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Presented / Published : IEEE ACE 2002, Dec 20-21, 2002 Organized by IEEE Calcutta


Amit Chaudhuri Amitava Akuli Abhijit Auddy
Addl. Director Jr. Scientific Officer Project Assistant

Electronics Research & Development Centre of India, Calcutta

Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Govt. of India
Plot E-2/1, Block GP, Sector V,
Bidhannagar, Calcutta – 700 091
Phone: 357-9846 / 5989 / 3581, Fax: 91 33 357 5141

Abstract:1 The paper would report some Electrical meters- have been created for
developments achieved through an industry Switchyard / Power-bus visualization , Boiler/
linked application R&D project. In this Turbine management, Lab Testing / Training
project, traditional engineering-practices and etc. The Web-linked System uses ActiveX
management-techniques in a running power- control, Data Socket etc. technologies for
plant have been augmented using new creating “any where, any time” remote
generation IT tools and systems. Here, Virtual access facilities with interactivity features.
Instrumentation (VI) tools and technologies (See Fig. 1)
have been used for Graphics oriented Client-
end application development linked to some Virtual Labs : E-learning has become a
selected Industrial Processes and Systems. In global trend. In this IT age several
addition to Distributed Data Acquisition with concepts and technologies are being
Online-MIS functions, the BridgeVIEW-based researched, reviewed and deployed by
System developed has also created a public funded or commercial organizations
Software-based Virtual training -platform for Internet based training and education.
useful for Operators, Technicians, Engineers
Here the challenges are not only in proper
and Managers. External trainees can also
access the plat forms over Internet. absorption of advanced IT tools but also in
creation of appropriate contents in the
Introduction :Industrial Instrumentation form of systems and software applicable to
System is getting transformed with the the target trainees and students. Virtual
advent of new generation IT tools. In recent Labs create such on-PC environments
years, PC-technologies have become more and where online simulation of scientific
more rugguedized, field-proven and user- problems can be used by learners or
friendly, creating possibilities for proper trainees. Some Virtual labs already
deployment in industrial situations. The available are on the net.
developed virtual training-modules use such The present project is creating an area
graphical data-flow programming to simulate specific Virtual lab using Lab-VIEW and
zone-wise processes and machine functions in
six Generation units and allied Electrical/ allied Virtual Instrumentation
Mechanical Systems at a power-plant. Some technologies.
basic Electrical and Instrumentation
Engineering problems have been also Virtual Instrumentation Software : A
converted into VI based educational modules. standard Virtual Instrumentation Software is
“Look and feel” graphics with “Pop-up” structured effectively (See Fig.2) to perform
both user-end and process / machine level
tasks. The user process takes care of all the
IEEE ACE 2002, Dec 20-21, 2002 Organized by IEEE front-end functions so that graphical-programs
can be developed, modified and re-deployed to turbine bearing casings using accelerometers.
absorb maximum human-flexibility as Here, VI based study-mimics have been
required in a teaching or training environment. created for learners.
The graphical dataflow program (See Fig. 3)
creates Virtual Instruments (VIs) developing Observations : Domain-experts, Sr.
block-diagrams using nodes, terminals and Managers or Industrial-trainers with zero-
wires. With the icon/connector, a VI can be traditional programming knowledge may
used as a Sub VI in the block-diagram of themselves change a particular program during
another VI. All advanced programming a training session. Students and trainees can be
techniques with add-on tools and libraries can encouraged to develop several solutions of a
be graphically represented with minimum particular problem for proper understanding of
amount of coding-hours in this environment. a critical subject matter or industrial problem
The Web interface and interactivity in the area.
deployed VI modules has used Data Socket
technology linked to LabView. Student /
trainee-machines will have Data Socket clients Conclusions :The modules developed have
which implement the Data Socket API for proved their initial acceptability amongst some
talking to the server. This API is available in teachers, trainers, students and trainees.
the following implementations : LabView Vis, Through, interactive sessions with trainers and
LabWindows/ CVI C library, ActiveX control trainees, they would soon be shaped into
and JavaBean. permanently useful modules.

Developed Systems : VI based Systems Acknowledgement :

developed for Boiler Efficiency, Electrical The authors are grateful to Sri A.B.Saha, Ex.
Power Bus Management, Electrical testing and Director, ER&DCI, Calcutta for his kind
Turbine Vibration studies (see fig. 3 to fig. 7) guidance and permissions. The authors are
have been integrated for demonstrations or thankful to Smt. Shampa Dey, Sri Amitava
training. Other modules are in different stages Roy, Project Assistant of ER&DCI, Calcutta
of integration. Online / Offline data on Coal for assistance in the project. They are also
type, Ash, Volatile matter (proximity thankful to the Officials of the MCIT and
analysis), % of CO 2, N 2, O2 , Temperature Durgapur projects Ltd. who have extended co-
values (APH outlet, ambient etc.) get operation in the project.
processed in the System engine and Onscreen
VI graphics, where chat terminals, live mimics References:
and browser screens offer interactive
environments for trainees. Similar facilities i) “Distributed Industrial Data Acquisition for
have been created for live High Voltage Power Plant Management – Some new
power-buses including all Generation / Concepts and Applications” Proceedings of
Transmission data and Isolator / Breaker the Second Workshop on Distributed
status. Live experiments here would provide Computing, Dec,2000, Jadavpur University.
Self-learning solutions without disturbing the
risk-prone plant situations but at the same time ii) “Innovations in virtua l Instrumentation
allowing to enter a real-like situation. The Systems…” NI Days Conference 2002
Electrical Testing Experiment modules
provide realistic Knobs, Switches, Instrument- iii) Internet Applications in LabView – Jeffrey
mimics, Circuit diagrams, Input-Output graphs Travis.
where-in several experiments e.g. Series
Resonance in R-L-C series circuit,
Observation of Magnetizing Current- System diagrams and software printouts
waveform & B-H loop of a Test-transformer which follow (figs. 1 to 7) would depict
have been incorporated. Modern maintenance further the above discussions
engineering requires understanding of
predictive -features particularly for large
rotating-machines e.g. Turbine. A module has
been developed to acquire the data from the
User Process
VI Software • VI s
• Event

Engine Process
Event -driven I/O Process
•Data Acquisition •Data Logging • Alarm handling
•Data Processing • Alarm logging • Networking

Engineering Education &

Industrial Training High
Client Nodes At Class-rooms, Performance DDE OPC VI Server
Offices, Hostels & Homes DAS
Industrial Process

Fig. 1 Web enabled Virtual Laboratory System Fig. 2 Virtual Instrumentation System Software

Fig.3 Data flow program for Boiler

Fig.4 VI Software for RLC series
Resonance module Fig.5 Client-end VI based Graphics for
Electrical System Training

Fig.6 Study Of Hysterisis Loop of a Transformer

Fig.7 Study Of Vibration of a Rotating Machine