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December 20, 2017 David Druker

Henry Haupt

White Announces Limited Liability Company Filing Fees Reduced by New Law
SB 867 – effective immediately – reduces filing fees for limited liability companies

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is announcing that a new law reducing filing fees for Illinois
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) took effect today, immediately upon the signature of the
governor. Senate Bill 867, sponsored by state Sen. Thomas Cullerton (D-Villa Park) and state Rep.
Carol Sente (D-Buffalo Grove), amends the Limited Liability Company Act, reducing filing fees for

“This is a business-friendly law that significantly reduces the cost of forming and maintaining a
Limited Liability Company in Illinois,” said White. “My office has been given the task of
administering these fee reductions with respect to transactions, whether done online, through the
mail, or in person. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service for every filing method

Each month the Secretary of State Business Services Department processes and files approximately
20,000 LLC annual reports and documents. More information regarding the fee reductions is
available at the Illinois Secretary of State’s website www.cyberdriveillinois.com, or by contacting the
Secretary of State Department of Business Services offices in Chicago at 312-793-3380 or
Springfield at 217-782-6961.

A list of the filing fee reductions is on the following page.

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Senate Bill 867 LLC Filing Fee Reductions

Old fee New fee

Articles of Organization $500 $150

Application for Admission $500 $150
Restated Articles of Organization $500 $150
Articles of Organization-Series $750 $400
Application for Admission-Series $750 $400
Articles of Amendment $150 $50
Amended Application for Admission $150 $50
Application for Withdrawal – Domestic $25 $5
Name Reservation $300 $25
Cancel Name Reservation $100 $5
Transfer Name Reservation $100 $25
Name Registration Application $300 $50
Registered Name Renewal $100 $50
Assumed Name – Change $100 $25
Assumed Name – Cancel $100 $5
Annual Report $250 $75
Reinstatement Application $500 $200
Petition for Refund $15 $5
Statement of Termination $25 $5
Application for Withdrawal – Foreign $100 $5
Any Other Document $100 $5