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�ह�द� म� पढ़�

Chapter 9

Soul amiyo

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Secret of RamaSetu
revealed by the immortal
Lord Hanuman
[Setuu’s Note : Second half of this chapter contains
transcendental knowledge -- the knowledge which takes us
beyond human mind. Therefore, devotees from mainstream
society who are attached too much to their human minds
may �nd it di�cult to grasp. Nevertheless we have published
it, because Lord Hanuman has directed us to do so. Probably
there are some Grihasth Sadhakas (Householder Seekers)
amongst the Setuu’s online community, to whom this chapter
must reach. ]

 The �rst leg of Charan Pooja which was performed on behalf

of Yajmaan Basantha was completed. Yajmaan Basantha had
o�ered Arpanam in the form of a basket of fruits, and
received Prasadam in the form of knowledge of Paatal Loka.
His hidden wish was to get gemstones of his family back but
that wish could not be ful�lled in the �rst leg. Lord Hanuman
had stood up from His Asana. All Mathangs present in the
Hanumandal also stood up with their palms joined and head
bowed. Before the assembly broke, Hotar Urva asked Lord
Hanuman very importantly, “O Lord, if the gemstones are in
the sea bed, how can they be brought back? It seems
impossible �rstly to go in depth of ocean and secondly to �nd
the small gemstones in such depths.”

Baba Mathang was not pleased with behavior of Hotar Urva.

He gave Urva an angry look, then bowed to Lord Hanuman
and said, “O Lord, forgive him. He is young and ignorant. He
doesn’t know that once Prasadam has been received by
Yajmaan, assembly must break. I beg your apologies.”

Lord Hanuman smiled and looked �rst at Urva and then at

Baba Mathang. He then walked over the holy water reservoir
in front of His Asana and disappeared.

Baba Mathang started the concluding ritual. Yajmaan

Basantha blew o� the lamps placed on periphery of
Hanumandal one by one as Baba Mathang watched. Then the
God of �re was seen o� from the altar in the center of
Hanumandal. Urva tried to help Baba Mathang in completing
these rituals but Baba angrily refused to involve him.

Finally when the assembly broke and Mathangs started

walking towards their homes, Urva tried to speak to Baba to
explain his point of view. Baba did not give him opportunity
to speak.

Later when the Mathangs were having breakfast, Urva sat

near Baba Mathang and attempted to speak. Baba Mathang
thundered, “If Basantha himself did not ask gemstones, who
are you to express a wish on his behalf, that too when Lord
Hanuman had stood up from His Asana? You have gone too
far, Urva. I will not appoint you Hotar anymore. Urmi shall be
the Hotar hereafter.”

Urva tried to speak, “Baba, I just wanted to…”

“Wanted what?” Baba Mathang thundered again, “You think

the Charan Pooja shall proceed as per your ‘wants’? ‘I just
wanted’ means what? Is your ‘want’ so superior that you shall
defy the procedures laid down by our ancestors through the

Urva broke down. He picked up his plate of breakfast, stood

up sobbing and dashed away from there.

Urmi was also sitting near Baba Mathang. She witnessed

everything silently. Baba said to Urmi, “I also think that the
lost gemstones must come to Basantha’s family so that his
father’s soul can liberate. But we are human beings. What we
think is right may not be right. Didn’t you see Urmi, out of
huge pile of fruits brought by Basantha, only a small piece of
banana was sacred enough to be o�ered to Lord. That
showed how much Basantha was under in�uence of Surrahs
and Asurrahs. Then how can we be sure that our wish of
getting gemstones back is actually our wish? It could well be a
wish induced in us by Surrahs and Asurrahs?

“And it’s not only Basantha, I am afraid that we all have come
under huge in�uence of Surrahs and Asurrahs in last 41
years. We feel that we are pure but that feeling of pureness
can be induced by Asurrahs too. I think Lord Hanuman was
hinting towards me when he told about Bhishma (of
Mahabharata). Yes, Bhishma thought that he was very
righteous but actually he was under huge in�uence of

“Do not worry Baba Mathang, you are not under in�uence of
Surrahs and Asurrahs.” It was the voice of Lord Hanuman. He
was sitting where Urmi was sitting a moment ago.

Baba Mathang was pleasantly stunned to see Lord Hanuman

having breakfast with him. He did not know what to do and
what to say. Attempting to fold his hands in veneration, he
mumbled, “Lord!”

Lord Hanuman further said, “… and you keep yourself under

constant observation. It signi�es that you are completely
pure. You have ful�lled your responsibilities as ‘Baba’ very
well so far. And Urva did nothing wrong. The question raised
by him is bubbling in minds of all seeker Mathangs right now.
I know when to plant a question in a seeker’s mind and when
to answer them. And as far as the rituals are concerned,
being protector of Mathang tradition, your anger is justi�ed.
Because of your anger, now he is deeply thinking why that
particular ritual is in place and why it should not be broken.

Baba felt relieved to hear those words. He turned up his head

to get a glimpse of the Lord again, but Lord Hanuman had
disappeared from there. Baba saw Urmi at that place having
her breakfast.

After some time, next leg of Charan Pooja started. This time
Yajmaan was Charitha, a Mathang woman. Urmi was
appointed as Hotar. Before the ritual of Arpanam could start,
Yajmaan’s soul required to be enlightened by Lord
Hanuman’s words.

Lord spoke, “In the last leg of Charan Pooja, Urva had asked a
question - gemstones are deep in the sea bed. How is it
possible to retrieve them from there?

“Urva’s question reminds me of Nala, the Vaanara who built

the bridge over the sea.

“When Lord Ram decided to wage a war on Ravana, millions

of Vaanars gathered to form an army. Lanka was situated
across the sea. It was a big challenge to transport such a huge
army of Vaanars across the sea. Lord Ram called a meeting of
army commanders and asked their suggestions.

“Sugreeva said, “My Lord, we cannot land the entire army in

Lanka. On the outskirts of Lanka, there is not much space to
camp our army of millions of Vaanars. There will be scarcity
of food and other necessities on the land of enemy.
Therefore we should proceed with only half of army. Rest half
can stay this side and rush for enforcement if war goes on for
long time. We have huge workforce here. They can build
required number of boats very fast.”

“Laxmana enquired, “What if we get attacked by sea monsters

on the way? Our army is not skilled enough to �ght dangers
of the sea.”

“I assured Laxmana that If Lord Ram permits me I can �ght

the sea monsters single handedly to save our army.
Therefore there was no need to worry about the dangers of

“Angada said, “I suspect that Ravana has a battalion of army

which is skilled in sea warfare. What if he sends that battalion
to �nish our army in the sea itself?”

“Lord Ram said, “The war has not been declared yet. No
warrior can attack without declaring the war �rst.”

“Laxman remarked, “Ravana is under in�uence of Asurrahs. I

don’t think that he will follow rulebook of Kshatriyas.”

“Lord Rama said, “Laxman, I know Ravana is under in�uence

of Asurrahs but he is extremely egoistic about his army
power. He won’t do this cowardice act.”

“Sugreeva realized a mistake in his plan. He said, “We can take

one half of our army to Lanka in boats without any problem.
But if we require another half of army, we won’t be able to
call them later… because once the war is declared, Ravana
will be free to attack our army in the sea itself. He will send
his battalion of sea warriors and �nish another half of our
army while they try to cross the sea.”

““Exactly!” Angada opined, “Our army needs land under their

feet to �ght anything signi�cant. They do not know how to
�ght in the boats.”
“Lord Rama said, “What if we build a bridge across the sea?
Bridge is as good as land. There won’t be any problem in
getting reinforcement via the bridge.”

“Everyone present in the meeting gave a surprising look.

“Bridge across the sea?” Sugreeva said, “I am afraid that is
impossible my Lord.”

““Nala can do it.” Lord Ram said.

“N… Nala…. Hmmm… yes, there is a skilled Vaanara called

Nala who can build bridges. But how do you know him my
Lord?” Sugreeva exclaimed.

“That was an odd question. Lord Ram, the supreme Lord,

knows all. How would he not know anyone? I intervened and
said, “Why don’t we call Nala and ask him whether he can
build the bridge?”

“Sugreeva replied promptly, “He can build bridge from one

tree to another. He cannot build bridge across sea. It is

“I knew that nothing is impossible for Lord Ram. So I insisted,

“Let us call Nala here and ask him.”

“Angada went out to call Nala.

“When Angada entered in the meeting room again, he was
with Nala. Nala was very surprised that Lord Ram knew him
and had speci�cally called him for meeting out of millions of
Vaanars. Angada spoke on his behalf, “Lord, I asked Nala. He
says he cannot build a bridge in water.”

“Lord Ram smiled at Nala and asked, “Nala, Every creative

person is a form of Vishwakarma. If you can create a bridge
between two trees, you can build a bridge between here and
Lanka too. Can’t you?”

“Nala was numb. But he immediately replied as if the words

burst out of his lips suddenly, “Yes, I can.”

“Everyone looked at Nala. Con�dence of Nala vanished and

he seemed uncertain. Lord Ram looked in his eyes. The magic
happened again and he spoke loudly addressing the entire
assembly of commanders, “Yes, I can build the bridge across
the sea. I shall survey the sea right away. Then I will prepare
the design.”

“Lord Ram directed me to accompany Nala for survey of the


“I left the meeting room along with Nala. I noticed that he was
trembling, and murmuring, “Yes… the bridge can be built…
yes, I shall build the bridge.” His con�dence had again gone
down. He was trying to reassure himself.
“We took a boat, few ropes and sticks and went into the sea.
Nala started measuring depth of the sea at di�erent places.
The sea was very deep everywhere. Nala was disappointed.
He gave up and said, “It is impossible to build a bridge in this

““Then why did you say yes to Lord Ram?” I asked.

“Nala replied, “I do not know what happened to me when

Lord Ram looked at me. I felt that I am Vishwakarma and I can
create anything. But as soon as I came out of the meeting I
again felt that I am just an ordinary monkey.”

“I said to him, “O Nala, If Lord Ram believes in you, there is

something special about you. No matter how deep the water
is, you can build the bridge.”

““But… how…?” Nala said helplessly, “How should I say… it is

simply impossible. I cannot make even a single pillar stand in
this deep water.”

“We were sailing the boat in the middle of the sea. Nala was
feeling scared of the responsibility at hand. He requested me
to suggest a solution. I told him to close his eyes and chant
name of Lord Ram.

“He closed his eyes and started chanting name of Lord Ram. I
could see glow on his face. I said, “O the soul who is chanting
name of Lord Ram, who are you? Do introduce yourself.”
“With his eyes closed, Nala replied, “I am Nala, a form of
Vishwakarma. I can see myself digging the base of the sea. I
can see myself tearing apart the sea. Yes, I can do that. Yes, I
will do that.”

“I saw glimpse of Vishwakarma on the face of Nala. I asked

him to open his eyes.

“When he opened his eyes, he saw something unusual. He

shouted, “Balls of �re!”

“I turned back and saw that Nala was nodding towards a huge
crocodile few meters away from our boat. Holding �rm grip
on my mace, I asked, “Balls of �re? No, that is just a

““But there was something unusual about the crocodile. Its

eyes were looking like two balls of �re. And he was looking
right towards me.” Nala asserted.

““It must have been a trick of light, nothing else.” I comforted

Nala but actually that crocodile was looking suspicious to me
too. A normal crocodile would have come to attack us but
when we looked towards that creature, it turned away.

“Nala said, “Don’t know why, I feel that that crocodile is a spy
of Ravana. Shouldn’t we chase it and �nd out?”
““No.” I said, “There are so many creatures like this in this sea.
We have to concentrate only on our work. I would attack
these creatures only if they try to harm us.”

“The work, ah!” Nala said, “The work in hand is an impossible

task. I have no idea where should I start.”

““But few moments ago, your face was glowing with Godly
powers. I got a glimpse of Lord Vishwakarma on your face
when you were chanting name of Lord Ram.” I told.

“Nala said jokingly, “This Bridge can be built only if rocks start
�oating in the sea.”

“I said seriously, “Anything is possible if Lord Ram desires so.

If Lord Ram thinks that you can build the bridge, then just go
and relax. Tomorrow morning, chant His name and start
throwing rocks in the sea. They will �oat if so is the desire of

“Nala was not fully convinced but he had no other option. I

asked him to stop surveying. I took him far into the sea and
showed him various creatures. He watched the sea with child
like enthusiasm and forgot about the bridge.

“When we returned back into our camp late in evening,

Angada and Sugreeva asked whether the surveying had been
completed. Nala had no answer. I replied on his behalf, “Yes,
the surveying is complete. Nala can start the construction
from tomorrow.”

“I saw Lord Ram smiling at me. He knew the truth that all this
while we were not measuring the sea but watching the
creatures of sea and enjoying the boat ride, and that we had
got nothing �gured out as to how the bridge will be

“Next morning, everyone’s eye was on Nala. All the

commanders of our army had gathered on the beach. Nala
was walking on the beach seriously as if he was measuring
the sea with his eyes. Just to tease him, I asked, “O the great
Nala, where should we start the construction? Please guide us
so that we can gather the required material at that point.”

“Nala was apparently very nervous and his lips were moving.
He was slowly chanting Lord Ram’s name. When I teased him,
he looked towards me and increased his volume of chanting,
“Raam… Raam… Raam…”

“Angada and Sugreeva looked towards me curiously. I

immediately said, “Errr… yes, Raam… Raam … Raam… Nala
means to say that Lord Raam will tell where to start the

“Fortunately Lord Ram arrived there with Laxmana and said,

“Yes, please come with me. We will do a Pooja �rst and then
Nala can start the construction.”
“It seemed Lord Ram already knew the point where the
bridge construction had to be started. He took us there and
started a Pooja. Nala was still very nervous, but I was certain
that everything was going to be alright.

“When the Pooja was over, the focus came back to Nala. His
nervousness �ew away and Godly powers manifested
through him when Lord Ram looked into his eyes. Nala
pointed his hand towards the sea and roared, “Let us place
the �rst stone right at the heart of mighty sea! Jai Shri Ram.”

“I repeated after Him, “Jai Shri Ram” and threw a stone right in
the direction of his hand. To extreme surprise and excitement
of one and all present there, the stone thrown by me did not
sink in the sea. When Nala’s out-of-the-world excitement
wore out, a pleasant surprise engulfed his mind. He did not
utter a word but his eyes were asking me, “How did this
miracle happen? How did the laws of this world change? How
did the stone �oat in the sea?”

“One thing was certain to me: No act of Lord Ram would ever
violate laws of this world. If stones do not �oat in water for
the rest of the world, Lord Ram would never make them �oat
just for himself.

“Our entire army started chanting Lord Ram’s name loudly

when Angada made the announcement that stone thrown in
the sea was �oating by the grace of Lord Ram and skills of
Nala. Nala became an instant hero of entire monkey race.
“Nala wanted to know the secret behind the �oating stone.
He said to Lord Ram, “Lord, I need your permission to go into
the sea and take some measurements. Can I go with Shri

“After taking Lord Ram’s permission, we took a boat and went

to the place where the stone was �oating. To our huge
surprise, we found that the stone was not �oating in water;
instead it was placed on a ridge. Nala exclaimed, “I cannot
believe my eyes. How did this ridge come up here? Yesterday,
there was very deep water in here. What miracle …. Overnight
…. How?”

“I had no explanation. I simply said, “Such is the power of

Lord Ram’s name!”

“Nala closed his eyes and chanted Lord Ram’s name loudly. I
sailed the boat to �nd out how long the ridge was. We found
that the ridge was formed fully across the sea. The only work
left to be done was to bridge the gaps here and there to
make the surface even. Nala was a master in abridging small
gaps. In next couple of days, with the help of huge workforce
of Vaanaras, Nala turned the ridge into a smooth bridge.

“Nala was not comfortable with the sudden popularity he had

got among the millions of Vaanars. He felt that he didn’t
deserve it because he believed that the ridge had come up by
the powers of Lord Ram. When the bridge was complete, Lord
Ram told him, “Nala, the ridge came out of earth because of
you. Right now I cannot tell you how this happened but I shall
de�nitely tell you after the war is over.”
“To honor Nala, Lord Ram named the bridge as “NalaSethu”.

“When the war was over, Nala asked Lord Ram about the
secret of the ridge. Can you guess O wise Mathangs, what
was the secret?” Lord Hanuman asked the assembly of

Urva was sitting silently. Lord Hanuman looked at him and

said, “Urva’s question reminded me of Nala. Nala was saying
that it was impossible to build bridge in the sea and Urva was
saying that it is impossible to bring the gemstones from the
sea bed. I am not saying that some kind of ridge will pop up in
the sea and gemstones will come up. I am simply saying that
nothing is impossible.”

Urva didn’t speak anything. Urmi was the Hotar of Pooja. She
got up and asked, “O Lord, we are eager to know the secret.
How did the ridge come up in the sea overnight? Please bless
us with the supreme knowledge and help us know the secret.
We cannot guess.”

 Lord Hanuman said, “I am going to tell this secret to you now.

Pay attention to each word of mine otherwise you won’t be
able to understand it.

“When we are in open air, we live comfortably but when we

go into water, we feel uneasy. The opposite is true for �shes.
When a �sh is in water, it feels comfortable and when it is in
open air, it feels uneasy. Imagine a �sh into deep water. Can
you imagine the world of �sh from the perspective of �sh?”
Lord Hanuman asked.

“Hotar Urmi, who is experienced in changing bodies, replied

quickly, “Just like air is invisible for us, water is invisible for a
�sh. So, I think a �sh feels like a bird when it is inside the
water. She feels open space around her and she travels in
that open space.”

“Good.” Lord Hanuman said, “Do all of you get what Urmi
said? Can you imagine the world of �sh? It is exactly opposite
to our world. For her water is ‘gas’ and air is ‘liquid’. When she
is in water, she feels open space around her and when she is
in air, she feels something ‘liquid’ around her which
su�ocates her.”

[Setuu’s Note : We human beings have tendency to study and

explain everything from our perspective. Here, you are
required to leave your perspective. Sadhakas practice it every
day. We are not sure if devotees of mainstream society will be
able to do it. If you have understood this chapter so far, you
are a Grihasth Sadhaka.]

All the Mathangs nodded. Lord Hanuman further said, “Now

imagine about the Paatal Loka. When I went to Paatal, I did
not see anything abnormal about that world. It looked like a
normal world like ours. O Mathangs, just think and tell. If
Paatal is deep inside our Earth, it should be dark and
su�ocating in there. Why didn’t I feel so?”

Hotar Urmi replied, “If I go into water with my human body, I

will feel su�ocated there; but If I enter inside body of a �sh, I
would feel nothing abnormal inside water. Similarly, my Lord,
your body did not go to Paatal. Your soul entered in body of a
Paatal creature, and experienced Paataal from that body.”

Lord Hanuman pointed towards ground and said, “See, we

are located on a solid ground. So, even if everything is normal
for the Paatal creatures from inside, they should at least see a
solid roof on top of their world. I didn’t see any roof. I saw
open sky just like ours. Why so?”

Urmi didn’t get any answer immediately. Lord Hanuman

looked towards Urva. He looked at Baba Mathang and turned
down his head. Lord Hanuman insisted, “Urva, Baba will not
chide you if you speak in the Pooja hours. Do speak.”

“Lord, I think for the creatures of Paatal, we and our world are
invisible.” Urva stood up and said in a low voice, “For a �sh,
water feels like an invisible gas. Similarly, for creatures of
Paatal, our solid matter feels like invisible gas. That is why
they don’t see any roof over their world.”

Lord Hanuman seemed to agree. He said, “Yes, but they are

somehow aware of our world. They think that there is a thick
invisible layer over their world in which some creatures live.
So Maanavloka is nothing but an invisible thick layer for them.
Do you know why Ahi and Mahi, two brothers of Paatalloka,
abducted Lord Ram and Laxman?”

“Because Ravana used to enter in body of Mahi; he instigated

his brother to abduct Lord Ram.” Urva promptly replied.
“That is true, but do you know how Ravana instigated the
creatures of Paatal to abduct Lord Ram?” Lord Hanuman told,
“Through the body of Mahi, he told them a false story that the
creatures of MaanavLoka are going to attack PaatalLoka. He
made them believe that Lord Ram and Laxman are leaders of
the army which is going to launch an attack on Paatal Loka.

“When they successfully abducted (supreme) souls of Lord

Ram and Laxman, they trapped them inside two bodies of
Paatal. They called a seer who was skilled enough to talk to
souls. Ahi said to the seer, “O seer, we have abducted these
two souls from MaanavLoka. As per secret information, these
two souls are leading an army which is going to attack
PaatalLoka. Interrogate these souls and �nd out their plans.”

“The seer looked into the (supreme) soul of Lord Ram and
asked, “O soul, who are you?”

““I am Nala.” Lord Ram replied.

“Ravana, who was present there in the body of Mahi,

immediately said, “No, he is not Nala. He is Rama. He is lying.”

“The seer said, “O Mahi, I am experienced enough to know

whether a soul is expressing a lie or truth. This soul is telling
the truth. His name is Nala, not Rama.”

“Mahi (Ravana) angrily said, “O seer, you are mistaken. He is


[Setuu’s Note: In the above line, “Mahi (Ravana)” denotes

Mahi’s body+Ravana’s soul. Do not read it as “MahiRavana”.
Name of the Paatal creature was only “Mahi”, not

“The seer looked in the eyes of Mahi (Ravana) and said, “This
soul is indeed Nala but I doubt whether your soul is Mahi’s
soul. Why should I not believe that some evil soul has entered
in Mahi’s body and doubting my knowledge?”

“Ravana who was there in Mahi’s body, got frightened. He

immediately went out of the hall in anger. Ahi’s intervention
saved him from seer’s attention. Ahi said, “O seer, we have
nothing to do with their name. Please �nd out their plans.
Please �nd out where there army is right now?”

“Right now?” The seer asked, “Our ‘right now’ or their ‘right
now’? … because our Time and their Time is not common.”

“Ahi got confused. He said to the seer, “O seer, in PaatalLoka,

you are the minister of MaanavLoka a�airs. I am told that
your department has gained signi�cant knowledge about
MaanavLoka. I have also heard that you have prepared
weapons which can a�ect MaanavLoka signi�cantly.”

“The seer replied, “MaanavLoka is completely invisible for us.

But we have managed to study their world by way of soul
reading. We have found that, from our world, we can only see
and a�ect their past, not present. For example, these two
abducted souls are here in this hall right now. But we can
only interact with their past, not present.”

“Ahi said, “I do not have patience to study your �ndings, O

Seer. Please interact with these souls as per your knowledge
and �nd out a way to stop their army from attacking us.”

“The seer turned to (supreme) soul of Rama and asked, “O

soul, who are you?”

““I am Nala, a form of Vishwakarma. I can see myself digging

the base of the sea. I can see myself tearing apart the sea.
Yes, I can do that. Yes, I will do that.” The reply came.

“Few moments later, Lord Ram looked in the eyes of seer and
loudly said, “Balls of �re.” The seer got spooked. He turned
away from Lord Ram suddenly. Ahi asked, “What happened O
seer? Did you see anything untoward?”

““Errr… N.. No … nothing untoward… He recognized that I was

sneaking into his soul.” The seer replied in fearful voice.

[Setuu’s explanation: The seer of Paatal Loka was watching

Nala in MaanavLoka through the eyes of crocodile. Please
note the illusion of Time here : The Lanka war had already
started in MaanavLoka when Lord Ram and Laxman got
abducted from Paatal. But people of PaatalLoka are in contact
with our past, not present. Hence, the seer of PaatalLoka was
seeing that the army of Vaanaras had not crossed the sea yet,
Nala was surveying the sea to build bridge.]

“From whatever he could see, the seer opined, “O Ahi, This

Nala seems to be the head of the army which is going to
attack us. I heard him saying something about “tearing apart”.
As you know, the MaanavLoka is an invisible thick layer above
our Loka. Probably he was talking about tearing apart that
layer to attack us. I have tracked the movement of this soul. I
can draw a probable line on map of MaanavLoka from where
they are planning to tear apart their layer. We can place
reinforcements along that line in order to make the layer of
MaanavLoka strong from there so that they fail to tear it
apart. That is how we can stop them from attacking us.”

““Excellent!” Ahi congratulated the seer for the breakthrough.

He then ordered, “O seer, please draw the map right away.
We will prepare to launch the reinforcements right away.”

“O Mathangs, the enforcement thus sent by Paataal creatures

formed the ridge in the sea. So, this is the secret of that
ridge.” Lord Hanuman concluded.

Yajmaan Charita’s soul was feeling enlightened now. She was

eligible for Arpanam. Baba Mathang stood up to start the
ritual of Arpanam but Lord Hanuman noticed that Urva
wanted to ask something. He said, “Urva, do not be afraid to
voice your query. Stand up and speak.”

Urva stood up and asked, “O Lord, I was thinking… Lord Ram’s

soul was abducted to Paatal. Then why did he introduce
Himself as ‘Nala’ in front of Paatal’s seer? Wasn’t that a lie… a
lie from Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram? Pardon me if I have
asked anything wrong.”

Lord Hanuman smiled and replied, “It was not Lord Ram, it
was His (supreme) soul in Paatal. His soul is supreme. All
other souls are just subset of His soul. He can manifest
Himself in any form He wants. In Paatal, He manifested
Himself as ‘Nala’. Now that I have told you the secret of
Raamsethu, you know why He did so!”

Urva’s mind seemed satis�ed now. Now Hotar Urmi got

courage to ask a question. She said, “O Lord, the knowledge
of Paatal’s seer about our world was so weak, he couldn’t
even realize that there was no plan to attack Paatal!”

Lord Hanuman raised his hand towards the sky and said,
“There is an invisible world on top of our world too. How
much do you know about that world?”

No more questions came up in the assembly. Baba Mathang

walked to the altar where Yajmaan Charita’s basket of fruits
of kept and started the ritual of Arpanam.

Special Note from Setuu Masters : If we compare these

chapters of Lord Hanuman’s Leelas with the ancient Hindu
scriptures, one thing becomes very clear : The ancient
scriptures - be it Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vedas or
Upanishadas - as they are available today, are not in their
original form. They have been extremely misinterpreted and
deformed many times. For example, the transcendental
knowledge, which is very di�cult to grasp, has been replaced
with easy-to-understand theories like “boon”, “curse” etc.
After centuries of ignorance, humanity is �nally getting the
original transcendental knowledge by the grace of Lord
Hanuman. Our generation is indeed very blessed.

Explanation Edit 1 : As expected, some devotees are not

able to understand the illusion of Time. All of them are doing
same mistake : They are trying to imagine Paatal and Bhuloka
side by side and comparing it like apple and orange. See, �rst
of all you must choose the place from where you want to
watch or understand a world. You are not independent. You
are either in Paatal or in Bhuloka. We are upper world
(Vyahriti) of Paatal. Therefore, when we see from Bhuloka, we
see future of Paatal. And when Paatal people see us, they see
our past.

Suppose that you have a machine through which you can see
Paatal. Imagine that you are on the beach when Nala has
gone to survey the sea. What would you see in Paatal? You
will see that Lord Ram and Laxman's souls are there and the
Seer is interrogating them.

Now suppose that you are in Paatal and you have a machine
through which you can see Bhuloka. Imagine that you are in
the hall where the seer is interrogating souls of Lord Ram and
Laxman. If you see Bhuloka from there through your
machine, what will you see? You will see that Nala is surveying
the sea.

>> So, You have to �rst decide what is your observation point.
If you choose an observation point for yourself which is
neither in Paatal nor in Bhuloka, then it is some third world.
You must know Time relationship of that third world with
Bhuloka and Paatal and then you have to factor in that
relationship to understand Bhuloka and Paatal.

This chapter of Lord Hanuman's Leelas ends here.

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--- Skip to Arpanam ---

The layers of illusion on the soul
amiyo, After reading a chapter the most important part is to
observe how are you feeling. If the feeling is something like,
"wow, I gained something from it" OR "wow, I learned
something new" OR "my devotion has increased towards my
God" etc etc, then you have NOT moved even an inch
towards your God. You are stuck at the same distance.

If, after reading this chapter you are feeling as though

something has tumbled out of you and you have become
lighter, then you have moved at least one step closer to your
God after reading this chapter.

Your soul is like a mirror which has gathered dust from

outside world. If after reading the chapter, you are feeling
that you have "gained" something, that means that you have
put another layer on the mirror of your soul. You can see
God only when these layers are removed. Hence, if you are
not feeling lighter right now, you should come back later
and read this chapter again.

If you are feeling lighter right now, that means this chapter
has removed at least one layer from mirror of your soul.
Now the next step is to make sure that the dust which has
been removed from the mirror does not settle there again.
(When you clean your mirror with a cloth, next thing you do
is to go out of the house and dust that cloth o�. You do not
keep that dusty cloth as-it-is in your house.)

To not let the dust settle on the soul again, Arpan (O�ering)
is made to God. Arpan can be of �owers or fruits or anything
else which is "attached" to you. In Mathang culture, Arpan is
made within 108 hours of feeling "lighter".You can make
Arpan of anything which is attached to you. If you have a
�ower in your garden which you have grown, you can make
Arpan of that �ower. You can also buy �owers or fruits from
market because the money you spend on that is also
"attached" to you.
Lord Vishnu's last avatar
When Lord Ram completed His Leelas in this world, He went
back to VishnuLoka. Lord Hanuman also came back from
Ayodhya and started living in jungles again. He helped
devotees in His invisible form always. But then Lord Vishnu
again came to earth in the form of Krishna in Mahabharata
period. At that time, Lord Hanuman came out from the
jungle and helped Pandavas in Mahabharata war (He
mounted on Arjuna's chariot and saved it from attacks of

After the Mahabharata war Lord Hanuman again went back

to jungle. He helped devotees in His invisible form. Only
Rishis had the privilege to meet Him in His visible form in
jungles. For example Mathangs had the privilege to host
Him every 41 years in the jungles.

Now Lord Hanuman has again showed His visible form by

revealing His Leelas. He shows His visible form to entire
world only when Lord Vishnu is present on Earth as an
avatar. The question is, Has Lord Vishnu's last avatar Kalki
taken birth somewhere already? Or about to take birth? We
do not know. There are hints and perhaps it will get clear
when we decipher more chapters of Lord Hanuman's

Until then, as per instructions of Lord Hanuman, the Sakshat

Hanuman Pooja is being performed continuously. You can
send your questions, doubts and prayers for Lord
Hanuman. (write them in "My Experiences" section. )

amiyo, You can also take part in Sakshat Hanuman Pooja as

a host (Yajman) by sending Arpan of fruits. Arpan should be
made within 108 hours of reading a chapter of Lord
Hanuman's Leelas.

Your O�erings so far at this chapter:

Fruits worth
Rs. 0
O�erings have been closed for you
on this chapter because 108 hours have passed since you
�rst read this chapter.You did not give o�erings in that
time period. Check next chapter.

Your Successful transactions on this chapter :

No successful Arpanam attempt from you on this chapter so

Your Incomplete/Failed transactions on this
chapter :
You don't have any incomplete or failed transaction on this
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yearning, you will leave your name and fame behind and identify yourself
merely as a soul which wants to merge with the supreme. To dissolve your
worldly identity, you will do Tapasya under guidance of Setuu Masters in the
foothills of Piduruthalagala Mountain. There are no posts at Setuu because
sole decision maker of Setuu’s activities is Lord Hanuman Himself.
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