that IT should follow.
What we see here are more generic knowledge based question and direct questions over
here what are the main, what is the main feature of SAP simple finance? So is it to optimise
capacity planning, inventory or instant inside or reduce maintenance effort the answer is
instant inside. Which trend are supported by simple logistics. Also have these generic
questions the simple finance examination today in s4 so simple logistic we have here to right
answers. The internet of things the business webserver is connectivity and the augmented
reality and the vendor management and procurement e.t.c. Which of the following
buisnesses are covered by simple logistics have manufacturing sales asset management.
Alright these are all the generic questions in s4 in the certification in a as in not be released
in simple logistics yet now SAP clocking the maturity of the questions around the simple
finance area and still you find questions with different area as for example next one here
question number 24, which of the following channel does SAP hybrid marketing constantly
listening to normalise the information remember in our additional session we talked about
harbours more oriented towards sales of marketing campaign research so we will have email
notification and the search. Hybrid marketing platform the best practice is s4 Hana
integration are available with the cloud solution SAP. The cloud solution for SAP is hybris
large called Ariba network. Alright please go through question over here and there are few
more advanced questions that we are able to derive. This type of question for the simple
finance, certification is still based in the 1503 edition.

So move on to the pdf 103 edition. Alright we have the question her COPA with features the
universal journal architecture which is connected to components of the simple finance on
premise edition 1503 entries universal journal. So you have options that you can select there
are 2 options correct so one is the asset accounting other one is the cost based profitability
analysis COPA.
Another question customers using SAP ECC six without Hana what you need to do to
migrate to s4, there are 3 options correct so we first have to bring ECC latest enhance pack
so that it is compatible with Hana so we have to bring that this is the first option then we
have to upgrade the existing database from ECC to Hana because the customer do not have
Hana suit to bring suitable database to SAP Hana database and then configure the front end
system for SAP fiori. We don’t have to install the entire business suit for Hana because it is
based on the ERP, ERP on Hana. And what you need to do to bring the s4.

Lets go the next one your customer using the classic GL wants to use the new GL so what
would you recommend it? So we have to go switch over to the need ASAP accounting
forming a particular step what we have recommend simple finance instead of the new GL so
we have here the customising and the answer is to have a distinct parallel accounting logic
without any non-disruptive approach. Next after the upgrade to simple finance a user cannot
create a secondary cost element and remember the assignment of the primary secondary
cost element. In the new simple finance and there was a screenshot available where the
activity was performed you can also view the transaction you will see the set of journals
development. Question here is which of the following must you provide to create and change
the authorisation. So we have to go and enable the cost element master data.

Which of the following period of closing activities are optimised in the simple finance?
Remember in the session number 5 where we talked about the closing period and closing
area we did the deduction of new CL and GL based. There are 3 correct answers the period
and closing activities which are optimised in simple finance are the work in progress,
calculation of actual cost and result analysis of sales order and the internal order settlement.
Remember the before after slide the list of the transaction and new optimisation for closing
simple finance.
Next question you want to install integrated BP for finance what are the pre-requisites. So
you need NW74 so you have to select NW7 and BI BP which runs on the Hana platform to
bring in the Hana 1.0. So please go through the sample questions here you have the right
answer available.

Lets go to the last question here, what activities do you execute in the system preparation
phase, remember system preparation which is in SPRO to prepare for the migration session
number 6 AC 100. The system preparation tool will be executed in the SPRO which activities
you will execute so are you going to customise GL accounting for controlling the migration.
Perform the asset pre check in consistency in financial accounting install simple finance with
Hana live with the SAP fiori. So here is customising the GL asset accounting and controlling
the migration that is the first part of the activity over the set of preparation to migration with
simple finance add on. So please go through the question here answers are also provided.
So in terms of the certification preparation you all have to go through the certification

HA 100 overview Hana HA 300 which is going to give you Hana data over modelling
extraction replication reporting combine together. AC 100 for the migration AC 110 for the
accounting AC 120 for IBP and we are also preparing for some interview questions some of
the FAQ interview questions those interview questions are primarily derived from the
questions that we have documented here. Questions regarding the deployment questions
regarding the replication questions into the migration questions for the data modelling in
Hana the reporting and some of the required accounting in the area for customising
migration and another transactional and inter level business client of features, reporting
features for functional end users. So you those questions which are primarily other than
interview process and today SAP has reduced the past %. Which was released at 65% for
certification and the reduced to 60% that is due to the more demand and less supply so its
now 60. Apply to by july 2016 it may be increased to 65% or 70% to simple finance
certification till then its 60%.
Okay go the next part in terms of the billing rate if you are a Hana certified s4 simple finance.
Today and a we collected some of the approximate billing date for contractors and
independent consultant. If youre already working with a consulting partner that will be based
upon your agreement but for individual independent consultant if you asked for Hana
certified simple finance. If we are new to finance for example but the program you are able to
satisfy the beginner pressure in US approx. 75 $ per hour it depends upon the academic
credentials, the relevant experience and the negotiations and different other factors during
your interview and the assignments that will be granted so this is the fresher rate. Mid
experience 125 $ per hour, mid experience maybe youre Hana consultant or data modelling
starting to work in s4 Hana mid-level experience which is 5 to 6 years relevant application.
Then the architect which has the experience for SAP s4, 10 years 15 years of experience in
the SAP, as a solution architect technical architect comes from the basis of the
administrative background. The solution architect come in from business. Solution architect
is 200 $ per hour. But I have worked with consultants that are enable to in space of consent
financial, financial statement preparation, consolidation 350 $ dollars per hour for the
principal consultant from SAP architects. In the European union it’s the per day rate although
we have per hour concept. It depends on contractor and independent consultant so the
payments are in terms of the work day base for the fresher it’s the 400 euros per day, mid
experience relevant 800 euros per day. Then the architect 1500 euros per day in earlier
project in Netherlands work for SAP SIO senior solution architects simple finance
certification and a you have 2200 Euros per day as a billing date the in India that is on a
monthly bases 25000 Rs for fresher, for mid-level experience 5 6 years relevant area 65000
Rs per month and solution architect under 1000-200000 Rs per month. Be advised every
consultant to go through the document HA100 300 350 and 900 are optional 350 is for the
functional extraction and HA 900 is for Hana live is the suit of Hana. Then the s4 you have to
go through 100 AC100 110 120 please continue your research you exportation and we also
advise you to go here at the official portal helpSAP.com/hana and the SAP community
Alright this what we have for our final preparation. Or for any project assistance and resume
preparation please contact Praveen Kumar. There is a separate project assistance team that
will be able to help you for any upcoming requirements or you would like to update your
resumes by adding in the Hana skills, s4 Hana skills and different broad day skills so you
can contact Praveen Kumar.

The examination code is in the document in the sample document let me search the central
code in PDF C_SSF_1503 that is the certification exam code certification
C_SSFSIMPLEFINANCE edition code 1503. Alright feel free to contact Praveen and you
can also send an email to my email ID for further requirements and engaging consulting
partners in the US and European union few of my existing customers are also conducting
Hana migration BSOCs. And further alignment for developing the new dimension mention
like Ariba hybrids European unions of my consulting firms and in US and India I do get
requirements but If you are the s4 Hana or if you are Hana satisfied application consultant
there is a higher chance of getting into the project. I strongly recommend everybody to apply
for the examinations and if you are certified that is going to give you more weightage to your
existing SAP experience specially when customers are looking for those type of consultants
because we don’t have simple finance SAP Hana 15 years’ experience. So the simple
finance certification or the simple finance itself was released is last year so you don’t have FI
consultants with 3 years or 5 years of Hana experience its very very rare. Today is the blend
between the technical data modelling and Hana requires a functional skill set that apply
together in the s4 with the reporting experience and know how as what is required as you go
for job search there are cross fit skill set I might be an FI COPA consultant with some 7 year
of experience or 10 years of experience yes of course but today because of COPA is on
Hana the expectation is what about Hana knowledge How can you achieve data modelling in
Hana. The expectation is what about Hana knowledge the know how of the data modelling in
Hana we already have COPA functional so how do you bring these 2 together in form of data
modelling and apply the reporting and which reporting tool youre going to select apart from
learning the COPA reconsideration or COPA transaction so today is the cross fit as from the
expectation from customers directly and the training program we try to give you all the
possible combination skill set because so today it is expected to enter these you have to go
through AC 100 110 120. AH 100 AH 300 alright this is what we got for the training program.

Wish you very good luck in your future please stay in touch I do have some requirements
coming up in the pipeline but if youre certified please let me know if youre Hana certified and
if youre Hana s4 simple certified please do let me know you already have my email and ID
the beginning of the customer into the Hana and simple finance experimenting with the side
car approach. Some of the ERP financials and at Oracle they are doing a lot of testing for
the same ERP financials AHP 7 on Hana database side car and doing comparison between
those 2 reports transactions and analytics and photos POC and used cases and customers
consulting partners vendors and the consulting of the consulting team consultants from the
functional background. So believe there is learning curve good learning curve and I will put
in my email here param.th.2009@gmail.com this is my personal email ID. I will be available
on the email not on telephone because I am working in different client project and workshops
some of them part of pre-cells and DTM or taking sessions so I am always on the email and
not on the phone its param.ph.2009@gmail.com. Now if youre in actual s4 project and you
are hold up in the project issues could be functional could be technical could be strategy
there are customers pre-cells engagement.

So here is my email param.ph.2009@gmail.com and for actual project issues and errors
please put a subject title SOS and I will try and respond the earliest. There’s no service
charge this is just a friendly offering so subject title SOS send it as an email myself or my
associate team will be able to respond for your actual issues and actual queries in for the
actual project issues. Please remember when youre sending in those clients error or clients
screenshots. Remember do not violate non-disclosure agreement there might be some non-
disclosure agreement so remove your user password system ID the client number the
transactional code customise the KPIs to test to the masking to hide the credentials because
we don’t want to enter into the violation because we are going to send from your company to
a public domain do we gotta be following the best practice when we are doing the best for
our customers problems. What we do is a raise the concern and message SOS to SAP in
the mean time when youre looking for some alternative solutions please feel free to contact
me and I will try and give you the best possible answer to that error code and remember do
not violate any non-disclosure agreement with the client customer or employer.
Alright my friends so wish you very good luck in all your future endeavours and I do look
forward to meeting all of you in person and I will be traveling different cities and states for
road shows and S/4 migration and working with the SAP partners recipe for North America
and sap European Union and we have some good project come in the pipeline in the next
few months or next quarter or the 2016 or next part of 2016 , so if you certified, please do let
me know , if you look for some changes in your existing experience, you like advance SAP
Hana architect or architect from the existing functional consultant this is the right time to
get to get there faster, ok this is I got a question, yeah , thank you so much for MR .
PARAM for bring this to us, that was every informative so now my question is I do have
Hana and SAP Hana business partner I do have the learn code. Learning hub is global
learning SAP portal and that is SAP education global services all the training SAP conduct
worldwide if you are able to excess the learning hub, of course you can download but there
are different authorization so if you able to excess those materials with the learning hub
connections and if there is no particular NOC no objection certificate documents you exam
centre required you can directly go and take exam. Exactly, you have to do an
online element provide you SAP id and the some of the verification details and payment for
the examination fee which is 500 US dollar might be some discount coupon offer today , you
have learning hub excess or you have SAP voucher or SAP employee ID , you might also
get 25 percent discount but please contact your employer and SAP education services , so
it applicable to all of us, we can directly go for an examination with this training and the
system practice and study material AC100, 110 ,120. Please also go through HA100,
300 for more technical reference. Yeah you can also go for the apps absolutely , if you have
the excess to the APP. So the more we explore and more we do the research in this area
specially in the certification point if view , it will definitely going to help us , we also
recommend to do research in the links that we offer ed sap.com/S-
4hana, sap.com/community/S4hana. These are the all sap sponsored website and web
pages which will you more technical insight. All so those apps which will help you to prepare
for those examination. Not that at this moment because the first up certification available in
the Hana platform there six type of certification in Hana so your application, consultant
certification basic certification then you have OSDB migration certification support
certification the aback Hana certification and professional certification for master architect so
these are the six type of certification in SAP Hana and than for S4 Hana you have S4 simple
finance so if you are application certified or you S4 certificate than you can directly write
approach to start because all these certification are valid for support to start 5 years and the
professional certificate is valid for the next three years. So consultant that are already Hana
certified go to the next level for professional certification so that is for Hana solutions
architect , consultant who are FICO or SDMM directly go for SR Hana certification or Hana
application certification. So today these are the different options given by SAP , so we get to
know SAP Hana for different area and there is no particular weight age difference between
let say you are application certified or Hana S4 certified but the job role may be different
in term for S4 you probably work for simple finance and Hana application certification will be
applicable for all consultant including the FICO and RPW for CRMs or erp functional , so
these are the different options available and a there are no different between the certificate,
but as long your are Hana certified it is going to help us today at this moment but later in the
next coming year 2017 or 2018 there might be Hana consultant and different category that
time there might be some difference as a beginner certification or as the advance master
certification. That is correct.

Alright so I have the got the next question from Nathan , let's put in the question here, in
session 5 when we were in data modelling in calculation view we modify the MAT field
mapping it as null repeat null mapping problem. What does it mean no value exists how do
we avoid, yeah so because at the source table so whatever is there at the source table will
be visible in your data model , so data entry will not maintain the value for that particular field
than it will show as a null value. So how do you avoid , the null values could be avoided or
any value that you would like to change , that will be performed through the ETL tool like
SLT or BODS if your performing the data replication to Hana and avoid null or any value
changed or using the avap programs with look you functions that if you find null than make
the change, or if you find the null for a particular value go for corresponding other references
check start populating that program or any application 9r the DB concepts using the sequel
program at the database and if you are not replicating the values or if the table is are not
getting the values from application then you can have the low data base sequel program to
remove the null values or replaced the null values so these are some of the remediation
steps to change the value in the talve in Hana system it can be from the replication and
application program or the local database program. So coming back to your question that in
the calculation view where we modified the year MAT field mapping for it was null yeah so it
must be set to the ERP, SAPERP, year_MAT is a calculated field by putting in the data
field , so we derived material year from ERSDA field from MARA. By applying these values
from ERP than the are derived here, over the date. Let's go to the next question this was
during join for projection one, I will request to refer the trainer package view calculation view
there you will see the mapping for the join and the for the union, you will see the result in the
trainer view and the output will be set to the aggregated as a part of the best practice KPIs
values as the centre of the numeric. Integrated and non KPI are descriptive field values and
the attributes mist than be supported by the aggregation bite so give me 15 seconds I will
come back to get on the door, alright any further questions. Ok so please make sure have
the email, my email, direct mail, so you can put any questions, strategy questions. Ok the
smart business 2.0 is equal to SAP NWBS.

Next so stay in touch, everybody have my email please feel free if your are going to
queries for some project or looking for some business case for example or you working with
the GTM go to market strategies or you are going to create a migration project with the
existing customer that you need some help or support or in terms of the resource I can
provide you the resource locally at your location for us clients and if you need some of the
clarification with the existing issues please send the email for any remote support with a
SOS, SOS is only meant for actual project enquiries , general enquiry you can keep sending
the subject according to the enquiry but if you are actually hold up in project issues I can
answer immediately you put the subject title as SOS. In the title, so that I can answer it as
soon as possible.
Alright my friends , my best wishes to you keep in touch when I am in near your state meet
probably the time have a good time together in your city or state and alright please stay in
touch continue learn because there is no harm in learn these new technologies and
function. Because what ever function we are working on they are from the technical
alignment although the business assignment , the business function , if you know both side
of the area as the technique function. This will help us in the long term, best wishes to
everyone, please stay in touch and continue learn these area, and start exploring the Hana
because DP customer will move onto the Hana database , it is the right time to get there,
good bye my friends so best wishes good luck to all of you, thank you everyone take care
and all the best, enjoyed your presentation, thank you everyone , good luck and goodbye.