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Mitosis and Meiosis

The Steps of mitosis and meiosis

Mitosis Steps Meiosis Steps
• Step 1- Prophase • Interphase: A cell undergoes a round of DNA replication. In the
end of replication, the cell contains two identical sets of
The chromosomes are visible to see, the centrioles move chromosomes.
to the opposite end of the cell, and spindles fibers begin • Meiosis l- Prophase l: The chromosomes of a parent cell make a
to stretch across into the middle. pair, and then chromosomes in a pair can exchange genetic
• Step 2- Metaphase
• Meiosis l- Metaphase l: The chromosome pairs line up in the
Then the duplicated chromosomes line up in the center center of the cell
of the cell, and each of the centromere attaches to the • Meiosis l- Anaphase l: The chromosome pairs separate and move
spindle fibers to opposite sides of the cell
• Step3- Anaphase • Meiosis l- Telophase l and Cytokinesis: Nuclear membranes form
around the sets of chromosomes, and the cell separates into two
In this step the centromeres divide, the identical daughter cells, t5hen each cell gets half the original number of
chromosomes separate and the spindle fibers decrease chromosomes but each chromosome still has two chromatids
and the chromosomes end up on the opposite sides of • Meiosis ll- Prophase ll: The nuclear envelope breaks down
the cell • Meiosis ll- Metaphase ll: The chromosomes lines up across the
center of each cell
• Step 4- Telophase
• Meiosis ll- anaphase ll: The chromatids separate and form single
The spindles fibers now begin to disappear, then the chromosomes, and move toward opposite sides of the cell
chromosomes uncoil and it becomes harder to see them. • Meiosis ll- Telophase ll and Cytokinesis: Nuclear envelopes form
The mass of each chromosomes develops its own around each set of chromatids, and each cell separates into two
nuclear membrane to make a new nucleus daughter cells, then Meiosis ll results in four daughter cells with
half the number of chromosomes of the original parent cell.
What is the difference between Meiosis and
There is a difference between Mitosis and Meiosis. Mitosis has only has one
division that make two cells and each of those cells have the same number of
chromosomes as the parent cell. Meiosis makes two divisions that make four
new cells and each of those cells has half the number of chromosomes as the
parent cell.
The process of how organisms grow and
replace old or damaged cells
This process is called regeneration: what this means is that when a organism has
a damaged then is grow back the part of the organism that is damaged. In
addition, regeneration can also mean that if and injury is so bad that like an
organism is split in half than the two halves can grow to make 2 organism out of
the one organism.
The process of sexual reproduction
• This process happens when a female’s large egg and a males sperm called
gametes come together. Each of the gametes have half the number of
chromosomes than normal cells. Sexual reproduction would be necessary
because when the process happens there need to be a male sperm and a
female egg to go throw a process to create offspring