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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

It is a language to design web page. It is not any programming language.

HTML is a client side markup language.

HTML files are plain text files. They may be created by uning simple text editor
like Notepad in Windows or vi in Linux etc. HTML files are saved with .htm or .html

To view any HTML file as a web page, we need any web browser like Mozilla Firefox,
Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc.

HTML is basically a collection of tags. Tags are one or more characters (alphabets
and digits) enclosed within angular bracket < >. There are two types of tags in
(i) Container tag and (ii) Empty tag or Stand alone tag.

Container tags has two parts - the opening tag and the closing tag. This is called
element in a web page. For example - <p> .... </p> creates a paragraph element.

Empty or stand alone tags has no closing part. For example - <br>, <hr> etc. Empty
tags are also written with a slash terminator like <br />, <hr />.

HTML version 5 documents begin with the following declaration -

<!DOCTYPE html>

The basic structure of an HTML document is

<title> Page Title goes here </title>

NOTE: HTML tags are not case sensitive. That means tags may be written in lower
case letters or in upper case letters.